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Curbside Splendor, 2015. New Copy
A very cool book that compiles a long-running feature that's delighted Chicago music fans for years – the Secret History Of Chicago Music column from the Chicago Reader – a force that's possibly done more for the history of music in our city than most other larger institutions put ... Book
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Sun Ra Omniverse (hardcover)
Art Yard (Germany), 1994/2015. New Copy
An incredible book on Sun Ra & The Arkestra – one that's got all the beauty and heft of one of his rare albums on the Saturn Records label! This is the second edition of Omniverse (the first went out of print almost 20 years ago, and now goes for fabulous sums) – and it's even ... Book
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Fantagraphics, 2014. New Copy
A stunning package for a wonderful collection – volumes one and two of Hip Hop Family Tree – both great volumes that tell the tale of the early days of hip hop – but presents the story in the style of a Marvel Comics tabloid from the 70s! Ed Piskor's approach to the material is ... Book
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Ele-King (Japan), 2015. New Copy Book
A comprehensive guide to the club jazz sound of the past 25 years or so – that sweet blend of jazzy roots and contemporary rhythms that first sprung to life in London at the end of the 80s – then grew through dancefloors on the German, Italian, and Japanese scenes of the next decade ... Book
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House Definitive 1974 to 2014
P-Vine (Japan), 2014. New Copy
The roots of house music and beyond – a mighty cool discography that does a special job of locating the music many years before it first exploded in Chicago and Detroit, then following it for many years after that, through a host of global scenes and styles! The publication is a discography, ... Book
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Abrams Comic Arts, 2011. New Copy
The lost years of legendary graphic novelist Will Eisner – material done after the termination of his famous Spirit newspaper strip, and before Eisner's huge return to fame in the comic underground of the 70s! Eisner was always as great of a businessman as he was a cartoonist – and ... Book
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Abrams, 2008. New Copy
Amazing images from the co-creator of Superman – rare pen and ink drawings done for a seedy bondage publication in the mid 50s – years after Joe Schuster had stopped working on his famous hero! As is well-known, Schuster fell on financial hard times pretty quickly after DC Comics ran ... Book
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54321 Countdown (UK), 2012. New Copy
Garry Bushell's cool look back at the mod revival scene of the late 70s and first year or 2 of the 80s – a fairly short-lived, but still invigorating couple years of raw, R&B fueled post-punk that's famous for spawning The Jam and many lesser-remembered, but hardly less exciting band ... Book
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Back Beat, 2013. New Copy
One of the greatest soul music TV shows ever (and one that originated in Chicago, too!) – presented here in deep detail with loads of interesting stories and anecdotes too! The book's almost a more personal history of the show than a technical one – but that's OK with us, because it ... Book
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Nothin' To Lose – The Making Of KISS 1972 to 1975 (paperback)
It Books, 2014. New Copy
The story of Kiss in all its 70s glory – with a focus on the early years of the group's image-making and formation – told by group members themselves, as well as some key contemporaries! The book is large, and filled with lots of images – and the text is pulled together in ... Book
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Houghton Mifflin, 2013. New Copy
Over the years, New York's Chelsea Hotel has been way more than just a place to stay when you're in the city – and instead has gone onto become a legendary cultural force in itself – the temporary home to countless artists, musicians, and writers – including Allen Ginsberg, Janis ... Book
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Rittor (Japan), 2014. New Copy
A sweet sweet discography on 70s electric jazz – one that's every bit as cool as the more classic entries in this series! The book's got loads of listings on some of our favorite albums of funky jazz and jazzy soul – plus lots more entries on obscure titles from around the globe, ... Book
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Independent Black Jazz Of America (paperback)
Rittor (Japan), 2014. New Copy Book
A really important book for any fan of American spiritual jazz of the 70s – a mixture of essays and discographies, with a focus on some of the best labels of the scene – including Strata East, Black Jazz, Tribe, Nimbus, and many others – plus some key entries from overseas as well! ... Book
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Rittor (Japan), 2013. New Copy
Rare club galore – a pretty great publication that looks at the "seeds of club music", and features listings for hundreds of rare records from the 70s and 80s! The format is similar to other Rittor discographies – lots of full color album art (or label art in the case of ... Book
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Leo Smith/Corbett vs. Dempsey, 1973. New Copy
A lost publication from Wadada Leo Smith – early 70s notes on music by the trumpeter and AACM legend – originally published in a tiny edition of 200 copies! Smith has always been one of the most intellectual musicians of his scene – and it's amazing to read his very fully-formed ... Book
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Fourth Estate (UK), 2011. New Copy
The author of Hammer Of The Gods – which some say is the definitive book on Led Zeppelin – takes a look at the group's famous 1975 tour of America – a time when both Led Zeppelin and arena rock were at the height of their power! Stephen Davis was one of an elite few to travel ... Book
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Top Shelf, 2012. New Copy
The new version of the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen emerge in 2009 – in a post-911, post-recession world that's firmly entwined with the supernatural! Virginia Woolf's Orlando is the main character here – oddly very much in the right spot in space and time to deliver on all her ... Book
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Top Shelf, 2011. New Copy
A great extension of Alan Moore's original League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen – one that has a version of the group emerging in the British scene in 1969 – in a mad mix of devil worship and psychedelic rock! The tone's a bit lighter than the earlier volumes, but no less compelling ... Book
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Phaidon Press, 1997. New Copy
The history of women's rights in the 20th Century – presented here in a beautiful art book format that's filled with hundreds of stunning images throughout! The volume traces the evolution of different strands of struggle and victory in the past 100 years – and uses an amazing array of ... Book
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Funk & Soul Covers (hardcover)
Taschen, 2015. New Copy
One of the funkiest coffee table books you'll ever hope to own – a massive collection of rare funk and soul album covers – beautifully put together, and with a wealth of information too! The set's way more than just a stash of cool-looking images – as the folks at Taschen have ... Book
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