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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousNouvelle Vague – Musiques Et Chansons De Films (3CD set) ... CD
Universal (France), Late 50s/Early 60s. New Copy 3CD ... Out Of Stock
The music of the French New Wave – brought out beautifully in an overstuffed 3CD set! The late 50s shift in French cinema is arguably one of the most important film moments in the 20th century – and although the movies are best remembered for their directors, stars, and striking images – most of the films also had some pretty amazing music as well! In fact, we've always felt that the music was integral to the Nouvelle Vague – from famous jazz scores, to lovely lyrical passages, to bold orchestral arrangements that also ended up having a huge impact on wider European music as well. This package is the first we've ever seen to really dig deep into the New Wave – and it brings together 80 tracks from dozens of films – a really wide variety of music, provided by artists who include Michel Legrand, Georges Delerue, Paul Misraki, Pierre Jansen, Miles Davis, Maurice Jarre, Jean Constantin, Martial Solal, Michel Magne, Antoine Duhamel, Alain Romans, and others – from movies that include 400 Blows, Jules & Jim, Hiroshima Mon Amour, Les Bonnes Femmes, Une Femme Est Une Femme, Breathless, Weekend, Lola, Cleo De 5 A 7, Le Bonheur, Alphaville, and many others! Some films are represented by a few tracks, others by famous themes – and the package also features a booklet with notes in French and English too. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ AkinyeleVagina Diner ... CD
Interscope/Universal (Japan), 1993. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
The debut of Akinyele – delivering a nice, raw, gritty record for major label Interscope circa the early 90s – a bit overlooked all these years later, but a damn solild record by distinctive emcee! He covers a wider range of topics, using his trademark up-and-down vocal style. Produced by the mighty Large Professor during a peak period, with some scratches by Rob Swift. Tracks include "Ak Ha Ha! Ak Hoo Hoo?", "The Bomb", "Outta State". Also includes "I Luh Her", a song so profane there was once a full editorial in The Source about how offensive the song is, "Bags Packed", "Dear Diary", ""World Wide", "No Exit", "You Know My Style", "Exercise" and "30 Days". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Alzo & UdineC'mon & Join Us! ... LP
Mercury/Universal (Japan), 1968. New Copy (reissue)... Out Of Stock
Wild & beautiful! This album's impossible to describe accurately, and it's the only record we've ever seen by the enigmatic Latin-tinged duo Alzo & Udine! The groove has a tight jangly feel, with nice lows, very catchy hooks, and amazing vocals from Alzo & Udine that kind of feel like Mel & Tim mixed with Joe Bataan mixed with The Young Rascals mixed with Jose Feliciano – if you need a comparison! The vocals are laid over spare arrangements that feature bass, guitar, and conga – vamping away in sort of a folk/soul groove – and although the overall approach is quite spare, the quality of the music is heavenly. At some level, the album had to have been a mistake – as it's got a whimsey and honesty that would never have gotten it on the charts – but that's exactly why we love it so much. Titles include "Something's Going", "C'Mon & Join Us", "This Room", "Want Your Love", "Hey Hey Hey, She's OK", and "Define". LP, Vinyl record album
(Part of the Free Soul anniversary series from Japan!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Gene AmmonsSoulful Moods Of Gene Ammons/Nice & Cool ... CD
Moodsville/Universal (Germany), 1961/1962. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A pair of soulful gems from tenorist Gene Ammons – back to back on a single CD! The Soulful Moods is beautiful beautiful work from tenorist Gene Ammons – and an album that really demonstrates that during the 60s, one of Ammons' strongest suits was his work with a mellow tune or ballad! The tracks here are wonderfully laidback, but never sleepy – very soulful, and solidly put together in that Ammons-made gentle-blown way – using just a few notes to send the message out with a powerful punch, without ever overdoing things the way that a few of his tenor contemporaries might be tempted to do! The group's a great fit too – with the lovely Patti Brown on piano, plus bass from George Duvivier and bass from Ed Shaughnessy – and titles include "Two Different Worlds", "Skylark", "Three Little Words", "Street Of Dreams", and "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To". The second album is Nice & Cool, but not in a west coast way – and instead a set that's got Gene Ammons working some wonderfully soulful magic on a set of gentle ballads! The set's got a brilliant late nite sort of feel – one of those tenor albums that seems to sound even better in the space past midnight – as the warm glow from Ammons' horn seems to sparkle even more strongly in the dark – standing out with that stark, spare approach that always makes his ballad work so special – and unlike just about anyone else. The group here is nice and cool too – with Richard Wyands on piano, Doug Watkins on bass, and JC Heard on drums – and titles include "Someone To Watch Over Me", "I Remember You", "Willow Weep For Me", and "Till There Was You". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Han Bennink & Sabu ToyozumiDada – Solo & Duo ... LP
