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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousMusik Music Musique 3.0 – 1982 – Synth Pop On The Air (3CD set) ... CD
Cherry Red (UK), 1982. New Copy 3CD ... $32.99 40.99 About February 15, 2023
... CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousKids On The Street – UK Power Pop & New Wave 1977 to 1981 (3CD set) ... CD
Cherry Red (UK), Late 70s/Early 80s. New Copy 3CDs ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Dozens of tracks from a moment when the UK scene was really on fire – inspired by the initial punk experiments, then taken into territory that was sometimes more tuneful and catchy, sometimes even more offbeat! There's definitely a fair bit of groups here that you might call punk – but the work in the package showcases a different side of their sound – and it's mixed with some artists who would really set the scene for the rest of the world in years to come, and others who maybe were on the rougher side of town, but learned to play their instruments a bit more – and developed an undeniably good ear for a catchy tune! As with all of these great 3CD sets from Cherry Red, the presentation is wonderful – detailed notes on everyone inside, in a massive set list of 77 tracks, with work from The Quads, Squeeze, The Vandells, Teenage Filmstars, Squire, The Stiffs, Ruts, Bram Tchaikovsky, Boomtown Rats, XTC, Teardrop Explodes, Joe Public, Vapors, Jags, Sta-Prest, Secret Affair, VIPs, The Jam, Revillos, Elvis Costello, Radio Stars, Rutles, Pretenders, Smirks, The Wasps, Avant Gardners, The Soft Boys, Wah Heat, Skids, Apartment, Echo & The Bunnymen, and many others! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousSun Shines Here – The Roots Of Indie Pop 1980 to 1984 (3CD set) ... CD
Cherry Red (UK), Early 80s. New Copy 3CD ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A really lovely little collection, and a set that digs deep into a time when things were moving from the fringes to the mainstream in British music – but with groups that still mostly had a real edge and a strong sense of invention! The work here is setting the scene for some of the big global hits to come in the second half of the 80s and start of the 90s – as the English experiments of the post-punk years were finding ways to be a bit more tuneful, but without shaking off the politics, songwriting, and production techniques that made them so revolutionary at the time. As with other Cherry Red box sets, the track list here is superb – and supported by an equally superb set of notes – in a package of 74 tracks that includes work by The Loft, Higsons, Twinsets, Yeah Yeah Noh, Scritti Politti, The Nightingales, Weekend, Everything But The Girl, Friends Again, Pulp, Jane & Barton, Wah Heat, Teardrop Explodes, Scars, Mo-Dettes, Girls At Our Best, Vic Godard & The Subway Set, Josef K, Wild Wans, Jowe Head, Art Objects, Monochrome Set, Marine Girls, Trixie's Big Red Motorbike, In Embrace, Dislocation Dance, Microdisney, Grab Grab The Haddock, Jasmine Minks, Pale Fountains, and many others! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousElectrical Language – Independent British Synth Pop 1978 to 1984 (4CD set) ... CD
Cherry Red (UK), Late 70s/Early 80s. New Copy 4CD ... Out Of Stock
A massive look at a key moment in British music – that post-punk era when keyboards and electronics came into the mix, but weren't yet used in polished or commercial ways! The groups here really run the gamut – from some who'd later move into more noisy territory, to others who might change things up and go for the charts – almost all captured at their earliest, working for the wealth of tiny indie labels that sprang up in England once the forces of punk knocked down the walls of the major labels! The scope of sounds here is totally great – from moody, moogy analogue numbers – to other tighter electronic songs that burst and crackle with energy – sometimes instrumental, often vocal – and always a cut above. The package is a hardcover book-style one – with page after page of notes and images on the artists in the set – plus 4CDs that feature a total of 80 tracks – with music by The Passage, Thomas Leer, Box Of Toys, Poeme Electronique, Dalek I, Colourbox, The Normal, Alex Fergusson, Eyeless In Gaza, Bodhi Beat Poets, Two, The Fast Set, Play, Goat, Futurerhythm, David Harrow, Fiat Lux, Blue Zoo, Lori & the Chameleons, Tim Blake, Charlie's Brother, The Quarks, Hybrid Kids, Beasts In Cages, Naked Lunch, Edward Ka-Spel, The Mobile, Fad Gadget, Local Boy Makes Good, Chris & Cosey, Pink Industry, Music For Pleasure, and many more! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousMusik Music Musique 2.0 – 1981 – The Rise Of Synth Pop (3CD set) ... CD
Cherry Red (UK), 1981. New Copy 3CD ... Out Of Stock
A huge slice of work from a crucial year in electronic music – all tracks from 1981, a time when the experiments of the 70s were giving way to more tuneful recordings of the 80s – at a level that would soon dominate the world of pop around the globe! Yet although some of these artists would later have top 40 hits, much of the work here has more of an edge than you'd expect – music that mixes some of the darker sounds of the post-punk years with a more song-based approach that has some of the better singers really hitting their stride, while others let the electronics dominate a bit more – often with sounds that are more analogue than digital! Cherry Red was one of the key labels issuing some of this music at the time – and they do an equally great job here by bringing together tracks from their own catalog and work from other labels too – a big package that features 51 titles in all, detailed notes, and selections by Nw Musik, Richard Bone, Dramatis, YMO, Hazel O'Connor, Drinking Electricity, Yello, Chris & Cosey, Schleimer K, Naked Lunch, Blue Zoo, AK 47, John Foxx, Portion Control, Analysis, Fallout Club, Second Layer, The Passage, Virna Lindt, Eyeless In Gaza, The Limit, Visage, Japan, Fasion, Voice Farm, and many others. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Eartha KittI'm Still Here/Live In London (3CD set – with bonus tracks) ... CD
Ariola/Cherry Pop (UK), Late 80s. Used 3CD ... $14.99
