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Vieja Trova SantiagueraVieja Trova Santiaguera ... CD
Intuition, 1994. Used ... $8.99
... CD
(Out of print, punch through barcode.)
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Armando TrovajoliProfumo Di Donna ... CD
CAM (Italy), 1975. Used ... $9.99
... CD

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✨✧ Rova OrkestrovaElectric Ascension ... CD
Unheard Music Series, 2003. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A brilliant recording of John Coltrane's legendary "Ascension" – performed by an expanded version of the Rova Sax Quartet! The group here features core Rova members Larry Ochs, Jon Raskin, Steve Adams, and Bruce Ackley – "electrified" by the addition of Nels Cline on guitar, Fred Frith on bass, Otomo Yoshihide on turntables, Chris Brown on electronics, and Ikue Mori on drum machines and sampler. Added to this are some additional drums and violin – but oddly, the sound is still very sax-based overall – with Rova at the front, holding down the soulful spirit of Coltrane – and the other players bringing up the rest of the record with an edgey, improvised sound that almost reminds us of the best New York work of the early 80s! CD

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✨✧ AfricandoVol 1 – Trovador ... CD
Sterns (UK), 1993. Used ... Out Of Stock
... CD
(Out of print.)

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✨✧ VerdiIl Trovatore – Tucker/Caballe/Schippers/Orchestra Of The Florence May Festival ... CD
Opera D'Oro, 1968. Used 2CDs ... Out Of Stock
... CD

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Piero Umiliani/Carlo Savina/Gian Piero Reverberi28 Minuti Per 3 Milioni Di Dollari/Hypnos Follia Di Massacro/Le Malizie Di Venere ... CD
Beat (Italy), Late 60s/Early 70s. Used ... $31.99
A triple-header of Italian grooviness – 3 rare soundtracks, back to back on one CD! The score to La Malizie Di Venere is wonderfully jazzy – in a way that mixes together flute, piano, and some modder instrumentation that gives the album a cool late 60s feel. The music is handled by Gian Piero and Gian Franco Reverberi – and there's a lot of nice acoustic piano lines that are offset by the electric guitar and organ on the tracks – as well as some nicely placed sitar too! 28 Minuti Per 3 Million Di Dollari is even better – a groovy little soundtrack by Carlo Savino, done with a blend of snapping rhythms, jazzy instrumentation, and some sweet mod and bossa touches – in a way that reminds us of our favorite work by Armando Trovajoli! Last up is Piero Umiliani's great score for the film Hypnos – represented here by only 6 tracks, but all of them great! The main theme has some great swirling vocals – and following cuts feature some great moody electronics, percolating rhythms, and echoey piano lines! Great stuff all around – and although the set's a bit short on notes, it features some of the best Italian soundtrack work of the time, all packaged on one CD! CD
(Out of print.)

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VariousEasy Tempo Vol 4 – A Kaleidoscopic Collection Of Exciting & Diverse Cinematic Themes ... CD
Easy Tempo (Italy), Late 60s/1970s. Used ... $9.99
Soundtrack funk doesn't get any better than this – thanks to a head-expanding of tracks from the Italian scene of the 60s and 70s – served up with the usual ear for a great cut by the folks at Easy Tempo! The groove here is far from the "easy" you might expect – and most numbers have tight drums, funky basslines, and other heavy elements – all put together with an approach to the music that's far different than anything happening in the US at the time, especially in the way the instruments sound in the end – and in the way that the production techniques make them do really crazy things! Titles include "Parangua" by Luiz Bacalov, "Flirt a Rio" by Piero Umiliani, "Side Sleep" by Berto Pisano, "Little Shakie Girl" by Armando Trovajoli, "Tremendous Stars" by Piero Piccioni, "Under Drama" by Giancarlo Gazzani, "Realta No 5" by Stelvio Cipriani, "So" by Lara Saint Paul, "Israelites" by Capuano, and "Citta Viva" by Ennio Morricone. CD
(Out of print.)

