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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Taste Of HoneyTwice As Sweet ... CD
Capitol/Universal (Japan), 1980. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Twice as sweet, and mighty neat – a killer set from Taste Of Honey, and one that has the girls moving away from Mizell Brothers help in the studio, and getting some great grooves from George Duke! Duke brings in all his best jazzy soul to the duo – lots of keyboards stepping around the tight vocals, and a way of laying together the rhythms so that they're nicely focused, yet never too commercial – that same great balance that George had in his own music at the time! Titles include the single "Sukiyaki", plus "Ain't Nothin' But A Party", "Rescue Me", "I'm Talkin Bout You", "She's A Dancer", and "Don't Lead Me On". This Big Break UK remastered edition includes the bonus track "I'm Talkin' 'Bout You (Single Version)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Lucky ThompsonJazz In Paris – Modern Jazz Group ... CD
Universal (France), 1956. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Some of Lucky Thompson's rarest work from the 50s – and some of his best! The American tenorist is working here in two different French groups – one a quintet with Henri Renaud on piano, the other a tentet with the core quartet of Renaud, plus some additional local horn players. Unlike some of Thompson's other albums from the time, which can frequently be dominated by standards, this set's got some great original material – mostly written by Renaud, and infused with a sharp modernist swing. Tiltes include "Souscription", "Marcel Le Fourreur", "G&B", "Tight Squeeze", "Meet Quincy Jones", and "Influence". Lucky's tone is rich and soulful – and the session's gone to the top of our list of his work! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Masahiko Togashi & Masahiko SatohKairos (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Trio/Universal (Japan), 1973. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A tremendous pairing of the two most impressive jazz musicians named "Masahiko" in Japan during the 70s – percussionist Togashi and pianist Satoh – working together here on one long improvised track recorded during the landmark Inspiration & Power 14 – Free Jazz Festival 1! The drums and piano build in these waves of sound throughout – as Satoh changes tone strongly at times, and Togashi shows us that he has as much sense of melody on the drums as rhythm – working briskly in an ever-flowing stream of sounds and ideas. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Yoshisaburo ToyozumiSabu – Message To Chicago (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Trio/Universal (Japan), 1974. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Percussionist Yoshisaburo Toyozumi – aka Sabu – heads up a brilliant set of creative jazz based on compositions by the Art Ensemble Of Chicago – in a record that's clearly titled with a nod to the musical achievements of the AACM! The album's three long tracks are all AEC compositions – and they're peformed by the group with a style that's got the same sort of organic improvisation we love in the Art Ensemble – a mode that's free, yet never too much so – and always skewed with just the right sort of spiritual currents. Toyozumi plays a lot of different percussion – and the group also features Syoji Ukaji on baritone sax, Ryoh Hara on piano, and a bit of alto sax from Yoshiaki Fujikawa. Titles include 'Malachi's Tune", "Roscoe's Tune Odwalla", and "People In Sorrow". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Yoshisaburo ToyozumiWater Weed (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Trio/Universal (Japan), 1975. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Two long, beautiful improvisations from a trio led by percussionist Yoshisaburo "Sabu" Toyozumi – and balanced wonderfully with reeds from Mototeru Takagi and bass from Takashi Tokuhiro! The music is very careful and quiet at the start, as each player finds these small, almost private spaces in sound – from which they then grow into the full interaction of the trio, and really take things into fantastic directions! Each track takes up a side of the record – and titles include "Water Weed" and "Meteor Crowd". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Tracey LeeMany Facez ... LP
Bystorm/Universal, 1996. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
10 tracks: "Many Facez", "The Theme (It's Party Time", "Big Will", "Stars In the East", "On the Edge", "Rugged One", "Who's Crew", "The Professionals", "Keep Your Hands High" & "Clue (Who Shot LR?)". LP, Vinyl record album
(In a stickered sleeve, with a cut corner.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Barney Wilen/Alain GouraguerJazz In Paris – Jazz Et Cinema Vol 1 – Un Temoin Dans La Ville/J'irai Cracher Sur Vos Tombes ... CD
Universal (France), 1959. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