Chap Chap/Universal (Japan), 1995. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A pair of percussionists, working here together wonderfully – in a set that has both musicians using the drum kit and other percussion – and Han Bennink picking up a bit of piano as well! We've always loved Bennink's highly melodic approach – a style that seems to get notes out of things that shouldn't normally feel so tuneful – and his method makes for surprising moments of music amidst the freedom, which really seem to be echoed by Sabu as well! The set begins with one long solo from Han – on drums, percussion, and piano – which is then followed by this beautifully bold solo from Sabu – and the pair come together on the last track, with a really magical feel of synchronicity. Titles include "Han's Solo", "Sabu's Solo", and "Dadakko". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ BG Knocc Out & DrestaReal Brothas ... CD
Outburst/Universal (Japan), 1995. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Strong stuff from BG Knocc Out & Dresta – Eazy E proteges from the early-to-mid 90s west coast gangsta rap boom! They don't reinvent the wheel on Real Brothas, but "real" it certainly is – and a solid, nowadays under-acknowledged standout from the era. The rhyme skills are top notch – flowing as strongly as their more legendary Compton peers – on titles that include "Everyday All Day", "Jealousy", "Whose The G", "Life's A Puzzle", "Micc Checc", "Compton & Watts", "Do Or Die", "Take A Ride", "50/50 Love", "Real Brothas", Down Goes Anotha N***a" and more. 15 tracks in all. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Dollar Brand/Don Cherry/Carlos WardThird World – Under World (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Trio/Universal (Japan), 1972. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A stunning little session – and every bit as wonderful as you'd expect from a lineup that includes Dollar Brand, Don Cherry, and Carlos Ward! The three players work together here in open, spiritual styles – with really long-flowing lines from Brand on piano, in a more modal style that's different from some of his other records – balanced out with bold trumpet lines from Cherry, and soaring alto sax from Ward – a player who doesn't always get the chance to step out this much! All three players vocalize a bit, but more in some sort of rootsy way that echoes the music – and the album's a really unique outing from all three players – and a set we'd rank with their best from the time. Titles include "Don's Song", "Cherry", "Bra Joe From Kilimanjaro", "Swazi", and "Jabulani Easter Joy". CD
(SHM-CD pressing! Part of the Deep Jazz Reality series.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ James BrownI Can't Stand Myself When You Touch Me ... CD
King/Universal (Japan), 1968. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A great lost album from James Brown – and totally funky! The record's got a super-hip cover that shows James standing in a blue room with three fine foxy ladies, and the words "I Can't Stand Myself When You Touch Me" are emblazoned across the top – and the whole thing's as super funky as it looks! The record features many obscure King singles from the mid and late 60s, great little tunes that we always enjoy on funky 45s, and which are sewn together into one of the rawer James Brown LPs from the decade. James and the band are playing Vox instruments – as you can tell by the shameless ad on the back cover – and the record has a garagey funk sound that reminds us of the best Desco work by artists like Lee Fields & Joseph Henry. A prize in any funk collection – and with the cuts "The Soul Of JB", "I Can't Stand Myself When You Touch Me (parts 1 & 2)", "Get It Together (parts 1 & 2)", "Funky Soul #1", "Why Did You Take Your Love From Me", and "Baby Baby Baby Baby". Also features the funky hit "There Was A Time" – always a treat! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ James BrownI Got The Feelin' ... CD
