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U-NamEssential Collection ... CD
Skytown, Late 2000s/2010s. New Copy ... $7.99
A strong overview of recent sounds from U-Nam – one of the few contemporary guitarists to inherit the best 70s styles of artists like George Benson or David T Walker – and a set that also features a few new titles too! Like both of those jazz giants, U-Nam has a way of playing with a very chromatic approach – as strong in tone as he is deft on the strings – often in a nicely-blocked way that makes for a very soulful sound that almost makes you think you're hearing a vocal along with the tunes. The guitar sings out strongly – amidst new titles that include "Soul Breeze" and "Let The Music Play" – and other U-Nam favorites that include "Throwback Kid", "Keep The Faith", "Something's Up", "Street Life", "Going For Miles", "Back In Style", "Risin To The Top", "Breezin MA", and "Smoovin". CD
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James DaySong Soul Spirit (plus bonus tracks) ... CD
James Day Songs, 2017. New Copy ... $9.99
James Day has always been one heck of a collaborative fellow – but this time around, he seems to be even more so than ever – as the album's overflowing with an insane amount of guests artists – a huge lineup that includes Gordon Chambers, Tony Terry, Audrey Wheeler, Glenn Jones, Sandra St Victor, Karen Bernod, Lalah Hathaway, Trina Broussard, U-Nam, Maysa, and others – soul singers both classic and contemporary, coming together here to bring a very joyous vibe to James' music! Many numbers feature more than one singer, creating a trading of vocals that really gives the record a lot of warmth – while Day handles the production and songwriting, sometimes with help from the other artists. Titles include "No Son Of Mine", "Forgiveness", "Battlegrounds", "Stand On My Shoulders", "Who Can Tell The Heart", "It's All Divine (Boogie Back mix)", and "Speak Love". CD features two tracks not on the digital version – "Dreamland" and "We Dance (Cool Million mix)". CD
(CD includes 2 bonus tracks not on the digital version!)

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Night Blooming JazzmenNight Blooming Jazzmen ... CD
Mainstream/Solid (Japan), 1971. New Copy ... $13.99
One of the funkiest records ever cut under the direction of Leonard Feather – a sweetly grooving little set that's filled with tight changes and lots of soulful riffing! Feather wrote and arranged the date, but the real strength here is the players – Mainstream Records hipsters who include Blue Mitchell on trumpet, Charles Kynard on organ, Paul Humphrey on drums, Freddy Robinson on guitar, and Ernie Watts on sax and flute – plus a bit of vocal work from Kitty Doswell, although the album's predominantly a vocal one. There's almost a soundtrack jazz feel to some of the best cuts here – tunes that are funky, but not in an over-the-top sort of way – with subtleties and sophistication that really keep the album fresh. The set kicks off with "Nam M'Yoho Ren'ge Yo", which has a good groove, and a nice tight break at the beginning – and other tracks include "The Night Blooming Jazmen", "Donte's Inferno", and "Funkville USA". CD

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Pat Thomas & Ebo TaylorSweeter Than Honey – Calypso Mahuno & High Lifes Celebration ... CD
PMG (Austria), 1980. New Copy ... $14.99
A special collaboration between these two legends of Ghanian music – one that has singer Pat Thomas working with the grooves of Ebo Taylor – in an effort to reclaim the sound of calypso as an African sound! The album's got an unusual mix of Caribbean modes and Ghanian soul – bubbling rhythms that are fitted with highlife touches from Taylor's guitar, and from the warm production of the set – and a mode that's maybe more upbeat and positive than some of the 70s work from either artist. Titles include "Sweeter Than Honey", "Ma Huno", "Ene Nyame Nam A Mensuro", "Hiani Sui Efiri A Oyi Abebrese", and "Keep On Trying". CD

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✨✧ LighthouseLighthouse/Suite Feeling/Peacing It All Together ... CD
RCA/BGO (UK), 1969/1970. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
A trio of albums by this very unique group – all brought together in one mighty nice package! First up is the self-titled Lighthouse album – the first record by Lighthouse – a strange band that's always incredibly hard to peg, but who have a sound that we always end up liking a lot! The group mix together folk rock styles with a touch of soul and funk – going for some nice grooves that build up from lots of drum work and airy vocal production, touched here by lots of horns, in a style that's a bit like Blood Sweat & Tears, but a lot lot cooler! This first album is something of a landmark in the jazz/rock vein – and titles include "Never Say Goodbye", "Follow The Stars", "Mountain Man", "Whatever Forever", "Marsha Marsha", and a great cover of "Eight Miles High". Suite Feeling is a record with a full, spacious sound – one that definitely lives up to the "suite feeling" you'd expect! The style here is even more sophisticated than on the group's debut – still a mix of jazzy horns and rockish rhythms, but fused together even more perfectly – but with a leanness that's a good contrast to some of the more overblown groups of the same generation! There's just the right balance here to allow some standout solos – on horns, natch, but also some sweet Hammond too – and a young Howard Shore is also in the group on alto sax, and handled some of the arrangements for the record. Titles include a great version of "A Day In The Life" – plus originals "Taking A Walk", "Could You Be Concerned", "Chest Fever", "Feel So Good", "Places On Faces Four Blue Carpet Traces", and "What Sense". Last up is Peacing It All Together – maybe the most complex album so far from Lighthouse – a set that begins with some great heavy drums, then rolls into the group's trademark blend of jazzy riffing, rocking rhythms, and soaring arrangements! There's a bit more Sunshine Pop in Lighthouse compared to some of their contemporaries in the jazz rock world at the start of the 70s – no attempts to be unnaturally soulful in the lyrics, nor too posturing either – and instead, there's almost a vocal gentleness that makes for a nice counterpoint to the full instrumental modes of the large horn-heavy ensemble. A few cuts get nice and funky, and titles include "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo/Let The Happiness Begin", "The Country Song", "Sausalito", "The Fiction Of Twenty Six Million", "On My Way To LA", and "Daughters & Sons". CD

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✨✧ SowecoKeep On ... CD
Skytown, 2017. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Soweco is just a trio, but one that comes across with the fullness of a classic combo from years back – particularly the sorts of blue-eyed soul groups from the end of the 70s! Singer Fredric Frosche Renmark has a great range, and this warmly gliding style to his vocals – which are set up over jazzy keyboards by Mattias Roos and drums from Peter Gustafsson – augmented by other touches in the studio, but also as lean as the lineup might imply! This isn't a contemporary beats and keys project – and instead, the whole thing's got a charm that goes back to the old school. The album's issued on the same label as work by guitarist U-Nam – who guests here on two tracks – and there's definitely the same blend of jazz, soul, and funk going on in the music. Titles include "Keep On", "Forget For A Moment", "Lucky Charm", "Way Up High", "Let The Rain Fall Down", "Your Love", and "By The Sea". CD
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✨✧ VariousMarylebone Beat Girls 1964 to 1967 – Superior 60s She-Pop ... CD
Ace (UK), Mid 60s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
The heavier sound of UK girl pop in the 60s – not the sunnier, more string-laden sounds that were crossing the Atlantic at the time – but female singers who gravitated towards a deeper, fuzzier side of the spectrum – and were often years ahead of their time with their approach! The collection really does a great job of bringing together lost singles from this wonderful era – and although there's definitely a few names here we'd heard before, there's lots more that are a really great new discovery – especially on some of these tracks, which might be a bit harder-hitting than their more familiar material. If you dig more familiar 60s Brit pop, don't worry – there's still plenty of catchy hooks and soulful grooves going on here – but there's also a sharper edge that you'll really appreciate too. Titles include "Dancing Yet" by Liza & The Jet Set, "Music Talk" by Beryl Marsden, "Like The Big Man Said" by Toni Daly, "I Want That Boy" by The Chantelles, "The Boy I Used To Know" by Andee Silver, "Mama Didn't Lie" by Jean & The Statesides, "He Doesn't Want You" by The Three Bells, "Whatcha Gonna Do" by Billie Davis & The Leroys, "Stop & You Will Become Aware" by Helen Shapiro, "Love Is A Word" by Alma Cogan, "Don't Do It No More" by Julie Driscoll, and "Sweet & Tender Romance" by The McKinleys. CD

