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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bobby BareEnglish Countryside/Lincoln Park Inn/I Hate Goodbyes/Cowboys & Daddys ... CD
RCA/BGO (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy 2CD ... $14.99 19.99
Four of the more obscure RCA albums from the great Bobby Bare – all brought together here in a single set! First up is the very unusual English Countryside album – a special set that has the vocals of Bobby Bare paired with a group from the UK – Liverpool's Hillsiders, who sing with a style that's a bit folk, and a bit rock – but which takes on a very distinct country vibe amidst the RCA production of Chet Atkins! Both Bare and The Hillsiders sing solo on the record – but most of the set has them paired together, and the presence of all those voices on the tracks create a nice sense of spontaneity – maybe a hint at the more relaxed recording approach that Bobby would use on his big albums of the mid 70s! Titles include "Sweet Dreams", "Six Days On The Road", "Find Out What's Happening", "Love's Gonna Live Here", "Goin Home", "Blue Is My Lonely Room", and "I Washed My Face In The Mountain Dew". Margie's At The Lincoln Park Inn is a seminal album in the career of Bobby Bare – and the record that really has him turning from a young smiling country singer to the kind of more adult, mature talent that would really send him over the top! The album's promise of "controversial country songs" is certainly apt – as in addition to the great Tom T Hall title cut, the album also features Bare taking on great material from Kris Kristoffersen, Mel Tillis, and even the team of Spooner Oldham and Dan Penn – all set to arrangements that are nicely more sophisticated than those used on the more pop productions of some of Bobby's earlier albums. Titles include "Margie's At The Lincoln Park Inn,", "The Law Is For The Protection Of The People", "Watching The Trains Go By", "Skip A Rope", "Rainy Day In Richmond", "Cincinnati Jail", "Wild As The Wind", and "Drink Up & Go Home". I Hate Goodbyes is the record that marked the return of Bobby Bare to RCA Records in the early 70s – and one that also marks the start of a very different phase in Bare's career! This time around, Bobby's handling the production himself – working with the kind of thoughtful, mature material that would really let him open up – songs from Billy Joe Shaver, Mickey Newbury, the team of Bill Rice and Jerry Foster, and even an early tune from Shel Silverstein – who would soon become one of the biggest contributors to Bobby's records. The vibe is very different than his RCA material of the mid 60s, and in a great way – on titles that include "I Hate Goodbyes", "Restless Wind", "Ride Me Down Easy", "Send Tomorrow To The Moon", "You Know Who", "An Offer She Couldn't Refuse", "What's Your Mama's Name Child", and "Poison Red Berries". Last up is Cowboys & Daddys – an overlooked gem in the mid 70s RCA years of the great Bobby Bare – and a set that really shows the dedication that Bare had during these years to finding the most sophisticated material of the new country generation! The list of songwriters alone is great – as the set features tracks from Terry Allen, Shel Silverstein, David Hickey, and Tom T Hall – plus an early contribution from Bob McDill, with whom Bare would soon record a lot more material on albums to come. There's a mature, laidback vibe to the whole set – different than some of the more playful Bobby Bare albums of the time – and titles include "Chester", "The Cowboy & The Poet", "Amarillo Highway", "Speckled Pony", "Calgary Snow", "Last Dance At The Old Texas Moon", "Pretty Painted Ladies", and "The Stranger". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bobby BlandCome Fly With Me/I Feel Good I Feel Fine/Sweet Vibrations/Try Me I'm Real ... CD
ABC/BGO (UK), Late 70s/Early 80s. New Copy 2CD ... $15.99 22.99
Four fantastic albums from Bobby Bland – all brought together in a single package for the first time! First up is Come Fly With Me – great work from Bobby Blue Bland – one of the few artists to rise up at the end of the 50s, and still find a way to chart their own path forward in soul with fresh material like this! Bobby's voice is still incredible here, and he works with production from Al Bell and Monk Higgins, the latter of whom arranged – in this cool style that's a bit like some of the territory that Tyrone Davis was taking on at Columbia Records during the second half of the 70s – fuller arrangements that bring some sophisticated soul touches to the music, but in ways that never lose the core of Bobby's genius! Titles include "Lady Lonely", "Night Games", "You Can Count On Me", "Love To See You Smile", "Come Fly With Me", and "To Be Friends". The next album is I Feel Good I Feel Fine – and Bobby Bland sounds pretty good too – thanks to arrangements from the great Monk Higgins, who does a perfect job of mixing Bland's trademark vocals with some sweet late 70s arrangements! The sound is upbeat, but never in a cliched disco mode – more in the territory that you'd hear Johnnie Taylor using over at Columbia Records – maybe a good comparison, given the Memphis roots that both artists shared – as both also evolved a lot to shift their sound with the changing modes of the time. And as with Johnnie, Bobby never loses the core that makes him great – as you'll hear on titles that include "Tit For Tat", "Soon As The Weather Breaks", "In His Eyes", "Someone To Belong To", "I Feel Good I Feel Fine", and "Little Mama". Sweet Vibrations is a real gem from the start of the 80s – arranged by Monk Higgins, who co-produced the set with Al Bell – a duo who'd already given Bobby some great records before, but who really knock it out of the park with this one. There's an extra-special quality going on here – maybe a slight reintroduction of blues roots, but still with a very contemporary spirit – set up to superb backings throughout. Titles include "Soul With A Flavor", "Hollywood Woman", "You'd Be A Millionaire", "Sweet Vibrator", "Special Kind Of Fool", and "A Real Woman Is What It Takes". Try Me I'm Real is record with a title that certainly fits the bill – as the amazing voice of Bobby Bland is as real here as it ever was, and blended with superbly soulful backings that take the singer's sound forward for a whole new generation! Some of Bobby's contemporaries were content to just stick in a straight blues mode – but Bland really grew and developed a lot as an artist, thanks in part to Monk Higgins and Al Bell – who are both at the production helm of the record, and balance the bluesy roots of Bobby with some richer soul backings that really knock the whole thing out of the park! We love Bobby Blue Bland during his early Duke Records years – but we love him equally as much for music like this, on titles that include "But I Do", "What A Difference A Day Makes", "Givin Up The Streets For Love", "A Song For You My Son", "Just You Just Me", and "Love Is Where It's At". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Patsy ClineTribute To Patsy Cline/Portrait Of Patsy Cline ... CD
Decca/BGO (UK), Early 60s. New Copy ... $5.99 19.99
The great Patsy Cline left this planet all too soon – so soon that she never got a chance to record in the full length album mode that would soon be such a big part of country music expression in the 60s – which left it up to the labels to put together albums of her work after she died at a tragically young age! In other words, although these are greatest hits sets, they're also two of Patsy's greatest albums – filled with the kind of heartbreaking material that made her a country music legend right from the start – and an undeniable influence on American music for decades to come! The package features 24 tracks in all – filled with classics that include "Crazy", "Sweet Dreams", "Lovin In Vain", "Who Can I Count On", "Why Can't He Be With You", "Leavin On Your Mind", "I'll Sail My Ship Alone", "Your Kinda Love", "Does Your Heart Beat For Me", "When You Need A Laugh", "Faded Love", "Crazy Arms", "Blue Moon Of Kentucky", and "You Took Him Off My Hands". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Steve CropperPlayin My Thang/Night After Night ... CD
MCA/BGO (UK), Early 80s. New Copy ... $12.99 19.99
A pair of later albums from Stax Records' guitar genius Steve Cropper! On the cover of Playin My Thang, Steve Cropper's looking a lot more loose and upfront than he ever did on albums he cut with Booker T & The MGs – and maybe that's because he's emerging here as a more more of a lead artist as well – singing next to his classic work on guitar, while still letting his strength on that instrument carry most of the vibe of the set! There's still plenty of classic Cropper elements in place here, including backing by the Memphis Horns – and at some level, Steve's vocals are always a lot more understated than his guitar – as if he knows that's what we really came for. The set's got a number of original titles – including "Give Em What They Want", "Playin My Thang", "Fly", "With You", "Ya Da Ya Da", and "Why Do You Say You Love Me". Night After Night is a surprisingly nice later set from Stax guitarist Steve Cropper – a record that definitely has some of the modern elements you'd guess from the image on the cover, but which also has a huge amount of contributions from the Memphis scene – from session musicians, to backup vocalists, to all sorts of other elements that give the record a vibe that's very much in keeping with Cropper's legacy from the MGs onward! In other words, forget the slickness of the package, and be surprised at the more soulful, roots-based sound on most numbers – a set of cuts that include "Sad Eyes", "Hold Your Fire", "Can't Break The Habit", "Heartbeat", "Make You Feel Love Again", and "Night After Night". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
John Dummer BandFamous Music Band/Blue ... CD
Fontana/BGO (UK), Early 70s. New Copy 2CD ... $14.99 19.99
Two really unusual albums from British drummer/singer John Dummer – an artist who was part of the British blues scene in the 60s – but who's something very different altogether! First up is John Dummer's Famous Music Band – a set that features key contributions from Nick Pickett on vocals, guitar, harmonica, vibes, and a host of instrumentation – all used in ways that really move past traditional blues-based modes – certainly there at the core, as in the work of the rest of the group – but already moving past any sort of slavish attempt to both be American, and even blues at all. We'd be tempted to call the approach roots rock, but it's also a bit weirder and more offbeat than that – part of that special spirit that's always made Dummer so unique. Titles include "Lady Luck", "Love Ain't Nothing But Sorrow", "Run Around", "Searching For You", "Nine By Nine", "Coming Home", "Green Leaves", and "Fine Looking Woman". Blue is a set that has the band of British drummer John Dummer moving over to Vertigo records – a shift that helps them sound even tighter and cooler than before! Singer Nick Pickett gets equal billing on the cover – and it's Pickett's contributions that really shape the sound – really offbeat vocals, plus guitar, organ, and even a bit of violin – used in that blues inspiration that got Dummer started, but with a weirder, more unusual style overall – at that moment when London was past being slavish to Chicago or Memphis! Titles include "Medicine Weasel", "The End Game", "Me & The Lady", "Time Will Tell", and "If I Can't Keep From Laughing". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Duane EddyDance With The Guitar Man/Twangin Up A Storm ... CD
RCA/BGO (UK), 1963. New Copy ... $8.99 18.99
A pair of RCA albums from Duane Eddy – back to back on a single CD! Dance With The Guitar Man is an early classic from the time when Duane Eddy moved over to RCA Records – still plenty of guitar in the mix, some great production supervised by Lee Hazlewood, and added vocals mixed into the session by Anita Kerr! The approach is slightly more pop than some of Eddy's earliest material, but still filled with that trademark sound that made him such a guitar innovator – on titles that include "The Scrape", "Dance With The Guitar Man", "Creamy Mashed Potatoes", "Waltz Of The Wind", "Loco Locomotion", "Spanish Twist", and "Nashville Stomp". Twangin Up A Storm is a cool little album that has Duane Eddy stepping away from the production world of Lee Hazlewood, and working instead with a young David Gates – who actually brings some surprisingly groovy elements to the music! There's chorus vocals on the record at times, but used in a way that never overwhelms the guitar – and Eddy gets in plenty of those twangy licks that he does so well, and still contributes the kind of original material that really keeps things interesting! Titles include "Guitar Child", "All You Gave To Me", "Giddy Goose", "Beach Bound", "Mr Guitar Man", "Blowin Up A Storm", "Guitar'd & Feathered", and "My Baby Plays The Same Old Song On His Guitar All Night Long". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Fabulous ThunderbirdsFabulous Thunderbirds/What's The Word? ... CD
Chrysalis/BGO (UK), 1979/1980. Used ... $8.99
... CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Georgie FameYeh Yeh/Get Away/Hall Of Fame (plus bonus tracks) ... CD
BGO (UK), Mid 60s. New Copy 2CD ... $14.99 19.99
A nice little package, one that brings together three American releases of music by London's legendary Georgie Fame! First up is the classic Yeh Yeh – a brilliant mix of jazz, soul, and R&B – all filtered through a mod sort of London freshness, as early proof that the city could always take some great things from our own musical roots, and feed it back to us with a whole new flavor! Georgie Fame's no copycat here, though – and the sound is instantly Fame-like – a style that's really not the sort that any Americans were doing at the time, and certainly never this well. Hard-burning Hammond colors most of the tunes here – played with a tightly vamping quality – but it's Georgie's charmingly crackling vocals that really win us over! Titles include "Gimme That Wine", "Pink Champagne", "Monkeying Around", "I Love The Life I Live", "Point Of No Return", "Preach & Teach", "Get On The Right Track Baby", and the hit "Yeh Yeh". Next is Get Away – a great little album from Georgie Fame – with a hard raw soul sound that shows what a big crossover potential he had with the UK soul market – so much so that this batch of material was issued in the US as well! The album's got some wonderful arrangements – quite raw, with some nice organ, and plenty of heavy vocals from Georgie in a strong blue eyed soul mode. Titles include "Sitting In The Park", "Get Away", "Sweet Thing", "Ride Your Pony", "The In Crowd", "Last Night", and "Music Talk". Hall Of Fame is a bit of a best-of – a record that features some singles, and some album tracks – the latter of which aren't included here, as they'd be duplicated. The remaining material is Fame at his raw early best – working in a great soulful style, with plenty of jazzy charms – on cuts that include "Outrage", "Lil Darlin", "Sunny", "In The Meantime", "Something", "Do Re Mi", and Fame's own "Like We Used To Be". CD also features 9 more bonus tracks, some live recordings – titles that include "Bend A Little", "Telegram", "It Ain't Right", "Don't Make Promises", "Many Happy Returns", "I'm In Love With You", "Shop Around", "Green Onions", and "Do The Dog". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
FoundationsFoundations – The Pye Records As, Bs, & Eps ... CD
Pye/BGO (UK), Late 60s. New Copy 2CD ... $8.99 19.99
Most folks know The Foundations for one big crossover hit that still gets a lot of oldies radio play – but the group have a heck of a lot more to offer than that, as you'll hear in this wonderful collection that not only features all their 7" single releases from the UK, but also includes later solo material from the group's lead singer, Clem Curtis! The group were initially a bunch of British lads inspired by the sound of Motown, and they hooked up with Curtis, a singer from Trinidad – who really gave them the sound they wanted in the lead, and helped further the important identity of the group as a mixed-race act. Their sound is wonderfully tight – kind of a small group take on the larger studio majesty of Detroit soul – but with some nice British touches too, and a great sense of songwriting that gave the group plenty of original material along the way – a good deal of which you'll hear on this set. The 2CD package features 39 single tracks by The Foundations – including "Back On My Feet Again", "Come On Back To Me", "I Can Take Or Leave Your Loving", "Am I Grooving You", "New Direction", "Jerking The Dog", "Baby Now That I've Found You", "In The Bad Bad Old Days", "Born To Live Born To Die", "Solomon Grundy", "Till Night Brought Day", "Waiting On The Shores Of Nowhere", and "Build Me Up Buttercup". Also includes mid 70s solo work by Clem Curtis – five more tracks that include "Point Of No Return", "Time Alone Will Tell", "Mountain Over The Hill", and "I've Never Found A Girl". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Gordon GiltrapGordon Giltrap/Portrait ... CD
Transatlantic/BGO (UK), Late 60s. New Copy ... $8.99 19.99
A pair of early albums from the great Gordon Giltrap – both released by Transatlantic Records when Gordon was a very young fellow! The self-titled Gordon Giltrap is a gem from 1968 – a record that has Gordon stepping out as a hell of a guitarist, and a very dark-tinged songwriter – certainly of the generation that was budding with John Renbourn and Bert Jansch – but with a distinct quality that really set Giltrap apart from the rest, maybe making him as much of an individualist as Davy Graham! Although just 18, Giltrap's acoustic guitar work is fantastic– and his vocals are much more biting than some of his contemporaries – almost mean at times. Titles include "Window Pattern", "Blythe Hill", "Won't You Stay Awhile Suzanne", "Don't You Feel Good", "Birth Of Spring", "Don't You Hear Your Mother's Voice", and "Ives Horizon". Portrait is an amazing record – at one level filled with mastery of the 12 string guitar has has Gordon Giltrap matching the best of the Takoma generation in the US – but also graced with vocals that are very distinct, very pointed, and which make the tunes with lyrics such a contrast to the instrumentals! The whole thing is fantastic – a true testament to the legend that has grown up around Giltrap over the years – with titles that include "Thoughts In The Rain", "Never Ending Solitude", "Young Love", "Lucifer's Cage", "Portrait", "Tuxedo", and "Hands Of Fate". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Tim HardinSuite For Susan Moore/Bird On A Wire ... CD
BGO (UK), 1969/1970. New Copy ... $8.99 18.99
Brilliant work from Tim Hardin – two albums recorded for Columbia after his years on Verve, showing him still growing tremendously as an artist, moving past the short folksy style of early hits, into a broadly-expressed singer/songwriter mode, one that shows traces of Nick Drake, Fairport Convention, and other folk rock luminaries of the time. Suite For Susan Moore is especially great – a full suite of tracks dedicated to wife Susan (aka The Lady Came From Baltimore) and Hardin's new son Damion. The piece has a shaky brilliance – as Hardin unsurely expresses his joy and insecurity at the thought of having a family. There's a pain in the work that runs deeper than that in most of Hardin's earlier work – possibly because of his own personal trouble at the time, possibly because the depth of his emotions runs greater than in earlier love songs. Whatever the case, the album's a tremendous one – and it's well-matched here with Bird On A Wire, a record that features shorter tracks, a few covers, and others that show Hardin still capable of proudly expressed tunes in a more conventional mode. Titles include "First Love Song", "Everything Good Become More True", "Loneliness She Knows", "Magician", "Susan", "Love Hymn", "Andre Johray", "If I Knew", and "Soft Summer Breeze". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Milt JacksonSunflower/Goodbye ... CD
CTI/BGO (UK), 1973/1974. New Copy ... $8.99 14.99
Two CTI label gems from vibist Milt Jackson – back to back on a single CD! Sunflower is proof that Milt Jackson was easily the hippest member of the Modern Jazz Quartet – and one of the few who could really open up into different sounds away from that combo! This sweet 70s set for CTI is totally great – a whole new chapter for Jackson's vibes, and a real re-setting of the soulful modes he'd explored as a leader in the 60s. There's a wonderfully warm and chromatic feel to the set from the start – as Milt's vibes are set in fuller arrangements from Don Sebesky – with added instrumentation from Herbie Hancock on electric piano, Freddie Hubbard on trumpet, and Phil Bodner on reeds. The highlight of the album is a nice long take on "People Make The World Go Round", but it's all pretty sweet, and other titles include nice versions of "Sunflower" and "What Are You Doing For The Rest Of Your Life" – and Jackson's own "SKJ" and "For Someone I Love". Goodbye is classic work from vibist Milt Jackson – opening up his bag a lot for the 70s, in a way that makes for some wonderfully casual grooves! The album's not as moodily funky as some of Jackson's other CTI records, but it is a nice batch of laidback tunes played with a distinctly soulful edge – handled by a group that features Cedar Walton on piano, Hubert Laws on flute, Ron Carter bass, Steve Gadd drums – and some guest trumpet from Freddie Hubbard on the track "SKJ". Other titles include "Opus De Funk", "Detour Ahead","Goodbye", and "Old Devil Moon". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
