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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
PilotPilot – The Albums (From The Album Of The Same Name/Second Flight/Morin Heights/Two's A Crowd/bonus tracks) (4CD set) ... CD
EMI/7T's (UK), Mid 70s. New Copy 4CD ... $29.99
Sharp hooks, huge melodies, and 70s guitar pop greatness from Pilot – a genius pop group who only gave the world a handful of records, all of them pretty darn great! From The Album Of The Same Name includes their signature tune, "Magic" – and it's one of those songs everyone knows, whether or not they no who made it – but Pilot soars all around on these tunes. The guitars have punch, but the falsetto vocals are the main cabin of this vessel – and it's grand 70s soft rock of the first order! Other tracks include "Just A Smile", Lucky For Some", "Girl Next Door", "Sooner Or Later", "Never Give Up", "Sky Blue", "Never Give Up", and "Over The Moon". Second Flight is the excellent second album from Pilot, really perfecting the guitars, keyboards and vocals and hooks formula that shot them into the pop consciousness a year or so earlier – probably their best album ever! The opener "You're My No 1" is so catchy, we can hardly believe it's not a throwback pop radio staple, and the record has a few of tracks nearly as grand. The vocals & harmonies are better arranged, and the guitars and keyboards are in that great comfort zone between the glam pop of the previous couple years and the new wave pop to come. Somewhat silly bubble gum lyricism, sure, but it's tasty stuff! Other tracks include "January", "Love Is", "Call Me Round", "To You Alone", "Passion Piece", "Dear Artist" and more, plus the bonus demos "You're Devotion", "Love Is", "January" and "Lady Luck". Morin Heights is later work from 70s soft rock tunesmiths Pilot – a couple years on from their biggest hit, but still making gloriously catchy tunes! The hallmarks of their earlier stuff is here, with some twists & turns. The lyrics are the kind of lovestruck or lovelorn naivete that's cloying to some, and hopelessly endearing to others – relying more this time out and an overall catchiness than huge choruses and hummable singles. We'd fly with these guys anytime! Titles include "Hold On", "Canada", "First After Me", "Steps", "The Mover", "Penny In My Pocket", and "Maniac". Two's A Crowd is the last full 70s album from Pilot – just a duo by this point, but working with all the punch and panache of their early records! As before, their ability for hook-heavy tunes is amazing – as there's so many numbers here that could have been huge AM radio hits, but which also have some surprisingly thoughtful lyrical touches, and arrangements that are simple, but which really pack a hell of a punch. Titles include "Monday Tuesday", "Big Screen Kill", "Creeping Round At Midnight", "Library Door", and "Mr Do Or Die". CD features lots of related bonus tracks – including "Pamela", "Ra Ta Ta", "Just Let Me Be", "Maniac", "Us", "Lady Luck", "No Ties No Strings", "Are You In Love", "Just A Smile", and "Stop & Let Go". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Charlatans UKBetween 10th & 11th (2CD set – with bonus live show) ... CD
Situation Two/Beggars Banquet (UK), 1992. New Copy 2CD ... $15.99 16.99
A much-loved album by The Charlatans – or Charlatans UK, if you live in the US like us – a set that's filled with the sorts of well-crafted, catchy tunes they do so well – kicked up with occasional beats, ala the UK scene at the time! These guys handled the blend better than most, and the album ages better than most of the time – kind of a post-4AD, post-Factory vibe finding its way into the mainstream – on titles that include "Weirdo", "Can't Even Be Bothered", "Tremelo Song", "Page One", "Ignition", "I Don't Want To See The Lights", "Not Even The Rain", and "Subtitle". Expanded package features a bonus live show, recorded in Chicago in 1991 – with titles that include "Imperial 109", "Opportunity", "10th & 11th", "White Shirt", "Indian Rope", "Flower", and "Happen To Die". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jr Walker & The All StarsWalk In The Night – The Motown 70s Studio Albums (A Gasssss/Rainbow Funk/Moody Jr/Peace & Understanding/Jr Walker & The All Stars/Hot Shot) (3CD set) ... CD
Motown/ (UK), Early 70s. New Copy 3 CDs ... $24.99
6 Motown albums from Jr Walker & The All Stars – all long overdue for reissue! First up is A Gasssss – a gas of a record from Jr Walker & The All Stars – a set that has the magical Johnny Bristol producing – giving the group this really warm, soaring sound that's totally great! Walker still serves up plenty of strong tenor solos, but there's also some vocal currents in the mix – strong leads at times, but also some nice backups too – all of which really helps to keep things soaring! Titles a nice mix of Motown covers and original material – and titles include "I Was Made To Love Her", "Do You See My Love", "And When I Die", "Honey Come Back", "Holly Holy", "Riding High On Love", "At A Saturday Matinee", and "Groove & Move". Next up is Rainbow Funk – a record that definitely has Jr Walker & The All Stars picking up a bit of funk – but in a groove that still mixes things with that warmly soulful glow the group had right from the start! The basslines are definitely up a bit from before – although not rumbling in Norman Whitfield territory – and the sax solos get a bit more space to stretch out and bite on the longer numbers, but often with a bit of backing vocals to warm things up around the edges! Jr is great all the way through – Motown's very strong answer to King Curtis – and titles include "Right On Brothers & Sisters", "Way Back Home", "Feeling Alright", "Psychedelic Shack", "Pieces Of A Man", and "Teach Them To Pray". Moody Jr is a sweet early 70s groover from Jr Walker & The All Stars – a set that reunites the group with producer Johnny Bristol, who always has a great way of helping them set fire to their sound! Walker and company may have shot from the gate with a mix of R&B tenor and Motown soul – but the sound here is much more in the latter, more matured mode of the label – with strong deep soul lyrics on a number of cuts, which are balanced out nicely by Bristol's fuller production. There's plenty of sax solos too, of course – and titles include "Way Back Home", "Bristol's Way", "Don't Blame The Children", "Me & My Family", "Still Water Medley", and "Groove Thang". Peace & Understanding is a record that has Jr Walker and the group stepping out with some of the righteous touches promised in the title – partly in the choice of songs on the set, which are all nicely tucked into that strong mix of deep soul vocals and saxophone lines that had become the Jr Walker groove! The set features work from a number of different arrangers – all the hipper side of Motown in the early 70s, as the list includes, Willie Hutch, Gene Page, and James Carmichael – and tunes include two great originals, one by Hutch, one by Leon Ware. Tracks include "It's Alright Do What You Gotta Do", "Soul Clappin'", "Gimme that Beat (parts 1 & 2)", "It's Too Late", and "Peace & Understanding Is Hard To Find". The self-titled Jr Walker & The All Stars album is maybe the rarest in the bunch – an obscure UK-only record from 1974, and one that has the group's usual approach warmed up by some more ambitious arrangements – a bit like the direction some of the vocal acts of the 70s were taking at the time! The production on most of the set is by Clarence Paul – and there's mostly a focus on the saxophone, not any vocals at all – which makes the set feel a bit like some of the Willis Jackson or Lou Donaldson work for Atlantic around the same time – or maybe even a bit like Hank Crawford on Kudu. Titles include "Boogie Down", "All In Love Is Fair", "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life", "Break Down & Sing", and "Dancin Like They Do On Soul Train". Hot Shot is a mid-70s stormer from Jr Walker & The All Stars – a set that glides along on a fuller set of backdrops than before, with Holland-Dozier-Holland production from Brian Holland returning to Motown – but in a hip 70s style that has strings and funk dancing along in a great way beneath the strong sax solos in the lead! There's a bit of vocals on the record, but the real strength lies in the instrumentation – especially some of the weirder, fuzzier guitar lines and keyboards. Titles include "Why Can't We Be Lovers", "Hot Shot", "Probe Your Mind", "I Need You Right Now", and "You Ain't No Ordinary Woman". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Charlatans UKBetween 10th & 11th (2LP pressing – with bonus live show) ... LP
Situation Two/Beggars Banquet (UK), 1992. New Copy 2LP Gatefold (reissue)... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A much-loved album by The Charlatans – or Charlatans UK, if you live in the US like us – a set that's filled with the sorts of well-crafted, catchy tunes they do so well – kicked up with occasional beats, ala the UK scene at the time! These guys handled the blend better than most, and the album ages better than most of the time – kind of a post-4AD, post-Factory vibe finding its way into the mainstream – on titles that include "Weirdo", "Can't Even Be Bothered", "Tremelo Song", "Page One", "Ignition", "I Don't Want To See The Lights", "Not Even The Rain", and "Subtitle". Expanded package features a bonus live show, recorded in Chicago in 1991 – with titles that include "Imperial 109", "Opportunity", "10th & 11th", "White Shirt", "Indian Rope", "Flower", and "Happen To Die". LP, Vinyl record album
Also available Between 10th & 11th (2CD set – with bonus live show) ... CD 15.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Charles BradleyVictim Of Love (with bonus download) ... LP
Dunham/Daptone, 2013. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Damn amazing work from Charles Bradley – an instant soul classic for all generations, as you'll hear from the very first note! Not only are Bradley's vocals incredible – the kind of once-in-a-long-time approach he brought to his debut – but the backings and production are completely sublime too – magical music from the Menahan Street Band, who sound here like some lost combo from 60s Memphis, but without any of the hoke that reference might imply – instead that really unique approach that you'd only find on one of your few favorite vintage soul albums – maybe Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers, or Jesse James on his 60s album for 20th Century! Yet the sound here isn't just vintage for vintage sake, either – as there's an intensity that's very present, contemporary, and urgent – a sound that doesn't die – and which just gets better and better with each new listen. Tremendous stuff – even from the Daptone universe we've been loving for years and years – with titles that include "Strictly Reserved For You", "You Put The Flame On It", "Dusty Blue", "Love Bug Blues", "Hurricane", "Through The Storm", "Confusion", and "Where Do We Go From Here". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes download.)
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Beastie BoysIll Communication (180 gram colored vinyl pressing) ... LP
Grand Royal, 1994. New Copy (reissue)... $31.99 35.99
What can we say? The Beasties rise to an even higher level with their manic trio hip hop style mixed with the live jazz/funk/garage rock sounds and keyboards by Money Mark – featuring a bunch of their classic hits and underappreciated album cuts alike. They could really do no wrong at this point in their unlikely long career. One of our favorites then and now is "Get It Together" featuring a very sharp Q-Tip almost stealing the show, and other standouts include unstoppable "Sure Shot" and "Sabotage", "Futterman's Rule", "Shambala", "The Scoop", "Do It", "Heart Attack Man", "Bodhisattva Wow", the Jimmy Smith shoutout "Root Down" and more. LP, Vinyl record album
(Indie exclusive colored vinyl pressing. Limited edition!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Herbie HancockTakin' Off ... LP
Blue Note, 1962. New Copy (reissue)... $22.99 24.99
Herbie Hancock is certainly Takin Off at this point in his career – stepping into the limelight with an excellent batch of soul jazz tunes, including the first recording of his classic "Watermelon Man", the one track that probably put all his kids through school! Although that one went on to become a standard within a few short years in 60s jazz, it still sounds great here in the original – a very fresh take on the sound of soul jazz in the 60s – offered up here in a 7 minute version that has more sharp soloing than most other takes on the tune! The group here is great too – with Dexter Gordon on tenor, Freddie Hubbard on trumpet, Butch Warren on bass, and Billy Higgins on drums – and the tracks are all also originals by a young Herbie – including "Watermelon Man", "The Maze", "Driftin", "Three Bags Full", "Alone & I", and "Empty Pockets". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jaimie BranchFly Or Die 2 – Bird Dogs Of Paradise ... CD
International Anthem, 2019. New Copy ... $11.99
A really fantastic album from Jaimie Branch – one that's even more powerful than the first Fly Or Die set – which is saying a heck of a lot, given that that record hit most of us with a pretty hard punch! The sound is even more groundbreaking than before – moving well beyond jazz, although there's plenty of that in the mix too – to reflect Branch's connection to so many different musical communities in the contemporary scene! Jaimie brings a lot of anger and frustration at the current political situation into the music – a great reminder that with the right focus, jazz can be used for so many different cultural aims – especially when handled this well, in a lineup that features Jaimie on trumpet, electronics, and a bit of voice – with Lester St Louis on cello and percussion, Jason Ajemian on bass and percussion, and Chad Taylor on drums, mbira, and xylophone. The record also features guest work from Ben Lamar Gay and Marvin Tate on voice, Matt Schneider on 12 string guitar, and Dan Bitney on percussion and synth – and titles include "Prayer For Amerikkka (parts 1 & 2)", "Lesterlude", "Love Song", "Simple Silver Surfer", "Bird Dogs Of Paradise", "Nuevo Roquero Estereo", and "Twentey Three N Me Jupiter Redux". CD
Also available Fly Or Die 2 – Bird Dogs Of Paradise ... LP 20.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jaimie BranchFly Or Die 2 – Bird Dogs Of Paradise ... LP
International Anthem, 2019. New Copy ... $20.99 21.99
A really fantastic album from Jaimie Branch – one that's even more powerful than the first Fly Or Die set – which is saying a heck of a lot, given that that record hit most of us with a pretty hard punch! The sound is even more groundbreaking than before – moving well beyond jazz, although there's plenty of that in the mix too – to reflect Branch's connection to so many different musical communities in the contemporary scene! Jaimie brings a lot of anger and frustration at the current political situation into the music – a great reminder that with the right focus, jazz can be used for so many different cultural aims – especially when handled this well, in a lineup that features Jaimie on trumpet, electronics, and a bit of voice – with Lester St Louis on cello and percussion, Jason Ajemian on bass and percussion, and Chad Taylor on drums, mbira, and xylophone. The record also features guest work from Ben Lamar Gay and Marvin Tate on voice, Matt Schneider on 12 string guitar, and Dan Bitney on percussion and synth – and titles include "Prayer For Amerikkka (parts 1 & 2)", "Lesterlude", "Love Song", "Simple Silver Surfer", "Bird Dogs Of Paradise", "Nuevo Roquero Estereo", and "Twentey Three N Me Jupiter Redux". LP, Vinyl record album
Also available Fly Or Die 2 – Bird Dogs Of Paradise ... CD 11.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Eddie Condon/Bud FreemanJammin At Commodore ... CD
Commodore, 1938. Used ... $4.99
