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Sun RaAntique Blacks ... CD
Saturn/Art Yard, 1974. Used ... $11.99
Amazing work from Sun Ra – record that really features a great range of sounds and styles, and a heck of a lot of soul as well! Ra plays some especially nice rocksichord on the set – that freaky, fuzzy keyboard that comes off sounding like a guitar, even though it's played with keys – and there's some spiritual undercurrents to the set that are different than some of Ra's other albums with the instrument – some deeply feeling rhythms and soulful, spiritual expressions that really belie the Space Is The Place generation in which the album was cut. A few recitations imbue the record with a bold sense of poetry, which seems to be carried through strongly in the instrumentation too – especially on John Gilmore's tenor lines, which almost have a Shepp-like quality at points. Other players include Marshal Allen and Danny Davis on alto, Ahk Tal Ebah on trumpet, Clifford Jarvis on drums, and Sly on electric guitar – and titles include "Song No 1", "There Is Change In The Air", "Antique Blacks", "Would I For All That Were", "Ridiculous I & The Cosmos Me", and "This Song Is Dedicated To Nature's God". CD

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Sun RaDisco 3000 (expanded 2CD edition) ... CD
Saturn/Art Yard (UK), 1978. Used 2 CDs ... $29.99
If this is disco, point us in the direction of Studio 54! The album's one of Ra's greatest from the 70s – recorded in Italy in 1978, and featuring some incredibly otherworldly keyboards that are some of his most enigmatic on record! This hugely expanded version features a whopping 12 tracks in all – the complete performance that originally spawned the album, all of which is as delightful as the 3 tracks that were originally issued on vinyl. Finding all this extra Ra material from the 70s – over 2 hours of music – is like finding a time machine – and the well-done package comes with great notes and excellent sound. Original tracks from the album include "Disco 3000", an incredible workout on synthesizer, with a tiny bit of drum machine, a little "Space Is The Place" breakdown, and all of the wild sound you'd expect from a Sun Ra album – plus more long tracks – the sweetly soulful "Friendly Galaxy", a great soul jazz number, and "Dance Of The Cosmo Aliens", which has spooky organ, frenetic bass, and somber percussion! Additional material includes Echoes Of The World", "Sun Of The Cosmos", "Geminology", "Sky Blues", "We Travel The Spaceways", and "Spontaneous Simplicity" – all played by a group that includes John Gilmore on tenor, Luqman Ali on drums, Michael Ray on trumpet, June Tyson on vocals, and Sun Ra on piano, organ, moog, and rhythm machine. CD
(Out of print, in a nice foldout double digipak.)

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Sun RaHeliocentric Worlds Of Sun Ra Vol 2 ... CD
ESP/Abraxas (Italy), 1965. Used ... $7.99
The second set of Heliocentric tracks that Ra recorded for ESP, with a freer feel than the first volume, and a bit more avant-oriented work overall. Ra and the group play a lot of percussion – and Ra himself is on tuned bongos, piano, and clavioline, which has a very nice spooky sound! The reed work on the album is by Robert Cummings, John Gilmore, Pat Patrick, and Marshall Allen – with bass by Ronnie Boykin and percussion by Roger Blank. Tracks include "Cosmic Chaos", "House of Beauty", and "The Sun Myth". CD

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Sun RaLife Is Splendid – Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival 1972 ... CD
Total Energy, 1972. Used ... $11.99
... CD
(Out of print.)

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Sun RaLost Reel Collection Vol 4 – Dance Of The Living Image ... CD
Transparency, 1974. Used 2 CDs ... $11.99
One of the most tape-centric entries in this great Lost Reel series – given that the recordings here were pulled from a San Francisco rehearsal by Ra & The Arkestra – and still contain some evidence of the recorder turning on and off! But despite that technical element – which actually creates a nice little window into the way the band worked away from the stage, and focused on certain elements on their own – the music here is still plenty darn great, and offers up a rare glimpse of the group during a short SF residence. The tracks include a few "unidentified titles" – which, according to the notes, are numbers that possibly haven't appeared on other recordings – and players include Ra, John Gilmore, Marshall Allen, Danny Ray Thompson, and James Jackson. 2CD set features titles that include "Dance Of The Living Image", "Sometimes I'm Happy", "Astro Nation", "Hard Hearted Hannah", "Passin Gas", "Sophisticated Lady", "Watusi", and a few of those unidentified titles! CD

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✨✧ Sun RaMagic City (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Saturn/Cosmic Myth, 1965. New Copy ... Just Sold Out!
One of the most important Sun Ra albums from the early years of Saturn Records – a set that got a bit more circulation than some of his other records, and which shows the group really expanding their sonic range in a wonderful way! The title track takes up all of side one – and is this mystic workout that features Sun Ra on clavioline and piano – an acoustic/electric combination that creates really mindblowing results – and which is echoed by some very inventive reed work from Marshal Allen and Danny Davis on alto and flute, Pat Patrick on baritone, and John Gilmore on tenor. The tune has a brooding intensity that's amazing – very spacey at times, and free, but not in an aggressive way. Other tunes follow in their own rich pattern – and also feature Ra on Sun Harp, celeste, dragon drum, and marimba – on titles that include "The Shadow World", "Abstract Eye", and "Abstract I". This great reissue features the rare stereo mix of "The Magic City" – plus "Other Worlds (alternate)" and "The Magic City (mono version ending)". CD

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✨✧ Sun RaMy Brother The Wind Vol 1 (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Saturn/Cosmic Myth, 1970. New Copy ... $12.99 13.99
A stone classic – and one of the wilder, more electronic albums from Sun Ra – a set that has him playing on "two moog synthesizers" – which both sound as if they're going at the same time! The rest of the group is quite small – with only John Gilmore, Marshall Allen, and Danny Davis – so Ra really center stage on the keys, and spends most of the record making some really weird and wonderful sounds on the moog – showing the world that, although the instrument was already gaining popularity in the hands of others, nobody could handle the futuristic sound machine like the spaceman himself! The mix of moog with avant jazz solos is completely sublime – and titles include "Intergalactic II", "To Nature's God", and "The Code Of Interdependence". CD features some great bonus tracks – the 17 minute "Space Probe", plus some alternates and odd takes too! CD