King/Universal (Japan), 1968. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Funky funky funky! A nice one on King that shows the direction James Brown would take in the 70s – a bit harder and more funky than before, with even more of a focus on the instrumental talents of the ensemble! The band here is super-sharp – playing with that tightly focused, highly funky groove that James virtually invented at the time – ringing out with pride and boldness that are undeniable! The album mixes a few older obscure numbers with the best newer ones – and the set's a no-filler package that's filled with great cuts! Titles include "Stone Fox", "Maybe Good – Maybe Bad (parts 1 & 2)", "Here I Go", "I Got The Feelin", "You Got The Power", and "Just Plain Funk". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ James BrownSay It Loud – I'm Black & I'm Proud ... CD
King/Universal (Japan), 1969. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A bomb! The title of this one says it all – a burning anthem of pride and power, issued in 1969, at the end of one of the most troubling decades in America. James answers all the Uncle Tom cries from his critics – and comes up with "Say It Loud", an instant chant that was taken up around the world, and which still packs a pretty hard punch today! The album's filled with other excellent cuts – like the tasty funk number "Lickin' Stick", with some rocket-driven guitar, and the great instrumental "Shades of Brown". Other titles include "Goodbye My Love (parts 1&2)", "Let Them Talk", "I Love You", and "I Guess I'll Have To Cry Cry Cry". CD
Also available Say It Loud – I'm Black & I'm Proud ... LP 9.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Vernon BurchGet Up ... CD
Chocolate City/Universal (Japan), 1979. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Bouncy, bubbly soul from Vernon Burch – one of his stone dancefloor classics from the 70s, served up with a groove that never quits! Burch is one of the few who can make a clubby set sparkle with the more personal qualities of a mellower soul album – and this excellent set is a great example of his style at the time. Production is by James Gadson, who also plays funky drums in the small backing combo – along with keyboards from Michael Thompson and guitar from Burke himself. Titles include the slightly bizarre transgender tune "Sammy Joanne (One Half Woman One Half Man)" – but other numbers are all pretty great, and include "Get Up", "Arrogant Lady", "Once Again In My Life", "Never Can Find The Way", and "For You". CD
Also available Get Up ... LP 24.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Bobby ByrdBobby Byrd Got Soul – The Best Of Bobby Byrd ... CD
Polygram/Universal (Japan), Early 70s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Essential material by this funky soul legend – even if you've got his one and only album! This is an excellent compilation of the very hard to find work of this James Brown partner and singer, with a track list of 22 cuts that includes lots of cool rare funky 45 tracks, and a number of previously unreleased tracks! Bobby is excellent throughout, and the set's filled with loads of rare James Brown-produced grooves that includes "I'm Just A Nobody", "Keep On Doin What You're Doin", "We're In Love", "No One Like My Baby", I'm Not To Blame", "I Know You Got Soul", "Funky Soul (parts 1 & 2)", "Baby Baby Baby", "I Need Help", "Never Get Enough", "Hang Ups We Don't Need", "Sayin It And Doin' It Are Two Different Things" – and lots lots more, including a rare PSA urging the listener to "Fight Drug Abuse". CD
Also available Bobby Byrd Got Soul – The Best Of Bobby Byrd ... CD 19.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Charlie ByrdLatin Impressions/Bossa Nova Pelos Passaros ... CD
Riverside/Universal (Germany), 1962. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A pair of classics from guitarist Charlie Byrd – back to back on a single CD! First up is Latin Impressions, a set that's more Brazilian than Cuban – and maybe a bit Spanish, too – given the strong use of acoustic guitar from Charlie Byrd! The set's got a laidback, open feel – and Byrd's guitar work is mighty deft, yet without all the frills and flowers of some of the more dramatic, emotive players of the time – a great illustration of the huge shift that the early bossa guitar recordings had at a global level. Byrd was one of the first big American proponents of bossa, and you can definitely hear that influence at work here – amidst additional guitar from Gene Byrd, bass from Keter Betts, and drums from Bill Reichenbach. A few tunes feature Charlie on solo guitar with no backing – and titles include "O Pato", "Homage A Villa Lobos", "Bogota", "Vals", "Samba De Uma Nota So", "Amor Flamengo", and "Azul Tiple". Bossa Nova Pelos Passaros is a landmark, as guitarist Charlie Byrd was one of the first American players to record bossa nova tunes – but although his work with Stan Getz has always been well-documented, some of the titles under his own name can be quite hard to come by. This is one of the best ones that Charlie cut on his own – and it features tight guitar work in a mode that's similar to that used by Baden Powell on his early bossa recordings, augmented by trio rhythms – plus some occasional larger backings by Walter Raim, and some extended group settings that feature Charlie Hampton on alto, Earl Swope on trombone, and Willie Rodriguez on percussion. Tracks include "Ho Ba La La", "Samba Triste", "Yvone", "O Barquinho", "Un Abraco Do Bonfa", and "O Passaro". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Terry CallierI Just Can't Help Myself ... LP