Eartha Kit at the end of the 80s – still going strong here on two albums that were only issued in the UK at the time! I'm Still Here is a set that really continues the love that the contemporary dancefloor scene had been showing Eartha Kitt during the 80s – a fantastic match of her trademark vocal style, which only seems to get more distinct with age – and some of the fresher clubby modes that were showing up in the world of overseas club! Bronski Beat join Eartha on one track – and lots of the record echoes the sort of groove that group was hitting at the time – on titles that include a great version of the Stephen Sondheim tune "I'm Still Here", done as one of the few non-dance tracks – plus "Do Or Die", "Primitive Man", "My Discarded Men", "Urban Fantasy", and "Hit Them Where It Hurts". Next is a double-live album recorded in London – a city where Kitt's career found a lot more welcome over the decades than on our side of the Atlantic – as Eartha showcases a career-spanning set of tracks, including "An Englishman Needs Time", "Here's To Life", "Just An Old Fashioned Girl", "I Want To Be Evil", "Hymn To Love", "The Day That The Circus Left Town", "My Discarded Men", "Where Is My Man", "Ne Me Quitte Pas", "C'Est Si Bon", "The Blues", and "Guess Who I Saw Today". 3CD set features a big booklet of notes – and bonus tracks that include "Primitive Man (ext)", "Cha Cha Heels (ext)", "Urban Fantasy (7" mix)", "Cha Cha Heels (radio mix)", and "Primitive Man (7" mix)". CD
(Still sealed.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
LinxUltimate Linx (Intuition/Go Ahead/Remixes/Rarities/bonus tracks) (4CD set) ... CD
Chrysalis/Cherry Pop (UK), Early 80s. New Copy 4CD ... $32.99 40.99
The British duo Linx only recorded two albums back in the day – but they also left behind a lot more remixes, single cuts, and other material – more than enough to fully flesh out this 4CD set! First up is the album Intuition – a mixture of fusion and soul – with some hard-jamming tracks that bring sometimes brings more of a focus on the groove than the vocals – and other cuts that steer it into a solid pop soul approach! There's a warmth and depth to the production and the songwriting that's a pretty big step away from some of the more synthy sounding soul efforts of the era – definitely giving this album a lift – and Paul Jackson Jr plays a bit of guest guitar with the group – and Ollie E Brown drums a bit and produces a few of the tracks. Titles include "Together We Can Shine", "Intuition", "You're Lying", "Throw Away The Key", "There's Love", "Rise & Shine", and "Count On Me". Next is Go Ahead from Linx – a duo who could easily come up with some of the catchiest soul of their generation! The set's got a sparkling feel that follows strongly from the previous Intuition album – bouncy grooves that take a clubby groove, and trim it down nicely – making for some really great hooks in the process, and almost acting as a blueprint for crossover 80s soul in years to come! There's some great Brit funk elements in the backing – which makes the set groove differently from US efforts of this type – and we mean that in a great way – some slight darkness in the keyboards and rhythms, which really keeps things from sounding too poppy overall. Titles include "So This Is Romance", "I Wanna Be With You", "Urban Refugee", "All My Yesterdays", and "I Don't Want To Learn". CD3 features 14 more 12" remixes of album cuts – and CD4 features 15 more remixes, plus rare cuts "Good Girls", "Love Was Not Enough", "We're Here", and "I Found It In You". Plus, there's also another 14 more bonus tracks added on the CDs with the other albums – which makes for a box that includes 62 tracks in all! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Weather GirlsSuccess (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Columbia/Cherry Pop (UK), 1982. New Copy ... $12.99 18.99
Maybe the greatest moment ever from The Weather Girls – a long-running duo who started out as backing singers for Sylvester in the 70s, then recorded as Two Tons O Fun, and finally got the chance to cut this classic for a major label in the early 80s! Both Martha Wash and Izora Armstead are great singers – and work here with previous disco maestro Paul Jabara, who has a great way of shifting the groove to 80s club, while still allowing all the playful elements of the decade before! In a way, this was definitely one of those records that showed the world that in the right corners, disco wasn't dead – heard to best effect on the classic "It's Raining Men" – alongside other cuts that include "Success", "Hungry For Love", "Dear Santa", "Hope", and "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair". This sweet Cherry Pop CD version has 8 bonus tracks – including "Success (12" larger than life remix)", "It's Raining Men (12" voc version)", "It's Raining Men/I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair (12" medley version)", "Dear Santa (inst)", and "It's Raining Men (12" inst)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ MonsoonThird Eye (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Great Expectations/Cherry Pop (UK), 1983. New Copy 2CD ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A groundbreaking fusion of Indian styles and 80s pop modes – served up here with the young Sheila Chandra on vocals, and a wonderful blend of sitars, tablas, percussion, and catchy UK electro modes! The album's a great calling card for the post-colonial generation – and maybe has more to recommend it to the mainstream radio play crowd than just the world music underground – as Chandra and crew really knock things out of the park for a new generation – unafraid of their roots, but also in love with some of the fresher UK modes of the time! Titles include "Wings Of The Dawn", "Kashmir", "Ever So Lonely", "Tomorrow Never Knows", "Eyes", "Shakti", "And I You", and "Watchers Of The Night". Great 2CD version – with a full bonus CD that includes 14 mixes from various singles, including some 1990 Ben Chapman remixes – plus other bonus tracks that includes the unreleased "With Your Love", the cuts "Sunset Over The Ganges", "Mirror Of Your Mind", "Shout Til You're Heard", and "Ever So Lonely (EP version)" – and four never-released Capitol Radio tracks from 1982! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Swing Out SisterBlue Mood, Breakout, & Beyond – The Early Years Part 1 (8CD set) ... CD
