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Comedy/Spoken — Recently Added

XStandup, sketches, and spoken word -- plus kids records, sports records, and even some Folkways oddities!

Folkways/Fantome Phonographique (Italy), 1964. New Copy (reissue)
A fascinating little record – and one of the oddest releases ever issued by Folkways Records! The set is exactly what it promises in the title – human speech, but after the voice box has been removed from an individual – so that vocalizations have to take the form of noises and ... LP, Vinyl record album
Columbia/Omnivore, Early 60s/1976. New Copy
An audio document of the genius of the Ernie Kovacs TV show of the early 60s – served up with almost as much dynamic energy as the show itself! Given the lack of visuals, the focus here is mostly on dialogue-heavy routines – so there's less of the wordless musical numbers that are ... CD
Fantasy/Craft, 1959. New Copy (reissue)
Maybe one of the coolest albums of poetry ever recorded – a set that features a young, pre-hippie Allen Ginsberg – delivering his epic poem Howel, plus some other key works too. The young Ginsberg's voice is great – and really fills the works with a lot of bitterness and cynicism ... LP, Vinyl record album

Amiri Baraka

It's Nation Time
Black Forum/Motown, 1972. New Copy Gatefold (reissue)
An amazing record that's as powerful as the political message of the title – the hippest record ever cut by Amiri Baraka, and that's saying a heck of a lot! Baraka delivers a long and complex set of poetic reflections on the state of Black America, spiritual awakening, and political ... LP, Vinyl record album
Folkways, 1959. New Copy Gatefold
A very unusual record – one that has the Folkways ethnographic team on the streets of New York, recording the songs and calls of "six boys in trouble" as they riff and sing on some rough and raw numbers! The record's an odd turn of the ethnographic ear to the American scene – ... CD

Bobby Seale/Eldridge Cleaver/H Rap Brown

Huey/Listen Whitey
Folkways, 1972. New Copy Gatefold
Dialogue excerpts from two early 70s films documenting the shift between the Civil Rights and Black Power eras in the US! Side one is taken from the film Huey – and features Black Panthers Bobby Seale, Eldridge Cleaver and H Rap Brown – plus what sounds like interviews with police and ... CD
Folkways, 1971. New Copy Gatefold
Very righteous work from this obscure 70s poet – a contemporary to Nikki Giovanni, Camille Yarbrough, and others – but not nearly as widely recorded! The album features no instrumentation, just Sonia reading her poems – and the work itself is pretty progressive, very much in the ... CD

Timothy Leary & Ralph Metzner

Psychedelic Experience
Folkways, 1966. New Copy Gatefold
A wonderful early bit of psychedelia from an academic perspective – a record that features Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner, and Richard Alpert – all reading from the book The Psychedelic Experience A Manual Based On The Tibetan Book Of The Dead! The album's divided up into two sections ... CD
Folkways, 1981. New Copy Gatefold
One of the coolest records we've ever heard from beat legend Allen Ginsberg – not just a record of his famous poetry, but one that also features him on harmonium as well! There's a really weird, dark sound to the record – as Ginsberg plays harmonium and sings/speaks his own words ... CD

Allen Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky, Ed Sanders, et al

Poems For Peace
Folkways/Broadside, 1967. New Copy Gatefold
Very free-flowing poetry from a group of artists that includes older beats and younger hippies – all gathered together for the New York Workshop In Nonviolence! The album's got a bit of an ESP Records sort of feel – not in an avant jazz way, but in the manner of the freely open style ... CD

Angela Davis

Angela Davis Speaks
Folkways, 1971. New Copy Gatefold
A really unique document of the struggle and story of Angela Davis – recorded in 1971 by ABC news, and packaged together here as kind of a sonic program by Folkways! The record works like a short news program – starting out with a statement by Angela, then moving to a narrated ... CD

Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali)

I Am The Greatest (with bonus tracks)
Columbia, 1963. New Copy
A great little record – and proof that Muhammad Ali was star material, even in his early years! The record is kind of in the spoken word mode – but has added music by Peter Katz – and features Ali delivering some of his famous poetic "zinger" type material, of the sort ... CD

Ken Nordine

Son Of Word Jazz
Dot, Late 50s. Very Good+
Nice one! This is Ken Nordine's follow-up to his highly successful Word Jazz album, and it's another crazy batch of jazz-meets-beat poetry-meets-goofy stuff. Ken Nordine's wit is razor sharp as usual, and the tracks include "The Bullfighter", "Junk Man", "Looking At ... LP, Vinyl record album

John F Kennedy/Howard K Smith

Kennedy In Germany
Philips, 1964. Near Mint- Gatefold
... LP, Vinyl record album
Fleetwood, 1969. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album

Moms Mabley

Youngest Teenager
Mercury, Late 60s. Near Mint-
Moms is up to her usual bag here – playing the sassy, sexed-up old lady in an extended comedy routine. But the album does feature one really great standout part – a version of "It's Your Thing", played with nice funky instrumentation, and featuring Moms singing the lyrics! ... LP, Vinyl record album

Sandy Baron

Race Race
Roulette, Mid 60s. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album

Sesame Street

Getting Ready For School
CTW, 1981. Very Good Gatefold
... LP, Vinyl record album

Elly Nieman & Rikkert Zuiderveld

Het Oink-Beest
Imperial (Netherlands), 1972. Very Good
... LP, Vinyl record album