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Sun RaPiano Recital – Teatro La Fenice, Venezia ... CD
Golden Years (UK), 1977. Used ... $11.99
If you've ever doubted the straight jazz talents of Sun Ra, and have only seen him as a bandleader or performance figure, you owe it to yourself to check out this wonderful solo set – all acoustic piano recorded in Italy in 1977, and a concert that really displays Ra's power on the keys! There's a sense of life, joy, and beauty here that's really wonderful – a quality that matches the solo Sun Ra album on Improvising Artists, and which has echoes of Ellington, Herman Chittison, Jaki Byard, Fats Waller, and other players of whom Ra was always keenly aware, but didn't always emerge in his larger group recordings. These influences are also inflected with some of the new freedoms on the keys – modes that echo Kenny Barron or Muhal Abrams – who, like the others, are rivaled by Ra in the strength of his playing on the set. Titles include "Blues", "Free Improvisation", "Outerspaceways Inc", "St Louis Blues", "Penthouse Serenade", "Angel Race", and "Friendly Galaxy/Spontaneous Simplicity". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Sun RaWake Up Angels – Live At The Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival 1972/1973/1974 ... CD
Saturn/Art Yard (UK), Early 70s. New Copy 2CDs ... $19.99 21.99
Really wonderful work from Sun Ra – a host of recordings cut at the Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Fest in the early 70s – always a very welcoming audience for the Arkestra at the time! We're not sure what was in the water, but it always seems like the group really hit their stride at the festival – opening up with a force and intensity that really goes past some of their other recordings! It's almost as if the enthusiastic mix of ages and cultures present really ignited the best energies in the Arkestra – having them hit the kind of righteous crescendo of their best Space Is The Place identity – and even some of the more avant, outside moments have a focus that the group hardly seems to reach this well! The material is from the John Sinclair archives – originally issued on the CDs Life Is Splendid, Outer Space Employment Agency, and It Is Forbidden – but somehow sounding even more amazing in a tight package like this – with loads of amazing keyboards from Ra, soulful vocals from June Tyson, Cheryl Banks, and Judith Holton, and wonderful supporting reeds from the Arkestra. Titles include "Space Is The Place", "Enlightenment", "What Planet Is This", "Immeasurable", "Love In Outer Space", "Watusi", "Images", and some great untitled improvisations. CD

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Sun Ra & His Astro InfinityCosmo Earth Fantasy – Sub Underground Series Vols 1 & 2 ... CD
Saturn/Art Yard, Late 60s/Mid 70s. New Copy ... $14.99 16.99
A set of varied moods and settings – yet one that really does a wonderful job of fleshing out the Sun Ra aesthetic during these crucial years when Ra dubbed himself the "King Of The Sub Underground"! That humorous title is a reference to the fact that Ra and the Arkestra were still working with largely little mainstream exposure – despite the big growth of avant jazz at the time – and were instead working on beautiful recordings like these, often made without any thought of a larger market at all! The CD brings together material from albums originally issued with Sub-Underground in the title – also under other names as well, including Temple U – and the tracks represent the Arkestra really hitting some of their creative heights in a mix of live, studio, and rehearsal recordings. Titles include the brilliant "World Of Africa", recorded in 1968, but with a chunky groove and weird piano that almost feel like a precursor to Fela Kuti; the sublime "Love Is Always" and "Song Of Drums", recorded live with a spare group in a beautifully echoey setting; surprisingly great takes on "What's New" and "Autumn In New York", played by a small group with Ra on a slightly off-tune upright piano; the long "Cosmo Earth Fantasy" suite, with some very fierce sounds; and a nice live take on "Space Is The Place/We Roam The Cosmos", which jumps right into the groove at the start – with a pretty offbeat feel, and lots of cool vocal interplay! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Sun Ra & OthersSingles – The Definitive 45s Collection 1952 to 1991 (3CD set) ... CD
Strut (UK), 1950s/1960s/1970s/1980s/Early 90s. New Copy 3CD ... Just Sold Out!
A whole new side of the talents of Sun Ra – especially if you only know the longer-style jams on some of his albums from the 60s and 70s! From the very start of his career, Ra was every bit as interested in issuing music on 45s as he was on albums – and in fact, at some of the more desperate times, the 7" single turned out to be a very affordable format to try out new ideas – including some great projects with other artists! The array of work presented here is stunning – as the set includes some very up-close and personal moments with Ra on record, plus some tight jazzy tracks from the Arkestra, surprising vocal group material designed to crack the R&B market, and some especially cool projects with other singers too. The package is put together with very detailed notes on all the singles – and while the bulk of this material comes from the key Arkestra years of the late 50s through the early 80s, there's also a few tracks from other dates too – including a handful of songs that were only issued as 45s in later years. 3CD set features a stunning 65 tracks in all – and titles include "Chicago USA" by The Nu Sounds, "I'm Coming Home" by Billie Hawkins, "Softalk" by Sun Ra, "Demon's Lullaby" by Le Sun Ra, "It's Christmas Time" by The Qualities, "M Uck M Uck (Matt Matt)" by Yochanan, "Bye Bye" by The Cosmic Rays, "October" by Sun Ra, "Adventur In Space" by Sun Ra, "Back In Your Own Backyard" by Hattie Randolph, "The Sun One" by Yochanan, "Dreaming" by The Cosmic Rays, "The Sun Man Speaks" by Yochanan, "Daddy's Gonna Tell You No Lie" by The Cosmic Rays, "Last Call For Love" by Billie Hawkins, and "Super Blonde" by Sun Ra. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Sun RaIn The Orbit Of Ra ... CD
Strut (UK), 1960s/1970s. New Copy 2 CDs ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A really wonderfully-done collection of work from the legendary Sun Ra – put together by longtime musical partner Marshall Allen, and way way different than the typical mish-mash of tracks you'd find on some of the budget or public domain titles on the market! First off, the track selection is really thoughtful – music that definitely defines the Arkestra in the 60s and 70s, but which also highlights some of its overlooked corners too – pulled together from recordings that appeared on the Saturn, Impulse, and other labels – all curated and remastered by Art Yard, who've done their share of great Ra reissues over the years. Plus, the package features a few unreleased performances as well – and although it would serve as a great introduction to the music of Sun Ra, it's also really perfectly put together for longtime Ra fans as well – given the focus, track selection, and overall quality of the whole thing. The sounds are sublime – maybe one of the best summations of the righteous, cosmic genius of the Arkestra at its best – and titles include "Reflects Motion", "Island In The Sun (extended)", "Somewhere In Space", "The Lady With The Golden Stockings", "Somebody Else's World", "Ancient Aethiopia", "Astro Black", "Have You Heard The Latest News From Neptune", "We Travel The Spaceways", and "Plutonian Nights". 2CD version also includes the never-heard "Trying To Put The Blame On Me". CD

