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Peven EverettSpeed Of Light ... CD
Studio Confessions, 2002. Used ... $6.99
Excellent work from Peven Everett – another one of his home-made underground soul CDs, issued by Peven himself as a big "F#$% You" to the major labels that have screwed around with him in the past! The CD is a brilliant mix of soul, jazz, house, and touches of Afro-centric rhythms – crafted in a swirling mix that dips back 30 years into the history of soul, yet still points the way towards a richly positive future – sounding a heck of a lot more "real" than just about anyone else we can think of on the market today, and showing Everett as a burgeoning soul genius – on a par with D'Angelo, Norman Harris, Donnie Hathway, and, dare we say it, Marvin Gaye. Tracks include "Testin Me", "Stroll By The River", "Run Around", "One More Time", "Puerto Rico", and "Your Letter". 13 tracks in all! CD
(Note that each of these is handmade by Peven – so that the items will have a self-produced, homemade look to them that differs from CD to CD – although the music is great, and that production makes these one of a kind items!)

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Mark MancinaSpeed – Original Motion Picture Score ... CD
Fox, 1994. Used ... $2.99
... CD

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WingsWings At The Speed Of Sound ... CD
Capitol, 1976. Used ... $11.99
Possibly the last truly wonderful Wings album of the 70s – a monumental crossover record that smoothed out their groove a bit more and delivered some wonderful hits! Denny Laine is still in the group at this point, and titles include the classics "Let Em In" and "Silly Love Songs" – plus "Cook Of The House", "San Ferry Anne", "Warm & Beautiful", "Wino Junko", and "The Note You Never Wrote". CD
(Out of print.)

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✨✧ Jack WalrathUnsafe At Any Speed ... CD
Steeplechase (Denmark), 2015. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Jack Walrath just keeps on growing and growing as a musician – a hell of a trumpeter for the past few decades, but also a great writer too – with a fresh approach to a tune that really keeps things interesting! This set may well be one of Walrath's best in years – a soulful quintet outing that has some especially nice tenor from Abraham Burton, who brings some darker tones to the record – and has this way of sharpening Walrath's horn too – as the pair step out in the lead over some of Jack's inventive compositions, then stretch out individually in well-phrased solos. The rhythm trio keeps just the right for each individual track – sometimes sprightly, but never too playful – sometimes more laidback, and nicely mellow. George Burton plays piano, Boris Kozlov plays bass, and Donald Edwards is on drums – and titles include "End The Beguine", "Why Not", "Bobby Timmons", "Unsafe At Any Speed", and "Happiness Really Is A Warm Puppy". CD
(Booklet has a cut corner.)
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✨✧ Chuito & The Latin UniquesFrom The Street (remastered edition) ... CD
Speed/Fania, Late 60s. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
One of our favorite Latin Soul albums ever – a really standout session on the legendary Speed label! The set's a perfect example of the best brewing of modes going on in late 60s Spanish Harlem – as it's got tight Latin rhythms, an undercurrent of funk, and some incredible soul vocals at points – all with a heartbreaking quality that's almost more soul than Latin! Jesus "Chuito" Santiago leads a crack little group on timbales – with a sound that's really sharp-edged, and often a bit earthier than grooves at the time on bigger Latin labels – but the mighty Morty Croft is also in the house on percussion, and helps some of the tracks that that joyous bounce we associate with his other great work on Speed. Soul singer Tony Middleton turns out some amazing vocals for the track "Spanish Maiden" – a tune that's worth the price of admission alone – and other cuts include "Hey Funky Mama", "Dixie Peach", "Ponte A Sonar", "Wish I Could", "Aqui Llego", and "Stan's Stamina". CD
(Out of print.)
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Gil EvansGil Evans & Ten (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Prestige (Japan), 1957. Used ... $24.99
Fantastic early work from Gil Evans – emerging here in this early session as an already far-thinking modernist. The tracks are shorter and less ambitious than some of Evans' work on Impulse, but the group is excellent – and even in a shorter format, the conception of the work still contains plenty of rich new ideas. Players include Louis Mucci, John Carisi, Steve Lacy, Willie Ruff, Paul Chambers, Nick Stabulis, and "Zeke Tolin" on alto, who is certainly a more famous player under a fake name. Titles include "Ella Speed", "Big Stuff", "Jambangle", "Nobody's Heart", and "Remember". CD
(Out of print. Includes obi.)
Also available Gil Evans & Ten ... LP 59.99

