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XWe're especially heavy on New York sounds of the 60s and 70s -- Latin Soul, salsa, boogaloo, and more!

Los Sonoros De Ponce
Uniko (Canada), 1983. New Copy
A set that brings together key moments from these two great singers – with a nice array of surprises along the way! The package appears to feature some live tracks as well as studio numbers – and there's definitely some great Charlie Palmieri touches in the arrangements, too – ... CD
Too Much
Uniko (Canada), Late 70s. New Copy
A collection of the great work that Eddie Palmieri did with singer Cheo Feliciano at the end of the 70s – music that was a perfect showcase for the growing sophistication that Palmieri brought to his instrumentation, which also seemed to give Feliciano a whole new spectrum of expression! As ... CD
En La Avenida Otra Vez
Kaluma/Uniko (Canada), 1984. New Copy
An obscure album from the mighty Kako – issued in the 80s, but with the sharp percussive crackle of his earlier work! The album lists Ismael Rivera as the singer, and also credits Josto Betancourt, Menique, and Tito Allen as chorus singers – and the vocals are matched perfectly to the ... CD
Tico/Uniko (Canada), 1979. New Copy
Pure 70s gold from Ismael Rivera – the kind of music that shows why he was one of the best vocalists of the growing salsa scene! The set collects together some of the best tracks from Rivera's work in the 70s Fania empire – all arranged with very sharp arrangements from Joe Cain, ... CD
Esto Si Es Lo Mio
Fania/Uniko (Canada), 1978. New Copy
A classic example of the power of the male vocalist in 70s New York Latin – as Ismael Rivera represents himself as a simple working class Puerto Rican on the front and back covers of the record, but steps out with a tremendous sense of majesty on his vocals for the set! The instrumentation ... CD
Regresa El Amor
Coche/Uniko (Canada), 1985. New Copy
80s ballads from Latin legend Cheo Feliciano – sung in the kind of style that made him a huge attraction from the early years onward! Instrumentation is a mix of acoustic and electric elements, often with a laidback, warm style that fits the mellow tunes nicely – and titles include ... CD
De Nuevo
Vaya/Uniko (Canada), 1985. New Copy
It's hard to stop the duo of Celiz Cruz and Johnny Pacheco at this point in their careers – as the two Latin legends really seem to have found a perfect way to work together – at a level that makes their albums together some of the high points of their later careers! Johnny's groove is ... CD
Vaya/Uniko (Canada), 1975. New Copy
Violinist Pupi Legarreta was one of the key players of the earlier charanga scene – and here, he gets a great update on his older sound in a sweet 70s session put together by Johnny Pacheco! The style of the grooves hasn't changed much from the early 60s, but the music also shows the growing ... CD
Como Tu Lo Pediste
Coche/Uniko (Canada), 1988. New Copy
Really lively 80s work from Cheo Feliciano – a set produced with a bit of a modern vibe, but also with lots of jazzy instrumentation in the arrangements! Louis Garcia handled the musical direction of the set, and he does a great job here of keeping Feliciano in the kind of setting that shows ... CD
RMM/Uniko (Canada), 1991. New Copy
Great work from the legendary Cheo Feliciano – working here with these soaring salsa arrangements that are a perfect match for the majesty of his voice! The horns and percussion are great – and bubble along with a jazzy groove on most tracks, creating complicated changes in the rhythms ... CD
Ernie's Journey
Vaya/Uniko (Canada), 1979. New Copy
Sweet salsa with a very jazzy vibe – very much what you'd expect from the brace of trumpets pictured on the cover! Ernie Agosto's really got his groove on here – and has honed and sharpened his energy from earlier recordings – to a point where he's got this soaring vibe that ... CD
Cotique, Late 60s. New Copy
Brilliant early work by one of the sharpest bandleaders of the Latin Soul era! A young Joey Pastrana leads his sharp little combo through a stunning mix of Latin jazz, Latin soul, and descarga tracks – all with the kind of hard playing, jazzy grooves, and dark edges that characterized a lot ... CD
Fania, Late 60s. New Copy
Brilliant early work from a young Willie Colon – a true hustler if there ever was one! The album has an amazing energy that really bridges a number of Latin scenes – it's part descarga jamming, part Latin soul, and part traditional Latin – put together with a no-nonsense approach ... CD
Sound Triangle/Essential, Early 70s. New Copy
Funky Latin breaks and very groovy grooves – the kind of record that you hear for only a second, and say "oh yeah, this is the stuff!" Coke were an obscure Florida combo who mixed together Latin, funk, and soul – served up in a crossover style that's halfway between the sound ... CD
Gypsy Woman
Fania, 1967. New Copy (reissue)
Stunning soul from the great Joe Bataan – a really groundbreaking mix of modes that's right up there with the best of the Spanish Harlem scene of the late 60s! The album is Joe Bataan's debut for the Fania Records label – and the start of an incendiary run of Latin classics that ... LP, Vinyl record album
Fania, Late 60s. New Copy (reissue)
Amazing work from the Spanish Harlem underground of the late 60s! From the title, to the cover, to the beautiful blend of songs, this album perfectly sums up the rich energy and raw power bubbling in the NuYorican scene of the time – effortlessly blending together soul, Latin, jazz, and funk ... LP, Vinyl record album
Fania, 1972. New Copy (reissue)
A Latin soul party – beyond compare! The album's a completely wonderful live set that really captures the energy, excitement, and warm sociability of the hip New York scene at the end of the 60s. The music is stunning – a freewheeling blend of jazz, soul, and Latin themes – ... LP, Vinyl record album
Fania, 1971. New Copy (reissue)
An early 70s killer from Ray – recorded right in the same era as most of his best albums! The feel here is strongly in the salsa mode – as Ray steps effortlessly from the Latin Soul era into a whole new decade of musical magic. And like the best of his 60s work, Ray's salsa cooks at a ... LP, Vinyl record album
Coco/Bomba (Japan), 1971. New Copy 2CD
Fantastic work from Eddie Palmieri – right up there with his best of the 70s, and filled with the kind of tunes you'd buy one of his best records for! The set was recorded live in Puerto Rico in 1971, and is a mix of the late Latin Soul styles that were heard on the Sing Sing albums, with ... CD
Unfinished Masterpiece
Coco/Bomba (Japan), 1975. New Copy
Eddie Palmieri's work for the Coco label is some of his best of the 70s, and this album is no exception – and while the title may call the record "unfinished", it sounds pretty darn well done to our ears – far better than most other Latin sides of the time! The album includes ... CD
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