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✨✧ Sun RaLanquidity ... CD
Philly Jazz/Evidence, 1978. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
An amazing album from Sun Ra – and one of the most in-demand for Dusty Groove customers! The record's actually a bit funky – if you can believe it – and was recorded with electric keyboards, bass, and guitar (played by the mysterious Disco Kid!) The album originally came out on the Philly Jazz label and was quickly dismissed by many Ra fans for being a funk sell-out album – but over the years, it's become a prized album for its cosmic sense of soul and appealing jazz dance style. In fact, it's probably the album that most folks expect when they've heard one or two Sun Ra tracks on a funk compilation and expect all of his albums to sound like that. Titles include "That's How I Feel", "Where Pathways Meet", "Twin Stars of Thence", and "There Are Other Worlds (They Have Not Told You Of)". Tough stuff, and a very unique Sun Ra LP! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Sun RaLost Reel Collection Vol 3 – Shadows Took Shape ... CD
Transparency, Early 70s. Used 2 CDs ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Quite an obscure little live set from Sun Ra – and that's saying a heck of a lot, given the amount of live material he's got out there! The performance was found on a reel simply titled "Spacemaster Concert", and recorded at an undetermined date in the early 70s – and it's easily one of the starkest, most challenging recordings so far in the Lost Reel series! There's a fair bit of electric keyboards on the set – often played with some noisier tones, and offset with vocals by June Tyson, and instrumentation by John Gilmore, Marshall Allen, and Kwami Hadi. Many numbers are less orchestral than sparer small combo performances – and titles include "Outer Space/Untitled Improvisation", "Exotic Forest", "Shadow World", "Strange Worlds/Untitled Improvisation", "Stardust From Tomorrow", and "Friendly Galaxy/Watusi". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Sun RaMedia Dream (expanded 2CD edition – with bonus tracks) ... CD
Saturn/Art Yard (UK), 1978. Used 2 CDs ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Incredible work from one of Sun Ra's most enigmatic periods! The album was recorded in Italy in 1978, right around the same time as "Disco 2000" (and not too far off from Languidity) – and it features Ra playing around with lots of cool spacey keyboards, in a spare cosmic style that's really out of this world! The overall sound is incredible – with an incredible sense of otherness that has Ra pushing the limits of the moog and organ to a level never heard before on record – and in a way, the set is everything you might have imagined when you first heard of Sun Ra as some strange jazz musician who claimed to be from outer space! The group is a quartet, with Michael Ray on trumpet, John Gilmore on tenor, and Luqman Ali on drums – and titles include "Saturn Research", "Media Dreams", "Year Of The Sun", "Constellation", and the haunting straight jazz piece "Twigs At Twilight". Expanded 2CD version features a huge amount of unheard music – a full disc of bonus tracks that includes "Friendly Galaxy", "An Unbeknown Love", "Of Other Tomorrows Never Know", "Images", "The Truth About Planet Earth", "The Shadow World", and even a version of "Space Is The Place"! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Sun RaPathways To Unknown Worlds/Friendly Love ... CD
Saturn/Evidence, 1973. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Two rare albums recorded in 1973 – one previously issued, one appearing here for the first time! Pathways To Unknown Worlds has the group playing a host of odd instruments – including space dimension mellophone, ancient Egyptian Infinity Drum, vibes, and moog – as well as the usual array of horns and percussion – and the sound of the album is quite spare and spacey, as screeching horn solos intersect with tones and colors from the other instruments, in one of the more space-agey Ra sessions from the 70s. Friendly Love was conceived as a four-part suite – and features Ra on organ and mini-moog, dominating the horns and percussion of the session with some very spooky keyboards. Titles include "Pathways To Unknown Worlds", "Extension Out", "Cosmo-Media", and "Friendly Love (parts 1 to 4)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Sun RaThunder Of The Gods ... CD
Modern Harmonic, Early 70s. New Copy Gatefold ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Never-issued performances from Sun Ra and his legendary Arkestra – recorded live at Slugs in New York, and featuring the group in two very different modes! Side one features "Calling Planet Earth/We'll Wait For You" – from the same performance that also gave the world the Universe In Blue album – but presented with a very wild, freely improvised sound! The tune runs for well over 20 minutes, and features lots of shifts in presence and power from the individual instruments – with some especially great bass clarinet from Eloe Omoe, who takes a great solo – as well as work from John Gilmore on tenor, Danny Davis on alto, Ronnie Boykins on bass, and Kwame Hadi on trumpet. June Tyson also sings a bit – although the instrumental passages are the strongest draw. The remaining two tracks are much more in the Strange Strings sound of the group – although maybe looser and freer than the work on that album – as they feature mostly stringed instruments, from a variety of global sources, mixed with some woodwind elements and a bit of percussion – almost with a vibe that's like the mid 50s Moondog discovering free jazz! Titles for these two tracks include "Moonshots Across The Sky" and "Thunder Of The Gods". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Sun Ra & His ArkestraMusic From Tomorrow's World (Chicago 1960) ... CD
Atavistic, 1960. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A landmark event – rare recordings from Sun Ra, recorded back in the Arkestra's glory days in Chicago! The CD brings to light some fantastic tracks that rival the quality of Ra's best Saturn Records material from the time – sessions recorded at the Wonder Inn and Majestic Hall, done in that wonderfully otherwordly style that was the Arkestra's strength at the time. The style is both exotic and straight – with haunting versions of a few standards, plus Ra originals that include "Angels & Demons At Play", "Space Aura", "Ankhnaton", "Majestic", and "Spontaneous Simplicity". John Gilmore is especially wonderful on tenor – and the moody recording style of the tracks seems to bring out even more in his horn! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Sun Ra & His Solar ArkestraI Roam The Cosmos (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Art Yard/P-Vine (Japan), 1972. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Fantastic material from Sun Ra – a never-heard 1972 performance at Slugs, and one that captures the group at their most spiritual point! The core of the set is the track "I Roam The Cosmos" – one of the more obscure Ra compositions, and a title that appears here for the first time on any record – folded together with bits of "Astro Black" and "Discipline 27 II" – in a wonderfully extended single musical performance – stretching for 51 minutes long, and filled with righteous vocal moments alongside some great solos too! The groove is great – kind of a slow dipping and turning rhythm – showcasing recitations by June Tyson and Sun Ra – with lots of room for soulful work from Marshall Allen on flute and alto, Danny Davis on alto, John Gilmore on tenor, Kwame Hadi and Akh Tal Ebah on trumpets, and Danny Ray Thompson on baritone – plus lots of drums and percussion. Really beautiful stuff – as deeply spiritual as the best of the Impulse Records artists, circa 1972 – and appearing here for the first time ever! CD

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✨✧ Sun RaHeliocentric Worlds Of Sun Ra Vol 1 ... CD
Abraxas/ESP (Italy), 1965. Used ... Out Of Stock
A seminal set from Sun Ra – even if it's one of his few 60s albums not on the Saturn label! The set was done for ESP during the glory days of that avant powerhouse – a perfect match, given the Arkestra's relocation to New York, and the label's ability to reach out to big new audiences for exciting music – a fact that certainly made this album one of the most widely-circulated Ra albums for many years to come. The group here works in formation that holds up strongly with the Saturn sides – John Gilmore on tenor, Marshall Allen on alto, Teddy Nance on trombone, Chris Capers on trumpet, Danny Davis on flute and alto, and Ra on piano, bass marimba, and some especially nice electronic celeste! Things get quite out at points – freer almost than other Arkestra sides of the time – and titles include "Outer Nothingness", "Other Worlds", "Nebulae", "Dancing In the Sun", "The Cosmos", and "Of Heavenly Things". CD
(Out of print.)
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Art BlakeyS Make It (Japanese paper sleeve version) ... CD
Limelight (Japan), 1965. Used Gatefold ... $36.99
A lost classic from Art Blakey – quite different from some of his Blue Note work! The album's a very swinging mid 60s session, noteworthy for the presence of John Gilmore, recording here in one of his few appearances away from Sun Ra. Gilmore wails on tenor, and he sounds great next to Lee Morgan, who had, at this point, briefly returned to play with Blakey, and fit in with the group beautifully. John Hicks is on piano, and contributes a few nice tracks – and Curtis Fuller rounds out the sextet nicely, hitting some of those great gutbuckety notes that he only ever seemed to manage when he worked with Blakey! The whole album's great – and tracks include "Little Hughie", "Olympia", "One For Gamal", and "Faith". Also has cool design with replica of original inside LP booklet! CD
(Out of print. Great cover – with a replica of the original tiny booklet!)