Cherry Pop (UK), Late 80s/Early 90s. New Copy 8CD ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A massive overview of work from Swing Out Sister – a group who were a real standout in the UK scene of the late 80s, then just got better and better as the years went on! When they first appeared, Swing Out Sister were a real breath of fresh air – clearly committed to older jazz and soul inspirations, yet able to serve them up with a very contemporary vibe – putting them at a level with a rare few UK acts of the time – like Working Week, Weekend, and even Sade! Lead singer Corinne Drewery has a wonderful range – soulful, but never overdone – and wrapped perfectly around the well-crafted hooks that the group brought to their music right from the start. The other two initial members spent time in A Certain Ratio, where they really crafted their jazz funk skills – which also helped set the group on some really strong instrumental footing, in an era when so many other groups were relying on drum programs and samples. This huge box brings together their initial run of work for Mercury/Fontana – the full albums It's Better To Travel, Kaleidoscope World, and Get In Touch With Yourself – plus the excellent Live At The Jazz Cafe recording – then four more CDs' worth of remixes, edits, and unusual bits from their many 12" singles – long out of print records that often featured some of the most unusual side of the group – a tradition they seemed to inherit from ACR. The box has a massive 95 tracks on 8CDs – and a well-crafted booklet of notes as well! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Jonathan ButlerJonathan Butler (2 CD expanded edition with bonus tracks) ... CD
Zomba/Cherry Pop (UK), 1987. New Copy 2 CDs ... Out Of Stock
A really breakout set from Jonathan Butler – a double-length album that really has the singer/songwriter taking off! Butler's really finding his best groove here – that mature blend of soul, jazzy bits, and a good ear for a hook – all done in that crossover careful style that helped Jonathan find a huge new audience up here in the Northern Hemisphere – and which continues to make this set one of Butler's best-remembered moments. Titles include "Lies", "Love Songs Candlelight & You", "Holding On", "I Miss Your Love Tonight", "One More Dance", "Barenese", "Overflowing", "Loving You", "Say We'll Be Together", and "Give A Little More Loving". 2CD expanded edition features some bonus tracks too – including "Holding On (Extended Version)", "Song For Jon", "Lies (Expanded Version)", "Thinking Of You (Instrumental)" and more. 24 tracks on 2CDs. CD
Also available Jonathan Butler ... CD 4.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Re-FlexVibrate Generate ... CD
Cherry Pop (UK), Early 80s/2022. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
A big second chapter for Re-Flex – the group who gave the world one great album during the new wave years, but left behind a fair bit of material that was never issued at the time! A good deal of that material is finally presented here, along with some remixes, alternates, and some later recordings as well – some of which are surprisingly true to the spirit of the group back in the day! The package features a total of 24 tracks in all, most of which are unreleased – and titles include "Vibrate Generate", "Hitline", "Human", "Forever & Ever", "Give It Up", "Couldn't Stand A Day", "Wrong Decision (rmx)", "Politics Of Dancing (rmx)", "How Much Longer (12" dance)", "Jamming The Broadcast (alt)", "Angry Man (rmx)", "Politics Of Dancing (club mix)", "Love At First Sight (alt)", and "Life's Too Dangerous". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Jermaine StewartSay It Again (2CD deluxe edition – with bonus tracks) ... CD
Arista/Cherry Pop (UK), 1987. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
A breakout album from Jermaine Stewart – a set that has the singer working closely with Andre Cymone on most of the album's tracks, really bursting out with a catchy approach to 80s soul throughout the entire set! Jermaine's got a great way with a hook, and his delivery of the tunes alongside bassy bottoms and beats often has things transcending the simpler spirit of the lyrics – hitting the best crossover soul styles of the Prince generation, thanks to irresistible rhythms that push the vocals forward! Jody Watley also helps out on the set – co-writing a few of the tunes – and titles include "Don't Talk Dirty To Me", "Get Lucky", "She's A Teaser", "Say It Again", "Is It Really Love", "My Body", "Eyes", "Call It A Miracle", "My House", and "We Got To Be Love". This 2CD Cherry Pop version is loaded with a huge number of bonus tracks (20 of them!) – including the non-album tracks "You Promise" and "Imagine", "Places" and "Search", plus a bunch of single versions, extended remixes, and dub versions. 32 tracks in all! CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
PrinceParade – Music From Under The Cherry Moon ... CD
Paisley Park, 1986. Used ... $3.99
Prince in a grand groove – really hitting a new level of funk with a razor-sharp edge – and even blowing away some of his work on previous records! The record's a soundtrack for a film – Under The Cherry Moon – and although that movie never had the success of Purple Rain, we actually think it left behind an even stronger musical legacy – one that has Prince finding even more of a funky voice than before, with so many wonderfully freaky twists and turns! The music never got the showcase it might have deserved, because of the failure of the film – but it's one of our favorite Prince albums ever, and includes the massively funky "Kiss", the closest Prince ever got to James Brown, The whole album's got some great sweeping, pop psyche orchestral arrangements by Clare Fischer – and titles include "Christopher Tracey's Parade", "I Wonder U", "Under The Cherry Moon", "Girls & Boys", and "Anotherloverholenyohead". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousBubblerock Is Here To Stay – The British Pop Explosion 1970 to 1973 (3CD set) ... CD
Grapefruit (UK), Early 70s. New Copy 3CD ... Out Of Stock
A fantastic collection of work from the UK scene at the start of the 70s – a treasure trove of pop cuts from the time, most of which never made it across the Atlantic to our neck of the woods – and which represent a whole different world of music than you'd know from the classic rock and prog albums that usually represent the period! Instead, these are cuts that were cooked up in the studio in search of a hit – some by names that worked strongly in the 60s, others by new groups – some of whom only existed as a name on a label – but all in search of fresh sounds, groovy lyrics, and a way of putting over a tune that spoke volumes about the studio changes and advances taking place around the UK scene at the time! A number of cuts here have production that might be vaguely in glam territory, while others change up the way that vocals and guitars work together, and others evolve past Brit pop modes of the 60s – embracing psych or hard rock elements, but in a subtle way. As with other Cherry Red/Grapefruit collections of this nature, the whole thing is a stunning journey through music that we'd never have heard otherwise, and never in this much detail – presented with a big booklet of notes on all the crazy cats within – to support 85 tracks by artists who include Paintbox, Simon Turner, Mr Bloe, The Weathermen, Fumble, Posse, Gingerbread, Majority One, Jonathan King, Marmalade, Clifford T Ward, Stud Leather, Paul Gabriel, Autumn, St Cecelia, Rick Price, The Piglets, Kincade, Sweet, The Sad, Gumm, The Angelette, Grumble, Jungle Jim, Shag, Bubblerock, Harmony Grass, Terry Dactyl & The Dinosaurs, Stardust, Bill Fay, Pete Dello, Buggy, David Essex, Peter Kellern, Fickle Pickle, Touchwood, and many others! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Biff Bang PowBetter Life – Complete Creations 1984 to 1991 (6CD set) ... CD