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✨✧ VariousNew York Noise 2 – Music From The New York Underground 1977 to 1984 ... CD
Soul Jazz (UK), Late 70s/Early 80s. Used ... Out Of Stock
A second great dip into the arty New York scene of the punk, post-punk, and no wave years – and one that goes even farther than the first volume of New York Noise! This time around, Soul Jazz have gotten past the the obvious markers of the scene – and have dug deep to come up with some especially great nuggets lost in the shifting sands and record racks of the time. The vibe is a bit noisier than before, but there's still a fair bit of groove-conscious tunes – a great blend of experimental, arty, and post-punk party – really capturing the openly creative spirit of New York at the time. Our hats are off to Soul Jazz for going beyond those slightly bigger names who issued full albums – as they've really made an effort here to pull out tracks by groups you always hear mentioned, but who mostly just recorded the odd single or compilation track – usually for smaller and long-defunct labels. As always with Soul Jazz, the package features great notes on the music – and a total of 16 tracks that include "Ungawa (part 2)" by Pulsallama, "Hunter Gatherer" by Mofungo, "Not Bite" by Red Transistor, "Black Box Disco" from the soundtrack to Vortex, "Back Downtown" by Certain General, "Drastic Classicism" by Rhys Chatham, "Radio Rhythm (dub)" by Clandestine with Ned Sublette, "Move It Time" by Gliroius Strangers, "Tiger Stripes" by Felix (with Arthur Russell & Nicky Siano), "My Hands Are Yellow" by Del-Byzanteens (with Jim Jarmusch), "Tanajura" by Don King, "Sham Shack" by UT, and "I Am Not Seeing That You Are Here" by Jill Kroesen. CD
(Includes slipcase.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousNME C86 (3CD set) ... CD
Cherry Red (UK), Mid 80s. New Copy 3CD ... Out Of Stock
A amazing look at the British indie scene during one of its greatest stretches – the mid 80s period when it seemed like new labels and new bands were springing up every week! The 2CD set takes its name from the influential C86 collection put together by NME at the time to showcase some of the best work – but this version expands the lineup to a whopping 72 tracks in all, and really stretches the scope to include some real lost gems. There's plenty of great work here from a time before the scene got mis-led by dance rhythms and too many stimulants – a cornucopia of long-lost labels and groups – most of them jangle pop wonders with great talents for penning simple, catchy little tunes! Titles include "World's No Place" by The Jasmine Minks, "Everything's Going Right" by The Avons, "Don't Slip Up" by Meat Whiplash, "Billy Liar" by North Of Cornwalls, "Outback Jazz" by Blue Aeroplanes, "Run To The Temple" by Bogshed, "Therese" by The Bodines, "Happy Head" by Mighty Lemon Drops, "Velocity Girl" by Primal Scream, "This Boy Can Wait" by The Wedding Present, "New Way" by Big Blame, "Console Me" by We've Got A Fuzzbox, "Inside" by 14 Iced Bears, "Darkess & Colour" by The Railway Children, and "Hedonist Hat" by Pigbros. Lots lots more! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousPomus & Shuman Story – Double Trouble 1956 to 1967 ... CD
Ace (UK), Late 50s/1960s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A much-needed look at one of the key songwriting teams in American pop at the end of the 50s – Doc Pomus & Mort Shuman, two names who show up again and again in histories of early rock and soul music – but who rarely get the same recognition as some of their bigger contemporaries! This package does a great job of correcting that problem – by bringing together some of the greatest tunes ever from the pen of Pomus & Shuman, sung by some of the biggest American artists in a variety of genres – plus a number of other artists who have been lost to the shifting sands of time, but who sound equally great. The top-quality package features a huge amount of notes on the pair's lives and career – as well as a good number of photos and record images too – all supported by a set list of 26 tracks that include "Miss Rip Van Winkle" by The Tibbs Brothers, "I Ain't Sharin Sharon" by Bobby Darin, "It's Been Nice" by Marty Wilde, "His Latest Flame" by Del Shannon, "Angel Face" by Jimmy Darren, "Turn Me Loose" by Fabian, "Hey Memphis" by LaVern Baker, "Save The Last Dance For Me" by The Drifters, "First Taste Of Love" by Ben E King, "Stop" by Howard Tate, "Double Trouble" by Elvis Presley, "Seven Day Weekend" by Gary US Bonds, and "Suspicion" by Terry Stafford. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousSounds Of The Unexpected – Weird & Wacky Instrumentals From Pop's Final Frontiers ... CD
Ace (UK), 1960s/Early 70s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A totally cool collection of really offbeat numbers with a space age sort of theme – tunes that run the gamut from rock instrumentals to electronic pop – with lots of stops along the space in between! The package is right up there with some of the best "themed" collections by Ace Records – not just a superb selection of tunes, but really put together in the best way possible – with thoughtful transitions between the tunes, and a huge booklet of notes and label images – with some text on the late Vicki Fox, who put together this set, and others for Ace in the past. You'll definitely recognize a few names here, but the setting makes them sound really amazing and unique – especially some of the soul, jazz, and blues artists in the mix. Titles include "Waltz In Orbit" by Ray Cathode, "Watusi Zombie" by Jan Davis, "Savage Girl" by Felix & His Fabulous Cats, "War Of The Worlds" by The Atlantics, "Caravan" by Gabor Szabo, "Hot Pot" by The Tornados, "Funky Me" by Timmy Thomas, "Uh Oh" by The Imps, "Flameout" by 101 Strings, "It's Karate Time" by Travis Wammack, "Long Sentence" by The Upsetters, "B'Wana Bongos" by Preston Epps, "Hung Over" by The Martinis, "Music To Watch Space Girls By" by Leonard Nimoy, "Aztec" by Bo Diddley, "Watusie Freeze (part 1)" by Big Walter & The Thunderbirds, and "RFD Rangoon" by The Forbidden Five. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Altered ImagesAltered Images – The Epic Years (Happy Birthday/Pinky Blue/Bite/12" album/bonus tracks) (4CD set) ... CD
Epic/Cherry Red (UK), Early 80s. New Copy 4CD ... $28.99
Really lovely work from Altered Images – a group who, like many of their new wave contemporaries, is maybe best remembered for one song – even though they had a heck of a lot more to offer! That hit – the always-great "Happy Birthday" – is one of the first tracks on the set – but the box overall brings together the full range of sounds from the group – the kind of catchy new wave tunes that always had slight crossover potential in the early 80s – but which have sometimes been lost to the sands of time, because the music is either not edgey enough to be remembered by the indie crowd, nor slick enough to yield long mainstream success. You might put these guys somewhere in a space with Icicle Works, The The, or early Talk Talk – music that's tuneful, but still has much rawer guitars than the commercial big names of the time – a definite sense of post-punk production, even though the work came out on a major label. The package features the group's three full albums, the bonus album of 12" mixes, and lots of singles too – with titles that include "Happy Birthday", "Real Toys", "Legionnaire", "Beckoning Strings", "A Days Wait", "Midnight", "Leave Me Alone", "Who Cares", "Jeepster", "Pinky Blue", "See Those Eyes", "Little Brown Head", "See You Later", "Funny Funny Me", "Disco Pop Stars", "Bring Me Closer", "Surprise Me", "Love To Stay", "Now That You're Here", "Thinking About You", "Stand So Quiet", "Happy Birthday (dance mix)", "Love To Stay (dance mix)", "See Those Eyes (ext mix)", "Jump Jump/Think That It Might (segued dance mix)", and "Don't Talk To Me About Love (ext dance mix)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Laurie Anderson & Kronos QuartetLandfall ... CD
Nonesuch, 2018. New Copy ... $16.99 18.99
A beautiful collaboration between two of the most important forces in leftfield music in the early 80s – multi-media artist Laurie Anderson and modern string legends Kronos Quartet – coming together here in an extended Anderson composition inspired by the experience of Hurricane Sandy! It's been years since we've last heard from Laurie, and she's really returned to her roots here – still using her voice a bit, but also playing violin a fair bit too, along with keyboards, samples, percussion, and lots of her unusual filters and other electronic elements. Most selections are sort, and work together beautifully – almost in territory that might be described as a string quartet take on the modes of United States. Titles include "All The Extinct Animals", "Built You A Mountain", "Darkness Falls", "Dreams Translated", "The Water Rises", "Our Street Is A Black River", "Nothing Left But Their Names", "Thunder Continues In The Aftermath", "Old Motors & Helicopters", and "Everything Is Floating". CD
Also available Landfall ... LP 26.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Hermes AquinoDecencontro De Primavera ... CD
Tapecar/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1977. New Copy ... $13.99
The only album we've ever seen by Hermes Aquino – a mid 70s singer/songwriter from Brazil, of the same post-bossa generation as Lo Borges and Milton Nascimento! Like those bigger names, Hermes works here in a style that's both personal and more wide-ranging – great songs helped along by backings that bring in a bit of jazz at some points, other acoustic instrumentation at others – all fused nicely with a subtle electric glide. Arrangements are by Wilson Mauro, who does a great job of lifting the songs up to the right level – and titles include "Cuidado", "Nuvem Passageira", "Longas Conversas", "Cavaleiro Do Sul", "2010", "Bola Louca E Colorida", and "Desencontro Da Primavera". CD
(Part of the Brasilian Music Love Affair series!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Atlantic StarrAll In The Name Of Love ... CD
Warner, 1986. Used ... $4.99
A mid 80s classic from Atlantic Starr – at the height of their catchy commercial fame – bouncing along with rhythms that crossover nicely to the mainstream, yet still keep a bit of their previous funky edge intact! The groove here is almost in the style that Atlantic Starr inspired in so many other younger groups in the earlier part of the 80s – although it's also a bit more polished too. Most instrumentation is electric, and tunes are mostly written by the team of David and Wayne Lewis – both of whom sing on the record. Barbara Weathers also handles female vocals, and titles include "Once Lover At A Time", "Let The Sun In", "My Mistake", "I'm In Love", "Always", "Don't Take Me For Granted", and a version of Sam Dees' "All In The Name Of Love". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Barclay James HarvestBarclay James Harvest (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Harvest/Esoteric (UK), 1970. New Copy ... $13.99
The debut album from Barclay James Harvest – a group so cool, EMI named their progressive label Harvest after them! The sound here is maybe a bit more down to earth than some of the other groups on that legendary imprint, but equally heady in every sort of way – as the combo mix surprisingly heartfelt vocals with some proggish inclinations – which are often set in superb larger backings that use strings and other elements with just the right sort of flourish – thanks to the strong efforts of producer Norman Smith, who'd handled similar styles for Pink Floyd and the Pretty Things! Titles include "Taking Some Time On", "Dark Now My Sky", "The Iron Maiden", "Good Love Child", "Mother Dear", "The Sun Will Never Shine", and "When The World Was Woken". CD features lots of bonus tracks – including "Early Morning", "Mr Sunshine", "Eden Unobtainable", "Pools Of Blue", "Poor Wages", "Brother Thrush", and "I Can't Go On Without You". CD
Also available Barclay James Harvest (3CD & DVD set) ... CD 62.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Gene Barge, David Matthews, & Andre DavisStony Island – Original Soundtrack ... CD
TK/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1978. New Copy ... $13.99
A sweet set of soundtrack funk – from a film named after one of our favorite streets in Chicago! Although the record's got an approach that's perhaps a bit tighter and smoother than anything going down on Stony in the late 70s, it does manage to share a good deal of styles with the Chi-soul scene of the time – thanks to work on the record from Chicagoans Gene Barge, Sonny Seals, and Tennyson Stephens! Many of the tracks on the set have a bad-walking soul approach – one that's kind of a mixture of funky and bluesy – and these are laid out next to some jazzier instrumentals that we like most of all – tunes that have a great funky soundtrack feel, but with a bit more fusion touches than usual, probably because of the work of David Matthews. Titles include "Percy Fired", "Party Lights", "High Speed Posters", "Back To Business", "Chase The Train", "Gangster City", "Dream Ride", and "Peace Of Mind". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jorge BenTabua De Esmeralda ... CD
Philips/Universal (Brazil), 1974. New Copy ... $15.99
Searing samba soul from Jorge Ben – one of his best-remembered albums of the 70s, and for good reason too! The album's got a slightly fuller feel than some of Ben's other work of the time – never slick, but with backings balanced nicely against his own raspy vocals and acoustic guitar – sweetening things up with a bit of the strings you'd find on Forca Bruta, but with a hint of the soul to come on Africa Brasil! The balance is great – thanks to arrangers Osmar Milito, Darcy De Paulo, and Hugo Bellard – and as usual, Jorge's vocals are the main attraction – dipping, turning, and rising with this really unique, personal feel – Ben-like brilliance at its brightest. The whole thing's wonderful – a key gem from the Philips years – and titles include "Cinco Minutos", "Zumbi", "Brother", "Os Alquimistas Estao Chegando Os Alquimistas", "Errare Humanum Est", "Menina Muler Da Pele Preta", "Hermes Tri", and "O Namorado Da Viuva". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Bootsy's Rubber BandAhh...The Name Is Bootsy, Baby! (Japanese pressing) ... CD
Warner (Japan), 1977. Used ... $11.99
Massive work from Bootsy Collins – one of his best-ever solo albums, and a perfect summation of the P-Funk groove – focused strongly through Bootsy's own sense of stardom! George Clinton worked with Collins on production, and the album's as tight as the best Parliament or Funkadelic work of the time – particularly the latter on their killer 70s sides for Warner, which was also the home for Bootsy. The Horny Horns are helping out on this one, which gives the album a strong instrumental drive – but the real star is Bootsy, whose sexy vocals and good sense of soul keep things firmly on track throughout. Features the cuts "What's A Telephone Bill?", "Munchies For Your Love", "We Want Bootsy", "The Pinocchio Theory", and "Rubber Duckie". CD
(Out of print, includes obi.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ David Boykin ExpanseLive At The Velvet Lounge ... CD
Sonic Healing Ministries, 2005. New Copy ... $6.99
"Expanse" is a mighty big name for the group that David Boykin uses on this record – especially given that the combo's only a quintet – but that's ok with us, because the sound here is more than large enough to warrant the name! Boykin's working with a great batch of players from the Chicago scene here – including frequent musical partner Nicole Mitchell on flute, sliding wonderfully alongside David's saxophones – plus Jim Baker on piano, Josh Abrams on bass, and Mike Reed on drums. The album features two longish tracks, both composed by Boykin with a vision that's freely expressive, yet never too free – a perfect balance that reigns things in wonderfully, and which shows him to be one of the key current heirs to a Chicago tradition that runs back to the early AACM and Sun Ra! Titles include "Nuance" and "47th Street Ghost". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
James BrownPure Dynamite! ... CD
King/Polydor (Japan), 1964. Used ... $12.99
Raw live energy from the great James Brown – and a record that comes hot on the heels of Live At The Apollo! Like that one, this set was supposedly "recorded on the spot" – and it's even harder, faster, and noisier than that classic – with a loud-bursting sound that definitely lives up to the "dynamite" title, and which is far more unbridled than James on his King studio albums. The crowds seem to get equal time in front of the microphones as James – further enforcing the liveness of the record – and titles include "I'll Never Let You Go", "Good Good Lovin", "Shout & Shimmy", "Like A Baby", and "I'm Tired But I'm Clean". Album cover is great too – with a cool gatefold cover that's filled with photos of James, fans, and some lovely ladies! CD
(Out of print.)
Also available
Pure Dynamite! ... CD 13.99
Pure Dynamite! (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD 11.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
James BrownPure Dynamite! ... CD
King/Universal (Japan), 1964. Used ... $13.99
Raw live energy from the great James Brown – and a record that comes hot on the heels of Live At The Apollo! Like that one, this set was supposedly "recorded on the spot" – and it's even harder, faster, and noisier than that classic – with a loud-bursting sound that definitely lives up to the "dynamite" title, and which is far more unbridled than James on his King studio albums. The crowds seem to get equal time in front of the microphones as James – further enforcing the liveness of the record – and titles include "I'll Never Let You Go", "Good Good Lovin", "Shout & Shimmy", "Like A Baby", and "I'm Tired But I'm Clean". Album cover is great too – with a cool gatefold cover that's filled with photos of James, fans, and some lovely ladies! CD
Also available
Pure Dynamite! (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD 11.99
Pure Dynamite! ... CD 12.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
James BrownPure Dynamite! (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
King/Universal (Japan), 1964. Used ... $11.99
Raw live energy from the great James Brown – and a record that comes hot on the heels of Live At The Apollo! Like that one, this set was supposedly "recorded on the spot" – and it's even harder, faster, and noisier than that classic – with a loud-bursting sound that definitely lives up to the "dynamite" title, and which is far more unbridled than James on his King studio albums. The crowds seem to get equal time in front of the microphones as James – further enforcing the liveness of the record – and titles include "I'll Never Let You Go", "Good Good Lovin", "Shout & Shimmy", "Like A Baby", and "I'm Tired But I'm Clean". Album cover is great too – with a cool gatefold cover that's filled with photos of James, fans, and some lovely ladies! CD
(Includes obi.)
Also available
Pure Dynamite! ... CD 13.99
Pure Dynamite! ... CD 12.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Thomas Buck NastyBlast O Funk (with bonus tracks) ... CD
RCA/Funkstone (Italy), 1980. New Copy ... $13.99
A fantastic funky set from the Philly scene of the 70s – a record that was maybe a few years late to get the kind of appreciation it deserved – but one with a quality level that stands up wonderfully over the years! Thomas Buck Nasty is both the name of the group and the lead singer – and the combo comes from the streets of Philly, with a harder edge than some of the more polished groups of the time – an ensemble funk approach that was honed through years of work at clubs and parties, to the point where the group's got a groove that's right up there with the sharpest points of the P-Funk universe – but served up with a nicely different vibe! Thomas has this deep soul approach to his vocals, but tuned towards funky rhythms – and the set's got some super-sharp production from T Life, who really lets the group be their own, and never tries to hit any sort of disco or too-commercial cliches of the time. The whole thing feels more like some of the mainstream funk albums circa 1976 than you'd guess from the date – and is almost more like a small label release than some of the more commercial RCA soul of the period. Titles include "That's What I'm Hoping Now", "Locket In The Pocket", "Blast O Funk", "Turn It Loose", "Flashback", and "Does This Mean Our Love Is Over". Excellent reissue pressing – with pages of notes on the group and the album, and bonus tracks that include "Blast O Funk (12" promo version)", "Blast O Funk (7" version)", and "Rock Til You Don't Care (7" version)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Dennis BudimirCreeper ... CD
Mainstream/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1965. New Copy ... Just Sold Out!
One of the coolest albums ever from guitarist Dennis Budimir – a player who worked on countless sessions for other artists, but hardly ever got time in the spotlight in a setting like this! The album's nice and dynamic, and has Budimir playing with a great mix of tones – sometimes a cooler jazz mode, but other times with this slight element of fuzz – not what you'd expect if you even knew his few other albums as a leader for Revelation. His guitar rings out with a nice twang borrowed from the rock instrumental world, but tuned more towards jazz – in a cool LA group that features Lyle Ritz on bass, Chuck Britz on organ, and the mighty Hal Blaine on drums. Titles include "The Creeper", a nice sock-boogaloo number, plus "The Cobra", "Diamond Back", "The Python", "Cast Your Fate To The Wind", "Like A Rolling Stone", and "In". CD