It's no secret that some of the greatest jazz soundtracks ever were recorded in Paris – and this CD contains 2 of them! First up is the landmark Un Temoin Dans La Ville – recorded under the leadership of tenor sax player Barney Wilen, who had made such a huge contribution to Miles Davis' famous score for Acenseur Pour L'Echafaud. Wilen's score features 12 incredible tracks that are just dripping with black and white cinematic mood – played by a group that includes Kenny Dorham, Duke Jordan, and Kenny Clarke. Titles on that set include "La Pendaison", "Sur L'Antenne", "SOS Radio Taxis", "La Vie N'est Qu'Une Lutte", and "Ambiance Pourpre". The remaining 6 tracks on the CD are from the very rare soundtrack to J'Irai Cracher Sur Vos Tombes – written and arranged by pianist Alain Goraguer, with a group that includes trumpeter Roger Guerin, vibist Michel Hausser, and bassist Pierre Michelet. The soundtrack recalls a lot of Davis and Wilen's work together – and tracks include "Theme De Liz", "Blues De Memphis", and "Surprise Partie Au Bord De L'Eau". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Yosuke YamashitaLive 1973 (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Trio/Universal (Japan), 1973. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A killer of an album from pianist Yosuke Yamashita – maybe one of his most mindblowing records of the 70s, given the presence of Akira Sakata on alto sax! Both players are at the height of their freely creative powers here – and step out strongly from the very first note, going head to head with the heavyweights of European free jazz of the time, with only a drummer in the trio to give them further inspiration! Sakata's searing throughout, and Yamashita finds a way to make so many different sounds from the piano, he's almost working at a Cecil Taylor level – but one that's very much his own, too. Titles include "Ballad For Takeo", "Improvisation #1", "Zubo", and "Clay". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Motoharu YoshizawaInland Fish (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Trio/Universal (Japan), 1974. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Incredible work from Motoharu Yoshizawa – an improvising bassist with an incredible range of tones and textures – and an approach to his instrument that really differs from some of the more familiar European free jazz giants on the bass at the time! Motoharu both plucks and bows – the latter with almost reed-like qualities at points, which creates a richness in approach that really makes for an amazing record – one that only features additional percussion support from drummer Yoshisaburoh "Sabu" Toyozumi on one track, leaving the rest of the album for Yoshizawa on his own. Titles include "Inland Fish", "Fragment 1", "Correspondence", and "Mado Window". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Motoharu YoshizawaOutfit (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Trio/Universal (Japan), 1975. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
We're really beginning to fall in love with the music of Yoshizawa Motoharu – a bassist that we'd rank right up there with Barry Guy or Barre Phillips for continually creative expression of sound! Yet Motoharu's very much his own musician, too – every bit as free as those better-known European players, but graced with a touch that's completely unique – especially in the way he moves effortlessly between bowing and plucking – to create constantly compelling sounds, yet all without any sense of ego or bravado! That quality comes through beautifully in this set of solo excursions – a beautiful gem from the legendary Trio catalog – with titles that include "Hiccup", "Beans Dance", "Distance", "Crossing", and "Soft Nothings". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Monica ZetterlundMonica Zetterlund ... CD
Universal (Norway), 1967. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
One of the grooviest sets ever recorded by Swedish singer Monica Zetterlund – a cool late 60s album that has some really wonderful songs! At some level, Monica's still very firmly in jazz vocal territory – but she's also letting in strands of hipper 60s pop work, in a mode that's similar to some of Blossom Dearie's best work from the same period. Not surprisingly, the album's got a great version of Dearie's classic "Sweet Georgie Fame", as well as Swedish readings of Carla Bley's "Ida Lupino", Steve Kuhn's "Memory", and the tracks "A Man & A Woman", "Bachianas Brasileiras", "Alfie", and "Quietly There". CD
Also available Monica Zetterlund (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD 28.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousCellarful Of Motown Vol 3 – The Sound Of Young America ... CD
Motown/Universal (UK), 1960s/1970s. Used 2CD ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A massive third helping of rare Motown soul – filled with just as many obscure moments and unreleased gems as the previous two volumes! Even if you're a Motown completist enough to buy those giant Complete Singles volumes, you'll still find plenty here to love – because this UK-only series really digs deep into the Motown vaults, and proves that there's a tremendous amount of great music that never saw the light of day back in the 60s! The overall style is strongly in the Northern Soul mode – no surprise, given the British origin of the set – but even with that tight focus, the range of music here is really wonderful, and includes a great amount of work by lesser stars in the Motown galaxy. All tracks are presented with full notes on the original recording date – and the 2CD package features a whopping 