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Contemporary cuts in a variety of styles -- broken beat, downtempo, house, electronica, club jazz, electro, nu jazz, and more!

Fat Finger Cosmic/Rocksteady Disco, 2016. New Copy (pic cover)
A nice little split 12" EP pairing up dancefloor tracks by the Blkshrk duo of Eddie Logic & Blair French for the Fat Finger Cosmic label – and Rocksteady Disco's Topher Horn! The Blkshrk side kicks of with heavy beats and percussion, with just as hefty bass grooves, and a really ... 12-inch, Vinyl record
Rocksteady Disco, 2016. New Copy
Detroit dancefloor duo Man Vs Indian Man's not so chilly, but certainly cool "Ice Accountant" track gets a handful of solid remixes! First up is one by electro legend Egyptian Lover – plus pretty far-reaching, different takes on the track by Ponchartrain and Table Daddy – plus ... 12-inch, Vinyl record
Rocksteady Disco, 2016. New Copy
Jazzy, funky, disco re-edits by Mr PC – taking elements of classic funky fusion and honing in the tighest percussion, hearty bass lines and all around balmy aural atmoshere for a timeless dancefloor vibe! "Stanley Dancer" on one side and "Jaco Disco" on the flip. 12-inch, Vinyl record
Rocksteady Disco, 2016. New Copy
A quartet of contemporary, though we're thinking pretty well built-to-last dancefloor/deep house tracks on the young, hungry Rocksteady Disco label – with tracks by Pontchartrain, Lafleur (remixed by Peter Croce) and G2S! 4 solid tracks on 2 sides: "Rock Your Baby" and "Gone ... 12-inch, Vinyl record
Modern Sun (Netherlands), 2017. New Copy
A fantastic album of keyboard funk instrumentals – a set that starts somewhere in a late 70s soul fusion vibe, then makes a move through some of the more broken, cosmic territory of the European scene in recent years! On some of the straighter tracks, there's Fender Rhodes, at a level that ... LP, Vinyl record album
First Word (UK), 2017. New Copy
A beautiful back-to-basics set from Eric Lau – spare instrumentals that focus wonderfully on the best sort of interplay between beats and keyboards – never overdone, never overly-long, but a great reminder of how wonderful the format can be in the hands of the right musician! There's a ... LP, Vinyl record album
Acid Jazz/BGP (UK), Late 80s. New Copy
Tremendous grooves from the earliest (and best) years of the acid jazz scene – all recorded at a time when London was exploding with sounds from the 60s and 70s, and turning out some of the hippest music on the planet! Although the term "acid jazz" was soon mishandled and mis-manage ... CD
Choose Your Own Adventure
Soundway (UK), 2016. New Copy
Malcolm Catto is at the production helm for this sweet debut set from Vanishing Twin – and you can definitely hear his touches in the music – which is often funky and trippy at the same time! The group themselves have kind of a fuzz-frequency vibe that lies somewhere between late 60s ... LP, Vinyl record album
Ropeadope, 2016. New Copy
CD...$8.99 13.99
A sublime blend of progressive beats & production with soulful songcraft by Light Blue Movers – and it takes even fuller flight thanks to some excellent guest vocals by Stephanie McKay and others! The Light Blue Movers themselves are drummer and producer Adrian Harpham, keyboard player ... CD
Sogni Di Gloria
Tannen (Italy), 2014. New Copy
Calibro 35 move strongly into the world of actual soundtrack music – after a number of albums that had them taking on classic sounds of Italian cinema – and the result is a set that might well be one of the strongest the group has ever cut! The core small combo approach is still the ... CD
Natural (180 gram vinyl)
Far Out (UK), 2016. New Copy
Nicola Conte's working here with a great new singer – the lovely Stefania Dipierro, who brings in just the right sort of Brazilian vibe to fit the record's placement on the Far Out label! The style here is maybe a bit more Brazilian than some of Nicola's music on the Schema imprint – ... LP, Vinyl record album
Slave Music EP
Home Grown, 2016. New Copy
The kinds of beats we haven't heard from Freddie Cruger in years – the kind of sharp-yet-spacey funk that first made us fall in love with his sound more than a decade ago! The music here has a very future-forward vibe – a title that's tongue-in-cheek, and which might obscure the ... LP, Vinyl record album
Tru Thoughts (UK), 2016. New Copy
One of the most soulful acts in years from the Tru Thoughts label – and that's saying a lot, given that most of their records are pretty darn soulful! Seshun have kind of a crispy, contemporary vibe – tunes that aren't afraid to hang onto a hook, but which also have all the forward-think ... CD
Sogni Di Gloria
Tannen (Italy), 2014. New Copy Gatefold
Calibro 35 move strongly into the world of actual soundtrack music – after a number of albums that had them taking on classic sounds of Italian cinema – and the result is a set that might well be one of the strongest the group has ever cut! The core small combo approach is still the ... LP, Vinyl record album
Other Directions
Schema (Italy), 2004. New Copy 2LP
Incredible work from Nicola Conte – Schema records maestro making his Blue Note debut with this set – and giving the label one of their best new albums of the 21st Century! The record's quite different than Nicola's programmed dancefloor work for Schema – and is much more of an ... LP, Vinyl record album
Schema (Italy), 2015. New Copy Gatefold
Maybe the hippest album we've ever heard from The Dining Rooms – something we probably could have guessed from their evocation of Sun Ra in the title! And while that title seems a bit obtuse – maybe even a joke – the music here is right on the money, and some of the most serious, ... CD
Warp, 2014. New Copy 2LP Gatefold
Flying Lotus is not only very much alive on You're Dead! – he's as lively as ever – delivering his best, most diverse record to date! The Flying Lotus sound is in peak form here – glitchy beats and spacey keyboards, deftly layered samples, and carrying boundless influences from ... LP, Vinyl record album
Gotta Get Out EP
Voltaire (Netherlands), 2016. New Copy
Fantastic modern boogie from The Pendletons – a duo who've clearly been influenced by the sound of the 80s underground, but who really find a way to do something new with their music on this set! I Ced and Jimetta Rose guest on the title cut – "Gotta Get Up" – a sweet ... LP, Vinyl record album
Shapes In Space
Tru Thoughts (UK), 2016. New Copy 2CD
The Shapes series from Tru Thoughts takes off into space – in a wonderful blend of the label's groundbreaking funk, soul, and contemporary beat-heavy styles! As with other Shapes collections, there's a lot of material here that's getting physical release for the first time – some ... CD
Slavic Souls
BBE (UK), 2016. New Copy
A new sort of a shift for Dalindeo – as you might guess from the title – as the group adds in a bit of slavic roots to their usual jazzy groove! The core instrumentation is still live jazz, but the group also touch on some older Finnish tango modes with the rhythms, and work with the ... LP, Vinyl record album
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