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Paul WellerDays Of Speed ... CD
Epic, 2001. Used ... $1.99

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✨✧ O'JaysMessage In The Music/Travelin' At The Speed of Thought ... CD
Philadelphia International/Demon (UK), 1976/1977. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Classic work from the second great Philly phase of the O'Jays' career! In 1976, the O'Jays re-signed to the Philly International label – thus kicking off their second stretch with Gamble and Huff, and burning harder than ever with a really righteous groove! The 2 albums in this package show Eddie Levert and Co honing their craft – still keeping the vocals nice and soulful, but transforming their sound even further, taking it light years from the rawer early recordings of the 60s, into the ever changing face of modern soul at the end of the 60s. And despite the fact that these albums never yielded as many hits as the earlier ones, they're still pretty darn nice – and are proof that Philly kept on kicking out great albums year after year. Tracks include "Message In the Music", "Let Life Flow", "Make A Joyful Noise", "A Prayer", "Paradise", "Work On Me", "Let's Spend Some Time Together", "Those Lies", and "We're All In This Thing Together". 16 tracks in all. CD
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Joshua AbramsBusride Interview ... CD
Lucky Kitchen, 2002. Used ... $7.99
Subtle electronics and a bit of live instrumentation from Chicago bassist Josh Abrams aka Reminder. Tracks include "Trip North", "After Fire", "Departure (Cellar)", "Plums", "Lo Speed Chase", "Everything Can Be good Sometimes", "Attic" and "Crossing Kingston Bridge". CD
(In a really nice foldout cardboard case. One corner has a slight crease.)

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Lee FieldsProblems ... CD
Soul Fire, 2002. Used ... $11.99
Tight!! Lee Fields, one of the great criminally under appreciated funky geniuses of the 70s is back with another pounding, raw funk classic that still finds the man at the peak of his powers, decades after he first made mark on the funk landscape! This is Lee's first full length effort for Soul Fire, a label that we all know goes to painstaking lengths to carefully carry the torch lit by the People Records scene in the 70s into the future, and it's great to see a titan like Lee do amazing work for a great label that does it purely for the love! Lee is absolutely on fire on all 10 of these tracks, with a Godfather like delivery that knocks us out of our chairs every time, whether it's that fiery funk howl that we love so much, or a smooth, soulful glide on the occasional ballad. He's backed up by a bona fide funky orchestra at Soul Fire Studios that includes TONS of hot drums, propulsive percussion, and some driving conga work that steers things into an afro funk groove on several of the tunes. The group MVP, other than Lee himself, could be multi instrumentalist Leon Michels, whose work on flute, keys, tenor and baritone sax, as well guitar and bass not only helps keep the classic 70s feel going, but keeps things crackling at breakneck speed. This isn't newfangled funk revival, this is the real deal from one of the originators – a 33-minute funk maelstrom that will knock you right out of your chair, and have you restarting it the second it ends! Includes "Problems", "The Right Thing", "Rapping With Lee", "I Don't Know Where I'm Going", and "Honey Dove". Oh, if only all of our heroes remained this vital! CD
(Out of print first pressing.)

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LubriphonicGig Is On ... CD
Lubriphonic, 2010. Used ... $2.99
Heavy grooves from Chicago's funk & soul blender Lubriphonic – who bring a speed and intensity to the modern funk sound that's mighty impressive! One thing that we dig about Lubriphonic's gig is that they so deftly fuse heat, intensity and raucousness of funk rock without skimping on the classic soul and funk love. They bring it fast and furious, and we're guessing they really tear it up on stage. Includes a tough take on Curtis Mayfield's "If There's A Hell Below (We're All Gonna Go)" – and a bunch of bruising and funky originals including "Rhino", "Under The Line", "No Blues", "The Getaway", "Pay The Man", "Dope Man", "Whatever You Do Don't Stop" and more. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousReturn Of Funk Soul Sisters Presented by SuperFunk – Super Rare, Slinky & Funky Female Funk ... CD
BGP (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. Used ... $8.99
Female funk galore – and one of the greatest all-girl compilations we've ever heard! The set's a brilliant follow-up to the first Funk Soul Sisters set on BGP – but we've gotta say that we like it even better than the first, and really appreciate the wide range of unusual tunes collected on the set! There's a depth here that goes way past the obvious – a love of bad-rapping funky female soul that digs deeper, and comes up with some key gems that explode cliches and really expand our love of the music. Titles include both rare album and single tracks pulled from a variety of American indies of the late 60s and early 70s – and although many are by familiar artists, they offer up a side of their talents you really wouldn't expect! Titles include "Easily Persuaded" by Martha & The Vandellas, "Family Tree" by Little Rose Little, "Who Told You" by Jackie Moore, "That's How I Feel" by The Sisters Of Righteous, "Ain't No Love Lost" by Patti Jo, "Love Connection" by Annette Snell, "Gotta Get Away" by Harolyn Montgomery, "Just A Mistake" by The Ebonettes, "Do You Really Want To Rescue Me (part 1)" by Elsie Mae, "It's My Thing" by Betty Moorer, "Speed Ticket" by Inez & Charlie Foxx, "Get On Up & Do It Baby" by Marie Adams, and "Jesse Joe" by Jean Knight. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ David BowieLow ... CD
RCA/Virgin, 1977. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
The Thin White Duke turns to the east – and gets a whole new sound with help from Brian Eno! The album is an amazing departure from some of David Bowie's previous work – a set that's sparer, more spacious, and which is often instrumental – quite a statement, given Bowie's reputation as a songwriter at the time! It's almost like Bowie's shaking off all the confused stardom of the previous parts of the 70s – and is stepping forward as a new being from a new space – cleaner, leaner, and simpler than before – but hardly evacuated of soul at all, certainly not as much as you might guess from the Man Who Fell To Earth image on the cover. Titles include "Speed Of Life", "Be My Wife", "A New Career In A New Town", "Warsawza", "Art Decade", "Weeping Wall", and "Sound & Vision". CD