Partial matches26
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jerry ButlerVery Best Of The Vee Jay Years ... CD
Vee Jay/Charly (UK), Early 60s. Used ... $14.99
Amazing work by one of our favorite soul singers ever – the legendary Jerry Butler, heard here in his crucial early years at Vee Jay Records! Jerry first recorded for the label as part of the young Impressions trio with Curtis Mayfield, but was pulled out to become a solo act on his own – and the result was a batch of tunes that clearly helped forge a new generation in soul music – allowing a male vocalist to skirt the line between expressive emotion and sophisticated reserve, a quality that earned Jerry the nickname of "Iceman" during these early years. It's hard to adequately sum up the power of this work in words, so we'll let Jerry's magnificent recordings do the job for us – and will only say that the set features a total of 26 tracks in all, including the titles "Smile", "I Stand Accused", "Where's The Girl", "I'm A Telling You", "A Lonely Soldier", "Lost", "Come Back My Love", "Don't Drive Me Away", "Moon River", "You Can Run", "Whatever You Want", "I've Been Trying", "I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore", and "Good Times". CD
(Out of print.)

Partial matches27
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Donald Byrd & Gigi GryceComplete Jazz Lab Studio Sessions Vol 3 ... CD
Lonehill (Spain), 1957. Used ... $11.99
Volume 3 in the Complete Jazz Lab Studio Sessions series from Lonehill – featuring standout, early work that Byrd & Gryce cut throughout 1957 – some available for the first time on CD! It opens with a number of recordings headed up by Donald Byrd and Gigi Gryce and released on an LP titled Jazz Lab – one of a few albums (confusingly) released with that name – and this CD features work from probably the hardest to find of the lot! It's another cooking hard bop side, with inventive solos and nice arranging by Byrd and Gryce, who are joined by Paul Chambers on bass, Wade Legge on piano and Art Taylor on drums. Tracks include "Isn't It Romantic", "Batland", "Bangoon", "Imagination" and "X-Tacy". The rest of the CD features cuts from the LP Gigi Gryce & The Jazz Lab Quintet – with Byrd and Gryce are playing nice and hard up front, with Wade Legge on piano, Wendell Marshall on bass and Art Taylor on drums cooking nicely in the rhythm section. The tracks include Legge's "Geraldine" and Gryce's "Minority" plus "Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart", "Straight Ahead", and "Wake Up!". CD
(Out of print.)

Partial matches28
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Roy CSomething Nice (with bonus track) ... CD
Mercury/Playback, 1975. New Copy ... $7.99 15.98
Definitely something nice from the great Roy C – one of the overlooked soul singer's great 70s albums for Mercury – all of which are ripe for rediscovery by a younger generation! This one's slightly different than the rest, in that the album was recorded at the Dynamic Studios in Kingston – where Roy mixes his deep soul vocals with some slight Jamaican touches – not an outright reggae move, but just a bit of an island kick to some of the rhythms, mostly in the drums – which give some of these tunes a really sweet-stepping groove. The approach is maybe a bit like Johnny Nash, but much hipper – given the quality level of Roy C from his early years in The Honeydrippers onto these solo sides. Horace Ott arranged most of the album – and titles include "Second Time Around", "Virgin Girl", "If I Could Love You Forever", "Loneliness Has Got a Hold On Me", "Fireside", and "My Girl". CD features the bonus track "Every Woman Has A Right". CD

Partial matches29
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Hadley CalimanIapetus ... CD
Mainstream/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1972. New Copy ... $13.99
A fantastic statement of soul from reedman Hadley Caliman – a player who gave us a handful of really amazing albums in the 70s! This set is definitely one of those gems – as it's got this flowing mix of spiritual currents that's really powerful – maybe more of a west coast take on the post-Coltrane energy of the time – with Hadley on flute and tenor, working with Luis Gasca on trumpet, Todd Cochran on piano, James Leary on bass, and Woody Theus on drums. All artists are maybe even more bold and powerful together here than on albums under their own names – working with Caliman's dark vision to soar out in wonderful ways – with added percussion from Victor Pantoja and Hungria Garcia. Titles include the groovy "Quadrivium", plus the longer cuts "Iapetus", "Dee's Glee", and "Ambivalence". CD

Partial matches30
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Chemical BrothersCome With Us (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Astralwerks/Virgin (Japan), 2002. Used Gatefold ... $9.99
The Chemical Brothers retreat from the mainstream club-pop landscape that fertilized their previous work, and the result is a much more lush, textured, and soulful record that finally earns them the cheers they've been receiving for years already! The hip hop beats and party bounce that made the Chemical name certainly are not out the picture on Come With Us, but the Brothers also learned the fine art of subtlety somewhere along the line and the heart of the album has a much more progressive approach, with string flourishes, hypnotic beats, soft breathy vocals lurking in the distance, and a free and floating in space trippy feel. Overall a more down tempo experience than you might be expecting from these boys – but not without its clanging crescendos – with a reverent knowledge of what made their acid house forefathers tick. Tracks include "Come With Us", "It Began In Afrika", "Galaxy Bounce", "Star Guitar", "Hoops", "My Elastic Eye", "The State We're In", "Denmark", "Pioneer Skies", The Test". CD
(Includes obi.)

Partial matches31
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
John ColtraneMy Favourite Things ... CD
Fourstar, Early 60s. Used ... $4.99
Not to be confused with the Atlantic Records album of the same name, this set features live material – including "Naima", "Traneing In", "Blue Train", "Impressions", and "Spiritual" – as well as the title track. CD

Partial matches32
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Crazy Ken BandMuro Diggin Crazy Ken Band – Mixed By Muro ... CD
Universal (Japan), Late 90s/Early 2000s. New Copy ... $29.99
A sweet collection of funk from this ultra-cool Japanese combo – all hand-picked, and served up in a special mix by DJ Muro! Crazy Ken Band have an odd name, but a warmly soulful take on funk that began in the pre-Daptone years, and which maybe shares more with the funk revival modes on the London scene at the start of the 90s – especially as the group have some of the warmer currents of Incognito or Brand New Heavies! But there's also a harder funk approach on some numbers – really sharp instrumentation that works equally well with blasting horns or warmer modern soul grooves – almost always topped with lead lyrics in Japanese. Most of their work was only issued overseas, so this collection's a great place to start with their music, especially with Muro in the lead! CD features 25 titles, most listed in Japanese – but with tracks that include "Brand New Honda", "El Diablo", "Midnight Cruiser", "Lady Mustang", and "Punch Punch Punch". CD

Partial matches33
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Curved AirAir Conditioning (2CD edition – with bonus tracks) ... CD
Warner/Esoteric (UK), 1970. New Copy 2CD ... $16.99
The debut album from Curved Air – a group who had a decidedly different take on the proggish styles of the start of the 70s! For one thing, the group took their name from a Terry Riley tune – already showing their higher consciousness when it came to music – and the lineup also features a young Francis Monkman and Darry Way – the former an artist who'd soon do some great sound library and soundtrack work on the UK scene, the latter a violinist who'd continue to find new spaces for his instrument in years to come! The use of Way's violin is a great addition to the sound here – as he carves out these lean lines next to the more flowing vocals of singer Sonja Kristina – who's got a style that's almost a proggish adaptation of folk modes from a few years before – while the rest of the group comes in with the more expected guitar, keyboards, and drums – but almost always at a level that remains fresh and distinct. Titles include "Hide & Seek", "It Happened Today", "Stretch", "Screw", "Blind Man", "Vivaldi", and "Situations". 2CD edition features lots of bonus material – including "Thinking On The Floor", "It Happened Today (single)", "Rob One (take 2)", "What Happens When You Blow Yourself Up" – and a number of live tracks from the John Peel show! CD
Also available Airconditioning (picture disc) (2018 Record Store Day Release) ... LP 24.99

Partial matches34
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Devouring The GuiltDevouring The Guilt ... CD
Amalgam, 2018. New Copy ... $8.99
A brilliant set of improvisational jazz from Chicago scene – recorded live at the Empty Bottle in the spring of 2017! Devouring The Guilt is a trio featuring Gerrit Hatcher on tenor sax, Eli Namay on both upright and electric bass, and Bill Harris on drums – showing impressive depth and range on the nearly hour long (and compelling the whole way) "Fresh Hour Scrod" and the shorter, equally compelling "Pineapple Sorbet". The former comes roaring right out of the gate, with the group showing an agile mix of ferocious energy and limber interplay throughout. The latter starts out slower and sweeter, as you might gather from its title, and builds to a heavier end in its 8+ minutes. CD

Partial matches35
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jackson Do PandeiroAnos 60 (A Braza No Norte/O Cabra Da Peste/Jackson Do Pandeiro E Sucesso/Mais Um Pouquinho Raridades) (4CD set) ... CD
Discobertas (Brazil), Late 60s. New Copy 4CD ... $49.99 63.99
A great samba artist from the Brazilian scene – represented here by three full albums from the 60s, plus a bonus disc of rare material well! Jackson Do Pandeiro takes his name from the percussion instrument used in his music – kind of a bigger, more drum-like tambourine – used to emphasize the vocals alongside Jackson's soulful lead vocal style! The music here is a bit fuller than 70s samba – larger orchestrations at times, but matched with equally great percussion – so that the rootsy core of the music is preserved overall. And, given Jackson's style of singing, you might even be able to call these sides precursors to later soulful samba-styled work by artists like Wilson De Simonal or Jorge Ben – a vibe that's not that different, just a few notches back historically. 4CD set includes the full albums A Braza No Norte, O Cabra Da Peste, and Jackson Do Pandeiro E Sucesso – plus a bonus CD of 17 rare tracks! CD

Partial matches36
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Dynamic SuperiorsDynamic Superiors/Pure Pleasure ... CD
Motown/, 1975. Used ... $11.99
A great lost bit of mid 70s Motown – a pair of should-be classic albums by Dynamic Superiors – in a single set! Dynamic Superiors were a great harmony group with an east coast sound – quite different from the usual Motown combo in that their vocals were often allowed very free range, with less of the tightness of the usual Motown group soul album. Ashford & Simpson produced the record – with arrangements by Leon Pendarvis, Richard Tee, and Arthur Jenkins – and the whole thing's a sweet soul treasure that's got some excellent mellow soul cuts! Titles from the self-titled set include "One Nighter", "Don't Send Nobody Else", "Shoe Shoe Shine", "Star of My Life", and "Leave It Alone". Pure Pleasure is another sweet set – arranged with a bit more of a high stepping groove than some of the other Motown work of the time. Backings are handled by a range of talents that includes Paul Riser, William Eaton, Al Gorgoni, and Horace Ott – but the real charm is the way the group's innocent harmony style puts over the lyrics, all of which are very strong tunes written by the team of Ashford & Simpson. Titles include "Face The Music", "Hit & Run Lovers", "Deception", "Pleasure", "Nobody's Gonna Change Me", "Feeling Mellow", "Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing", and "Don't Give Up On Me Baby". CD

Partial matches37
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
8th DayI Gotta Get Home (Can't Let My Baby Get Lonely) (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Invictus/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1973. New Copy ... $13.99
A nicely complicated little record – and one of the funkiest albums on the legendary Invictus label! The 8th Day group was a loosely-conceived batch of Detroit soul talents designed to cash in on a concept of the Holland-Dozier-Holland team – and they weren't just a studio project, as they included some wonderful talents that could make some great music when they wanted to! One of these was the amazing Detroit organist Lyman Woodard – who contributed the fantastic track "Cheba" to the album, an incredible organ groover that's unlike anything you've ever heard, rolling on with this pinched Hammond sound over congas, all-instrumental, and completely seductive! Another was Melvin Davis, who had recorded the song "Good Book" as a solo artist – but which was released here as if it was by the group. There's also a great guitarist in the group – unnamed due to the lack of liner notes – but who really shines on the funky tracks "Anythang", "Rocks In My Head", and "Heaven Is There To Guide Us", all with a fuzzed-out Detroit 70s groove! CD features the bonus tracks "Just As Long (single)", "I'm Worried (single)", "It's Instrumental To Be Free", and "You Made Me Over". CD
(Part of the Invictus/Hot Wax 1000 Collection!)