Creation/Cherry Red (UK), 1980s/Early 90s. New Copy 6CD ... $42.99 59.99
The complete Creation Records work of Biff Bang Pow – a group who were one of our favorite moments of 80s jangle pop from the UK – a group headed up by Creation founder Alan McGee, and an ensemble who probably kept the Creation spirit more strongly than any other group! McGee took the group's name from a 60s tune by the group The Creation – and the style of the music follows very strongly in the spirit of that influence – lean, guitar-driven, slightly psychedelic pop tunes – crafted with a simple and slightly dark approach. But there's also some of the darker production styles that emerged in the post-punk generation – which ensures that although catchy, the group's work is never too poppy – especially in comparison to some of their contemporaries who fled to bigger fame at major labels. The scope of Biff Bang Pow's material is tremendous – served up here on full albums that include Pass The Paintbrush Honey, The Girl Who Runs The Beat Hotel, Oblivion, Love Is Forever, Me, and The Laughing Apple – plus dozens and dozens of rare tracks – singles-only material, demos, alternates, live material, and more – some of it unreleased! The huge box features a massive 129 tracks in all. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
DramatisFor Future Reference (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Cherry Red (UK), 1981. New Copy 2CD ... $16.99 24.99
An unusual full length album from Dramatis – a group who'd been working as the backup group for Gary Numan, then had to step out on their own after getting the boot! That's hardly an issue, though – as this set features the group really awash in all the best modes they'd forged with Numan – a catchy take on the electronic-heavy pop that Gary often used behind his own vocals – delivered with a surprisingly great sound by the group on their own – with vocals, themes, and a cool cold vibe that's very much what you'd expect. Titles include "Oh 2025", "Human Sacrifice", "I Only Find Rewind", "Turn", "On Reflection", "Ex Luna Scientia", "Love Needs No Disguise", and "No One Lives Forever". CD features lots of bonus material – including "Face On The Wall", "Lady DJ (12" mix)", "One Step Ahead (12" mix)", "The Curtain", "Pomp & Stompandstamp", "I Can See Her Now (12" mix)", and "The Shame (12" dance party mix 1)". Also features eight more single mixes of album tracks – plus eight more tracks from a live BBC concert in 1982! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Louis PhilippeSean O'Hagan Presents The Sunshine World Of Louis Philippe ... CD
Tapete (Germany), Late 90s/2000s. New Copy ... $17.99 19.99
A great introduction to the music of a criminally neglected figure in British Pop music – the wonderful Louis Philippe, an artist whose sound was always a bridge between the sunshine pop of the 60s and the smart singer/songwriter sounds of the later British scene! The High Llamas' Sean O'Hagan put the package together – and if you know Sean's music, you'll find plenty here to love – as both he and Philippe have an ear trained on Brian Wilson and Burt Bacharach, but refitted for more contemporary modes for the 21st Century – and in Louis' case, there's also a heady contribution from French pop, which means that the cuts here have lyrics in both French and English. The set focuses mostly on material issued after Philippe's early records for El/Cherry Red – and titles include "Sweet Dollar Bill", "Boxing Clever", "Delta Kiss", "Wild-Eyed & Disheveled", "Lights Were Dancing On The Ceiling", "L'Hiver Te Va Bien", "I Can't Own Her", "An Ordinary Girl", "I Picked A Flower In Ispahan", and a great remake of "Wichi Tai To". CD
Also available Sean O'Hagan Presents The Sunshine World Of Louis Philippe ... LP 27.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Louis PhilippeSean O'Hagan Presents The Sunshine World Of Louis Philippe ... LP
Tapete (Germany), Late 90s/2000s. New Copy ... $27.99 29.99
A great introduction to the music of a criminally neglected figure in British Pop music – the wonderful Louis Philippe, an artist whose sound was always a bridge between the sunshine pop of the 60s and the smart singer/songwriter sounds of the later British scene! The High Llamas' Sean O'Hagan put the package together – and if you know Sean's music, you'll find plenty here to love – as both he and Philippe have an ear trained on Brian Wilson and Burt Bacharach, but refitted for more contemporary modes for the 21st Century – and in Louis' case, there's also a heady contribution from French pop, which means that the cuts here have lyrics in both French and English. The set focuses mostly on material issued after Philippe's early records for El/Cherry Red – and titles include "Sweet Dollar Bill", "Boxing Clever", "Delta Kiss", "Wild-Eyed & Disheveled", "Lights Were Dancing On The Ceiling", "L'Hiver Te Va Bien", "I Can't Own Her", "An Ordinary Girl", "I Picked A Flower In Ispahan", and a great remake of "Wichi Tai To". LP, Vinyl record album
Also available Sean O'Hagan Presents The Sunshine World Of Louis Philippe ... CD 17.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousC89 (3CD set) ... CD
Cherry Red (UK), Late 80s. New Copy 3 CDs ... $24.99 30.99
