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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Mary Afi UsuahEkpenyong Abasi ... CD
Voodoo Funk (UK), 1975. New Copy Gatefold ... $13.99
Some of the coolest, grooviest work we've ever heard from the Nigerian scene of the 70s – recorded by an artist who was heading a children's program at the time! Make no mistake, though – this is no kiddie music, but instead a wonderfully rich, vibrant collection of material – as Mary Afi Usuah is a singer with a tremendous range – an artist who spent many years on the European scene, where she even sung a bit of opera – back home here working in some of the most interesting rhythms of the period! Backings are by the very cool SES Cultural Centre Band, who've got a lean, open vibe – able to slide into more familiar Afro Funk modes when needed, but also really ready to lay back and get a bit earthy too – so that the instrumentation takes on these moody, echoey elements that really work well with Mary's vocals. The singer may not have been one of the biggest names on the Lagos scene at the time, but she's certainly one of the most striking – on titles that include "Call Me Your Lover", "Ebre Mbre", "Mma Ama Mbo", "Ima Mma Uyem", and "From Me To You". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Nath & Martin BrothersMoney ... LP
Voodoo Funk (UK), 1973. New Copy (reissue)... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Afro Funk, but with a nice undercurrent of fuzz too – lots of nice flares around the guitars and keyboard bits, but always in way that keeps the funky rhythms right on track! Nath & Martin Brothers were the backing group on the famous Pax Nicholas album – but they work here on their own in even more hard-hitting territory – a relatively spare blend of heavy beats, chopping guitar, and some wickedly cooking organ lines – often without any vocals at all, and with a song length that's shorter and more focused than other Nigerian grooves of the time! These guys like somewhere in a place between James Brown and Fela Kuti – the styles of the latter with the focus of the former – but have a power and presence that's all their own, and which has made this killer set one of the true Afro Funk gems from the 70s. Titles include "Baby", "Livingstone", "Ota Oji", "Money", "Walker Walker Baby", and "My Head". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ El RegoEl Rego (plus bonus 45 & download) ... LP
Daptone/Voodoo Funk, Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy LP & 7 Inch ... Out Of Stock
Monumental Afro Soul from El Rego Et Ses Commandos – El Rego's best recordings from the late 60s to early 70s – a beautifully done compilation put together by Daptone and Frank Gossner, the deep digging West African music expert behind Voodoo Funk! Theophile Do-Rego is a legend in his native Benin, essentially credited as the godfather of Benin funk – but to date, he hasn't been celebrated around the world nearly as famously as the superstars of African music hailing from Nigeria and Ghana. That's something that can change really quickly if enough people pick up this truly great compilation of pioneering recordings. Singer El Rego and his excellent, diversely capable band – sax and flute by Baboni Oudou, sax by Michel Diogo, guitar by Oscar De Souza, trumpet by Emmanuel Ganssounou, guitar by Roger Coffi, tumba by Marcelin Kpohonon, additional vocals by Christian Agueh, and bass by band leader Paul Hounnou – take a tighter approach to funky soul. Just a couple tracks on this set roll past the 4 minute mark – which gives it a tighter soul sound, along with some Benin blues and some riveting JB-indebted vocal affections. We owe Voodoo Funk and Daptone big for putting this together! Includes "Feeling You Got", "Zon Dede", "E Nan Mian Duku", "Dkobime", "Dis-Moi Oui", "Djobime", "Hessa" (the centerpiece of the album, 3 minutes of Afro Soul perfection. . .the whole set is great, but this track is unforgettable), "Kpon Fi La", "Do Do Baya", "Vive Le Renouveau", "Achuta", "Cholera" and "Ke Amon-Gbetchea". LP, Vinyl record album
(Vinyl version includes code for album download plus a bonus 45 with 2 extra tracks: "E Ma Non Tin Me" and "Se Na Min".)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ First PlanetTop Of The World/I Want To Thank You Baby ... 12-inch
Voodoo Funk (UK), Late 70s. New Copy (pic cover)... Out Of Stock
Sweet Lagos disco from First Planet – two clubby cuts from the 70s, served up in a mighty special package! "Top Of The World" has this snapping sort of vibe that's like a great post-disco cut from the US – a bit of funk and club mixed together, with very cool processing on the lyrics that almost bring in some slight Miami elements as well! "I Want To Thank You Baby" follows with even a stronger Miami vibe – lots of spacey keyboards over riffing guitars and fast drums – almost like some lost 12" single from the vaults of TK Records! 12-inch, Vinyl record
