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We're especially heavy on New York sounds of the 60s and 70s -- Latin Soul, salsa, boogaloo, and more!

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Brownswood (UK), Late 2000s/Early 2010s. New Copy 2CD
A fantastic overview of the wonderful sounds that Gilles Peterson has been cooking up in Havana since 2009 – the rich array of artists he's collaborated with as part of the bigger Havana Cultura project – which has given great exposure to a whole new generation of brilliant Cuban ... CD
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Salsoul/Big Break (UK), 1979. New Copy
A key chapter in the rich long legacy of Candido on record – a set that pushes the percussion maestro strongly into the disco generation – with wonderful results that are still massively strong all these many years later! Candido had always been one of the funkiest conga players around ... CD
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Celia & Johnny
Vaya/Fania (France), 1974. New Copy
A fantastic pairing of talents – one that seems to push each individual artist to a new high point in their career! By the time of the set, Johnny Pacheco was emerging as one of the strongest forces in 70s salsa – a crack percussionist whose instrumentation was driving on a younger ... CD
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Discos Fuentes/Domino Sound, Mid 50s/1960s/Mid 70s. New Copy
Incredible sounds from the legendary Discos Fuentes – Colombia's powerhouse of musical magic for the past 50 years – presented here on some of the rootsier recordings from the label's early years! The styles here include a fair bit of cumbia – but always in the earlier, folksier ... LP, Vinyl record album
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Mericana/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1976. New Copy
One of the more obscure Latin albums from the early days of Salsoul Records – the only one we've seen by this group led by pianist Javier Vazquez, who brings in lots of offbeat touches to the music! The core approach is close to other salsa combos at the time – two trumpets, a trombone ... CD
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Vamonos Pa'l Monte
Tico (France), 1976. New Copy (reissue)
Brilliant 70s work by Eddie Palmieri – easily one of his greatest records of the decade! The album features Eddie really showing off his jazz chops on a number of longer tracks – tunes that bring together some of the spirit forged during the Harlem River Drive era, with some of the ... LP, Vinyl record album
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Fania (France), 1972. New Copy (reissue)
A monster album of 70s salsa – and one that has bad boy Willie Colon taking the Latin world by storm – forging the new sound that would push him and the New York scene into the frontline of 70s Latin! Willie's got a strength on the set that's very much in keeping with his machine gun ... LP, Vinyl record album
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Se La Comio
Fania, Late 60s. New Copy
If a cover was enough, this album would already be great – but it's also one of the hardest-grooving sets from Bobby Valentin, cut at the end of the 60s with a heavy early salsa groove! Bobby's really stepping off his Latin soul work nicely with the set – moving into a realm of longer, ... CD
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Adelante, Gigante
Alegre, 1975. New Copy
A 70s corker from Charlie Palmieri – and a record that has him stretching out from piano, playing a bit of organ, and a bit of Fender Rhodes! The tracks are relatively straight salsa, but the use of these different keys really gives them an edge – one that's honed even further by Bobby ... CD
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Se Te Quemo La Casa
Alegre, Mid 60s. New Copy
Cracklin' hot work by Orlando Marin and his orchestra – so cracklin' hot that the cover features a fire crew putting out a blaze! The set's got that perfect hard-burning feel of Orland's best early work – that strong undercurrent of jazz that always made him stand apart from the pack ... CD
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Alegre, 1975. New Copy
One of those 70s salsa albums that grabs us right from the very first note – with warm piano lines and this strong sense of rhythm that hooks us even before the vocals come in! Then, Tito Allen comes into the mix and shows us why he's always been such a standout singer – bringing this ... CD
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Fania, 1972. New Copy
One of the standout records from the second era of Bobby Valentin's career – a smoking 70s salsa set, bubbling over with great bass work by Bobby, and featuring some great instrumental touches, like tenor sax and vibes, which really push the sound past the usual! Lead vocals are by Marvin ... CD
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Fania, 1979. New Copy
An amazing little record from Willie Colon – one that has him stepping forth into the limelight as both singer and leader – after years of working with better-known vocalists like Hector LaVoe and Ruben Blades! But even more than the vocals the thing we really love here are the ... CD
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Zebra (Colombia), Late 60s. New Copy
A wonderful collection of grooves from the ultra-cool Lat-Teens – a late 60s Latin soul group who are often best-remembered for the drug references in their English language tunes, but a combo who could also groove on all sides of the Latin spectrum! The set's got loads of excellent numbers ... CD
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Pryaphon/Production Dessinee (Japan), 1969. New Copy
A cracker of a Latin set from the end of the 60s – one originally issued in Venezuela, but done with all the hard, soulful styles of the New York scene of the time! Ray Perez has a very sharp, tight combo here – one that can pull out a heavy bassline when needed, or hit the piano with ... CD
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Salsoul/Big Break (UK), 1973. New Copy
CD...$4.99 13.99
A landmark album from Joe Bataan – so great, that it made the entire record company change its name! The record has Joe really bursting out after his seminal Latin Soul work of the late 60s – blending Latin rhythms and American soul into a whole new style of music – one that Joe ... CD
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Guerra Company/Midday Music, 1975. New Copy
Killer Latin funk from the mid 70s – a totally rare little set, but a masterpiece all the way through! Sol is a combo headed up by keyboardist Joe Gallardo – and they've got a groove that blends together some wonderful elements – including jazz funk, straight Latin, and a bit of ... CD
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Jungle Fire!
Prestige/BGP (UK), 1969. New Copy (reissue)
One of the greatest albums by this funky Latin combo! The record differs from some of their earlier Prestige albums in that the tracks are longer, more instrumental, and have a hard fuzzy electric groove. The band jams hard in a way that's more like some of the funk combos of the early 70s, than ... LP, Vinyl record album
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Infopesa/Pharaway Sounds (Spain), Late 60s/1970s/Early 80s. New Copy 2LP Gatefold
One of the coolest collections of chicha we've ever heard – that ultra-cool Peruvian style that mixes cumbia rhythms with electric surf-styled guitar – all in a sound that's as fresh today as when it was first waxed back in the 70s! Chicha is one of those rare cross-cultural moments ... LP, Vinyl record album
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Columbia/Soul Brother (UK), 1978/1979. New Copy
2 late 70s gems from Willie Bobo – 1978's Hell Of An Act To Follow and 1979's Bobo – on a single CD! Hell Of An Act To Follow is really nice stuff from Willie – maybe not as hard and funky as his early 70s work, but very nice in kind of a Latin Club mode, thanks to some great ... CD
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