Small combo work from the Eddie Condon 7 and the Bud Freeman Gang! Features piano from Joe Bushkin and Fats Waller, trumpet from Bobby Hackett, and clarinet from Pee Wee Russell. CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Medieval Jazz Quartet (Bob Dorough)Medieval Jazz Quartet ... LP
Classic Editions, 1961. Near Mint- Gatefold ... $14.99
A hip little project from the enigmatic Bob Dorough! The group's got a sound that definitely lives up to its name – an approach to jazz that features four recorders in the lead, blown with tones that might be called "medieval" harmony, although there's also plenty of swing to the record too – thanks to rhythm from a trio that features Al Shackman on guitar, George Duvivier on bass, and Paul Motian on drums! Dorough sings just a bit on the record – in that raspy, quirky style we love so much – but most of his contributions are instrumental, blowing in the quartet. There's a haunting sound to the record that's really wonderful – almost exotica at times – and titles include "Nature Boy", "Chloe", "Lady Be Good", "September Song", "Autumn Leaves", and "Mood Indigo". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes the insert. Cover has light wear and aging.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
AmbianceDrift Up To Space (with bonus download) ... LP
Da Mon/High Jazz (Switzerland), 1980. New Copy (reissue)... $34.99
There's few folks who were able to fuse spiritual jazz ideas with more soul and funk-based material as well as Daoud Abubakar Balewa and his Ambiance ensemble – a group who made a few wonderful records at the start of the 80s! This album's got all the complexity of some of our favorite indie jazz sets from a few years before, but also has some funkier moments too – a bit like the shift that Oneness Of Juju were making in the late 70s, but more instrumental overall – and graced with loads of wonderful solos on alto, soprano, and tenor from Daoud himself, alongside lots of sweet lines on Fender Rhodes and Arp! The set features a bit of vocals from the two female singers on the front, but is mostly an instrumental affair overall – and titles include "Just By Chance", "Simsamayaland", "Ironti", "Freedom", "Drift Up To Space", "Devika", and "Io Io". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes download!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Eric Burdon & The AnimalsWhen I Was Young – The MGM Recordings 1967/1968 (Winds Of Change/Twain Shall Meet/Everyone Of Us/Love Is/bonus tracks) (5CD set) ... CD
MGM/Esoteric (UK), Late 60s. New Copy 5CD ... $44.99
A fantastic package of work from The Animals – all their great second chapter albums for MGM, offered up here with bonus tracks too! First up is Winds Of Change, presented in both stereo and mono mixes – one of The Animals' most psychedelic outings ever – and also a bit funky at times too! Production by Tom Wilson is really great – echoey at most moments, with a kind of "flash" and shimmer around the drums that really spaces things out, and almost gives a Velvets sort of feel to the proceedings. The group's bluesier roots are still in place at times – but these have also been tripped-out and abstracted too, in modes that are a few years ahead of other blues rock combos on the rise. Titles include "It's All Meat", "Winds Of Change", "Poem By The Sea", "Yes I Am Experienced", "Hotel Hell", "San Franciscan Nights", and "Man Woman". Next is Twain Shall Meet – a set that's not as tripped-out as some of their other late 60s work, and which almost starts to show Eric Burdon's rising love of soul and funk! The sound is still pretty rockish overall – but there's some great use of bass rumbling at the bottom – bringing up a rumbling quality that fits nicely with Burdon's somewhat bleak presentation of the lyrics at various points. Production by Tom Wilson almost has a raspy, lo-fi sort of feel – different than the bluesier roots of the group, and almost a precursor of indie work in decades to come! Titles include the classic "Sky Pilot", plus "Monterey", "Just The Thought", "Closer To The Truth", "No Self Pity", "Orange & Red Beams", and "We Love You Lil". Every One Of Us is a real gem from The Animals' overlooked late 60s years on MGM – a time when the group were easily making some of the most inventive music on the label! The styles here are even wider than before – definitely an attempt to showcase "every one of us" that made up the group – in a blend of spacey sounds, gentle folksy moments, and some of the rougher tones of previous MGM records. Many titles were written only by Burdon – a bit of a change from before – and showcase an increased use of acoustic guitar alongside his bleak vocals. Titles include "The Immigrant Lad", "Year Of The Guru", "Serenade To A Sweet Lady", "White Houses", "New York 1963/America 1968", and "Uppers & Downers". Next is Love Is – a fantastic double-length set from The Animals – recorded in LA in the late 60s, and with plenty of great Sunset Strip influences in the mix! The band here is different than before – with Zoot Money handling both organ and piano, plus a bit of vocals, and Andy Summers joining in on guitar – and production is by the group itself, who shake off some of the trippier styles of previous records, and almost go for a "live in studio" sort of sound! There's a confluence of styles here that's really great – some of the blues of the group's roots, bits of Eric Burdon's growing love of soul, and some fuzzier touches as well. Some tracks are quite long jams, and titles include "Gemini", "Madman", "As The Years Go Passing By", "To Love Somebody", and "I'm An Animal". Bonus tracks include "Monterey (mono single)", "White Houses (single stereo)", "Anything (single)", "Gratefully Dead", "Ain't That So", "When I was Young", "A Girl Named Sandoz", "River Deep Mountain High (single stereo)", and "Sky Pilot (parts 1 & 2)", CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Apple & The Three OrangesFree & Easy – The Complete Works 1970 to 1975 (with download) ... LP
Now Again, Early 70s. New Copy 2LP ... $16.99 19.99
A funky treasure trove from Apple & The Three Oranges – a group we hardly know at all, but who really blow us away with the cuts on this collection! The groove is plenty hard right from the get-go – the best of the funky 45 underground of the early 70s – which means that there's more 60s rawness on the record than you'd get from bigger-label funk at the time – as Ed "Apple" Nelson still works here with a mostly underground vibe! Ed plays drums – which are mighty hard on most numbers – and his vocals have this offbeat, off-kilter, over the top quality that almost reminds us a bit of the Hank Ballard/James Brown recordings for late 60s King – particularly in the way that Nelson's completely unbridled with his energy. The whole thing's great – one of the best funky collections we've heard in years – and presented with a rich amount of notes and historical information too. Titles include "Free & Easy (parts 1 & 2)", "Moon Light", "Curse Upon The World", "What Goes Around Comes Around", "Down Home Publicity", "True Love Will Never Die", "Gotta Stand For Something (parts 1 & 2)", and "I'll Give You A Ring". Features a great 16 page booklet with extensive liner notes and photos! LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes download.)
Also available Free & Easy – The Complete Works 1970 to 1975 ... CD 7.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Dorothy AshbyAfro-Harping ... LP
Cadet, 1968. New Copy (reissue)... $22.99 24.99
One of the grooviest records ever – a sublime blend of African percussion, soulful orchestrations, and Dorothy Ashby's amazing electric harp! By the time of this landmark album, Dorothy had been knocking around the jazz world for a number of years, but it wasn't until she hooked up with Richard Evans at Cadet Records that her sound really began to cook – breaking down genres and expectations in the trademark style of the best late 60s sides from the Chicago underground. The record's got a bit of funk, a bit of jazz, and a heck of a lot of soul – and the setting works perfectly for Dorothy's harp, giving it a lot more room to work around than some of her smaller jazz combo albums. The album includes two great originals – "Soul Vibrations" and "Afro-Harping" – both of which have a nice funky edge, and a groovy soulful bounce – and other tunes include "Lonely Girl", "Life Has Its Trials", "Look Of Love", "Come Live With Me", and a great version of Freddie Hubbard's "Little Sunflower". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Gloria BarnesUptown (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Maple/P-Vine (Japan), 1971. New Copy ... $24.99
One of the few rare albums on the Maple label – a 70s imprint that's known for some incredible funk and soul! Despite the title, the set's a record that sounds a lot more down-home than uptown – thanks to hard-wailing vocals from Gloria Barnes herself, and a nicely rough-edged quality to the instrumentation overall – supposedly handled by Lee Moses and The Ohio Players – the latter of whom wrote a few of the songs too! The album's one of the few on Maple – and in a way, it's almost a female soul counterpart to the Lee Moses record on the same label – done in a similar mix of rootsy modes and east coast indie soul – occasionally sweet at points, but mostly deep soul overall. Titles include "Gotta Get Away", "I Found Myself", "Old Before My Time", "I'll Go All The Way", "She Wants A Stand In", and "You Don't Mean It". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Beastie BoysRoot Down EP (180 gram colored vinyl pressing) ... LP
Grand Royal/Capitol, 1995. New Copy (reissue)... $24.99 29.99
The funky Root Down EP by the Beastie Boys – riding high on a mid 90s creative peak! Root Down featuring a trio of versions of the title track and Ill Communication album standout, based on the Jimmy Smith's classic of the same name – and in hindsight, you really have to hand it to the Beasties, not only sampling and celebrating classic early 70s jazz funk, but for their earnest wish to introduce Jimmy Smith to the pop culture kids of the 90s – including a killer remix by the mighty Prince Paul. Also includes some live recordings from the time of classic Beasties tracks like"Time For Livin", "The Maestro", "Somethin's Got To Give", Time To Get Ill", thier punky "Heart Attack Man", "Sabrosa" and "Flute Loop". LP, Vinyl record album
(Indie exclusive colored vinyl pressing. Limited edition!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
George BensonBlue Benson ... LP
Verve/Polydor, 1968/1976. Very Good+ ... $4.99
A sweet 70s collection of late 60s work from George Benson – tracks recorded in 1968 for Verve, originally from the albums Giblet Gravy and Goodies! The set list here really does a great job of picking out the best numbers – the kind of clean, lean tunes that were pushing Benson from his soul jazz roots towards a much bigger audience – yet still without any of the commerciality of later years to come. Players on the tracks include Herbie Hancock on piano, Billy Cobham on drums, Ron Carter on bass, and Johnny Pacheco on percussion – and arrangements are by Horace Ott and Tom McIntosh. Titles include "Billie's Bounce", "Low Down & Dirty", "Thunder Walk", "Doobie Doobie Blues", "What's New", and "I Remember Wes". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has some wear with a sticker in the top right corner.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Chuck BerryOne Dozen Berrys/Juke Box Hits ... CD
BGO (UK), 1958/1960. New Copy ... $8.99 14.99
Two classic Chess albums from Chuck Berry – issued here on a single CD! First up is One Dozen Berrys – the fresh fruits of the labors of a young Chuck Berry – heard here at his raw, early best! The sound here is stunning – a version of Chuck that gets way past any oldies cliches – and which reminds us that at the start, his music was coming from the same Chess Records fount as Bo Diddley's riffing guitar and Muddy Waters' Chicago blues! The tunes all work together perfectly – and the familiar numbers fit in perfectly with overlooked gems that really make the album great – especially when Chuck's guitar is really given a chance to step out and solo. Titles include "La Juanda", "Sweet Little Sixteen", "It Don't Take But A Few Minutes", "Rock & Roll Music", and "Low Feeling". Juke Box Hits is way more than a "hits" album – as it's filled with some great obscure material that always gets eclipsed by Chuck's big hits. Despite the idea that these would be "new jukebox hits", the material has an approach that was probably a bit too hard for radio, but that's ok with us! Titles include "13 Question Method", "Don't You Lie To Me", "The Way It Was Before", "Away From You", "I'm Talking About You", and "Stop & Listen". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Urs BlochlingerDon't Call Back – We Let You Know ... LP
Hat Art (Switzerland), 1987. Very Good+ ... $29.99
Recorded live at Festival Intime in Zurich, with Heinz Geisser on guitar, Tomi Hirt on bass, and Dieter Ulrich on drums, with special guests Jean-Paul Autin on bass clarinet and recorder, Ives Cerf on tenor, Jaques Sirone on bass, Jurg Solothurnmann on tenor and alto, Tom Varner on french horn, and Dave Taylor on bass trombone. LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bonzo Dog Doo Dah BandKeynsham ... LP
Imperial, 1970. Near Mint- Gatefold ... $9.99
Some of the most tuneful moments on record from the Bonzo Dog Band – a set that's got some really great songs, but which still allows some space for gags and jokes as well! After three previous albums together, even with a shifting lineup, the group have obviously gotten their groove down a bit more – and the result is some focused little numbers that stand out strongly, and which almost show a more sensitive and (dare we say it!) serious side of the group. All the older sense of dada-inspired play is still at the core, though – and even though there's less radio parodies or audio experiments, the tuneful tracks still have some trippy, psyche-styled moments. Titles include "Tent", "You Done My Brain In", "Keynsham", "Quiet Talks & Summer Walks", "Look At Me I'm Wonderful", "What Do You Do", "Noises For The Leg", and "Busted". LP, Vinyl record album
(Liberty/UA pressing. Cover has some surface wear.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
BreakwaterBreakwater/Splashdown (with bonus track) ... CD
Expansion (UK), 1978/1980. New Copy ... $15.99
A landmark pairing of records from a group who only ever gave the world two albums – but who've gone on to have a huge influence over the years! The first album, the initial offering from Breakwater, is a masterful blend of jazzy fusion and mellower soul – a sound sifted together so perfectly, it really tops the rest of the combo's contemporaries – hitting a careful balance that never gets too cheesy or commercial, and which still manages to glow as strongly into the 21st century as it did when first released back in the day! The sound here is sublime – warm, but never sleepy – jazzy, but never cliched – and mixed in such a way that the vocals and instruments almost get center stage in the spotlight without trying to crowd one another out. Titles include the incredible "Work it Out" – worth the price of the record alone – plus "No Limit", "That's Not What We Came Here For", "Free Yourself", "Do It Till The Fluid Gets Hot", and "Feel Your Way". Splashdown has a perfect blend of jazz and soul that only a few groups in the 70s really got right – maybe Pleasure, or The Blackbyrds – and most certainly Breakwater, who were one of the reigning champions of the scene! Rhythms are often upbeat, but not in a disco or club-oriented way – and the instrumentation is tight, but never slick or smooth – always nicely funky with a nice little crackle, even on the mellow cuts – in a way that's opened up this album to new audiences for many years. This set's got a nice bit of moog that wasn't on the group's first – used almost in Mizell-like to further enhance the sound – and titles include the classics "Say You Love Me Girl", "Let Love In", "Time", and "The One In My Dreams". CD also features a bonus track – "No Limit (ext version)". CD

