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Emanuelle E Gli Ultimi Cannibali (limited numbered edition) ... CD

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West & Soda
Beat (Italy), 1965. New Copy
Very cool music for a 60s Italian cartoon set in the west – done in a style that's very different than both the usual animated fare from the time, and more familiar spaghetti western soundtracks! There's definitely some occasional elements that echo the setting, but overall the music is more ... CD
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Digitmovies (Italy), 1971. New Copy
Two really lovely Italian soundtracks – back to back on a single CD! Violenta Sulla Sabbia starts out the collection – with a sound that's a lot warmer at first than you might guess from the "violenta" in the title, but a quality that soon moves into darker, spookier modes ... CD
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Il Lumacone/Virilita
Digitmovies (Italy), 1974. New Copy
Two obscure Italian soundtracks from 1974 – both penned by Daniele Patucchi, and served up here back to back on a single CD! Il Lumacone has a style that's maybe more Sicilian than Roman – still modern in the production and instrumentation, but also prone to more sentimental passages ... CD
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Beat (Italy), 1979/1990. New Copy
A pair of weird soundtracks from Italian soundtrack heavy Fabio Fizzi – the stylistically sprawling music for Zombi 2 (released in America as Zombie) and some later compositions for Un Gatto Nel Cervello! The Zombi grooves are wildly unpredictable – from neo Carribbean inflections, to ... CD
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Intrigo A Los Angeles
Beat (Italy), 1964. New Copy
Jazzy goodness from the wonderful Piero Umiliani – a set that's got some sweet instrumental touches from Chet Baker on trumpet, plus piano from Umiliani himself! The overall feel is very much in an early 60s crime jazz style – that best Italian groove before more mod and bossa-styled ... CD
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Beat (Italy), 1971. New Copy 2 CDs
Morricone fans – this one's got it all! The music is completely wonderful throughout, and a great mix of everything that makes Ennio Morricone so tremendous – a bit of bossa here, some funky bits there, and even some spookier slow passages with a nice atonal feel! The main theme of ... CD
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Beat (Italy), 1978. New Copy
A wild one from Italian soundtrack composer Piero Umiliani – a set that definitely lives up to the disco promise of the title, but which still has some of the cool playful touches of Umiliani's work in movies too! The record may well be the funkiest that Piero ever cut – and was done ... CD
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L'Uomo Di Rame
Beat (Italy), Early 70s. New Copy
An overlooked treasure from the legendary Franco De Gemini – surprisingly great overall, despite the nature of the project! The tunes are mostly of a spiritual nature – designed to be played by a small group in an outdoors setting – but they've hardly got any churchy feel at all ... CD
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Beat (Italy), 1980. New Copy
A moody crime score from Fabio Frizzi – done for a project with director Lucio Fulci, the composer's frequent partner in horror movies! The style here is a bit different than some of the famous creepy soundtracks from the Frizzi/Fulci team – but all the best elements are still firmly ... CD
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Regina Delle Amazzoni
Digitmovies (Italy), 1960. New Copy
The queen of the Amazons gets even more powerful here – thanks to a mighty score from Roberto Nicolosi! The music has this sense of majesty that's slightly different than some of the other Italian blood and sandals movies of the time – still with the kind of exotic touches we love, ... CD
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Diario Di Un Maestro
Digitmovies (Italy), 1972. New Copy
A film about a teacher, but one that's got a surprisingly great little soundtrack – filled with all these little elements that you might not expect! The main theme is a groover – stepping out nicely with a strong, upbeat vibe – then other tracks have a mix of light flute or ... CD
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Digitmovies (Italy), 1970. New Copy
Loads of cool sounds here – from mellow bossa, to moody jazz, to a few more dramatic numbers – all wrapped up together in a package that's definitely the epitome of what we love in Italian soundtracks from the time! Each tune has a slightly different flavor, but the music is linked ... CD

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