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Clothing — Coming Soon 📣

XDusty Groove wear and a few other choice bits!

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Just Added!

Lebron Brothers

Llegamos/We're Here
Cotique, Late 60s.
Soaring salsa from the mighty Lebron Brothers – a group who first burst on the Latin scene with a strong run of Latin Soul recordings, but who are taking a more straightforward approach here! Yet that change hardly makes any difference, as the Lebrons still have that bold, youthful energy ... LP, Vinyl record album

Eddie Palmieri

La Perfecta
Alegre, Early 60s.
One of Eddie Palmieri's first classic albums – a set of tracks recorded with his famous La Perfecta ensemble – a really unique group that also features bossa legend Joao Donato on trombone! The group's got a hard-hitting feel that marked a real shift in Latin styles at the time – ... LP, Vinyl record album


Baby Grand/Jazzman (UK), 1971.
Sweet jazzy soul from Terea – a group who never cracked the big time, but who work here with a vibe that's almost like 70s Rufus at their best! The instrumentation is wonderful – warm, but funky – just the right balance to set the scene perfectly for the lead vocals by Sharon ... CD
Atco/Rhino, 1968.
A landmark album for Dusty Springfield – one in which she more than proves her soul music talents, by taking a trip to Memphis, and recording in a sweet Atlantic soul mode! The album's handled by stellar talents all the way through – arrangements by Tom Dowd and Arif Mardin, production ... CD
Inca, Early 70s. (reissue)
LP ... About December 15, 2019
Willie plays great timbales in this tight little set that more than earns him his nickname in the title! The album features a small combo that's got some nice work on baritone sax by Shep Pullman, plus piano by Alfredo Rodriguez, bass by Julio Romero, and a 4 piece trumpet section. Vocals are by ... LP, Vinyl record album
Fania, Late 60s. (reissue)
LP ... About December 15, 2019
The first of Roberto Roena's Apollo Sound albums for Fania – and easily the best! Unlike the others, this one's got a nice dose of Latin Soul – as the group performs a funky cover of Sly Stone's "Sing A Simple Song" and a bouncing playful version of "Spinning Wheel". ... LP, Vinyl record album
Fania, 1968. (reissue)
LP ... About December 15, 2019
Killer Latin Soul! The title cut to this is one of the most stormin' boogaloo cuts ever, and the lyrics ("They're takin' it over baby, the Latin boogaloo!") reflect the changes that were taking place with the young Latin players as they had to deal with the success of the new sound they ... LP, Vinyl record album

Lebron Brothers

Salsa Y Control
Cotique, Early 70s. (reissue)
LP ... About December 15, 2019
A stone kicker by the Lebron Brothers – not as all-out Latin soul as the group's first few records, but a heck of a great session nonetheless! The album's got the brothers moving into more of a 70s salsa mode, but still keeping the small combo edge of their earlier albums – singing in ... LP, Vinyl record album
Cotique, 1968. (reissue)
LP ... About December 15, 2019
Groovy Sounds is right – as the Gilberto Sextet were one of the coolest bands of their day! The group were equal parts soul and equal parts Latin – grooving in that unique New York crossover style that percolated nicely at the end of the 60s. The album makes a strong statement of this ... LP, Vinyl record album

Ernie Agosto Y La Conspiracion

Ernie's Conspiracy
Vaya, 1972. (reissue)
LP ... About December 15, 2019
Soaring trumpet-heavy salsa from the combo of Ernie Agosto – a great little album with the tightness and focus of some of the best early 70s work from producer Willie Colon! Ernie arranged the album with pianist Nelson Sanchez – and the sound here is chunky on the bottom, with some ... LP, Vinyl record album

Dr John

Atco/Get On Down, 1968. (reissue)
LP ... On January 17, 2020
Seminal work from Dr John – one of his key late 60s albums that set the world on fire at the time – and which still stand as some of the doctor's greatest achievements! The approach here is a fantastic abstraction of older New Orleans roots – not nearly as rigid as in some of ... LP, Vinyl record album
Columbia, 2002. (reissue)
LP ... On January 17, 2020
Nas's sorta comeback record from '02 – and a strong one! Stillmatic was a welcome change of pace after some not so great work in the later 90 – with the return-to-form rally cry "One Mic" setting the pace – and the best cuts on this set still sound great! 15 tracks ... LP, Vinyl record album

Da Lench Mob

Guerillas In Tha Mist
East West, 1992.
LP ... On January 17, 2020
Includes "Buck Tha Devil", "All On My Nut Sac", "Guerillas In The Mist", "Freedom Got An AK", "Inside Tha Head of a Black Man" & 8 more. LP, Vinyl record album


World Clique
Elektra/Get On Down, 1990. (reissue)
LP ... On January 17, 2020
There's never been a better bit of pop throwaway dancefloor fodder ever! Sure, these guys were blaring out of every cheap radio at the time, and it was just about impossible to walk into a shopping mall without hearing "Groove Is In The Heart" for about 5 years after the album came out ... LP, Vinyl record album

Big Punisher

Capital Punishment
Loud/Get On Down, 1998. (reissue)
LP ... On January 17, 2020
The late 90s all caps CLASSIC by Big Pun – a precise rhyme spitter who, sadly, wouldn't live long enough drop follow up masterpiece in his lifetime, but will always have Capital Punishment. Pun was a big mean, but his flow his lean and precise, and while there's some brief throwaway moments, ... LP, Vinyl record album
Etiquette/Big Beat (UK), 1965. (reissue)
LP ... About January 31, 2020
Good grief – the Etiquette Records debut of the mighty, maniacal Sonics – one of the most raucous rock & roll albums ever! The Sonics unleashed a fury on r&b and older rock & roll cover tunes – plus incendiary originals such as "The Witch", "Psycho" ... LP, Vinyl record album
Westbound (UK), Late 70s/Early 80s.
CD ... About January 31, 2020
... CD
Polydor/Get On Down, Early 70s. 2LP Gatefold (reissue)
LP ... On January 17, 2020
Part 1 of the legendary compilation series of James Brown Productions for his own People Records imprint – with monster tracks by The JBs, Lyn Collins, and Maceo! Now a long-established treasure trove of stone classic funky soul, it's easy to forget that the deeper legacy of the People ... LP, Vinyl record album
Wire, 2020.
Magazine ... About January 15, 2020
... Magazine


Issue 99
Shindig, 2020.
Magazine ... About January 15, 2020
... Magazine

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