Partial matches38
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Duke EllingtonDuke Ellington Live At The Newport Jazz Festival 1958 ... CD
Columbia, 1958. Used 2 CDs ... $6.99
Not the famous album of the same name – which also had studio material – but instead a set of mostly unreleased tracks – 21 numbers in all! CD
(Out of print.)

Partial matches39
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jukka Eskola Soul TrioJukka Eskola Soul Trio ... CD
Timmion (Finland), 2017. New Copy ... $9.99
A fantastic full length set from trumpeter Jukka Eskola and his Soul Trio – a combo with a strange sort of name! The group here is actually a sextet – as the core combo gets guest help from Timo Lassy on saxes, Magnus Lindgren on flute, and Ville Herrala on bass – who really expand the trio's wonderful groove – a mode that's partly soul jazz, but with very rich flavors of its own – hardly any sort of easy copycat of old American modes! Teppo Makynen – aka Teddy Rok – plays drums, alongside Mikko Helava on organ – and while the album shows all the respect for soulful jazz traditions that we've heard in previous music from Rok, Eskola, and Lassy – the sound is also very different, fresh, and quite original! Titles include "Hong Thong", "Railyard Boogie", "Subterranean Variations", "For Anne Lee", "Sweet Honey Bee", "Introducing The Trio", "Soft Drop", and "Jumpin Punkins". CD

Partial matches40
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
EthiopiansReggae Power/Woman Capture Man (plus bonus tracks) ... CD
Trojan/Doctor Bird (UK), Late 60s. New Copy ... $11.99
Two classic albums by The Ethiopians – plus bonus tracks too! Reggae Power may have the name of the growing Jamaican genre in its title, but the set's still heavy on the rocksteady and ska rhythms that first provided fire for the sharp vocals of The Ethiopians – the trio's great way of trading vocals back and forth, at a level that seems perfectly suited for the grooves! There's certainly some harmonies in the mix, but the approach here really shows the different way that some of the Jamaican groups were setting themselves apart at the time – not just through the rhythms, but in the way their vocals interacted with the music. Titles include "What A Fire", "Everything Crash", "Women Capture Man", "One Dollar Of Soul", "Gun Man", and "Feel The Spirit". Woman Capture Man represents a nice tightening up of The Ethiopians – a new rise in their vocal approach, which makes them sound even more heavenly than before! There's a fair bit of message in the music, too – in ways that almost hint at a coming roots reggae generation, but with more old school styled grooves. Titles include "I'll Never Get Burn", "So You Look On It", "Joy Joy", "Things A Get Bad To Worse", and "Opportunity". CD features 7 bonus tracks – including "Buss Your Mouth", "Mek You Go On So", "She's My Girl", "Well Read", and "Everyday Talking". CD

Partial matches41
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Dee Felice TrioIn Heat (Japanese pressing – with bonus tracks) ... CD
King/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1969. New Copy ... About July 4, 2018
A killer album of soul jazz piano instrumentals – produced by James Brown! The Dee Felice Trio were a groovy combo from Cincinnati, and James Brown took a shine to them at some point in the late 60s. They backed James on one record, but their big moment was this album – which had James producing, and the group grooving nicely on some hard piano jammers! The sound's a lot more stripped-down than usual for James, but the groove is very nice! Includes an excellent funky version of "There Was A Time", a great cover of Marcos Valle's "Crickets Sing For Anamaria", and the tracks "Summer In The City", "In Heat", "Both Sides Now", and "Never". Features 3 bonus tracks too – "Nightingale", "Little Liza Jane", and "There Was A Time (single version)". CD

Partial matches42
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Gianni FerrioIo Emmanuelle (with bonus tracks) ... CD
CAM/Quartet (Spain), 1969. New Copy ... $16.99
A really beautiful little soundtrack – and one that's quite different than all of the other late 70s scores that circulated under the Emmanuelle name! This film came out years before that big cycle of sexploitation movies – and also was not part of that series at all – and while the soundtrack certainly has some of the erotics you might expect, there's also a richer, more dynamic sonic range in place – right up there with some of the most explosive moments of genius from Gianni Ferrio at the end of the 60s! Each tune seems to have a slightly different vibe – some thoughtful, some dark and brooding, and some sweetly light – often with piano or organ, but also sometimes using a voice or chorus – but in ways that are again different than the usual, especially the more familiar Morricone/Dell'Orso style. There's a fragile sense of beauty that you'd never get in the later Emmanuelle scores – and titles include "Osmosi", "Analisi", "Contestazione", "Micropsichia", "Caos", and "Ricerca". CD also features five bonus tracks too! CD
(Limited edition of 300!)

Partial matches43
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Rhett FrazierWelcome To The Club ... CD
Rhett Frazier, 2017. Used ... $2.99
Rhett Frazier here sounds better than ever – dropping the "Inc" that was part of his name on other recordings – and working in a groove that's maybe even more classic soul than before! The music is heavy on horns that seem to draw from a Memphis soul legacy – but the presentation is often nice and lean, too – with sweet Fender Rhodes or Hammond on most tracks, which provide a strongly warm core next to Frazier's vocals – which have a raspy charm that's really wonderful – gently crackling in lines that flow along nicely with the set. Most tunes are originals by Rhett – and titles include "Tell", "Eat Your Heart Out", "Stalemate", "3 Day Binge", "Honest Wage", "Sonny Liston", "Funky Junky", and "Honest Pimp". CD

Partial matches44
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Alan Freed with King Curtis & Sam "The Man" TaylorAlan Freed Rock & Roll Big Band – A Stompin' Good Time ... CD
Ace (UK), Late 50s. New Copy ... $11.99 18.99
A hip assortment of hard-wailing tunes all put together by New York DJ Alan Freed – part of his brief recording career for Coral Records, where he worked with some surprisingly hip artists! Most of the material here was originally issued under the names of Alan Freed Rock N Roll Big Band or The King's Henchmen – both groups that were really studio assemblages headed by Freed, but featuring some very heavy tenor work from King Curtis and Sam "The Man" Taylor – both of whom really bring a lot to the set! Other key players include Ernie Hayes on piano and Kenny Burrell on guitar – the latter of whom plays in a surprisingly rocking vein that's quite different than his Blue Note work. Arrangements are likely by Sammy Lowe, Leroy Kirkland, and/or Ernie Wilkins – and the material is a nice mix of swinging R&B instrumental styles from the 50s! CD features 24 tracks in all – including "Homework", "Two Good Guys", "Street With A Beat", "Cool Papa", "All Tore Up", "Tow Head", "Fandango Rock", "Gosah", "Shufflin", "Night Ride", "Flip Flap", and "Big N Bad". CD

Partial matches45
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Hal GalperInner Journey ... CD
Mainstream/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1973. New Copy ... $13.99
Pianist Hal Galper may be on an inner journey here – but he works with plenty of outward flow – really stepping out in an acoustic trio setting with the same sort of vibe that he brings to his work on Fender Rhodes! The lineup here is a bit unusual – as Dave Holland makes a surprise appearance on bass, alongside Bill Goodwin on drums – both very dynamic players who are a great match for Hal's work in the lead – especially when he's working these long-flowing chord progressions that are really beautiful – filled with soul and spirit, and very powerful throughout! Titles include "Inner Journey", "Invitation to Openness", "Joy Ride", "Taking The Coltrane", and "Wandering Spirit". CD

Partial matches46
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Stan GetzSong Is You ... CD
LRC/Laser Light, 1969. Used ... $4.99
A very interesting live set from 1969, and one that captures Stan Getz hanging in the balance between a number of different eras! He's playing here in a vein that's very similar to his work on the classic Sweet Rain album – with wonderfully rich emotional solos, filled with pain and longing – but the record also features touches of earlier bossa years, especially on the track "One Note Samba", which features an unnamed female vocalist! The group's a very hip one – with Stanley Cowell on piano, Miroslav Vitous on bass, and Jack DeJohnette on drums – and titles include "For Jane", "All The Things You Are", "Major General", "The Song Is You", "One Note Samba", and "Folk Tune For Bass". CD

Partial matches47
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Astrud Gilberto5 Original Albums (Astrud Gilberto Album/Look To The Rainbow/Certain Smile Certain Sadness/Windy/I Haven't Got Anything Better) (5CD set) ... CD
Verve (Germany), Late 60s. New Copy 5 CDs ... On June 29, 2018
A quintet of wonderful records from the legendary Astrud Gilberto! First up is the Astrud Gilberto Album – pne of Astrud Gilberto's greatest albums of the 60s – a classic session produced for Verve by Creed Taylor, and featuring sweet gentle arrangements from Marty Paich, co-arranged with Antonio Carlos Jobim, who also plays guitar on the session next to the piano of Joao Donato! That's a mouthful of heavy-hitters, we know – but the result is a totally great session that has Astrud's light and gentle vocals drifting over some of the most magical bossa backings you'll ever hear. The whole thing's great, stuffed with bossa classics done in English – and titles include "Once I Loved", "Aqua De Beber", "O Morro", "Dindi", "Dreamer", and "Photograph". Look To The Rainbow is one of the moodiest Verve albums from Astrud Gilberto – a set that has some surprising arrangements by Gil Evans – working here on one of his few 60s dates with a singer! Astrud's blue-tinged vocals work perfectly with Evans' backdrops – and Al Cohn also takes over the helm on two of the album's tracks, but still does a very good job of keeping the groove. There's a nice mix of sadness and lightness in the set – and titles include a wonderful version of "Berimbau" that actually features berimbau playing by Dom Um Romao, a great take on "El Preciso Aprender A Ser So" with English lyrics, and the titles "Bim Bom", "Lugar Bonito", "Frevo", and "Once Upon A Summertime". For Certain Smile Certain Sadness, Verve Records got the great idea of teaming up its (then) biggest Brazilian imports – vocalist Astrud Gilberto and organist Walter Wanderley – both of whom were selling plenty at the time! Astrud's lovely vocals are matched beautifully with the lean, rhythmic bossa grooves of Wanderley's trio – and the result is a record that's near-perfect in execution. Most of the tracks are quite short, as is the record itself – but it's a perfectly concentrated dose of the Verve bossa sound at its best, with tracks that include "Portuguese Washerwoman", "Tu Meu Delirio", "A Certain Smile", "Call Me", "Here's That Rainy Day", "A Certain Sadness", "It's A Lovely Day Today", and a vocal version of Wanderley's big hit "Summer Samba", redone here as "So Nice"! Windy is one of the hardest to find Astrud Gilberto records on Verve – and one of the best! Deodato, Don Sebesky, and Pat Williams did the arrangements – and the sound here is a bit different than some of the straighter Gilberto sets of the time – still very bossa-inspired, but also in a style that mixes in some great Sunshine Pop and 60s easy influences too – particularly on the tracks arranged by Williams! Tracks are all quite short, but get a heck of a lot of magic into a tiny space – and the album features some really wonderful songs that break Gilberto's pattern a bit – including versions of the Marcos Valle tracks "Crickets Sing For Anamaria" and "Chup Chup, I Got Away" – plus takes on "Windy", "Sing Me A Rainbow", "Never My Love", and "Where Are They Now?" I Haven't Got Anything Better To Do is one of the darkest albums ever recorded by Astrud Gilberto – her 60s last session for Verve Records, and a batch of beautifully moody tunes throughout! Arrangements are by Albert Gorgoni, who'd handled Gilberto's previous September 69 album – but the style here is a bit mellower, a bit sadder – touched with more adult themes of love, life, and loss – and very much in keeping with Astrud's tear-stained image on the cover! There's a sound here that almost mixes Gilberto's earlier bossa with the more baroque modes of Scott Walker at the end of the 60s – and as with Scott Walker's classic solo sets, the album shows a side of Astrud's talents that we never would have expected a few years earlier! Titles include "Wailing Of The Willow", "Where's The Love", "Wee Small Hours", "If", "Without Him", "Trains & Boats & Planes", "The Sea Is My Soil", and "Didn't We?". CD