The British scene right at the cusp of the big time – tracks from a moment when the always-indie world of the C86 generation was just about to break into much wider territory, including a fair bit of crossover fame on this side of the Atlantic as well! The fuzzy touches of the Creation Records crowd have been more than absorbed by lots of these groups, as have some of the more offbeat rhythms of the avant pop groups on the fringes – and mixed with some of the more electric beats that Manchester acts were bringing to play, especially with a bit of dancefloor play. Yet throughout it all, there's a superior sense of songcraft that really holds these tracks together – plenty of numbers that shoulda been hits, mixed with work by groups who were just about to break through – and peppered throughout by lots of other gems from artists who just never made it that far. As with all the previous volumes in this wonderful series, there's a stunning level of depth to the whole presentation – really documenting this fantastic moment when it seemed that the British scene was able to turn out wonderful records day after day, week after week – most of them from small labels and upcoming artists. The package features a whopping 72 tracks in all – with work by The Ammonites, Pooh Sticks, Bridewell Taxis, The Popguns, Stone Roses, Strawberry Story, New Fast Automatic Daffodils, Red Chair Fadeaway, Korova Milkbar, The La's, Family Cat, Me & Dean Martin, The Church Grims, Men Of Westness, Said Liquidator, Christine's Cat, Kit, The Rain, The Moss Poles, Treebound Story, The Snapdragons, Just Another Sunny Day, The Orchids, The Bardots, Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine, and Ambitious Beggars. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousCan The Glam – 80 Glambusters – Rockers, Shockers, & Teenyboppers From The 70s (4CD set) ... CD
7T's (UK), Early 70s. New Copy 4CD ... $32.99 40.99
A really wonderful collection of work from the short-lived by crucial moment of glam rock on the UK scene – a moment that's maybe most famously remembered for work by David Bowie and Marc Bolan, but which had a much wider-ranging quality than you might expect! Glam was crucial in so many ways – a pre-punk moment for getting back to basics, letting the guitars get tuned up a bit more, and shifting shapes and styles with new identities – but it also opened the door to a fresh vision in pop music too – as fuzz and catchy rhythms worked perfectly with new modes of vocal production – allowing mainstream groups to sound a lot cooler than they might have a few years before! As always with these box sets from Cherry Red, the notes are as detailed as the track list is superb – and the huge package features 80 cuts from artists who include Bitch, Geordie, Daddy Maxfield, American Jam Band, Barry Blue, Alvin Stardust, Squeek, Pheon Bear, Shepperton Flames, Arrows, Slade, Stumpy, Big Boy Blue, Angel, The Damned, Ritz, The Glitter Band, Blackfoot Sue, Shabam, Fifth Form, Bilbo Baggins, Light Fantastic, Washington Flyers, Gumbo, Shorty, Fogg, Paper Lace, Andy Bown, and dozens of others! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousJon Savage's 1972 to 1976 – All Our Times Have Come ... CD
Ace (UK), Mid 70s. New Copy 2CD ... $16.99 24.99
Writer Jon Savage is maybe best known for his work on the early years of punk in England – and here, Savage steps back just a bit – to contextualize the rise of the new music in all sorts of other styles that were bubbling up in the mid 70s! Part of the set is a pathway to punk – especially on some of the glam and power pop cuts that clearly point the way ahead – but there's also a nice mix of hard rock, a bit of prog, and even some catchier numbers that really fit the feel of the package – and show what a wonderful mix of modes was taking place in the mid 70s – a great wake up call to anyone who thinks that things were dead until punk came along! The 2CD package is overflowing with surprises – 44 tracks, with notes from Savage as well – for titles that include "So Far" by Faust, "Hey Joe (version)" by Patti Smith, "Kings Of Speed" by Hawkwind, "Third Uncle" by Brian Eno, "After Eight" by Neu, "Easy To Slip" by Little Feat, "Girl From Germany" by Sparks, "End Unkind" by Grin, "Andy Warhol" by Dana Gillespie, "Yang Yang" by Yoko Ono, "Vicious" by Lou Reed, "She Means A Lot To Me" by Smyle, "When My Baby's Beside Me" by Big Star, "One Of The Boys" by Mott The Hoople, "Max's Kansas City 76 (part 1)" by Wayne County, "Cherry Bomb" by The Runaways, "Train Train" by Count Bishops, "I Don't Mind" by Dr Feelgood, "Slow Death" by Flamin Groovies, and "You Really Got Me" by Hammersmith Gorillas. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousSlaves Of New York ... LP
Virgin, 1989. Near Mint- ... $4.99
Includes tracks by Inner City, Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers, Boy George, Iggy Pop, Neneh Cherry, and more! LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a cutout notch and a small mark from sticker removal.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ FoxFox Box (Fox/Tails Of Illusion/Blue Hotel/Images/bonus tracks) (4CD set) ... CD
GTO/Cherry Red (UK), Mid 70s. Used 4 CDs ... Out Of Stock
A great box collection of work from Fox– a group who recorded a handful of albums in the mid 70s, all with kind of a post-glam production style that makes all the instruments come together in this cool wash of sound, which also works perfectly for the vocals of the female lead singer – the enigmatic Noosha! The tunes are catchy, but nicely not entirely commercial – really well put-together in the studio, thanks to Kenny Young's production, who's also in the group on second guitar – bowing nicely to the strong talents of Herbie Armstrong – who handles the lead with a nicely condensed sound that works perfectly for the group's approach. There's a charm here that's hard to describe – lost material between the early 70s pop years and the smoothness of AOR, with some of the best qualities of both – served up here with enough studio work that will make you a Kenny Young fan forever – on three full albums, Fox, Tails Of Illusion, and Blue Hotel – plus the bonus Images selection of other tracks, and other bonus tracks too – 56 tracks in all, with a big booklet of notes! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ ShoesElektrafied – The Elektra Years 1979 to 1982 (Present Tense/Tongue Twister/Boomerang/rarities) (4CD set) ... CD
Elektra/Cherry Red (UK), Late 70s/Early 80s. New Copy 4CD ... Out Of Stock
