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What is a preorder?

  • A "preorder" allows you to place a reservation for an item prior to its scheduled release date.
  • Preorders are considered bought by you and are therefore set aside before they go up for sale to the general public to avoid fast-selling, or out-of-stock unavailability.

How do I know if an item is available for preorder?

  • Check the Coming Soon "Available for Preorder" section or an item's product page. Any item that is available for preorder will have a "Preorder this item" button. You will need a Dusty Groove account to place a preorder.
  • If an item is not available for preorder, you always have the option to add the item to your Watch List and be notified when it is available for purchase.

How do I preorder?

  • Click the "Preorder this item" button, login to your Dusty Groove account, add a credit card and shipping address and click "Preorder now". It's that simple!
  • An online account, credit card, and shipping address are required to place a preorder.
  • Please make sure your credit card does not expire before your item is expected to arrive at Dusty Groove. You can update your credit card and shipping address anytime in your account's Preorders section.
  • After placing your preorder, you will receive an email confirmation and can see your preorder status on your account's Preorders section.

Where can I review my preorder(s)?

  • You can check the status of all of your preordered items on your account's Preorders section along with their expected release dates as well as your preorder credit card and shipping address information.

When will I be charged?

  • Your credit card will be charged when your preorder item is ready to ship.
  • NOTE: Your preorder reservation will be canceled if your credit card is declined.
  • Though we do not charge your credit card at the time of ordering, we will impose penalties to anyone abusing the system and not following through with the preorder process. We appreciate that customers only use this service for it's intended purpose of intentional buying so that we can offer better fulfillment to them.

What happens if the price of a preorder changes between the time I place my preorder and when it ships?

  • You will always receive the lower price.

How much does preorder shipping cost?

  • A box of CDs only: flat rate of $3 per box.
  • A box of LPs or anything other than CDs: flat rate of $4 per box.
  • We only ship you one flat-rate box each week.
  • There is no cost to pickup your preorder at our Chicago store.

Will I be reminded before my preorder ships?

  • No, but you can keep track of and make changes in your account's Preorders section.
  • Once your preordered item is ready to ship, we will use your current credit card and shipping address to charge and ship automatically.

How do I know when my preorder is due to arrive?

  • Preorder release dates are based on the most recent information we receive from labels and distributors, and may be subject to change due to delays in manufacturing or shipping.
  • We do our best to keep preorder release dates accurate based on the most current information. If the scheduled release date of your preorder item changes, we adjust that date and your preorder remains open until your item is ready for shipment.
  • In the rare circumstance that an item is canceled by the label or never released at all, we will notify you by email.

Is my preorder guaranteed?

  • While our buyers will do their absolute best to deliver your preorders, sometimes the availability of an item is beyond our control due to factors such as canceled releases, allotments of over-ordered titles, lost shipments, etc.
  • Please know that if we can, we will fulfill your preorder, but in rare cases we will not be able to guarantee an item.

Can I cancel my preorder?

  • You may cancel your reservation up until the item has been ordered from the supplier. To cancel a preorder, go to your account's Preorders section and click the cancel option [X] to the right of your preordered item.
  • If there is no cancel option, your preorder item has been ordered from the supplier and it is being prepared for shipment to you.

When will my preorder ship?

  • We ship the items as soon as possible after we receive them, up to one flat-rate box shipped per week. The rate is the same, no matter how many preorder items are in the box.
  • For items with an exact release date, you won't receive the item before the official release date due to availability restrictions established by labels and distributors. You may receive some items after the release date if we get them late.
  • Any items received after we send you a flat-rate box will be shipped early the next week.

Can I pickup my preorder at the Chicago store?

  • Yes, by selecting "Pickup order" in your account's Preorders section.
  • Pickup orders still abide by street-date rules and will not be handed over before a street date release.
  • Please check your pickup email confirmation for more information.

Can I change my shipping address?

Can I change my payment method?

Can I have my preorder shipped with my regular order?

  • Unfortunately no, at this time all preorders must be ordered, charged, and shipped separately from regular orders.

Can I ship my preorder to an international address?

  • At this time we cannot ship preorders to international addresses. We apologize for this inconvenience and will continue to work towards making this service available to our international customers in the future.

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