George Jones & Tammy WynetteMe & The First Lady/We're Gonna Hold On/Golden Ring ... CD
Columbia/BGO (UK), Early 70s. New Copy 2CD ... $15.99 19.99
A trio of fantastic duet albums from this legendary team – all presented in a single set! Me & The First Lady is the second record to pair the incredible vocals of George Jones and Tammy Wynette – and it also marks a real shift in the careers of both musicians – a rise to the more introspective, mature style that Jones would explore very strongly on his Columbia sides to come! Both singers were more upbeat in the 60s, and maybe had some more gimmicks to some of their songs – yet here, they come together in this very sophisticated style that's mindblowing – all put together with superb Billy Sherrill production. Titles include "A Lovely Place To Cry", "We Believe In Each Other", "The Great Divide", "The Ceremony", "We're Gonna Try To Get Along", "Lovin You Is Worth It", and "It's Been A Beautiful Life". We're Gonna Hold On is a set that's maybe marking some of the personal rift between George Jones and Tammy Wynette in its title – yet a record that still has a wonderfully unified feel between two of the most amazing voices in country music! The match of styles, moods, and moments is superb – way different than just the sort of playful male/female country that was forged in years past – and a real standard-setting performance that includes "The Jet Set", "We're Gonna Hold On", "Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms", "That Man Of Mine", "If Loving You Starts Hurting Me", and "The Woman Loves Me Right". Golden Ring is a stunning record from the duo of George Jones and Tammy Wynette – a set that could be easily written off as a reflection of their shaky relationship – yet instead the kind of material that has the pair continuing to plumb emotive and vocal depths that few other country singers could ever hope to touch! The album works wonderfully as a unified whole – a testament to the strengths and struggles of human relationships, delivered by two singers who had plenty of life under their belts by the time of the session – and who still know how to come together on their vocals in a way that's unlike anyone else before, then, or since. Titles include "Golden Ring", "Keep The Change", "Near You", "Even The Bad Times Are Good", "Did You Ever", "Tattletale Eyes", "Cryin Time", and "If You Don't Somebody Else Will". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Kool & The GangLadies' Night/Celebrate/Something Special/As One/In The Heart/Emergency (3CD set) ... CD
BGO (UK), Late 70s/Early 80s. New Copy 3 CDs ... $19.99 28.99
A massive package of work from the mighty Kool & The Gang – 6 full albums from the 80s, served up here in a 3CD set! First up is Ladies Night – a shameless dancefloor cash-in move – but a record that's still pretty darn great as well! You all know the big title cut "Ladies Night", so we won't bother to describe it – but we can say that the group wisely hooked up with Deodato, who produced, mixed, and even played keyboards on the album. Deodato keeps a nice jazzy punch in the tracks, while still moving towards the slickly produced funk sound that was the group's main approach at the time of the record. JT Taylor's on vocals, and the album's even got a few mellow cuts – like the crossover easy number "Too Hot" – amidst the midtempo 80s grooves that really step out and make the whole thing move. Other tracks include "Ladies Night", "Hangin Out", "Tonight's The Night", "If You Feel Like Dancin", and "Got You Into My Life". The next album is Something Special indeed – as the album was one of the biggest hits for Kool & The Gang, and showed that the group still had plenty of energy left to groove into the 80s! The record features production work by Brazilian music maestro Eumir Deodato – who by this point had become a sweet and smooth talent with a real flair for putting over a modern soul groove! Deodato's approach is really great – smooth, yet soulful, without any tricks or gimmicks – and a real appreciation for lead vocals and a catchy little hook! The album features the group's party classic "Get Down On It", plus "Steppin Out", "No Show", "Pass It On", "Be My Lady", "Take My Heart", and "Good Time Tonight". As One is solid 80s grooving from Kool & The Gang – a group who inspired so many others in the early 80s soul generation, but who could still do it better than most of the rest! The style here is tight and smooth, but never too slick – and Deodato's giving the group some really great production for the album – helping them to focus their energy and soar soulfully, but without resorting to any stiff gimmicks or cliches! There's a great groove running through most of the numbers here – a confident quality that's never too commercial, and which bubbles along nicely throughout. Titles include "Street Kids", "Big Fun", "As One", "Hi De Hi Hi De Ho", "Let's Go Dancin", and "Pretty Baby". In The Heart is a sweet set that's part of a big early 80s run from Kool & The Gang – a time that saw the funk legends really hitting the mainstream, and winning over a huge new audience in the process! Given that the Gang virtually invented ensemble funk at the start of the 70s, they're perfectly poised here to move into modes that so many of their younger competition were trying – but never did so well – that blend of 80s elements and more sharply-fused funk instrumentation, all honed down into a tightly snapping groove. The real surprise, though, is the group's growing ability for ballads – which put records like this into hands of folks who never would have dug their funk a few years before. And while we might have had a few problems with that shift at the time, the passage of years has got the whole thing sounding pretty darn great to our ears – especially in comparison to so much weaker work from the time. Titles include "In The Heart", "Joanna", "Tonight", "Straight Ahead", "September Love", "You Can Do It", and "Home Is Where The Heart Is". Last up is Emergency – one of the key classics from the second chapter of the group – when their lineup and sound were a lot leaner than before, and they managed to cross over big to a much wider audience than before! The upbeat cuts show that the group were still kings of the funky dancefloor – and the mellower ones are equally great too – showing a rising ballad style that proved to be the group's big crossover card at the time – a way of putting over a laidback track, but with plenty of soul. This approach is heard to great effect on the album's great single "Cherish" – and other tracks include "Bad Woman", "Surrender", "Emergency", "Misled", "Fresh", and "You Are The One". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Major LanceBest Of Major Lance ... CD
Okeh/BGO (UK), Mid 60s. New Copy ... $8.99 16.99
Killer work from one of the best 60s soul talents of the Windy City! Major Lance was one of Chicago's first big soul stars – crossing over big on the charts with huge hits for the Okeh label during the early and mid 60s – thanks to some great tunes penned by Curtis Mayfield, and stellar production from the legendary Carl Davis! In a way, Lance's sound was a key culmination of the modes that had been bubbling under in the hometown indies like Vee Jay and Chess – taken slightly to the next level, and brought more into the mainstream by Okeh. Many of the arrangements here are by the massive Johnnie Pate – who gives the record the same sort of brilliance as the best 60s Impressions work on ABC – and the titles include "Ain't No Soul", "Investigate", "Um Um Um Um Um Um", "The Monkey Time", "Wait Till I Get You In My Arms", "Delilah", "Rhythm", "Hey Little Girl", "It's The Beat", "The Matador", "Ain't It A Shame", "You Don't Want Me No More", "You Belong To Me My Love", and "Sometimes I Wonder". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysYou Don't Have To Paint Me A Picture/New Directions/Now ... CD
Liberty/BGO (UK), Late 60s. New Copy 2CD ... $6.99 19.99
Three classic albums from Gary Lewis & The Playboys – all brought together in a single set! First up is You Don't Have To Paint Me A Picture – wonderfully groovy work from Gary Lewis and his Playboys – just the sort of west coast pop masterpiece that Liberty Records could come up with when they were doing things this right! Production is by Snuff Garrett, with lots of Leon Russell arrangements in the studio – and although Gary's vocals are great and super-catchy, the guitars, basslines, and all the other great bits recorded for the backings hold our attention just as much! Titles include "String Along", "Tina", "My Heart's Symphony", "Looking For The Stars", "When Summer Is Gone", "Where Will The Words Come From", and "You Don't Have To Paint Me A Picture". New Directions is a set that doesn't really have Gary Lewis taking that many new directions – he doesn't grow his hair and become a hippie – but a set that does have a few nice changes from his other Liberty work at the time! Arrangements here are by Jack Nitzsche and Nick DeCaro – both of whom bring in some superb LA touches to the tunes – and Gary himself seems to take a bit more time with some of the lyrics, almost as if he's been listening to the maturing side of the British scene, and wants to get past the simple catchiness of his hits. The whole thing makes for a nice change – and titles include "Girls In Love", "Double Good Feeling", "Here I Am", "Hello Sunshine", "New In Town", "Slow Movin Man", and "Me About You". Now is one of the last albums in Gary Lewis' famous 60s run for Liberty Records – and a set that makes for a nice sendoff overall! A lot of the material here was handled by other artists first – and it's bit like Lewis is letting the others of the groovy 60s set the tone for him here – but with great Snuff Garrett production and Al Capps arrangements, things are rock-solid throughout – and Gary's got no trouble bringing out the catchiest corners of tunes that include "Windy", "I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight", "Sealed With A Kiss", "Young Girl", "Judy In Disguise", Sunny", and "What Am I Gonna Do". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ramsey LewisFunky Serenity/Golden Hits/Solar Wind/Sun Goddess ... CD
Columbia/BGO (UK), Early 70s. New Copy 2CD ... $14.99 19.99
A quadruple-header from Ramsey Lewis – four albums from his great 70s electric period on Columbia Records! First up is Funky Serenity – sweet electric funk from Ramsey Lewis! The album's one of his best from the 70s – and it's got Ramsey on Fender Rhodes, electric harpsichord, and other keyboards, grooving away in an open-ended 70s mode that still retains all the heavy soul of his classic work for Chess. Morris Jennings adds in some very nice percussion with his drum work, and Cleveland Eaton's on funky bass, giving the set a strong bottom groove. Features the sublime sample cut "My Love For You", a great version of "Knights In White Satin" that's done with a weird spacey groove, plus the tracks "Kufany Mapenzi (Making Love)", "Serene Funk", "What It Is!", and "Dreams". Golden Hits isn't a "best of", but instead has Ramsey and his funky mid 70s trio with Morris Jennings and Cleveland Eaton revisiting some of his best loved material from the Cadet years, but with the groovy Rhodes and wah wah sound that we dig so much about his CBS recordings. Unlike some of the other records from this period, the group's nice and stripped down, just the electric piano, bass and drums, so the groove's nice and wide open, Ramsey and company popping along with the sanctified soulful vibe of his 60s work, but updating their sound with some nice electric touches. 9 numbers in all: "Hang On Sloopy", "Blues For The Night Owl", "Hi-Heel Sneakers", "Carmen", "Delilah", "Wade In The Water", "Slippin' Into Darkness", "Somethin' You Got", and "The In Crowd". Solar Wind was cut smack dab in the middle of Ramsey's glory days at Columbia Records – with great production help and work on bass from the mighty Cleveland Eaton! The style is nice and lean, with just some occasional fuller touches – and Ramsey plays plenty of Fender Rhodes, in addition to bits of Arp and moog too – in a setting that's mostly trio, with a few guest players stepping into the mix from track to track! There's a nice degree of fuzz at points, thanks to added help from Steve Cropper – and titles include a great funky version of "Summer Breeze", plus "Solar Wind", "Come Down In Time", "Love for A Day", "Hummingbird", "Jamaican Marketplace", and "Sweet & Tender You". Sun Goddess is one of our favorite Ramsey Lewis albums ever – and a perfect summation of the genius that was brewing on the Chicago scene in the late 60s and early 70s! The album has Ramsey working strongly with Earth Wind & Fire – no surprise, given his close ties to Maurice White, who was the drummer in Ramsey's trio before starting his own group – and the shared relationship both artists had with producer Charles Stepney! The three were all key parts of the late 60s sound at Chess Records – but here, they've brought the same soulful energy to Columbia – working in a wider, more mature groove for the 70s – one that has Lewis' wicked Fender Rhodes lines stretching out strongly over tight, compressed, funky lines from EWF! The centerpiece of the set is the massive 7 minute "Sun Goddess", but there's lots of other nice ones like "Living For The City", "Gemini Rising", and "Jungle Strut". Funky, electric, and sublimely wonderful all the way through! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ramsey LewisLes Fleurs/Fantasy/Keys To The City ... CD
Columbia/BGO (UK), 1983/1985/1987. New Copy ... $14.99 19.99
A trio of 80s albums from piano genius Ramsey Lewis – all brought together in a single package! First up is Les Fleurs – a bit later than Ramsey Lewis' classic electric sides for Columbia Records in the 70s, but still a pretty great little album – and one that mixes mellow grooves on Fender Rhodes with a nice dose of acoustic piano – in a style that's a bit like Rodney Franklin at the time, but considerably warmer and sweeter overall! The core trio backs Ramsey on acoustic bass and drums – but there's plenty of extra bits added in throughout, including a bit of sax from Ronnie Laws, and some overall arrangements and additional keys from Tom Tom 84 – who really helps keep a sophisticated Chicago vibe in place – almost a ghost of Charles Stepney, lurking nicely in the background. Titles include remakes of "Reasons", "Les Fleurs", and "Super Woman" – plus the tracks "Physical", "With A Gentle Touch", and "Essence Of Love". Fantasy is a sweet 80s set that has Ramsey Lewis showing the world that he's still one of the reigning master of the keyboard – as he opens up here with a whole bunch of keys from that decade, at a level that marks a strong new chapter from his electric work of the 70s! Lewis works alongside additional keyboardists Morris Butch Stewart and Lonnie Graves – and at times, even the rhythms are electric too – influenced by both R&B and hip hop at times, similar to Herbie Hancock electric experiments of the time – but with more of that soulful vibe that we love from Ramsey! There's a bit of vocals on the record – courtesy of Stewart, Maurice White, Brenda Mitchell, Josie Aiello, and Alice Sanderson Echols – on titles that include "Les Clefs De Mon Coeur", "It's Gonna Change", "Victim Of A Broken Heart", "Slow Dancin", "Ram Jam", "This Ain't No Fantasy", "Part Of Me", and "The Quest". Keys To The City is a late 80s effort that still has the piano genius very much at the top of his game – tight, but never in the sleepier territory of some of the smooth jazz artists who were coming into the scene! Ramsey's on piano both electric and acoustic – getting more keyboard help from Larry Dunn, who also handles arrangements – with musicians who include Don Myrick on saxes, Roland Bautista on guitar, and Maurice White on percussion – the last of whom is a key influence here, as it's clear that Lewis is holding onto that great balance of jazz and soul that he furthered in his work with White and Earth Wind & Fire in the 70s. Titles include "Keys To The City", "7/11", "Strangers", "My Love Will Lead You Home", "You're Falling In Love", "Shamballa", and "Love & Understanding". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Charles LloydMoon Man ... CD
BGO (UK), 1970. Used ... $14.99
A weird bit of hippy dippy jazz from Charles Lloyd! The album's quite different than Lloyd's earlier albums of modal jazz – in that it's much more song-oriented, with vocals on most tracks, and lots of groovy lyrics about "the moonman", "computer man", and "heavy kharma". The backing is still fairly groovy and jazzy, and at times, the record does get a bit of a funky kick to it. Titles include "Hejira", "Moonman", "Sermon", and "Sweet Juvenia". CD
(1997 UK pressing.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Johnny MathisDifferent Kinda Different/Friends In Love/Special Part Of Me/Live ... CD
Columbia/BGO (UK), Early 80s. New Copy 2CD ... $14.99 19.99
Four early 80s classics from Johnny Mathis – presented here in a single 2CD package! Different Kinda Different is a tremendous start to the 80s for Johnny Mathis – and a set that really continues that strong shift into soul-based territory he begun in the 70s! Gene Page handles a lot of the arrangements here, and gives the whole thing that strong blend of strings and soul that he worked on other 70s classics for different artists – a perfect approach for that magnificent Mathis voice, especially when the tunes have a bit of a groove! Two of the best numbers here – "Different Kind Of Different" and "I'll Do It All For You" – are duets with Paulette McWilliams, who'd recorded on her own, but who really seems to hit her stride with Johnny, and in a way that's different than any of his other soul partners in duets. Other titles include "Never Givin Up On You", "With You I'm Born Again", "I Will Survive", "The Lights Of Rio", and "Love Without Words". Friends In Love is mature 80s work from Johnny Mathis – a set that features two duets with Dionne Warwick, plus some other nice material that shows that Johnny wasn't going to be left behind in the shadows of his older work! At some level, the approach of the 80s, and the rise of a new sort of adult contemporary scene, really helped Mathis find a new audience – especially when teaming with Dionne, who was also having a rebirth at the time! Titles include the classic duet title cut "Friends In Love", and another duet on "Got You Where I Want You" – plus other titles that include "What Do You Do With The Love", "When The Lovin Goes Out Of The Lovin", "I Remember You & Me", and "Somethin's Goin On". Special Part Of Me is a sweet 80s set from Johnny Mathis – one of those great later albums when he brought a good deal of soul into the mix! The feel here is almost more modern R&B than the vocal jazz mode that first brought Johnny fame – and it turns out that the Mathis mode is wonderful for such a setting – rich and full of feeling, and arguably better than some of his younger contemporaries on the charts! The ballads are beautiful, but there's also a few surprising midtempo numbers – and titles include a sublime remake of "Love Won't Let Me Wait", done with Deniece Williams – plus "Love Never Felt So Good", "Simple", "Priceless", "One Love", "Right Here & Now", and "Lead Me To Your Love" – plus "You're A Special Part Of Me", a duet with Angie Bofill. Live is a later live album from Johnny Mathis, and one that brings together classics, newer cuts, and a few titles he'd never sang before – all served up with a sound that shows the continuing strengths of the legendary singer! There's a variety of arrangers used on the set – including Gene Page and Michel Colombier – and titles include "Orange Colored Sky", "When A Child Is Born", "Begin The Beguine", "I Believe In Love", "Fly Away", "99 Miles From LA", and "A Certain Smile". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
MelanieBorn To Be/Affectionately Melanie/Candles In The Rain/Leftover Wine ... CD
Buddah/BGO (UK), Late 60s. New Copy 2CD ... $14.99 19.99