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Junior ManceJunior Mance Trio At The Village Vanguard (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Jazzland (Japan), 1961. Used ... $6.99
A firey little trio session from Junior Mance – one that features tracks taken at a pace that's even more uptempo than usual, and which really pushes his skills on the keys! The speed of the set is by no means a detriment to Mance's soulful playing – and if anything, the record stands as one of his most compelling from the period – not just a batch of soul jazz styles that were soon becoming cliches, but a vibrant example of the full range of Mance's talents, caught in a very spontaneous setting. Trio members include Larry Gales on bass and Ben Riley on drums – and titles include "Smokey Blues", "Bingo Domingo", "Looptown", "Letter From Home", and "Girl Of My Dreams". CD
(Out of print, includes obi.)
Also available Junior Mance Trio At The Village Vanguard ... LP 14.99

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✨✧ Chris BellI Am The Cosmos (2CD deluxe edition) ... CD
Ardent/Koala/Rhino Handmade, Mid 70s. Used 2CD ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
The legendary lost masterpiece of Chris Bell – an "album" that was only pulled together many years after his tragic early death, as a solo revelation of the genius that Bell had brought to the first album by Big Star! The tracks are incredible – with plenty to love if you love Big Star, but also maybe a more confident sort of presentation – as if, with any strange turn of psyche, Bell would have been able to rise into 70s pop stardom – had so many forces not conspired against him. Even before the release of the material in the early 90s, the sounds within seemed to have inspire some of the best on the forefront of creative underground work in the 80s – and from the perspective of the 21st Century, the whole thing's one of those records that now feels as if it's been perfectly placed in the legacy it deserves – every bit as magical now as when it was recorded. Titles include the classic "You & Your Sister", plus "Look Up", "I Got Kinda Lost", "There Was A Light", "Fight At The Table", "Make A Scene", "Better Save Yourself", "Speed Of Sound", and "I Am The Cosmos". CD
(Out of print.)
Also available I Am The Cosmos (clear vinyl pressing – with bonus download) ... LP 18.99

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✨✧ David BowieStage ... CD
Virgin, 1978. Used 2 CDs ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A tremendous live set cut during the height of David Bowie's years in Berlin – and the kind of performance that showed that his more experimental work from this time could be every bit as appealing as the classics! The first half of the set features some amazing numbers from the Heroes and Low years – presented here with some darker orchestrations that sound really wonderful, and which slightly recast the styles of the tunes on the albums. The second half mixes in some older classics with a few surprising bits – making for the kind of "star appeal" that must have been welcome to more mainstream Bowie fans during these more obscure years. 20 tracks in all – including "Beauty & The Beast", "Breaking Glass", "Speed Of Life", "What In The World", "Heroes", "Warszawa", "Be My Wife", "Soul Love", "Star", "Art Decade", "Alabama Song", "TVC 15", and "Ziggy Stardust". CD

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✨✧ Gene Barge, David Matthews, & Andre DavisStony Island – Original Soundtrack ... CD
TK/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1978. Used ... Out Of Stock
A sweet set of soundtrack funk – from a film named after one of our favorite streets in Chicago! Although the record's got an approach that's perhaps a bit tighter and smoother than anything going down on Stony in the late 70s, it does manage to share a good deal of styles with the Chi-soul scene of the time – thanks to work on the record from Chicagoans Gene Barge, Sonny Seals, and Tennyson Stephens! Many of the tracks on the set have a bad-walking soul approach – one that's kind of a mixture of funky and bluesy – and these are laid out next to some jazzier instrumentals that we like most of all – tunes that have a great funky soundtrack feel, but with a bit more fusion touches than usual, probably because of the work of David Matthews. Titles include "Percy Fired", "Party Lights", "High Speed Posters", "Back To Business", "Chase The Train", "Gangster City", "Dream Ride", and "Peace Of Mind". CD
(Includes obi.)
Also available Stony Island – Original Soundtrack ... CD 13.99
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Elvis PresleyEasy Come Easy Go/Speedway ... CD
RCA, Late 60s. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
... CD
(Out of print. Booklet and rear artwork have a cutout mark.)