43 tracks that include "You're Walking Out With My Heart" by Brenda Holloway, "This Love Will Never Die" by The Miracles, "At The Go Go" by Stevie Wonder, "I'm In Love Again" by Shorty Long, "Easier Said Than Done" by Dennis Edwards, "Never Give You Up" by Blinky & Edwin Starr, "A Chance With You" by Marvin Gaye, "Watch Your Step" by Mike Varo, "Come Back My Love" by The Temptations, "Too Young Too Long" by Carolyn Crawford, "SOS Girl In Distress" by Marv Johnson, "Thief Of Love" by Oma Page, "Loving You" by Fantastic Four, "Just Too Much" by The Monitors, "Little Girls Grow Up" by The Marvelettes, "Don't Stop Loving Me" by Ivy Jo, "Soldier Of Love" by The Four Tops, "I'm Here Now That You Need Me" by JJ Barnes, "Beware Of A Stranger" by Rita Wright, "Cindy" by Bobby Taylor, and "Too Late I Learned" by The Spinners. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousElectric Mojo Vol 3 ... CD
Universal (Germany), 2002. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
The funky sounds of the Mojo Club scene – all modern, and all electric, and a nice counterpoint to that club's famous compilations of older jazz and soul work. The set keeps the cross-genre spirit of the Mojo scene going nicely – blending older jazz, Latin, and soul influences into newer grooves that range with some of the cream of the current overseas underground. The set includes a few familiar numbers, and plenty more hard to find singles – a great track list of 15 cuts in all, with titles that include "Jazzcapade (Crystal Cru rmx)" by Dj Matt, "Signs (Dom T rmx)" by Badmarsh & Shri, "In The Morningtime" by Urbs & Cutex, "Speak Softly" by James Hardway, "Ignorant People" by Robyn Rhodes, "Someday (Phuturistic rmx)" by The Beard featuring Kamini, "Close" by Sci-Clone, "The Drume" by Nordstat Union, "Superpro Kid" by Sie, and "Come With Me" by Audiomontage. CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousJazz In Paris – Jazz Et Cinema Vol 4 ... CD
Universal (France), Late 50s/Early 60s. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A wonderful collection of some very cool jazz recordings – all of them made for French films of the New Wave era, and rarely, if ever, reissued! The package is the 4th in this excellent Jazz & Cinema series within the larger Jazz In Paris line – and it's actually the rarest of the bunch, with work that we'd never heard before on CD. Most tunes were originally issued only as singles or short 7" eps – a common format for French soundtracks, and the reason that many of them were rarely issued as albums – and although the sources are different, there's a really unified feel to the material. Titles include "Touchez Pas Au Grisbi" and "Grisbi Blues" by Jean Wetzel, from the film Touchez Pas Au Grisbi; "No Hay Dinero Caballo", "Va Ya Pa'Ti", and "L'Espionnage" by Gonzalo Fernandez & Martial Solal, from the film Les Ennemis; "Sentimental Slow" by Martial Solal from the film Le Proces; "Cora", "Patricia", and "Amanda" by Alain Gourager from the film Le Piege; and "Generique", "Le Ciel C'Est Toi", and "Cha Cha De Cullera" by Michel De Villers from the film Le Saint Mene La Danse. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousLast Night A DJ Saved My Life – The History Of The Disc Jockey ... CD
Universal (UK), 1960s/1970s/1980s/1990s. Used 2CD ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A wicked little collection – designed to accompany the book of the same name, but equally great on its own! The package shouldn't be confused with the previous comp with a similar title – because this one's a 2CD set, overflowing with groovy little gems that go way past the obvious – all supported by track-by-track notes from authors Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton! The set's very heavy on grooves from the 60s and 70s, then moves into the 90s era that was inspired by older styles – and although there's some familiar tracks, there's also a number of under-reissued cuts too – the rarer gems that really make this one worth seeking out. 2CD package features 27 tracks in all – including "The Beast Day" by Marsha Hunt, "Getting Together" by Brothers Guiding Light, "The Clapping Song" by Shirley Ellis, "Wear You To The Ball" by U Roy, "Green Door" by Wynder K Frog, "Seventh Heaven" by Gwen Guthrie, "Pressure" by Drizabone, "Testone" by Sweet Exorcist, "Riot In Lagos" by Ryuichi Sakamoto, "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life" by Indeep, "Psyche Rock" by Pierre Henry & Michel Colombier, "The Silver Gun" by Robert Palmer, "I Am Love" by Jackson 5, "Run Shaker Life" by Paul Nicholas, "We Are IE" by Lennie De Ice, "Out Of The Storm (C's Planet E mix)" by Incognito, "I Need Somebody To Love Tonight" by Sylvester, and "Girl You Need A Change Of Mind" by Eddie Kendricks. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousMojo Club Presents Dancefloor Jazz Vol 7 – Give Me Your Love (with bonus tracks) ... LP