Partial matches48
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Astrud GilbertoWindy ... CD
Verve (Japan), 1968. New Copy ... $14.99
One of the hardest to find Astrud Gilberto records on Verve – and one of the best! Deodato, Don Sebesky, and Pat Williams did the arrangements – and the sound here is a bit different than some of the straighter Gilberto sets of the time – still very bossa-inspired, but also in a style that mixes in some great Sunshine Pop and 60s easy influences too – particularly on the tracks arranged by Williams! Tracks are all quite short, but get a heck of a lot of magic into a tiny space – and the album features some really wonderful songs that break Gilberto's pattern a bit – including versions of the Marcos Valle tracks "Crickets Sing For Anamaria" and "Chup Chup, I Got Away" – plus takes on "Windy", "Sing Me A Rainbow", "Never My Love", and "Where Are They Now?" CD
(Part of the Bossa Nova 60th Celebration series!)
Also available Windy ... LP 24.99

Partial matches49
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Allen GinsbergSongs Of Innocence & Experience (2CD edition – with bonus tracks) ... CD
MGM/Omnivore, 1969/1971. New Copy 2CD ... $14.99 22.98
Ever wonder what happens when beatniks turn into hippies? They make albums like this one – a real treasure from the late 60s underground – and a set that showed the complete transformation of Allen Ginsberg at the time! The set's a real oddity – recorded after Ginsburg had hit new fame for his appearance at the Chicago 7 trial – but with a meditative quality that's very different than his more public presence as a yippie. The record features Ginsburg reading the works of William Blake and playing harmonium – while he receives instrumental backing by the likes of Don Cherry on trumpet, Bob Dorough on piano, and Elvin Jones on drums – usually in ways that are light, but still meaningful – and which really highlight Ginsburg's commitment to the project. Peter Orlovsky chimes in on a few tracks – and titles include "The Shepherd", "Little Black Boy", "London", "Ah Sun Flower", and "Laughing Song". CD features bonus tracks – "The Grey Monk (alt take)" and "Brothels Of Paris" – plus CD2 features more blake songs, most unissued – with titles that include "Holy Thursday", "A Nurses Song", "The Fly", "Spring", "The Divine Image", and "Infant Joy". Also includes three mantras done with backing by Arthur Russell on cello – "Padmasambhava Mantra", "Roghupati Raghava", and "Om Namah Shivaye". CD

Partial matches50
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Girl Named NinoMoonlight Daughter ... CD
Moonlight Daughter, 2018. New Copy ... About June 29, 2018
... CD

Partial matches51
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Gogo PenguinHumdrum Star ... CD
Blue Note, 2018. Used ... $8.99
There's nothing humdrum about Gogo Penguin at all – as the combo are out to take the sound of the piano trio into their own great directions – really bursting forth here with a sense of energy and imagination that even blow away their previous records! The group is simultaneously concerned with the wider sound of the piano – which occasionally hits waves of sound that almost feel lifted from the post-classical scene, but a lot more dynamic – while the bass and the drums really amplify their role when called up, so that the proceedings are always thrusting forward boldly – in ways that almost remind us of the excellent Indigo Jam Unit from Japan. Titles include "Return To Text", "Transient State", "Bardo", "Strid", "Reactor", "Window", "Prayer", and "A Hundred Moons". CD
(Artwork has a cutout hole.)
Also available
Humdrum Star ... CD 13.99
Humdrum Star ... LP 21.99

Partial matches52
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Gogo PenguinHumdrum Star ... CD
Blue Note, 2018. New Copy ... $13.99 14.98
There's nothing humdrum about Gogo Penguin at all – as the combo are out to take the sound of the piano trio into their own great directions – really bursting forth here with a sense of energy and imagination that even blow away their previous records! The group is simultaneously concerned with the wider sound of the piano – which occasionally hits waves of sound that almost feel lifted from the post-classical scene, but a lot more dynamic – while the bass and the drums really amplify their role when called up, so that the proceedings are always thrusting forward boldly – in ways that almost remind us of the excellent Indigo Jam Unit from Japan. Titles include "Return To Text", "Transient State", "Bardo", "Strid", "Reactor", "Window", "Prayer", and "A Hundred Moons". CD
Also available
Humdrum Star ... LP 21.99
Humdrum Star ... CD 8.99

Partial matches53
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Joe Gordon with Art BlakeyEarly Sessions (Introducing Joe Gordon/Blakey) ... CD
EmArcy/Fresh Sound (Spain), 1954. Used ... $14.99
A fantastic hard bop reissue! This CD combines two rare early sessions by trumpeter Joe Gordon, a fantastic player who died an early death, and never got to record as much as he should have. One set was recorded under Gordon's name, and the other under the name of Art Blakey – and both albums were only ever issued on rare 10" LPs during the mid 50s, making the reissue even more essential! There's a wonderful pre-Blue Note hardbop sound to the set – and every cut crackles with a sinister intensity that's just fantastic – made all the more special by a host of original compositions by both Gordon and Gigi Gryce, who arranged one of the session. One session features Gordon on trumpet, Gigi Gryce on alto, and Walter Bishop on piano; the other features Gordon, Charlie Rouse, and Junior Mance – and Blakey is on drums throughout. Titles include "Evening Lights", "Rifftide", "Lady Bob", "Eleanor", "Minority", "Hello", "Mayreh", and "Futurity". CD
(Out of print.)

Partial matches54
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Great Jazz TrioS Wonderful ... CD
441/Eighty Eights, 2004. Used ... $13.99
This outing's got an unusual lineup for The Great Jazz Trio – one that still has Hank Jones at the helm on piano, but which also features John Patitucci on bass and Jack DeJohnette on drums! Jones' contributions to the record are still very much in the spirit of the classic GJT sides from years back, but the presence of DeJohnette makes the record a whole new thing entirely – one with more dynamic percussion than usual for the group, often in a way that opens things up nicely. Patitucci's bass work is right on the money, and very well-suited for a record like this – and titles include "Days Of Wine & Roses", "Take Five", "Moanin", "S'Wonderful", "Lover Come Back To Me", and "Greensleeves". CD
(Out of print. Artwork has a small cutout mark.)

Partial matches55
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Al GreenBelle Album ... CD
Hi Records/Fat Possum, 1977. New Copy ... $6.99 15.99
Al takes over the whole deal with this one – as the record features him writing, producing, arranging, and even playing lead guitar – stepping out from under the protective wing of Willie Mitchell, and doing a surprisingly great job overall! Al does get a bit of help in the studio – from Fred Jordan and Reuben Fairfax, whose names are hidden in smaller type, under the message on the back that says that the record is "something new" – but as we've come to learn from all the other Al Green records we've loved over the years, the man himself is more than enough to make the record wonderful – with vocals that are unbeatable at this point in his career! Titles include "All N All", "Belle", "Loving You", "Georgia Boy", "Feels Like Summer" and "Dream". CD

Partial matches56
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bennie GreenBennie Green – Mosaic Select (Back On The Scene/Soul Stirrin/45 Session/Walkin & Talkin/Congo Lament) ... CD
Mosaic/Blue Note, Late 50s/Early 60s. Used 3CD ... $29.99
5 of the best records ever by trombonist Bennie Green – a hell of a soulful player who cut some killer late 50s albums for Blue Note! The set features 3 albums issued under Green's own name – Walkin & Talkin, Back On The Scene, and Soul Stirrin – plus one more album's worth of material that was only issued on 45s (45 Session), and the quite rare Congo Lament – originally recorded in 1962, but not issued until 1980, and even then only briefly, under the name of Ike Quebec. Together, the 5 albums give a fantastic picture of Green's genius – really driving tunes that crackle with energy, and which feature trombone work that's tighter than that of most trumpeters of the time – and which really brings together the best uses of bass and brass that the instrument allows. Players on the sessions include Sonny Clark, Charlie Rouse, Billy Root, Gene Ammons, Elvin Jones, Gildo Mahones, and Art Blakey – and Babs Gonzales even sings on a few tracks! Titles include "Soul Stirrin", "We Wanna Cook", "BG Mambo", "Que's Pill", "IQ Shuffle", "Encore", "It's Groovy", "Green Leaves", and "The Shouter". 33 tracks in all! CD
(Out of print, numbered limited edition of 5000. Includes original book and slipcase.)

Partial matches57
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jimmy GreeneBeautiful Life ... CD
Mack Avenue, 2014. Used ... $9.99
A heartbreaking project from saxophonist Jimmy Greene – dedicated to his daughter, who was caught in the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school. Instead of focusing on the tragedy that struck his family, Greene instead chooses to celebrate the wonderful, but too-short life of his daughter Ana – through a beautiful record that may well be his most ambitious to date! The scope of the sound here is wonderful – very soulful, thoughtful tracks performed by a shifting lineup that includes some famous names who were only happy to help out on the project – like Kenny Barron and Cyrus Chestnut on piano, Pat Metheny on guitar, and Kurt Elling on vocals. But the core group alone is wonderful –w ith Renee Rosnes on piano, Christian McBride on bass, and Lewis Nash on drums – who set things up in this wonderfully soulful style that seems to evoke some of Greene's most personal moments on record. Titles include "Last Summer", "Ana's Way", "Maybe", "Little Voices", "Where Is Love", and "Seventh Candle". CD
(Penmark through barcode.)

Partial matches58
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Johnny Griffin/Allan Botschinsky/Zbigniew NamyslowJazz Jamboree 63 Vol 2 – Polish Radio Jazz Archives Vol 13 ... CD
Polskie Radio (Poland), New Copy ... About March 1, 2018 (delayed)
... CD

Partial matches59
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Dave GrusinMigration ... CD
GRP, 1989. Used ... $2.99
With Branford Marsalis on soprano sax, Omark Hakim on piano, Marcus Miller on bass, and Hugh Masekela on trumpet. CD
(Out of print. Booklet has a faded name in marker on the inside flap.)

Partial matches60
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Vince Guaraldi/Rod McKuen/John Scott TrotterBoy Named Charlie Brown – Complete Score (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Fantasy/Kritzerland, 1964. New Copy ... $13.99
An incredible addition to the world of Charlie Brown soundtracks – and a record that's different both from the jazz album of Vince Guaraldi tunes issued by Fantasy, and the album of Rod McKuen and other instrumental tunes issued by Columbia! Instead, this one goes right to the source tapes for the original cartoon, instead of featuring later re-recordings – and the result is a batch of music that's wonderfully fresh, and which offers up a sublime mixing of both Guaraldi and McKuen modes! There's certainly lots of jazzy tunes by Vince – those cool piano cuts that he did so famously for Peanuts shows – but served up here in versions that are different than the ones on record, and interspersed with some larger orchestrations from John Scott Trotter – and the McKuen tunes are different than those recorded for Columbia – as they sometimes feature vocals by the characters, mixed with a few sung by Rod – and also a few instrumentals too. Plus, the whole thing comes with 10 more bonus tracks – a whopping 32 titles in all – with alternate and unused versions. Titles include "Percussion Swinger/Baseball Theme", "Blue Charlie Brown", "I Before E", "Champion Charlie Brown", "Linus & Lucy (Big City)", "Charlie Brown & His All Stars", "Bus Wheel Blues", and "Failure Face". CD
(Limited edition of 1000!)