Four full albums from Melanie – all brought together here in a single set! On Born To Be, Melanie's a folkie at heart, but one who's very open to new ideas too – as you'll hear in this surprisingly offbeat set from the late 60s! The record mixes Melanie's raspy, almost eerie vocal approach with some compelling charts from Roger Kellaway – who respects the folk impulses at the core, but also brings in some unusual inflections in the other instrumentation – that post-folk approach that was showing up in records by Leonard Cohen and others of the singer/songwriter generation. The difference is subtle, but very striking – and very different than the way the set would have been recorded a few years previously. Titles include "Christopher Robin", co-written with AA Milne – plus "In The Hour", "I'm Back In Town", "Bobo's Party", "Close To It All", "Merry Christmas", and "I Really Loved Harold". Next is Affectionately Melanie (aka Melanie) – a seminal self-titled set from Melanie – an album that's still proudly folk in some parts, while also embracing some of the more hard-edge styles of some of her contemporaries too – echoes of soul in some of the rhythms, a bit of grit in the instrumentation – which really seems to fit well with her raspy vocal style! The mix is almost a folksy approach to Janis Joplin territory – kind of a surprise if you only know the sweeter side of the singer – and titles include "Soul Sister Annie", "Uptown Down", "Again", "Beautiful People", "For My Father", "Deep Down Low", "Take Me Home", "I'm Back In Town", and "Any Guy". Some cuts feature arrangements by the great John Cameron – who we suspect of bringing the groovier elements to the record! Candles In The Rain is a record that shows the increasing strengths of Melanie as a singer/songwriter, and the confidence that her label had in letting her try out new material – as the mostly-pop Buddah Records allowed Melanie and producer/arranger Peter Schekeryk to really stretch out in the studio! Some moments are intimate, some have a full righteous quality – and the unique vocals of the lady herself have a subtle power that's almost out of time at the start of the 70s – yet that's also its great appeal. Titles include the hit "Candles In The Rain" – plus "Carolina In My Mind", "Citiest People", "The Good Guys", "Lovin Baby Girl", "Leftover Wine", and a version of "Ruby Tuesday". Leftover Wine is a set that mostly features Melanie singing solo at Carnegie Hall – just her vocals and guitar standing out in stark contrast to some of the larger arrangements used on a few of her previous records! The approach is great – and brings all the fragile beauty of her unique style right into the limelight, all with a timeless vibe on titles that include "Close To It All", "Uptown & Down", "Psychotherapy", "I Don't Eat Animals", and "Leftover Wine". Yet the album also features one studio track – the heady "Peace Will Come", which features some nice keyboards from Ron Frangipare! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Buddy MilesBuddy Miles Live/Message To The People ... CD
Mercury/BGO (UK), Early 70s. New Copy 2CD ... $14.99 19.99
Two killers from drummer Buddy Miles – back to back in a single set! First up is Buddy Miles Live – a really searing set of live performances from 1971, often done in a way that has the band stretching out and jamming heavily! The core group seems a bit bigger than usual – with a lineup that includes guitar and organ alongside some heavier tenor, alto, trumpet, and trombone. The horns come on strong, but are offset by lots of searing guitar from Charlie Karp – and Buddy, as usual, is a real monster on the drum kit. There's plenty of instrumental moments here that cook with funky soul intensity – and titles include "Wrap It Up", "Joe Tex", "Take It Off Him & Put It On Me", "Down By The River", "Place Over There", "The Segment", and "Them Changes". Message To The People is a really fantastic album from drummer Buddy Miles – an artist that many folks know for his key rock work in the Band Of Gypsys group of Jimi Hendrix, but a musician with an equally great ear for soul and funk as well! Miles began in Electric Flag, and certainly has ties to the world of psych – and here, he mixes funkier currents with lots of strong trippy guitar from Marlo Henderson – a player we don't know that well, but who adds some great lines that are a lot like some of the Phil Upchurch contributions over at Chess/Cadet at the same time. Miles sings on most numbers, with that nicely honest vocal approach we love so much – but there's a few instrumental moments too, and the set's got some great use of horns throughout, which brings in some southern funky currents too. Titles include "Joe Tex", "Place Over There", "The Segment", "Don't Keep Me Wondering", "Sudden Stop", and "That's The Way Life Is". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
MontanasComplete Studio Sessions ... CD
BGO (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy 2CD ... $15.99 19.99
The Montanas look like a bunch of groovy 60s cats on the cover – and while they definitely had some great hits during the British Invasion years, they also kept on cutting some very cool material well into the 70s – all of which is included in this overstuffed set! The work begins where you might imagine – tuneful British rock, with great harmonies and catchy hooks – but as the 60s slide into the 70s, the group changes their lineup, and really start taking on some great new material – the tracks here that really make the collection great! Things are still pretty catchy in the 70s, but the pop modes have shifted a lot – bringing influences from psych and other new styles, and opening up a new sort of production style too – maybe a hint at the more compressed modes that UK acts would use in the 7ts generation. If you only ever thought of The Montanas as a group with a few oldies hits, you'll really be surprised here as you make your way through the 42 track selection of cuts that includes "Doctor Nero", "Difference Of Opinion", "Teardrops", "You Got Me Wrong Girl", "Miss Mackenzie", "Sammy", "Mystery", "No Smoke Without Fire", "Henry Ford", "Suzanne", "Love Machine", "Seaport", "Goodbye Little Girl", "Ciao Baby", "You've Got To Be Loved", "I Need To Fly", "Round About", and two versions of "One Thing Or Another" – plus a cover of the Grateful Dead classic "Uncle John's Band". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
OutlawsDream Of The West ... CD
EMI/BGO (UK), 1961. Used ... $6.99
... CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Charley PrideHappiness Of Having You/Sunday Morning/She's Just An Old Love Turned Memory/Someone Loves You Honey ... CD
RCA/BGO (UK), Late 70s. New Copy 2CD ... $8.99 18.99
Four late 70s albums from Charley Pride – brought together in a single collection! Pride still sounds great here – opening up his sound a bit past the usual RCA style of the past, with lots of production help from Jerry Bradley, plus a bit of work from Jack Clement too! The set features the spiritual set Sunday Morning With Charley Pride, plus three secular albums – the last two of which have Charley working with Bradley on production – finding a rich sound that really suits his voice well, and that special style of gentle sadness he can bring to a tune. 2CD set features 41 tracks in all! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Don Rendell/Ian Carr QuintetShades Of Blue/Dusk Fire ... CD
BGO (UK), 1964/1966. New Copy 2CD ... $14.99 19.99
Some of the greatest British jazz of the 60s – two early albums by the groundbreaking Ian Carr/Don Rendell quintet! Shades Of Blue is the debut of a legendary British jazz group – one who not only gave that nation's scene a fresh voice in music, but who also really set the tone for many other acts to come! After a stretch when the London scene was doing a great job of matching American efforts in bop and swing, players like Don Rendell and Ian Carr found a way to really carve out some bold space of their own – here, by matching their own strong sense of writing and arranging, always filled with beautiful tone and color, with some of the more modern phrasing and styles that were just creeping up around town. The set's not nearly as experimental as the work of Joe Harriott, but has all the hallmarks of that generation's openness to new ways of expression – often given a surprisingly soulful swing, and captured perfectly as one of the early entries in the famous Lansdowne Series recordings. The rest of the group is equally great – and in addition to Rendell on tenor and soprano sax, and Carr on trumpet and flugelhorn – the combo includes Colin Purbrook on piano, Dave Green on bass, and Trevor Tompkin on drums. Titles include "Garrison 64", "Blue Mosque", "Just Blue", "Latin Blue", "Sailin", and "Big City Strut". Dusk Fire has a great group getting even better – as the legendary pairing of tenorist Don Rendell and trumpeter Ian Carr is joined by pianist Michael Garrick – who was really helping to shape the sound of British jazz at the time! The album's only the second from the Rendell/Carr Quintet, but it's already moving strongly forward – with this sense of composition and focus that's really amazing – served up in original tunes by all three creative forces in the lead – often with this great balance between soulful swing and modern ideas that makes the whole thing a dream all the way through! Don plays tenor, soprano sax, flute, and clarinet; Carr plays trumpet and flugelhorn; Garrick is on piano, Dave Green is on bass, and Trevor Tomkin is on drums – on titles that include "Prayer", "Dusk Fire", "Hot Rod", "Spooks", "Jubal", and "Tan Samfu". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Return To ForeverWhere Have I Known You Before/No Mystery ... CD
BGO (UK), 1974/1975. New Copy 2CD ... $14.99 19.98
A pair of fusion classics – back to back in a single set! Where Have I Known You Before is a killer classic from the second chapter of Chick Corea's Return To Forever group – standard-setting fusion for the 70s, and a showcase of keyboard skills from Chick that nobody would have imagined years before! There's definitely plenty of soaring energy at the core of the record – the great Lenny White on drums and percussion, and Stanley Clarke on a bit of organ and plenty of bass – the latter of which is used in nicely different ways than his work with George Duke! Al DiMeola plays electric and acoustic guitar, and Chick also uses a bit of acoustic, next to Fender Rhodes, clavinet, and organ – and there's a warmth here that few other fusion combos could ever hope to touch. Titles include "Vulcan Worlds", "Where Have I Loved You Before", "The Shadow Of The Lo", "Where Have I Danced With You Before", "Beyond The Seventh Galaxy", "Earth Juice" and "Song To The Pharoah Kings". No Mystery is one of the key moments from this legendary group of the 70s – a set that really helps redefine the fusion groove of the time – moving away from some of the more rockish modes that others borrowed from prog, using some of the Brazilian influences that Flora Purim brought to an earlier incarnation of the combo, and also touching off on some of the soulful styles that others would soon pick up on the mainstream! Chick Corea handles a host of incredible keyboards – and the rest of the lineup features Al DiMeola on guitar, very much electric at many points – plus Stanley Clarke on bass and Lenny White on drums and plenty of percussion – really helping the group soar to the skies. Titles include "Dayride", "Jungle Waterfall", "Flight Of The Newborn", "Sofistifunk" and "Excerpt From The First Movement Of Heavy Metal". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Rockin BerriesIn Town/Life Is Just A Bowl Of Berries (plus bonus tracks) ... CD
BGO (UK), Mid 60s. New Copy 2CD ... Just Sold Out!
A huge amount of material from The Rockin Berries – one of the great almost-rans of the UK scene in the 60s – a group who should have stormed our shores during the British Invasion, but somehow got left off the boat! The group's got everything shared by all their best contemporaries – a great way with a tune, an ear for a catchy hook, and a way of mixing harmonized vocals with harder rocking moments at a level that means that there's plenty at the core, and the combo need no sweetening up in the studio! They also have two lead singers – Clive Lea and Geoff Turton – who sound great when harmonizing together, and can also split off and really let the group cover a nice range of material. Both of the albums here were produced by Brit sound maestro John Schroeder – Rockin Berries In Town and Life Is Just A Bowl Of Berries – and the set also features 36 more bonus tracks from singles and EP releases at the time – 60 tracks in all! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Michael Schenker GroupAssault Attack/Rock Will Never Die ... CD
BGO (UK), 1982/1984. Used 2CD ... $9.99
... CD
(1996 UK pressing.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Earl ScruggsI Saw The Light With Some Help From My Friends/Live From Austin City Limits/Strike Anywhere/Bold & New ... CD
BGO (UK), Mid 70s. New Copy ... $8.99 19.99
Four albums that show the continuing evolution of Earl Scruggs in the 70s – with a sound that's very different than his earlier music, and maybe even sharper instrumentation overall! First up is I Saw The Light – a record made after the famous banjo pioneer split with Lester Flatt, and was very popular with a young rock crowd – as evidenced by help he gets here from Linda Ronstadt and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – not to mention Gary and Randy Scruggs, Vassar Clements, and Norman Blake! The mix of famous names and the growing Scruggs Review sound is great – and the record is an unlikely but important entry in the rise of country rock during the early 70s, with a very different quality than some of Earl's earlier work. We might well thank the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – as the vibe is similar at times to their shifting music of the period – mixed with some Mike Nesmith inspiration, as a few of his tunes are included. Titles include "Lonesome & A Long Way From Home", "Silver Wings", "Never Ending Song Of Love", "Rock Sant & Nails", "Some Of Shelly's Blues", "It's A Picture From Life's Other Side", and "Propinquity". Features bonus tracks "The Cure", "I Saw The Light", "Fireball Mail", and "Tramp On The Street". On Live From Austin City Limits, the great Earl Scruggs takes on the growing Austin scene – which turns out to be a perfect fit for his Revue's blend of new country modes and older styles of instrumentation! Earl leads off the set with stunning work on banjo – maybe even sharper than earlier years – and the group lead off with some Dylan material at the start, showcasing some of their rock leanings – but soon bringing on other songs of their own, and making for this beautiful mix of key instrumental moments and lyrical passages. Lead vocals are from Gary Scruggs, and Randy and Steve Scruggs are in the group too – on titles that include "Nashville Skyline Rag", "I Shall Be Released", "Tall Texas Woman", "I Just Can't Seem To Change", "Black Mountain Blues", "Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven", and "The Swimming Song". Strike Anywhere is a mighty nice album from the great Earl Scruggs – recorded with his boys' Revue group, and a sound that really helps keep Earl's instrumentation fresh for the 70s! Years back, we never would have thought that mixing the legendary Scruggs banjo sound with keyboards would have worked – but the change here is a great one, as Earl makes the shift that a few of his traditional instrumental contemporaries were doing at the time – such as Vassar Clements or Bashful Brother Oswald – finding a new setting for the instruments that still shine out in the lead at all the best moments. Titles include a great remake of "Mandolin Wind" – plus "Muhammad Ali", "Bring It On Home To Me", "You Really Got A Hold On Me", "I Think Of You", and "Dreaming As One". On Bold & New, the great Chips Moman produced and recorded the record – a set that shows that move that Earl had made into country rock during the decade, delivered in the best possible hands! Vocals are from some of Earl's sons, and the man himself still gets gets in plenty of banjo solos too – as the group mix their own material with a few from Bobby Emmons, who plays organ, electric piano, and clavinet on the set. Titles include "The Cabin", "Our Love Is Home Grown", "That's Alright Mama", "Found Myself A New Love", "Games People Play", "Take The Time To Fall In Love", and "Louisiana Lady". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Spencer Davis GroupSpencer Davis Group – As & Bs ... CD
Fontana/BGO (UK), Mid 60s. New Copy 2CD ... $15.99 18.99
Groundbreaking work from the Spencer Davis Group – the first edition of the combo, with a young Steve Winwood on vocals – heard here on 37 tracks that comprise both the a and b-side recordings of a huge run of early singles! There's a wonderful transformation over the course of the records here – as the group gets even more soulful, starts shaking off some of the rougher sounds of their roots, and really hitting a tremendously tight sound! Steve Winwood was really at the height of his powers here – singing at a level to rival any of the best blue-eyed American soul singers of the 60s, with a raspy edge that comes through the spare arrangements beautifully. Drums are nice and tight, handled by Pete York – and the cool thing about the set is that the b-sides are often some very interesting cuts that really expand the group's sound. Titles include "Dust My Blues", "Gimme Some Loving", "Neighbour Neighbour", "Stevie's Groover", "Blues In F", "Sittin & Thinkin", "Strong Love", "It Hurts Me So", "This Hammer", "Keep On Running", "Take This Hurt Off Me", "Searchin", "Time Seller", "Hey Darling", "On The Green Light", and "Goodbye Stevie". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Blodwyn PigAhead Rings Out ... CD
BGO (UK), 1969. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
... CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Ian Carr with NucleusSolar Plexus/Belladonna ... CD
Vertigo/BGO (UK), 1971/1972. New Copy 2CD ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Two jazz rock classics – back to back as a 2CD set! Solar Plexus was a pivotal album in the career of British jazzman Ian Carr – one that had him really opening up into some trippy, spacey grooves – adding in a lot of keyboards, kicking up the grooves, yet still never losing the strong jazzy finish that was the best part of his earlier work. Players on the set include trumpeters Harry Beckett and Kenny Wheeler, guitarist Chris Spedding, and keyboardist Karl Jekins, who really throws in some groovy lines on the set! Titles include "Elements 1 & 2", "Snakehips Dream", "Torso", "Spirit Level", and "Bedrock Deadlock". Belladonna is one of the heaviest electric sets from UK trumpeter Ian Carr – and that's really saying a lot, given how much heavy work he cut with his group Nucleus! The sound here is a groundbreaking mix of acoustic horns and keyboards – trumpet from Carr, and a mix of tenor, soprano, alto, and flute from Brian Smith – coming into contact with the Fender Rhodes of Dave MacRae and the Hohner electric of Gordon Beck! The pairing of keys is wonderful – and the whole thing is sewn together by the guitar of a young Allan Holdsworth, who's very much in the sway of Carr's sound here, instead of the later directions he'd take as a leader. The set might be worth it alone for the massive "Summer Rain" – a slow funk track that trips along beautifully – but the whole thing's great, and other titles include "Belladonna", "Mayday", "Suspension", and "Hector's House". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Don EllisTears Of Joy/Connection ... CD
Columbia/BGO (UK), 1971/1972. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A pair of classics from Don Ellis – back to back in a single set! Tears Of Joy is one of the greatest albums ever from funky trumpeter Don Ellis – partly because he takes off in a whole new direction of tones and sounds! Don blows both a quarter-tone trumpet and four-valve trombone here – both instruments with a very distinctive vibe, which are then set up in a groovy large ensemble that features more trumpet and trombone, plus woodwinds and a bit of strings – and some great electric touches on Fender Rhodes, clavinet, and ring modulator! The tunes have that bold Ellis punch of a few years before, but also really hit an earthier vibe too – not just new ideas in sound, but also some rhythmic pulsation that really gives lots of the tunes a fresh sort of flavor. Titles include "Samba Bajada", "Strawberry Soup", "Euphoric Acid", "Get It Together", and "Bulgarian Bulge". Connection is a great set of electric groovers released at the same time that Don scored big with his soundtrack for The French Connection! As you'd guess from the title, the feel here is quite similar – funky electric big band jazz, with a very hip 70s action soundtrack feel – one that mixes acoustic sax and trumpet passages with some groovier keyboards and electronic bits – all wrapped up in production that's tight, but never too slick to be funky! The album features a great take on Don's excellent "Theme From The French Connection" – plus great electric jazz covers of "Alone Again Naturally", "Superstar", "I Feel The Earth Move", "Roundabout", and "Lean On Me" – as well as album originals "Chain Reaction" and "Train To Get There". CD
(Slipcase is included with a slight indentation on the cover.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Ramsey LewisDon't It Feel Good/Salongo/Tequila Mockingbird/Love Notes ... CD