Partial matches23
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Joe BrooksLords Of Flatbush ... LP
ABC, 1974. Sealed ... $14.99
An odd little soundtrack of 50s-sounding tunes! The film, in case you don't know it, was an early low budget JD film – set in Brooklyn at the end of the 50s, with Sylvester Stallone in the lead. The budget appears to have been so low that they couldn't afford to pay for using the big hits of the day, so the director had Joe Brooks come up with a bunch of oldies-sounding tunes with kind of a Sha-Na-Na sound to them. Artists performing the music include Jamie Carr, Bill Dean, George Marge, and Charles Brown – and titles include "The Chase", "The Wedding Song", "Gypsy Woman", "A Very Fine Day", "You & Me", and "Rock & Roll Music". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a small cutout hole.)

Partial matches24
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Brotzmann/Kondo/Pupillo/Nilssen-LoveHairy Bones ... CD
Okka Disk, 2008. New Copy Gatefold ... $9.99
Pretty hairy stuff from Peter Brotzmann and crew – a set that blasts right out of the gate with some really bone-rattling noise! The album's a live set, recorded recently in Amsterdam – featuring Brotzmann on alto, tenor, b flat clarinet, and tarogato – alongside Toshinori Kondo on electric trumpet, Massimo Pupillo on electric bass, and Paal Nilssen Love on drums. The electricity in the instruments can definitely be felt on the title track "Hairy Bones" – a hard-driving tune that runs for over 30 minutes, and which really recalls the energy that Brotzmann had a few decades before, when crossing over big to new audiences around the globe. "Chain Dogs" is even longer, but starts a bit slower – but then really bursts forth with more noisy elements on trumpet and bass – some really speaker-rattling stuff! CD

Partial matches25
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Donald BrownSources Of Inspiration (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Muse, 1990. Used ... $11.99
D An inspiring set from pianist Donald Brown– working here in a group that features some especially nice work from Gary Bartz and Eddie Henderson! Bartz plays soprano and alto sax, Henderson trumpet and flugelhorn – and both players fill the album with soulful colors and well-spun solos – stretching out majestically to give the set a great deal of power, and really match Brown's imaginative compositions. Donald's piano lines are great too, and rhythmic support is from Buster Williams on bass and Carl Allen on drums – the last two points in a star of a quintet for the session. Titles include "Capteown Ambush", "Overtaken By A Moment", "New York", "Phineas", "The Human Impersonator",and "Do We Have To Say Goodbye". CD includes 2 bonus tracks; "Embraceable You" & "Insane Asylum". CD
(Out of print.)

Partial matches26
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
California PlayboysTrying To Become A Millionaire ... CD
Loadstone/Manufactured, 1976. New Copy ... $11.99
Stunning funky soul by California Playboys – a heck of a record that should have made the Playboys a huge combo at the time! It's a shame the group didn't become millionaires – but the obscurity of the record is maybe also one of its charms – the kind of small label set that never fully got its due at the time, but which is ripe for rediscovery all these many years later! The California Playboys were together for a number of years – forming as a backing band for singer Lester Young (not the sax player), doing session work for others, and otherwise developing their skills for years – all of which really comes through here in their sharp-edged instrumentation, which sounds even sharper in the 70s indie-level production for the album. The killer title tune sounds like it could (and should!) be the namesake tune of a funky mid 70s soundtrack – as it's really got a perfect cinematic soul vibe, ala Bobby Womack and Marvin Gaye – though in a tighter, smaller combo setting. Most tunes start with vocals and end with long instrumental riffing – and titles include"Double Love", "She's A Real Sweet Woman", "Just Say A Four Letter Word", "I've Got To Find Myself Another Girl", and "Turned On For Good". CD

Partial matches27
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Frank Catalano & Jimmy ChamberlinGod's Gonna Cut You Down ... CD
Ropeadope, 2015. Used ... $6.99
Features Frank Catalano on tenor and Jimmy Chamberlin on drums – plus Demos Petropoulos on Hammond and Scott Hesse or Eddie Roberts on guitar. CD
(Stickers over barcode.)

Partial matches28
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Don CherryCherry Jam ... LP
Gearbox, 1965. New Copy (reissue)... On February 26, 2021
Never-issued work from Don Cherry – and a really key piece of the puzzle in the career of this legendary trumpeter! The recordings were done for Swedish Radio, with great fidelity – more than just live tracks captured in a club, and instead some really thoughtful material that marks an early pairing of Cherry's talents with the Swedish scene that he would soon call home! Don plays cornet, and the music is maybe a bit inside compared to some of his later Swedish experiments – but still pretty amazing, and a great bridge from his work with Ornette Coleman and Sonny Rollins. Players include Mogens Bollerup on tenor, Atli Bjorn on piano, Benny Nielsen on bass, and Simon Koppel on drums – and titles include the Cherry originals "Priceless", "Nigeria", and "The Ambassador From Greenland" – plus a reading of "You Took Advantage Of Me". LP, Vinyl record album
(Indie exclusive.)

Partial matches29
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Linda CliffordLet Me Be Your Woman ... LP
Curtom/RSO, 1979. Very Good+ 2LP Gatefold ... Just Sold Out!
Linda Clifford goes a bit over the top with this one – a lavish double-length set, of the sort that ended up bankrupting the Curtom label during the late 70s! Linda's very much in full-disco mode, singing to long clubby arrangements by Gil Askey that have more strings than before – and which really open up onto longer songs that make full use of the double length space! There's a great number here titled "Don't Give It Up", a hip follow-up to the earlier hit "Runaway Love" – which has a similar bad talkin' approach, with Linda doing a bit of a monologue in the middle – a mode that we really love from the singer. Other tracks include "Let Me Be Your Woman", "Hold Me Close", and "Sweet Melodies" – plus the pairing of "One Of Those Songs" and "Bridge Over Troubled Water", which take up all of the 2nd disc in the 2LP set. LP, Vinyl record album
(White label promo. Cover has some staining and a hype sticker.)

Partial matches30
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Leonard CohenNew Skin For The Old Ceremony ... LP
Columbia, 1974. Near Mint- ... $24.99
New Skin for Leonard Cohen, who by 1974 was ready to start singing with a bit more flair, and do so over more textured arrangements – but still raw both emotionally and in the unglossy instrumentation! The core of the sound is still Cohen's voice, his words, and acoustic guitar – but this record brings in some ragged acoustic instrumentation and loose percussion, as well as some more layered strings, some winds, and backing vocals – Janis Ian among the vocalists. On later records, bigger productions would nearly choke the natural life out of Cohen's songs, but this is one of those totally great records where the change in sound would actually enhance the material in the studio – allowing for one of his best albums of the 70s. Titles include "Is This What You Wanted", "Chelsea Hotel #2", "Lover Lover Lover", "Field Commander Cohen", "Ther Is A War", "A Singer Must Die", "Leaving Greensleeves" and more. LP, Vinyl record album
(180 gram EU pressing on Music On Vinyl. Includes the insert.)

Partial matches31
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ornette ColemanKen Burns Jazz ... CD
Columbia/Legacy, Late 50s/1960s/Mid 70s. Used ... $2.99
Ornette Coleman joined by Don Cherry, Bobby Bradford, Freddie Hubbard, Eric Dolphy, Dewey Redman, Walter Norris, Charles Ellerbee, Bern Nix, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Charlie Haden, David Izenzon, Scott LaFaro, Don Payne, Ed Blackwell, Billy Higgins, Ronald Shannon Jackson, Charles Moffett & the London Symphony Orchestra. CD
(Out of print, punch through barcode.)

Partial matches32
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Hank CrawfordDon't You Worry Bout A Thing ... CD
Kudu/King (Japan), 1974. Used ... $13.99
Sweet soulful jazz from reedman Hank Crawford – one of his killer Kudu sessions from the 70s – all of which really helped Hank redefine his sound! The setting here is large and full – put together beautifully by Bob James, with that sense of space for the soloist that makes his CTI/Kudu arrangements so crucial – and light years ahead of what other arrangers were doing at the time. The tracks are longish, but never overdone – and the record has all the soulful alto sounds of Crawford's 60s work at Atlantic, but with a definite 70s bent overall. James plays Fender Rhodes, Arp, and clavinet – and other players include Joe Farrell on tenor and flute, Idris Muhammad and Bernard Purdie on drums, and Richard Tee on additional keyboards. Titles include "Jana", "Sho Is Funky", "Don't You Worry Bout A Thing", "Groove Junction", and "All In Love Is Fair". CD
(Out of print. Includes obi.)

Partial matches33
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Hank CrawfordHelp Me Make It Through The Night ... CD
Kudu/King (Japan), 1971/1972. Used ... $12.99
One of Hank Crawford's first big records of the 70s – a really great set that helps him shake off some of his stock modes of the 60s and find a very different groove! A big part of the album is arranger Don Sebesky, who gives Hank a backdrop that's sophisticated and smooth, yet still pretty soulful in all the right places – a style that's almost a bit like mainstream soundtrack work of the time, but a bit more jazz focused overall. Hank's solos are right out front on most tracks – blown with that nicely pinched tone that made him a standout back in the day – and other players include Richard Tee on both organ and piano, as well as Idris Muhammad and Bernard Purdie on drums. Titles include "Uncle Funky", "Imagine", "The Sun Died", "Brian's Song", and "Ham", which was arranged by Pee Wee Ellis. CD
(Includes obi.)

Partial matches34
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Randy Crawford, Flora Purim, Eddie Harris, et alSharky's Machine ... LP
Warner, 1981. Near Mint- Gatefold ... Just Sold Out!
One of the coolest soundtracks ever for a Burt Reynolds film – an a hip mix of soul and jazz tracks that's gone onto become a classic over the years! The album's a compilation of sorts, but most of the material was recorded fresh for the film – and the different artists really work together here to forge some great backdrops for the action on the screen! Al Capps handled the larger charts, but most numbers really spotlight an individual artist – and highlights include Randy Crawford singing a new version of "Street Life" – different than the one with The Crusaders – Sarah Vaughan singing "Love Theme From Sharky's Machine", Peggy Lee vocals on "Let's Keep Dancing", and Julie London singing "My Funny Valentine" – as one of the first recordings after many years of retirement. Other great numbers include "Dope Bust" by Flora Purim & Buddy DeFranco, "Sharky's Theme" by Eddie Harris, "Before You" by Sarah Vaughan & Joe Williams, "8 To 5 I Lose" by Joe Williams, and the instrumental cuts "Sexercise" and "High Energy" by Doc Severinsen. LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has light edge wear.)

Partial matches35
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Crown Heights AffairDo It Your Way (with bonus tracks) ... CD
De-Lite/Octave (Japan), 1976. New Copy ... $13.99
A record that ended up in more than a few 70s record collections because of its sexy cover image – but a set that's even better when you get down into the grooves – thanks to massively funky work from Crown Heights Affair! The group are wonderful here – upbeat and quick-stepping, but still filled with razor-sharp funk energy – at a level that's similar to Brass Construction or BT Express – with no fluff at all, and none of the kind of too-extended sloppy musicianship you were getting from the studio disco groups. The whole thing's got a rock-solid vibe that was first forged in the funky 45 generation, then kicked up for the 12" years – including the group's harmony vocals, which still have a great indie vibe. Titles include "Sexy Ways", "Dancin", "Far Out", "Music Is The World", "Love Me", and "Searching For Love". Also includes the nice funky funky "French Way", which has some great moogy parts! CD features 4 bonus tracks – "Dancin (special 12" disco mix)", and original single mixes of "Dancin", "Love Me", and "Far Out". CD

Partial matches36
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Culpeper's OrchardMountain Music – The Polydor Recordings 1970 to 1973 (Culpeper's Orchard/Second Sight/Going For A Song/bonus tracks) ... CD
Polydor/Esoteric (UK), Early 70s. New Copy 2CD ... $16.99
The complete Polydor Recordings of Culpeper's Orchard – a Danish group who are every bit as enigmatic as their name! The set begins with their debut – a great record from overlooked Danish group at the start of the 70s – a combo who could easily step between folksy and progressive modes, and who often had a warm sense of harmony in their vocals! Culpepper's Orchard are always very much their own sort of group – but they have a great way of shifting back and forth between key styles of the time – so that the harmonies might rival CSNY, while the acoustic elements might echo the darker corners of the Island Records scene, and more electric moments might link these guys to more of their Scandinavian contemporaries. The production is really top-shelf – clearly a big push on the group by Polydor at the time – and the album's one of those rock-solid European obscurities that really deserves wider recognition. Titles include "Gideon's Trap", "Blue Day's Morning", "Mountain Music", "Teaparty For An Orchard", and "Ode To Resistance". Next is Second Sight – wonderful work from Culpeper's Orchard – a group who equally balance headier elements with softer, more acoustic modes – often using harmonized vocals in a really great way! Unlike American acts of the early 70s, who were shifting from a CSN-inspired sound to soft rock, Culpeper's Orchard really keep things sharp here – mixing in some excellent guitar work to balance the vocals, so that they've got this double-pronged approach, and a more rocking vibe overall! Titles include "Julia", "Keyboard Waltz", "Late Night Woman Blues", Mind Pollution/Weather Report", and "Satisfied Mind". The group continue their strong run on the album Going For A Song – but also add in more acoustic modes, including mandolin and dobro, mixed with some steel guitar – to unlock more rootsy elements in their sound. Titles include "Trying To Find Home", "Good Days", "Alone In Pain", "Sailor", "New Day New Day", "Before It Began", and "Roger & Out". CD set also features the single cut "Steamhouse", and three more tracks from compilations! CD

Partial matches37
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Eddie DanielsStreet Wind ... CD
Marlin/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1978. Used ... $24.99
A funkier fusion set than usual for Eddie Daniels – a great late 70s project for TK Records, and one that's done without some of the too-smooth styles of later years! Eddie's definitely going for a Kudu Records vibe here – one that mixes in doses of soul with the instrumentation, using just a bit of vocals from Patti Austin at points – alongside work from players who include Dave Grusin and Don Sebesky on keyboards, Joe Beck and John Scofield on guitars, and Steve Jordan and Bernard Purdie on drums. Many cuts have a bit of added percussion at the bottom, which further underscores an acoustic element next to the keyboards – and the tunes are sharper than you might expect, and provide a good foil for Eddie's work on sax, flute, and clarinet. Titles include "One Night With You", "Preparation F", "How Deep Is Your Love", "I Go To Rio", "What's At The End Of A Rainbow", "Fantasy Of A Street Corner Flute Player", and "Song For My Son". CD
(Out of print, includes obi.)

