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Spiritual Unity ... CD

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New Grass
Impulse (Japan), 1968. New Copy
One of the last albums that Ayler ever recorded – and one of his most memorable! The record shows Ayler at the crossroads, filled with emotion and meaning, struggling to convey his message to a lager audience. At times, he takes a strange soul/jazz format to do so, and has tracks featuring ... CD
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Going Home
Freedom/Muzak (Japan), 1964. New Copy
Pre-ESP Records work from the legendary Albert Ayler – and a really special set that definitely shows his strong ties to a previous legacy of African-American music! Ayler always clamed blues and other roots in his sound, but didn't always show them as clearly – given his free-thinking ... CD
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Caprice (Sweden), 2015. New Copy
Maybe the nicest album we've heard so far from Oddjob – and maybe their straightest, too – a rock-solid, all-jazz effort that really makes the best of all the players in the group! As before, the lineup features tremendous trumpet work from Goran Kajfes – who also plays a bit of ... CD
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Open Secrets
FMP (Germany), 1988. New Copy
One of the most creative bassists of the 80s – heard here on one of the great FMP albums that documented his wonderful run at the time! The album's all solo, and Kowald bridges worlds of improvisation by deftly fingering notes one minute, then boldly inventing new sounds the next – ... CD
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FMP (Germany), 1994. New Copy
Stunning sounds from this late FMP trio – a group that features a relatively young Mats Gustafsson on soprano, baritone, and fluteophone – sounding great next to Paul Lovens on percussion and Gunter Christmann on cello and trombone! The record has that very careful sonic approach of ... CD
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Jazzwerkstatt (Germany), 2015. New Copy
We love these guys to death – even if we always get out of breath saying their name in a hurry – and they really shine strongly here, on a long live album that perfectly captures their non-stop sense of imagination and restless creativity! Unlike some of their other recent projects, ... CD
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So Long Eric – Homage To Eric Dolphy
Intakt (Switzerland), 2014. New Copy
Twin pianos come together wonderfully here in a tribute to the late Eric Dolphy – as Alexander Von Schlippenbach and Aki Takase play together on the instrument, and lead a larger ensemble that includes Karl Berger on vibes, Axel Dorner on trumpet, Nils Wogram on trombone, Tobias Delius on ... CD
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Piano Solo 77
FMP (Germany), 1977. New Copy
Vintage piano solos from Alexander Von Schlippenbach – one of our favorite artists on the FMP label, heard here in a late 70s session that's filled with unbridled creativity! Schlippenbach's solo work always has a great sense of drama and timing – a style that's free, but never totally ... CD
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Garden 2nd Set
Hat Art (Switzerland), 1981. New Copy
The second half of Cecil Taylor's wonderful Garden performance – a key moment from the early 80s that really seems to show Taylor finding even more focus than ever, while also setting his spirit freer than anyone might have imagined! The man and his piano become one during the performance ... CD
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Sony (Japan), 1986. New Copy
A special album of solo piano from Richie Beirach – originally recorded only for the Japanese market, and done in a style that's even more sensitive than some of Beirach's similar material for ECM! Richie mixes both original material and standards here – interspersing modern modes with ... CD
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Ballads 2
Sony (Japan), 1987. New Copy
A second special set of ballads from pianist Richie Beirach – and, like the first, an 80s album that was only issued on the Japanese market – but which is well worth seeking out if you love Beirach as much as we do! The performances here are all solo, and the material is a mix of ... CD
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Hat Art (Switzerland), 1993. New Copy
Anthony Braxton was really on fire in 1993 – a great time for the reedman both as a player and performer – as testified by a key run of recordings during the year! This quartet session is one of the best of those – and features Braxton's reeds running with these beautiful flights ... CD

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