Columbia/BGO (UK), Mid 70s. New Copy 2CD ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Sweet electric magic from Ramsey Lewis – four 70s albums in a single collection! First up is Don't It Feel Good – massive keyboard work from the great Ramsey Lewis – easily one of his best records ever, thanks to some spaciously funky production by Charles Stepney! Stepney plays keyboards here along with Ramsey, and the twin-keys approach makes for a sound that's extra-special – one that sums up all the earlier soulful creativity of both artists in their late 60s Cadet Records years, and hones it down to an even sweeter groove for the 70s! A number of tracks have some sort of vocal component, but usually in a chorus mode that soon drops out when the keyboards hit home – and the record features a few great short "interlude" tracks that are almost as great as the longer numbers! Titles include the classic "Juaacklyn", a cover of Earth Wind & Fire's "That's The Way Of The World", and the tracks "I Dig You", "Fish Bite", "Don't It Feel Good", "Something About You", and "Can't Function". Salongo is a tremendous little record, and one of the funky 70s sets that Ramsey Lewis recorded with Earth Wind & Fire! Well, not Earth Wind & Fire entirely – but the Kalimba Productions team of Maurice White and Charles Stepney that gave the group its sound – plus a nice sprinkling of other players that were often associated with sessions by the group! Ramsey's own combo here includes Steve Cobb on drums and vocals, and Derf Reklaw on reeds and vocals as well – and the overall sound has bits of African and Brazilian influences, worked into a soulful fusion groove that sounds a lot like the instrumental backings EWF were using at the time. Titles include "Brazilica", "Slick", "Rubato", "Salongo", and "Seventh Fold". Tequila Mockingbird is an overlooked gem from the Columbia Records years, filled with loads of great grooves, and some pretty mighty keyboards! Part of the record has Ramsey working with Larry Dunn of Kalimba Productions – getting plenty of the Earth Wind & Fire groove that made so much of his Columbia sessions sparkle – while the rest of the set has the great Bert DeCoteaux handling things, and giving Lewis just the right mix of sophistication and soul he was using with other Columbia acts at the time. The album's a perfect example of the way that Ramsey stepped way ahead of the pack during this time in his career – using keyboards and grooves together in ways that so many artists today are still trying to match – but never hit it this right! Titles include "Camino El Bueno", "Caring For You", "Intimacy", "That Ole Bach Music", "Skippin", "Tequila Mockingbird", and "Wandering Rose" – that cool cut by Neal Creque! Love Notes is a great little album of mid 70s funk from Ramsey Lewis – very much in the mode of his Earth, Wind, & Fire related work – no surprise, since the album's dedicated to Charles Stepney, whose influence was such a key part of the sound of the group, and of some of Ramsey's other Kalimba-produced albums from a few years before! Ramsey plays Fender Rhodes, mini moog, and Arp – and he gets help on keyboards from Stevie Wonder and Derf Reklaw, who also plays saxes and percussion on the set. Features versions of Wonder's "Love Notes" and "Spring High", plus Reklaw's "Chili Today Hot Tamale", "Shining", and "Stash Dash". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Garnet MimmsCry Baby/Warm & Soulful ... CD
BGO/United Artists (UK), 1963/1966. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
2 brilliant albums from Garnet Mimms – one of the greatest soul singers of the 60s, and an artist you can never have enough of! Garnet's albums from the 60s are all great – and unlike his contemporaries, he always recorded full LPs with all great songs, a wealth of original material, and not a bit of filler. This means that the set's got 26 tracks that may well be a "best of" for Garnet – as each track sparkles as much as the next, with Garnet's roughly-hewn vocals stretching out over sweet uptown arrangements by Jerry Ragovoy and Garry Sherman. We couldn't hope for a better batch of 60s soul tunes – and titles include "Don't Change Your Heart", "Looking For You", "It's Just A Matter Of Time", "One Girl", "Baby Don't You Weep", "So Close", "Anytime You Want Me", "There Goes My Baby", "A Little Bit Of Soap", "Quiet Place", "Cry To Me", "Until You Were Gone", "Anytime You Want Me", "Thinkin", and "Prove it To Me". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Harry NilssonHarry Nilsson As & Bs (3CD set) ... CD
RCA/BGO (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy 3CD ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A really great way to listen to the music of Harry Nilsson – as the all-singles set is not only a career-spanning collection of his work for RCA, it also includes a lot of very cool tracks that were b-sides, which stand nicely here next to the classics! The genius of Nilsson knows no bounds – and the package shows a great evolution over the decade of recordings that feature in the 63 track collection – from Nilsson's earlier role as a quirky pop singer, to that point when his persona rose strongly in the public eye, and also really helped transform the way he put over a tune! The package features loads of gems that were not on the full length albums of the time – and titles include "Yellow Man", "Waiting", "Freckles", "Buy My Album", "Are You Sleeping", "Without You", "Jump Into The Fire", "Turn On Your Radio", "Makin Whoopee", "Remember Christmas", "The Lottery Song", "Ain't It Kinda Wonderful", "Don't Forget Me", "Mucho Mungo/Mt Elga", "Something True", "Kojak Columbo", and "As Time Goes By". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ OsibisaOsibisa/Woyaya ... CD
Decca/BGO (UK), 1971. New Copy 2 CDs ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Heavy-jamming Afro Funk from Osibisa – the group's first 2 albums, back to back in one 2 CD package! Osibisa were one of the most popular Afro Funk groups of their generation – with a globe-spanning influence that made them as well-received over here in the US as they were in their post-colonial UK home. The sound on both sets is great – and captures the group at their raw early best – when they were mostly fusing together bits of jazz and soul with African rhythms, and going for a groove that was lightly playful, and infused with a strong sense of joy and celebration! Titles include "Oranges", "Akwaaba", "Ayiko Bia", "The Dawn", "Y Sharp", "Survival", "Move On", "Rabiatu", and the group's classic "Music For Gong Gong". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Don Rendell/Ian Carr QuintetPhase III/Live ... CD
BGO (UK), 1968/1969. Used 2 CDs ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Two solid albums by the Carr-Rendall Quintet – one of greatest British jazz combos of the late 60s – nicely packaged in one set! Phase III is the third legendary album from the Don Rendell/Ian Carr Quintet – and a set that really has the combo stretching out in the new kind of freedoms offered by the Landsowne series at the time! The group had already made fantastic waves on their previous two albums – but here, the songs are longer, the ideas more expansive, and the overall sound is more intense – as the tenor, soprano sax, and flute of Rendell is balanced with both trumpet and flugelhorn from Carr – then driven even more strongly than before by the piano of Michael Garrick, who's really at his creative peak at this point! The rest of the group features very strong work from Dave Green on bass and Trevor Tomkin on drums – cementing a rock-solid unit – and titles include "Les Nieges D'Antan", "Black Marigolds", "Bath Sheba", and "Crazy Jane". The Live album a is masterpiece of British jazz from the end of the 60s – a set that doesn't need to answer at all to any of the jazz styles coming from America at the time – as it's sound and vision is so bold, so unique, it's a completely massive statement on its own! The set may well represent the pinnacle of this creative combo – as pianist Michael Garrick seems to be taking an even stronger role than before, and certainly gets some great space for expression on the longer live tracks within – shading things with that amazing sense of tone and timing that made his own albums of the 60s so important to British jazz, but maybe even more incredible here in the company of Carr's trumpet and flugelhorn, and Rendell's work on tenor, soprano sax, clarinet, and flute. As before, the bass of Dave Green and drums of Trevor Tompkins are a key element of the music – the amazing energy at the core – on titles that include "Pavanne", "Nimjam", "Voices", "You've Said It", "Vignette", and "On Track". CD
(Includes slipcase.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ George Smith & The Chicago Blues BandBlues With A Feeling – A Tribute To Little Walter (plus bonus tracks) ... CD
World Pacific/BGO (UK), 1969. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A smoking little set from George Harmonica Smith – an album recorded in late 60s LA, but done with plenty of Chicago blues touches! The players here are all top-shelf – and include Muddy Waters on guitar and Otis Spann on piano – who definitely help keep a Windy City vibe going on the record – that spare, raw, but electrified approach to the music that was still wonderfully fresh at the time of the sessions. And Smith's vocals alone are totally great – very deeply soulful – but also alternate strongly with sharp lines on harmonica too. Titles include "Mellow Down Easy", "Key To The Highway", "You Better Watch Yourself", "Last Night", "West Helena Woman", "Tell Me Mama", "Juke", and "Everything Gonna Be Alright". CD features 3 bonus tracks – "Love With A Feelin", with vocals by Lucille Spann – plus "Just A Feelin" and "Goin Down Slow". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Otis SpannBottom Of The Blues ... CD
Bluesway/BGO (UK), 1968. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A raw soul classic from Otis Spann – one of those great late 60s dates from the time when Bob Thiele was producing the Bluesway label for ABC, and really found a way to bring out the best in artists like Otis! Spann had always been great, but there's a bolder, edgier quality here – both in his vocals, which really push things to the max with their inflections – and his piano playing, which is loose and fluid – in the company of Muddy Waters and Luther Johnson on guitar, George Buford on harmonica, and Lucille Spann on some additional guest vocals! Buford is great, too – a wonderful second "voice" on the record – and titles include "Diving Duck", "Shimmy Baby", "Looks Like Twins", "Doctor Blues", "Nobody Knows", "Down To Earth", "My Man", and "Heart Loaded With Trouble". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ UFOObsession/No Place To Run ... CD
Chrysalis/BGO (UK), 1978/1980. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
... CD
(1994 UK pressing.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Tony BennettTony Makes It Happen/Yesterday I Heard The Rain ... CD
Columbia/BGO (UK), Late 60s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A pair of late 60s Columbia classics from Tony Bennett – back to back on a single CD! First up is Tony Makes It Happen – a very jazzy album, with a group that features Joe Wilder and Joe Newman on trumpets, Urbie Green on trombone, Joe Soldo on flute, and orchestrations from Marion Evans – all of whom really bring out those unique qualities that set Bennett apart from so many other singers in his generation! Where a Vic Damone might have used his inherent richness to push things over the top, the maturing Tony is a master of restraint – still able to run the full gamut of his amazing range, but set up with these beautiful arrangements that bring some adult understanding to the tunes, in a beautifully subtle vibe. Titles include "What Makes It Happen", "I Don't Know Why", "Can't Get Out Of This Mood", "She's Funny That Way", "A Beautiful Friendship", and "Don't Get Around Much Anymore". Next is Yesterday I Heard The Rain – fantastically mature work from Tony Bennett – a record that follows in that great direction the singer was taking in the 60s – delivering sophisticated vocals that didn't care much for the charts, but which really stand the test of time as the years go by! As on some of Tony's best from the period, arrangements are by Torrie Zito – whose careful orchestrations always let Bennett's vocals soar out in the lead, while also hitting some occasional flourishes that bring just the slight touch of drama to the music – but never in the over the top styles of some of his contemporary! Space is the key here – lots of space between the words and the notes – which makes even simpler songs sound pretty darn amazing. Titles include "Sweet Georgie Fame", "Fool Of Fools", "Only The Young", "I Only Have Eyes For You", "Yesterday I Heard The Rain", and a surprisingly great version of "Hushabye Mountain". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Chuck BerryOne Dozen Berrys/Juke Box Hits ... CD
BGO (UK), 1958/1960. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Two classic Chess albums from Chuck Berry – issued here on a single CD! First up is One Dozen Berrys – the fresh fruits of the labors of a young Chuck Berry – heard here at his raw, early best! The sound here is stunning – a version of Chuck that gets way past any oldies cliches – and which reminds us that at the start, his music was coming from the same Chess Records fount as Bo Diddley's riffing guitar and Muddy Waters' Chicago blues! The tunes all work together perfectly – and the familiar numbers fit in perfectly with overlooked gems that really make the album great – especially when Chuck's guitar is really given a chance to step out and solo. Titles include "La Juanda", "Sweet Little Sixteen", "It Don't Take But A Few Minutes", "Rock & Roll Music", and "Low Feeling". Juke Box Hits is way more than a "hits" album – as it's filled with some great obscure material that always gets eclipsed by Chuck's big hits. Despite the idea that these would be "new jukebox hits", the material has an approach that was probably a bit too hard for radio, but that's ok with us! Titles include "13 Question Method", "Don't You Lie To Me", "The Way It Was Before", "Away From You", "I'm Talking About You", and "Stop & Listen". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Arthur BlytheLenox Avenue Breakdown/In The Tradition/Illusions/Blythe Spirit ... CD
Columbia/BGO (UK), Late 70s/Early 80s. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
Four great albums from reedman Arthur Blythe – all together in one collection! First up is Lenox Avenue Breakdown – a stunning Columbia Records debut from Blythe! At the time of the date, Blythe had already spent years working in the jazz undergrounds on both coasts – developing a searing sound on alto sax that's perfect for the focused structure of this album – almost a tone poem of sorts, offering up a portrait of the Harlem scene that was a key part of Arthur's life at the time. The sounds are sharp, but also have a sense of energy that really holds them together – guiding the players through long readings of well-penned tunes by Blythe that are filled with loads of energy and life! Players include James Newton on flute, James Blood Ulmer on guitar, Bob Stewart on tuba, Cecil McBee on bass, Jack DeJohnette on drums, and Guillermo Franco on percussion – and titles include "Odessa", "Slidin Through", "Down San Diego Way", and "Lenox Avenue Breakdown". In The Tradition is a gem – as the set represents the modern musician taking on a host of older jazz currents, while carving things out with his own special sort of soul! Half the tunes are familiar favorites, the other half originals – and Blythe moves far past his avant roots, to showcase his deep understanding of so many different shades of jazz – blowing alto beautifully throughout, in a very hip quartet that features Stanley Cowell on piano, Fred Hopkins on bass, and Steve McCall on drums! Titles include great takes on "Naima", "Jitterbug Waltz", "Caravan", and "In A Sentimental Mood" – plus the originals "Break Tune" and "Hip Dipper". Illusions is maybe the boldest of Arthur Blythe's albums for Columbia Records – as the set bristles with newly creative energy right from the start, and provides a great showcase for some of the criss-crossings of styles and rhythms that were taking place on the New York scene at the time! The lineup alone announces something special – a cool combination of James Blood Ulmer on guitar, John Hicks on piano, Fred Hopkins on bass, Abdul Wadud on cello, Bob Stewart on tuba, and Steve McCall on drums – working together in some slight variations at times, often with these angular edges that are perfectly sharpened by Arthur's amazing work on alto sax. The music's never too free, but quite outside for a major label at the time – balanced out so that it's never overindulgent at all. Titles include "Bush Baby", "Miss Nancy", "My Son Ra", and "Carespin With Mamie". Blythe Spirit is a set that showcases the never-ending growth and imagination of reedman Arthur Blythe during this fruitful period of his career – and his ability to effortlessly blend together different elements in his music – especially sides of the New York loft jazz scene, and the Chicago-based AACM! The tunes are beautiful – mostly originals, and showing a richer spirituality than even a year before – while still working in that compellingly rhythmic mode that Arthur was hitting during these years – in a lineup that features Blythe on alto, Abdul Wadud on cello, Kelvyn Bell on guitar, Steve McCall and Bobby Battle on drums, John Hicks on piano, Amina Claudine Myers on organ, and Fred Hopkins on bass. The mix of electric and acoustic elements is fantastic – very fresh, even all these many years later – and titles include "Misty", "Spirits In The Field", "Just A Closer Walk With Thee", "Reverence", and "Contemplation". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Graham BondHoly Magick/We Put Our Magick On You ... CD
Mercury/BGO (UK), 1970/1971. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Two very unusual albums from the great Graham Bond – back to back in a single set! Holy Magick is quite spiritual, almost supernatural at times – very much what you'd expect from the cover and title! The record's light years away from Bond's British beat group work of a few years before – and has a quality that almost mixes headier rock influences with the spiritualism of the post-Coltrane generation – as the record almost goes farther in a direction that was somewhat initiated by Albert Ayler's more rock-like leanings at the end of his life. Many numbers have chorus vocals rising up behind Bond's lead – and while his own work on alto sax is somewhat displaced by strong use of guitar on many tracks, there's still a fair bit of jazzy elements going on in the mix – particularly on side two, which features Graham laying down some strong lines on the Hammond. Titles include "Aquarius Mantra", "Praise City Of Light", "12 Gates To The City", "Invocation To The Light", "The Qabalistic Cross", "The Pentagram Ritual", "The Holy Words", "The Judgement", and "The Magician". Holy Magick is an equally unusual record from a very unusual player! Altoist Graham Bond had a long and varied career before he made this groovy rock/jazz album in the early 70s. He started as a committed Brit modernist, playing in Don Rendell's early group, then moved into the Beat Group era, with his Graham Bond Organization that featured him on organ and alto. This session recorded with his group Magick shows a similar extension from the Beat Group sound that was taken by Brian Auger – lots of longer jamming cuts, still with the R&B tinged jazzy playing at its base, but with spiritual jazz on the vocals at times, and almost a bit of prog as well. The heart of the whole thing's still nice and jazzy, though – and titles include "Druid", "Ajama", "Forbidden Fruit", and "Moving Towards The Light". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Canned HeatLiving The Blues ... CD
Liberty/BGO (UK), 1968. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
A record that's early in the career of Canned Heat, but one that already has the group exploding past their roots – stretching out in a double-length set that takes the combo way past any sort of standard blues rock modes! Some folks love the record for the classic "Going Up The Country" – one of the signature Canned Heat tunes – but there's also some insane jams on here, including the 20 minute "Parthenogenesis", and the amazing "Refried Boogie" – which takes up all of sides three and four, and which is one of the clearest examples of the way that artists of their generation were inspired by blues, but soon opened up into psych and prog modes! Other titles are shorter, and include a version of the classic "One Kind Favor" – plus "Sandy's Blues", "Walking By Myself", "My Mistake", and "Pony Blues". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Canned Heat & John Lee HookerHooker 'N Heat ... CD
Liberty/BGO (UK), 1970. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
If you ever doubted the blues chops of Canned Heat, take a listen to this album – as the group are joined by the great John Lee Hooker, who they let stand strongly in the spotlight and almost make the album his own! Previous sets by Canned Heat were already pretty darn great – a huge cut above blues-inspired rock groups of the late 60s years – but with Hooker in the lineup here, the sound gets even more raw and sensitive – so much so that a number of these cuts almost feel like some of the early Detroit 78rpm recordings the older blues musician recorded at the start of his career – hardly the watered-down blues rock you might expect. Titles include "Burning Hell", "Send Me Your Pillow", "Messin With The Hook", "Boogie Chillen No 2", "Peavine", "Just You & Me", "Whiskey & Wimmen", and "I Got My Eyes On You". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Gene ClarkWhite Light/Roadmaster ... CD