Three classic albums from Shoes, plus bonus tracks, and a full CD worth of rare material too! First up is Present Tense – a power-pop classic from Shoes – their first full length for Elektra Records, and a set that stands with all the best end of 70s gems from either coast! The songs are impeccable, and the group do a fantastic job of blending sharper guitars with really great lyricism – a mode that maybe makes the Illinois group a strong precursor for territory that The Replacements wouldn't hit until many years later – and which makes just about every track on the album a precious nugget that just gets better and better with time! Titles include "Now & Then", "Every Girl", "I Don't Wanna Hear It", "Three Times", "In My Arms Again", and "Too Late". On Tongue Twister, Shoes continue the brilliance of their first album for Elektra – serving up the kind of music that was so well-done, so subtle, it was maybe missed by most of the world at the time – even though it's gone onto the status of classic, thanks to legions of fans and critics! Shoes have a way with a tune that's unlike anyone else – maybe that compressed charm of Big Star, but fused into the sharper modes of the power pop years – but without any of the too commercial modes of some of the bigger groups of the time. Instead, the whole thing feels like you've just stumbled upon a brilliant band, playing in a backroom bar – which, unfortunately, is how Shoes spent too much of their career. Titles include "Only In My Sleep", "She Satisfies", "Found A Girl", "Hate To Run", "When It Hits", "Yes Or No", "Your Imagination", and "Girls Of Today". On Boomerang, Shoes maybe look a bit too new wave on the cover, but still sound perfect within – very much in charge of that perfect yet understated approach to a tune that has gone on to make them legends in all the many years since this album was released! The group were never out to change the world, and maybe that held them back at the time – but they were also never trying for big chart success, or too-slick modes – and there's a wonderfully honest, down to earth approach to the songwriting and production that clearly sets the stage for all the bigger late 80s groups that would follow in their wake. Nearly every tune is a completely catchy mofo – and titles include "Curiosity", "In Her Shadow", "Double Talk", "The Summer Rain", "Under The Gun", "The Tube", and "What Love Means". 4CD set features a huge amount of bonus material – 8 track demo versions of all three albums, added to their discs – and a bonus CD of 18 more rare tracks – all in a box, with a big booklet of notes! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ ShoesBlack Vinyl Shoes – The Anthology 1973 to 1978 (Black Vinyl Shoes/Bazooka/One In Versailles/bonus tracks) (3CD set) ... CD
Cherry Red (UK), Mid 70s. New Copy 3CD ... Out Of Stock
A great package of work from Shoes – one of the finest acts to come from the Illinois scene in the 70s – presented here with three full albums, and bonus tracks too! First up is their seminal Black Vinyl Shoes – an album that may well stand as the group's lasting treasure! The set's got a sharp-edged quality that still sounds pretty tremendous all these many years later – power pop, but without any commercial elements to smooth out its energy – served up with a raw, earnest quality that's neither punk nor hard rock – yet which deserved to be praised every bit as much as the best contemporary efforts in those genres too! These guys have a hell of a way with a hook, yet never hit you over the head with it either – and there's a lack of posturing that's really refreshing – a key difference between the sound of Shoes and their bigger Northern Illinois contemporaries Cheap Trick – an attitude that's different than, yet not that far off from the energy of The Replacements to come. Titles include "Capital Gain", "Boys Don't Lie", "She'll Disappear", "Fatal", "It Really Hurts", "Nowhere So Fast", and "Fire For Awhile". Bazooka is the long-lost first album from Shoes – recorded at home, and even rawer than any later releases – appearing here on vinyl for the very first time! The group are already pretty amazing at this early point – right on the money, and almost with more of a punkish vibe at points – although other tunes have them ripping out these mean guitar lines that are definitely way too ballsy for early punk. The songwriting is superb – amazing considering how young the guys were, and that the record was really just recorded for their own initial interest – and not a bigger company looking for a hit. There's also more darkness than in later years too – not everywhere, but at key points that make for a nice edge to the record. Titles include "Pinheads", "Love Took A Turn", "Rock Your One", "Along With Love", "New Meat", "I'm Brazen", "The Atlantic", "My Anisette", and "Educated". Last is One In Versailles – the debut album from Shoes – a cracker of a first record from any band, but a set that hardly made a dent at the time – given that it was only pressed in a limited run of 300 copies! That doesn't stop it from being a real moment of greatness, though – because the set sparkles with charm right from the very first note – nicely less polished than Shoes' later work, especially their major debut on Elektra – with a raspy intensity that really furthers the ideas wrapped up in the core of the tunes – and which almost comes across with the earnest yet relaxed quality of The Feelies in parts – even though this one was cut years before the emergence of that group! Titles include "One Night", "The Sun", "Banjo", "Eggroll Rock", "Do I Get So Shy", "Un Dans Versailles", "Kristine", and "Dance In Your Sleep". Comes in a box with a big booklet of notes – and 18 bonus tracks that include "Rock & Roll Freak", "My Husband's Home", "I'd Like To Take You Out Again", "Nothing Means More", "I Can Make It (demo)", "I Wanna Hide", "Okay (Bomp version)", "Tomorrow Night (Bomp version)", "Baby's Gone", "Ever Again", "Lucky Tail", "Capital Offense, "She'll Disappear (demo)", "I'll Take You Away (alt)", and "Like I Told You (second version)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Nancy SinatraNancy In London ... LP
Reprise, 1966. Very Good+ ... Out Of Stock
Nancy Sinatra recording in London, but still getting some heavy help from Lee Hazlewood – who wrote about half the tracks on the record, and also guest stars on one number too! The backings are fuller than some of Nancy's other Reprise albums – clearly going for some of the jaunty modes of UK girl pop of the time – but most numbers still have that undeniable Nancy charm, sung in breathy vocals that still seem to have their own space away from the larger orchestrations. Titles include "Friday's Child", "Hutchinson Jail", "Shades", "This Littler Bird", "I Can't Grow Peaches On A Cherry Tree", "The End", and "Step Aside" – plus "Summer Wine", which features Lee. LP, Vinyl record album
(Mono white label promo pressing. Cover has a return address sticker, light wear & aging. Includes Reprise inner sleeve.)