Partial matches61
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Buddy GuyLive At Legends ... CD
Silvertone, 2012. Used ... $5.99
A pretty great late live set from Buddy Guy – who's tearing it up at his namesake Legends club in Chicago! Buddy's been throwing it down for years at Legends during annual winter residencies – which can be among the tougher tickets to score in the winter live club scene around here – so it's a bit surprising that there hasn't been a proper live document before the top notch Live At Legends! Better late than never. It kicks off with a profane stage intro that lets you know that Buddy and his band aren't messing around or coasting on reputation, before they shake the roof with "Best Damn Fool", "Mannish Boy", "I Just Want To Make Love To You", "Damn Right I Got The Blues", "Skin Deep" and a couple killer medleys: "Boom Boom/Strange Brew" and "Voodoo Chile/Sunshine Of Your Love". The CD also includes 3 bonus studio recordings: "Polka Dot Love", "Country Boy" and "Coming For You" – the latter featuring The Memphis Horns. CD

Partial matches62
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bruce HaackFarad Bruce Haack – The Electric Voice ... CD
Stones Throw, 1970s/Early 80s. Used ... $6.99
Amazing electric grooves from synth innovator Bruce Haack – whose pioneering use of analog synths and vocoder vocals in the service of great, if far out songcraft was pretty much unrivaled in the 70s and into the early 80s – the period in which this excellent compilation on Stones Throw highlights! Haack's earlier successes were children's music in the 60s, and one of the coolest aspects of his 70s recordings was how that somewhat bright-eyed and innocent sing-song-y approached moved into more surrealist, weirder realms on albums like Electric Lucifer, that album's lesser known, still quite brilliant sequel, and albums like Haackula and Bite. Choice cuts from those albums as well as rare singles are rounded up for Stones Throw's impeccably curated overview. The electric voice and synth errata brings an otherworldly vibe to catchy songs – and Haack's use of the vocoder was followed by so many others who would become household names, from Kraftwerk to Pink Floyd. Amazing stuff! 16 tracks in all: "Electric To Me Turn", "Incantation", "Rain Of Earth", "Ancient Mariner", "Man Kind", "Rita", "Lie Back", "Snow Job"m "The King", "Party Machine" and more. CD
(Sticker over barcode.)

Partial matches63
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jari Haapalainen TrioFusion Machine ... CD
Moserobie (Sweden), 2016. New Copy ... $9.99
No fusion here – at least not in the traditional sense – but the album is a really made fusion of drums, electric bass, and tenor saxophone – the last of which is played by the great Per Texas Johansson, with a force that's more than strong enough to match the other two instruments! The electric bass really rumbles with a lot of power here – modes that are much more dynamic than in traditional jazz, but not really rock or familiar fusion, either – and there's an elasticity from the instrument, as played by Daniel Bingert, that really seems to communicated back and forth between the other two points of the triangle. Jari Haapalainen is on drums – driving the whole thing onward – and titles include "Ingrid 20", "Risk For Halka", "Begynnelsen", "Morka Rummet", and "Ich Bin Ein Berliner". CD

Partial matches64
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jari Haapalainen TrioFusion Nation ... CD
Moserobie (Sweden), 2017. New Copy ... $9.99
The Jari Haapalainen Trio has been making some really amazing music over the past few years – always on albums that have the word "fusion" in the name, but which sound completely different than any familiar fusion jazz you might know! Instead, the groove here is much more in the creative jazz spectrum we know from the Moserobie label – not free jazz or completely outside material, but instead music that pushes the boundaries while also finding its own sense of structure – balanced beautifully between the drums of Jari, the electric bass of Daniel Bingert, and the mighty tenor sax of Per Texas Johanssen! The tunes are chunky, but not in a funky way – and the boldness of the electric bass rumbles at the bottom while Haapalainen snaps a nice core on the drums, and Johanssen really takes off on his solos. Titles include "Blod", "Sodiner Kiez", "Fotfaste", "Gar Mot Rott", "Inget Krangel", and "The Blanket". CD
Also available Fusion Nation ... LP 19.99

Partial matches65
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Joe Haider/Fritz Pauer/Horace ParlanEgo Recordings Vol 3 (Reconciliation/Katzenvilla/Water Plants/One For Wilton) (4CD set) ... CD
Ego/Organic (Germany), Late 70s. New Copy 4 CDs ... $34.99
Four ultra-rare records – all brought together in one incredible CD set – the third collection to document the brilliant sounds of Germany's Ego Recordings label from the 70s! First up is the album Reconciliation from Joe Haider – one of the 70s gems on the mighty German Ego label – an incredible small company who seemed to put out nothing but excellent music! The set's led by pianist Joe Haider, and features a quintet with Andy Scherrer on tenor and soprano sax, Ack Van Rooyen on flugelhorn, Gunter Lenz on bass, and Todd Canedy on drums – all of them together welling up as way more than the sum of their parts, and cooking up an amazingly soulful set of tunes! There's bits of modal and American 70s spiritual soul jazz in the set – all played with a proud and buoyant style that unfolds majestically through the course of the album, never faltering in its vision or creativity. A under-acknowledged gem, with tracks that include "Mas De Serles", "Magdalena", "Reconciliation", "Crossover", and "Spanish Groove". Katzenvilla features the amazing trio of pianist Joe Haider, bassist Isla Eckinger, and drummer Pierre Favre – three very individual musicians who come together here as a group, but still retain a lot of their special energy! Haider's a lot more dynamic than usual – still with warm chords on the piano, but also some sharper edges – which seem pushed on by Favre's deft drum work, and his flowing sense of both melody and rhythm at the same moment. Eckinger's bass has these deep, soulful currents that we always love – and really grounds the whole thing in a wonderful way – on titles that include "Capricorn", "My Little Darling", "And Now", "Katzenvilla", and "Fate Of A Child" – all originals by Haider! Pianist Fritz Pauer steps out on Water Plants – a trio date that's got a lot more warmth and soul than some of the musician's previous work from the German scene – a beautiful little session that balances the deep bass work of Isla Eckinger and the subtle drums of Billy Brooks. There's a loose, lyrical vibe to the record that shows a side of Pauer we might not have expected – and Fritz wrote some wonderful tunes for the album, including "Water Plants", "Sagittarius", "Tribal Dance", "For La Rives", and "Autumn Evening". Last up is One For Wilton – one of the hippest later albums from pianist Horace Parlan – a set recorded with the saxophonist Wilton Gaynair, who'd contributed heavily to the UK scene in the late 50s/early 60s, then made great waves in Germany during the 70s! The set features Wilton on tenor and soprano sax, Parlan on piano, and great rhythms from Isla Eckinger on bass and Billie Brooks on drums – all coming together with a sense of warmth and imagination that's completely sublime – much richer than some of Gaynair's other performances from the 70s, and with a sense of flow and soul that makes the album one of Parlan's best. Titles include "Billie's Bossa", "One For Wilton", "Shade", "Firm Roots", and "Pananika". All albums come in tiny LP-style covers, and the box also features a bookle of notes! CD

Partial matches66
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Roland HannaApres Un Reve ... CD
Venus (Japan), 2002. Used ... $11.99
Shame about the cover, but cheescake nudie image aside, the album's got all the poise, class, and grace you'd expect in some other classics from pianist Roland Hanna – a player who already attained majesty in his music, long before he started adding "Sir" to his name! There's a fair bit of classical numbers here, used as surprising vehicles for jazz expression by Hanna – not the usual "jazz meets classical" vibe that stays very faithful to the structure of the original compositions – but more just a basic inspiration for improvisational melodies, played by the trio in a way that has Roland's piano strongly out in the lead, with subtle accompaniment from Ron Carter on bass and Grady Tate on drums. Titles include "Prelude", "Like Grains Of Sand", "Serenade", "Apres Un Reve", "Based On Gustav", and "Going Home". CD
(Out of print.)

Partial matches67
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Barry HarrisLive At Dug ... CD
Enja (Germany), 1995. Used ... $11.99
Barry Harris recorded live in Tokyo – working at the intimate Dug nightclub, with backing from Japanese players Kunimitsuj Inaba on bass and Fumio Watanabe on drums! The style here is in the warmer side of the Harris spectrum – sometimes introspective, sometimes a bit more grooving – but always played with a strong degree of sensitivity on the keys of the piano, and recorded in a way that has Barry right out front in the mix. There's a great sense of maturity and grace going on here – and if anything, Harris has become an even more interesting pianist as the years have gone on – dropping some of his too-powerful styles from earlier years, in favor of well-placed notes and a greatly expanded sense of space that really comes through on this set. Titles include "Luminescence", "Somebody Loves Me", "No Name Blues", "Oblivion", "It Could Happen To You", "East Of The Sun", and "Nascimento". CD
(Out of print.)

Partial matches68
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Barry HarrisLive At Dug – Complete Edition (2CD Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Somethin Cool (Japan), 1995. New Copy 2 CDs ... $29.99
Barry Harris recorded live in Tokyo – working at the intimate Dug nightclub, with backing from Japanese players Kunimitsuj Inaba on bass and Fumio Watanabe on drums! The style here is in the warmer side of the Harris spectrum – sometimes introspective, sometimes a bit more grooving – but always played with a strong degree of sensitivity on the keys of the piano, and recorded in a way that has Barry right out front in the mix. There's a great sense of maturity and grace going on here – and if anything, Harris has become an even more interesting pianist as the years have gone on – dropping some of his too-powerful styles from earlier years, in favor of well-placed notes and a greatly expanded sense of space that really comes through on this set. Titles include "Luminescence", "Somebody Loves Me", "No Name Blues", "Oblivion", "It Could Happen To You", "East Of The Sun", and "Nascimento". Note that this 2CD set is the full, complete version of the recordings that were only issued on one disc by Enja – a total of 15 tracks, and a great deal of music overall! CD

Partial matches69
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Louis Hayes, Vincent Herring, Jeremy Pelt, Rick GeDon't Play With Love – The John L Nelson Project ... CD
Maken It, 2018. New Copy ... $11.99
A tribute to John L Nelson – a jazz musician that most folks know as the father of Prince – but a set that's equally smoking in its own sort of way, thanks to a wickedly sharp combo! The core quintet features Jeremy Pelt on trumpet, Vincent Herring on alto, Rick Germanson on piano, Dezron Douglas on bass, and Louis Hayes on drums – all working their own special, soulful magic with the tunes – mostly swinging numbers that really help the players step out strongly right away, save for one ballad that also features an additional string group. The cover and title might make you miss this one, but the set's every bit as strong as recent albums recorded under the name of the group members – and titles include "Runnin Through My Mind", "Darkness", "Lonely", "Heart Of Mine", "Step Back", and "Lucky Am I". CD

Partial matches70
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Roy HaynesTrue Or False (French pressing) ... CD
Free Lance (France), 1986. Used ... $9.99
Crackling tight work from Roy Haynes – recorded here in a live setting with his mid 80s group that featured the great Ralph Moore on tenor. Moore's angular lines dominate the set – a bit freer than on the albums cut under his own name, driven onward by the drumming of Haynes, into a mode that's got a gutsy Sonny Rollins sort of approach. Titles include "Fee Fi Fo Fum", "True Or False", "Bud Powell", "Played Twice", "Big Foot", and "The Everywhere Calypso". CD
(Out of print French pressing.)

Partial matches71
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Julius HemphillRoi Boye & The Gotham Minstrels ... CD
Sackville (Canada), 1977. Used 2CD ... $11.99
Pretty great solo work from Julius Hemphill – an extended 2LP set that features a completely solo performance on reeds – almost his answer to similar creative recordings by Anthony Braxton and Roscoe Mitchell from the AACM! The extended set really stretches out beautifully – billed as an "audiodrama", and featuring some overdubbing of solo performance – so that Hemphill's interweaving his reed work beautifully – mixing lines on flute, soprano sax, and alto – all with thoughtful, lyrical elements that easily show the reedman at his 70s best! The album features one long track, spread out over both discs – with a hell of a lot of dynamic energy throughout – very much in the mode of some of Sackville's best solo avant recordings of the time – like records by Roscoe Mitchell and George Lewis. CD

Partial matches72
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
His Name Is AliveFt Lake ... CD
4AD (UK), 1998. Used ... $2.99
... CD

Partial matches73
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
His Name Is AliveHome Is In Your Head ... CD
4AD/Ryko, 1991. Used ... $6.99
... CD
(Out of print. Small drill hole through one corner of the booklet.)