Partial matches38
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Guido & Maurizio De AngelisLa Montagana Del Dio Cannibale/Messalina Messalina ... CD
Cometa (Italy), 1977/1978. New Copy ... $18.99
A pair of thrilling 70s action scores – back to back on a single CD! First up is La Montagna Del Dio Cannibale – a cannibal narrative scored with a great sense of drama by the De Angelis brothers – almost the same energy as their cop/crime work, but without the funk – just full, rich sounds that really build over time, and create this strong feeling of suspense! There's a few exotic elements in the music, given the setting – and these make for some slight hint of a groove – and titles include "Visioni Distorte", "Marcia Allucinante", "La Montagana E Il Mistero", "Ipnosi Tragica", and "Il Dio Cannibale". Messalina Messalina has an older Roman setting, and a relatively sexy narrative – and the music is scored with a mix of percussion, light flute, and some slinky electric basslines – of that great sort that was often used to convey sex in 70s Euro cinema! Some of the melodies are playful, others more erotic – and titles include "Notti Romane", "Danzatrici", "Incontro D'Amore", "Un Piacevole Addio", "Messalina", and "Ballata Burlona". CD
(Limited edition of 500!)

Partial matches39
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Guido & Maurizio DeAngelis2019 Dopo La Caduta Di New York (with bonus track) ... CD
Beat (Italy), 1983. New Copy ... $19.99
There's a real Escape From New York look to the cover here – and the music by Guido & Maurizio DeAngelis has a very strong John Carpenter vibe – lots of spare, stark numbers that shift between electro funk and moodier numbers – really setting up the action with a dose of horror, and maybe having a depth that can last longer than the film itself! Instrumentation is very 80s, in the best way possible – lots of keyboards and electro drum patterns – at a level that certainly make the DeAngelis brothers a key precursor to the sort of sounds that are very much favored by the Stranger Things generation. 29 tracks in all – and very strong all the way through. CD

Partial matches40
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
DionysosLe Grande Jeu (2020 Record Store Day Release) ... LP
Return To Analog (Canada), 1971. New Copy (reissue)... $19.99
The smoking debut album from Dionysos – a French Canadian combo from the start of the 70s who are partly hard rock, but also have a more freewheeling vibe – not entirely prog, although jamming at times, but maybe more of that special sort of sound that some of the French scene would pick up a few years later! There's plenty of fuzz on the guitars, and the French language vocals are soulful and heartfelt – and a heavy dose of Hammond organ holds the whole thing together nicely – on tracks that include "Suzie", "Narcotique", "Agneau De Dieau", "L'Age D'Or", "La Colere", and "L'Age Du Chlore". LP, Vinyl record album
(Limited edition of 500!)

Partial matches41
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
DJ Dolores1 Real ... CD
Ziriguiboom (Belgium), 2008. Used ... $2.99
DJ Dolores continues his move into a wider global audience – working here in a blend of beats and samples that nicely changes up from track to track – all supported with English notes on each tune, sharing Dolores' views on his country, culture, and compositions! The sound here has some Brazilian roots, but also takes off into more complicated remix territory – often without some of the more heavily bombastic modes of other Brazilian DJs, and more in the gentler, warmer sounds that we've come to expect from the Ziriguiboom label. Titles include "Deixa Falar", "Cala Cala", "Shakespeare", "JPS", "Flying Horse", "Mutant Child", "Numeros", "The Mind Inspector", and "Saudade". CD features the bonus track "Danger Global Warming (DJ Dolores rmx)" by The Blacksmoke Organization – and a video titled "DJ Dolores Presents 1 Real & Recife". CD

Partial matches42
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Eric DolphyEric Dolphy 1960 to 1964 ... CD
Warner (France), Early 60s. Used ... $4.99
Eric Dolphy on alto sax with Art Davis, Erik Moseholm, George Duvivier, George Tucker, Joe Benjamin, Ron Carter & Sam Jones on bass, Arthur Taylor, Charles Persip, Elvin Jones, Jorn Elniff & Roy Haynes on drums, Bent Axen, Jaki Byard, Mal Waldron, McCoy Tyner, Richard Wyands & Walter Bishop Jr on piano & Booker Little, Freddie Hubbard & Richard Williams on trumpet. CD
(Out of print.)

Partial matches43
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Eric DolphyIllinois Concert ... CD
Blue Note, 1963. Used ... Just Sold Out!
Amazing avant garde material from Dolphy – and never issued before in any form! The concert was recorded in 1963 at the University of Illinois, and it features some of the most "out" playing we've ever heard from Dolphy. He's backed by a trio comprised of Herbie Hancock, Eddie Khan, and JC Moses – and the main solos are on flute, alto, and bass clarinet, which Dolphy plays to amazing effect! 6 tracks feature the core quartet playing alone with Dolphy, and a 7th features backing by a larger group comprised of University Of Illinois students, including a very young Cecil Bridgewater! This is definitely the kind of lost material we're happy to see unearthed – and it's packaged and notated with the usual high Blue Note level of quality. Titles include "Softly As In A Morning Sunrise", "South Street Exit", "Iron Man", "Red Planet", and "GW". CD
(Out of print, BMG Direct pressing.)

Partial matches44
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Eric DolphyOut To Lunch ... CD
Blue Note, 1964. Used ... $5.99
One of Eric Dolphy's lasting classics – and possibly the ultimate album of "new thing" jazz from the mid 60s! The record's got an even sharper edge than previous Dolphy recordings for Prestige – a really unique combination of instrumentation that includes Freddie Hubbard on trumpet, Bobby Hutcherson on vibes, Richard Davis on bass, and Tony Williams on drums – plus Dolphy on alto sax, flute, and bass clarinet. Although Dolphy's reed playing is as amazing as you'd expect, the real surprise here is Hutcherson, whose vibes ring out with this cold harsh tone that give a perfect edge to the set – bold and metallic, quite different than any work on vibes from previous players. Despite a large number of later recordings, Hutcherson almost never hit this sound again – except perhaps on a few Jackie McLean recordings – and it's his playing that gives the set such a unique sound. Titles include "Straight Up & Down", "Gazzelloni", "Hat & Bread", "Out To Lunch" and "Something Sweet Something Tender". CD
(Out of print, Columbia House pressing.)

Partial matches45
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Eric DolphyOutward Bound ... CD
New Jazz/OJC, 1960. Used ... $3.99
Eric Dolphy's first album ever as a leader – recorded almost immediately after his arrival on the New York scene! The sound here is already bolder and stronger than the Dolphy experiments on the west coast – sharp-edged and freely exploratory, in a way that pushes the playful lyricism of the Chico Hamilton years aside, and reaches out into the new territory hinted at by the title! The group is a quintet that features Freddie Hubbard on trumpet, Jaki Byard on piano, George Tucker on bass, and Roy Haynes on drums – and the overall sound is a beautiful mix of modernist hard bop and some of Dolphy's later freer styles. Dolphy plays his usual mix of alto, flute, and bass clarinet – and the tracks include "245", "Miss Toni", "Les", and "GW". CD

Partial matches46
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Lou DonaldsonLush Life (RVG remaster edition) ... CD
Blue Note, 1967. Used ... Just Sold Out!
An unusual session from the heart of Lou Donaldson's return to Blue Note in the late 60s – a mellower date that stands in strong contrast to his funkier albums of the time! As you might guess from the title, there's a lusher feel going on here – one that has Lou's alto sax augmented by larger backings from Duke Pearson – who manages to score things perfectly with a balance of soul and sophistication. The album's hardly a "Donaldson with strings" date – and instead is done in the more mature mode that Duke was using in some of his own sides from the time, and on work with players like Donald Byrd or Stanley Turrentine. Other players here include Wayne Shorter on tenor, Pepper Adams on baritone, Jerry Dodgion on alto and flute, Freddie Hubbard on trumpet, and Garnett Brown on trombone – plus core rhythms from the trio of McCoy Tyner on piano, Ron Carter on bass, and Al Harewood on drums. Titles include "Sweet Slumber", "The Good Life", "Sweet & Lovely", "Stardust", and "You've Changed" – and the album was recorded in the 60s, it was only first issued in Japan in 1980 – and even then only later in the US! CD

Partial matches47
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
EmotionsDon't Ask My Neighbors – The Columbia/Arc Recordings (Flowers/Rejoice/Sunbeam/Come Into Our World/New Affair/bonus tracks) (3CD set) ... CD
Columbia/ (UK), Late 70s/Early 80s. New Copy 3 CDs ... $24.99
Amazing box set – five full albums of material, plus lots of bonus tracks too! First up is Flowers – a soaring classic from The Emotions – thanks to some supreme help from the Earth Wind & Fire side of the soul spectrum! This set has the trio really sounding great – with Kalimba Productions by Maurice White and Charles Stepney – and a good deal of EWF help on the instrumentation as well! The girls break out of the rootsier style used on their earlier Stax recordings, and manage to fit perfectly with the jazzy tinges of the new grooves – and, along with Ramsey Lewis and EWF, the Emotions were part of a hugely successful trinity during the late 70s – one that took the indie soul roots of the Chicago scene and turned it into landmark big business for Columbia Records. The album's got a new approach to female group soul that would go onto shape R&B for years to come – and titles include "Flowers", "I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love", "We Go Through Changes", "Special Part", and "You've Got The Right To Know". Next is Rejoice – a huge hit for both The Emotions and Maurice White – whose Kalimba Productions handled this album in the same hit mode they'd been using for Earth Wind & Fire! There's a polished, soaring bounce her that definitely shows the Earth Wind & Fire touch – and which takes the girls miles from their rougher, rootsier soul of the Stax/Volt years – yet like all the best EWF records of the time, the sound is also plenty soulful, with lots of righteous undercurrents. The album includes the group's wonderful track "Don't Ask My Neighbors", a heavenly tune that builds on a long tradition of sweet female soul from Chicago; the super-huge "Best Of My Love", a hit on dancefloors and radios for years to come – and many other nice numbers like "Blessed", "How'd I Know That Love Would Slip Away", and "Key To My Heart". Sunbeam is great little album from The Emotions – largely because it sounds a lot like prime mid 70s Earth Wind & Fire, with female vocals added over the top – ultimately, pulling away with a soulful charm all its own! Maurice White produced the whole set, and it's got a soaring spacey sound that provides a perfect spiritual edge to the girls vocals – taking them way past the hits, into much more sophisticated soul territory. There's a beautifully righteous vibe going on throughout – a sound that's almost like Minnie Riperton at her 70s Capitol best – and titles include "Love Vibes", "Walking The Line", "Time Is Passing By", "I Wouldn't Lie", "Smile", and "Spirit Of Summer". Come Into Our World has the sweet Emotions at the top of their game – one of the brilliant albums that has the soulful trio working hand in hand with Earth Wind & Fire! The girls were plenty great in their early years, but working with Maurice White and company, they really took off – hitting a whole new level that really unlocked some deeply spiritual power in their vocals! And sure, the approach also yielded the group plenty of hits – but for good reason, too – given the classic quality and all-great nature of a set like this. Maurice White produced, and the lineup is filled with plenty of Earth Wind & Fire players too – working with some great arrangements from Tom Tom 84, Wade Marcus, and others. Tunes are balanced between clubby numbers and some nice midtempo moments – and titles include "Where Is Your Love", "Cause I Love You", "Come Into My World", "On & On", "I Should Be Dancing", "Layed Back", and "Yes I Am". New Affair has The Emotions breaking free a bit from the Earth Wind & Fire influence, and grooving nicely with a sweet 80s feel! The girls' voices are still quite wonderful – some of the deepest harmonies in the female soul world at the time – and the tunes kick it up nicely in a blend of snapping bassy club tracks and mellower cuts that sweetly sway with their great vocals! Loads of wonderful tracks – and an album not to miss! Titles include "Turn It Out", "There'll Never Be Another Moment", "Now That I Know", "Love Lies", "When You Gonna Wake Up", and "Here You Come Again". 3CD set features 8 bonus tracks – including "Boogie Wonderland (12" mix", "Don't Ask My Neighbors (single version)", "I Should Be Dancin (single version)", "My Baby Dance", "Changes", "Where Is Your Love (single version)", and "Flowers (single version)". CD

Partial matches48
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Europe Jazz All Stars (Surman/Humair/Mangelsdorff/Louiss/Pedersen)Room 1220 ... CD
Trio/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1970. New Copy ... $22.99
An overlooked performance by a quintet of avant jazz masters from the European scene at the start of the 70s – one that was recorded and issued only over in Japan, but which bristles with the energy of some of the best French and German avant albums of the time! The tracks are long, and relatively free – and feature this incredible lineup of John Surman on baritone, Albert Mangelsdorff on trombone, Eddie Louiss on piano and organ, Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen on bass, and Daniel Humair on drums – players who come together here with the kind of boundless surprises you'd imagine from their European recordings of the time – save maybe for Pedersen, who is surprisingly at home in this improvised setting! The cover makes the record feel like some lost gem on MPS – and the vibe is very much like the cream of that label's free jazz records of the time – with titles that include "Room 1220", "Triplet Circle", and "My Kind Of Beauty". CD
(Part of the Jazz Legends In Japan series!)