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Brother AhhMove Ever Onward ... CD
Divine/Manufactured, 1975. New Copy ... $12.99
Cosmic righteousness from Brother Ahh – an enigmatic musician who worked briefly with Sun Ra, and continued an exploration of the sonic heavens on his own! This rare 1975 album features Ahh's Sound Awareness ensemble – a 25 piece group that features a host of voices set to percussion, flutes, and other intimate and evocative instrumentation. The feel's quite hard to describe – kind of a cross between Sun Ra and Moondog, with the righteous style of vocalization that you might find on some of the Max Roach experiments with voices, recorded in the relaxed and expressive style of the early AACM – all of which means it's a great little record, with a very striking approach! Titles include "Transfiguration", "Nature's Children", "Transcendental March", "Boundless Rhythm", "Sweet Illumination", and "Celestial Strings". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Brother Ahh & The Sounds Of AwarenessKey To Nowhere ... CD
Manufactured/Divine, 1983. New Copy ... $12.99
Cosmic righteousness from Brother Ahh – aka Robert Northern – best known for his work with Sun Ra, but a force behind some wonderfully soulful records of his own! This album's one of Ahh's later works – self-released in 1983, with a conception that's fuller than his earlier works – almost in an Alice Coltrane spiritual mode, with tracks that emphasize consciousness, healing, well being, and awareness. Ah plays flute and French horn on the album – and other instrumentation includes percussion by Nasar Abadey and Barbara Burton-Tuten, bass from Mike Bowie, harp and mbiri from Jeff Majors, and guitar from Marvin Tuten. Most tracks are instrumentals – building in a nice Phil Cohran-ish way – but a few numbers feature vocals. And titles include "Sekou", "Nature's Blues", "Key To Nowhere", "Hanifah", "Motherless Child", "Celebration", and "The Void". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Dining RoomsTre (US version) ... CD
Guidance, 2003. Used ... $5.99
The 3rd album by The Dining Rooms – and the best so far! These guys have really matured from earlier outings – moving into a sophisticated realm of downtempo soundscapes crafted with a great deal of care, and which are put together with a lot more than simple tricks and gimmicks. There's loads of really solid tunes in here – sly numbers that sneak up on you with a subtle approach to the craft, gently burrowing in and taking root – somehow making the album that much more compelling overall. A number of tracks have some wonderfully languid vocals, some male and some female – and these tunes fall nicely next to instrumental numbers with a very evocative approach. Titles include "Anima Per Amarti", "Tunnel", "La Citta Nuda", "Fluxus", "Flamenco Sketches", "Dreamy Smiles", "You", "African Loungesters", and a nice cover of Sun Ra's "Astro Black"! CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Exploding Star OrchestraStars Have Shapes ... CD
Delmark, 2010. Used ... $7.99
The most amazing records to date from Rob Mazurek's Exploding Star Orchestra – just the kind of cosmic, spiritual session you'd expect from the group's name – perfectly placed in a Chicago lineage that includes Sun Ra's Arkestra and the best years of the AACM! The group's got all the collaborative spirit of the latter reference – a largeish ensemble made up of some of the city's most important avant musicians in recent years – including Nicole Mitchell on flute, Jeb Bishop on trombone, Jason Adasiewicz on vibes, Josh Abrams on acoustic bass, Matt Bauder on clarinet and tenor, Jason Stein on bass clarinet, and Mike Reed and John Herndon on drums – all players who know each others strengths through countless gigs together – coming together under the visionary leadership of Rob Mazurek on cornet. There's some slight electro-acoustic elements, which further complicate the sound of the record – but all without ever taking it off base – and the whole thing's got a righteous sort of energy that makes us mighty proud that sounds this great came from our hometown. Titles include "ChromoRocker", "Impression #1", "Ascenscion Ghost Impression #2", and "Three Blocks Of Light". CD
Also available Stars Have Shapes ... LP 16.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Clifford Jordan & John GilmoreBlowing In From Chicago (RVG remaster edition) ... CD
Blue Note, 1957. Used ... $6.99
A landmark session that features two of the greatest tenor talents to emerge from the rich Chicago scene of the 50s! Jordan was well-known to jazz fans, or would be within a few years – but Gilmore's rarely heard in this sort of setting, as most of his recording career was spent in the company of Sun Ra's Arkestra. The record features the duo in a twin-tenor frontline, with backing by Horace Silver, Curly Russell, and Art Blakey. Ostensibly a blowing session, but much tighter than you'd expect – and with a hard heavy Blue Note groove. Titles include "Evil Eye", "Status Quo", "Bo-Till", and "Blue Lights". CD features the bonus track "Let It Stand". CD

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✨✧ Nicole Mitchell Black Earth EnsembleAfrika Rising ... CD
Dreamtime, 2002. Used ... $19.99
The genius of the Chicago collective scene is firmly back in action – on this stunning second CD from Nicole Mitchell! The record is incredible – light years ahead of her debut, and a rich tapestry of sounds and colors performed by a large group that features some of the best underground musicians in the city's soulful avant scene. From the first moment of the set, the music grabs you with the depth and intensity of some of the best work of the 70s Strata East era – and it stands proudly in a tradition of work that includes the collective projects of the AACM, and groups like the Sun Ra Arkestra and Artistic Heritage Ensemble. Mitchell's writing is wonderful – stretching out on a Coltrane-like journey of discovery and spiritual expression – and her playing on the set is interwoven with some beautifully vocalized passages. Titles include "Afrika Rising Trilogy", "Peaceful Village Town", "Emerging Light", "Bluerise", "Goldmind", and "Wheatgrass". CD
(Out of print.)

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MulatuMulatu Of Ethiopia (stereo/mono) ... CD
Worthy/Strut (UK), 1972. New Copy (reissue)... $13.99 14.99
Amazing work from the legendary Mulatu Astatke – one of Ethiopia's funkiest musicians of the 70s, making a rare appearance here on this lost American recording! The album has been a holy grail for years amongst beatheads – loved for its killer blend of weird rhythms, sweet funk, and super-dope vibes – and the grooves on the set are really unique – slow, snakey, and with a sinister, almost other-worldly feel. There's not nearly as much vibes on Mulatu's Ethiopian recordings – and their appearance here really gives the set a nice American sort of twist – almost Roy Ayers meets Sun Ra with a hot dose of African funk thrown in for good measure! Titles include "Chifara", "Munaye", "Kaselefkut-Hulu", "Mascaram Setaba", and "Mulatu". CD
(CD features the full album in both stereo and mono versions!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Augustus PabloKing David's Melody (expanded edition) ... CD
Greensleeves, 1983. New Copy (reissue)... $13.99 15.98
A spiritual classic from Augustus Pablo – and a set that some consider his masterpiece! The album has Pablo completely in charge – producing, arranging, and really getting a chance to make the kind of music that showcases his righteous vision – instrumentals that have his own melodica in the lead, soloing beautifully over dubby rhythms – and with a deeper mission than just providing grooves for the dancefloors and the clubs. The overall sound is completely sublime – almost other-worldly at times – at a level that puts Pablo in the same heady territory of artists who include Sun Ra and Mulatu – and titles include "Rocker's Mood", "Sufferers Trod", "Zion High", "West Abyssinia", "Israel In Harmony", "Revelation Time", and "Corner Stone Dub". This expanded version features 9 bonus tracks – some with the Pablo All Stars, some with the Rockers All Stars – titles that include "Jah School Dub", "Israel Dub", "Freedom Step", "Babylon Fall Dub", "Zion Dub", and "Solomon Dub". CD
Also available King David's Melody ... LP 14.99