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ CompostLife Is Round ... CD
Columbia/Wounded Bird, 1973. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A classic set of spiritual fusion from this short-lived allstar group Compost – featuring Harold Vick, Bob Moses, Jumma Santos, and Jack DeJohnette! Vick's at his moody soulful best here, in a mode that's similar to his Strata East work – and the record also features occasional vocals by Lou Courtney and Jeanne Lee. They hit a fairy feverish, funky jazz mode throughout, and every player is in incredible form here. Titles include "The Ripper", "Moonsong", "Changing Streams", "Mon Cherry Popsicool", "Compost Festival", "Life Is Round", and "Buzzard Feathers". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Washington Jamb BandGonna Get Your Cherry ... LP
Leo/P-Vine (Japan), Mid 70s. New Copy (reissue)... $32.99 39.99 About March 15, 2023
These guys definitely live up to the "jam" in the name of their band – but not in the same way as 21st Century groups using the jam band name! Instead, the sound here is bass-heavy funk – a mode that's probably a bit inspired by P-Funk, but often faster and more frenetic – kind of a rougher-edged version of some of the Ohio funk acts that really rose to prominence at the end of the 70s. Charles Davis is the maestro on bass – and he never pushes things too far, nor pops the strings too much – and instead just uses his strings to really vamp the whole group from the bottom on up, setting the scene for lots of tasty interplay on horns, guitar, and keyboards – amidst a flurry of vocals by members of the group. Titles include "Chazz Jazz", "Midnight Stroker", "Instrument Soul", "Bolo", "Living In Style", "The Funky Get Down", "Can't Hide The Funk", and "Who Want To Fall In Love". CD features 2 bonus tracks – "Can't You Ride The Western Funk" and "Whip That Mini Skirt". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Quincy JonesThey Call Me Mister Tibbs ... LP
United Artists, Late 60s. Near Mint- ... Just Sold Out!
An excellent Quincy Jones score that stands head and shoulders above the soundtrack to the first film in this series, In The Heat Of The Night. Q is in fine fine form with this material – adding in a lot more funk than before, to fit the uptown theme of the film. There's lots of nice jazzy tracks on the record, and some tight funky ones that made the soundtrack virtually a blueprint for the blacksploitation sound of the 70s! Titles include "Soul Flower", "Call Me Mr. Tibbs", "Black Cherry", "Blues For Mr. Tibbs", and "Fat Poppadaddy". LP, Vinyl record album
(Original pressing – a nice copy!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousC88 (3CD set) ... CD
Cherry Red (UK), 1988. New Copy 3CD ... $24.99 30.99
The third great volume in this wonderful series that looks at the huge explosion of British indie rock in the mid 80s – and a collection that maybe compiles tracks from the last great year of the scene! Not that British music stopped dead in its tracks – but the following year saw dance/house come in from surprising corners, and many groups either hit big commercial fame, or step sideways into other modes – which maybe made 1988 the last great year for guitar-driven, sharply-penned tracks like these! As with other projects of this nature from Cherry Red, the presentation is wonderful – loads of tracks in a 5" square box, with a big bonus book of notes too – all delivering a lot of greatness in a tiny package. The set features 71 tracks in all – and titles include "The Camera Loves Me" by Would Be Goods, "Clear" by Whirl, "On Tape" by the Pooh Sticks, "Lies" by Bridewell Taxis, "One Summer" by Moss Poles, "Tattered Tangled & Torn" by Bradford, "Creamation Town" by The Poppyheads, "High" by Choo Choo Train, "Elephant Stone (7" version)" by The Stone Roses, "Mary's Garden" by Mock Turtles, "Ballad Of Jet Harris" by Apple Boutique, "Heaven Knows" by The Flatmates, "They Fell For Words Like Love" by Hangman's Beautiful Daughters, "Prize" by Kitchens Of Distinction, "Shame On You" by The Darling Buds, "Dying For It" by The Vaselines, "Curry Crazy" by Bad Dream Fancy Dress, "Glastonbury" by Rodney Allen, "Shake" by The Corn Dollies, "Cubans In The Bluefields" by East Village, "Who Works The Weather" by The Great Leap Forward, and "Sun Sea Sand" by The Revolving Paint Dream. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Quincy JonesIn The Heat Of The Night/They Call Me Mister Tibbs ... CD
MGM/Ryko (UK), Late 60s. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A smashing "deluxe edition" CD that brings together these two fantastic Quincy Jones soundtracks from the late 60s! Both scores are longtime faves on vinyl, and they're brought together here in a very nice looking volume, with extra dialogue from the film, for a total of 35 cuts in all! They Call Me Mister Tibbs is a funky groovy masterpiece, in keeping with Quincy's best work from the late 60s – and In the Heat Of The Night has some very soulful moments, plus playing by Roland Kirk, and vocals by Ray Charles! Titles include "Black Cherry", "Rev Logan", "Fat Poppadaddy", "Soul Flower", "Whipping Boy", "Nitty Gritty Time", "Blood & Roots", and more! CD
(Out of print, barcode has a cutout hole. In tnhe original green tinted case which has an old sticker remnant.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ John PattonBlue Planet Man ... CD
King/Paddle Wheel (Japan), 1993. Used ... Out Of Stock