Motor/Universal (Germany), 1960s/1970s. Used 2LP ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A searing entry into the Mojo Club series – and one that really shows the way the compilations have evolved over the years! The album's heavier on soul music than ever before – but also features some tremendous jazz, Brazilian, and European gems as well – a wonderful set list that really keeps things fresh! Titles include "Give Me Your Love" by The Sisters Love, "Wouri" by Manu Dibango, "Maracaibo" by Michel Legrand, "Take Us Down To The River" by Michael Naura, "Sambao" by Walter Wanderley, "Roots" by Willie Bobo, "Soul Soul Soul" by Wild Magnolias, "Strange Games & Things" by Love Unlimited Orchestra, "Praise The Lord" by Mary Lou Williams, "In Memory Of" by Randy Weston, "Nao Bate O Coracao" by Astrud Gilberto, "Mundo Deserto" by Elis Regina, and the great "El Soul Condor" by Certain Lions & Tigers (a very rare German release from 1970!) Plus, the LP version includes 4 bonus cuts by the likes of Serge Gainsbourg, Ekseption, Os Reis Du Batuque, and Fats Sadi – all very nice rarebits! LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousMove On Up – The Very Best Of Northern Soul (3CD set) ... CD
Universal (UK), Late 60s. New Copy 3 CDs ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
3CDs, 75 songs, and a set list that definitely lives up to the title – a collection that not only brings forth the best of Northern Soul from the glory days of the 60s, but also features lots of tracks from that time that have only been discovered in recent years too! Northern Soul isn't just a static concept on UK dancefloors – and instead has been driven by decades of record collectors and DJs with an ever-shifting ear for a groove – one that's lead to a nicely expansive version of the music that's really continued to thrill us with collections like this. The whole thing's way more than just your usual collection of 60s soul – and is filled with upbeat groovers that include "I Got A Feeling" by Barbara Randolph, "Gotta Find Me Somebody" by The Vel-Vets, "Blowing My Mind To Pieces" by Bob Relf, "Hand It Over" Chuck Jackson, "The Night" by Frankie Valli, "Soul Galore" by Jackie Wilson, "Every Time I See You I Go Wild" by JJ Barnes, "Heaven Must Have Sent You" by The Elgins, "Turning My Heartbeat Up" by The MVPs, "Do I Love You" by Frank Wilson, "What Can I Do" by George Kirby, "Shoes" by Bobby Bland, "Gone With The Wind Is My Love" by Rita & The Tiaras, "Landslide" by Tony Clarke, "Festival Time" by San Remo Golden Strings, "You Didn't Say A Word" by Yvonne Baker, "Seven Days Too Long" by Chuck Wood, and lots lots more! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousUltimate Free Soul Motown (3CD set) ... CD
Motown/Universal (UK), 1960s/1970s. New Copy 3CD ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A really fresh take on music from Motown – served up here in a massive 3CD set done in the best style of the Free Soul series! Like other favorites to fly the Free Soul flag, this collection brings together both hits and overlooked gems – all in a blend of cuts that have a joyous, upbeat sort of groove – the most positive, forward-thinking side of Motown – especially during the label's great late 60s/early 70s prime! The 3CD package is overflowing with greatness – over four hours of music, with 75 titles that include "Battended Ships" by Odyssey, "It's A Shame" by The Spinners, "Bless You" by Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, "Love The One You're With" by Supremes & Four Tops, "All The Way Around" by Marvin Gaye, "Stay" by Severin browne, "Running Back & Forth" by Edwin STarr, "Journey Into You" by Leon Ware, "The Day Will Come Between Sunday & Monday" by Kiki Dee, "Girl You Need A Change Of Mind" by Eddie Kendricks, "Harmour Love" by Syreeta, "Family Song" by Smokey Robinson, "Give Me Your Love" by Sisters Love, "Do Somethng About It" by Thelma Houston, "In The Middle Of The Feeling" by Three Ounces Of Love, "IF I Could Give You The World" by Hearts Of Stone, "My Eyes Only" by Rare Earth – and lots lots more! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Gene AmmonsBrasswind ... CD
Prestige/Universal (Japan), 1973. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Gene Ammons gets the Cannonball Adderley treatment – as he blows funky solos over an album arranged and conducted by David Axelrod! Brasswind has a larger, fuller funky sound than some of his earlier work for Prestige – and it works very well! The overall sound's a bit smoother, but Axelrod's edge is still quite sharp, and the polished jazzy arrangements still have plenty of funk to around. George Duke is on keyboards and Carol Kaye plays bass – and other players include Snooky Young, Michael Howell, Jim Horn and Kay Migliori. Titles include "Cantaro", "Brasswind", "Cariba", "Rozzie", and "Once I Loved". CD
Also available Brasswind ... LP 7.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Bar-KaysAs One ... CD
Mercury/Universal (Japan), 1980. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
The Bar-Kays definitely groove as one on this tight little set – with amazing choppy guitar, bumping basslines, and brassy horns – all wrapped up with some wonderfully warm production! The group have come a long way from their fuzzier funk roots by this time, but they're still sounding great – thanks to a matured outlook on their music, one that has them fitting nicely alongside some of their Mercury ensemble funk contemporaries – but in ways that still make them stand out from the pack! Titles include "Body Fever", "As One", "Say It Through Love", "Open Your Heart", "Deliver Us", and "Take The Time To Love Somebody". CD

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