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CD ... On December 15, 2017
... CD
Storyville/Craftman (Japan), 1956. (reissue)
LP ... About December 20, 2017
Beautifully moody work from singer Milli Vernon – a rare Storyville session from the mid 50s, cut with a relaxed, late nite feel – and backing from a small combo that includes Ruby Braff on trumpet, Jimmy Raney on guitar, and Dave McKenna on piano! The sound is very much in keeping ... LP, Vinyl record album
Ella At Zardi's
CD ... About December 22, 2017
An unreleased live performance from 1956! CD
CD ... About January 19, 2018
... CD
Leon Thomas In Berlin
Flying Dutchman/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1971.
CD ... About January 24, 2018
Great stuff from Leon Thomas' classic period – and a 1970 recording of a concert in Germany that features work by Oliver Nelson on alto sax. The rest of the group's a quintet, with piano, bass, conga, and drums – but the real star of the set is Leon Thomas, who again displays amazing ... CD
Colpix/4 Men With Beards, 1959. (reissue)
LP ... About February 1, 2018
An important early live show for Nina – a move to the classy Town Hall crowd, filled with left-leaning listeners who were the perfect audience to get the unique bag she was working on at the time – heard in very appreciative tones throughout the set! The performance is a great one ... LP, Vinyl record album
CD ... On February 23, 2018
... CD
Kaleidoscope Sound/Beatball (Korea), 1971.
CD ... About November 15, 2017 (delayed)
The upper left hand corner of the sky is a very groovy place – thanks to warm vocals and a sunny groove from the Jimmy Vann Band! The group's a trio, of the hotel/cocktail variety – but they've also got plenty of Sunshine Pop touches too – a mixture of male and female vocals, and ... CD
Hoob (Sweden),
CD ... About October 10, 2017 (delayed)
... CD
Roulette/Warner (Japan), Early 60s.
CD ... About July 26, 2017 (delayed)
Beautiful later work from Sarah! Although it's easy to think that she "sold out" by making albums like this for Roulette – with a larger backing than before, and more of a pop feel – these albums are also incredible, and feature a sophisticated sense of interpretation we ... CD
Two's Company
Roulette/Warner (Japan), Early 60s.
CD ... About July 26, 2017 (delayed)
Despite any prejudice you might have against Maynard Ferguson, he actually does a damn good job backing up Chris Connor's lovely voice on this record – probably because his band is super-hip, and includes players like Jaki Byard, Joe Farrell, and Rufus Jones. Connor is in fine icy form, as ... CD
In Tune
MPS (Germany), 1971. (reissue)
LP ... About January 18, 2018
One of the first albums cut by the fab Singers Unlimited – and the set that has them backed by the Oscar Peterson Trio! The Singers always mixed well with guest jazz talents – and the style of this albums gives their sweet harmonies a nice jazz-based groove and not too much cheese on ... LP, Vinyl record album
Philips/Universal (Japan), 1964.
CD ... About January 24, 2018
Early work by one of the grooviest singers in the French pop scene of the 60s – the lovely France Gall, working here with some very swinging arrangements from Alain Gouraguer! The grooves are wonderful throughout – sometimes jazzy, sometimes more in a "yeh yeh" pop vein ... CD
CD ... On February 2, 2018
... CD
Goodfellas (Italy), Late 60s/1970s.
LP ... About November 16, 2017 (delayed)
One of the loveliest voices in the world – backed by some of the greatest orchestrations ever – all in a wonderful collection that showcases the vocal talents of Edda Dell'Orso over the famous soundtrack compositions of Ennio Morricone! There have been other collections of Edda's ... LP, Vinyl record album
Pop Art
Vinyl Ermitage,
LP ... About October 10, 2017 (delayed)
... LP, Vinyl record album

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