Cadet/Universal (Japan), 1973. New Copy (reissue)... Out Of Stock
One of the best albums that Terry Callier ever recorded – and a masterpiece of the baroque soul crossover style that was going down at the Chess/Cadet label at the time! Terry's own folksy singing and playing would be more than enough to make this record great – but it's given an amazing edge by Richard Evans and Charles Stepney, who create these floating pillows of sound and washes of jazzy colors that fit Terry's moods perfectly, and really expand the emotional intensity of the songs. At the time of this release, the Chess empire was falling apart – but the forces that be put a great last push into the record, and Terry's backed by superb work from Chicago studio giants like Phil Upchurch, Don Myrick, Art Hoyle, Bobby Christian, Cleveland Eaton, Louis Satterfield, and Evans and Stepney themselves! Every track is a wonder, and titles include "Alley-Wind Song" , "Can't Catch the Trane", "Bowlin' Green", and "Until Tomorrow". LP, Vinyl record album
(Part of the Free Soul anniversary series from Japan!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Terry CallierWhat Color Is Love ... LP
Cadet/Universal (Japan), 1973. New Copy (reissue)... Out Of Stock
Possibly the greatest album ever by the legendary Chicago soul singer Terry Callier! Terry's rich mellow voice is mixed with superb arrangements from the Cadet studio team, with Charles Stepney at the head, and the result is completely sublime. The songs are longer than on earlier albums – and spun out with a complex groove that mixes equal parts of jazz, folk, and soul with the soaring spiritual vibe that was running through the Chicago scene at the time. The first side alone is the stuff that legends are made of – with classic tracks like "Dancing Girl", "What Color is Love", and "You Goin' Miss Your Candyman" all in a row, sewn together in a wash of love, soul, and emotion that you'd be hard pressed to find on any other album from the time. Other tracks include "I'd Rather Be With You", "Just As Long As We're In Love", and "You Don't Care" – and the whole album's a masterpiece beyond compare! LP, Vinyl record album
(Part of the Free Soul anniversary series from Japan!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ CameoAlligator Woman ... CD
Chocolate City/Universal (Japan), 1982. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
The cover's a bit creepy, but the album's still plenty great – old school Cameo still strongly in a funk-based mode, before some of the stiffer grooves of their later years! Bass is the ruler of the set – and most tracks here vamp around in a very heavy P-Funk style of groove – lots of guitar dancing around the rhythms, and plenty of spoken/sung vocals from the whole ensemble – not to mention a heavy dose of keyboards that helps keep things clean and lean! A partyful album if there ever was one – with tracks that include "Soul Army", "Enjoy Your Life", "Flirt", "Secrets Of Time", "I Owe It All To You", and "For You". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Compton's Most WantedIt's A Compton Thang ... CD
Orpheus/Universal (Japan), 1990. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Pivotal west coast rap from Compton's Most Wanted! NWA cast such a long shadow in the late 80s, especially in the nascent gangsta rap and G Funk scenes, it was tough for top shelf peers and followers to get their due, but CMW deliver the goods and this record stands the test of time! Production by LA old school-er the Unknown DJ and CMW's DJ Slip give this set a nice stripped down west coast sound, with MC Eiht holding up his own end of things (and taking up the slack for the Chill MC) on the mic. 11 tracks in all, including "It's A Compton Thang", "One Time Gaffled Em", "This Is Compton", "Late Night Hype", "Duck Sick", "I'm Wit Dat" and "Rhymes Too Funky Pt 1 (Live at Lonzo's 1988)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Wilson Das NevesSom Quente E O Das Neves ... CD
Universal (Brazil), 1976. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A funky killer from this hip Brazilian drummer – with his always great precussive vibe touched nicely by Cali soul and funk influences! There's a really great mix of modes on this one. The percussion is prominent, of course, often with a funk steeped bass groove, killer horns, nice guitar grooves and some soaring strings with the moment calls for it. A couple of standouts are the funkiest numbers – a great take on "Soulful Strut", which closes the set, plus a breezy cover of "California Soul" – but the whole thing is great! Other titles include "Wilsamba", "Sambaloo", "Se Voce Pensa", "Zazueira", and a fantastic instrumental version of Caetano Veloso's "Irene"! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Bo DiddleyBo Diddley ... CD
