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Comedy/Spoken — Recently Added

XStandup, sketches, and spoken word -- plus kids records, sports records, and even some Folkways oddities!

Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali)

I Am The Greatest (with bonus tracks)
Columbia, 1963. New Copy
A great little record – and proof that Muhammad Ali was star material, even in his early years! The record is kind of in the spoken word mode – but has added music by Peter Katz – and features Ali delivering some of his famous poetic "zinger" type material, of the sort ... CD
Fantasy/Craft, 1959. New Copy (reissue)
Maybe one of the coolest albums of poetry ever recorded – a set that features a young, pre-hippie Allen Ginsberg – delivering his epic poem Howel, plus some other key works too. The young Ginsberg's voice is great – and really fills the works with a lot of bitterness and cynicism ... LP, Vinyl record album

Amiri Baraka

It's Nation Time
Black Forum/Motown, 1972. New Copy Gatefold (reissue)
An amazing record that's as powerful as the political message of the title – the hippest record ever cut by Amiri Baraka, and that's saying a heck of a lot! Baraka delivers a long and complex set of poetic reflections on the state of Black America, spiritual awakening, and political ... LP, Vinyl record album

Langston Hughes, Gwendolyn Brooks, & Others

Anthology Of Negro Poets
Folkways, 1966. Very Good
Includes readings by Langston Hughes, Gwendolyn Brooks, Countee Cullen, Sterling Brown, and Margaret Walker! LP, Vinyl record album

Faye Richmonde

For Men Only
Davis, Late 50s/Early 60s. Very Good
Boy, oh boy, what great use for a fiddle on an album cover – an album that's all lovely voice, laidback piano, and seedy lyrics! These are songs to hoot and holler to, just like that cover photo – a risque little relic For Men Only – number perfect for a retro burlesque show, it's ... LP, Vinyl record album
Audio Book Adult Series, Early 60s. Very Good+
A great set of audio porn – for adults only! LP, Vinyl record album
20th Century, Mid 60s. Near Mint-
Maybe worth it for the beautiful Al Capp cover alone! Features Larry Douglas as Abner, Susan Johnson as Daisy Mae, and music by Stan Applebaum! LP, Vinyl record album

Mort Sahl

Next President
Verve, Early 60s. Near Mint-
Mort Sahl may never have made it to the presidency (his criticism of the Warren Report may have had something to do with that) – but his command of politics was stronger than most in his generation, and his razor-sharp wit was always spot-on! LP, Vinyl record album

Robert Murphy (Murphy In The Morning)

Murphy's Greatest Bits
WKQX, 1984. Sealed
A set of on-air comedy bits by Murphy In The Morning – one of the wilder Chicago radio DJs in the early 80s! LP, Vinyl record album

Miguel De Cervantes

Don Quixote – An Adaptation
Columbia, Late 60s. Sealed
A kids adaptation of Don Quixote – put together by Marshall Izen, with music by Jim Timmens, and narration by George Rose. LP, Vinyl record album
Colpix, Mid 60s. Sealed
One of the better James Bond parody records of the 60s – with music by Morty Jay! LP, Vinyl record album
Murmil Associates, Late 50s. Very Good+
... LP, Vinyl record album

Franklyn MacCormack

Evening With Franklyn MacCormack
IRC, 1965. Sealed
The famous voice of love from Chicago radio – heard here on a much more obscure set than his Liberty album from earlier years! The set features organ accompaniment from Adele Scott, too. LP, Vinyl record album

Jello Biafra

No More Cocoons
Alternative Tentacles, 1987. Very Good+ 2LP
... LP, Vinyl record album
Peter Pan, 1982. Near Mint- Gatefold
... LP, Vinyl record album

Lenny Bruce

Berkeley Concert
Bizarre/Reprise, Mid 60s. Very Good+ 2LP Gatefold
An incredible Lenny Bruce concert from the mid 60s – recorded before a very friendly Berkeley audience, at a time when Bruce was being heavily persecuted by the authorities for his groundbreaking style of humor. Although many of Bruce's performances during this time lapsed into a dullness ... LP, Vinyl record album
Douglas, Early 60s/Early 70s. Very Good Gatefold
A repackaged version of the album To Is A Preposition, Come Is A Verb – a 70's issue of material that was too raunchy to be released in the 60's! This is Lenny Bruce at his finest, with some of the best little bits that made him famous (including many of the ones that were used in the movie ... LP, Vinyl record album
ABC, 1977. Very Good+
... LP, Vinyl record album
Lava Mt, 1975. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album

