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University Of Chicago, 2017. New Copy
A much-needed look at the genius of The Art Ensemble Of Chicago – one of the coolest, most compelling groups to emerge in the great wave of avant jazz in the late 60s – and one who continued to give the world a lifetime legacy of groundbreaking music! There's been plenty written on the ... Book
University Of Chicago, 2016. New Copy
A much-needed book for the open-minded listener – a well-written volume from jazz critic John Corbett – and one that's bound to widen your ears to a whole new realm of listening! The book's pocket-sized – maybe so that you can sneak it into a club when visiting a free jazz ... Book
Penguin Books, 2013. New Copy
A surprisingly great autobiography from Morrissey – written in a very unusual sort of voice, especially when compared to his songs! The book recounts his life in music and beyond – and acts not just as a portrait of the singer, but also of a certain side of London in the 60s, 70s, and ... Book
Riverhead Books, 2015. New Copy
For many folks, the Great American Songbook ended in the years after WWII – a time when pop songs were on the rise, rock and R&B were getting their start, and even jazz was going in a whole host of new directions! Yet those musical changes weren't the reason for the disappearance of ... Book
Oxford University Press, 2014. New Copy
Director Robert Altman has always had a special place for music in his films – from his strong use of Leonard Cohen in McCabe & Mrs Miller, to the famous song in MASH, to the range of intersecting styles that make Nashville such a great movie! Yet there's also much deeper relationships ... Book
Bis (Netherlands), 2011. New Copy
A book that's maybe not what you'd guess from the title – or maybe only partly from the title – as the whole thing is a love letter to the font style of Cooper Black, used on the front – served up in a fantastic array of images from the late 60s onward! The rounded font has been ... Book
Bloomsbury (UK), 1930. New Copy
Say hello to my little book – the 1930 crime novel that inspired the Al Pacino film of the same name – a book that sets the story in the world of Chicago crime, where a young Tony Guarino rises from poverty to become the king of the mobs! Obviously, the setting's different than the ... Book
Wired Up, 2012. New Copy Book
Loads of great images from the early 70s glory days of bubblegum pop and glam rock – hundreds of pages of amazing album covers and single sleeves – including a fair bit of imports we've never seen before! Because of the poppy nature of the music, this period is sometimes overlooked by ... Book
Skyhorse, 2004/2014. New Copy
A beautiful selection of images from the archives of the Smithsonian Institute – pulled together here by photographic historian Deborah Willis, and presented as a rich tapestry of African-American culture in the 20th century! The wide scope of the title might make you think that the book's ... Book
Submarine Channel (Netherlands), 2008. New Copy
A beautiful book of work by one of the first important animators to emerge on the internet – artist Han Hoogerbrugge, presented here in a transformation of his images to a paper setting – some presented as comics, some as progressive images, and some as stand-alone drawings! The book ... Book
Octopus Books (UK), 2016. New Copy
A very cool book – one that features lots of other material from famous photo shoots that ended up on punk/new wave album covers – but which didn't make the grade at the time! In other words, the book is filled with photographs that are slightly similar to famous ones – a range ... Book
Louisiana State University, 2013. New Copy
A detailed look at one of the most compelling strands of the legendary field recordings of Alan Lomax – his 1934 foray into the rich musical culture of Southern Louisiana! Although some of the Lomax recordings have been brought out and examined under the spotlight in just about every way ... Book
Little Brown, 2014. New Copy
An insanely huge book on the music of Nick Drake – one that not only features song lyrics and details on his albums, but which also features a huge amount of private archive material, vintage photos, letters, diary entries, and even press reviews of his records – alongside writings by ... Book
University Of Minnesota Press, 2010. New Copy
A heavyweight companion to the book England's Dreaming – Jon Savage's seminal history of the rise of punk in the UK in the 70s! This volume's far bigger than the main book – and features all the interview material that Savage collected for England's Dreaming – hundreds of pages ... Book
Penguin Books (UK), 2009. New Copy
A wonderful book from the mighty Mark E Smith – penned with a voice that's as barbed and witty as his classic lyrics with The Fall! The book tells the tale of Smith's life in music – but as with his songcraft, the approach is anything by conventional – as Mark willingly takes ... Book
Hal Leonard, 2011. New Copy
The life and music of one of the founding fathers of bossa nova – and one of the most important composers on the global scene in the second half of the 20th Century! The book's penned by Jobim's sister, Helena – who's also a poet and novelist herself – and it features a mix of ... Book
It Books, 2014. New Copy
The story of Manchester's legendary Hacienda Nightclub – told by Peter Hook, the bassist of Joy Division and New Order, and part of the Hacienda scene from the start! The Hacienda was there at the start, as part of the Factory Records empire that put Manchester on the post-punk musical map ... Book
Omnibus (UK), 2009. New Copy
A detailed look at one of the coolest, hippest, most unique groups to come out of the first wave of Brit punk in the late 70s – a quartet who worked in sonic corridors few other artists could touch, and who've gone onto change and expand their sound in more recent decades too! Paul Lester's ... Book
Rittor (Japan), 2015. New Copy
One of the most essential discographies we've ever seen – mostly because we own almost none of the records in the book, which makes it an essential volume to use for digging in the crates! This time around, the folks at Rittor – who've given us other great record books over the years ... Book
For Diggers Only (paperback)
Rittor (Japan), 2016. New Copy Book
Fanatical Japanese record collectors share their love of rare vinyl, and a lot more too – in this ultra-cool book that's filled with label and cover scans, and lots of other record images too! The core text is in Japanese, but there's plenty here to love even if you can't read the language, ... Book
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