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Clarke Boland Big BandHandle With Care ... CD
Atlantic/Koch, 1962. Used ... $5.99
Great work by this legendary hard swinging band – an early 60s American album issued on Atlantic Records, in the years before the Clark Boland Band's legendary run on MPS! Despite the early date, the album's got all the core elements of the band's sound in place – soaring rhythms, sharp-edged frontlines, and some great solo work by players who include Benny Bailey, Derek Humble, Jimmy Woode, Shahib Shihab, Idrees Sulieman, and Fats Sadi – coming together in a brilliant trans-Atlantic meeting of jazz talents! Tracks include "Long Note Blues", "Speedy Reeds", "Sonor", and "Om Mani Padme Hum". CD
(Out of print.)

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Georgie Fame & The Blue FlamesSweet Things (Japanese paper sleeve edition – with bonus tracks) ... CD
Polydor (Japan), 1966. Used ... $14.99
A definite sweet thing from Georgie Fame – a record that has him filling in his sound even more than before, with tremendously soulful results! The backings here are bigger than before – a bit tooled in an American soul mode, but still with that beautifully raspy Georgie Fame touch – lots of jazzy inflections on the vocals, and a way of handling a tune, even a familiar one, and really working it on his own level. Hammond still fills in most of the tunes, but other instrumentation includes some nice African percussion from Speedy Acquaye, saxes from Pete Coe, and some nice bold drums from John Mitchell. These come out to the forefront on the classic funky tune "Music Talk" – and still sound great on other numbers that include "The World Is Round", "Last Night", "Dr Kitch", "My Girl", "Ride Your Pony", and "Sweet Thing". CD features 9 more bonus tracks – including "No No", "It Ain't Right", "Sick & Tired", "So Long", and "Blue Monday". CD
(Includes obi.)

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Jedi Mind TricksViolent By Design ... CD
Landspeed, 2000. Used ... $9.99
Tracks include "Speech Cobras" featuring Mr. Lif, "Words From Mr. Len, Part One", "Deer Hunter" featuring Chief Kamachi, "Words From Mr. Len, Part Two", "Trinity" featuring Louis Logic and L-Fudge. CD
(Out of print. Digipack has some edgewear.)

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Stanley TurrentineCherry (Japanese pressing) ... CD
CTI/King (Japan), 1972. Used ... $13.99
One of the best CTI albums from the early 70s – and one of Stanley Turrentine's funkiest records as well! The album's got a sharper edge than most other Turrentine albums of the time – a quality that goes beyond Stan's already soulful approach to the tenor, and which brings in some tight changes and more pronounced rhythms that really give the best cuts a great groove! The group's a sextet – with Bob James on electric piano, Milt Jackson on vibes, Cornell Dupree on guitar, Ron Carter on bass, and Billy Cobham on drums – and titles include a monster version of Weldon Irvine's "Sister Sanctified" – a great funk tune that's probably best known as the sample for "My Philosophy" by BDP! Other tracks include "Speedball", "Cherry", and "The Revs". CD
(Out of print.)
Also available Cherry ... LP 6.99

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✨✧ Lee MorganGigolo ... CD
Blue Note, 1965. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Tremendous work by Lee Morgan – easily one of his greatest albums, and a soaring session of modal energy that easily rivals the best work of the Impulse era! The album's got a slightly different feel than usual for Blue Note – a sense of freedom, joy, and soaring energy that's totally great – explored by a crack group that features Morgan on trumpet, Wayne Shorter on tenor, Harold Mabern on piano, Bob Cranshaw on bass, and Billy Higgins on drums – all coming together with a unique sense of creativity! The rhythm section is one of the key factors here – as Mabern, Cranshaw, and Higgins have a fluid groove that really sets the tone for the record – letting Morgan and Shorter stretch out to the height of their powers, and explore some incredible modal and soulful themes. Titles include the seminal 11 minute reading of "The Gigolo", plus "Yes I Can No You Can't", "Speedball", and "Trapped" – as well as an excellent reading of "You Go To My Head" that completely opens up the old standard! Plus, this CD reissue's got a bonus alternate take of "The Gigolo", for an extra 10 minutes of music! CD

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