BGO (UK), 1971. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Two classic albums from the great Gene Clark – back to back in a single set! First up is White Light – a key part of that scattered legacy that really helped cement his individual genius after leaving The Byrds! Much of the record is a spare and intimate affair – with Gene's warm vocals accompanied by his own gently picked acoustic guitar, along with producer Jesse Ed Davis (who does a masterful job in the booth on this one) also on guitar. The tunes are also sweetened by waltzy basslines, and Byrds-y keyboard riffs by Ben Sidran, but Gene's wonderful vocals and his amazingly strong songwriting are obviously the biggest draws – not standard country or roots rock, and instead delivered with a sense of sophistication that's almost a genre unto itself. Titles include the amazing "For A Spanish Guitar" – plus "The Virgin", "With Tomorrow", "White Light", "Where My Love Lies Asleep", "1975", and a great reading of The Band & Bob Dylan's "Tears Of Rage". Roadmaster is a warm, wonderful set of Gene Clark recordings from the early 70s – material that probably should have been issued as a proper album in the States back in the day, as sounds pretty much as solid to us as some of his great work in preceding years – but was issued only in Europe at the time! Roadmaster was pulled together from 1972 sessions that were essentially abandoned, but it's truly top notch Cali country rock featuring Byrds and Burrito Brothers in the sessions. Titles include "She's The Kind Of Girl", "Full Circle Song", "Roadmaster", "In A Misty Morning", "She Don't Care About Time", "Shooting Star", "Rough And Rocky", "One In A Hundred", "I Remember The Railroad" and more. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Albert CollinsLove Can Be Found Anywhere/Trash Talkin' ... CD
Imperial/BGO (UK), 1968/1969. Used ... Out Of Stock
Nice stuff from Albert Collins! We're not normally fans of blues – especially much of the revivalist blues of the late 60s – but Collins' records for Imperial have a nice funky touch that holds up well over the years. They're not really funk in the same sense as many of Collins' contemporaries in the soul scene of the time – but they do have some great funky elements, especially in the drums and guitar, which is always razor-sharp. This CD brings together two Collins' sides from the late 60s – both just about impossible to find on vinyl. Tracks include "Jawing", "Trash Talkin", "Turnin On", "Pushin", "Stump Poker", "Do The Cissy", and "Doin My Thing". 24 cuts in all! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Perry ComoLightly Latin/In Italy/Look To Your Heart/Seattle ... CD
BGO/RCA (UK), Late 60s. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
Four late 60s gems from Perry Como – all records that really have him pushing beyond his pop style of the 50s! First up is Lightly Latin – one of the most sublime albums we've ever heard from Perry Como – a set that definitely takes its Latin lightly, and instead really goes for the best sort of mellow side of the Como sound! There's definitely a few bossa touches in the mix – a bit of acoustic guitar or light percussion – but they're added in very sparely, and couched with a beautifully subtle wall of sound from arranger Nick Perito, who works here with a lot more understatement than on some other records. Como's vocals are very far from pop – and the album brings out his maturing style wonderfully with a spacious, soft-toned style of production. Titles include "Dindi", "Once I Loved", "Stay With Me", "How Insensitive", "The Shadow Of Your Smile", "Baia", and "Manha De Carnaval". Next is Perry Como In Italy – one of the most haunting albums we've ever heard from Perry Como – a session recorded in Italy during the mid 60s – featuring arrangements by Nick Perito, and backing vocals by the Alessandro Alessandroni Singers! The tunes include a fair bit of older Italian numbers – some sung in the language of their origin, some in English translations that we've come to know on this side of the Atlantic – and Como takes them all with a sad-tinged style that makes the album one of his moodiest ever – a record that oozes melancholy with every song, and which has a late nite, heartbreaking appeal that goes beyond even the understanding of language. The set's a great one to convey the popularity of Italian work on the American market in the 60s – and Como carries off the session even better than some of the more likely singers on the scene during the period. Titles include "Souvenir D'Italie", "Forget Domani", "Anema E Core", "One Day Is Like Another", "Arrivederci Roma", "Oh Marie", and "E Lei". Look To Your Heart is the kind of record that moves so far beyond familiar pop vocalizations, it's almost like Perry's in a universe all by himself! The words seem to just be sneaking out of the singer's voice – these mutterings that are almost to himself, which makes his readings of the tunes feel even more personal than you might expect – even amidst larger backings from Nick Perito – like Como is off to the side of the room, ruminating on love lost and life lived! That quality comes through tremendously on the eerie "Father Of Girls" – a tune that's worth the price of admission alone – and other titles include "Try To Remember", "Look To Your Heart", "In These Crazy Times", "Sunrise Sunset", and "When You're In Love". Seattle is a record that has Perry Como taking on a bit of a country tinge at times – working with Chet Atkins production that almost seems as if the singer is trying to match the Dean Martin spirit of the late 60s, right down to phrasing that feels a bit like ol Dino himself! A few other cuts have more familiar Como modes, with backings by Nick Perito – and titles include the lively title cut "Seattle", plus "Happiness Comes Happiness Goes", "Together Forever", "Sunshine Wine", "Deep In Your Heart", "Hearts Will Be Hearts", "Turnaround", and "Beady Eyed Buzzard". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Mike CooperOh Really/Do I Know You/Trout Steel/Places I Know/Machine Gun Co (plus bonus tracks) (3CD set) ... CD
Dawn/BGO (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy 3CD ... Out Of Stock
An amazing legacy in music from Mike Cooper – a British musician who started out in the world of folk blues, but never ended up moving towards some of the rockish modes of his contemporaries – instead finding his very own sort of special space in the freedom allowed by the Dawn Records label! The set begins with the very spare Oh Really – a set that has Mike Cooper mostly on guitar and vocals, in a style that's part Piedmont, part Delta blues – but also given a more folksy spin, and graced with Cooper's unusual vocals – almost making the whole thing feel like a spare acoustic version of Canned Heat territory – with titles that include "Maggie Campbell", "Saturday Blues", "Electric Chair", "Crow Jane", and "You're Gonna Be Sorry". Do I Know you is a record that follows up with a sound that's maybe a bit fuller than Mike Cooper's debut, but still relatively spare – with Mike on acoustic guitar and slide guitar, Harry Miller on bass (really great bass, by the way!), and Poor Little Anne on a bit of vocals. Miller brings these deep tones to the record that really transform things – and titles include "Do I Know You", "Start Of A Journey", "First Song", "Theme In C", and "The Link". Trout Steel is a beautiful set from the British scene at the start of the 70s – a record that's got a fairly folksy tone, but lots of jazzy currents as well! The set was issued on the seminal Dawn Records label – and really shows that imprint's commitment to the left side of the spectrum – as Mike Cooper's vocals and acoustic guitar come into play with more guitar from Stefan Grossman – plus alto sax from Mike Osborne, tenor and soprano from Alan Skidmore, piano from John Taylor, and bass from the late Harry Miller – all key players on the UK avant jazz scene of the time! The mix of these players with Cooper's core inspiration is not unlike some of the most progressive material coming from Island Records – or, even better, the special jazzy moments on records by Tim Buckley or Tim Hardin – company that Cooper could very easily keep, given the strength of his songwriting. Titles include "Don't Talk Too Fast", "On My Way", "Hope You See", "Weeping Rose", "Trout Steel", "I've Got Mine", "That's How", and "Pharoah's March". Places I Know blends Cooper's acoustic guitar and rootsy vocals with some very compelling arrangements from Mike Gibbs – the British jazz talent who was already known for his larger ensemble creations at the time, but who works here in these really subtle ways – to inflect Cooper's core inspirations with just some slight instrumental colors, tones, and phrases on most numbers – while Cooper brings in the core Machine Gun Co group on a few more. The result is a record that's way more than familiar folk – and arguably a lot hipper than most of the British acid folk of the time, too – on titles that include "Night Journey", "Paper & Smoke", "Country Water", "Time To Time", "Goodbye Blues Goodbye", and "Places I Know". The Machine Gun Co album is a partner record to Places I Know – recorded in the same sessions, but with tracks that are longer, and even more openly expressive – all with backings from the sweet Machine Gun Co quartet, a group with some especially nice electric piano from Alan Cook! Heavy use of that instrument really works against some of the folksier elements in Cooper's music – with these blocks of warm sound and color that really illuminate the tunes, and almost unlock a new level in the vocals. Cooper plays a bit of electric guitar at times – and titles include "So Glad That I Found You", "Lady Anne", "Midnight Words", and "Song For Abigail". CD also features songs from singles – "Your Lovely Ways (parts 1 & 2)", "Time In Hand", and "Schaabisch Hall". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Jackie De ShannonMe About You/Laurel Canyon/Put A Little Love In The Heart/To Be Free ... CD
Imperial/BGO (UK), Late 60s. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
Four classic albums from Jackie DeShannon – all in a single set! First up is Me About You – sophisticated Jackie at her best – working with great arrangements from Jack Nitzsche and Nick DeCaro – both cats from the California scene we can really trust for "cut-above" pop work like this – music that goes way past the simple sounds of DeShannon's start – into cool adult territory that really makes the album great. Jackie's vocals are surprisingly soulful in the setting – even more so than before – and the tunes include lots of gems, including versions of Van Dyke Parks' "High Coin", John Sebastian's "Didn't Want To Have To Do It", and Tim Hardin's "Baby Close Its Eyes". Also includes "I Keep Wanting You", "Me About You", and "Nicole". Next is Laurel Canyon – heady work from Jackie DeShannon's later years in 60s pop – an album with themes and styles that go way beyond her earlier recordings – as you might guess from the hip Laurel Canyon reference in the title! Jackie's working here in a mode that's much more strongly in a singer-songwriter style than before – with arrangements and backings that are a lot more organic, and less pop-tuned than ever – almost in a Laura Nyro approach on some numbers. As usual, a good portion of the tracks were written by Jackie herself – including "Holly Would", "Come & Stay With Me", "LA", "Too Close", and "Laurel Canyon" – and the album also features a few well chosen tracks by other writers too, like "Bitter Honey" by Paul Williams & Roger Nichols, "I Got My Reason" by Barry White, and "You've Really Got A Hold On Me" by Smokey Robinson. Put A Little Love In Your Heart is quite possibly the last great hit from singer Jackie DeShannon – an album built around the righteous spirit of the title track – filled with really wonderful original tunes penned by Jackie and soul singer Jimmy Holiday! The album may well be the best to explore the space between pop and soul that often characterized Jackie's work – and the overall sound is somewhat similar to some of Dusty Springfield's best pop/soul work from the same stretch. 10 of the album's 12 tracks are originals by Holiday and DeShannon – all set to soaring orchestrations by James Langeford, which often have a pronounced influence from the sound of Atlantic Records in the late 60s! Titles include "Put A Little Love In Your Heart", "You Are The Real Thing", "River Of Love", "Movin", "You Can Come To Me", "You Have A Way With Me", and "I Let Go Completely". To Be Free is an interesting little record – with kind of a crossover California soul feel overall – recorded with Rene Hall arrangements that echo a few rootsy modes at times, mixed in with fuller orchestrations that step a bit back towards Jackie's earlier years on Imperial – a surprisingly nice blend, with a fresh sound for the 70s. The album features a number of great tracks co-written with Jimmy Holiday – a fellow Imperial talent – and titles include "Mediterranean Sky", "Sooner Or Later", "What Was Your Day Like", "Livin On The Easy Side", "Brighton Hill", and "When Morning Comes Again". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Al Di MeolaElegant Gypsy/Casino ... CD
Columbia/BGO (UK), 1977/1978. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Two full fusion classics from Al Di Meola – back to back on a single CD! Elegant Gypsy really features DiMeola moving into some very dynamic territory – jamming out heavy on a mix of electric and acoustic guitars, with additional help from Paco DeLucia on acoustic at points. The instrumentation also features heavy electric piano from Jan Hammer, other keyboards from Barry Miles, bass from Anthony Jackson, and drums from Steve Gadd and Lenny White – all fusion powerhouse players who really take over the groove at times, but still leave enough room on the record for some gentler sounds from Paco and Al. Titles include "Elegant Gypsy Suite", "Flight Over Rio", "Midnight Tango", and "Race With Devil On Spanish Highway". Casino has a smaller, tighter lineup than some of Al DiMeola's other records of the time, but the overall sound is still pretty far-reaching – thanks to a mix of keyboards from Barry Miles, and a blistering array of acoustic and electric guitars from Al himself! Steve Gadd propels the group withs ome very heavy drums, and Anthony Jackson plays bass – on titles that include "Egyptian Danza", "Chasin The Voodoo", "Senor Mouse", "Casino", and "Fantasia Suite For Two Guitars". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Dillard & ClarkFantastic Expedition Of Dillard & Clark/Through The Morning Through The Night (with bonus tracks) ... CD
A&M/BGO (UK), 1968/1969. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Two seminal albums from Doug Dillard and Gene Clark – back to back in a single set, and with bonus tracks too! Fantastic Expedition is a mellow masterpiece of sunshine country rock from Dillard & Clark – a duo that featured Gene Clark of the Byrds and Doug Dillard of the Dillards – in a wonderful blend of Cali longhair harmonies, back porch psych, and expert Byrds-y tunefulness! Dillard provides lots of great banjo and some chirping fiddle – along with mandolin and chiming acoustic guitars that bring a bit of bluegrass into the sound – but the record has California written all over it thanks to the vocal harmonies and wistful tune craft. Really close to perfection – and deserves as much praise as the better known country rock benchmarks of the era – including the early two classics by Flying Burrito Brothers. Tracks include "Out On The Side", "She Darked The Sun", "Train Leaves Here This Mornin", "With Care From Somewhere", "Git It On Brother", "In The Plan", and "Don't Come Rolling". Through The Morning Through The Night is the amazing second album from the great duo of Gene Clark and Doug Dillard – and a record that's maybe even better than the first! Even though the set's a key part of the late 60s Byrds and Flying Burrito Brothers legacy – the vibe is probably more like the latter than the former – that is, more country than rock – in a way that really has the Clark/Dillard team getting even more confident with that side of their sound – drawing both on Doug's roots, and pointing the way toward his years to come. Clark provides some excellent songwriting, and his vocals are what really set the album apart – and the album also features some backing vocals from Donna Washington, amidst a mostly acoustic lineup that includes bluegrass instrumentation – and guest work from Sneaky Pete Kleinow on steel guitar, Chris Hillman on mandolin, and Bernie Leadon on guitar. Titles include "So Sad", "Corner Street Bar", "I Bowed My Head & Cried Holy", "Kansas City Southern", "No Longer A Sweetheart Of Mine", "Polly", "Four Walls", and "Through The Morning Through The Night". Bonus tracks include "Why Not Your Baby", "Lyin Down The Middle", and "Don't Be Cruel". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Dirty Blues BandDirty Blues Band/Stone Dirt ... CD
Bluesway/BGO (UK), 1967/1968. Used ... Out Of Stock
... CD
(Still sealed with original slipcase!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Earth Wind & FireEarth Wind & Fire/Need Of Love ... CD
Warner/BGO (UK), 1971. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A pair of spiritual soul classics – the rare early Warner Brothers albums from Earth Wind & Fire – back to back on a single CD! Earth, Wind & Fire's first album was recorded at a time when the group recently had ties to the Chicago soul and jazz scenes, and a range of experience that ran the gamut from work with Sun Ra, the Artistic Heritage Ensemble, The Pharoahs, Ramsey Lewis, and countless other influential groups. Headed up by Maurice White on drums and percussion, the group forged an amazing blend of all these influences, creating a future soul sound that pushed black music to the next level – taking a wealth of previously underground modes of expression, and fusing them into a soaring sound that would soon put them at the top of the charts. This album's a lot looser and freer than their Columbia albums – with plenty of raw funk and some nice off-beat jazz soling. Includes the classic break track "C'Mon Children", plus "Fan The Fire", "Bad Tune", and "Moment Of Truth". Need Of Love is one of the two early Earth Wind & Fire LPs recorded for Warner – and the one that shows their amazing roots in the avant-garde jazz scene in Chicago! At the forefront, the record's a righteous soul album with an ensemble funk sound – but deeper in, there's a lot of jazz-based playing, and a number of moments that almost get "out" in the solos! Surely this one couldn't have been made without the spiritual advancements in jazz made by the AACM – and EWF couldn't have helped rubbing shoulders with those players, considering that they all often gigged together in the Chicago studio scene, and that they'd also shared some time together in groups like The Pharoahs and Phil Cohran's Artistic Heritage Ensemble. Titles include "Energy", "Beauty", and a nice remake of Donny Hathaway's "Everything is Everything". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Joe FarrellPenny Arcade/Upon This Rock/Canned Funk ... CD
BGO (UK), Mid 70s. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
3 killer CTI classics from Joe Farrell in a 2CD set! Penny Arcade has grooves so sharp you could cut your trousers on them! Farrell's angular reed style is in perfect form here – grooving with a small group that includes Herbie Hancock on piano, Joe Beck on guitar, Steve Gadd on drums, and Don Alias on percussion – a combo that's got a harder, tighter feel than most CTI groups – a key reason why Joe's records of this time are so legendary! Includes a version of Stevie Wonder's "Too High" – one that breaks all over the beginning with these riffs by Farrell, then grooves into a CTI electric funk mode for about 13 minutes. All tracks are long – and other tracks include "Hurricane Jane", "Geo Blue", "Penny Arcade", and "Cloud Cream". Upon This Rock is another massive set from the funky reedman – with a lean, edgy groove to the set that's totally great. One cut features a guest group – with Herbie Hancock on piano, Steve Gadd on drums, and Don Alias on percussion – and the album includes the massively break-heavy title cut "Upon This Rock", plus "Seven Seas", "I Won't Be Back", and "Weathervane". There's nothing canned on Canned Funk – as the sound, style, and groove of the record is as fresh and freaky as the classic image on the cover! The sax lines are as angular as the rhythms – tight, choppy, and completely funky – no wonder the record's a CTI classic that folks have dug for years! Tracks are all nice and long – and titles include "Canned Funk", "Animal", and "Spoken Silence". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Gap BandGap Band (1979)/Gap Band II/Gap Band III ... CD
Mercury/BGO (UK), 1979/1980. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
Massive music in a wonderful package – three funky classics from The Gap Band! First up is the group's self-titled album from 1979 – the start of the legendary second chapter for the Gap Band – the point when the group had reemerged as the tight funky trio of the Wilson Brothers, with a groove that would really set them up nicely for the 80s! This first album in the new format has a wonderfully tight feel – still plenty of sharp edges that echo their earlier groove, but a leaner quality too – one that's got the bass and drums snapping together wonderfully, really setting the tone for the heaviest grooves. There's also a few mellower cuts too – which really sound great, and give the record the same sort of balance you might hear on work by Heaven & Earth at the time. War's Lonnie Simmons produced – and held the cash bag all the way to the bank! Titles include "I'm In Love", "Got To Get Away", "Messin With My Mind", "Shake", "Baby Baba Boogie", "Open Your Mind Wide", and "I Can Sing". Gap Band II features mean, lean grooves from The Gap Band – a legendary batch of mainstream funk from the end of the 70s – and a record that really has the trio working at the top of their game! There's a wonderful balance here between funky numbers and mellow ones – the latter of which really help pace the record nicely, giving it a depth that takes the group way beyond the cliches of some of their contemporaries, and firmly establishing the Gap Band as one to watch for the 80s! Titles include the massive "I Don't Believe You Want To Get Up & Dance" – with its classic "Oops Upside Your Head" refrain – plus "Who Do You Call", "No Hiding Place", "Steppin Out", "You Are My High", and "Party Lights". Gap Band III is sagreat one from the Gap Band – funky gems and sinister groovers – the best of both worlds for the group! Tunes like "Burn Rubber On Me (When You Want To Hurt Me)" and "Humpin" packed 80s dance floors for good reason, and put the band in steady rotation, while numbers like "Yearning For Your Love" showed the band could drop the tempo, stretch out a bit, and deliver the mighty mellow. This one's certainly at the top of the heap of 80s groovers, as far as we're concerned – a record that really took the Gap Band over the top! Other tracks include "Nothin' Comes To The Sleepers", "Are You Living", "The Way", "Gash Gash Gash" and more. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Grass RootsWhere Were You When I Needed You/Let's Live For Today/Feelings/Lovin Things ... CD
