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CrittersYounger Girl (plus bonus tracks) ... CD
Kapp/Universal (Japan), 1966. New Copy ... $13.99
A really dreamy bit of sunshine pop from The Critters – a wonderful group who do an excellent job of mixing sweet harmonies with pop-psych instrumentation – yet all in a way that's totally sweet, and very very catchy too! The record's got a very groovy feel overall – thanks to ... (Rock) read more CD

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Theo CrokerAfro Physicist ... CD
Okeh, 2014. New Copy ... $13.99 14.98
There's a really fresh vibe to this record from trumpeter Theo Croker – a sensibility that recalls older jazz and funk traditions, but which also reaches for something new as well – at a level that really lives up to the experimental promise of the title! The rhythms are deep, but the ... (Jazz) read more CD

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Austin CromerSings For Her ... CD
Atlantic (Japan), 1964. New Copy ... $13.99
The only album we've ever seen from vocalist Austin Cromer – a deep-voiced jazz singer with a style that's somewhere in the best space between Billy Eckstine and Arthur Prysock! Cromer's a lot more relaxed and less posturing than either of those bigger names – and he's got a great ... (Vocalists) read more CD

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Crosby, Stills, Nash, & YoungCSNY 1974 (3CDs/DVD) ... CD
Warner, 1974. New Copy 3 CDs & DVD ... $36.99 54.98
Legendary live work from one of the greatest supergroups of all time – never-heard material from their famous concert tour of 1974! Neil Young is a key part of the lineup of Graham Nash, David Crosby, and Stephen Stills – and the quartet harmonize and trade leads beautifully on a set ... (Rock) read more CD

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CrosswindCrosswind (LP paper sleeve edition – with bonus tracks) ... CD
Loose Wig/Beatball (Korea), 1982. New Copy ... $14.99
Jazzy soul with plenty of warmth – a great album by this little-known group from Ohio! The combo started out as a fusion group, but then moved into some soulful territory when they picked up a vocalist – singer Ron Boustead, who gives the record a style that reminds us a lot of Average ... (Jazz) read more CD

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CrusadersStreet Life (LP sleeve edition) ... CD
MCA/Culture Factory (France), 1979. New Copy ... $21.99
One of our favorite albums ever from The Crusaders – a set that really sums up all the tightness they'd forged in the 70s, while still showing a new sense of soul and funk as well – expertly balanced with flawless LA production! The album may well be the group's equivalent of a Steely ... (Jazz) read more CD
(Limited edition.)

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Cryan ShamesSugar & Spice (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Columbia/Now Sounds (UK), 1966. New Copy ... $13.99
The breakout album for The Cryan Shames – a wonderfully groovy harmony pop combo from the 60s – one with a sound that's very much the best Sunshine Pop of LA, even though these guys hail from our hometown of Chicago! The vocals come together with a really magical feel – sometimes ... (Rock) read more CD
Also available Sugar & Spice ... LP 8.99

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CS CrewFunky Pack ... CD
Cultures Of Soul, 1976. New Copy ... $13.99
A massive set from Nigeria's CS Crew – and a set that definitely lives up to its title! The bass is super-heavy on these grooves – way more so than on other Afro Funk records of the time, and in ways that easily match, if not beat, the early best by Fatback Band and Kool & The Gang ... (Global Grooves) read more CD
Also available Funky Pack ... CD 5.99

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Marius CultierOuelele Souskai (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Sonodisc/Creole Stream (Japan), 1975. New Copy ... $15.99
Maybe the funkiest albums ever from Marius Cultier – and definitely one of the records that perfectly shows off his wonderful post-colonial blend of sounds! There's bits of funk from both sides of the Atlantic going on here – roots in both Africa and the Caribbean, but fused through ... (Global Grooves) read more CD

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Ted CursonPop Wine ... CD
Futura (France), 1971. New Copy ... $14.99 16.99
Ted Curson at his finest – an incredible album that has him blowing hard, and with a wonderfully soulful style on the Paris scene of the early 70s! Curson's always been a hell of a trumpeter – but he's all-out, over-the-top on this amazing session from 1971 – working alongside ... (Jazz) read more CD