Partial matches49
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bill EvansLive At Ronnie Scott's – With Eddie Gomez & Jack DeJohnette ... CD
Resonance, 1968. New Copy 2CD ... $22.99 24.99
The first-ever release of a Bill Evans concert recorded at Ronnie Scotts in London – a place where he cut other work in other years, but maybe not at a level like this! The group is wonderful – Bill's budding relationship with the bassist Eddie Gomez, who was bringing a richness to the Evans piano that even previous players didn't reach – and who was also establishing the bass as as an important voice in the trio as Bill's piano! The drummer is Jack DeJohnette – a player who's just finding his voice in jazz, but a perfect choice for the others here – as the group handles material that includes "Waltz For Debby", "Very Early", "Emily", "Nardis", "Autumn Leaves", "Round Midnight", "Quiet Now", "Stella By Starlight", "Alfie", "Yesterdays", and "Turn Out The Stars". Features a 44 page booklet with previously unreleased photos, a new essay, and interviews with Eddie Gomez and Jack DeJohnette! CD

Partial matches50
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Everly BrothersDown In The Bottom – The Country Rock Sessions 1966 to 1968 (Hit Sound/Sing/Roots/bonus tracks) (3CD set) ... CD
Warner/RPM (UK), Late 60s. New Copy 3CD set ... $24.99
Three overlooked gems by the Everly Brothers – all very different than their early hits, and very much in the hippest territory the duo would ever hit! First up is The Hit Sound Of The Everly Brothers – a really amazing little album, and not a set of the pair's earlier hits, but instead an all new recording that has the duo moving into rootsier modes that rub shoulders with the same country rock territory of The Byrds and Flying Burrito Brothers! In truth, Don and Phil Everly are probably more important to the rise of the sound than anyone else – as their early work took a bluegrass harmony style, and moved it onto the rock charts – yet here, they almost seem to move backwards, and nod back to their roots – while still showcasing plenty of electric guitar in the mix. Most tunes are hits by other artists, but transformed with very hip late 60s Warner presentation – think Beau Brummels on Bradley's Barn – and titles include "Devil's Child", "Legend In My Own Time", "I'm Movin On", "Let's Go Get Stoned", "She Never Smiles Anymore", and "Sea Of Heartache". Sing is a record that has The Everly Brothers in a completely different mode than before, as you might guess from their look on the cover – a record that has Don and Phil moving into some very cool rootsy territory – really opening the door towards a generation of country rock to come, but at a level that reminds us that they maybe got the whole thing going in the first place! Production is in a very cool late 60s Warner Brothers mode – echoes of folk, psych, and sunshine in the mix – but all handled with this mature style that's at once sophisticated, yet completely down to earth – in a set of original tunes by the brothers, plus some gems from Terry Slater too – completely wonderful music that includes "Bowling Green", "A Voice Within", "I'm Finding It Rough", "Do You", "Mary Jane", "It's All Over", and "Talking To The Flowers". Roots is sublime country rock and superb vocals from the Everly Brothers – an album as close to our hearts as the much more hipster-celebrated work of the era by Gram Parsons, the Byrds and others! The Everlys grasped onto their significance throughout the 60s by hopping from trend to trend with little success – but they finally nailed it in 1968 with this effort. (Artistically, if not commercially.) The boys apply their staggering harmonies to country and country-ish material, adding their own unique spin to the tunes – and earnestly work in some montages of their family radio shows from the early 50s! It's easily their most endearing work of the 60s. Produced by Lenny Waronker with strings by Nick DeCaro. Includes wonderful versions of Jimmie Rodgers' "T For Texas", "Shady Grove", Randy Newman's "Illinois", Ray Price's "You Done Me Wrong", Merle Haggard's "Mama Tried" and "Sing Me Back Home", plus "Ventura Boulvard" and "Turn Around" written by Ron Elliot of Beau Brummels. 3CD set features lots more bonus tracks – including "When Eddie Comes Home", "Empty Boxes", "Milk Train", "Lord Of The Manor", "My Elusive Dreams", "You're Just What I Was Looking For Today", "Omaha", "Mr Soul", Shop Girl", "Human Race", "A Little Bit Of Crazy", "Nothing But The Best", and "Love Of The Common People". CD

Partial matches51
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Fabio Fabor (Fabio Borgazzi)Pape Satan (180 gram colored vinyl pressing) ... LP
Hard/Beatball (Korea), 1980. New Copy (reissue)... $32.99 34.98
A really dark little sound library album – but maybe that's what you would have guessed from a record that has satan in the title! The music here is almost a stripped-down, compressed approach to some of the territory that Goblin were bringing to their early soundtracks – lots of keyboards, guitar, and other electric elements – used in styles that move between spare and moody, to more compressed and intense – the latter especially on songs that pick up the rhythms a bit, but in a way that's far from the more familiar post-disco grooves of the Italian slasher scene. Fabio Fabor wrote and performed the entire set – with instrumentation that includes Fender Rhodes, Arp, and vocoder – on titles that include "Dies Irae", "Stige", "Trillo De Diavolo", "Dalle Sirene", "Diabolic Love", "Caronte", "Segno Di Fuoco" "Ad Inferos", and "Acheron". LP, Vinyl record album

Partial matches52
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Marianne FaithfullFaithfull Forever ... LP
London, Mid 60s. Near Mint- ... $19.99
The wonderful voice of Marianne Faithfull in all its 60s glory – set up here with sublime arrangements from Mike Leander, in a style that's unlike just about anything else we can think of! Marianne's got a bit of a trill – as you might hear in female folk singers of the decade – but the overall presentation is something completely different altogether – kind of a dark recasting of the usual pop modes you might hear from Leander, with all these blue undertones and weird intonations that kind of point the way towards moodier female singers to come at the end of the 60s – but still with enough ties to the mainstream to make Faithfull's music even more powerful! The balance is hard to describe in words, but hits you right away from the very first note – and titles include "Counting", "Ne Me Quitte Pas", "In The Night Time", "Tomorrow's Calling", "With You In Mind", "I'm The Sky", "Lucky Girl", and "I Have A Love". LP, Vinyl record album
(Blue label stereo pressing with 1B matrix. Cover has light wear, aging, and some splitting in the spine.)

Partial matches53
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Manfredo FestBrazilian Dorian Dream ... CD
T&M/Far Out (UK), 1976. New Copy ... $9.99 16.99
A sublime little set – quite possibly the greatest album ever from Brazilian keyboardist Manfredo Fest! Manfredo first cut his teeth on the bossa scene of the 60s – but by the time of this rare indie session, he'd moved up to the US – and was working with sweet keyboards to really electrify his groove! The record's a wonderful blend of 70s Brazilian fusion modes and just a dash of American soul – and in addition to Manfredo's wonderful work on Fender Rhodes, the set also has these brilliant vocals from Roberta Davis – a singer who works wordlessly, using her voice as an instrument in this really cool way – sliding along with the grooves, and making the album sound unlike anything else we can think of. The overall feel is a bit like Joao Donato's excellent Quem E Quem album – and titles include "Jungle Cat", "Facing East", "Who Needs It", and "Brazilian Dorian Dream". CD

Partial matches54
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Billy FosterPortrait ... CD
Equistar, 2005. New Copy ... $6.99
An overlooked set from the Gary scene – one of a handful of albums by pianist Billy Foster – a musician, radio host, and educator – with a legacy that almost makes him the Ramsey Lewis of his hometown! Billy cut some more keyboard-heavy albums in the 80s, but this record's a great back to basics set – well-crafted work that features an array of superb compositions by Foster – making us wonder why he never got his due as a composer over the years. The original tunes really dominate the set – and core sounds are from Billy's trio, but the album also features lots of guitar from the great Henry Johnson, plus tenor from Carl Coan, trumpet from Odies Williams, and vocals on some tracks from Renee Miles-Foster. Titles include "Portrait", "B's Bop", "Into The Dawn", "See Mine Are Blues", "The Flower", "Movin On", "Ballad", and "I'm Thinking Love". CD

Partial matches55
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
4th ComingStrange Things – The Complete Works 1970 to 1974 ... CD
Now Again, Early 70s. New Copy ... $7.99 17.98
A stunning batch of tracks from a very unusual LA group of the early 70s – a funk combo at the core, but one that was also equally comfortable with bits of psych and redneck rock as well! The music here was all recorded within a short span of years, and mostly issued on the small Alpha label as a handful of funky 45s – but the style is surprisingly spacious, and shows a strong sense of musicianship from the members of the group – so much so that they seem equally comfortable and right on top of their game, no matter what direction they choose to take! And don't think that this multi-style description means that these guys are too all over the map, because there's a really unified sense of soul that holds the whole thing together – so that when they get a bit rootsy, the result is country soul – or when they get a bit trippy, they hit some Funkadelic-styled sounds. The collection includes great notes on the setting that produced these tracks – penned by Egon, who put the set together with help from Malcolm Catto, DJ Shadow, and others. Titles include "Don't Let Him Take Away Your Mind", "Strange Things", "Heaven & Earth", "Take Time", "We Got Love", "Waterloo At Watergate", "Why Don't You Trust In Me", "Cruising Central Ave", "The Dead Don't Die Alive", and "You're My Precious Someone". CD
Also available Strange Things – The Complete Works 1970 to 1974 (with download) ... LP 19.99

Partial matches56
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
4th ComingStrange Things – The Complete Works 1970 to 1974 (with download) ... LP
Now Again, Early 70s. New Copy 2LP ... $19.99 24.98
A stunning batch of tracks from a very unusual LA group of the early 70s – a funk combo at the core, but one that was also equally comfortable with bits of psych and redneck rock as well! The music here was all recorded within a short span of years, and mostly issued on the small Alpha label as a handful of funky 45s – but the style is surprisingly spacious, and shows a strong sense of musicianship from the members of the group – so much so that they seem equally comfortable and right on top of their game, no matter what direction they choose to take! And don't think that this multi-style description means that these guys are too all over the map, because there's a really unified sense of soul that holds the whole thing together – so that when they get a bit rootsy, the result is country soul – or when they get a bit trippy, they hit some Funkadelic-styled sounds. The collection includes great notes on the setting that produced these tracks – penned by Egon, who put the set together with help from Malcolm Catto, DJ Shadow, and others. Titles include "Don't Let Him Take Away Your Mind", "Strange Things", "Heaven & Earth", "Take Time", "We Got Love", "Waterloo At Watergate", "Why Don't You Trust In Me", "Cruising Central Ave", "The Dead Don't Die Alive", and "You're My Precious Someone". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes download card.)
Also available Strange Things – The Complete Works 1970 to 1974 ... CD 7.99

Partial matches57
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Freddie Gibbs & AlchemistAlfredo ... CD
ESGN, 2020. New Copy ... $11.99 12.99
Freddie Gibbs's gradual ascent to the upper echelon of modern hip hop – and his impeccable choice in production partners, this time working from beginning to end with long serving beat king The Alchemist – shows no signs of slowing down! Lyrically, Freddie is riffing on mob lore on Alfredo, and true to form, he has the agile mic flow and dizzying way of writing rhymes that no one could spit like he does, and Alc does a great job of riffing in the tried-and-true mafia movie sample style in ways that surprisingly fresh, and as always, his moody beats are on point. Includes "1985", "God Is Perfect", "Scottie Beam" feat Rick Ross, "Look At Me", "Frank Lucas" feat Benny The Butcher, "Something To Rap About" with Tyler The Creator, "Baby $**t", "Babies & Fools" fat Conway The Machine, "Skinny Suge" & "All Glass". CD

Partial matches58
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Marvin GayeTrouble Man (die-cut cover gatefold) ... LP
Tamla, 1972. New Copy Gatefold (reissue)... $22.99 24.99
Marvin Marvin Marvin – just when we thought you couldn't impress us any more, you took it to the next level! Trouble Man is a heck of a wonderful surprise from an artist that most folks really only knew as a singer – a fantastically funky blacksploitation soundtrack, conceived and composed by Marvin himself – and served up with some occasional vocals that work beautifully with the album's cool instrumental grooves! The set's easily one of Gaye's most righteous records ever – almost a second chapter to What's Going On, but more instrumental – and like that classic set, it really shows the whole new range of vision that Marvin was able to work in the studio. Gaye gets a bit of arranging help on some tracks from Gene Page and JJ Johnson – and the album's filled with great cuts – including the landmark "T Plays It Cool", plus other gems like "Don't Mess With Mister T", "Main Theme From Trouble Man", "The Break In", and "T Stands For Trouble". Very funky, very sophisticated, and very soulful! LP, Vinyl record album
(Nice reissue – with original die-cut half flap design!)

Partial matches59
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Amilton GodoyTributo A Zimbo Trio ... CD
Tratore (Brazil), 2019. Used ... $6.99
The album's a tribute to the legendary Zimbo Trio from 60s Brazil – and pianist Amilton Gody really does a great job of getting the sound just right! The tunes are all instrumentals, with bass from Sidiel Viera and drums from Edu Ribeiro – done in that lively, rhythmic style that made the group such a legend at the time – and maybe one of the few to bridge the world of bossa instrumentals and more complex jazz-based moments – a quality that Godoy expands even more here in his arrangements! In fact, the album maybe has more jazz depth than some of the classics from Zimbo – and we mean that in the best way possible. Titles include "Bebe", "Aviao", "Pot Pourri Milton Nascimento", "Loro", "Garota De Ipanema", and "Arrastao". CD

Partial matches60
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
GongLive At Sheffield 1974 (red & green double LP pressing) (2020 Record Store Day Release) ... LP
Mantra/Culture Factory, 1973. New Copy 2LP Gatefold (reissue)... $36.99
A wonderful double-length live set from Gong – working here with a crucial lineup that features Daevid Allen on vocals and guitar – with added voice (including "space whisper") from Gilli Smyth, saxes and flute from Didier Malherbe, electronics from Tim Blake, guitar from Steve Hillage, and drums from Pierre Moerlin – a prog dream lineup all the way through! Tracks are nice and long – with that mix of sharp skills and whimsey that made this period of Gong so unique – and titles include the "Crystal Gnome" and "Radio – Gnome I & II" suites, plus "Mister Pyxie", "Deep In The Sky", "You Can't Kill Me", and "Titicaca". LP, Vinyl record album

Partial matches61
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Dexter GordonClubhouse (180 gram pressing) ... LP
Blue Note, 1965/1979. New Copy Gatefold (reissue)... $28.99 34.99
Rare Blue Note work from Dexter Gordon – an album that was recorded during Gordon's legendary run for the label in the 60s, but not issued until a brief vinyl pressing nearly 15 years later! The record's got Gordon vamping in tight hardbop formation – a sound that's strongly 60s Blue Note all the way through, and which shows the great control that the label helped bring to Dex's music – giving him new focus and energy to take off on much freer flights later in the 60s. Other players on the date include Freddie Hubbard on trumpet, Barry Harris on piano, Billy Higgins on drums, and Bob Cranshaw on bass – and Hubbard's trumpet is an especially welcome element here on the more upbeat numbers. Titles include "Hanky Panky", "Jodi", "Lady Iris B", "Clubhouse", and "Devilette". LP, Vinyl record album
(Part of the Blue Note Tone Poet series – pressed at RTI!)