Dunhill/BGO (UK), Late 60s. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
A four-pack of albums from this seminal group – all brought together in a single set! Where Were You is a seminal set from the Sunset Strip scene of the 60s – and just the kind of record that shows why the changes taking place in Cali were so important to the growth of so much other music at the time! A few years before, and The Grass Roots would have been a pop folk combo re-tuning traditional tracks for the coffeehouse scene – but here they're taking off with some post-folk modes that are partly sunshine pop, partly the headier currents that were the darker side of the west coast – all put together with superb production by PF Sloan and Steve Barri – who also penned some of the best tunes on the record. Titles include the great "Where Were You When I Needed You" – plus "Only When You're Lonely", "Look Out Girl", "Ain't That Loving You Baby", "I've Got No More To Say", "I Am A Rock", "Tell Me", and "Mr Jones". Let's Live For Today is maybe the most famous record ever given to the world by California quartet The Grass Roots – famous for its title tune, and for the way that it effortlessly blends together folk inclinations and psych inspirations! The record's definitely one of those that showed the world that there was something new in the air at the time – put together with perfect production in the studio from Steve Barri and PF Sloan – who are in territory that's somewhere between the best from Brian Wilson and Abbey Road Studios – but a bit more understated than both! Titles include the classic "Let's Live For Today" – plus "Things I Should Have Said", "Wake Up Wake Up", "No Exit", "This Precious Time", "House Of Stone", "Is It Any Wonder", and "Tip Of My Tongue". Feelings is a great departure for The Grass Roots – a set that has the group taking a stronger role overall in the instrumentation and songwriting on the record – at a level that makes the whole thing a fabulous extension of all the genius they'd given the world on previous sets! There's still that cool blend of post-folk and psychedelic elements taking place here – gently swirled together with acoustic and electric guitars setting the tunes up just right – all with a late 60s Cali vibe that's as great today as when it was recorded. Titles include "The Sins Of A Family Fall On The Daughter", "Melody For You", "You Might As Well Go My Way", "Dinner For Eight", "Good Things Come To An End", "You & Love Are The Same", and "Hey Friend". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Sammy HagarMusical Chairs ... CD
Capitol/BGO (UK), 1977. Used ... Out Of Stock
... CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ John Lee HookerUrban Blues ... CD
Bluesway/BGO (UK), 1967. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A fantastic late 60s set from John Lee Hooker – one that has the legend working in a mode that echoes some of the funkier soul styles of the time, but with a vibe that's still very much in the best spirit of his classic work! The groove is slightly amped up by the electric bass of Eddie Taylor and tight drums of Al Duncan, but the session just features a quartet – with the mighty Phil Upchurch on second guitar next to John's lead – and Hooker delivering some fantastic vocals throughout! Titles include "Hot Spring Water (parts 1 & 2)", "Backbiters & Syndicaters", "Mr Lucky", "Cry Before I Go", "I'm Standing In Line", "The Motor City Is Burning", "Want Ad Blues", and "I Can't Stand To Leave You". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Jimmy James & The VagabondsNew Religion/London Swings/This Is Jimmy James & The Vagabonds/Open Up Your Soul (plus bonus tracks) ... CD
Pye/BGO (UK), Late 60s. New Copy 2 CDs ... Out Of Stock
Four classic albums from this hip British soul group – issued here in a single set, with bonus tracks too! First up is New Religion – a record that was also released in America by Atlantic Records. Although they were a UK soul act, Jimmy James and The Vagabonds were a perfect match for the Atlantic soul stable of the 60s. The group had a smooth group style that was partly uptown, partly northern soul – as clearly illustrated in this album, which is divided up into a "mood red: you feel like leaping" side, and a "mood blue: you feel like digging deeper" side. The band chose some good material that really helps them maintain a solid socking soul sound – including "The Entertainer" and "Ain't Love Good, Ain't Love Proud" by Tony Clarke, "Ain't No Big Thing" and "I'm Just A Fool For You Girl" by Gerald Sims, and "Little Boy Blue" and "People Get Ready" by Curtis Mayfield. Also features "Come To Me Softly", a sweet dreamy ballad by Jimmy, and kind of a bit crossover hit for the boys. London Swings is two-sided monster – as the album was originally split with work from the Alan Bown Set too! Here, the CD features just the live material from the soul group – a smoking performance from Jimmy James & The Vagabonds – one that goes way past the sweetness of their hits, and which has a crowd-pleasing, party-hearty approach to soul that's really great! Jimmy and the group serve up versions of "Sock It To Em JB", "That Driving Beat", "Ain't Too Proud To Beg", "You Don't Know Like I Know", and "Don't Know What I'm Gonna Do". This Is Jimmy James & The Vagabonds is a record that featured some crossover tracks with New Religion – but the set here just features the exclusive cuts – including "I Feel Alright", "I Can't Get Back Home To My Baby", "Never Like This Before", "I Don't Wanna Cry", and "You Showed Me The Way". Open Up Your Soul is a record with a really wonderful sound – the deeply soulful vocals of Jimmy James & The Vagabonds, mixed with rich arrangements handled by Nicky Welsh, and produced to perfection by Brit maestro John Schroeder! The record's got the sophistication of some of the Richard Evans productions over at Chess/Cadet at the same time – and, no surprise, the group lead off with a great cover of The Dells "Wear It On Our Face" – then roll into cuts that include "Cry Like A Baby", "Good Day Sunshine", "Four Walls", "Everybody Loves A Winner", "If You're Gonna Love Me", and "Open Up Your Soul". CD also features 7 more bonus tracks from singles – including "Why", "Bumper To Bumper", "Close The Door", "Give Us A Light", "I Wanna Be your Everything", "Hungry For Love", and "Don't Know What I'm Gonna Do". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Waylon JenningsLonesome Onry & Mean/Honky Tonk Heroes/This Time/Ramblin Man (bonus tracks) ... CD
RCA/BGO (UK), Early 70s. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
A classic run of records from Waylon Jennings – brought together in a single package! First up is Lonesome Onry & Mean – a pivotal album for Waylon Jennings – the record where he really found the new direction that would finally get him the fame he deserved – delivered in a way that's free from all the later cliches, and which also ties Waylon pretty strongly to the hipper currents of the underground – especially that point where singer/songwriter genius intersected with country! The production is his own, and vastly different than the late 60s records – even though we love those to death too – and that magical Jennings vocal approach does fantastic things to tunes by Steve Young, Mickey Newbury, Kris Kristofferson, and others! Titles include the fantastic "Lonesome Onry & Mean", plus "Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues", "Freedom To Stay", "Lay It Down", "You Can Have Her", "Pretend I Never Happened", "San Francisco Mabel Joy", "Sandy Sends Her Best", and a great take on "Me &Bobby McGee". Honky Tonk Heroes is genius material from Waylon Jennings – one of those career-defining records from the early 70s that completely put him on top, and heralded a whole new generation in country music! The set's maybe equally noteworthy as a showcase for the up-and-coming Billy Joe Shaver, who wrote much of the songs on the record – and it's also a great showcase for the important production talents of Tompall Glaser, who really gets the spirit of the music right! Titles include great versions of "Honky Tonk Heroes", "Old Five & Dimers Like Me", "Ride Me Down Easy", "Black Rose", "Willy The Wandering Gypsy & Me", "Omaha", and "Ain't No God In Mexico". This Time is one of those Waylon Jennings records from a time when he could do no wrong – fighting the stronger powers at RCA to really find his voice – recording at the studio of Tompall Glaser, with great production help from Willie Nelson – who was enjoying his own transformation at the time too! As with the previous two gems from this period, the choice of material and presentation is great – songs by Willie, JJ Cale, and Billy Joe Shavers – in a set of titles that include "Heaven Or Hell", "It's Not Supposed To Be That Way", "This Time", "Pick Up The Tempo", "If You Could Touch Her At All", "Walkin", "Slow Rollin Low", "Louisiana Woman", and "Slow Movin Outlaw". Ramblin Man is Waylon Jennings at peak mid 70s perfection! Ramblin' Man fits in stylistically with the gruff honky tonk hero mode he first fully realized a couple albums earlier, but he's still fiercely blazing trails here, pairing his gruff lead vocals with sweeter female harmonies on some tracks, changing the groove from laidback swagger to fast-paced honky tonk, working in some tender ballads with the gruffer numbers...Waylon at his best. Starts up with the eternal title track and equally classic "Rainy Day Woman" and hardly lets up in greatness from there, with "Cloudy Days", "The Hunger", "It'll Be Her", a great cover of the Allman Brothers' "Midnight Rider", "Memories Of You And Me", "Amanda" and more. Features bonus tracks too – "Laid Back Country Picker", "The Last One To Leave Seattle", "Big Big Love", "Got A Lot Going For Me", "The Last Letter", and "The One I Sing My Love Songs To". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ JohnstonsJohnstons/Give A Damn/Barley Corn ... CD
Transatlantic/BGO (UK), Late 60s. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
Great work from The Johnstons – an Irish group centered around the wonderful vocals of Adrienne and Lucy Johnston – a male/female pair who have a really fantastic sound when they sing together! Given their harmonies, The Johnstons' approach is a bit of a later take on some of the folk harmony recordings of the early 60s – but given their Irish bent, and ear for traditional material, they've also got echoes of some of the acid folk generation that was rising up at the time – and in a way, the material here is a crucial bridge between the two generations – definitely too dark to be pop, but with less of the jamming quality of Pentangle or Fairport Convention. A few tracks here and there have larger arrangements, but most of the material is spare and moody – and this great package brings together three full Transatlantic albums by the group – a total of 38 tracks in all! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Juicy LucyJuicy Lucy/Lie Back & Enjoy It/Get A Whiff Of This (plus bonus tracks) ... CD
Vertigo/BGO (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
Three full albums from Juicy Lucy – plus bonus tracks too! First up is the self-titled debut from Juicy Lucy – an American act who made a trip to the London scene in the late 60s, where they found a way to forge a whole bunch of influences into a very unique groove! Had they stayed back home in Cali, Juicy Lucy might have gravitated towards the Bay Area scene, and ended up sounding a bit freakier and hippieish – but in London, they sharpened their sound, unleashed some deeper bluesy currents, and put the whole thing together with a mix of wit and flair that really set them apart! The group boasts great lead vocals from Ray Owen, a cool mix of electric and acoustic sax parts from Chris Mercer, strong lead guitar from Neil Hubbard, and a range of great sounds from Glenn Ross Campbell – who uses steel guitar and mandolin in ways that are very different than American groups of the time. Forgive the album its quickly-dated, exploitative cover – because it's got a lot more to offer than that – and titles include "Chicago Northwestern", "Train", "Nadine", "Mississippi Woman", "She's Mine She's Yours", and "Just One Time". Lie Back & Enjoy It is hard and heavy work from Juicy Lucy – a group who are even stronger here on this second set than on their debut – effortlessly spinning out lines that are very much in the best hard rock modes of the period, but which also retain some nice bluesy influences as well! The group's a sextet – and in addition to some very unique vocals from singer Paul Williams, who also plays piano and congas, the set also has some surprisingly nice use of steel guitar and mandolin, but never in ways that sound like the instruments might in the handling of some of the Cali crowd at the time. Lead guitar is from Mick Moody, sax and keyboard lines are from Chris Mercer, and titles include "Pretty Woman", "Built For Comfort", "Whisky In My Jar", "Hello LA Bye Bye Birmingham", "Thinking Of My Life", and "Willie The Pimp". For Get A Whiff Of This, the title's a bit of a joke, especially in relation to the cover – but Juicy Lucy come on strong here, with a searing sound that shows that they're way past the novelty of the image on the front! Over the course of the previous records, the group really honed their unique blend of American blues and Brit hard rock inspiration – very well-focused here, with a sound that paves the way for some of the bigger crossover acts that would soon dominate American radio in the mid 70s – something the group unfortunately never got the chance to do. Titles include "Mr Skin", "Midnight Rider", "Mr A Jones", "Sunday Morning", and "Jessica". 2CD set features the bonus b-side tracks "Walking Down The Highway" and "I Am A Thief". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Arthur LeeVindicator (with bonus tracks) ... CD
A&M/BGO (UK), 1972. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Arthur Lee left his group Love behind for this early 70s debut as a solo act – but the record also seems to have Lee returning to some of the heavier blues-inspired sounds of that group's early years too! Lee is a monster here in the spotlight – fantastic guitar lines effortlessly flying from his fingers, vocal power that's more varied and dynamic than some of his later Love performances, and a sense of occasional wit that's echoed by the cover. Arthur also wrote, produced, and arranged the whole thing – which was recorded in Hollywood with help from some of his friends – on titles that include "Hamburger Breath Stinkfinger", "He Knows A Lot of Good Women", "You Can Save Up To 50% But You're Still A Long Ways From Home", "He Said She Said", "Love Jumped Through My Window", "Everybody's Gotta Live", and "You Want Change For Your Rerun". CD features lots of bonus tracks – "Pencil In Hand", "Looking Glass Looking At Me", and unreleased versions of "Everybody's Gotta Live", "He Knows A Lot Of Good Women", and "EZ Rider". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Little RichardRill Thing/King Of Rock & Roll/Second Coming ... CD
Reprise/BGO (UK), Early 70s. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
A trio of revival albums from the legendary Little Richard – all of them pretty darn great! First up is the funky Rill Thing – a stunning comeback session from the start of the 70s – recorded at Muscle Shoals with a heavy funk component in the mix! Richard arranged and produced the record himself – and it's a beautiful illustration of his genius – hardly dimmed at this point in his career, and if anything, really redefined for a new generation – with some razor-sharp grooves that are perfect for his hard-wailing vocals! The title cut – "The Rill Thing" – is a monster 10 minute instrumental jam, with a heavy funk sound that you can't even begin to imagine – and the rest of the set is pretty amazing too, with tracks that include "Spreadin' Natta What's The Matter", "Freedom Blues", "Two Time Loser", "Somebody Saw You", "Lovesick Blues", and "Greenwood Mississippi". Next is King Of Rock & Roll – a much rootsier set than some of Little Richard's other work for Reprise Records – a record that almost goes back to the old days, but via the hipper styles of the early 70s! HB Barnum arranged and produced the set, but the groove is less funkier than some of Barnum's other work of the time – a bit more rockish in some of the rhythms and instrumentation, which is no surprise considering the title – with a nod back towards late 50s modes, but in that new-roots way that Warner was hitting with other artists of the period. Richard's vocals hold up very well in the setting – and apart from the original tunes "Green Power" and "King Of Rock & Roll", the album features versions of "Midnight Special", "Dancing In The Street", "Brown Sugar", and "Born On The Bayou". Last up is Second Coming – funky 70s Little Richard – very much in the spirit of his Rill Thing album, although a bit more polished! The album features production and arrangements from New Orleans soul legend Bumps Blackwell – who first handled Richard way back when – and the record's sort of divided half and half between tracks that have a 70s funky feel, and others that are going back for more of an older styled retro rocking groove – yet not nearly as much so as on Richard's previous Reprise album. Titles include "Nuki Suki", "The Prophet Of Peace", "Thomasine", "Second Line", and "It Ain't What You Do It's The Way How You Do It". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Harvey MandelBaby Batter ... CD
BGO (UK), 1971. Used ... Out Of Stock
A classic bit of funky guitar by Harvey Mandel – similar to some of Dennis Coffey's early work in that it's got full on guitar power, very much inspired by heavy rock, filtered through an approach that's also got plenty of funk in it! The killer track here is the classic "Baby Batter" – a great cut that starts with a hard funky break, and which rips out guitar-wise, jamming all the way through. The whole album's pretty tasty, though – and other tracks include "El Stinger", "Hank The Ripper", and "Morton Grove Mama". Production is by Abe Voco Kesh – and the set features work from Howeard Wales and Mike Melvion on organ and electric piano – plus Big Black on congas! CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Buddy MilesExpressway To Your Skull/Electric Church/Them Changes/We Got To Live Together ... CD
Mercury/BGO (UK), Late 60s. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
Four heavy classics from Buddy Miles – all together in a single set! First up is Expressway To Your Skull – a super tripped-out blend of rock, funk, and soul – easily one of Buddy Miles' most mindblowing albums – and a classic that never lets up at all! Buddy's leading the whole group on drums – really kicking things large from behind the kit – while the rest of the group jams in a heavy style that's got plenty of fuzzed-out guitar and jazzy horn riffs – virtually a blueprint for countless other rock funk groups that copped Buddy's style in years to come. The drums alone are worth the price of admission – but the whole album's so right, tight, and outta sight that it's been a favorite in our crates for years! Titles include "Train", "Let Your Lovelight Shine", "Don't Mess With Cupid", "Funky Mule", and "Wrap It Up". Electric Church is filled with bluesy soul from Buddy Miles – an album that was half-produced by Jimi Hendrix, and which showcases the really crowd-pleasing side of Miles' sound! Tracks are a mix of soul covers and original numbers – done in a mode that puts plenty of guitar out front in the mix, and which uses Buddy's screaming vocals a bit more than his heavier drums. Horns are used on most numbers to give them a bit of southern soul inflection, and titles include a great live jamming take on "Wrap It Up", the funky "Destructive Love", and the cuts "Cigarettes & Coffee", "Miss Lady", "Texas", and "My Chant". Them Changes is a landmark album of crossover funk – fuzzed out rock, soul, and jazzy licks all coming into play together – held totally tight by drummer Buddy Miles, the undisputed king of his scene! Buddy's drums are super-heavy – holding down his Freedom Express group with a heavy jazz-rock sound that would soon have a huge influence on other groups. Includes Buddy's original version of "Them Changes" – a tune that was instantly covered by everyone at the time – plus the cuts "Memphis Train", "Your Feeling Is Mine", "Dreams", and "Down By The River". Last up is We Got To Live Together – pure crossover genius from Buddy Miles – a great mix of funky soul and rockish touches – and the kind of record that easily put Buddy in the same camp as Sly Stone or The Isley Brothers with mainstream audiences of the time! Tracks here are a bit longer and more jamming than work by either of those two artists – with the kind of heavy guitar and horns that played heavily to the Fillmore crowd – but the overall sound of the record is a fair bit more soulful and even funkier than some other Miles' efforts from the earlier years too, with plenty of his tight drums in the mix! Titles include a great 12 minute reading of the title track "We Got To Live Together" – plus "Take It Off Him & Put It On Me", "Runaway Child", "Walking Down The Highway", and "Easy Greasy". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Ohio PlayersSkin Tight/Fire ... CD