Partial matches74
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Hudson (DeJohnette/Grenadier/Medeski/Scofield)Hudson ... CD
Motema, 2017. New Copy ... $8.99 14.99
A group who take their name from the Hudson River Valley – beautifully pictured here on the front cover – and a quartet who work in an equally expansive array of sounds – all sharp elements of tone and timing from a lineup that features Jack DeJohnette on drums, John Scofield on guitar, Larry Grenadier on bass, and John Medeski on piano, Fender Rhodes, and Hammond! The Hudson influence doesn't just stop at the name, though – because all these upstate New York musicians often pay tribute to other artists who left the city for points north – Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, and The Band – each of whom gets a tribute track on the album. About half the set is originals by members of the group – and if we had to pick one instrument that seems to have the strongest voice in the group, it might be the guitar of Scofield – maybe in part because he can skirt the two different worlds so well. Titles include "Tony Then Jack", "Dirty Ground", "El Swing", "Hudson", "Lay Lady Lay", "Woodstock", "Wait Until Tomorrow", and "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall". CD
Also available Hudson (180 gram pressing – with poster & download) (2018 Record Store Day Release) ... LP 25.99

Partial matches75
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
IngramJazzed Up & Funked Out – 50 Years Of Good Music ... CD
Essential, Late 70s/Early 80s. New Copy ... $7.99 15.99
Fantastic work from Ingram – pulled from a time when the Philly group was really coming into their own! Ingram first recorded under the name Ingram Family – and later gave the world producer Butch Ingram – but the material here is all from a really special time when they were taking their group funk sound and honing it to a razor-sharp edge – creating a style that was perfect for a mellow or midtempo groove – in a way that was often different from some of the bigger funk acts at the start of the 80s! There's almost a less-is-more approach going on here – one that makes the vocals really sound great too – and the set brings together ten classic tracks, with titles that include "Smoothin Groovin", "I Like It", "Drivin Me Crazy", "We Like To Do It", "Fantasy", "Everybody Get On Up & Get Down", "Share A Dream", "Would You Like To Fly", and "Just For You". CD

Partial matches76
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Instant FunkGet Down With The Philly Jump ... CD
TSOP/Sony (Japan), 1976. New Copy ... $13.99
Great early work from Instant Funk – cut back at a time when the instrumental combo was lean and mean – and much more deserving of the "funk" in their name! The style here is sweet instrumental Philly – a great cross between disco and soul, done with all the best top studio touches of the Philly scene of the time. Arrangements are by Bunny Sigler mostly – no surprise, considering that the group were his backing band – and titles include "I Know Where You're Coming From", "So Glad I'm The One", "Hup Two Hutp Two", "Philly Jump", "It Ain't Reggae (But It's Funky)", "Funky Africa", and "Go for Yourself". CD
(Part of the Disco Fever 40 series!)
Also available Get Down With The Philly Jump ... LP 24.99

Partial matches77
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Instant FunkInstant Funk (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Salsoul/Octave (Japan), 1979. Used ... $14.99
Maybe the third great Philly studio group of the 70s – after MFSB and Salsoul Orchestra – a killer combo who provided backing grooves to plenty of great club tracks over the years – and who step out strongly here on their own debut album! Bunny Sigler helps give the album a sharp focus – with his own production and songwriting in play – in modes that are very much like his own best club tracks of the time – but the group is more than great enough on their own – with a funky edge that definitely lives up to their name, and a groove that's even sharper than the two aforementioned contemporary combos. Lead vocals are by James Carmichael, who's totally great – and titles include "Don't You Wanna Party", "Never Let It Go Away", "I Got My Mind Made Up", "Dark Vader", "Wide World Of Sports", and "You Say You Want Me To Stay". CD features bonus tracks that include "I Got My Mind Made Up (12" rmx)", "I Got My Mind Made Up (single)", "Crying (12" rmx)", "Crying (single)", and "Dark Vader (Pat Stapley rmx)". CD
(Out of print. Includes obi.)

Partial matches78
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ JacinthaJacintha Is Her Name – Dedicated To Julie London (SACD) ... CD
Groove Note, 2003. Used ... Just Sold Out!
... CD
(SACD hybrid version – plays on regular players too.)

Partial matches79
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jazz Rock ExperienceLet Yourself Go (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Sonorama (Germany), 1969/1970. New Copy ... $18.99
Fantastic work from a group who are way more than just the sum of their name! The combo is definitely jazz, only a bit rock, and really provide a funky experience on most of their numbers – in the same sort of wicked blend of acoustic and electric jazz elements that you'd find on MPS Records at the start of the 70s! The musicians here are Swiss, but come from the same mindset as that famous German label – and like some of their contemporaries across the European scene, they were young players who were really open to new ideas – which they let flow from their fingers over the course of these cool long tracks! The lineup shifts a bit over the course of these recordings, and there's some real surprises in the roster of musicians –w ith players who include Bruno Spoerri on electric tenor and sopranino sax, Dave Lee on vibes, Hans Kennel on trumpet, Christy Doran on guitar, Freddy Meier on tenor, Kenny Schmidt on drums, Hans Foletti on bass, and even a young Irene Schweizer on electric piano. Titles include "If It Wasn't For Dicky", "Krivo Sadovsko Choro", "The Starter", "Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child", "Cheyenne", "Blues No Blues", and a version of the James Brown tune "Let Yourself Go". CD features bonus tracks "Blind Man", "Listen Here", and "Get Out Of Here". CD
Also available Let Yourself Go ... LP 24.99

Partial matches80
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jo JonesDrums By Jo Jones – The Historic & Legendary Jazz Drumming Sessions ... CD
Fremeaux & Associates (France), 1973. New Copy 2CD ... $19.99 29.99
Some of the coolest recordings ever made by the legendary Jo Jones – two albums that were initially presented almost as jazz instruction material, but which more than stand strongly on their own as solo drum session! Jones is already a well-known force in jazz – but hearing him like this, you'll be even more surprised at his talents – as the recordings not only feature Jo working through a huge amount of rhythms and changes, but also performing tributes to some of his favorite jazz drummers in the second half of the set! Many numbers feature spoken introductions by Jones, and the whole thing almost feels like some intimate session – but the strength of his performance is tremendous, and the lack of other instruments really let you hear that amazing way that Jo had of working all over the space of the drum kit. Titles include "Latin Rhythms", "Drum Solo No 1", "Basics Gadgets Effects", "Baby Dodds", "Making Changes", "Colours", "Chick Webb", "Baby Lovett", "Walter Johnson", "Sonny Greer", "Unnamed Drummer From St Louis", and "Rim Shots/Tom Tom". CD

Partial matches81
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
BB KingBlues (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Crown/Ace (UK), 1958. Used ... $8.99
An album named after a genre, but one that offers up the very special focus that BB King brought to blues music – especially in these early years of his career! King's a giant at this point – a hell of a singer, with a sound that's a key bridge between gospel and soul – and a equally solid guitarist, able to grace his tunes with searing solos, but in a way that's never as showy or overcrowded as all the later bluesmen who tried to copy his act! Instead, King's balance here is perfect – and often set to romping backings that link his approach not only to a postwar R&B tradition, but maybe even to the jazz world as well – with a vibe that's a lot less downtrodden than you might expect from a record called "the blues". If you've never dug BB at this early point in his career, you'll find plenty here to love – and titles include "When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer", "What Can I Do", "Troubles Troubles Troubles", "Early In The Morning", "You Don't' Have To Cry", and "Why Do Everything Happen To Me". CD features bonus tracks – "Sweet Little Angel", "Tickle Britches", "I'm In Love", "Bye Bye Baby", "Don't Keep Me Waiting", and "Don't Break Your Promise". CD