Possible matches43
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Charlie PalmieriImpulsos (Impulses) ... CD
Coco/Bomba (Japan), 1975. New Copy ... $14.99
A fantastic 70s session from Charlie Palmieri – featuring some of his best keyboard solos of the decade, and some very cool work on organ that almost makes us think Sun Ra is in the group! The style is quite unusual, even for Charlie – with a weird sound from his organ that really gives the record an edge – played alongside straighter piano lines, heavy percussion, and lots of warm horn work overall. Charlie's organ really stands out best on the descarga cut "No Esta En Na" and the groovy midtempo "Estoy Friza'o" – but the whole thing's great, and other cuts include "Comelon Hustle", "King Charles", "Dame Tu Corazon", and "Sobando El Piano Merengue". CD

Possible matches44
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Mongo SantamariaSkins ... CD
Milestone, Early 60s/1976. Used ... $5.99
One of those Milestone 70s two-fer sets, filled with Mongo's classic early Latin jazz sides cut for Riverside in the 60s. As you'd expect, there's lots of tight jazzy moments and straight ahead hard jamming, courtesy of an all-star cast that includes Nat Adderley, Ronnie Capers, Paul Serrano and Jimmy Cobb – along with Pat Patrick from Sun Ra's Arkestra. The vibe is hot and heavy, and a totally full-on Latin jamming approach, lots of tight conga by Mongo, and some firey solos on reeds! 19 tracks in all, including "Skins", "Fatback", "Sweet Tater Pie", "Dot, Dot, Dot", "Tacos", "Happy Now", "Tumba Le Le", "African Song", "Carmela", and the long groover "Congo Blue". CD
(Out of print, CRC pressing.)

Possible matches45
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Spaceways Inc (Ken Vandermark)Version Soul ... CD
Atavistic, 2002. Used ... $9.99
Ken Vandermark and crew take a funkier turn – working off the style of their last album (a tribute to Sun Ra & George Clinton), moving into tunes that are tributes to soul and funk heroes of the past 30 years. Most tunes are originals by Vandermark – played by the trio that includes Ken on reeds, Nate McBride on bass, and Hamid Drake on drums – and titles include "Clocked", "Back Of A Cab", "Reasonable Hour", "Size Large", "Journeyman", "She Just Got Here", "All Frequencies", and "Force At A Distance". CD
(Out of print.)

Possible matches46
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ebo TaylorTwer Nyame (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Philips/Production Dessinee (Japan), Mid 70s. New Copy ... $14.99
An early gem from Ghana legend Ebo Taylor – a smoking little set with a really hypnotic feel overall! The tracks here are all nice and long – and build energy with kind of a minimal layering of sound – an approach that's different than some of the longer Nigerian jams you might know from the time, but with a style that's equally compelling – especially give the great use of guitar and keyboards! These instruments are heard to best effect on the sublime "Peace On Earth" – a tune that features this wonderful other-worldly electric piano – ringing out with tones that are almost vibes-like at times, and which almost have a Sun Ra-ish sort of quality. Also great is "Atwer Abroba" – a tune with some funky horns riffing along with the tight percussion, and captivating vocal refrains over the top. The title cut, "Twer Nyame", has wonderfully chromatic guitars – really let loose, and allowed to build slowly – creating this warm electric energy on the tune! CD

Possible matches47
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Zu & Spaceways IncRadiale ... CD
Atavistic, 2004. Used ... $8.99
Heavy, heavy jazz, and tough bass stomping skronk from the joined forces of Ken Vandermark's Spaceways Inc. & Italian heavyweights Zu! The first four tracks in the set are originals, beaten down in the quartet setting of Vandermark on reeds, J. Battalagia on drums, Massimo Pupillo on bass and Luca T. Mai on baritone sax. These tracks feature some seriously blunt, driving jazz skronk somewhere between Peter Brotzmann and 80s Chicago Touch & Go noise rock. Add Vandermark's masterful musicality to that latter element, and you can imagine how driving these tracks are! On the remaining four tracks, Spaceways crew members Hamid Drake and Nate McBride join the crew on additional drums and bass for arse-whomping workouts of Funkadelic's "Trash A Go Go" and "You And Your Folks. . ." Art Ensemble's "Theme De Yo Yo", and Sun Ra's "We Travel The Spaceways/Space Is The Place". CD
(Out of print, penmark through barcode.)

Possible matches48
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousColor Line – African American Artists & Segregation 1916 to 1962 (3CD set) ... CD
Fremeaux & Associates (France), 1910s/1920s/1930s/1940s/1950s/Early 60s. New Copy 3 CDs ... $18.99 29.99
An incredible document of racial inequality in mid-Century America – a 3CD set that brings together blues, jazz, soul, and music in other styles – all to illustrate the lack of opportunity and freedom for African-Americans in the US! You've no doubt heard some of these songs before – classic blues numbers, or important jazz vocal tracks – but together, they deliver a hell of a lot more power than on their own – a total of 60 songs that underscore the long, hard journey towards Civil Rights – a path that's still not finished even all these many years later, which makes the theme of these songs still so important. The work spans the teens through the sixties – and titles include "Jim Crow" by The Union Boys, "Parchman Farm Blues" by Bukka White, "Minstrel & The Queen" by The Impressions, "We Shall Overcome" by Guy Carawan, "Working Man" by Bo Diddley, "Better Git It In Your Soul" by Charles Mingus, "The Alabama Bus (parts 1 & 2)" by Brother Will Hairston, "Jim Crow Train" by Johs White, "Brown Skin Girl" by Lloyd Prince Thomas, "Hard Road Blues" by Floyd Dixon, "High Society" by Monk Hazel, "The American Woman & The West Indian Man" by Sam Manning, "Ethiopia Shall Stretch Forth Her Hands Onto God" by Marcus Garvey, "Low Society" by Ray Charles, "Kiyakiya" by Babatunde Olatunji, "Ancient Aethiopia" by Sun Ra, "Tarzan Of Harlem" by Cab Calloway, "Old Alabama" by BBE, and "Chicago High Life" by Earl Hines. CD