Partial matches62
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Dexter GordonLive At The Playboy Jazz Festival ... LP
Rhino, 1982. Near Mint- ... $24.99
A rare snapshot of Dexter Gordon leading an incredible group the Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl in 1982 – with Woody Shaw, Milt Jackson, Kirk Lightsey, David Eubanks, Eddie Gladden – which has for the most part languished unreleased since then! The heart of it is the great couple of numbers with Milt Jackson on vibes, which for contractual reasons couldn't be released commercially for many years, so only a couple of these numbers were previously release have seen light of day – and edited versions at that – so we're really happy to see this for historical reason, but even setting the significance aside, it's a wonderful set by jazz legends. Includes "You've Changed", "The Blues", "Bag's Groove" and "Fried Bananas". LP, Vinyl record album

Partial matches63
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Dexter GordonOther Side Of Round Midnight ... LP
Blue Note, 1986. Sealed ... $9.99
A variety of groups, some with Dex on tenor. Other players include Bobby Hutcherson on vibes, Freddie Hubbard on trumpet, Wayne Shorter on soprano sax, Cedar Walton and Herbie Hancock on piano, and Billy Higgins and Tony Williams on drums. Titles include "Berangere's Nightmare 2", "Tivoli", "Society Red", "Round Midnight", "It's Only A Paper Moon", and "Call Sheet Blues". LP, Vinyl record album
(Still sealed with DMM sticker, but with an open corner where a promo stamp was applied. Cover has light razor marks.)

Partial matches64
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Dexter Gordon, Red Rodney, Von Freeman, et alCharlie Parker Memorial Concert ... LP
Cadet, 1970. Sealed 2LP Gatefold ... Just Sold Out!
In Chicago, the cult of Bird fanatics probably lived harder than in other cities – and in the few decades after Charlie Parker's death, the city was host to annual Bird Memorial concerts during the month of August. This obscure 2LP set on Cadet does a good job of documenting the energy and comraderie that went into those sessions – as it captures tunes from four different performances during the series, all recorded at Chicago's North Park Hotel. Players include Dexter Gordon, Howard McGhee, Vi Redd, Lee Konitz, Art Hoyle, Von Freeman, Jodie Christian, Roy Haynes, Muhal Richard Abrams, Eddie Jefferson, and Kenny Dorham – and the set's a great crossection of players – from the bop to the less obvious Parker-philes – in a strong illustration of Bird's still-consistent influence even at the end of the 60s. Titles include "Ornithology", "Yardbird Suite", "Disappointed", "Parker's Mood", "Now's The Time", and "Billie's Bounce". LP, Vinyl record album

Partial matches65
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Rosco Gordon, Guitar Red, Junior Parker, & OthersBootin Boogie – The Sun Blues Archive Vol 2 ... LP
Sun/Charly (UK), Late 50s. Very Good+ ... $6.99
A great UK collection – featuring rare and unissued tracks recorded for Sun Records – by Rosco Gordon, Guitar Red, Junior Parker, and the duo of Eddie Snow and Elven Parr. The set features a few tracks by each artist! LP, Vinyl record album

Partial matches66
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Happy DollsShow Album No 1 ... CD
Beatball (Korea), 1978. Used ... $9.99
A very cool quintet of Korean lovelies from the 70s – five gals who could sing sweetly when they wanted, but also hit some funkier sounds on their instruments as well! The Happy Dolls follow strongly in the tradition of earlier Army base acts from the postwar Korean scene – but they've also got a groovier sound overall, and maybe more of an international appeal too – given the time they spent on the Vegas stages in the early part of the decade, and their frequent work in Canada during the latter half. This set was recorded in Toronto, and it's got a very unusual approach that mixes equal parts small combo funk with some fuller harmony singing as well – a shift that takes place from track to track on the set, which makes for a surprising sense of variety. The group turn in two great covers – "Funky Stuff" and "Pick Up The Pieces" – both of which work great in kind of an indie funk mode – and other tunes include their own "Bombie", a take on "Shake Your Booty", and even a "Drum Solo" number! CD
(Punch through obi barcode.)

Partial matches67
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Eddie HarrisDancing By A Rainbow ... CD
Enja/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1995. New Copy ... About January 27, 2021
A lovely later set from Eddie Harris – proof that his groove was still going strong years after his bigger fame on the scene! The set here features all original work by Eddie – some titles we know from classic albums, but a few others we don't easily recognize – all of which work together to make for a really fresh batch of material, and hardly the sort of overplayed standards that some jazz players resort to in their older years. The group's a relatively youthful one – with Nolan Smith on trumpet, Ronald Muldrow on guitar, Jeff Chambers on bass, and Gaylord Birch on drums – and Eddie himself plays piano in addition to his usual tenor sax. Titles include "An April To Be Remembered", "Dancing By A Rainbow", "Set Us Free", "The Grand Strut", "Mean Greens", "You Are Not The Right One For Me", and "It's Just Fun & Games". CD

Partial matches68
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Hampton Hawes/Freddie ReddPiano East West ... CD
Prestige/OJC, 1952/1955. Used ... $11.99
A classic split album of bop piano from both coasts – kind of a double-header in jazz, and one that really packs a punch! Hamp Hawes represents the west coast – and unlike his cool jazz contemporaries, he's grooving hard in a quartet that includes Larry Bunker on vibes, Larry Marable on drums, and Clarence Jones on bass. Hawes' playing on the record is some of his best of the 50s – and titles include "Terrible T", "Move", "Fanfare", "Hamp's Paws", and "Buzzy". The east coast side of the set is laid down by Freddie Redd – grooving hard in a rare early set, with a trio that includes John Ore on bass and Ron Jefferson on drums. Redd's titles include "Reddy Freddie", "Lady J Blues", and "Debut". CD
(Out of print, small cutout notch through spine.)

Partial matches69
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Eddie HollandEddie Holland ... LP
Motown, 1962. Very Good+ ... $149.99
One of the earliest albums on Motown – and the only one ever cut by Eddie Holland! Eddie's best known as a producer, arranger, and songwriter – part of the holy Holland-Dozier-Holland trinity – but back in his early days, he was a soulful tenor, with a sound and style that was a bit like Jackie Wilson or Sam Cooke – high in range, but full of depth in feeling too – with a quality that makes this rare album a real treasure! The set's got a great early Motown feel all the way through – that perfect bridge between R&B and sou, but nice and tight, too – really moving forward through the strength of Holland's musical vision. Eddie produced along with William Stevenson – and titles include "Take A Chance On Me", "If Cleopatra Took A Chance", "Last Night I Had A Vision", "What About Me", and "Jamie", which was a relatively big single. LP, Vinyl record album
(Original mono map label pressing! Cover has a bumped corner at the top of the spine and a bit of tape residue along the opening on back, in very nice shape otherwise!)

Partial matches70
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Eddie HollandIt Moves Me – The Complete Recordings 1958 to 1964 ... CD
Ace (UK), Late 50s/Early 60s. New Copy 2CD ... $18.99 22.99
A beautiful collection of all the great and rare material Eddie Holland cut as solo singer in the late 50s and early 60s – including the incredible early Motown material, plus tracks he cut for Mercury, Kudo, Tamla and United Artists! Of course Eddie Holland is best remembered for uber-legendary work as producer, composer and arranger with the Holland-Dozier-Holland super soul unit – for damn good reason, but it's his early work as singer is way too strong to be considered a mere footnote to his greater legacy. Many of the cuts were written and produced by Berry Gordy, along with numbers written and produced by Brian Holland and Lamont Dozier, some recorded more famously by later acts, so what you truly have here is the foundation for great things to come – it's beautiful stuff that shines brightly in its own light. Eddie's a solid singer and the songs are terrific, formative stuff that's a pivotal bridge from earlier R&B to massive soul. 56 tracks on 2CDs: "Little Miss Ruby", "Will You Love Me", "Just A Few More Days", "It's Not Too Late", "Just Ain't Enough Love", "Brenda", "Baby Shake", "Magic Mirror", "If Cleopatra Took A Chance", "Action Speaks Louder than Words", "Bashful Kind", "Too Late To Cry", "Happy Go Lucky", "Pretty Little Angel Face", "Day Dreamer", "Rain And Thunder", "I Like Everything About You", "Happy Days" and many more. This set goes deeper than any compilation we've seen of Eddie's recordings, too, with a number of previously unissued Mercury recordings. CD

Partial matches71
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Freddie HubbardGleam ... CD
CBS/BGO (UK), 1975. New Copy 2CD ... $8.99
Jazz funk genius from Freddie Hubbard in the mid 70s! Gleam was a Japanese-only double album from the jazz giant in its original release – mighty funky at times, too – right up there with some of the best Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock Japanese sets from the 70s! It's a live set captured in March of '75 at Tokyo's Yubin Chokin Hall – long numbers played by a group that includes Freddie on trumpet, Carl Randall on tenor and flute, George Cables on electric piano, Henry Franklin on bass, Carl Burnett on drums, and Buck Clark on percussion! Each player has plenty of space to groove, and it's very well captured – you can hear the most expressive solos and the most subtle nuances. Some great solos by Freddie and the rest of the players – breathless tenor & flute by Randall, keys by Cables that are jazz funk perfection and interplay between Burnett's drums and Clark's congas & percussion that's somehow tense and comfortable at the same time. The shortest number in the set runs more than the 7 minutes and the longest is more than 20 minutes – and none is one second shorter than necessary, actually leaving us pining for more – making it all the more vital in the double album format. Released on 2CDs here! How this great album has been so hard to find over the years is a mystery. Titles include "Kuntu", "Spirits Of Trane", an amazing cover of Stevie Wonder's "Too High", "Midnight At The Oasis", "Ebony Moonbeams", and "Put It In The Pocket". CD

Partial matches72
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Freddie HubbardOutpost ... CD
Enja/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1981. New Copy ... $16.99
One of the best recordings from Freddie Hubbard's "back to basics" stretch in the early 80s – a time when Freddie returned to a strongly acoustic jazz mode after a mostly electric 70s! The record still has Freddie stretching out on the longer tracks he got used to during the CTI years – but he's working here in tight quartet formation with Kenny Barron on piano, Buster Williams on bass, and the always-great Al Foster on drums – carving out long lines on extended, but well-conceived numbers that echo with a tremendous amount of force. Freddie's lost none of his edge by this point, and the record shows a new sense of energy and focus that are extremely impressive – and also pretty darn soulful! Titles include "Santa Anna Winds", "You Don't Know What Love Is", "The Outpost Blues", "Dual Force", and "Loss". CD
(Part of the "Enja – Real Jazz Classics" series!)

Partial matches73
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Freddie HubbardSing Me A Song Of Songmy/Echoes Of Blue ... CD
Atlantic/Collectables, 1971/1976. Used 2 CDs ... Just Sold Out!
A great collection of 2 of Freddie's 70s sides for Atlantic. Sing Me A Song is a wild record! Freddie Hubbard plays trumpet amdist a very out, very avant set of electromagnetic and processed sounds, put together by Ilhan Mimaroglu! The record is completely unlike any other album Hubbard did, and sounds more like an early musique concrete work than it does an early 70's album on Atlantic. In fact, at times, you forget that Hubbard's playing at all, as the wash of noise is far more compelling than his solos, which have sort of a cold processed feel in most parts. Tracks include "Threnody For Sharon Tate", "The Crowd", and "What A Good Time For Kent State". Echoes is a nice set that often gets overlooked, but which features a sweet mellow funky sound arranged by Freddie, produced by Arif Mardin, and which features playing by Bennie Maupin, James Spaulding, and Kenny Barron. Titles include "Backlash", "Echoes Of Blue", "Latina", and "On The Que-Tee". CD
(Out of print.)

Partial matches74
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Weldon IrvineLiberated Brother (180 gram pressing) ... LP
Nodlew/Pure Pleasure (UK), 1972. New Copy (reissue)... $34.99 44.99
Landmark early work from the legendary Weldon Irvine – recorded way back when he was first coming to fame with Nina Simone, but done as an obscure indie effort for his tiny Nodlew label! The set's a wicked batch of keyboard-heavy funk – at a level that's similar to some of the best titles on Black Jazz or Strata East at the time, but also filled with an even richer array of colors and musical ideas. Weldon's work on electric piano is worth the price of admission alone – often spare, spacious, and perfectly placed – especially on the funky classics "Homey", "Mr Clean", and "Sister Sanctified" – a tune later cut by Stanley Turrentine, but heard here in Weldon's original version! Other cuts include "Gloria", "Juggah Buggah", "Blues Wel-Don", and "Liberated Brother". LP, Vinyl record album
(Limited edition 180 gram pressing!)

Partial matches75
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Weldon IrvineTime Capsule (180 gram pressing) ... LP
Nodlew/Pure Pleasure (UK), 1973. New Copy (reissue)... Just Sold Out!
One of the most beautiful records to come out of the early 70s – a tremendous indie effort from a young Weldon Irvine! Irvine put this album together as sort of a musical "time capsule" of his generation – an effort to capture the era's thoughts, feelings, and emotions through a mix of music, vocals, and a few spoken bits – all woven together in a way that changes moods nicely, but always keeps the same righteously spiritual vibe! Weldon plays keys that are both electric and acoustic throughout – and he's joined by a very hip batch of players who include Jimmy Owens, Lenny White, Alex Blake, George Cables, and others – all working here in a very rough-edged and soulful mode. Titles include the classic break track "Bananas", the sweet vocal number "Deja Vu",and the soul classic "Feelin' Mellow" – also covered by Fatback Band, but even better here in the original! Other tracks include "Soul Sisters", "Watergate Don't Bug Me", "Spontaneous Interaction", and "I Am". LP, Vinyl record album
(Limited edition!)
Also available Time Capsule (Japanese pressing) ... CD 22.99

Partial matches76
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Weldon IrvineTime Capsule (Japanese pressing) ... CD
Nodlew/P-Vine (Japan), 1973. New Copy ... $22.99
One of the most beautiful records to come out of the early 70s – a tremendous indie effort from a young Weldon Irvine! Irvine put this album together as sort of a musical "time capsule" of his generation – an effort to capture the era's thoughts, feelings, and emotions through a mix of music, vocals, and a few spoken bits – all woven together in a way that changes moods nicely, but always keeps the same righteously spiritual vibe! Weldon plays keys that are both electric and acoustic throughout – and he's joined by a very hip batch of players who include Jimmy Owens, Lenny White, Alex Blake, George Cables, and others – all working here in a very rough-edged and soulful mode. Titles include the classic break track "Bananas", the sweet vocal number "Deja Vu",and the soul classic "Feelin' Mellow" – also covered by Fatback Band, but even better here in the original! Other tracks include "Soul Sisters", "Watergate Don't Bug Me", "Spontaneous Interaction", and "I Am". CD

Partial matches77
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Peter IversComplete Warner Bros Recordings (Terminal Love/Peter Ivers/Nirvana Peter) ... CD
Warner/Wounded Bird, 1970s. New Copy 2CD ... $8.99 19.99
Peter Ivers's entire output for Warner Brothers in the mid 70s – including the original LPs Terminal Love & Peter Ivers, plus the Nirvana Peter compilation, which didn't appear until the mid 80s and STILL sounded ahead of its time – in a complete 2CD set! Peter has a distinctive voice and offbeat lyrical sensibility that feels a lot more akin to the arty fringe of the major labels in the early 80s than it does to 1974 or 1976, he's really a pioneer. It's no surprise at all that he'd end up being the host of LA television's legendary music program New Wave Theatre in the early 80s, but it's surprising he doesn't get more credit these days for influencing the kind thing that'd come to be called "new wave" years after his contributing work! Disc 1 includes the Terminal Love and Peter Ivers LPs, with "Alpha Centauri", "OO Girl", "Modern Times", "Holding The Cobra", "Even Stephen Foster", 'Audience Of One", "I'm Sorry Alice", "Eighteen And Dreaming", "Peter", "Rock And Roll Embarrassment", "Child In A Chair" and more. Disc 2 (the Nirvana Peter comp) features a few tracks from his 2 proper LPs and rarities. The 2CDs have 33 tracks in all. CD

Partial matches78
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Eddie KendricksAll By Myself (LP sleeve edition) ... CD
Tamla/LMLR (France), 1971. New Copy ... $9.99 15.99
The first solo album that Eddie Kendricks cut after leaving The Temptations – and a great one! Motown genius Frank Wilson produced the whole album, and it's got a really unified feel that you don't always get on Motown albums – possibly proof that the label was really invested in starting Eddie off on a strong solo career. The record's got a wonderful sweet soul sound – with Eddie's great vocals at the center, and some complicated arrangements that work very well on the ballads, and which kick it up on a few tracks, hinting at Eddie's later successful boogie style. Titles include "Something's Burning", "Let's Go Back To Day One", "It's So Hard For Me To Say Goodbye", and "Can I". CD
(In a cool LP-styled cover!)