Surprisingly nice recent work from Blue Note organ jazz legend Big John Patton! The album was recorded in New York in 1993 – at a time when Patton was being rediscovered, and brought back into the light as an excellent player with a hell of a lot to offer, one who'd just been slowly forgotten by the record companies over the years. The session features some great (and surprisingly straight!) alto work by John Zorn, one of Patton's biggest supporters in this comeback time – plus tenor by Pete Chavez, tenor and soprano by Bill Saxton, guitar by Ed Cherry, and rhythm by old Blue Note players, with drums by Eddie Gladden and conga by Lawrence Killian. The best tracks on the album have an amazing searching groove – similar to that that Patton was crafting on his late Blue Notes, such as Understanding and Memphis New York Spirit. Other tracks are a bit more funky jazz oriented, but still quite strong – and titles include "U Jaama", "Bama", "Chip", "Congo Chant", and "Popeye". CD
(Original 1993 Japanese pressing – in nice shape with obi!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousHello Everyone – Popsike Sparks From Denmark Street 1968 to 1970 ... CD
Spark/Grapefruit (UK), Late 60s. New Copy ... $14.99 20.99
Rare gems from the late 60s UK Spark label – a small imprint founded by the Southern Music publishing company, as their own outlet for some of the cool compositions in their catalog! Many of these tracks were recorded in the basement of the company's London offices – often by the same rough groups of musicians, which means that there's a nicely unified feel to the songs – even while the individual artists are trying to take off in a lots of cool new directions with their vocals and performances. The mode is nicely trippy at times – not all-out psych, but with lots of cool production touches on both the vocals and instrumentation, which really keeps things interesting. The package features 27 tracks in all – most of which we'd never heard before – along with rich notes on this unique slice of late 60s Brit rock. Titles include "Hello Everyone" by Sir Ching I, "Room At The Top Of The Stairs" by Timothy Blue, "The Devil Rides Out" by Icarus, "Digger" by The New Generation, "You're Still Mine" by The Eggy, "Cherrywood Green" by Just William, "Heartbreaker" by The Baby, "The Wall" by The Fruit Machine, "The Old Iron Bell" by Gene Latter, "Midsummer" Dreaming" by John Carter & Russ Alquist, and a stunning version of "Wear Your Love Like Heaven" by Eartha Kitt. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lou DonaldsonMan With A Horn (previously unissued material) ... CD
Blue Note, 1961/1963. Used ... $12.99
Hard wailing! Poppa Lou's caught right at the height of his early Blue Note powers here – recorded in 2 different groups on this set of unreleased sessions from the early 60s! Both sets have Lou in a guitar/organ soul jazz setting – with backing by Grant Green on guitar, and either Jack McDuff or John Patton on organ. The McDuff set features the great Joe Dukes on drums, and the session sparkles like one of McDuff's best Prestige albums from the time. The other session has the classic Patton/Green lineup augmented by trumpeter Irwin Stokes, a lesser-known talent who really opens up the sound nicely. There's a total of 9 tracks in all – a number of them ballads, but done with a lively soulful tone that keeps the whole thing nice and fresh – even after sitting in the vaults for nearly 40 years! Titles include "Star Dust", "Hippty Hop", "Please", "Man With A Horn", and "Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White". CD
(1999 Connoisseur pressing.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousState Of The Union – The American Dream 1967 to 1973 – Presented By Bob Stanley & Pete Wiggs ... CD
Ace (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A great look at the changing tone on the American scene at the end of the 60s – that moment when Vietnam, social unrest, and many other problems weighed heavily on the country's consciousness – and made their presence manifest in all sorts of pop music as well! We're not talking about the familiar sounds of the Woodstock generation – but instead more mainstream artists who had never touched on politics or social issues before – but suddenly found themselves singing alongside the underground about the bigger problems of the day. This package is a superb look at that moment – put together by the team who've given us the great English Weather and Paris In The Spring collections for Ace – with the same care for choice of tracks, and a wealth of wonderful notes that really get at the nature of these unusual tunes. Titles include "Clean Up Your Own Back Yard" by Elvis Presley, "Wine In The Wind" by Anita Kerr Singers, "Paint Me Black Angels" by Eartha Kitt, "This Crazy World" by Paul Anka, "Questions" by Bobby Darin, "Do You Believe This Town" by Dean Martin, "Cardboard California" by Buddy Greco, "Cherrystones" by Eugene McDaniels, "Save The Children" by Teresa Brewer, "Welfare Hero" by Johnny Tillotson, "What Do We Do With The World" by Bing Crosby, "4th Of July" by The Beach Boys, "Mr Businessman" by Ray Stevens, "Paint America Love" by Lou Christie, "Hitchhiker" by The Four Preps, "Brand New Day" by Della Reese, "Saturday's Father" by The 4 Seasons, and "Southbound Jericho Parkway" by Roy Orbison. CD

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