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XClassic sounds on 45rpm 7 inch singles -- Northern soul, deep soul, funk, breaks, rare groove, sample tracks, modern soul, and jazz!

Indian Red/Chokco Mo Feendo Hey
Sinking City, 1953. New Copy (reissue)
A great example of the kind of cuts that made New Orleans such a distinct musical city in the postwar years! Both tracks have elements that you'd hear in more familiar jump blues or R&B – but they're a lot more raw, a heck of a lot more rhythmic, and have a skittish vibe that's right ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Go Bang! (parts 1 & 2)
Sleeping Bag/Get On Down, 1982. New Copy (reissue)
A spacey disco classic! "Go Bang" is a wonderful tune – with a jaunty vocal refrain that's laid over some off-kilter keyboard rhythms infused with bass. Arthur Russell produced and Francois K mixed – and this great vinyl single features the complete cut – Part 1 on one ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Phoenix/Jamie, Early 70s. New Copy (reissue)
One of the most legendary tracks ever from Philly's Magnum – a well-rounded bit of funky percussion, tight horns, and these electric piano lines that feel more Nigerian than the usual American funk of the time! This edit brings up the beats a bit more, but leaves the core groove nicely ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
RCA/Expansion (UK), 1982. New Copy
A massive jam from Keni Burke – easily his greatest tune ever, and the kind of track we'd hardly have imagined back when he was a little tyke in the Five Stairsteps! The track's got a thumping, stomping kind of groove that really gets going from the start – and the vocal hook is a ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Paramount/Expansion (UK), Mid 70s. New Copy (reissue)
One of our favorite tracks ever from Chicago soul singer Linda Clifford – a mellow bit of funk written and produced by Leroy Hutson – and quite different than any of Linda's later clubby work! In fact, the whole thing's got a righteous, positive vibe – one that really feels ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Daptone, Early 70s. New Copy
A sweet take on this tune by Bob & Gene – given a Jamaican groove on both sides, thanks to help from The Inversions! The main cut bubbles along with a bit of a rocksteady vibe next to the duo's vocals – still very much the main song at the core, but augmented with a Kingston soul ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Barrows Blues/High & Dry
Tramp (Germany), 1977. New Copy
"Barrows Blues" has this really unusual groove – a mix of folksy guitar and saxophone, tied together in this choppy funk intro to the tune – which John then sings over with this style that's as evocative as the instrumentation! "High & Dry" continues the folk ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
It's Soul Time, 1972. New Copy (reissue)
Two fantastic tracks from Bags – a sweet soul group who recorded briefly for the GSF label at the start of the 70s! "Hey Girl" is prime east coast group material – with this sweetly-flowing lead that feels like some of the best Larry Sanders work of the time – warm, but ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Funk Night, 2017. New Copy
Romping drums and burning Hammond organ – a mighty nice combination, and one that pushes "Pick & Shovel" out of the gate with a strong vibe right from the start! There's a great solo in the middle, too – organ that maybe recalls the work of Alan Hawkshaw at times, but ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Aloha Got Soul, 1979. New Copy (pic cover, reissue)
Fantastic Hawaii funk from the end of the 70s – two great tracks by a group you shouldn't confuse with the Aurra group on Salsoul! "Magic Lover" has a blend of jazz and funk underneath the soulful lyrics – horns bursting and bubbling, and a tight bassline that almost gives ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Impulse/Universal (Japan), 1972. New Copy (pic cover)
Two righteous tracks from Archie Shepp – served up here on a limited edition 45! "Attica Blues" might be the closest thing that Archie ever got to cutting a funk tune – thanks to some great wah-wah guitar in the groove – but the song also has a completely righteous ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Modern Harmonic, 1958/1984. New Copy (pic cover, reissue)
Two rare slices of Sun Ra – one of them originally unissued! "Saturn" is a late 50s charmer from the Chicago scene – a tune that bears the same name as Ra's legendary label, and which features fantastic baritone work from Charles Davis and Pat Patrick – on a groove that ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Wand/Outta Sight (UK), 1967. New Copy (reissue)
Two 60s stormers! "Knick Knack Patty Wack" is a wicked little groove – atune that begins with just handclaps and vocals at the start, then rolls into a vamping soul style that's completely outta sight – and which really fits the playful lyrics of the song! The flipside ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Coffee Cold/Space
Fraternity, 1966/1969. New Copy (reissue)
One of the funkiest tunes ever from Galt MacDermot – the sweetly jagged "Coffee Cold" – a great instrumental that has this really sideways kilter on the beat, and this piano line that almost feels like it's falling down the stairs! A famous sample tune from way back – ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Steppin Stone/Helpless Girl
Tramp (Germany), Early 70s. New Copy
The piano here is monstrous right from the start – a deep, dark instrument of power that sets up a wonderful tone for the tune – this downturning, blue-tinged groove that's offset by the righteous vocals of Little Mary Staten – a singer who sounds a lot older than her name might ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Tramp (Germany), Late 60s. New Copy
A nicely moody track from Dede Copland – deep soul, with a slow-moving groove – one that really fits the blue-tinged lyrics of the track – which Copland delivers in a very unique vocal style! The track's got a great late nite vibe – that sort of middle-of-the-night sense of ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Colemine, 2017. New Copy
... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Tramp (Germany), Early 70s. New Copy
Harmony soul with a nicely deep groove – one of those killer underground 70s tracks that manages to sound sweet and hard at the same time! The drums are slow, but full – and the vocals really take a nice bit of time flowering open on "Give Up" – a tune that's got a ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Pepite (Switzerland), 1978. New Copy (reissue)
A rare bit of Brazilian funk from the 70s – served up with this fast-riffing groove that's totally great, which is then punctuated by very soulful piano – and topped with vocals that are in that totally cool style of Brazilian production that was big at the time! In other words, ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Salsoul/Fraternity, 1980. New Copy
Two funky club classics from Salsoul – back to back on a sweet 7" single! "The Funk Is On" has some heavy guitar coming down right on the beat – in this way that's almost an old school break, but a bit fuller – especially when the vocals come into the mix, although ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
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