Partial matches79
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Eddie KendricksKeep On Truckin' – The Motown Solo Albums Years Vol 1 (limited edition 2 CD set) ... CD
Motown/Hip-O Select, 1971/1972/1973/1974. Used 2CD ... Just Sold Out!
One of our favorite chapters in Motown soul of the 70s – the stunning early years of Eddie Kendricks' solo career, served up here on a 2CD set that features his first four albums for Motown! Although a key part of the Temptations during their heady late 60s years, Eddie sounded even hipper, deeper, and more sophisticated on his own – breaking out into a range of styles that included some of the more progressive modes being explored in mainstream soul at the time, as well as some great straightforward groovers that put Eddie on the dancefloor with a really solid boogie groove! These albums have been crucially neglected by reissue programs for years – so it's great to have them all together in one set – a beautifully-done package that features the full tracks from the 4 albums All By Myself (1971), People Hold On (1972), Eddie Kendricks (1973), and For You (1974). 33 tracks in all – with titles that include "Can I", "Let's Go Back To Day One", "It's So Hard For Me To Say Goodbye", "If You Let Me", "Girl You Need A Change Of Mind", "My People Hold On", "Date With The Rain", "Eddie's Love", "Just Memories", "Only Room For Two", "Someday We'll Have A Better World", "Any Day Now", "Can't Help What I Am", "Keep On Truckin", "One Tear", "Shoeshine Boy", "Deep & Quiet Love", "If", "Let Yourself Go", and "Each Day I Cry A Little". CD
(Out of print, limited edition. Case has some light edgewear.)

Partial matches80
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Freddie KingFreddie King 1934 to 1976 ... CD
Polydor, 1977. Used ... $5.99
A posthumous collection of work from Freddie King – material recorded in a variety of different sources, but all of it with Freddie's well-honed guitar sound in the lead! Some tracks were done down at Criteria Studios in Miami, and have a warmly southern sort of glow – others were done in the UK with Mike Vernon with a bit more of a rockish feel, and a few more were done for radio, with a slightly rougher edge than the rest. Titles include "Pack It Up", "Shake Your Bootie", "Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do", "Woman Across The Bridge", "Sweet Home Chicago", "Sugar Sweet", "TV Mama", "Gambling Woman Blues", and "Farther Up The Road." CD
(Out of print.)

Partial matches81
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
King CrimsonIslands (200 gram stereo mix – with download) ... LP
EG/Discipline Global Mobile, 1971. New Copy (reissue)... $24.99 34.98
One of our favorites by King Crimson – and a very underrated record from their earlier years – with a lot more jazz than some of their others! Spacey jazz rock mastery from an incredible group of players – including Mel Collins on lots of flutes and saxes – plus guests Keith Tippett on piano, Mark Charig on cornet, and Harry Miller on bass! This great Fripp-approved 2014 pressing is in the original stereo mix! Includes "Formentera Lady", "Sailor's Tale", "The Letters", "Ladies Of The Road", "Prelude: Song Of The Gulls" and "Islands". LP, Vinyl record album
(Original stereo mix – newly cut from masters approved by Robert Fripp. Includes download.)

Partial matches82
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
King CurtisKing Curtis Live At Fillmore West ... CD
Atlantic (Japan), 1971. Used ... $6.99
The King Curtis combo in all of its glory – really grooving hard here in a set of instrumental performances recorded at the same time as Aretha Franklin's famous live date at the Fillmore West! King backed Aretha up on her own record from Fillmore, but this set features all the instrumental grooves laid down by Curtis and his group before Aretha took the stage – very tight and funky numbers that showcase King's work on alto and soprano sax, as well as organ from Billy Preston, guitar from Cornell Dupree, electric piano from Truman Thomas, and funky drums from Bernard Pretty Purdie! The Memphis Horns get into the action a bit – blasting out when the tunes require it – and as with the Franklin album, the recording style here is totally great – very "live", but still with the best focus of Atlantic studio soul! Titles include a smoking 7 minute version of King's funky classic "Memphis Soul Stew", plus long takes on "Changes", "I Stand Accused", and "Soul Serenade" – as well as shorter versions of "A Whole Lotta Love" and "Ode To Billy Joe"! CD
(Out of print, 2013 pressing – includes obi.)

Partial matches83
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Kool & The GangLadies' Night/Celebrate/Something Special/As One/In The Heart/Emergency (3CD set) ... CD
BGO (UK), Late 70s/Early 80s. New Copy 3CD ... $16.99
A massive package of work from the mighty Kool & The Gang – 6 full albums from the 80s, served up here in a 3CD set! First up is Ladies Night – a shameless dancefloor cash-in move – but a record that's still pretty darn great as well! You all know the big title cut "Ladies Night", so we won't bother to describe it – but we can say that the group wisely hooked up with Deodato, who produced, mixed, and even played keyboards on the album. Deodato keeps a nice jazzy punch in the tracks, while still moving towards the slickly produced funk sound that was the group's main approach at the time of the record. JT Taylor's on vocals, and the album's even got a few mellow cuts – like the crossover easy number "Too Hot" – amidst the midtempo 80s grooves that really step out and make the whole thing move. Other tracks include "Ladies Night", "Hangin Out", "Tonight's The Night", "If You Feel Like Dancin", and "Got You Into My Life". The next album is Something Special indeed – as the album was one of the biggest hits for Kool & The Gang, and showed that the group still had plenty of energy left to groove into the 80s! The record features production work by Brazilian music maestro Eumir Deodato – who by this point had become a sweet and smooth talent with a real flair for putting over a modern soul groove! Deodato's approach is really great – smooth, yet soulful, without any tricks or gimmicks – and a real appreciation for lead vocals and a catchy little hook! The album features the group's party classic "Get Down On It", plus "Steppin Out", "No Show", "Pass It On", "Be My Lady", "Take My Heart", and "Good Time Tonight". As One is solid 80s grooving from Kool & The Gang – a group who inspired so many others in the early 80s soul generation, but who could still do it better than most of the rest! The style here is tight and smooth, but never too slick – and Deodato's giving the group some really great production for the album – helping them to focus their energy and soar soulfully, but without resorting to any stiff gimmicks or cliches! There's a great groove running through most of the numbers here – a confident quality that's never too commercial, and which bubbles along nicely throughout. Titles include "Street Kids", "Big Fun", "As One", "Hi De Hi Hi De Ho", "Let's Go Dancin", and "Pretty Baby". In The Heart is a sweet set that's part of a big early 80s run from Kool & The Gang – a time that saw the funk legends really hitting the mainstream, and winning over a huge new audience in the process! Given that the Gang virtually invented ensemble funk at the start of the 70s, they're perfectly poised here to move into modes that so many of their younger competition were trying – but never did so well – that blend of 80s elements and more sharply-fused funk instrumentation, all honed down into a tightly snapping groove. The real surprise, though, is the group's growing ability for ballads – which put records like this into hands of folks who never would have dug their funk a few years before. And while we might have had a few problems with that shift at the time, the passage of years has got the whole thing sounding pretty darn great to our ears – especially in comparison to so much weaker work from the time. Titles include "In The Heart", "Joanna", "Tonight", "Straight Ahead", "September Love", "You Can Do It", and "Home Is Where The Heart Is". Last up is Emergency – one of the key classics from the second chapter of the group – when their lineup and sound were a lot leaner than before, and they managed to cross over big to a much wider audience than before! The upbeat cuts show that the group were still kings of the funky dancefloor – and the mellower ones are equally great too – showing a rising ballad style that proved to be the group's big crossover card at the time – a way of putting over a laidback track, but with plenty of soul. This approach is heard to great effect on the album's great single "Cherish" – and other tracks include "Bad Woman", "Surrender", "Emergency", "Misled", "Fresh", and "You Are The One". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Joachim KuhnMelodic Ornette Coleman – Piano Works 13 (180 gram pressing – with bonus track & download) ... LP
Act (Germany), 2019. New Copy ... $14.99 29.99
One of the best albums we've heard from pianist Joachim Kuhn in years – a really thoughtful solo piano take on the music of Ornette Coleman – and one that definitely lives up to the "melodic" promise of the title! Kuhn's never totally straight ahead – and lord knows, Ornette never was either – but he approaches the songs here in this really beautiful way, by unlocking melodies and more sensitive moments that are sometimes lost in more iconic performances – many of which never included any piano at all in the instrumentation. Joachim's got all the edges of early years, but the slight current of sentiment is really a revelation – for both him and Ornette as well – on titles that include "Songworld", "Physical Chemistry", "Tears That Cry", "Somewhere", "She & He Is Who Fenn Love", "Love Is Not Generous Sex Belongs To Woman", "Food Stamps On The Moon", and "Immoriscible Most Capable Of Being". Also features a bonus track – the Kuhn composition "Dedication To Ornette/The End Of The World". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes download!)
Also available Melodic Ornette Coleman – Piano Works 13 (with bonus track) ... CD 12.99

Partial matches85
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
LaBelleMoon Shadow ... LP
Warner, 1972. Near Mint- ... $34.99
One of the greatest albums ever by Labelle – known especially for the massive funky title cut, which has been an in-demand groover for years! "Moonshadow" begins with a nice funky piano intro, then rolls into a 10 minute groove that's really tasty – filled with lots of jazzy riffing, tasty conga, and a weird monologue by Patti that runs through different parts of the body and why you should appreciate them! The cut was lost on American audiences of the 70s, but became a huge one in the European jazz dance scene of the late 80s, probably because most of them couldn't understand how silly Patti's vocals were! The cut's nice and funky, though – and there's some other nice ones on the record, too, including "Sunday News", "Touch Me All Over", and "Peace With Yourself". Much more interesting than most of their stuff, with a hip mixture of jazz, soul, and hard grooving! LP, Vinyl record album
(White label stereo promo, includes the Warner inner sleeve and both wrap-around and folded inserts. Cover is lightly wrinkled at the bottom left corner, with a small scrape and some pen imprints on front.)

Partial matches86
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Julie LondonIn Person At The Americana ... CD
Liberty/DRG, 1964. Used ... $14.99
A rare live session from Julie London – surprising in that most of her classic work for Liberty was put together with some real studio magic! Yet this time around, the live setting's a real charm – one that makes for a whole new side of London's personality – showing the singer to be much more of an entertainer than we would have expected. The solitary sultriness of Julie's studio albums is really on the backburner – at least in the overall feel fo the recording, with its pronounced audience noise, oft-swinging arrangements, and male vocal quartet in the mix – although when London starts to sing, things often hit that familiar mode, too. Titles include a very boozy version of "Daddy" – almost drunken, we'd say – plus "Lonesome Road", "Send For Me", "Gotta Move", "I Love Paris", "Cry Me A River", and "By Myself". CD
(Out of print.)