(Limited pressing – with a bonus poster attached to the sleeve!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ ApostlesOnye Akpa/Oshi Onwu ... 7-inch
Academy/Voodoo Funk, Early 70s. New Copy (pic cover, reissue)... Out Of Stock
Early 70s Afro Funk treasures by the Apostles on a stunning 45 – material mined in a joint effort by Academy & Voodoo Funk – both among of the most reverent and respectful diggers of rare African recordings around these days! The Apostles have a unique vibe of their own, though they carry the influences of, and a love for, the global funk and soul of their time. "Onye Akpa" pulls us right in with loose-limbed, yet walloping drums and a relentless rhythm. Punctuated with woozy organ and sweet guitar lines under shout soul vocals, this one kills all the way! "Oshi Onwu" on the other side is cut from the same sweaty cloth, begging you to shout along with the vocals and then slays you with a funky drum break and limber guitar solo. Top notch all the way down to the picture sleeve. Don't miss out! 7-inch, Vinyl record

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ El RegoVimado Wingnan/E Nan Mian Nuku ... 7-inch
Daptone/Voodoo Funk, Early 70s. New Copy (reissue)... Out Of Stock
Wow! Straight up incredible Afro Funk from Benin's El Rego Et Ses Commandos – the pummeling, yet soulful "Vimado Wingnan" and the slower, more hypnotic "E Nan Mian Nuku" – rare early 70s numbers on Daptone! "Vimado Wingnan" is one of those tracks that's so incredible that it should be an Afro Funk staple, yet we have to admit we were just recently hipped to it. The drums and percussion are amazing and it's got a wild organ in the mix that gives it something of a psych funk feel. Some flute lightens things up just a bit and the vocals are nice and funky, too. The flip isn't as intense, but it's got a rhythm that's just as insistent in it's less perspiring way. The material was brought to Daptone by Frank Gossner of Voodoo Funk and a full album is promised. We cannot wait! 7-inch, Vinyl record

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Mona FinnihI Love Myself/People Of The World ... 12-inch
Voodoo Funk (UK), Late 70s. New Copy (pic cover, reissue)... Out Of Stock
A very cool Afro-styled number from the 70s – but one that's got a slightly different vibe than usual! The feel here is kind of a skittish mix of funk and more offbeat elements – at a level that almost sounds like ESG recording in Lagos – especially in the blend of bass, percussion, and sing-song vocals! The horns give the whole thing a bit more of a straight Afro Funk punch at times – which balances things out nicely. The flipside is every bit as charming as the main track – with similarly bright lyrics, and cool guitar bits that almost come across with a steel pan sort of feel at times! 12-inch, Vinyl record
(Very cool package – a pic sleeve with a poster too!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Tex Soul & The BayonetsUto Nwa/Osi Na Ngada ... 7-inch
Academy/Voodoo Funk, Mid 70s. New Copy (pic cover, reissue)... Out Of Stock
Breaking drums, popping organ, and fuzzy guitar – all exploding at the start of this rare funky nugget – and setting fire to the tune right from the beginning! There's a nervous, jumpy sort of energy to "Uto Nwa" – one that not only sets it apart from other Afro funk gems of the time – but which also has enough core funk to earn Tex the "soul" in his name on the cover! The flipside follows up with "Osi Na Nganda" – a tune with raw conga rhythms, bursts of freaky organ, and this loping groove that's really wonderful 7-inch, Vinyl record
(Limited to 1000 copies.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousLagos Disco Inferno Vol 2 ... CD
Voodoo Funk (UK), Late 70s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
An even deeper set of African club tracks than the great first volume – and a limited CD release that brings together all the rare singles issued on the Voodoo Funk 12" series! The work here is every bit as disco as you'd guess from the title – but there's also a special sort of sound, too – a powerful groove that's much more underground than mainstream club work of the time – with plenty of echoes of the Afro Funk modes that had been breaking big in Nigeria during the 70s, mixed with some of the cool touches of the American indie scene – the kind of odd sounds you'd hear bubbling up on labels like P&P. There's a lot of great keyboard lines on the tracks, but with a rough-edged feel that's more moogy and spacey than tight or slick – and the vocals are mostly in English, but very basic – so that they slide along with the hypnotic rhythms of the tunes. Titles include "Disco Maniac" by Tirogo, "Move" by Eno Louis, "I Want To Thank You Baby" by First Planet, "Time Factor" by Tony Grey, "I Love Myself" by Mona Finnih, "Listen To The Music" by Bayo Damazio, "Hot Love" by Eno Louis, "Top Of The World" by First Planet, "We Like To Party" by Tirogo, and "You Are The One" by Tony Grey. 12 cuts in all – both sides of each of the 12" single reissues! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Nath & Martin BrothersMoney ... CD