Possible matches49
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Art BlakeyS Make It ... CD
Limelight/Verve, 1964. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A lost classic from Art Blakey – quite different from some of his Blue Note work! The album's a very swinging mid 60s session, noteworthy for the presence of John Gilmore, recording here in one of his few appearances away from Sun Ra. Gilmore wails on tenor, and he sounds great next to Lee Morgan, who had, at this point, briefly returned to play with Blakey, and fit in with the group beautifully. John Hicks is on piano, and contributes a few nice tracks – and Curtis Fuller rounds out the sextet nicely, hitting some of those great gutbuckety notes that he only ever seemed to manage when he worked with Blakey! The whole album's great – and tracks include "Little Hughie", "Olympia", "One For Gamal", and "Faith". CD
(Out of print.)
Also available S Make It (Japanese paper sleeve version) ... CD 36.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Brother AhhSound Awareness ... CD
Strata East/Manufactured, 1972. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A very trippy album from the enigmatic Brother Ahh – aka Robert Northern, former member of Sun Ra's Arkestra, and also a lecturer on the east coast! This album's his first, originally issued on the Strata East label – and a spacey mixture of other-worldly sounds. The first long track on the album is entitled "Beyond Yourself (The Midnight Confession)", and features a group with Ahh on flutes and "natural" sounds, plus cello by Pat Dixon, percussion by Barbara Burton, and soprano voice by Barbara Grant. The track's a "sound journey in 7 parts" – floating across space with a mystical feel that slowly unfurls. The other long track on the set is "Love Piece", a tune in which Ah plays flute along with percussion by Max Roach and the M'Boom percussion ensemble – plus a 90-voice chorus, and a short rap by Roach. Very spiritual stuff! CD

Possible matches51
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Philip Cohran & The Artistic Heritage EnsembleMalcolm X Memorial (A Tribute In Music) (LP sleeve edition) ... CD
Zulu/Katalyst, 1968. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A brilliant tribute to the late Malcolm X – served up by Chicago's legendary Artistic Heritage Ensemble! The record's got an even farther-reaching sound than the group's self-titled effort – a flowing style that unfolds as their tribute to Malcolm rolls on – starting spare and earthy at first, then picking up a fuller, prouder, much more righteous groove as things really get going! As before, there's plenty of heavy percussion at the bottom of most tracks – topped by complicated horn passages that often verge on the exotic – and which have a tremendously captivating sound. The ensemble's led by the great Phil Cohran, who played with Sun Ra for a bit, and also plays cornet on the record – the rest of the group includes Charles Williams, Don Myrick, Louis Satterfield, Pete Cosey, Henry Gibson, Willie Woods, and Aaron Dodd – a lineup of players who also worked with Sun Ra, The Pharoahs, and Earth Wind & Fire! The LP's a suite of 4 tracks dedicated to Malcolm X, each capturing a period of his life, "Malcolm Little", "Detroit Red", "Malcolm X", and "El Hajj Malik El Shabazz". CD
(Packaged in a cool record-style sleeve.)

Possible matches52
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Philip Cohran & The Artistic Heritage EnsembleMalcolm X Memorial (A Tribute In Music) (LP sleeve edition) ... CD
Zulu/Katalyst, 1968. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A brilliant tribute to the late Malcolm X – served up by Chicago's legendary Artistic Heritage Ensemble! The record's got an even farther-reaching sound than the group's self-titled effort – a flowing style that unfolds as their tribute to Malcolm rolls on – starting spare and earthy at first, then picking up a fuller, prouder, much more righteous groove as things really get going! As before, there's plenty of heavy percussion at the bottom of most tracks – topped by complicated horn passages that often verge on the exotic – and which have a tremendously captivating sound. The ensemble's led by the great Phil Cohran, who played with Sun Ra for a bit, and also plays cornet on the record – the rest of the group includes Charles Williams, Don Myrick, Louis Satterfield, Pete Cosey, Henry Gibson, Willie Woods, and Aaron Dodd – a lineup of players who also worked with Sun Ra, The Pharoahs, and Earth Wind & Fire! The LP's a suite of 4 tracks dedicated to Malcolm X, each capturing a period of his life, "Malcolm Little", "Detroit Red", "Malcolm X", and "El Hajj Malik El Shabazz". CD
(Packaged in a cool record-style sleeve.)

Possible matches53
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Eddie HarrisStudy In Jazz/Breakfast At Tiffany's ... CD
Vee Jay (Spain), 1961. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
These 2 LPs on one CD show not only the brilliance of the young Eddie Harris (a brilliance that was not easily matched later in his career), but also the brilliant way that the Chicago jazz scene of the 60's could absorb so many different influences and styles, and mix them up into a fantastic sound that was totally unique. Take, for example, the cut "Oliphant Gesang", which has an exotic groove, and weird solos on the horns that sound like Elephant noises, and which are much more in the Sun Ra camp. Or the track "Dancing Bull", which uses electric guitar to create a cool Spanish sound. Or the whole album of Breakfast at Tiffany's, which has Eddie doing sort of a soul jazz reading of Mancini's score, with Charles Stepney on vibes and Willie Pickens on piano. The CD's got 18 tracks in all, with excellent remastering, and a very sharp package! CD
(Out of print.)
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
June ChristySomething Cool (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Capitol, 1953. Used ... $0.99
From its booze-soaked title cut, to its haunting selection of lonely ballads like "Midnight Sun" and "Stranger Called The Blues", this is one of the most fantastic vocal jazz albums of all time – and a record that we'd recommend instantly to anyone! June Christy has an incredibly icy tone on the record, filled with sorrow, regret, and loneliness – all of which are amplified even more deeply by Pete Rugolo's eerie, off-kilter arrangements. And, on this CD reissue, you'll also hear the pair in a whopping amount of extra material, pulled from singles and albums issued around the same time, for a total of 24 cuts in all. Titles include "Magazines", "Whee Baby", "I'm Thrilled", "Out Of Somewhere", and "The Night We Called It A Day". Fantastic stuff! CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jerry GonzalezRumba Para Monk ... CD
Sunnyside (France), 1988. Used ... $5.99
Features Carter Jefferson on tenor and Larry Willis on piano! CD

