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X"Wax Poetics, Wire, Mojo, Uncut, Oxford American, Ugly Thngs, Shindig, and other publications you won't find at your local newstand! "

Mojo, 2017. New Copy
This issue looks back at the way that U2 took America by storm on the Joshua Tree tour – and also features a nice look at Byrd-man Roger McGuinn, plus articles on the Rolling Stones In The South, The Last Poets Vs The KKK, and the legend behind Ziggy Stardust – plus lots more too, ... Magazine
Jazzwise (UK), 2017. New Copy
Legendary bassist Jaco Pastorius is alive and well on the cover this time around – in an article that looks at the release of his 1982 concert for NPR – and the issue also has features on the Partikel trio, pianist Craig Taborn, bassist Barry Guy, and singer Claire Martin – as ... Magazine
Issue 65
Shindig, 2017. New Copy
A jam-packed issue of Shindig – one that not only features the long article on Traffic you'd expect from the cover, but also includes a great interview with that group's founding member, Dave Mason! There's loads more inside, too – part 2 of the magazine's look at Curtis Mayfield, an ... Magazine
Issue 463 – February 2017
Record Collector, 2017. New Copy
This issue's got a huge article on the birth of hard rock in the US – with looks at key artists who include The Stooges, MC5, Iron Butterfly, Mountain, Blue Cheer, Alice Cooper, and others! There's also lots of other interesting articles for the record head – including a look at the ... Magazine
Issue 61
Shindig, 2016. New Copy
The great Tim Buckley may have left our planet decades ago – but he's alive and well here in a cover feature that looks at his never-ending influence over the years, and some great releases of unheard music too! The issue's also got big articles on Lee Hazlewood, Syd Barrett, Steve Hillage, ... Magazine
Issue 64
Shindig, 2017. New Copy
Our hometown hero Curtis Mayfield is on the cover this time around – part of a feature that looks at the importance of his music from a political and social perspective! The article has lots of photos, and looks at Mayfield's importance to the Civil Rights movement – and is followed by ... Magazine
Galactic Zoo Dossier, 2016. New Copy
The milestone 20 year anniversary issue of cosmic music magazine Galactic Zoo Dossier – #10 overall and the first new issue in 4 years – "a gift from the psychedelic godz" and well worth the wait! The Interview Issue, too, it features Arthur Brown, Bang, Max Ochs, Shirley ... Magazine
Issue 63
Shindig, 2017. New Copy
The Kinks make a big splash on the cover this time around – part of a great long feature on their first American tour in 1965! The issue's also got a number of other great articles – on Fred Neil, Be Bop Deluxe, Wayne Coyne, Simply Saucer, Long Chris, and Cockney Rebel – as well ... Magazine
Issue 62
Shindig, 2016. New Copy
The cover's got a great feature on Georgie Fame this time around – with a deep look at his late 60s years, which happen to be our favorite part of his long and varied career! The issue also has articles on Hawkwind, Jethro Tull, Lesley Duncan, Jan & Dean, and Jefferson Airplane – ... Magazine
Issue 60
Shindig, 2016. New Copy
A huge issue of Shindig – which has long been one if the finest print resources for fans of both classic and comparably obscure psych – here finally looking deep into the legacy of Syd Barrett for the cover feature! The piece looks at the Syd's legend and real life story at the end of a ... Magazine
Issue No 119
Echoes Of The Past, 2017. New Copy
A great new issue of Echoes Of The Past – the appropriately old school style zine devoted to the classic vocal group style of the past – and hopefully keeping the legacy alive for decades to come come! This issue has pieces on the sometimes silky, sometimes gritty groove of The ... Magazine
University Of Central Arkansas, 2017. New Copy
An issue that celebrates 25 great years of the Oxford American – one of the most important cultural publications of the south – especially to northerners like us, who wouldn't otherwise have a clue! The issue offers up a great range of writing that really demonstrates OA's power – ... Magazine
Issue 42
Vive Le Rock (UK), 2017. New Copy
Vive Le Rock offers up a special 40th Anniversary of the UK punk explosion in 1977 – with a big cover feature on the music, which includes looks at The Clash, Slits, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Heartbreakers, and Generation X! There's lots more music featured, too – and the issue expands to ... Magazine
Issue 2/2 – 2016
Guerssen (Spain), 2017. New Copy
The magazine looks at the hipper corners of the British folk scene this time around – something that might be hinted at by the creepy pastoral image on the cover! Inside, there's articles on Fairport Convention, Spirogyra, Comus, Magna Carta, Incredible String Band, Fresh Maggots, and others ... Magazine
Songlines, 2017. New Copy
A timely issue of Songlines – tackling the subject of protest music for teh cover story – from classic style protest songs to fighting censorship around the world! Other features include the forbidden songs of Sami culture, folk stars and the history of the protest song, the Dhaka Lit ... Magazine
Wire, 2017. New Copy
El-P and Killer Mike's (still!) peak level Run The Jewels run away with the cover feature here – and this issue has lots of other great features including Lagos septet Obadikah, Jamie Fennelly's harmonium project Mind Over Mirrors, Swiveling Sounds, the Global Ear column's look at the Palermo ... Magazine
Issue 36 (with bonus CD)
Ptolemaic Terrascope, 2007. New Copy
The long-overdue return of this classic acid folk and psych zine – now in the hands of Mushroom instead of Bevis Frond! The shift seems to have only helped the publication – as this heavy-duty issue is almost as thick as a book – filled with interviews that include Davey Graham, ... Magazine
Wire, 2017. New Copy
That's Aine O'Dwyer on the cover – making her face all blurry by waving her arm in front of the camera – much in the way her spontaneous style creates a real blurring of modes, during her vocal, organ, and dance improvisations! The issue also features a great introduction to Moroccan ... Magazine
Issue 2 – 2015
Guerssen (Spain), 2016. New Copy
If the title doesn't give it away, the contents certainly do – a heady helping of articles that definitely live up to the psychedelic promise on the cover! The magazine really digs deep – way more so than other psych publications we've seen – and the scope of material here is ... Magazine
Issue 1 – Winter 2008
Shook (UK), 2008. Very Good
The first issue of a magazine that's destined to be huge – a publication that picks up the UK scene where Straight No Chaser left off – but one that's also in funkier Wax Poetics territory too! The magazine's got the same size and great look of SNC, but covers territory that's even ... Magazine
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