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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Major LanceMonkey Time (Edsel) ... LP
Okeh/Edsel (UK), Early 60s. Near Mint- ... Just Sold Out!
A great collection of early work from Major Lance's important soul years in Chicago – recording for the Okeh label with production by Carl Davis! Every song except for two were written by Curtis Mayfield and you can hear his sound backing up Lance's great vocals. Tracks include "Monkey Time", "Rhythm", "Sweet Music", "The Matador", "Hey Little Girl", "Delilah", "It Ain't No Use", "Think Nothing About It", and "Gotta Get Away". LP, Vinyl record album
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
BadfingerShine On ... CD
Edsel (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. Used ... $4.99
... CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
ChangeEverything & More – The Complete Collection 1980 to 2019 (Glow Of Love/Miracles/Sharing Your Love/This Is Your Time/Change Of Heart/Turn On Your Radio/Love 4 Love) (7CD set) ... CD
Edsel (UK), 1980s. New Copy 7CD ... $58.99
A huge batch of work from Change – all the group's classic albums from the 80s, plus some great work from later years too – all with bonus tracks added to most of the records! First up is Glow Of Love – the classic debut from Change – and the start of an amazing run of groovers in the early 80s! The set's got a tight, jazzy feel throughout – a stripped-down approach to disco modes, with the same focus on the basslines that you'd find in work by Chic – but a style that's almost even more instrumentally focused overall, given the great range of studio players who worked on the set. Yet there's also some key vocal moments, too – work by Luther Vandross that really helps make some of the best tracks sparkle, and which went onto catapult Vandross into a rich solo career on his own. Next is Miracles – a brilliant second set from Change – working here without Luther Vandross on lead vocals, but hardly missing a beat at all! As before, the basslines are at the core of the set – a sweet stripped-down approach that brings even more focus onto the bottom of the groove for early 80s dancefloors – with loads of numbers that step along in a really groovy mode – one quite far from the cliches of disco, and inflected by loads of jazzy elements that keep things fresh over the years! Vocals are by James Robinson – previously with Lonnie Liston Smith – Diva Gray, and Jocelyn Shaw. Sharing Your Love is sweet modern soul from this great group – one of the brightest points in major label soul during the early 80s! Change, ironically, is a group that went through a number of line-up changes, even in their prime – with the tight, clubby, yet genuinely soulful production a constant. This record is made all the better for the beautifully soulful dual lead vocals of James Robinson and Deborah Cooper. The tracks have deeply layered live instrumentation – keyboards, guitar, percussion, horns and strings – blended seamlessly with early 80s production touches. This Is Your Love is an overlooked set from Change – a record that possibly wasn't as hit-worthy as some of their previous efforts – yet one that still had the group very much at the top of their game! By this point, Change had really evolved past being just a studio project, into a rock-solid soul group with a definite ear for a groove – particularly the tight, lean sort of rhythms that percolated in the post-Chic era – making a perfect fit for the slightly jazzy production of the record. Bassbits and beats drive most of the rhythms, but there's still a nice degree of warmth – and vocals are handled by Deborah Cooper, James Robinson, Rick Brennan, and Timmy Allen – who each seem to get their moment in the spotlight, furthering the well-rounded sound of the record. Next is Change Of Heart – a game-changing album from Change – a real breakthrough for the early 80s international soul combo! Change Of Heart has some great production by Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis – and on top of that, it's perhaps the best set of songs the group had recorded to to date. Jam/Lewis wrote half the tunes and produced most of the album, which is front-loaded with some of the best of them. Turn On Your Radio is not nearly as well-known as their first few hits, but still in that all-solid approach to the groove that was the Change trademark during the early 80s! The sound is a bit more stripped down than before – tight beats and keyboards, mostly in a mellow to midtempo mode – all topped with vocals from male and female members of the group! Change still have a great way with a hook here – an approach to soul that's tight and professional, yet not nearly as cloying as some of the chart-climbing acts of their