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VariousEasy Tempo Vol 6 – A Cinematic Jazz Experience ... CD
Easy Tempo (Italy), Late 60s/Early 70s. Used ... $7.99
The Easy Tempo groove is wider than ever here – still plenty funky, but also jazzy and groovy too – with some mod 60s influences filtering into the mix, and even a bit of vocals too! As always, the style is heavy on Italian soundtrack modes – that great blend of bossa, jazz, and other elements that graced so many cinematic excursions of the period – and which have been beautifully re-presented by Easy Tempo over the course of their excellent series. Set features titles that include "Sweden" by Tito Fontana, "Caccia Al Ladro" by Armando Trovajoli, "Tap 5" by Ettore Ballotta, "Notte In Allegria" by Piero Umiliani, "Golden Gate Bridge" by Riz Ortolani, "Gangster Song" by Piero Umiliani, "Ebony Ride" by Piero Piccioni, "Gordon Blues" by Francesco De Masi, "Concerto Blues" by Gianni Ferrio, and "Glad" by Lou Stein Trio. CD
(Out of print.)

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VariousEasy Tempo Vol 7 – Bikini Beat ... CD
Easy Tempo (Italy), Late 60s/Early 70s. Used ... $8.99
The bikini beat is a great one here – no simple beach music classics, but a range of mod groovers from the classic years of the Italian soundtrack scene! This volume is heavy on electric elements – fuzzy guitars, keyboards, and more – all filtered nicely through a range of rhythms from the 60s and the 70s – bossa, jazzy, and funky – filled with amazing twists and turns throughout! The double-length collection is a treasure through and through – easily one of the greatest soundtrack sets we could have hoped for. Tracks include "Teresa L'Illusa" by Riz Ortolani, "Malizie Di Venere" by Gianpiero Reverberi, "Spy Chase" by Bruno Nicolai, "Airport Rock" by Barigozzi Group, "Shake 2000" by Piero Piccioni, "Amanda Blues" by Gianni Ferrio, "Un Detective" by Fred Bongusto, "Katmandu" by Piero Piccioni, "Theme" by Armando Trovajoli, and "La Bambolona" by Luis Bacalov. CD
Also available Easy Tempo Vol 7 – Bikini Beat ... CD 11.99

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VariousSessomatto Experience ... CD
Easy Tempo (Italy), 1997. Used ... $7.99
Full length CD that features a huge range of different talents all remixing the classic Italian soundtrack cut "Sessomatto" by Armando Trovajoli (which was included on Easy Tempo Vol 1). The set's got the full original version, plus cool remixes by Raphael Sebbag of U.F.O., DJ Smash, The Karminsky Brothers, Claudio Coccoluto, and other modern mixologists dedicated to transforming this classic jazzy bossa groove. Despite the repetition, the sound varies from track to track, and the release works well enough as a full-length LP with a sound that's in keeping with the rest of the Easy Tempo catalog. CD
(Out of print.)

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✨✧ VariousBeat At Cinecitta Vol 3 ... CD
Crippled Dick (Germany), Late 60s/Early 70s. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
The latest masterpiece in this fab fab series! Like the other versions, this one grabs wild funky and groovy tunes from lost Italian exploitation films of the 60s and 70s – a virtual treasure trove of incredible tunes! The cuts blast together one into the other, rolling along on a mad groove plucked out of time, mixing crime and jazz and funk and sleaze into a blend as beautiful as the lovely set of notes inside. Some of the cuts on this CD have shown up on other compilations, but the overall quality of the packaging is incredibly high, and the set sounds great together. Tracks include "Tema Di Oscar" by Berti Pisano, "Il Profeta" by Armando Trovajoli, "L'Eta Del Malessere" by Stefano Torossi, "Amore Amore Amore" by Piero Piccioni, "Playgirl 70" by Piero Piccioni, "Right Or Wrong" by Piero Piccioni, "Crazy", by Wes & The Airdales, "Let's Find Out" by Isabel Bond, and "Quand Ero Un Bebe" by Il Cantori Moderni. CD
(Out of print.)

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