Partial matches82
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Boobie Knight & The Universal LadyBoobie Knight & The Universal Lady – Earth Creature ... CD
Brunswick/Solid (Japan), 1974. New Copy ... About July 18, 2018
Crazy funk from a crazy-costumed geezer with an equally crazy name – one of those lost rare funky nuggets that's every bit as great as you might guess from the cover and title! Boobie Knight's a killer here – and works in a groove that's somewhere between Sly & The Family Stone and The Jimmy Castor Bunch – with all the freaky, fuzzy touches that reference might imply! His group has a definite guitar-heavy sound that's a bit blunted, and a bit trippy at times – but which also has a nice soulful edge at it's best moments – a sense of focus that gives the record more of a groove than other records of this nature from the period. The band here includes vocals by Al Johnson (who may well be the same Al Johnson who went onto later mellow soul fame) – and titles include the crazy "Earth Creature", plus "The Lovomaniacs", "Power Greater Than Man", "Feeling My Cheerios", and "Woman Will Make You Love". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Eero Koivistoinen & Philip Catherine/Nordjazz QuinJazz Liisa 13 & 14 ... CD
Svart (Finland), 1974/1975. New Copy ... $18.99
Two fantastic 70s jazz performances from Finland – back to back on a single CD! Saxophonist Eero Koivistoinen is at his most dynamic here – working alongside guitarist Philip Catherine, in a long-spun style that recalls some of the energy of his classic Wahoo album, but with a more open vibe at other moments! The rest of the group features key heavyweights too – including Heikki Sarmanto on Fender Rhodes and Pekka Sarmanto on bass – but much of the main focus is on Eero's work on tenor and soprano sax, and those beautifully fluid lines that Catherine could bring from his guitar – a style that's that perfect European link between fusion and prog. Titles include "Angel Wings", "I Remember Tomorrow", "Near But Far Away", and "Blue Line". Next is a great performance by the Nordjazz Quintet – a cool mixed electric/acoustic combo that features sax and flute from Pekka Poyry, guitar from Nils Petter Nyren, keyboards from Ole Kock Nahsen, bass from Kjell Jansson, and drums from Petur Ostlund – a combo who work on long tracks that are a nice extrapolation of some of the fusion modes explored by the Love Records label during the same time! The tunes here get especially soulful in the longer stretches – especially when Poyry's playing soprano sax – and titles include "Havana Two", "Nordjazz Suite (part 1)", and "Arancel A Pagar". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ KomedaGenius Of Komeda ... CD
Minty Fresh, 1996. Used ... $3.99
Beautiful modern pop from this enigmatic Swedish group who took their name from the legendary Polish soundtrack composer Krszytof Komeda! Their music is dreamy and wonderful – with bits of 60s pop filtered through a 90s sensibility, trimmed down through a post-punk adherence to simplicity – served up in a lovely little package. Titles include "Top Star", "Light O My Life", "More Is More", "Rocket Plane", and "New New No". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Krzysztof KomedaCul De Sac/Knife In The Water ... CD
Harkit (UK), Early 60s. New Copy ... $15.99
Dark and spooky jazz from the godlike hands of Kryzstof Komeda! Komeda's best known in the US for his soundtrack work for the film Rosemary's Baby, but this set features music scored for 2 earlier Roman Polanski movies – Cul De Sac and Knife In The Water! The music for Cul De Sac is a strange blend of bossa nova, crime jazz, and some sci-fi touches – horns, piano, off-beat rhythms, and odd production that really gives the record a weird edge while still preserving a nice little groove. Ewa Bem sings a great vocalese version of the title theme "Cul De Sac", and other titles include "Walk On The Water", "Pushing The Car", "Radio One", and "Dicky's Death". Knife In Water is more straight jazz overall – but equally great – a wonderful score that echoes with the modern tones and phrasing first explored in French cinema during the new wave! Komeda plays piano, and there's wonderful saxophone lines on nearly every track in the score – possibly played by Zbigniew Namyslowski – stretching out with stark edges and bold colors, and sounding a bit like Barney Wilen on some of his best soundtrack work! Titles include "Towing The Boat", "Walking On The Water", "The Crocodile", "The Buoy", and "Come Aboard". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Krzysztof Komeda/Zbigniew Namyslowski/Andrzej TrzaJazz Jamboree 63 Vol 3 – Polish Radio Jazz Archives Vol 14 ... CD
Polskie Radio (Poland), New Copy ... About March 1, 2018 (delayed)
... CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Annette Krebs & Taku UnamiMotubachii ... CD
Erstwhile, 2010. Used ... $6.99
... CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Martin Kuchen & Landaeus TrioVinyl (Four Lamentations & One Wicked Dream Of Innocence/Pity Of It All) ... CD
Moserobie (Sweden), 2016. New Copy ... $18.99
A special CD dedicated to previous vinyl – as the disc features both vinyl-only albums by saxophonist Martin Kuchen – issued in very limited amounts for Record Store Day events! First up is Four Lamentations & One Wicked Dream Of Innocence – beautifully blue-tinged work from reedman Martin Kuchen – working here with his Lamentations Trio – a group who've got a melancholy vibe that really lives up to their name! The set's got Kuchen giving us some of his most deeply soulful lines to date – these beautiful slow-building solos, especially on tenor – which have this evocative, ancient sort of quality – but mixed with the very distinct, personal voice that Martin's always brought to his music. The group features piano and some especially cool clavinet from Mathias Landaes, plus Jonas Holgersson on drums and Johnny Aman on bass – on titles that include "Post Injuries", "Don't Ruin Me", "Du Ror Dig Sa Sakta", and "One Minute Of Innocence". Pity Of It All features sublime sounds from reedman Martin Kuchen – who blows tenor, alto, and soprano sax here – alongside the trio of pianist Mathias Landeaus, in a setting that's very unique! The structure of the album is familiar – sax, piano, bass, and drums – but the group have a way of putting things together with a very personal, very individual approach – neither free jazz, nor any sort of familiar modern styles – but a brilliant presentation that feels completely of the moment when it was conceived, captured perfectly here on record! Some moments are slightly spiritual, but others have far more melancholy to make that claim – and Kuchen really blows us away with his phrasing, especially on the tenor – and Landeaus can step back and forth in his own presence, as needed, to swing the spotlight in different ways. Mathias plays clavinet on one track – and titles include "Martha", "The Pity Of It All", "Today Is Better Than Tomorrow", and "11 13 47". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Pete La RocaTurkish Women At The Bath ... CD
Douglas/32 Jazz, 1967. Used ... Just Sold Out!
Despite the stupid name (or perhaps because of it), this is one of the great lost sessions of the 60s! Drummer Pete LaRoca originally cut this set for the tiny Douglas label, and the session's an amazing bit of modernist jazz that features a rare non-Sun Ra appearance by tenorist John Gilmore. Gilmore's playing is fantastic, and quite different from that on some of his Ra albums – probably because the rest of the quartet features Chick Corea and Walter Booker, who groove in a very modal vein. The material's out, but not too out – and although Corea and Gilmore's solos are quite far-reaching, they also snap back nicely into the tight playing of the ensemble. And forget all of your biases against Corea – because at this young age, his playing is great! Titles include "Sin Street", "Dancing Girls", "Love Planet", and "Bliss". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Harold LandNew Shade Of Blue ... CD
Mainstream/Solid (Japan), 1971. New Copy ... $13.99
An overlooked chapter in the Harold Land/Bobby Hutcherson partnership that recorded more famously for Blue Note – a date that's issued here under the tenorist's own name, but which also features equal contributions from Hutcherson on vibes! Tracks have that long, modal quality that has the pair almost birthing a whole new generation in jazz expression – a style that's more sophisticated than earlier soul jazz, yet equally soulful in its own sort of way – aware of all the freedoms of the avant scene, yet never fully indulgent of them – and always guided by a spirit set loose by Coltrane, but in ways that are very different than so many others in the post-Coltrane generation! Part of that difference might be Land's personal phrasing on tenor – or Hutcherson's amazing approach to vibes – both without any sort of comparison at all, and set up here in a group that features Bill Henderson on acoustic and electric piano, Buster Williams on bass, Billy Hart on drums, and Mtume on congas. The latter gets his own song named on the record – the great "Mtume" – and other titles include "Short Subject", "Ode To Angela", and "De-Liberation". CD
Also available New Shade Of Blue (with bonus download) ... LP 13.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Latin SoulsBoogaloo & Shingaling (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Kapp/Melodias (Colombia), 1967. Used ... $29.99
One of the grooviest groups of the Latin Soul scene – but they'd have to be, given their name! The Latin Souls are a vocal group with a really soulful feel – a great link between the earlier harmony sounds that were bubbling under in Spanish Harlem, and some of the hipper rhythms that were hitting the scene in the late 60s – particularly the two dance modes pushed strongly in the title of the record! Many of the cuts have a nicely dark undercurrent – a bit like the best work of Ralph Robles – but the harmonies give the record a somewhat more sincere feel too, with echoes of Joe Bataan in the mix. The whole thing's great – with production from Pancho Cristal that's right up there with his other great Latin sides of the 60s. Titles include "Guajira Controversial", "Que Va", "Hey Lulu!", "The Party Is Over", "Place In the Sun", "La Banda", and the slammin' "Latin Souls Descarga"! CD
(Out of print.)
Also available Boo-ga-loo & Shing-a-ling ... LP 36.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Stacy LattisawLet Me Be Your Angel ... CD
Atlantic, 1980. Used ... $9.99
Quite possibly the best of Stacy Lattisaw's early work for Cotillion – a great little record that shines equally on groovers and mellower cuts! Stacy's still got a keen ear for pop soul here, but she definitely takes things a bit deeper too – working through a great set of original tunes penned by Narada Michael Walden (mostly with Bunny Hull), and singing in a style that has sophistication beyond her young years, but which is also youthful and catchy on a few of the album's best cuts. Years later, we might bet that Stacy's regretting the shirt and hairstyle on the cover – but hearing the music, she's got plenty more to be proud of here! Titles include "Dynamite", "Jump To The Beat", "Let Me Be Your Angel", "My Love", "You Know I Like It", and "Don't You Want To Feel It". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
LavaPrime Time (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Polydor/Preservation (UK), 1982. New Copy ... $8.99
A Norwegian group from the start of the 80s, but one who are completely enamoured of the AOR sound from the American west coast time – so much so, they turn out a record here that could easily slide in right alongside the classics! Tunes are tight, catchy, and have English language lyrics throughout – a style that's well-crafted, and which flowers strongly with sweet keyboard lines alongside the vocals! A few cuts are instrumental, with even more focus on the keys – and as with most AOR of the period, there's a slight current of jazz in the mix – maybe more as a flavoring than a main component. Titles include "Tea Beat", "Hard Times", "Juliet", "Empty Shadows", "2.12", "Holiday", "Prime Time", and "Late At Night". Also features bonus tracks "DJ (long version)", "Hold On", and "Take Me To The River". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Le Mystere Jazz De TombouctouLe Mystere Jazz De Tombouctou ... CD
Mali Kunkan/Kindred Spirits (Netherlands), 1977. New Copy ... $12.99
Amazing music from Mali – quite different than most other albums we've heard from that scene in the 70s – with wonderful reed work that really lives up to the "jazz" in the group's name! The sound is bold and righteous, but with an other-worldly vibe too – a really haunting quality that grabs us like some of the most evocative Ethiopian sounds of the 70s! At some level, there's definitely a Mali touch going on in the music – some very tripped-out elements in the production, and a way of wrapping things together with an undercurrent of melancholy. Yet there's also a really unique feel to the record too – a sense of complication that moves way beyond the obvious, while still managing to groove in the process – albeit with kind of a droning quality. Titles include "Wale", "Apolo", "Leli", "Teiduma", and "Dina Waliji". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Michel LegrandLes Demoiselles De Rochefort (Young Girls of Rochefort) (50th Anniversary 5CD set) ... CD
Universal (France), 1966. New Copy 5CD ... $21.99
A dream come true – a special 5CD box set, based around one of our favorite soundtracks ever – with a huge amount of added music! The core score is presented on CDs 1 and 2 – fantastic music from the film Les Demoiselles De Rochefort (aka Young Girls Of Rochefort) – a jazzy swinging ode to love found and love lost – all penned by the legendary Michel Legrand! The work was composed in collaboration with director Jacques Demy for his 1966 film of the same name – and, like the previous Demy/Legrand collaboration, Umbrellas Of Cherbourg, the movie's a story in song – one that has much of the dialogue presented as sung lyrics to the tunes. The mode takes off from a Hollywood musical style, and pushes the genre into territory that's much hipper, very French, and with a soaring approach that's filled with plenty of mod 60s jazz grooves. Legrand's genius has never sparkled so brightly – and his ability to interweave different themes, stories, and grooves is simply amazing! This double-length set presents the expanded original score – with many songs that were not on the original single version of the soundtrack, plus key bits of dialogue to help transition the tunes. Titles include "Chanson Des Jumelles", "Chanson De Delphine", "Nous Voyageons De Ville En Ville", "Chanson D'Andy", "La Femme Coupee En Morceaux", and "Marins Amis Amants Ou Maris". CD2 also features 11 more tracks – the Instrumental version of the score, directed by Legrand in 1966. CD3 features a beautiful English Language version – with the voices of Jackie Ward, Sue Allen, Earl Brown, and others – all singing English versions of the songs, done by Earl Brown and Julian More. CD4 features work tracks that are wonderful – many with just Legrand at the piano and singing lyrics, others with orchestral tracks – a total of 21 tracks in all. CD5 features remakes and other versions of songs from the film – done by Bud Shank, Chico & The Gypsies, Johnny Griffin, Phil Woods, Trotter Trio, Brigitte, Claude Parent, Bill Evans, Yuri Buenaventura, and others. The whole thing comes with a huge booklet of notes – with lots of information on the film and its music. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Little Willie JohnSure Things ... CD
King, 1961. Used ... $7.99
It's always a sure thing when we see the name of Little Willie John on the cover of a record – a sure thing that the music's going to be great, the vocals sublime, and the whole thing a non-stop package of raw early soul! Willie's a singer who recorded for King Records during the same early years as James Brown and Hank Ballard – and his tremendous talents were part of that label's trio of genius at the time – a genius that, for Willie, got cut too short due to some time behind bars – a later legacy that's maybe always informed people's understanding of his music. Yet even without that back story, the sounds here are amazing on their own – extremely powerful, and a great fusion of earlier R&B modes with the growing soul styles to come – cut right to the bone with stellar King production. Titles include "My Love Is", "I Like To See My Baby", "Walk Slow", "The Very Thought Of You", "Loving Care", "You Hurt Me", "I'm Shakin", "A Cottage For Sale", and "There's A Difference". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Hugo LuizBossa Hugo ... CD
Paladium/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1965. New Copy ... $13.99
An overlooked album of bossa guitar from Hugo Luiz – maybe the only record we've ever seen by the musician, and a set that we'd rank right up there with our 60s favorites from Luiz Bonfa or Baden Powell! Yet there's also a difference here that nicely sets Hugo apart – a richness in tone that might come from his particular choice of guitar, or partly the very warm recording style – which captures all the resonance of his instrument in a beautiful way! There's just light rhythm backings on all tracks – a bit of percussion and bass – leaving Luiz to shade in most of the sound. Cuts include "Con Alma", "Days of Wine & Roses", "Tempo Feliz", "Tema Para Lili", "Primavera", "Minha Namorada", and "Canto De Ossanha". CD
(Part of the Brasilian Music Love Affair series!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jimmy LyonsPush Pull ... CD
Hat Hut/Corbett vs. Dempsey, 1979. New Copy 2CD Gatefold ... $15.99
Alto saxophonist Jimmy Lyons had a legendary run of performances on record with Cecil Taylor – but he sounds equally amazing here as a leader – given the space to really stretch out in a 3LP set that brings together a landmark live performance from 1978! Lyons works here with some lesser-known names – a quintet that includes Karen Borca on bassoon, Hayes Burnett on bass, Munner Bernard Fennell on cello, and Roger Blank on drums – but all players really catch the fire from his horn, and open up in a way that starts with loft jazz inspiration, then really soars to the stratosphere! The live setting of the album – recorded in a cinema – brings a really great quality of "space" to the overall production – and you can really feel Lyons and the group working together as their sounds and performance echo throughout the theater. Titles include the 32 minute "Mary Mary" – plus "Tortuga", "Breakout", "After You Left", and "Push Pull". CD

Partial matches99
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Shelly ManneBoss Sounds! ... CD
Atlantic/Collectables, 1966. Used ... $6.99
One of Shelly Manne's best records of the 60s – largely because the group's so great! Altoist Frank Strozier was playing with Shelly at the time, and his rich talents on the alto make the record almost worth seeking out for him alone – because here, Strozier's opening up his sound a lot more than in the early days – and going for strange phrasings, sharp edges, and other unusual twists that really add a lot more spice to the set than you might expect! The rest of the group features Conte Candoli, Russ Freeman, and Monty Budwig – and in a way, the record takes off from the energy of Shelly's classic Blackhawk sessions, but with even a bit more tightly dynamic sound. Titles include "Frank's Tune", "You Name It", "Margie", and "Idle One". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bobby MatosGratitude ... CD
Life Force Jazz, 2007. Used ... $8.99
The cover lists the group as Bobby Matos' Afro Latin Jazz Ensemble – and you can definitely hear them live up to their name with a complex, soulful sound on this set! Bobby's a player who only seems to have come into his own in later decades of his music – great during his initial Latin soul years, but even more commanding as a leader and percussionist in the past decade or two – thanks to wonderful records like this! The album's definitely got some strong jazz elements throughout – thanks to a lineup that includes Theo Saunders on piano, Frank Fontaine on tenor, and Danny Weinstein on both trombone and violin – and the album also features guest vocals from Dee Dee McNeil on one track. Titles include "Bronx Trane", "Thad Like", "No Me Diga Na", "Uncle David's Egg Creams", "Basses Loaded", and "The Jazz Messenger". CD

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