Voodoo Funk (UK), 1973. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Afro Funk, but with a nice undercurrent of fuzz too – lots of nice flares around the guitars and keyboard bits, but always in way that keeps the funky rhythms right on track! Nath & Martin Brothers were the backing group on the famous Pax Nicholas album – but they work here on their own in even more hard-hitting territory – a relatively spare blend of heavy beats, chopping guitar, and some wickedly cooking organ lines – often without any vocals at all, and with a song length that's shorter and more focused than other Nigerian grooves of the time! These guys like somewhere in a place between James Brown and Fela Kuti – the styles of the latter with the focus of the former – but have a power and presence that's all their own, and which has made this killer set one of the true Afro Funk gems from the 70s. Titles include "Baby", "Livingstone", "Ota Oji", "Money", "Walker Walker Baby", and "My Head". CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
BongolianBlueprint ... CD
Blow Up (UK), 2006. Used ... $6.99
Bongos and keyboards galore – and a stunning second full length set from London's Bongolian! We've always loved these guys, but they've definitely taken things to the next level on this album – and have honed their groove down to a key focus on the elements that make them best – the tightly breaking drums of their funky side, and the sweet keyboard riffs of their jazzier one! Most of the instrumentation on the set comes from stark acoustic percussion (not just bongos but congas, timbales, and more) – plus sweet keyboard lines from Hammond, Fender Rhodes, and Farfisa – all used sparingly, but with a really punched-up effect that goes great with the drums. And while the group have some of the mod touches of earlier work, the sound here is much more in the heavy funk mode – bunring beautifully through an all instrumental set that includes "Agent Hardigs", "Del Ray", "Sad Curtis", "House Of Voodoo", "The Hoodwink", "Victoria Park", "Soul Caravan", "Routemaster Ride", and "Freddie's Dreaming". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Emma Donovan & The PutbacksDawn ... CD
Hope Street (Australia), 2014. New Copy ... $12.99 13.98
Richly soulful vocals and gritty funk backdrops from singer Emma Donovan and the funky Putbacks band – an great little set from the Australian scene! We had a pretty good idea of how strong the Putbacks are, thanks to a stellar couple of singles – but their stylistic breadth comes into full display here, in backing an excellent singer. Emma is an indigenous Australian with a voice that can pull off gritty psych funk jams and more gentle, if still nicely raw soul with equal skill – and as the primary songwriter here, she shows us just how strong she his as both a singer and songwriter. Solid work all around! Includes "Black Woman", "My Goodness", "Dawn", "Mother", "Daddy", "Keep Me In Your Reach", "Come Back To Me", "Voodoo" and "Over Under Away". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Nicky LarsMusica Negra ... LP
Dooinit (France), 2014. New Copy 2 LPs ... $18.99
A set that draws heavily from older African traditions, but which serves up its results with a crisp, contemporary vibe – this really nice approach that has midtempo and mellow rhythms tripping along while bits of organ, keyboards, saxes, and vocals carve out simple little melodies over the top! The style's a bit like condensed, filtered version of 70s Afro Funk – mostly handled by Nicky Lars, but with contributions from a range of guest stars on about half the record too. Titles include "Afreaka", "Ghana Express", "Bango Rap", "Dance To The High Life", "Salt Water Swimming Pool", "Musique Noire", and "Voodoo Funk". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Vaudou GameApiafo ... LP
Hot Casa (France), 2014. New Copy ... $22.99
A cool contemporary group with roots in Tojo – hotbed of African voodoo culture, which is a strong inspiration on their sound! The music takes an older style of voodoo chants, and fuses it onto a more funk-based approach – one that draws on inspirations from 70s west African funk, but in a way that's more subtle than most of the other contemporary groups – a mode that still uses horns, but really strips down the sound a lot, so that the hypnotic vocal passages really take center stage! The production is great – very much in a vintage mode – and these guys are way than just another Afro Funk group, and have instead really stumbled onto something fresh and vital. Titles include "Wrong Road", "Ata Calling", "No Problem", "Dangerous Bees", "No Way To Go", "I Need A Job", and "Meva". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousPied Piper – Follow Your Soul ... CD