Checker/Universal (Japan), 1958. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Fantastically twangy! We never tire of Bo Diddley's incredible guitar work – and you'll get plenty of it in this early album he cut for Chess, a tasty batch of 12 tracks, all original tunes with a stripped-down gutbuckety sound – rough, raw rhythms that feature plenty of Bo's gritty guitar over the top! The cover's got a picture of Bo holding a conventional hollow-body – nice and echoey, and a bit different than his later trademark square guitar – but the sound is still loud and proud throughout. Titles include "Bo Diddley", "I'm A Man", "Hey Bo Diddley", "Bring It To Jerome", "Say Bossman", "Diddley Daddy", "Hush Your Mouth", and "Who Do You Love". CD
Also available Bo Diddley (180 gram pressing) ... LP 23.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Bo DiddleyGo Bo Diddley ... CD
Checker/Universal (Japan), 1959. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Go go go Bo Diddley – to a groove that's completely your own, and completely mindblowing on early records like this! Bo is unstoppable at this point in his career – and given a heck of a lot more freedom than most other soul artists, too – as he wrote, arranged, and really put the whole album together, something you wouldn't find an artist getting that much chance to do at the time! It's almost like Bo's an industry in himself – and this album features Bo's unveiling of his cool new scratchy guitar, featured especially nicely here on the instrumentals "Bo's Beat" and "Diddley". Prime Bo all around – with other tracks that include "Crackin Up", "I'm Sorry", "Say Man", "The Great Grandfather", and "The Clock Strikes Twelve". CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
AkikoWhat's Jazz? – Spirit ... CD
Verve (Japan), 2008. New Copy ... $24.99
The "spirit" side to Akiko's What's Jazz series – and her most dancefloor-styled record to date! The set features key contributions from Yukihiro Fukutomi, Yoshito Tanaka, and Hajime Yoshizawa – all of whom bring a fair bit of contemporary elements to the mix – soulful beats, warm keyboards, and the kind of grooves you don't normally find on a record by Akiko – but which sound surprisingly great with her jazz-trained vocals! There's definitely a lot of spirit here – a rich sort of sound that really makes us appreciate Akiko even more than before, especially given that she wrote most of the tunes herself. Titles include "Real", "Universal Love", "Big Bang", "Take Me There", "Music Elevation", "The Transformer", "Voce Me Faz", and "The Reason Of My Tears". CD
(SHM-CD pressing!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Eduardo AraujoA Onda E Boogaloo ... CD
EMI (Brazil), 1969. Used ... $11.99
Swingin Brazilian soul from Eduardo Araujo – a late 60s groover that's steeped in the styles of Memphis and Muscle Shoals, but which also has a unique twist that's all its own! Eduardo's definitely in the "boogaloo" mode referred to in the title, as the album's a blend of the hard sock-soul styles of soul boogaloo singers from the 60s, with slight touches from the more messed-up Latin soul boogaloo singers of the same period. Lyrics are in Portuguese, but the tunes groove like universal numbers you'll instantly understand! Titles include "Longe De Voce", "Boogaloo Na Broadway", "Rua Maluca", "Melhor Que Se Dane", "A Mulher", "Baby Baby Sim Baby", and "Dancando Boogaloo". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Maki AsakawaMaki Asakawa ... LP
Honest Jons (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy 2LP Gatefold ... $23.99
Haunting music from Japanese singer Maki Asakawa – every bit as smoky and soulful as you might guess from her image on the cover! These tracks are mostly sung in Japanese, but draw a very strong inspiration from American torch sounds of the 40s and 50s – a moody, late nite approach that's got a very universal appeal, even if you can't understand the language – and which is filled with an undeniable sense of melancholy right from the first note! The style is partly jazz, but also moves into some groovier modes of the period too – traces of psych at some points, mod European-styled arrangements at others, and even a few funky currents that come off surprisingly well. The package is wonderful – a great introduction to Maki's most classic music, featuring a well-chosen array of tracks, and nice liner notes by Alan Cummings. Titles include "Blue Spirit Blues", "Govinda", "Nemuru No Ga Kowai", "Uramado", "Kamome", "Gogo", "Hikkoshi", "Konna Funi Sugite Iku No Nara", "Yuki Ga Furu", and "Zenkamono Na Christmas". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Peter BrotzmannLost & Found ... CD
FMP (Germany), 2009. New Copy ... $19.99 21.99