Mercury/BGO (UK), 1974/1975. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
2 Ohio Players classics – back to back on one CD! Skin Tight is the band's first album for Mercury – and although one might have the temptation to say that the label cut down the radical funk sound of the trippy Westbound years, the move also taught the band to sharpen up their act, and get out of the repetitive sloppy groove into which they'd been lapsing during the past few years. The record's a lot smoother than earlier work – with a polished funky sound that would soon push the band right up there with Earth Wind & Fire at the top of the soul charts. And although there's familiar funky numbers like "Skin Tight", "Jive Turkey", and "Streakin Cheek To Cheek" – the best moment on the entire album is the wonderful spacey soul number "Heaven Must be Like This", a seven minute mellow groover that's got a sophisticated jazzy soul style, with voices and piano soaring into the heavens, in a way that always still sends chills down our spine! That cut shows the band's tremendous growth – and it's one of their best-ever! Fire is one of the biggest albums ever for Ohio Players – a set that took their earlier funk sound and targeted firmly at the mainstream with a lean, mean groove that a million other groups copied at the time! There's still plenty of the soul of the early years in the group's approach here – and sometimes, the mellower tracks show a wonderful talent for harmonies coming even more fully to the top. But the real appeal of the record has always been the bold, bassy grooves that hit strongly just as ensemble funk was exploding in the mainstream during the early years of disco – making plenty of space for the Players and their contemporaries to grab up new audiences who never would have touched a record like this five years before! There's plenty of grit in the grooves on the best numbers – a style that's maybe not as dirty as on Westbound, but still more than enough to make any real funk fan proud. Titles include "Fire", "Together", "Together/Feelings", "It's All Over", "Runnin' From the Devil", "Smoke", "What The Hell", and "I Want To Be Free". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Pointer SistersPointer Sisters/That's A Plenty ... CD
Blue Thumb/BGO (UK), Early 70s. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
Two early albums from this legendary group – back to back in a single set! First up is the self-titled Pointer Sisters – the group's debut, and an album that's a lot deeper than most of their crossover pop from years to come! At the time of the album's release, the trio were a badass group of female singers on the Bay Area scene – out to redefine the role of the girl group in soul – working not only with righteous power that was a real change from modes of the 60s – but also this trans-temporal quality that had them reaching back with ease for references from decades past, which also includes a surprising amount of jazz! The highlight here is the group's classic funky break version of Allen Toussaint's "Yes We Can Can" – and other titles include "Naked Food", "Wang Dang Doodle", "Sugar", "Pains & Tears", "Jada", "River Boulevard", and "Cloudburst". That's A Plenty is a wonderfully retro-styled set from the Pointer Sisters – one that has the group singing in a variety of older jazz modes, but which also mixes in a nice dose of heavy funk as well! The format's an odd one, but very typical of the group's genre-blending style – of the sort that first got them noticed strongly in the early 70s, then helped them bridge out to a wide variety of audiences later in the decade. Styles include bop, swing, and even a bit of trad jazz – plus some bluesier funk on the best numbers – and the album features an incredible 8 minute version of "Love In Them There Hills", done in a sweet 70s electric style! Other tracks include "Grinning In Your Face", "Little Pony", "Fairytale", "Black Coffee", "Shaky Flat Blues", and "That's A Plenty/Surfeit USA". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ RedboneRedbone – As & Bs ... CD
Columbia/BGO (UK), 1970s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A big stack of singles from one of the coolest groups on the American scene of the 70s – one who are remembered for a few key singles, but delivered a heck of a lot more greatness over the space of the decade! Redbone are maybe best known for their makeup – as the group featured Native and Mexican American members – but they also stood equally well next to their contemporaries on the airwaves, with a great ear for a catchy groove and a way of mixing soulful currents with rock expressions that was perfect for the AM radio generation! And it's on their singles that the group maybe excelled the most – able to come up with tunes that were short and catchy, but also had all these cool twists and turns too – as you'll hear on the big mix of styles on this 36 track collection that brings together all the a-sides and b-sides of their classic singles! Tracks include their huge hit "Come & Get Your Love" – plus "Message From A Drum", "One Monkey", "Physical Attraction", "Turquoise Eyes", "Crazy Cajun Cakewalk Band", "New Blue Sermonette", "Alcatraz", "We Were All Wounded At Wounded Knee", "Wovoka", "Clouds In My Sunshine", "Checkin It Out", "I've Got To Find The Right Woman", "Niji Trance", "The Witch Queen Of New Orleans", and "Light As A Feather". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Don Rendell/Ian Carr QuintetShades Of Blue/Dusk Fire ... CD
BGO (UK), 1964/1966. Used 2 CDs ... Out Of Stock
Some of the greatest British jazz of the 60s – two early albums by the groundbreaking Ian Carr/Don Rendell quintet! Shades Of Blue is the debut of a legendary British jazz group – one who not only gave that nation's scene a fresh voice in music, but who also really set the tone for many other acts to come! After a stretch when the London scene was doing a great job of matching American efforts in bop and swing, players like Don Rendell and Ian Carr found a way to really carve out some bold space of their own – here, by matching their own strong sense of writing and arranging, always filled with beautiful tone and color, with some of the more modern phrasing and styles that were just creeping up around town. The set's not nearly as experimental as the work of Joe Harriott, but has all the hallmarks of that generation's openness to new ways of expression – often given a surprisingly soulful swing, and captured perfectly as one of the early entries in the famous Lansdowne Series recordings. The rest of the group is equally great – and in addition to Rendell on tenor and soprano sax, and Carr on trumpet and flugelhorn – the combo includes Colin Purbrook on piano, Dave Green on bass, and Trevor Tompkin on drums. Titles include "Garrison 64", "Blue Mosque", "Just Blue", "Latin Blue", "Sailin", and "Big City Strut". Dusk Fire has a great group getting even better – as the legendary pairing of tenorist Don Rendell and trumpeter Ian Carr is joined by pianist Michael Garrick – who was really helping to shape the sound of British jazz at the time! The album's only the second from the Rendell/Carr Quintet, but it's already moving strongly forward – with this sense of composition and focus that's really amazing – served up in original tunes by all three creative forces in the lead – often with this great balance between soulful swing and modern ideas that makes the whole thing a dream all the way through! Don plays tenor, soprano sax, flute, and clarinet; Carr plays trumpet and flugelhorn; Garrick is on piano, Dave Green is on bass, and Trevor Tomkin is on drums – on titles that include "Prayer", "Dusk Fire", "Hot Rod", "Spooks", "Jubal", and "Tan Samfu". CD
(Includes slipcase.)
Also available Shades Of Blue/Dusk Fire ... CD 14.99

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✨✧ Boz ScaggsMy Time/Slow Dancer ... CD
Columbia/BGO (UK), 1972/1974. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A pair of early Boz Scaggs albums – back to back on a single set! My Time is Boz Scaggs at the height of his early powers – still very much in the best blue-eyed soul style that first got him noticed by CBS, but also working with a stronger, richer, prouder sound that's really great! A number of the tracks on the set were recorded in Muscle Shoals, with superb small combo soul backing that Boz seems to respond to tremendously well – hitting a mode that's somewhere between Al Green and Van Morrison, with vocals that are simply mindblowing, and extraordinarily soulful. The rest of the set was recorded in San Francisco, and has a similarly freewheeling sound to Boz debut for CBS – with some great backing vocals by Linda Tillery and Dorothy Morrison as well. Titles include "Dinah Flo", "Slowly In The West", "Full Lock Power Slide", "Old Time Lovin", "Might Have To Cry", "Hello My Lover", "He's A Fool For You", and "Freedom For The Stallion". Slow Dancer is one of Boz Scaggs most soulful albums – thanks to production from Johnny Bristol, and arrangements from HB Barnum! Titles include "Slow Dancer", "I Got Your Number", "Hercules", "Take It For Granted", and "Pain Of Love". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Michael Schenker GroupBuilt To Destroy ... CD
Chrysalis/BGO (UK), 1983. Used ... Out Of Stock
... CD
(Out of print.)
Also available Built To Destroy ... CD 8.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Michael Schenker GroupMichael Schenker Group/MSG ... CD
Chrysalis/BGO (UK), 1980/1981. Used ... Out Of Stock
... CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Michael Schenker GroupOne Night At Budokan ... CD
Chrysalis/BGO (UK), 1981. Used ... Out Of Stock
... CD
(1996 pressing.)
Also available One Night At Budokan ... CD 6.99

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✨✧ Otis SpannBlues Of Otis Spann/Cracked Spanner Head (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Decca/BGO (UK), 1964/1969. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
Two cool UK albums from Otis Spann – back to back on a single set! First up is the album Blues Of Otis Spann – a rare UK session, and one that's sometimes got even more grit than some of his hometown recordings back in Chicago! The vibe is very lean and laidback – an early Mike Vernon production, with work from Muddy Waters on guitar – working here under the nom-du-date of "Brother" – in a quartet that just has Ransom Knowling on bass and Little Willie Smith on guitar, and plenty of killer piano and vocals from Otis! Spann seems to have even more bite here than usual – and titles include "Sarah Street", "T 99", "I Came From Clarksdale", "Rock Me Mama", "Natural Days", and "Jangleboogie". Cracked Spanner Head is a record that builds on the sound of the obscure Blues Of Otis Spann album from 1964 – using the performances from that record, but mixed differently, with different songs at times, and added work on tenor, baritone, and trumpet brought into the lineup! The vibe is great – Otis Spann with a bit more punch than usual, and maybe some slight currents of funk – on titles that include "Crack Your Head", "Iced Nehi", "Lucky So & So", "Dollar Twenty Five", "Sometimes I Wonder", and "Mr Highway Man". CD features four bonus tracks – "Pretty Girls Everywhere", "Country Boy", "My Home In The Delta", and "You're Gonna Need My Help". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ StreetwalkersStreetwalkers ... CD
Mercury/BGO (UK), 1976. Used ... Out Of Stock
... CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Tom VerlaineTom Verlaine/Dreamtime ... CD
Elektra/BGO (UK), 1979/1981. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A Tom Verlaine double header – two albums back to back on a single CD! First up is the fantastic first solo album from Tom Verlaine – a set recorded shortly after the breakup of Television, but with a vibe that almost makes it feel like the group's third album! The songs are maybe a bit tighter, but no less creative – both from a lyrical and sonic perspective – and Verlaine's got that fantastic sense of edge in his vocals, which can even make some of the nicer lyrics feel a bit nasty – but all at a level that's never overstated, and which should be a blueprint for later generations of singers who always try too hard. Titles include "The Grip Of Love", "Kingdom Come", "Mr Bingo", "Yonki Time", "Red Leaves", and "Last Night". On Dreamtime, Tom Verlaine has lost none of his edge – and instead has almost emerged as one of the most mature singer/songwriters on the New York scene – an underground-to-mainstream poet to match the skills of Lou Reed and Patti Smith! The album's got a vibe that's almost like Reed's work of the time – in that Tom's an artist who clearly knows the path to the dark side, and ways to overindulge – but always instead finds a way to keep things well-crafted and economical, but without sacrificing his sound or his intellect. Titles include "Penetration", "The Blue Robe", "Mr Blur", "A Future In Noise", "Down On The Farm", "Without A Word", and "Fragile". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Narada Michael WaldenLooking At Me Looking At You/Nature Of Things/Divine Emotion ... CD
Atlantic/BGO (UK), Mid 80s. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
A trio of mid 80s albums from Narada Michael Walden – all together in one 2CD set! First up is Looking At You Looking At Me – an album with plenty of beats– so much so you might forget that Narada Michael Walden first rose to fame as a drummer – but all the electricity is fine with us, given the 80s groove sound of the set! There's a nice sense of energy that informs most of the tracks – a somewhat funky undercurrent that almost shows traces of the Minneapolis influence on soul at the time, but without a too-Prince sort of sound overall. There's also a few key ballads too – some gentler cuts that round out the set nicely, and which showcase the increasing confidence Walden's had with his vocals over the years. Titles include "Reach Out", "Looking At You Looking At Me", "Burning Up", "Shake It Off", "Dream Maker", and "Tina". Nature Of Things is a highly electric set from Narada Michael Walden – a mid 80s effort that's filled with catchy little tunes! The style's certainly more mainstream than we might have guessed, given Walden's early career – but it's still much better than most of the pop of its generation – thanks to Michael's strong jazz pedigree, which does seem to inform some of his arrangements and instrumental choices on the album. Most of the percussion is in the form of beats, but Walden's also credited with playing drums (roto-toms, perhaps?) – and in addition to his own lead vocals, the set also features work by Patti Austin and Marth Wash. Titles include "Live It Up", "Nature Of Things", "High Above The Clouds", "Gimme Gimme Gimme", "Suspicion", and "Dancin On Main Street". Divine Emotion is sweet 80s soul from Narada Michael Walden – a set that has the singer/drummer very confidently in the tight R&B territory that served him so well during the decade! As with previous records, there's a fair bit of 80s electronic elements in the mix – bursting, bubbling, and exploding with a joyful groove that really fits Walden's spirit – and serves to emphasize his ever-growing talent for penning at catchy tune! Titles include "Wild Thing", "Explosion", "Jam The Night", "Divine Emotions", "Can't Get You Outta My Head", "That's The Way I Feel About Cha", and "Certain Kind Of Lover". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Dexter WanselLife On Mars/What The World Is Coming To/Voyager/Time Is Slipping Away ... CD
Philadelphia International/BGO (UK), 1976/1977/1978/1979. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
Masterpiece records from Philly soul maestro Dexter Wansel – stepping out here in a beautiful blend of jazz and soul! Life On Mars is a fantastic bit of space age funk, easily the best album that Wansel ever recorded – and a sublime blend of Wansel's Philly grooving sensibility with some of the more keyboard-oriented funk that was coming out of the Herbie Hancock camp during the mid 70s. The result is a tight batch of crossover tracks that work well both as jazz funk groovers, and as smoother modern soul tracks. Includes the version of "Theme From the Planets" with the much sampled breakbeat at the beginning – plus lots of other nice ones, including "Life On Mars", "Rings Of Saturn", and "Stargazer". What The World Is Coming To moves the focus back to soul a bit more than Life On Mars – but also keeps in plenty of jazzy touches! Dexter's groove here is similar to the best work he did with other Philly vocalists in the same time – and the set features guest vocals from Jean Carn and Terri Wells, sliding into a warmly soulful realm on the mellower tracks, and stepping out with a fully jazzed up groove on the more upbeat numbers. Titles include "What The World Is Coming To", "Dreams Of Tomorrow", "Holdin On", "Dance With Me Tonight", "Disco Lights", and "Prelude #1". 1978's Voyager is a bit like Dexter's space jazz classic Life On Mars – and with those fat, thumping bass lines, elastic lead guitar, atmospheric soul vocals and loads and loads of keys – spatial work on Rhodes, Moogs and ARPs! It's all done in a funky style not always heard on Philly – plus Dexter arranged and produced just about everything! Tracks include "Solutions", "Voyager", "I'm In Love", "Latin Love", and "I Just Want To Love You". 1979's Time Is Slipping Away is a straighter Philly soul outing than some of Wansel's earlier work – a nice batch from a talent that was responsible for crafting some of the best smooth modern numbers at the end of the 70s! It features the killer cut "The Sweetest Pain" – a smooth stepper with some subtle keyboard grooving behind warm female vocals by Terri Well – plus "Funk Attack", "New Beginning", "One For the Road", "It's Been Cool", and "I'll Never Forget (My Favorite Disco)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Bobby Blue BlandHis California Album ... CD
ABC/BGO (UK), 1973. Used ... Out Of Stock
A nice little record from Bobby Blue Bland – quite different from his 60s sides for Duke/Peacock, and recorded in California (as you might guess from the title!) with a smoother more soulful approach that comes off surprisingly well! The style works well for Bobby – and kind of gave him a new lease on life during the 70s, as he mixed his rougher bluesy vocals with some hipper arrangements – still quite deep in soul, but with a compressed sound that creates a new mode of expression. Titles include "Goin Down Slow", "Up & Down World", "Help Me Through The Day", "Where My Baby Went", "Friday The 13th Child", "This Time I'm Gone For Good", and "I've Got To Use My Imagination". CD
Also available His California Album ... LP 9.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Gary BurtonSomething's Coming/Groovy Sound Of Music/Time Machine ... CD
RCA/BGO (UK), 1964/1965/1966. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
A trio of excellent Gary Burton albums from the 60s – collected together in a single set! Something's Coming is the launch of vibist Gary Burton as a leader – a force in jazz that would continue strongly for decades to come! At the time of the record, Burton had already been making waves as a session player on the Nashville scene – where RCA had some especially strong ears – but he's launched here in a mode that's quite far from those roots, and already filled with those modern, chromatic modes that would have Burton pushing the sound of the vibes forward strongly throughout his career – even on an early record like this! The group is very like-minded, and well-chosen – players who are spacious and modern, but never too much so – a quartet with Jim Hall on guitar, Chuck Israels on bass, and Larry Bunker on drums. Titles include "Melanie", "Careful", "Six Improvisatory Sketches", "Something's Coming", and "Little Girl Blue". Next up is a very cool take on the music of Sound Of Music – handled with some help from arranger Gary McFarland, in a way that really unlocks the modal potentials of the tunes! As you might expect from the revolutionary vibist Gary Burton, the approach here is quite different than the usual jazz album of Broadway material – and instead, both Burton and McFarland do a heck of a lot to open up the coolest potential of the songs – as they bring in other hip players who include Bob Brookmeyer on trombone, Phil Woods on alto, Joe Puma on guitar, and Steve Swallow on bass. Titles include "An Ordinary Couple", "Sixteen Going On Seventeen", "Do Re Mi", "Edelweiss", and a great take on "My Favorite Things". Time Machine is filled with beautiful sounds from Gary Burton – a seminal 60s session that really has the vibist coming into his own, and finding that new path towards musical expression that would flower even more strongly in the 70s! The album has Burton really strengthening up his sense of chrome – matching the boldness of other important 60s vibes players on the rise – like Karel Velebny or Bobby Hutcherson – but also working this really special magic in the way he lets each note resonate in the air – often with a much longer decay on the sound than the actual moment of its creation! Burton also plays a bit of piano on the record, overdubbed with his vibes – but in a way that's quite different than the vibes/piano combo of earlier acts – like the MJQ, or George Shearing Quintet – thanks to work from Steve Swallow on bass and Larry Bunker on percussion. Tracks include "Six Nix Quix Flix", "The Sunset Bell", "Deluge", "Chega De Saudade", and "Falling Grace". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Canned HeatFuture Blues ... CD