Kent (UK), Mid 60s. New Copy ... $14.99
Stunning soul from the Detroit underground of the late 60s – a treasure trove of gems that literally grew up in the shadows of Motown – given that the work here was spearheaded by the Pied Piper Productions team of Jack Ashford, Mike Terry, Joe Hunter and Herbie Williams of the legendary Funk Brothers! There's a tighter, more energetic vibe to the material than on some of the more grandly soaring sounds of Detroit's bigger hits of the time – and we really love the unfussy, driving soul essence at play here – a gritty, groovy, and really hard-burning sound that makes just about every number here a gem – and a real change, if you only know the bigger hits from Motown! The track selection is wonderful – and even includes a number of never-issued tracks from the time, plus singles issued on Kapp, RCA, and some smaller numbers too. Titles include "Voodoo Mademoiselle" and "You Better Know Why" by September Jones, "He'll Be Leaving You" by Nancy Wilcox, "Could It Be You" by Sharon Scott, "I Need Your Love" by The Dynamics, "Lost Without You" by Lorraine Chandler, "See My Heart At Ease" by Mikki Farrow, "It's Right Now" by The Metros, "Hold To My Baby" by The Pied Piper Players, "Give Me Lots Of Lovin'" By Freddy Butler, and lots more! 24 tracks in all. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Stelvio CiprianiOrgasmo Nero (Sex & Black Magic/Voodoo Baby/Black Orgasm) ... CD
Chris' Soundtrack Corner (Germany), 1981. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A sweet sexy jungle soundtrack – issued for a film that appeared with many different erotic titles – but only this one great set of grooves from Stelvio Cipriani! Given the island setting of the narrative, there's a good amount of acoustic percussion in the mix – congas and other instruments used in ways that really work nicely with the keyboards and guitar – at a level that often comes off with a sort of sweet exotica funk approach! The style is almost a mix of Stelvio's usual groove with the 70s experiments of Mandigo – with a vibe that's completely sublime all the way through, and every bit as arresting as the image on the cover. And as usual with Cipriani, the mellow cuts are as great as the funky ones – a perfect and careful use of the best electric elements, all without ever going too far over the top – or ever sounding too clunky or commercial. CD features 28 tracks in all, and some great notes too! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Black BloodBlood Brother, Blood Sister ... LP
Chrysalis, 1977. Used ... Out Of Stock
Later work from the combo also known as Lafayette Afro Rock Band and Ice – but still pretty darn nice – and served up in a style that has more straight Afro-Funk grooving than you'd expect! There's a nicely tight small combo feel to the whole thing – more African than before, especially on the lyrics, which are often sung together in chant form – but still with plenty of American funky touches on the bass, percussion, and keyboards. Black Blood do a version of "A.I.E. (A Mwana)", plus the tracks "Voodoo", "Shaba", "Wela Wela", and "Ewohe Dance". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has some wear and a gold promo stamp.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Wax PoeticsIssue #39 – January/February 2010 ... Magazine
Wax Poetics, 2010. Used ... Out Of Stock
The Africa Issue of Wax Poetics – with Fela on the front cover and Tony Allen on the back – plus pieces on The Rail Band, Orchestra Baobob, Orchestre Poly-Rhythmo, Soundway's Ghana Special and so much more! You know Wax Poetics is going to go deep, and Issue 39 doesn't disappoint – from the pivotal Afro funk & soul of the cover artists to the Cuban-influenced vibe of Senegal's Orchestra Baobob, the griot sounds of the Rail Band and well beyond – loaded with photographs we've never seen before (always a big draw to Wax Po) – Re:Discovery items on Mams & Hart, Buari's Disco Soccer and more, plus pieces on African vinyl collector Voodoo Frank, Shafiq of Sa-Ra, a Record Rundown of from African rhythms champion DJ Rich Medina and lots more! Magazine
(Sticker remnant on cover.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Tony Joe WhiteComplete Warner Brothers Recordings (Tony Joe White/Train I'm On/Homemade Ice Cream/singles) ... CD
Warner/Real Gone, Early 70s. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