Nothing lost here – as Peter Brotzmann's a master of solo improvisation – making each note and each moment matter, as he runs through an incredible series of long explorations on alto, tenor, b flat clarinet, and tarogato! The performance is a live one, recorded at Nickelsdorf in 2006 – and Brotzmann is breathtaking throughout in his effortless, boundless ability to create – sounds at a level that really blow away just about all the competition – including so many of the other players who he's worked with and inspired over the years. With a record like this, Brotzmann is still very clearly the king – as you'll hear on the titles "Internal Rotation", "Lost & Found", "Universal Madness", and "Turmoil". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Clifford BrownEmarcy Master Takes (4CD set) ... CD
EmArcy/Hip-O Select, Mid 50s. Used 4 CDs ... $44.99
The fluid trumpet of Clifford Brown – presented in a sparkling batch of master takes recorded for Emarcy Records in the 1950s! Brownie only made the scene a few short years, before his untimely early death – but while at Emarcy, he cut some truly revelatory music, the sort of trumpet-based jazz that went onto influence decades of later players, and which still sounds amazingly fresh and vibrant today! And although Universal issued a previous larger set of Brown's music, this 4CD set is nicely compact, and just focuses on the instrumental master takes – no vocal numbers, false starts, or alternates – pure classic Clifford all the way through. Titles are pulled from famous sessions with Max Roach, plus the classic Brownie With Strings album – although the main material here is pulled from seven albums that bore the Roach/Brown name, including tracks released after Clifford's death. 49 tracks in all, beautifully packaged with a 64 page book, in a limited edition tin cover! CD
(Out of print. Includes metal tin, insert, book and postcards – all in beautiful shape!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Roy Campbell & Joe McPheeTribute To Albert Ayler – Live At The Dynamo ... CD
Marge (France), 2008. New Copy ... $14.99 16.99
A recent tribute to Albert Ayler – but one that's performed by some of his immediate musical heirs of the 70s! The performance picks up nicely where Ayler left off – and although some of the tunes are famous Ayler numbers, the overall style is almost a loft jazz extrapolation of Albert's ideals – deconstructing them a bit from their original intensity, and allowing new avenues of sound to open up in the process! Tracks are quite long, and build with a beautifully organic sensibility – and Campbell's great work on trumpet is mixed with McPhee's tenor and pocket trumpet – in a group that also features William Parker on bass and Warren Smith on drums and percussion. Titles include "Prophet John", "Universal Indians", "Music Is The Healing Force Of The Universe", "Muntu", "Obama Victory Shoutout", and "Truth Is Marching In". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Roberta CamposTodo Caminho E Sorte ... CD
Deck Disk (Brazil), 2016. New Copy ... $18.99
Lovely work from Roberta Campos – a contemporary Brazilian singer/songwriter, and one who works in a nicely universal style! Most tracks have light acoustic guitar underscoring Roberta's lyrics – which are well-penned and personal, without ever being cloying – almost in a tradition that reminds us of some of the more impressive English language talents of this nature from the 80s and early 90s. Marcelo Camelo guests on the hit single "Amiude" – and other titles include "Porta Retrata", "Pro Dia Que Chega", "Cirandar", "Libelula", "Minha Felicidade", and "Ensaio Sobre O Amor". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Don CherryHear & Now ... LP
Atlantic, 1977. Very Good+ ... $24.99
Important 70s work from Don Cherry – one of the first albums to bring his overseas experiments to a larger US audience! The set builds nicely off of styles that Don forged earlier in France and Scandinavia – a freer style of music than his work with Ornette Coleman, and a richly organic groove that builds up strongly from the bottom, often with elements of world music settled in alongside the jazz – but there's also some funkier moments here too, a bit like the Brown Rice album, but looser overall! The groups on most numbers are relatively large and spiritual – almost like Alice Coltrane at times, but a bit more electric and funky at others – and players include Collin Walcott on sitar, Michael Brecker on saxes, Cliff Carter on keyboards, Lenny White and Tony Williams on drums, Lois Colin on harp, and Raphael Cruz on percussion. Cherry himself plays conch shells, bells, and flute in addition to his usual trumpet – and he even sings a bit on a few numbers, in a soulful, scatting sort of groove. Narada Michael Walden produced, and the whole set's got a very righteous feel – with tracks that include "Universal Mother", "Buddah's Blues", "Eagle Eye", "Mahakali", "Karmapa Chenno", "Surrender Rose", and "Journey Of Milarepa". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a small peeled spot from sticker removal.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ CongosHeart Of The Congos (2LP deluxe edition) ... LP