Liberty/BGO (UK), 1970. Used ... Out Of Stock
A record with a space age cover, but a set that's every bit as raw and rootsy as all of the previous Liberty Records releases by Canned Heat! The group have really upped their chops here – and guitarist Harvey Mandel really sounds amazing, and is bringing in some of the funky elements that he was using on his own records at the time – almost even making things more complex at times, at a level that hides some of the bluesy elements at the core – a factor that's OK with us, because we love the funky bits so much! But there's also plenty of blues, too – and the vocals of Bob Hite sound as nice as ever – on titles that include "Let's Work Together", "Sugar Bee", "That's All Right Mama", "Skat", "London Blues", "So Sad", and "Shake It & Break It". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Duane EddyTwenty Terrific Twangies/Water Skiing ... CD
RCA/BGO (UK), Early 60s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Two different albums on one CD – both of which are full of the legendary guitar work that made Duane Eddy huge in the early 60s! First up is Twenty Terrific Twangies – a UK collection that brings together some of the best early RCA material by Eddy – a good deal of which was handled by superproucer Lee Hazlewood – whose work with Duane predated his hits with Nancy Sinatra! Some cuts have vocals, most are instrumental – and titles include "The Feud", "Stretchin Out", "Guitar Man", "Country Twist", "Mirriam", "The Last Dance", "Twangsville", "Jerky Jalopy", "Boss Guitar", and "Rebel Rouser". On Water Skiing, Duane's twangy guitar sound is applied to the water skiing scene, in what was probably an attempt to establish a new trend away from surf or hot rod instrumentals. The sound, however, is very much in the surf/hot rod style – with lots of groovy "twang" out front, and zippy backgrounds that have a swinging sound to them. Titles include "Water Skiing", "Rooster Tail", "In Gear", "Jumping The Wake", "Banana Peels", and "Toe Hold Slide Slide". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Merle HaggardLand Of Many Churches ... CD
Capitol/BGO (UK), 1971. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
One of the most compelling larger projects put together by Merle Haggard during his "concepts" years at Capitol Records – a double-length set that has the country legend dipping into the spiritual side of the spectrum, with key recordings at a number of different locations! The album features work recorded at the chapel at San Quentin Prison, at the Big Creek Baptist Church in Tennessee, a Rescue Mission in Nashville, and at the Assembly Of God Tabernacle back in California – all of which make for a nicely varied expression of the way that country music comes into play with spiritual themes, along with help from famous guests The Carter Family, and some vocals from Bonnie Owens too! The Strangers provide the backings, and although there's some spoken bits from time to time, the clear appeal of the record is Merle's great vocals as he takes on tunes that include "The Family Bible", "Guide Me Lord", "Life's Railway To Heaven", "Steal Away", "On The Jericho Road", "Precious Memories", "Turn Your Radio On", "Where Could I Go", "If We Never Meet Again", and "I Saw The Light". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Mike HarrisonMike Harrison/Smokestack Lightning/Rainbow Rider ... CD
Island/BGO (UK), Early 70s. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
Three overlooked albums by British singer Mike Harrison – all brought together in a single set! First up is the self-titled Mike Harrison – a wonderful solo debut from the singer who made Spooky Tooth sound so great on their albums, maybe even sounding better here on his own! The album is clearly conceived and put together by Mike – with backup help from The Junkyard Band, who underscore the yearning, earnest qualities in his vocals – spun out with a snakey, raspy charm, with a sound that's maybe a more intimate take on territory explored by Procol Harum. The songs are great, and the whole record has a quality level that really attests to the all-great quality of Island Records at this point – with tracks that include "Pain", "Lonely People", "Mother Nature", "Call It A Day", "Damian", and "Wait Until The Morning". Smokestack Lightning is great solo work from Mike Harrison, ex-Spooky Tooth – a fantastic singer who should have been huge as a solo act – maybe a bit like Colin Blunstone, whose sound with The Zombies was so important, but could never have a huge career on his own – even while he created some wonderful albums in the process! This set's a well-crafted gem through and through – recorded at Muscle Shoals, but with a sound that's free of any of the hoke of those oft-used studios – as instead of bending to southern modes, Harrison uses the ace musicians to underscore some of the depth of his own approach in a really great way. Titles include "Turning Over", "Wanna Be Free", "Tears", "What A Price", and "Paid My Dues". Rainbow Rider has Mike Harrison maybe hitting some harder rock territory than before, with some roots rock moments – more a part of the overall sound of the group, and with some pretty heavy guitars up there in the lead – which seems to bring out a very different quality in Mike's vocals. Titles include "Okay Lay Lady Lay", "Like A Road Leading Home", "Maverick Woman Blues", "You & Me", "I'll Keep It With Mine", and "Friend". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Brian HylandRockin Folk/Joker Went Wild ... CD
Philips/BGO (UK), 1965/1966. Used ... Out Of Stock
2 groovy mid 60s LPs from 60s pop troubadour and former teen idol Brian Hyland – the hard-to-find Rockin' Folk and the wonderful Joker Went Wild – back-to-back on CD! Rockin Folk follows the formula of Brian's previous Country Meets Folk LP – with Brian rolling through songs from the contemporary and traditional folk songbook. It was recorded in NYC utilizing veterans of the New York folk scene for the sessions – but Brian's awe shucks demeanor and some chiming elements really add an uncommon sweetness! Titles include "Everglades", "Rock Island Line", "Rasberries, Strawberries", "Walk Right In" and more. Joker Went Wild is even better – with the fantastic feel 60s LA pop! The record was produced by Snuff Garrett and arranged by Leon Russell and Al Capps, and it's got a groovy sophisticated sound that reminds us a bit of the hip Lenny Waronker pop on Warner Brothers at the same time. Hyland sings and plays guitar, and the arrangements have a bit of Beach Boys, some very tight drums, and these cool vibes on a number of tracks. The album includes the original tunes by Brian "The Joker Went Wild", "One Night Jimmy", and "Yesterday I Had A Girl" – plus great little numbers like "3000 Miles", "Sometimes They Do, Sometimes They Don't", "Just Out Of Reach", and "When You Touch Me". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Ivy LeagueThis Is The Ivy League/Sounds Of The Ivy League/Tomorrow Is Another Day (plus bonus tracks) ... CD
Picadilly/BGO (UK), Mid 60s. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
A huge amount of music from The Ivy League – a hip UK group from the 60s, but one who never crossed over big on our side of the Atlantic! The trio were first formed to sing backup vocals on sessions for other folks, but they clearly rose up on their own, thanks to well-crafted harmonies that are clearly inspired by some of the bigger American pop acts of the times, but which also often have a surprising current of jazz – quite a nice blend as these guys can shift between styles you might hear from the Four Seasons and Four Freshmen, with maybe dose of The HiLos thrown in for good measure! The setting is definitely rock, though – superbly produced in the best Brit style of the 60s – which helps give a very unique spin to the way these guys come together. This huge set features everything known to have been recorded by the group – the full albums This Is The Ivy League, Sounds Of The Ivy League, and Tomorrow Is Another Day – plus 19 more songs from singles and EP releases! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ BB KingMidnight Believer/Take It Home ... CD
MCA/BGO (UK), Late 70s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
70s BB King back to back – two full albums in one set! Midnight Believer is one of the most tightly-produced of BB King's albums for MCA, but a set that's still filled with undeniable charm – and which really shows King more than able to step up to some well-deserved superstardom! There's a bit of an LA finish to the backings, but things are never too smooth – and BB's vocals and guitar both really shine in this setting – with inflections and edges that are just wonderful throughout! The balance is great – that rare ability that MCA had to serve up such records at the time – and titles include "A World Full Of Strangers", "Midnight Believer", "Never Make A Move Too Soon", "Hold On", "I Just Can't Leave Your Love Alone", and "When It All Comes Down". Take It Home is a great late 70s set from BB King – a record that really echoes that mix of jazz and blues that he first had when coming out of the Memphis scene – but in a style that's very different than his initial recordings! Here, King plays with some great production help from The Crusaders, who also play on the record too – and add a hip current of LA groove to BB's vocals and guitar – never too slick or tight, but really opening up the record in ways that show the sophistication of his playing – that subtle current of jazz influences that made him so different than the rest! Titles include "Second Hand Woman", "Take It Home", "The Beginning Of The End", "Tonight I'm Gonna Make You A Star", "Happy Birthday Blues", and "Same Old Story". CD

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✨✧ Hubert LawsMorning Star/Carnegie Hall/Chicago Theme ... CD
CTI/BGO (UK), 1973/1975. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
A trio of CTI classics from reedman Hubert Laws! First up is Morning Star – one of the most sublime Hubert Laws albums for CTI – a set that features his incredibly soulful flute work floating over these beautiful large arrangements by Don Sebesky – all ticked by some sweet electric piano from Bob James! The sound is perfect – that balance of soul and sophistication that really made CTI a groundbreaking label at this point – and which made it a perfect place for a hip artist like Hubert to really hit his stride! And in fact, Laws may not have ever hit this height again – as even though later albums are all still pretty great, and plenty soulful, this set's got an extra something special that we never tire of hearing! Titles include "No More", "Morning Star", "Let Her Go", and "What Do You Think Of This World Now?". The next album features maybe some of the coolest music ever recorded at Carnegie Hall – a wonderful venue that's perfect for the blend of soul and space of the CTI Records years of Hubert Laws! Laws' lead lines on flute really stretch out beautifully in the setting – given ample room to roam amidst a lineup that features Dave Friedman on vibes, Ron Carter on bass, and Bob James on piano and electric piano – all on tracks that have the same open, breathy quality as Hubert's sublime Afro Classic album. Like that set, there's a subtle dose of funk in the mix, but more focus on an airier mode up top – stretched out beautifully over a medley of Chick Corea's "Windows" and "Fire & Rain" – and on a 20 minute take of "Passacaglia In C Minor". Chicago Theme is one of Hubert Laws' funkiest records for CTI – recorded with a full group funky style that's plenty darn great, and a lot harder-hitting than some of Hubert's more laidback sessions for the label! Arrangements are by Bob James and Laws – working here with a large batch of players who come together beautifully, almost in the style of a funky 70s cop show soundtrack! James plays keyboards, and other players include George Benson, Phil Upchurch, Stanley Clarke, Randy Brecker, Don Grolnick, and Ron Carter – on titles that include James' own "Chicago Theme", a great cover of "Midnight At The Oasis" with wonderful drums from Steve Gadd, who also kicks it nice and large on Laws' own "I Had A Dream". Other tracks include "Going Home", "I Had A Dream", and "Inflation Chaser". CD

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✨✧ Gary Lewis & The PlayboysEverybody Loves A Clown/She's Just My Style ... CD
BGO (UK), Late 60s. Used ... Out Of Stock
... CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Johnny MathisMe & Mrs Jones/Killing Me Softly/I'm Coming Home/Feelings (plus bonus track) ... CD
Columbia/BGO (UK), Mid 70s. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
Four fantastic records from a time when Johnny Mathis was really evolving his sound! On Me & Mrs Jones, Johnny Mathis takes on the sophisticated soul modes of the 70s, and also adds in a few other styles too – on an album that shows just how much the singer had changed in nearly 20 years of recording – sometimes shaped by all those other artists he'd inspired along the way! The title version of the Billy Paul classic "Me & Mrs Jones" is superb – maybe worth the price of the record alone, and perfect for the mature Mathis approach – and Johnny shines equally well on the album's blend of other 70s tunes, arranged by D'Arneill Pershing with a bit of help from Larry Muhoberac. Titles include "Summer Breeze", "Sweet Surrender", "Corner Of The Sky", "Remember", "You're A Lady", "If I Could Reach You", "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight", "Soul & Inspiration/Just Once In My Life", and "Me & Mrs Jones". Johnny takes on a mix of sweet & tender and more melancholy tunes on Killing Me Softly, showing a surer hand at making a batch of then contemporary hits his own much more successfully than other veteran pop vocalists of his generation. Jerry Fuller produced, and the titles Includes "Aubrey", "And I Love You So", "Break Up To Make Up", "Sing", "Good Morning Heartache", "Neither One Of Us Wants To Say Goodbye", "Show And Tell" and "Ariane". On I'm Coming Home, Johnny Mathis gets a great new sound – thanks to Philly production and arrangements from the great Thom Bell! Thom had quite a hand in the songs, too – as almost all numbers were written by the team of Bell and Linda Creed – really sensitive songwriters who've got an adult, mature approach to the music – one that still respects Mathis' roots in other vocal territory, but which also gives him a bit more soulful depth, too. The setting is wonderful, and the record's a real standout in Johnny's 70s career – one that helped reignite interest in the singer at a time when so many folks had left him behind. Titles include "I'm Coming Home", "Foolish", "I'm Stone In Love With You", "A Baby's Born", "Life Is A Song Worth Singing", "I Just Wanted To Be Me", and a classic version of "Stop Look & Listen To Your Heart". Feelings is a prime 70s Columbia era Mathis gem, with production by Jack Gold and this time out, arrangements by Gene Page that mix tender hearted intimacy and lightly sweeping touches as sweetly as can be. Titles include "One Day In Your Life", "Stardust", "Midnight Blue", "Feelings", "That's All She Wrote", "Solitaire" and more. CD features the bonus track "Crazy Little Love Makin Ways". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Garnet MimmsCry Baby/Warm & Soulful ... CD
BGO/United Artists (UK), 1963/1966. Used ... Out Of Stock
2 brilliant albums from Garnet Mimms – one of the greatest soul singers of the 60s, and an artist you can never have enough of! Garnet's albums from the 60s are all great – and unlike his contemporaries, he always recorded full LPs with all great songs, a wealth of original material, and not a bit of filler. This means that the set's got 26 tracks that may well be a "best of" for Garnet – as each track sparkles as much as the next, with Garnet's roughly-hewn vocals stretching out over sweet uptown arrangements by Jerry Ragovoy and Garry Sherman. We couldn't hope for a better batch of 60s soul tunes – and titles include "Don't Change Your Heart", "Looking For You", "It's Just A Matter Of Time", "One Girl", "Baby Don't You Weep", "So Close", "Anytime You Want Me", "There Goes My Baby", "A Little Bit Of Soap", "Quiet Place", "Cry To Me", "Until You Were Gone", "Anytime You Want Me", "Thinkin", and "Prove it To Me". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Terry ReidRiver ... CD
Atlantic/BGO (UK), 1973. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
One of the greatest albums ever from the oft-overlooked Terry Reid – a man who turned down an initial offer to be the lead singer of Led Zeppelin, but went on to record some great albums on his own! The album was Terry's first away from producer Mickie Most – and it's got a much more American vibe than previous efforts – with some nice rootsy touches on guitars (including steel and slide) from the great David Lindley, which really work perfectly with Reid's compellingly raspy vocals – and some slightly funky elements on the bass and drums! Willie Bobo makes a surprising appearance on the title cut "River" – which almost has a Chicano rock groove at times – and other titles include "Dean", "Avenue", "Things To Try", "Live Life", "Dream" and "Milestone". CD
Also available River ... LP 39.99

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✨✧ Tommy RoeSheila/Everybody Likes Tommy Roe ... CD
ABC/BGO (UK), Early 60s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A pair of early albums from Tommy Roe – back to back on a single CD! First up is Sheila – the full length debut of Tommy Roe – and a set that already shows his strong ability to put over a catchy tune! The title hit is an unabashed ripoff of the Buddy Holly sound, but the overall record has a lot more going on – with some cool Nashville production handled by Felton Jarvis, and backing vocals at many points by The Jordanaires! The set is the sort that was more likely coming from Cali labels like Liberty or Imperial at the time – and the mix of west coast pop, Nashville twang, and the range of material makes for a really cool package that's full of surprises. Titles include "Piddle De Pat", "Sheila", "Little Hollywood Girl", "Look At Me", "Blue Ghost", "Think About The Good Things", and "There Will Be Better Years". Everybody Likes Tommy Roe is a re-titled version of the album Something For Everybody – issued here under it's UK cover and title. The set's got Tommy Roe furthering that Cali pop style that was showing up in his music from the start – a bit of a surprise for a singer from Atlanta, and still handled here by Nashville producer Felton Jarvis – but with lots of the jaunty guitars and groovy styles that were breaking big out of the LA studios at the time! Titles include "Switchie Witchie Titchie", "Everybody", "Katy Did", "Sensations", "Standing Watch", and "Why Do You Make Me Cry". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ George ShearingSatin Affair/Concerto For My Love ... CD
BGO (UK), 1961/1962. Used ... Out Of Stock
Two early 60s LPs by George Shearing – on one CD! Both album's find pianist Shearing in his most outwardly romantic, and you might add cinematic to that. Satin Affair, originally released on Capital in 1961 finds pairs Shearing's ultra-melodic touch on the keys paired with sweeping string arrangements. Tracks include "Early Autumn", "You Were Never Lovlier", "Baubles, Bangles and Beads", "It's Not You" and "Midnight Sun". Concerto For My Love, from 1962 has a similar feel, but with the production extended to include lots of woodwind touches and backing vocalists. Tracks include "Answer Me", "I Wish You Love", "P.S. I Love You", "Lady Love Be Mine", "In Love In Vain", "Love Child" and other songs – all with love! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ George Harmonica SmithOf The Blues ... CD
Bluesway/BGO (UK), 1969. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A hip little record – produced by Bob Thiele as pre-Flying Dutchman effort, and with some of the great vibe of the blues records on that label! The set's got an unusual lineup – with jazzman Richard Williams on trumpet, plus Ed Davis on tenor, Marshall Hooks on guitar, Curtis Tillman on bass, Robert Schedel on piano, and Big Jim Wynn on saxophones. One track also features guitar from Art Adams and harmonica from Lightnin Rod – and titles include "Blues For Reverend King", "Ode To Billie Joe", "If You Were A Rabbit", "Juicy Harmonica", "Help Me", and "A Letter To The President". CD
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