A trio of tremendous albums from the legendary Tony Joe White – packaged here with bonus singles too! First up is Tony Joe White's terrific self-titled set for Warner in '71 – his swamp rock mastery in full swing by this point, and all the cooler on a record that finds hip working with some occasional horns and lush bits of strings! There was really no finessing the grit out of the Tony Joe show, so the occasional sweeter touches to the production really does make the groove tastier and more soulful. Titles include "They Caught The Devil And Put Him In Jail In Eudora, Arkansas", "My Kind Of Woman", "Black Panther Swamps", "I Just Walked Away", "Voodoo Village" and more. Train I'm On has Tony Joe White working at Muscle Shoals – a great southern combination, and one that makes for one of White's most unique albums! There's a bit grit in the rhythms, and a bit more of that well-rounded Muscle Shoals soul – as Tony works primarily on acoustic guitar, on tunes that get some slight sweetening from Arif Mardin a times, but in a way that never dims his soul at all. White's great vocals still drive the whole show along – with that strong current of soul that made him a surprisingly big crossover act at the time – and titles include "Sidewalk Hobo", "The Migrant", "As The Crow Flies", "300 Pounds Of Hongry", "Beouf River Road", and "If I Ever Saw A Good Thing". Homemade Ice Cream is the last Warner Brother album by Tony Joe White, and a set that mixes the raw feel of his Monument Records years with these great laidback numbers that have a surprising amount of soul, and a nice undercurrent of funk! White's a powerhouse here – completely confident, but also able to relax into a groove even more than before – and the album's got some surprisingly sensitive acoustic guitar work that seems to show a whole new side of his charms. Titles include "Saturday Night In Oak Grove Louisiana", "California On My Mind", "Backwoods Preacher Man", "No News Is Good News", and "Did Somebody Make A Fool Out Of You". Package also features six non-LP singles – "Delta Love", "Lustful Earl & The Married Woman", "That On The Road Look", "Sign Of The Lion", "Don't Let The Door Hit You In The Butt", and "Wishful Thinking". CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Miles DavisBitches Brew Live ... CD
Columbia, 1969/1970. Used ... $4.99
An excellent compilation of concert recordings from Miles Davis – the first 3 numbers from the 1969 Newport Jazz Festival and capturing Miles, Chick Corea, Dave Holland and Jack DeJohnette in the months before the studio version of Bitches Brew – plus 6 tracks from Isle Of Wight in the months after the revolutionary Bitches Brew came out! The earlier tracks from Newport were previously unissued, and include "Miles Runs The Voodoo Down" (the earliest known professional, non-bootleg live recording of this track and it's a monster), "Sanctuary" and "It's About Time". The rest of the CD features the full live set from the iconic Isle Of Wight festival in 1970 – Miles in full-on funked out mode with Gary Bartz, Keith Jarrett and Airto Moreira in addition to the above mentioned players. The Isle Of Wight stuff was previously included with the mammoth Complete Columbia Recordings box set, but never issued completely anywhere else. Those tracks include "Directions", "Bitches Brew", "It's About That Time", a totally different, shorter and spacier take on "Sanctuary", "Spanish Key" and "The Theme". Rare and overlooked live Miles, recorded on a pair of dates during one of the most incredible 13 month periods that any artist ever lived! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic EchoesExpansions ... LP
Flying Dutchman, 1975. Very Good Gatefold ... Just Sold Out!
Quite possibly the most celebrated album ever from keyboardist Lonnie Liston Smith – a groove-heavy classic that's burned up many a dancefloor in its day, yet also a record that features some great mellow moments as well! The title track "Expansions" is virtually a blueprint for the migration of the cosmic jazz sound onto the dancefloor – a tune that's as funky as it is righteous – but other cuts on the album slow down the pace a bit too, and show off the mellower, more introspectively spiritual side that's always made Lonnie way more than just a funky jazz artist. Easily the best place to start in the all-great Lonnie Liston Smith catalog – and featuring tracks that include "Expansions", "Summer Days", "Desert Nights", "Shadows", "My Love", "Peace", and "Voodoo Woman". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ MergeMerge ... CD
RCA/PTG (Netherlands), 1982. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Funky grooves merge into sweet soulful moments – on this wonderful debut from an obscure Chicago group! The music is clubby at points, but also mellows out at others – mixing bassy grooves with spacier moments that have an especially nice vibe – and which really showcase a sophisticated modern soul side of the group! And the production work features plenty of old talents from Brunswick Records – including Chicago soul giants Carl Davis, Eugene Record, and Sonny Sanders – who really put the record together with a lot of care, at a level that should have made these guys huge. A great lost set, but well worth discovering – and tracks include "Volcanic Voodoo", "Take It To The Top", "What Makes You Wanna Lie To Me", "You're My Everything", "Show Him The Way To Go", and "Worry". CD

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