Martin Luther King & Others

Freedom March On Washington August 28, 1963
20th Century, 1963. Very Good
Nicely done official pressing of King's famous "I Have A Dream" speech – offered here with other recordings from the March On Washinton on August 28, 1963. Also featured are other speakers John Lewis, Roy Wilkins, Whitney Young, A. Philip Randolph and Dr. Benjamin Mays. It's good ... LP, Vinyl record album
Columbia, 1971. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album

Weird Al Yankovic

Polka Party!
Rock N Roll, 1986. Very Good+
... LP, Vinyl record album
Rhino, 1959. Near Mint- 4LP Box Set
Includes "Poetry For The Beat Generation", "Blues & Haikus", and "Readings By Jack Kerouac On The Beat Generation" – plus a special Last World album – and a beautiful 40 page book! A classic meeting of jazz and beat poetry – packaged beautifully ... LP, Vinyl record album

Jonathan Winters

Whistle Stopping
Verve, Mid 60s. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album

Will Holt & Dolly Jonah

Will Holt & Dolly Jonah On The Brink
Atlantic, Mid 60s. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album

Moms Mabley

Out On A Limb
Mercury, Mid 60s. Very Good+
... LP, Vinyl record album
Chess, 1961. Very Good+
... LP, Vinyl record album

Bill Cosby

8:15 12:15
Tetragrammaton, Early 70s. Very Good+ 2LP Gatefold
... LP, Vinyl record album
Double Shot, 1972. Sealed
... LP, Vinyl record album

Dave Barry

Laughs For Losers
Liberty, 1960. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album

Shelley Berman

Outside Shelley Berman
Verve, 1959. Sealed
... LP, Vinyl record album
Capitol, 1977. Sealed
Hmmm . . . Maybe Bill's dad slipped him a mickey, and that's why he's confused! The set's a straighter comedy set from the years when Bill was mixing in some music – but does feature production from funky Stu Gardner! LP, Vinyl record album

Woody Allen

Woody Allen
Colpix, 1964. Very Good+
Woody's very first LP – and a pretty great album of standup material, cut back when he was just a budding writer for TV. The set was recorded at Mr Kelly's in Chicago, and has an easy going flow – with Woody just talking his way through material, almost in a Lenny Bruce sort of way. LP, Vinyl record album
World Pacific, Early 60s. Very Good+
Wild work from the legendary Lord Buckley – a key postwar figure of hipness on the west coast, delivering routines that include "The Naz", "The Gasser", "Supermarket", Willie The Shake", "God's Own Drink", and "Subconscious Mind". LP, Vinyl record album

Woody Allen

Woody Allen Volume 2
Colpix, 1965. Near Mint-
Early standup work by Woody – recorded in the swingin' 60s, when it was funny just to say the word "neurotic"! The album's actually pretty darn great – and has Woody talking his way through a variety of stories, in a manner that's clearly inspired by Mort Sahl, Shelly Berman, ... LP, Vinyl record album

Martin Luther King

In Search Of Freedom
Mercury, 1960s. Very Good+
A 9 track selection of work, pulled from some of Dr King's most famous speeches. Passages include "Police Brutality Will Backfire", "Must Establish Priorities", "Faith In America", "Dr King's Entrance Into Civil Rights Movement", "A Preacher Leading His ... LP, Vinyl record album


Funky Finger, 1971. Very Good
One of the raunchiest party records you'll ever hope to find! LP, Vinyl record album
Laff, 1959. Very Good+
... LP, Vinyl record album
United Airlines/Sedgrick, Late 60s. Near Mint-
An unusual album of hip poetry from Chicago – dedicated to the new O'Hare Airport! LP, Vinyl record album

Dr Jack Van Impe

Hell Without Hell
Diadem, 1970s. Very Good
... LP, Vinyl record album
Columbia, Early 70s. Very Good+
... LP, Vinyl record album
Artrec, Very Good Gatefold
... LP, Vinyl record album
Fantasy, Late 50s. Very Good-
Possibly the most famous of all the Lenny Bruce albums on Fantasy – as it's the one that has a crazy image of Lenny having a picnic in a cemetery! Lenny's genius is still in formation here – but the record does have some great moments, like the oft-sampled "Religions Inc", ... LP, Vinyl record album

Ken Nordine

Stare With Your Ears
Snail, 1979. Very Good+ Gatefold
One of Ken Nordine's trippiest albums! This was released on Ken's own Snail Records label in the late 70's, and it's got a very different feel than his classic Word Jazz LPs on Dot. There's still a lot of cool processed vocals, and weird production in which Ken talks with himself in many ... LP, Vinyl record album
Atlantic, 1966. Near Mint- Gatefold
The one-and-only entry in the Verbatum series from Atlantic Records – a proposed spoken word offshoot of the label – but one that only ever issued this fantastic 60s reading by Allen Ginsberg! As you might guess from the cover's beautiful photograph by Richard Avedon, Ginsberg is at ... LP, Vinyl record album
Decca, Late 60s. Near Mint-
Spooky stuff! Boris Karloff tells the tale of a few famous monsters, along with bits from the films – and music from William Loose and Frank Skinner. LP, Vinyl record album
Power, 1976. Sealed
Stories include "The Jewel Of The Ages", "Shadow Of The Stolen City", "The Thunder Dust", and "The Crawler In The Mists". LP, Vinyl record album
Success Motivation Institute, 1961. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album
MGM, 1959. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album
Cook, Late 50s. Near Mint-
A surprisingly witty record for the Cook label – a live recording of a burlesque performance, where no cameras were admitted – complete with strip tease and crowd noise too! Back cover has an annotated copy of a letter from the sherrif – further proof of the album's sense of ... LP, Vinyl record album
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