generation. And as before, the keyboards are almost as great as the vocals – with slight jazzy inflections that warm up the tunes nicely! Last up is Love 4 Love – a 2018 comeback for Change – still sounding great all these many years later, but in a slightly different way! The balance between all elements here is fantastic – as the music has all the best parts of the group's earlier music, but also updates the sound a bit – in the way that a combo like Incognito or Brand New Heavies were updating older soul music back in the 90s, by grabbing all the strongest parts of the past, and fusing them into a fresh lean groove. The songs are upbeat, positive, and full of the kind of catchy hooks that Change always did so well! Box set features 78 tracks in all – with bonus tracks added to most albums! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
CloversFive Cool Cats ... LP
Atlantic/Edsel (UK), Late 50s. Near Mint- ... $4.99
An astounding collection of great numebers by the legendary Clovers – a group whose sound was a key force in transforming Atlantic Records during the 50s! The Clovers were an incredibly tight, incredibly consistent quintet – possessed of a rich talent for both sweet ballads and raspier groovers, in a way that helped push vocal harmonies much more strongly into an R&B mode than some of the efforts of groups who came before. This 16 track set features many of the group's best numbers from their Atlantic years – not just the few familiar hits, but a great batch of lesser-known tracks that show just how strong The Clovers sound was overall. Titles include "Devil Or Angel", "One Mint Julep", "Lovey Dovey", "Your Cash Ain't Nothin But Cash", "Nip Sip", "Good Lovin'", "I Got My Eyes On You", "Down In The Alley", "Don't You Know I Love You", "Love Bug" and "If I Could Be Loved By You". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Fairport ConventionFarewell, Farewell (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Edsel (UK), 1980. Used ... $8.99
... CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Screamin' Jay HawkinsFrenzy ... CD
Edsel (UK), Mid 50s. Used ... $4.99
A darn nice compilation of Screamin' Jay's classic work for the Okeh label. The set includes the classic "I Put A Spell On You", plus loads of other crazy numbers like "Little Demon", "Alligator Wine", "Yellow Coat", "Orange Colored Sky", and "Frenzy". And sure, this is the stuff that Screamin Jay later says that he regretted recording – but it's still a lot better than anything he did since! CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ben E KingHere Comes The Night ... LP
Edsel (UK), Mid 60s/1984. Near Mint- ... $7.99
An excellent compilation that brings together some of Ben's harder to find "uptown soul" singles from his middle period Atlantic recordings. This one's way better than any of the "best of" comps of Ben's work, and it really shows how great a soul singer he was apart from his hit material – and it's filled with gems like "River Of Tears", "The Record", "Here Comes The Night", "On The Horizon", and "Yes". The notes are great, too, and the whole thing's the sort of priceless UK soul reissue that we'd love to see more of these days! LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lisa StansfieldSo Natural (2CD/DVD set) ... CD
Arista/Edsel (UK), 1993. Used 2CD & DVD ... $16.99
A great title for this gem of a record from Lisa Stansfield – as the album's got a feel that's maybe even warmer and more natural than Lisa's previous records – and those were already pretty darn great! At a point when Stansfield could have gone for more clunky, commercial work, she instead only deepens her groove – really fine-tuning her role as a classic-styled soul singer, and even working with John Barry at one point! Titles include "So Natural", "Goodbye", "Marvellous & Mine", "Sweet Memories", "Never Set Me Free", "I Give You Everything", "Little Bit Of Heaven", "In All The Right Places", and "Be Mine". Great package – book-style cover, and 15 bonus tracks tha tinclude "Someday I'm Coming Back", "Gonna Try It Anyway", and remixes of tracks from the album! DVD features promo videos for 5 tracks from the record – plus 2014 interview footage. CD
(DVD is NTSC, No Region.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousEddie Piller Presents The Mod Revival (4CD set) ... CD
Edsel (UK), New Copy ... About September 18, 2020
... CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Lisa StansfieldReal Love (2CD/DVD set) ... CD