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CybotronCybotron ... CD
Dual Planet/Clear Light Of Jupiter (Australia), 1976. New Copy (reissue)... $16.99
Cybotron's self-titled record from 1976 – and it's a remarkably prescient set of experimental synth rock instrumentals! It's a bit akin the work of German pioneers like Neu! And Tangerine Dream, but Cybotron is actually the work of Australians Steve Maxwell Von Braund and Geoff Green (not to ... (Rock) read more CD

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CymandeCymande (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Janus/Cherry Red (UK), 1972. New Copy ... $13.99
The fantastic first album by one of the most unique funk groups of all time! A key part of the crumbling British colonial network that produced some excellent music in the postwar years, Cymande was comprised mostly of West Indians who'd emigrated to England in the 60s, eventually meeting up ... (Soul) read more CD

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CymandePromised Heights (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Janus/Cherry Red (UK), 1974. New Copy ... $9.99
ennCymande hit some well-deserved heights on this massive third album – working with a complicated groove that's even more compelling than their earlier albums – in a righteous blend of heavy bass and tripped-out guitars that's unlike anything else we've ever heard! The music's a ... (Soul) read more CD

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Hank D'AmicoHoliday With Hank ... CD
Bethlehem/Solid (Japan), 1954. New Copy ... $13.99
Cool clarinet work from Hank D'Amico – one of the only full albums he ever cut as a leader, and a swinging little set with a vibe to rival the sound of Buddy DeFranco on Verve at the same time! The setting is a small group one – a quartet with Billy Triglia on piano, another fresh ... (Jazz) read more CD

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D'AngeloBlack Messiah ... CD
RCA, 2014. New Copy ... $11.99
D'Angelo comes back after many years awol from the studio – and the result is a stunning new step in his music! We've loved the man from day one – and some folks could well say that he really helped reinvigorate soul back in the 90s – and all his time away from the studio has ... (Neo Soul) read more CD

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Vanessa Da MataSegue O Som ... CD
Sony (Brazil), 2014. New Copy ... $13.99
Really wonderful work from Vanessa Da Mata – a Brazilian singer who just seems to get better and better over the years! The set features sublime production from guitarist Liminha and bassist Kassin – the latter of whom always has this amazing way of folding things together, so that ... (Brazil) read more CD

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Martinho Da VilaEnredo ... CD
Biscoito Fino (Brazil), 2014. New Copy ... $21.99
Soulful samba from the great Martinho Da Vila – still every bit as joyous and lively as during his famous years of the 70s! The album's a rock-solid set from start to finish – and really lives up to Martinho's long musical legacy, which hasn't dimmed a bit – while also finding ... (Brazil) read more CD

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DalindeoKallio (with bonus tracks) ... CD
BBE (UK), 2015. New Copy ... $18.99
A really fresh groove from Dalindeo – still very much in the tight jazzy territory of their previous records, but with a strong addition of electric guitar added into the mix! The instrument's not used in any sort of cliched rockish way, but instead with this cool 60s electric vibe – ... (New Grooves) read more CD

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✨✧ Jorge DaltoRendez-Vous ... CD
East World/Universal (Japan), 1983. New Copy ... $13.99
Warm and mellow keyboards from the great Jorge Dalto – an obscure Japanese set from the early 80s, but one that has all the spacious grooves of his US classic from the 70s! Jorge plays a range of acoustic and electric keys here – mostly in a small group setting that features guitar ... (Jazz) read more CD

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Dee DanielsIntimate Conversations ... CD
Origin, 2014. New Copy ... $13.99 16.98
Dee Daniels is the kind of singer who really takes us back to our precious time spent in jazz clubs on the south side of Chicago a few decades back – during the days when the old school jazz singer seemed to be a dying breeed, as few labels really understood how to capture their genius or ... (Vocalists) read more CD
Also available Intimate Conversations ... CD 6.99

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