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XClassic sounds on 45rpm 7 inch singles -- Northern soul, deep soul, funk, breaks, rare groove, sample tracks, modern soul, and jazz!

I'll Be Loving You/Walking Up A One Way Street
Outta Sight (UK), 1965/1967. New Copy
A lesser-known gem from Soul Brother Six – not their big crossover hit, but a cut that's maybe even cooler overall! "I'll Be Loving You" has this great jingle-jangle groove, but served up in a raw, spareish mode – which lets the heartfelt soul vocals really capture our hearts! ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
I'm So Happy/Since You Said You'd Be Mine
Outta Sight (UK), 1973/1979. New Copy
Sublime work from Prince Phillip Mitchell – warm modern soul from his great years at Atlantic Records! "I'm So Happy" has a groove that definitely brings a smile to our face – crackling vocals from Mitchell, and this soaring blend of horns and rhythms that's a great evolution ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Walls That Separate Our Love/This Man's Arms
Kent/Deep Soul (UK), 1973/1974. New Copy
Two deep soul cuts from this seminal Atlanta talents! "Walls That Separate Our Love" is a slow-burner from John Edwards – a tune that's sweetened with strings at the start, but which soon has Edwards reminding us that he's a hell of a vocalist in the best southern soul mode! " ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Kent (UK), Mid 60s. New Copy
Two beautiful tracks from the young Chuck Jackson – one of the few singers who can put a smile on our face even while he's breaking our heart! "What's With This Loneliness" is sublime – a slow-stepping groove with a gentle swing, topped with Jackson at his raspiest – ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Afro 7 (Finland), Early 70s. New Copy
A wicked bit of Kenyan funk from the early 70s – a tune that starts with a fast-romping drum/percussion break, builds with excellent bass, the rolls into a riffing guitar groove that changes moods and flavors to meet the spirit of the rising/falling vocals from the group! "Mungwana" ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Afro 7 (Finland), Mid 60s. New Copy
Two sweet cuts from mid 60s Mombassa – both very different, and both very groovy! "Harambe" has this vamping vibe that's topped with ultra-cool work on some unusual keyboard, which serves up a great solo over the tune's mix of riffing guitar and congas in the rhythms – as ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Kah/Jazzaggression (Estonia), Mid 70s. New Copy (reissue)
Two rare grooves from Somalia – both of them great! "Majogo" has a romping style that's almost Ethio funk, but maybe a bit looser overall – nicely upbeat, and with great interplay between a female singer and a really tremendous tenor sax solo! "Berflasana" has more ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Afro 7 (Finland), Mid 70s. New Copy
Two rare slices of Nairobi funk – back to back on a great 45! "Gkinumanze" is a fast-moving number with horns riffing over the top of a bass-wrapped rhythm – one that's complex, but completely infectious – topped by lyrics at the start, then this very unusual guitar (?) ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
International Anthem, 2018. New Copy (pic cover)
Two great cuts from Dos Santos – a combo you might know from work on other labels, but who appear here on a co-release with International Anthem – and which also features that label's Nick Mazzarella handling the horn arrangements! The horns soar to the skies beautifully on "Logos& ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Outta Sight (UK), 1965. New Copy
One of the all-time Northern Soul classics from Motown – exactly the kind of secret sound that's gone on to become a flag-waving standard for soul collectors over the globe! Frank Wilson was mostly a man working behind the scenes, but he soars out here beautifully on a fantastically catchy ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Ubiquity, 2015. New Copy
Myron & E add in some great vocals here – that really classic old school style they use in their own records, but maybe even deeper here – and with a production style that makes them more hard-hitting than sweet, in a way that really matches the funky currents of The Soul Surfers! ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Eros + Massacre
Columbia/Super Fuji Discs (Japan), 1970. New Copy (pic cover)
Really dark soundtrack material from early 70s Japan – a cool 7" EP that almost has the depth of a full album! Side one features three shorter tracks – each with titles in Japanese – and the instrumentation is a mix of rootsy drums and flute lines, plus these sweeter strings ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Kent (UK), 1966/1972. New Copy
Two rare tracks from the Dore Records archives – back to back on a limited 45! "I Only Cry Once A Day" has a blue-tinged lyric from girl group The Puffs – but it's set to a soaring rhythm that makes the whole thing sound a lot more upbeat overall! "Wind In My Sails" ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Chess/Third Man, 1953. New Copy (reissue)
A fantastic Muddy Waters track from the early 78rpm years – a tune that's got this unbelivable folding together of fuzzy guitar and hypnotic vocals – almost a trance-like take on Chicago blues, and proof that even at the start, Muddy was onto something new! "Sad Sad Day" is ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Chess/Third Man, 1950. New Copy (reissue)
A classic early tune from Muddy Waters – one that might not have changed the world when it was released at the start of the 50s – but later gave the famous group their name! The tune's a wonderful mix of raw rural and early electric Chicago blues modes – spare, but extremely ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Chess/Third Man, 1954. New Copy (reissue)
Maybe one of the most famous Muddy Waters songs ever recorded – served up here in all its fantastically raw glory! The tune's got Waters playing a famous electric guitar vamp that may well have become the blueprint for countless bar bands to come – but serving up the lyrics with a wit ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Westbound/BGP (UK), 1969. New Copy
Two great tracks from the young Funkadelic – back to back on a single 45! "Can't Shake It Loose" was originally scheduled for release in the late 60s – but canceled at the time – and has a sound that's maybe a bit more 60s soul than some of the group's later work, ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Mr Bongo (UK), 1980. New Copy
Two killer slices of Brazilian funk! The instrumental "Miss Cheryl" is one of the trademark tunes of Banda Black Rio – a cut with these sharp, jazzy changes that are completely amazing – and which easily have BBR rivaling the sound of Earth Wind & Fire at their best! The ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Go Bang! (parts 1 & 2)
Sleeping Bag/Get On Down, 1982. New Copy (reissue)
A spacey disco classic! "Go Bang" is a wonderful tune – with a jaunty vocal refrain that's laid over some off-kilter keyboard rhythms infused with bass. Arthur Russell produced and Francois K mixed – and this great vinyl single features the complete cut – Part 1 on one ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Modern Harmonic, 1958/1984. New Copy (pic cover, reissue)
Two rare slices of Sun Ra – one of them originally unissued! "Saturn" is a late 50s charmer from the Chicago scene – a tune that bears the same name as Ra's legendary label, and which features fantastic baritone work from Charles Davis and Pat Patrick – on a groove that ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
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