Partial matches64
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Michel LegrandLa Piscine/Un Homme Est Mort/Un Peu De Soleil Dans L'Eau Froide ... CD
Universal (Japan), 1968. New Copy ... $13.99
An incredibly groovy late 60s soundtrack from Michel Legrand – presented here with 2 other lesser-known gems as well! La Piscine may well be one of the last under-reissued scores from Legrand's genius period – that time when he was hitting heavily on soundtracks for The Thomas Crown Affair, Umbrellas Of Cherbourg, and other classics. This one's got a feel that's right up there with those – a mix of jazzy styles, mod themes, and cool vocal touches – sometimes scatted a bit, with that raspy style we love in Legrand's singing. A few other tunes are a bit mellow, but in a great way that really fits the watery title of the set – cool and shimmering, and with a great sense of sound that really shows Legrand's talents. Titles include "La Piscine", "Chasse Croise", "Blues Pour Romy", "Suspicion", "Une Enquete", "Dans La Soiree", and "De Souvenirs En Regrets" – plus "Run Brother Rabbit" sung by Delaney Bramlett and "Ask Yourself Why" sung by Sally Stevens. CD also features 3 great tracks from the film Un Homme Est Mort – "Une Homme Est Morte", "Onyx Bar", and "American Funeral" – all organ-heavy numbers, two of them jazzy, one ethereal! The remaining 7 tracks on the set are from the film Un Peu De Soleil Dans L'Eau Froide – some of which are a bit softer and mellower, although a few are upbeat and plenty groovy! These titles include "Dis-Moi", which is sung by Legrand – plus "Vivons L'Aventure", "Nathalie A Paris", "Seule Dans Paris", "Gilles Et Nathalie", and "Main Dans La Main". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Albert AylerCopenhagen Live 1964 ... CD
Hat Hut (Switzerland), 1964. New Copy ... $16.99 19.99
The first-ever proper issue of this amazing live material from 1964 – work that was recorded at the Club Montmartre in Copenhagen, right around the same time that Albert Ayler recorded his album for Debut Records – and a set that has his quartet in even more firey formation overall! The tracks are long, and Ayler is completely unbridled – at a level that really shows not only how much of a leader he was to the American avant underground, but what an inspiration he was to the European free scene too – who could only help but take a big cue from his work here on tenor! The group also features equally wonderful work from Don Cherry on cornet – sounding quite different than when with Ornette Coleman – plus bass from Gary Peacock, whose dark tones really set the mood – and drums from Sunny Murray, who is also at an explosive point in his career. The material is remastered wonderfully, with permission from Albert Ayler's estate – and titles include "Mothers", "Saints", "Vibrations", Spirits", "Children", and a shorter "Spirits". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Wolfgang Dauner QuintetOimels ... CD
MPS/Long Hair (Germany), 1969. New Copy ... $19.99
A madly tripped out session from keyboardist Wolfgang Dauner – quite possibly one of THE most archetypal albums on MPS! The record's got a really mad groove that mixes together funky jazz, Indian music, and some of the weirder sounds floating around the European scene at the end of the 60s – handled here by Dauner on both piano and organ, plus guitar and sitar from Sigi Schwab, bass and cello from Eberhard Weber, and some especially heavy drum work from Roland Wittich! The record is famously known for the sitar funk number "Take Off Your Clothes To Feel The Setting Sun" – a track that also features vocals from Wolfgang – and other numbers have a very similar feel – throwing in a bit of vocals where you might not expect, and blowing part even familiar tunes with a madly tripped out version of psychedelic jazz! Titles include "Take Off Your Clothes", "Greensleeves", "Come On In On In", "Day In The Life", "Uwii", and "Dig My Girl". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Arrows/Sunrays/Somebody's Chyldren/Davy JonesHellcats – Original Soundtrack ... CD
Tower/Reel Time (UK), Late 60s. Used ... $9.99
This one's got it all – fuzzy instrumentals, sweet harmonies, and some nice trippy parts too – all wrapped up in a set that's easily one of the best Tower Records rock soundtracks of the 60s! Most of the schlocky biker soundtracks from the time are already pretty darn great – but this one's even a cut above – put together with a special quality that's always made us dig this one the most! The album features a great cut called "Hellcats" – a harmony rocker by The Sunrays, and just as great as their own album tracks. The set also features an instrumental "Hellcats" and "The Angry Mob" by The Arrows – plus psych oriented tracks by Davy Jones & The Dolphins, including "The Only Way To Fly", "Mass Confusion", and "Let's Live A Little" – and "I'm Up" and "The Marionettes" by Somebody's Chyldren. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Beach BoysBeach Boys 1967 – Sunshine Tomorrow (Wild Honey stereo/Smiley Smile sessions/live unreleased tracks) ... CD
Capitol, 1967. New Copy 2CD ... $19.99 21.99
An amazing treasure for fans of the Beach Boys during their highest moment of genius – a huge batch of unreleased tracks from their important year of 1967 – plus the rare stereo mix of Wild Honey! We love the Wild Honey album – a back-to-basics album of sorts – shorter, catchier songs recorded by the group after the collapse of Smile – but a record that still has some really wonderful moments overall – and which shows that The Beach Boys would never be the same after Pet Sounds! There's a mix of older rock themes and new adult ones here – sung by a group who's really growing into their emotions, and approaching things from new directions than in the past. Heartbreak and happiness are both center stage here – often at the same time – on titles that include "Wild Honey", "Country Air", "I'd Love Just Once To See You", "Darlin", and "How She Boogalooed It". The 2CD set features 20 more amazing tracks from the sessions for the record – all very cool alternate songs or in progress compositions – of the sort that you've heard in the Smile or Pet Sounds collections – really showing Brian Wilson's genius in the studio. Plus, there's also 10 more songs from the Smiley Smile sessions – which are equally wonderful too – never issued before! Then, there's a full unissued live album – Lei'd In Hawaii - with a total of 13 tracks – then 5 more live tracks from Hawaii in 1967, and another 5 more unreleased tracks from an east coast tour late in the year! The total for the set is 30 unreleased studio tracks, 23 unreleased live tracks – and 11 more numbers from the Wild Honey album! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Sally BeamishImagined Sound Of Sun On Stone, Etc – Ola Rudner/Swedish Chamber Orchestra ... CD
Bis (Sweden), 2000. Used ... $8.99
... CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Barbara BenarySun On Snow – Aural Shoehorning/Sun On Snow/Barang I & II/Downtown Steel – Members Of DownTown Ensemble & Gamelan Son Of Lion ... CD
New World, 2006. Used ... $6.99
... CD
(Barcode has a cutout hole.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Svein FinnerudComplete Released Works 1968 to 1999 (3CD set & DVD) (Svein Finnerud Trio/Plastic Sun/Multimal/Thoughts/Travel Pillow/Egne Hoder) ... CD
Plastic Strip Press (Norway), Late 60s/1970s/1980s/1990s. New Copy 3CDs/DVD ... $32.99
An amazing tribute to the genius of pianist Svein Finnerud – a package that features 6 full albums of music, plus a bonus DVD of live, TV, and radio performances and interviews! The music starts in 1968 – with Svein's groundbreaking self-titled trio record – a masterpiece of understatement, one that takes the spare, lyrical style of the Bill Evans generation, and moves it into even more mellow, contemplative territory. The album's recorded with bassist Bjornar Andresen and drummer Espen Rud – who are frequent partners with Finnerud on other records in the collection – dates that include Plastic Sun (1972), Multimal (1971), Thoughts (1984), Travel Pillow (1994), and Egne Hoder (1999). DVD features performances from the late 60s, a TV show from 1970, and even some bonus slides and radio interviews too. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ella FitzgeraldSunshine Of Your Love ... CD
MPS/Motor (Germany), 1969. Used ... $11.99
