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Norton/Kicks, 2011. New Copy Book
The Science Fiction Poetry of Sun Ra – complete and unabidged – in a great, kinda old school hip pocket paperback-styled tome from Kicks Books! As revered as Sun Ra is, was, and will forever be as one of the great avant garde bandleaders and all around musical innovators of the 20th ... Book
Liveright, 2015. New Copy
A hefty book on the great Otis Redding – one of the best soul singers of all time, even though he left this planet all too soon! Redding's career on record was less than a decade long, but marked by a huge amount of work – not just time in the studio, with the legendary Stax Records ... Book
Drug Of Choice
Hard Case Crime, 1970. New Copy
Before Jurassic Park, before Westworld, a young Michael Crichton penned this spooky tale of a planned island paradise gone bad – a wrong idea from a biotech corporation gone bad – with all the best mix of science, medicine, and action you'll know from Crichton's more famous thrillers! ... Book
So Nude So Dead
Hard Case Crime, 1952. New Copy
An early pulp gem from writer Ed McBain – best known for his run of 87th Precinct novels in the 60s and 70s, but caught here in an even earlier vein! The book's got all the charms you'd expect from the title and cover – a story of an addict who wakes up next to a dead, nude singer ... Book
Du Books (Japan), 2013. New Copy Book
A beautiful book on the legendary Prestige Records label – some of the hippest hardbop of the 50s, the coolest soul jazz of the 60s, and the funkiest grooves of the 70s! The book is similar to some of the Blue Note discographies we've stocked from Japan over the years – in that it ... Book
University Of Chicago, 2017. New Copy
A much-needed look at the genius of The Art Ensemble Of Chicago – one of the coolest, most compelling groups to emerge in the great wave of avant jazz in the late 60s – and one who continued to give the world a lifetime legacy of groundbreaking music! There's been plenty written on the ... Book
University Of Chicago, 2017. New Copy
Way more than just another book of album cover art – as this impressive volume presents countless images from the evolution of blues music in the 20th Century, alongside detailed writings that also try to explore visual trends, tropes of representation, and the larger role of the music in an ... Book
Editions Stephane Baches (France), 2012. New Copy
More than 500 classic music posters, many unseen for years – in a lavish full-color book that presents the chronological evolution of the genre! The book follows vivid images from early rockabilly through 60s garage, soul, and and psych, through 70s arena rock and punk, to 80s and 90s indie, ... Book
Editions Stephane Baches (France), 1999. New Copy
The cover cops an image from a Joy Division album – and the book inside features a huge array of album art from the same generation! The book's not as fluffy as you might guess from the "new wave" title – as much of the records represented are in styles that include post-punk ... Book
Editions Stephane Baches (France), 1999. New Copy
Mindblowing images from the glory days of psychedelia – a book that's well over 400 pages, features hundreds and hundreds of record covers – and offers up pictures of rare vinyl from around the world! The book is French, and so is the smaller accompanying text – but the real draw ... Book
Funk & Soul Covers (hardcover)
Taschen, 2015. New Copy
One of the funkiest coffee table books you'll ever hope to own – a massive collection of rare funk and soul album covers – beautifully put together, and with a wealth of information too! The set's way more than just a stash of cool-looking images – as the folks at Taschen have ... Book
Print, 2015. New Copy
Some of the coolest postcards you'll ever hope to buy – all at a mighty nice price, too – given that the book features 75 read-to-mail cards! Each postcard features a reproduction of a cover of the magazine Print – a publication beautiful for its groundbreaking design, layout, ... Book
Blues Vinyls (hardcover)
Editions Stephane Baches (France), 1999. New Copy
A huge amount of blues album covers, from the earliest days of the LP up through the 70s – presented here in a lavish full color book that offers up hundreds of very rare images, and lots of European releases too! This isn't just a pop production, with too-familiar blues pictures – as ... Book
Editions Stephane Baches (France), 1999. New Copy
That image on the front should be more than enough to draw you in – and it definitely sets the tone for the quality level of this lavish, full-color book! This French publication offers a fantastic look at cover art from the early days of the prog scene – and the book is very heavy on ... Book
Editions Stephane Baches (France), 1999. New Copy
Incredible record covers from the early years of rock and roll – beautiful color images from the genre's first decade – served up here not just from rare American albums and singles, but also a fair bit of European releases too! The book is French, and from that perspective it's able ... Book
Silvana Editoriale (Italy), 2017. New Copy
A very cool book on the influence of Eastern spirituality on pop culture at the end of the 60s – one that not only looks at the way The Beatles discovered Indian music and religion, but also the way that moment exploded in so many other directions too! The presentation is great – full ... Book
Zero Cool
Hard Case Crime, 1969. New Copy
An early thriller from the great Michael Crichton – penned for the paperback underground in the years before he hit bigger fame on the silver screen! The book tells the tale of an American doctor caught in the crossfire of rival gangs in Spain and France – set in a late 60s mileu that ... Book
KHA Books, 2015. New Copy
A loving tribute to tenor sax legend Gene Ammons – penned by friend and scenemate Al Carter-Bay – a Chicago jazz DJ who really offers a lot of insight to Ammons' life and music! Al's approach here is both personal and polemical – in ways that highlight aspects of Gene's music ... Book
Taschen, 2017. New Copy Book
Barney Hoskyns presents an incredibly lovely look at Capitol Records – a book that's every bit as amazing as the vintage image on the cover – presented in the best manner of the limited edition Taschen art books! The whole thing is huge – about 10 pounds in weight, packaged in a ... Book
Flatiron Books, 2015. New Copy
Way more than just a simple book of record cover images – and instead a love letter to the sound and style of the disco generation – put together from classic album artwork, and augmented by thoughtful musings by the author! The book features full color reproductions of over 250 album ... Book
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