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XStandup, sketches, comedy, and more!

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Philles/Comedy Dynamics, Mid 60s. (reissue)
LP ... On September 26, 2020
A fantastic album by Lenny, and a rare release on Phil Spector's Philles label. Spector was a big fan of Bruce, and this release – with its title reference to his arrest history ("out again"), and its graphic image of him on a toilet in a yard next to a statue, is one of the oddest ... LP, Vinyl record album
Drag City, 2020.
LP ... On August 21, 2020 (delayed)
... LP, Vinyl record album
Vanguard/Craft, 1975. (reissue)
LP ... On September 26, 2020
One of THE spoken word classics of the 70s funk years – an amazing album based around the poetry of Camille Yarbrough – set to some amazing funky backings! The sound here is incredibly righteous – almost a more sophisticated version of Betty Davis – done with a stark, spare ... LP, Vinyl record album

Ken Kesey/Grateful Dead

Acid Test (colored vinyl pressing)
Jackpot, 1966. (reissue)
LP ... On October 25, 2020
A fantastic 60s happening committed to record – one of the famous "acid tests" by Ken Kesey – recorded over the span of 14 hours, and condensed to the space of a single album – featuring early work by The Grateful Dead, plus tape loops, harmonica solos, and lots of weird ... LP, Vinyl record album

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