17 North Parade/VP, 1976. New Copy 2LP (reissue)... $22.99
A classic slice of Jamaican roots! No collection of Lee Perry's work is complete without this chapter, which has been hard to get in spite of being reissued in a number of different formats. This version features a slight twist on the original cover art, but is an expanded double LP set with a bonus disc of later self-produced material. On the original album, recorded at the Black Ark in 1976, Cedric Mytton teams up with Roy Johnson on harmony vocals, with Lee Perry steering the Ark with a heavyweight supporting crew, for a true milestone in Jamaican music, and a classic of universal proportions. The second LP features material from 4 different sessions, all great, with tracks from the 1979 LPs Cvongo Ashanti and Image of Africa, the 1981 LP Face The Music and a couple of tracks from 1999. 22 tracks in all, including "Fisherman", "Congoman", "Open Up The Gate", "Children Crying", "La La Bam-Bam", "Can't Come In", "Sodom & Gomorrow", "The Wrong Thing", "ArkOf Covenant", "Don't Blame On I", "Solid Foundation", "Days Chasing Days", "Youth Man", "Only Jah Know", "Music Maker", "Stay Alive (ext)", "Problems", "Face The Music", "Enemy & Spy (ext)" and "Aaron & Moses (ext)". LP, Vinyl record album

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DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant NicholsonT'Es Qui ... CD
Hot Casa (France), 2015. New Copy ... $11.99
French vocals, funky rhythms, and loads of sweet keyboards – a contemporary album, but one that really takes us back to our favorite global crossover years of the 70s! These guys almost have a vibe that reminds us of Seu Jorge at his funkiest – and certainly share this universal appeal that goes way beyond the frontiers of language – thanks to a soulful presentation of the music all the way through, and this tremendous depth that holds us rapt throughout – slightly spiritual currents, but always mixed with rhythms that are right on the money! A real sleeper, and one you might well be playing for years to come – with titles that include "Descends", "Soleil Dau Reveil", "Maxine", "T'Es Qui", "Mets L'Audio", and "Tout Le Monde Pense". CD

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EntertainersEntertainers (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Ripete/P-Vine (Japan), 1983. New Copy ... $22.99
Wonderfully groovy soul from The Entertainers – a group who's recording here strongly for the beach music scene in the Carolinas, but who have an appeal that's much more universal! The tunes are mostly in an upbeat, midtempo mode – with a gentle bounce and a nice sort of step in the rhythms – that sweet groove that shows up in the best beach music classics – and which The Entertainers really have a lock on for this set! But there's also a warmer, more seductive feel going on too – a groove that fits in nicely with some of the early 80s modern soul work of the indie underground – and which helps get this album past any overdone cliches you might expect from the Carolinas – especially on some of the numbers that have a nicely compressed, almost poppish approach to the vocals. There's a depth here that makes the record way more than just a bunch of simple steppers for the dancefloor – and titles include "Hot On A Thang", "Pour Your Little Heart Out", "It's Not What You Got", "I'm Leavin", "In This Moment", "I Won't Cry Anymore", "What Are We Gonna Do", "Livin For The Summer", "Kidnapper", and "I'm In Love With You". CD

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Darius JonesLe Bebe De Brigitte (Lost In Translation) ... CD
Aum Fidelity, 2015. New Copy ... $13.99 14.98
A very unusual album from reedman Darius Jones – a special project dedicated to the legendary French vocalist Brigitte Fontaine, with vocals that definitely recall the singer at some of her most adventurous moments! Fontaine's no stranger to the racks at Dusty Groove – as we've loved her music for years – both under her own name, and collaborations with Areski and the Art Ensemble Of Chicago! This album's most like Brigitte's recording with the latter – as it features strongly expressive jazz passages from a group led by Jones on alto, with Matt Mitchell on piano, Sean Conly on bass, and Ches Smith on drums and percussion – fronted by French vocalist Emilie Lesbros, who really gets at the sort of poetry that Fontaine brought to her recordings, a style that's way more than jazz – and which interacts with the instrumentation both at a verbal and musical level. Titles include "Two Worlds One Soul", "Chanteuse In Blue", "Universal Translator", "Beneath The Skin", and "I Can't Keep From Weeping". CD

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