Very cool, very groovy, and one of Ella Fitzgerald's hippest albums of the 60s! The set was recorded in San Francisco in the late 60s, but was issued by MPS in Germany as proof that the label always had an ear for bringing something different out of a mainstream artist. And although live, the album's got a romping, hard grooving style that's filled with plenty of soul – arranged surprisingly by Tommy Flanagan, with a bouncing, bottom-end groove that even gets a bit funky at times! The centerpiece of the album is Ella's funky cover of the title cut – Cream's big hit "Sunshine Of Your Love" – proof that even an old gal can get funky with the right material! Other tracks include "This Girl's In Love With You", "Watch What Happens", "House Is Not A Home", and "Hey Jude". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
GrapefruitYesterday's Sunshine – The Complete 1967/1968 London Studio Sessions ... CD
RPM (UK), 1967/1968. New Copy ... $11.99
Incredible pop psych sounds from Grapefruit – a group who might be best known for their early inclusion in the Beatles' Apple Corps – but who can easily stand on their own with the strength of material like this! The production is superb, and the overall vision in the music is sublime – trippy touches, but never too many – and vocals that echo out with both a sense of harmony in the group, and some beautiful larger touches in the studio! The whole thing's got a subtle power that we'd rank right up there with The Zombies, just as they were starting to get great – and the collection finally gets these guys out from the shadows of The Beatles, to show the world how great they were on their own. CD features a number of unissued tracks, and titles taken from tapes and brilliantly remastered – and the set features 20 titles that include "Dead Boot", "Dear Delilah", "Breaking Up A Dream", "Elevator", "Another Game", "Yes", "Ain't It Good", "Sweet Little Miss No Name", "Theme For A Lonely Queen", "Round & Round", "One More Try", "Yesterday's Sunshine", and "Do What You Want To". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Alexandra GrimalShape – Live At The Sunset ... CD
Marge (France), 2008. New Copy ... $9.99 16.99
A tenor and organ session – but unlike anything you'd remember from the old days! Instead, saxophonist Alexandra Grimal goes for a complete reinvention of the genre – working with a trio that uses the organ to texture these deep, rich keyboard sounds that are almost like waves of energy – which she then works against with her completely creative lines on tenor and soprano sax – a really wicked blend of sounds that's unlike anything you'd ever expect to hear from a trio like this! In addition to Hammond, Antonin Rayon also plays a bit of clavinet – and the group also features Emmanuel Scarpa on some relatively free drums and percussion. Titles include "Mouvances", "En Silence", "Le Sang N'Est Pas Bleu", "Forets Aleatoires", and "Texture". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Sofia GubaidulinaCanticle Of The Sun/Music For Flute Strings & Percussion – Emmanuel Pahud/Mstislave Rostropovich/Ryusuke Numajiri/London Symphony Orchestra ... CD
EMI, 1999/2001. Used ... $3.99
... CD
(Out of print. CD case has a cutout notch.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
IncognitoClassic Album Series (Who Needs Love/Adventures In Black Sunshine/Eleven/bonus tracks) (3CD set) ... CD
Dome (UK), 2002/2004/2005. New Copy 3 CDs ... $19.99
Three great albums from Incognito – served up at a mighty nice price, and with bonus tracks too! Who Needs Love is a gem from over a decade ago – and Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunick pulled out all the stops on this set – working with a range of vocalists that includes Joy Rose, Kelli Sae, Tony Momrelle, Joy Malcolm, and Brazilian soul legend Ed Motta! The range of voices on the set really gives it a lot of depth – moving past the easy jazz funk moments of earlier sets, and going for an all-solid, all-soulful approach that really blows our mind! Great stuff all the way through – maybe their best album in years – and a record you'll be playing into the next decade. Titles include "Morning Sun", "Who Needs Love", "Stone Cold Heart", "Where Love Shines", "Blue", "Fly", "If You Want My Love", and "Cada Dia". On Adventures In Black Sunshine, the groove is sweetly soulful, with a jazzy undercurrent that hearkens back to the best west coast soul of the 70s – and Bluey's got the group honed to perfection, playing with a razor-sharp edge that keeps the tunes as funky as they are soulful! Vocals are by Maysa and Tony Momrelle – and tracks include "Don't Turn My Love Away", "This Thing Called Love", "The Principles Of Love", "Everything Your Heart Desires", "Close My Eyes", "25th Chapter", and "Mr Jones". Eleven is a record that's a great testament to Incognito's richly-collaborative spirit – a quality that makes plenty of room here for lead vocals by Maysa Leak, Imaani, and Carleen Anderson – and which benefits strongly from some great keyboard lines by Ski Oakenfull. But as usual, mainman Bluey is the one to thank for the record – because his sense of groove, and love of classic 70s-influenced soul comes through very strongly on all tracks – hitting an on-the-money sound that makes the group, and this latest album, stand head to head with some of the best soul acts of classic years. Another winner from Incognito – not a bit of fluff at all – and a sublime batch of tracks that includes "Jacaranda", "Show Me Love", "We Got Music", "Let The Mystery Be", "Will I Ever Learn", "I'll Get By", "As Long As It's You", and "When Tomorrow Brings You Down". Bonus tracks include the previously-unreleased "To Prove My Love" and "Feel The Real" – plus "Zaius (Ski Oakenfull mix)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Frankie LaineThat Lucky Old Sun (6CD set/pic disc) ... CD
Mercury/Bear Family (Germany), Late 40s/Early 50s. Used 6CDs ... $54.99
Think what you want about Frankie Laine – he's a tremendous singer with a voice that's unlike anyone else in the mid-century years! This package features all of Frankie's earliest work – from a time when he was as likely to place on the R&B charts as the pop charts – material from his years at Bel-Tone, Atlas, and Mercury Records! The set also features a heavy book that's full of rare images, and a very cool 10" picture disc too! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousWindy City Blues – The Transition – 1935 to 1953 (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Nighthawk, Late 30s/1940s/Early 50s. Used ... Out Of Stock
Pivotal years of the Chicago blues scene – a time when the city was moving from rural influences to electric modes! That great span of work is presented here beautifully – in a set of tracks that begins in the mid 30s and end in the mid 50s – tracing an evolution that would not only go on to transform the music, but also have a huge impact on other styles for decades to come! The set features a 16 tracks in all – including "Please Don't" by Johnny Shines, "Fishin Blues" by Tony Hollins, "Down Behind The Rise"by Guitar Pete Franklin, "Black Spider Blues" by Robert Lockwood, "Sunnyland" by Sonny Boy Williamson, "Prowlin Nighthawk" by Robert Lee McCoy, "Easy Ridin Mama" by Washboard Sam, and "Sweet To Mama" by State Street Boys. CD features 8 more bonus tracks – mostly from the mid 50s – by Willie Nix, Floyd Jones, John Brim, and others! CD
Also available Windy City Blues – The Transition – 1935 to 1953 ... LP 15.99

Partial matches80
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Amen CornerRound Amen Corner – The Complete Deram Recordings ... CD
Deram/RPM (UK), Late 60s. New Copy ... $11.99
Sweet jangle pop from Amen Corner – one of the sunniest UK groups of the late 60s! The group checked in big with their hit "Bend Me Shape Me" – and follow through here with an equally catchy, equally groovy set of tracks – tunes that really let them move past the straighter format of a hit, and work through a whole range of excellent modes in the space of an album! There's a much more expansive style here than we'd expect – as even familiar tunes are handled with playful arrangements and offbeat instrumental flourishes – more than enough to take a core mod pop groove, and push it into some cool pop psych territory. Titles include "Expressway To Your Heart", "Good Times", "Lost & Found", "Gin House", "Something You've Got", "Judge Rumple Crassila", and "Bend Me Shape Me". CD features bonus tracks added to the original Deram album – including "The World Of Broken Hearts", "Nema", "Satisnek The Job's Worth", "Run Run Run", and "High In The Sky". CD

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