Partial matches87
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
London Experimental Jazz QuartetInvisible Roots ... LP
Scratch/Roundtable (Australia), 1974. New Copy (reissue)... About January 29, 2021
That's London, Ontario – not London, England – which means that the group have an even more far-flung sound than you might expect! The album's a brilliant and overlooked gem from the Canadian scene of the 70s – really mindblowing music by a group who are equally great at grooving, and at taking things very far outside – mixing together modes that are sometimes highly rhythmic, other times very loose and freewheeling! We're really not familiar with any of the players from later projects at all – but they're clearly a very hip batch of younger musicians who come together and sparkle brilliantly for this rare set – with a mix of soprano and alto sax, wood flute, cello, piano, bass, funky drums, vibes, and even some other cool effects that really make the record a treat throughout! Titles include the funky gem "Destroy The Nihilist Picnic", plus much more outside material that includes "Time Is Of The Essence", "Edible Wallpaper", "Ron Martin Special With Mustard", "Spain Is For Old Ladies", and "Jazz Widow Waltz". CD also features the bonus track "The Potential Of Something Exquisite". LP, Vinyl record album

Partial matches88
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jacques Loussier, Andre Hodier, Andre Previn, & Claude BollingMusique Classique Et Jazz – La Naissance Du Crossover 1958 to 1962 ... CD
Fremeaux & Associates (France), Late 50s/Early 60s. New Copy 2CD ... $22.99 29.99
A well-done look at a style that would break big on the European scene of the mid 60s – the mixture of jazz performance and classical melodies – presented here in a slightly different way by some of the genre's true pioneers! Jacques Loussier recorded famous albums of Bach tunes done ala jazz, Andre Previn recorded often as a classical musician – but the work here is different than both of those modes – as the tracks are mostly jazz numbers, but handled with the kind of technical prowess that you'd hear from a classically-trained pianist – still very swinging, but with piano parts that mix melody and improvisation with some jaw-dropping command of the keyboard. The package features work from four key proponents of the scene – each represented on some less-reissued material. First up is Jacques Loussier, on titles that include "Mon Ami My Friend", "Sarabaya Johnny", "Oh Heart Of Love", "Le Chant Des Canons", and "La Fiancee Du Pirate". Next is Andre Hodier on "The Alphabet", "On A Blues", "Cross Criss", "On A Standard", "Paradoxe II", and "On A Riff". Claude Bolling serves up a few numbers – "Clair De Lune", "Back To Swing", "Prelude To A Kiss", and "Cry Me A River" – followed by Andre Previn, on titles that include "Young Man's Lament", "Blame It On My Youth", "Summertime", "A Year Of Youth", "Young & Tender", and "Love Is For The Very Young". CD

Partial matches89
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
ManhattansDo You Ever/If My Heart Could Speak ... 7-inch
DeLuxe, Early 70s. Near Mint- ... $1.99
Heartbreaking harmony from the Manhattans! "Do You Ever" is a dreamy ballad sung by a guy who's asking if his ol' gal ever thinks of him – and "If My Heart Could Speak" is more of the same, the sad tale of a heart that can't express itself freely, longing for a lady that's too far out of reach! The sound's a lot rawer than their later work – with a good east coast indie feel to both tracks. 7-inch, Vinyl record

Partial matches90
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Richard MarksNever Satisfied – The Complete Works 1968 to 1976 (with download) ... LP
Now Again, Late 60s/1970s. New Copy 2LP Gatefold ... $19.99 24.99
An artist you might not know at all – but one you'll be digging plenty after hearing this wonderful set! Richard Marks is a guitarist and singer with a very funky, very gritty sound – really right up there with the best of the funky 45 underground of the time – which makes this overstuffed package feel like you've just inherited a sweet stack of rare 7" singles! Marks hardly made it outside of his hometown of Atlanta – but did work over the years with stars like Al Green and Eddie Kendricks – but, thankfully for us, he left behind a strong legacy of small label singles, nearly all of which are included in this beautiful set – along with a full book that tells the tale of Richard's time outside the limelight, plus lots of photos, images, and notes on the music. Titles include "Funky Fingers", "Never Satisfied", "Don't Take It Out On Me", "I'm With You Love", "Pretty Woman Pass On By", "Innocent Bystander", "Speak Now", "Purple Haze", "Why Did You Leave Me", and "Crackerjack". LP, Vinyl record album
(Great 2LP package – with special 20 page book and download card!)
Also available Never Satisfied – The Complete Works 1968 to 1976 (CD with book) ... CD 9.99

Partial matches91
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Victor MendozaVictor Mendoza ... LP
Tortilla, 1984. Near Mint- ... $14.99
Warm Latin jazz from vibist Victor Mendoza – a sweet little set with some great flute work, plus alto, soprano sax, and plenty of percussion! Titlkes include "Samba Dientes", "Poem For My Father", "Patty's Ponytail Samba", and "Un Loco Feliz". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has light wear.)

Partial matches92
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Monday MichiruDouble Image ... CD
Polygram (Japan), 1998. New Copy ... $8.99
A real turning point for Monday Michiru – a set that has the Japanese singer moving into more complex rhythms than some of the straighter soul of her initial releases – really keeping things interesting as she stretches out lyrically too! Monday arranged and produced most of the record – although she also has help from some great guests, as was common in her early years – a lineup that includes DJ Krush, Mondo Grosso, Byron Wallen, and The Angel – all of whom add some creative energy to the project. There's a touch of drum and bass in the mix at times, but the key highlight is Monday's great sense of song and her fantastic vocals – soaring out as one of the few late 90s audiences who can take things over the top to a whole new audience. Cuts include "Reflexions", "You Make Me", "Island Of The Saints", "Method 2 The Madness", "Double Image", and "Scheme Of Things". CD
(Please Note – CD case has a sticker in Japanese on the back.)

Partial matches93
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lloyd MillerJazz At The University Of Utah (with insert and download) ... LP
East West/Now Again, 1967. New Copy (reissue)... $23.99 24.98
An astonishingly rare treasure by exotic jazz genius Lloyd Miller – originally issued by East West Records in a run of just a few hundred copies! Recorded at The University Of Utah, it's a wonderful synthesis of the eastern and otherwise globally-inspired instrumentation Miller is beloved for, and the western jazz styles of his earlier years playing behind Don Ellis, Eddie Harris & others. Recorded with players from the university's jazz ensembles, along with several numbers with the Mike Johnson Quartet, it came a time when Miller was becoming so well educated in Far Eastern, Middle Eastern and Asian music and culture, and was already such a seasoned American jazz player himself, it's really stunning this set is such a rare one! Amazing stuff from a late 60s period when he was really starting to cement his legend. Includes "Amber Eyes (Guzel Gozler)", "Yona", "Natanie", "Blue Rue", "Sixty Years Of Jazz", "Gol-E Gandom", "Hue Wail", "Sakura", "Impressions Of Bhairavi Raga" and "Midsummer Moon". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes an excellent insert with notes by Francis Gooding and lots of photos, plus a download with WAV files & video of late 60s performances, plus Miller's autobiography "Sufi, Saint & Swinger"!)

Partial matches94
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jun MiyakeMondo Erotica ... CD
Tropical (Germany), 2001. Used ... $8.99
Kind of a cheesy cover and title, but a surprisingly subtle album overall – one that's not nearly as "mondo" or "erotic" as you might expect! The sound here isn't as bossa-oriented as other work by Jun Miyake, but it's definitely got a similar charm – a spare, careful combination of a few key instruments and a bit of voice – the former made up from keyboards by Miyake and a shifting array of guitar, reeds, bass, drums, and occasional strings – the latter handled by a few different singers throughout the set. Not all tracks are vocal, and in fact the best may well be the instrumental ones – tunes that have a mix of sweetness and quirky energy that almost takes us back to the more interesting modes of the early 80s indie scene – particularly the artier sides of the postpunk scenes in New York, England, and Benelux. Titles include "La Cle", "Jewel", "Jelly", "Cream", "Elfin", "Switch", and "Flesh For Eve". CD
(Out of print.)

Partial matches95
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Hugo MontenegroLove Theme From The Godfather/Music From A Fistful Of Dollars & For A Few Dollars More & The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly ... CD
RCA/Vocalion (UK), 1968/1972. New Copy ... $19.99
A pair of RCA Records gems from Hugo Montenegro – back to back on a single CD! First up is Theme From The Godfather – a sweet 70s update of the moogy groovy that Hugo Montenegro first started crafting in the 60s! The album's got both moog and Arp – the latter of which brings in more of a 70s electric vibe – and there's also some very cool sound effects on the record too, which really ups the ante for the sort of groove that Montenegro was creating! Tunes are all pretty well chosen – making for a super-dope batch of numbers that really gets past the usual – and the set includes an excellent reading of "Me & My Arrow", from Nilson's The Point; 2 versions of Nino Rota tracks from The Godfather; a nice version of Faure's "Pavane", with lots of spirally keyboards; a medley of "Baby Elephant Walk" and "Moon River"; and even a few nice originals, like "Quadimodo" and "Stutterology". On 1968's Music From A Fistful Of Dollars, Hugh Montenegro makes his way through a number of late 60s Morricone spaghetti western themes, all done with his groovier than usual twist on the material! The Montenegro touches here include some augmented rhythms – snapping the tunes along with a much modder feel at times than the original – plus a nice use of electric bass at the bottom, and some sunshine-drenched vocal passages have some great harmonies! Titles include "The Vice Of Killing", "For A Few Dollars More", "Story Of A Soldier", "The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly", "The Ecstasy Of Gold", "Sixty Seconds To What?", and "March With Hope". CD
(Hybrid Super Audio CD pressing – works on standard CD players!)

Partial matches96
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Moondog & The London SaxophonicSax Pax For A Sax ... CD
Atlantic, 1994. Used ... $14.99
One of the most dynamic Moondog records we've ever heard – a set that's heavy on saxophone instrumentation, played here by the London Saxophonic ensemble! Saxes handle as much of the rhythms here as they do the melodies – although well recorded and solidly-structured, the tunes still have some of the naive charm of Moondog's early work – kind of an evolution of those earthy inspirations into the fuller sound of a range of saxes. There's also vocals on some numbers – sung by Peter Hammill, Andrew Davis, Stuart Gordon, and others – and titles include "Dog Trot", "Paris", "Bird's Lament", "Fiesta", "Sea Horse", "D Is For Danny", "Shakespeare City", "EEC Suite", and "Mother's Whistler". CD
(Out of print. Booklet has a gold promotional stamp.)

Partial matches97
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Morwell Unlimited/Prince Far I & The ArabsA1 Dub/Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter IV (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Doctor Bird/Trojan (UK), Early 80s. New Copy 2CD ... $16.99
A pair of rare dub albums – back to back in a single set, with bonus tracks too! On A1 Dub, Blacka Morwell serves up some massive dub – working at Channel 1, for an obscure album on Trojan Records – but maybe coming across with some of the richness of the Island Records generation! There's a fullness to the sound that's wonderful – top-to-bottom completely solid, and often highly focused on the rhythms, but also always using one key instrumental element on each cut – a bit of organ here, a weeping guitar there, or even an odd sonic element – always given center stage in the spotlight, and set apart from the rest of the mix in a really great way. Titles include "Downtown Rebel", "Well Crucial", "Different Style", "West Side Ranking", "Pressure Rock", "Blackboard Jungle", and "Waterpump Skank". Next is Cry Tuff Dub Encounter 4 – from Prince Far I & The Arabs – an almost seamless set of dub instrumentals, recorded at Channel One in 1981 – the underground Jamaican groove, but maybe given a slightly better sound quality overall – that good mix of indie and professional that was the Trojan Records calling card as the 70s moved on! A crisp upfront production style separates this one from some of its dub predecessors – but the record has a great analog dub sound, with many effects and instruments echoing in and out of the mix. Titles include "Lion Stone", "Foundation Stepper", "Sound Gesture", "Destruction Sound Battle", and "Stone African Ground". And if that's not enough, the whole thing features a whole CD of bonus material – rare tracks taken from the 12" Attack series by Trojan Records – with cuts that include "Jammin For Survival" by Jammy's At The Controls, "Bali Hi Special" by The Sowell Radics, "Fuss & Fight Dub" by Eddie Fitzroy, "Ball Of Fire" by Bim Sherman, "Stand & Look Dub" by Fat Man All Stars, "Caring For My Sister" by Scientist & Roots Radics, "Won't You Come On (dub)" by Witty's All STars, "Babylon Wrong Dub" by Ashanti Waugh, and "Cool Pon Your Corner Version" by Barry Brown. CD

Partial matches98
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Vido MussosMoose On A Loose/Vido In A Jam ... 78 RPM
Savoy, 1946. Near Mint- ... $4.99
Vido Mussos on tenor with Boots Musulli on alto, Kaie Winding and Gene Roland on trombone, Marty Napoleon on piano, Denzil Best on drums and Eddie Safranski on bass. 78 RPM, Vinyl record

Partial matches99
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Narassa (Sandro Brugnolini)/Zanagoria (Giorgio Carnini)UST 7011 – Popfolkmusic (180 gram pressing) ... LP
Fonit Cetra/Sonor (Italy), 1973. New Copy (reissue)... $19.99
A split set of sound library instrumentals – recorded by two more famous artists, each working here under a pseudonym! Narassa is Sandro Brugnolini – an artist you might know for darker, moodier music on other records – but who turns in some very cool tracks on side one – numbers that definitely live up to the "popfolkmusic" title – in the way that they offer up unusual instrumental twists that echo popular modes of the tune, but in an offbeat way. The side features weird recastings of modes inspired by Bacharach, Donovan, and others – with titles that include "Pop Medioevale", "Gli Anni Del Candore", "Cineclown", and "Fermiamo Il Tramonto". Side two features work by Zanagoria – aka Giorgio Carnini – tunes that make sweet use of keyboards, including piano, electric piano, moog, and organ – used in a range of styles that includes a few especially nice funky tracks! Titles include "Calcio Derby", "Verdi Pascoli Inglesi", "Apertivo Da Vanni", and "Itinario Di Un Hippy". LP, Vinyl record album
(Limited edition of 600!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Nucleus & Ian CarrTorrid Zone – The Vertigo Recordings 1970 to 1975 (Elastic Rock/We'll Talk About It/Solar Plexus/Belladonna/Labyrinth/Roots/Under The Sun/Snakehips/Alley Cat) (6CD set) ... CD
Vertigo/Cherry Red (UK), Early 70s. New Copy 6CD ... $42.99
Seminal sounds from trumpeter Ian Carr and his Nucleus group of the early 70s – maybe one of the few jazz rock groups that was ever able to work with a fair bit of jazz in their sound! Unlike his contemporaries, who often started in rock first, then added some horns – Carr was already coming off an important 60s legacy, co-leading a group with tenorist Don Rendell – so the vibe here is like an extension of that very rhythmic, very tonal modern work – but with the addition of electrified instrumentation – thanks to the guitar work of Chris Spedding and keyboards of Karl Jenkins – who plays some fantastic electric lines throughout! The vibe is maybe a bit in the territory of early 70s electric work by Miles Davis and Donald Byrd (pre-Mizell for the latter) – but there's maybe a farther-reaching concept at play on many of the records, at a level that always helped the group cross over to the prog crowd, and move beyond just a straight jazz audience. Other key players include Brian Smith on tenor and soprano saxes – a really fantastic part of the lineup – plus Jeff Clyne on bass and John Marshall on drums – and as the albums move along a bit, the lineup shifts slightly, and also opens up to guests who include Kenny Wheeler and Harry Beckett on trumpets, Tony Levin on drums, and Norma Winstone on voice. And although some of the albums have been reissued before, this is the first set to really dive in completely – and bring together material from the Vertigo Records releases that include Elastic Rock, We'll Talk About It Later, Solar Plexus, Belladonna, Labyrinth, Roots, Under The Sun, Snakehips Etcetera, and Alley Cat. CD

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