Arista/Edsel (UK), 1991. Used 2CD & DVD ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Lisa Stansfield's second solo album – slightly less sublime than the first, but still a heck of a soul album that's really held up wonderfully over the years! Tracks have that warm and smooth approach that made her early work so great – a real return to solid soul after the tinnyness of the 80s, a sound embraced by Lisa and contemporaries like Sybil, Soul II Soul, and others. And yes, she's about as pasty-white as can be on the cover – but she's got a vocal style that's all-soul, all the way! Titles include "Real Love", "Change", "I Will Be Waiting", "Soul Deep", "Make Love To Ya", "First Joy", "All Woman", and "It's Got To Be Real". Great package – with a heavy book-style cover, plus 18 bonus tracks that include "A Little More Love", "Tendery", "First Joy", and "Whenever You're Gone" – as well as loads of great mixes of cuts on the album – by Masters At Work, Driza Bone, Frankie Knuckles, and others! DVD has 6 music videos of songs on the record, 2 live cuts, and a 2014 interview too! CD
(DVD is NTSC, No Region.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Rufus ThomasJump Back ... LP
Stax/Edsel (UK), Mid 60s. Near Mint- ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A killer collection of Rufus Thomas' best Stax 45s from the 60s – pre-funk, and plenty of deep soul! LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Lisa StansfieldFace Up (2CD/DVD set) ... CD
Arista/Edsel (UK), 2001. Used 2CD & DVD ... Out Of Stock
Lisa Stansfield expands her groove, but loses none of her soul in the process – on a record that keeps on reminding us why Lisa's music is such a delight to our ears over the years! Some cuts have those rock-solid rhythms that got Stansfield going so strongly at the end of the 80s – and others open up into territory that's both more creative from a contemporary London perspective, and more traditional from an R&B approach – creating this wider palette of Lisa's sounds, without ever sounding forced or stretched too thin at all! The whole thing's great – another feather in Stansfield's mighty large musical cap – and titles include "Boyfriend", "Wish On Me", "8 3 1", "I've Got Something Better", "Let's Just Call It Love", "How Could You", and "When The Last Sun Goes Down". Great package – with heavy cover, great notes, and 16 bonus tracks that include "All Over Me", "More Than Sex", "Can't Wait To", and lots of remixes of tracks from the album. DVD features the video for "Let's Just Call It Love", plus a 17 track live performance at Ronnie Scott's from 2002! CD
(DVD is NTSC, No Region.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Lisa StansfieldLisa Stansfield (2CD/DVD set) ... CD
Arista/Edsel (UK), 1997. Used 2CD & DVD ... Out Of Stock
Damn great work from Lisa Stansfield – a record that had her bouncing back way to the top in the late 90s, while still holding onto all the wonderful styles she had at the start! The grooves are lean, clean, and very classic-styled – that mix of well-syncopated rhythms, soaring strings, and all the best Brit soul elements that really made Lisa a standout right from the beginning – and one of the key forces in 90s soul who really returned the music to the glory it had back in the 70s. Stansfield's vocals seem even more powerful than before – yet never in a cloying way – and titles include "Never Gonna Fall", "The Real Thing", "Never Never Gonna Give You Up", "The Line", "Honest", "Somewhere In Time", "I Cried My Last Tear Last Night", and "Don't Cry For Me". Great package features a book-style cover – and 13 bonus tracks that include "You Get Me", "Breathtaking", "Baby Come Back", and "People Hold On (Jon Is The Don mix)" – plus more remixes from the album! DVD features 6 promo videos for tracks on the album, plus 10 more tracks from An Intimate Evening With Lisa Stansfield from 1997! CD
(DVD is NTSC, No Region.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Lisa StansfieldPeople Hold On – The Remix Anthology (3CD set) ... CD
Edsel (UK), Late 80s/1990s. Used 3 CDs ... Out Of Stock
The roots of Lisa Stansfield, and lots of great lost moments too – a wealth of rare remixes and other odd bits – and from what we can tell, none of these were used as bonus tracks on the other 2CD reissues of her albums! The depths of Lisa's music knows no bounds – as her strong run of full length records really tops, if not beats the efforts of any of her UK soul contemporaries. But the albums are only part of the picture, as the Stansfield sound has been spread strongly over so many other great collaborations with other artists – including Coldcut, Massive Attack, Frankie Knuckles, and many others all featured in this 3CD set. The package has a great heavy book-styled cover – and features 33 tracks that include "Change (metamorphosis mix)", "What Did I Do To You (anti poll tax dub)", "Set Your Loving Free (low life mix)", "People Hold On (full length disco mix)", "Let's Just Call It Love (feel it mix)", "The Line (Ian O'Brien's benfleet mix)", "Live Together (big beat mix)", "All Around The World (American club mix)", "I'm Leavin (Hex Hector NYC rough mix)", "Never Never Gonna Give You Up (Frankie Knuckles classic club mix)", "What Did I Do To You (Morales mix)", "You Can't Deny It (Sky King mix)", and lots lots more! CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Booker T & The MGsHip Hug Her/Doin Our Thing (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Stax/Edsel (UK), 1967/1968. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
