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HoZac, 2017. New Copy
A pretty amazing little memoir by NYC born & bred bass player Sal Maida – hardly a household name, but a guy whose story ought to be known – having gone from an obsessive music fan and card carrying member of the Sparks International Fan Club to actually playing IN Sparks, but not ... Book
University Of Michigan, 2010. New Copy
Beautiful images from the legendary Ann Arbor Blues Festival – a long-running even that's pulled together an amazing range of talent over the years – a good number of whom are featured here! The festival probably hit its biggest fame in the early 70s – when recordings documented ... Book
New York Review Of Books, 1959/1970. New Copy
Two novels from Mavis Gallant – the Canadian writer who spent most of her important years in Paris, from which she sent countless short pieces to the New Yorker! Fairly Good Time is one of the longest works from Gallant's Paris years – the story of a Canadian widow in the city, ... Book
Harper, 2015. New Copy
Some of the earliest work ever written by Elmore Leonard – a range of short stories from the 50s, some of which were even created while Leonard was working in the advertising business! The later Leonard style is definitely in effect here, but the stories are also shorter, more focused, and ... Book
New York Review Of Books, 1974. New Copy
Katherine Mortenhoe has only a week to live – quite a surprise in a world of the future where nobody ever dies from illness – which makes her case unique enough to warrant its feature on a televised reality show! The story was penned in the 70s – by a speculative fiction writer ... Book
Memed My Hawk
New York Review Of Books, 1961. New Copy
The first novel of Yashar Kemal, an important Kurdish writer from the postwar years – who presents a fascinating portrait of his world through the eyes of a child. Memed, the main character, tries to escape a world of poverty and struggle, with an eye towards becoming a hero for his people ... Book
Love In A Fallen City
New York Review Of Books, Mid 40s. New Copy
The first-ever English language collection of the short works of Eileen Chang – a powerful writer from WWII-era China, and one whose work still has resonance today both in Taiwan and on the mainland! Chang's vision here is superb – stories that often focus on smaller details of ... Book
New York Review Of Books, 1928. New Copy
A legendary German novel from the 20s – originally published anonymously, and a mix of fact and fiction from writer Hans Herbert Grimm! Main character Schlump has a cynical eye towards the happenings of WWI – part of the moment, and tied up in it – but also always working his own ... Book
Farrar, Strauss & Giroux, 2016. New Copy
Author David Hajdu has given us some great books on Bob Dylan and Billy Strayhorn – and written some excellent work on comics, too – and here, he takes on the development of pop music in the 20th Century, with a nicely wide-ranging ear that follows changes from early blues, through the ... Book
St Martins, 2016. New Copy
That's quite a cover photo on the book – and the interweaving of key talents in the image really gets at the style of the narrative within! Author Steven Blush delivers a decidedly one-sided document of the New York scene from the late 60s onward – a picture of countless creative ... Book
HoZac, 2017. New Copy
A wild ride through trailblazing path of protopunk legends The Electric Eels and the early 70s Cleveland underground rock scene – a turbulent scene in a then incredibly gritty, struggling midwestern American city – with bands and sounds that predate and helped steamroll the path that ... Book
Yale University Press, 2015. New Copy
Coney Island is a hell of a place – a refuge for New Yorkers for over 100 years, and still pretty amazing today – with a surprisingly strong legacy that also includes the park's influence on more serious artists over the decades, a legacy that's presented beautifully in this oversize ... Book
Yale University Press, 2014. New Copy
One of the most compelling books we've ever read on Pop Art – and one of the most visually stunning, too – given that the heavy, hardcover volume is filled with images that go way past the familiar tropes of the movement! Author Thomas Crow takes a very longform look at Pop Art – ... Book
Random House, 2007. New Copy
In Open City, Teju Cole gave us a fascinating portrait of New York seen through the eyes of an outsider – and here, Cole returns to his native Nigeria with a similar vision – giving a portrait of Lagos after years away from the place, all in the similar meditative style we've always ... Book
Gotham, 2013. New Copy
Terry Teachout gave us a wonderfully well-done biography of Louis Armstrong – and he follows suit here with an equally great volume on Duke Ellington – one that does an excellent job of balancing between biographical details and an understanding of his music! Teachout doesn't just ... Book
Doubleday, 2011. New Copy
Jonathan Lethem is a writer that we totally love – an author who's given us great novels and short stories over the years – and who, somehow between that ever-growing creative output, manages to write a good deal of essays and other articles too! We're not sure when Lethem ever finds ... Book
Mark Mothersbaugh – Myopia (hardcover)
Museum Of Contemporary Art Denver, 2014. New Copy
A deep dig inside the mind of Mark Mothersbaugh – a musician that most folks know for his role in Devo, and his soundtrack material too – but also a visual artist with a legacy that's maybe even more mindblowing than his work on record! The book is the first we've ever seen to look at ... Book
Monacelli, 2012. New Copy
An incredible look at the explosion of event-based art on the New York scene at the end of the 50s – the emergence of the "happening" – a combination of performance, installation, music, theater, and other media – depending on the situation – and a strong precursor ... Book
Little Brown, 2012. New Copy
Nick Tosches got his start writing about the music we love – and gave us great books on country music, R&B, and even Dean Martin – before he got the courage to pursue his first love of writing fiction, which he's been doing for more than a few years now. In Me & The Devil, ... Book
Viking, 2015. New Copy
John Szwed has given us pivotal books on Miles Davis and Sun Ra – and this time around, he's turning his eye to the life and music of Billie Holiday – offering up a very fresh vision of the oft-told tale of the singer and her career! As the title might imply, Szwed gets past the myth ... Book
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