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Ombre Roventi ... CD

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Quartet (Spain), 1975/1978. New Copy
Two sweet 70s Italian soundtracks – one sexy, one scary – both penned by maestro Carlo Savina, and offered up here on a single CD! L'Ingenua starts things off – with a vibe that's every bit as slinky as you might expect from the image on the cover – warm, erotic themes that ... CD
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Attila Flagello Di Dio
Beat (Italy), 1982. New Copy
A comedy about Atilla The Hun – and one that's scored with a pretty groovy mix of modes for the time! The duo at the helm aren't a usual pair we know from the Italian soundtrack world – and they seem to bring some elements of playful pop into the mix at times, including a wonderfully ... CD
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Beat (Italy), 1976/1979. New Copy
A pair of comedic soundtracks from the great Armando Trovajoli – back to back on a single CD! First up is Dottor Jekyll & Gentile Signora – which has lots of electric keyboards that slink and slide around – sometimes hitting a 70s Euro erotic mode, but often sliding into more ... CD
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Peccati In Famiglia
Digitmovies (Italy), 1975. New Copy
Lost 70s work from Guido and Maurizio DeAngelis – very much at their comedic best on this obscure Italian soundtrack! The main theme's got a funky vibe that rivals the cop/crime material from the pair – and the rest of the soundtrack opens up into a range of playful little tracks that ... CD
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FBI Operazione Vipera Gialla
Beat (Italy), 1966. New Copy
One of the grooviest operations ever undertaken by the FBI – thanks to a fab 60s soundtrack from Franceso De Masi! De Masi uses plenty of jazz – some of the crime modes of the US scene of the late 50s, but also a good dose of the Italian styles of a few years later – as you'd ... CD
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Il Marchio Di Kriminal
Beat (Italy), 1967. New Copy
A great entry in the Kriminal series of films – one that features some wonderfully groovy work from Piero Umiliani! The music here is Umiliani at his most playful – rooted in jazz, but with warmer touches from bossa and other mod 60s Italian styles too – sometimes set to wordless ... CD
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Beat (Italy), 1968. New Copy
Great 60s work from Italian soundtrack maestro Piero Piccioni – featuring a score for a doctor comedy that starred the great Alberto Soldi! The music is a wonderful blend of the lighter side of styles that Piccioni worked in – with a bit of jazz, a bit of bossa, and often some nice ... CD
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Regina Delle Amazzoni
Digitmovies (Italy), 1960. New Copy
The queen of the Amazons gets even more powerful here – thanks to a mighty score from Roberto Nicolosi! The music has this sense of majesty that's slightly different than some of the other Italian blood and sandals movies of the time – still with the kind of exotic touches we love, ... CD
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Cineploit (Austria), 2015. New Copy
Totally great work from Sospetto – the group's third album, and their best so far! The approach here follows in Sospetto's previous mode of remaking older soundtrack styles – but the album's even more elaborate and involved, given that the group create four different mini film scores ... CD
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Cineploit (Austria), 2014. New Copy
Really great work from Zoltan – easily one of the best groups to work in the retro soundtrack underground – always with a sound that really gets things right! This album's got a feel that's every bit as rich as it's striking cover image – a spooky, eerie approach to the music ... CD
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Gentle Rain
Mercury (Japan), 1965. New Copy
A dreamy little soundtrack to this lesser-known film – but a real bossa classic from the 60s, featuring original tunes by Luiz Bonfa and orchestrations by Deodato! The sound of the set is really wonderful – sometimes fragile, sometimes full – with a juxtaposition that beautifully ... CD
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On The Flip Side
Decca (Japan), 1967. New Copy
An obscure and wonderful chapter in the career of Burt Bacharach – material penned for a 1967 TV musical starring Rick Nelson and Joanie Sommers – all of it perfect 60s Bacharach pop all the way through! The plot of the musical is a bit silly, but the performance isn't – tightly-c ... CD

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