2 full albums – plus bonus tracks too! On Hip Hug Her, Booker T's definitely getting a bit funky – stepping off with the incredible title cut, a tune which really complicates the groove from the earlier years! The sound is still solid Memphis soul, with a raw instrumental vibe – but the grooves are even better than before, and the set includes loads of great original number written by the group – the kind of cool tunes they most likely cooked up while jamming live in the studio! These gems include the seminal "Hip Hug Her" – plus "Carnaby Street", "Booker's Notion", "Soul Sanction", "Double Or Nothing", and "Slim Jenkins' Place". But the covers are groovy too – and include a version of "Pigmy", plus "Groovin" and "Sunny". Doin Our Thing has Booker T & The MGs moving their instrumental sound into a whole new range than before! The album has a very groovy feel – nice and tight, with especially great organ and guitar lines – often tuned towards 60s hits by other soul artists, but reworked strongly by the group's wonderful rhythms, and turned into a really cooking batch of Memphis soul instrumentals! There's a few key original tunes on the set – like the title track "Doin Our Thing" – and the cuts "I Can Dig It" and "Blue On Green" – but the covers are equally great, and include versions of "Ode To Billie Joe", "You Keep Me Hangin On", "Expressway To Your Heart", and "Let's Go Get Stoned". Features 2 bonus tracks – "Summertime (single edit)" and "Winter Snow". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ 8th Day8th Day/I Gotta Get Home (plus bonus tracks) ... CD
Invictus/Edsel (UK), Early 70s. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
Massive work from one of the most enigmatic groups in the Holland-Dozier-Holland universe! First up is the self-titled 8th Day album – supposedly a record that was hastily compiled to cash in on their hit single "She's Not Just Another Woman", which is a cut with an odd history. That track was reportedly recorded by 100 Proof Aged In Soul – but issued under the name 8th Day, so that it wouldn't compete with the group's other hits on the charts. After that cut took off, Holland-Dozier-Holland needed a group to back it up, so they assembled some lesser-known, but strong, Detroit soul talents to record this album. Unlike the group's second album, which is a much funkier affair overall, this one sounds a lot like 100 Proof – with a raspy southern-tinged soul approach, filtered through some slicker, more full-on HDH arrangements. Still a great album if you dig the Invictus soul sound, though – and titles include "I'm Worried", "Enny Meeny Miny Mo", "You've Got To Crawl Before You Walk", "Just As Long", and "She's Not Just Another Woman". Next up is I Gotta Get Home – a record that may well be one of the funkiest albums on Invictus! The 8th Day group was a loosely conceived batch of Detroit soul talents designed to cash in on a concept of the Holland-Dozier-Holland team – but fortunately, they also included some wonderful talents that could make some great music when they wanted to. One of these was the vastly under-discovered Detroit organist Lyman Woodard –who contributed the fantastic track "Cheba" to the album, an incredible organ groover that's unlike anything you've ever heard, rolling on with this pinched Hammond sound over congas, all-instrumental, and completely seductive! Another was Melvin Davis, who had recorded the song "Good Book" as a solo artist – but which was released here as if it was by the group. There's also a great guitarist in the group – unnamed due to the lack of liner notes – but who really shines on the funky tracks "Anythang", "Rocks In My Head", and "Heaven Is There To Guide Us", all with a fuzzed-out Detroit 70s groove! 2CD set also features bonus tracks – including "Free Your Mind", "It's Instrumental To Be Free", "Just As Long (single edit)", "You Made Me Over", "Eeny Meeny Miny Mo (inst)", and "If I Could See The Light In The Window", in both vocal and instrumental versions. CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ike & Tina TurnerIke & Tina Turner Show – Live! ... LP
Warner, 1965. Very Good- ... $9.99
... LP, Vinyl record album
(80s UK Edsel pressing. Cover has some light smudges on back.)

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