Friendly Giant

Friendly Giant
CBC (Canada), Early 80s. Sealed
... LP, Vinyl record album
Disneyland, 1962. Sealed
... LP, Vinyl record album
Sesame Street, Mid 70s. Sealed
... LP, Vinyl record album

Richard M Sherman & Robert B Sherman

Disneyland, 1970. Sealed Gatefold
... LP, Vinyl record album
CBS, 1969. Sealed
... LP, Vinyl record album

Bob Richards/Cavett Robert

Best Of American Salesmasters Vol 1
American Salesmasters, 1960s. Sealed
... LP, Vinyl record album

Congress Of Wonders

Fantasy, 1970. Sealed
... LP, Vinyl record album


Chipmunk Punk
Pickwick, 1980. Very Good+
... LP, Vinyl record album
RCA, 1966. Sealed
... LP, Vinyl record album
Sports, Late 60s. Near Mint- 2LP Gatefold
... LP, Vinyl record album

Steve Martin

Wild & Crazy Guy
Warner, 1978. Near Mint- Gatefold
Steve Martin at the height of his powers – when he was hitting on all burners with his TV specials, nightclub appearances, and radio airplay. The album's big selling point was the single "King Tut" – Martin's ridiculous tribute to the late great pharaoh, whose treasures were ... LP, Vinyl record album

Sonny & Pepper

Sonny & Pepper
Laff, Early 70s. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album

Phyllis Diller

Phyllis Diller Laughs
Verve, 1961. Sealed
... LP, Vinyl record album

Mort Sahl

New Frontier
Reprise, 1962. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album
Laff, 1960. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album

William Faulkner

Reads From His Works
MGM, Early 60s. Very Good+
Includes selections from "The Sound & The Fury" and "Light In August". LP, Vinyl record album

Ken Nordine

Son Of Word Jazz
Dot, Late 50s. Very Good+
Nice one! This is Ken Nordine's follow-up to his highly successful Word Jazz album, and it's another crazy batch of jazz-meets-beat poetry-meets-goofy stuff. Ken Nordine's wit is razor sharp as usual, and the tracks include "The Bullfighter", "Junk Man", "Looking At ... LP, Vinyl record album


Earth, Late 60s. Near Mint-
Fantastic LP of "authentic" interviews with "real live groupies" from the late 60's. Theoretically an expose, this is more of a loose conversation with the girls drinking their way through a chat about the different positions that their lifestyle puts them in. We're not sure ... LP, Vinyl record album

Glenda Jackson

Mind Of Emily Dickinson
Argo (UK), 1976. Sealed 2LP Gatefold
... LP, Vinyl record album

Jim Gaffigan

Noble Ape
Comedy Dynamics, 2018. Sealed 2LP Gatefold
... LP, Vinyl record album

TS Eliot

Cocktail Party
Decca, 1950. Very Good
... LP, Vinyl record album
Disneyland, 1980. Sealed
... LP, Vinyl record album

Arnold Maxin & David Gordon

Sexual IQ Test
Gordon Maxin, 1972. Near Mint- Gatefold
Billed as an "authentic test", and "recommended for group participation! Covers such topics as "lovemaking, intercourse, the orgasm, and you"! LP, Vinyl record album
Capitol, Late 60s. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album
La Val, Late 60s. Near Mint-
Another raw party record from the Funky Tramp, Jimmy Lynch. While not as over the top as Dolemite or other Rudy Ray Moore records, there's still some choice moments of blue comedy on here. LP, Vinyl record album

Johnny Gunn with Don Ralke

Introspection IV
Warner, 1960. Very Good+
A very cool set – Johnny Gunn delivers hipster monologues over slightly jazzy, oddball orchestrations led by Don Ralke and played by a host of west coast jazz guys that includes Howard Roberts, Shelly Manne, Buddy Collette, Plas Johnson, Milt Raskin and Larry Bunker! In a similar vein to the ... LP, Vinyl record album
RCA, 1958. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album
Univac/Sperry Rand, 1969. Near Mint- Gatefold
... LP, Vinyl record album

Boris Karloff/Rudyard Kipling

Just So Stories & Other Tales
Caedmon, 1958. Sealed
... LP, Vinyl record album
La Val, Late 60s. Very Good+
Fourth volume in Jimmy Lynch's funky tramp series of blue comedy records. While he wasn't quite as funky or over the top raunchy as Rudy Ray Moore or early Redd Foxx, it's a pretty decent party record that would fit right in with a collection of stuff like Laff records and so forth. LP, Vinyl record album
Disneyland, 1959. Near Mint- Gatefold
... LP, Vinyl record album
Updated August 20, 2019

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