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✨✧ DJ QuikRhythm-Al-Ism ... CD
Profile, 1998. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
14 tracks total, with titles including "We Still Party", "Hand In Hand" featuring 2nd II None, "Down Down Down" featuring Suga Free, Mausberg, & AMG, "No Doubt" featuring Playa Hamm & Suga Free, "Speed", "Medley For A V" featuring Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, AMG, 2nd II None, Hi-C, & El DeBarge, and "Bombudd II". CD
(BMG Direct pressing.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Michael JacksonBad (special edition) ... CD
Epic, 1987. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
The third great album in the trilogy that includes Off The Wall and Thriller – and a set that still has Michael Jackson running strong at the height of his solo powers! Quincy Jones is still at the helm, and Michael more than proves that he can still come up with a pop tune without going too far over the top – catchy, compelling numbers that played well all over the world of pop – but which still hang onto just a little part of his soul roots too! That balance is a key factor to the success of this set – a record that helped re-ignite interest in Jackson's music, and introduce him to a whole new generation – while still keeping most of the older fans plenty pleased too. Titles include "Just Good Friends", "Smooth Criminal", "Bad", "Another Part Of Me", "Man In The Mirror", and "Speed Demon". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Francis Monkman/Paul HartEnergism/Futurism ... CD
Bruton Music/Vocalion (UK), 1978/1981. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Sweet keyboard work from the UK sound library scene at the end of the 70s – two very forward-thinking records with lots of space age touches! First up is Energism – a set that's heavy on keyboards, moog, and synth from Francis Monkman – all played with a tight rhythm section that keeps things driving throughout – with a vibe that's different than some of the more spare electronic sound library records of previous years! There's a style here that almost prefaces 80s film scoring – especially horror and crime – and Monkman isn't afraid to use the synth in a very dramatic way, which is a real plus with us. Titles include "Perpetual Motion", "The Achievements Of Man", "Man & Superman", "The Ascent Of Man", and "Bionics". Futurism features lots more keyboards from Paul Hart – played in a mix of eerie, cosmic lines and more forward-moving moments – all with the dynamism of a great action soundtrack, and with a good ear for a melody as well! Hart's kind of in the second generation of Brit electronic theme music here – post Doctor Who, but still with all the great elements of those years. Titles include "Pace Of Change", "Nucleus", "Futurism", "Prospect", "Times To Come", and "Speed Factor". CD
Also available Energism/Futurism ... CD 16.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Slum VillageDirty District ... CD
Sequence, 2002. Used ... Out Of Stock
Mix set of previously unreleased tracks from the Slum Village and their favorite artists. Tracks include "One" by Slum Village, "H.E.A.T." by B Flatt featuring Fuzz, "Real Life" by Ten Speed and Brown Shoe, "Big Fella" by Fuzz, "Yesterday" by 3582, and a lot more. CD
(Punch through barcode.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Ultramagnetic MCsCritical Beatdown ... CD
Next Plateau, 1988. Used ... Out Of Stock
The roots of Kool Keith's abstract poetical style with amazing production by Ced Gee. Still one of our all-time favorites. With "Watch Me Now", "Ego Trippin", "Ease Back", "Funky", "Kool Keith Housing Things", "Feelin It", "Ced Gee (Delta Force One)", "Traveling At The Speed Of Thought" and more. CD
(Out of print.)
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Speedball BabyI'm Gonna Stomp Mr. Harry Lee ... CD
Sympathy For The Record Industry, 1998. Used ... $0.99
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousGrazing In The Trash Vol 1 – Soul Fire Funk 45 Collection ... CD
Soul Fire, 2001. Used ... $16.99
Some of the best funk ever recorded in modern years! This tasty CD-only set brings together 7 funky 45s (a & b sides!) recorded for the Soul Fire label – a groundbreaking imprint that sprung out of the ashes of the Desco Records empire, with a strong dedication to producing new records with a classic funk sound. All of these titles were initially pressed up on limited edition funky 45s, and most of them are now out of print, never to be put on vinyl again. The CD is the only chance you'll now get to hear most of the material – and it's all top-shelf, A-list, classic funk all the way through! Titles include "Compin & Smokin" and "Damper Down Popcorn" by Calypso King & The Soul Investigators, "Haaa-Sheesh" and "Just Some More Haaa-Sheesh" by JD & The Evil's Dynamite Band, "Soul Safari" and "Two Beat Beast" by Speedometer, "I'm The Man" and "Your Love" by Lee Fields, "Majestic Soul" and "Welfare Line" by Third Point, "There It Is" and "Hook & Sling" by The Soul Command, and even tunes from the "Soul Fire Educational" single, a mass of funky drumbreaks! CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousKeb Darge Presents Funk For The 21st Century ... CD
Do Right (Canada), 2002. Used ... $5.99
Think funk music has to be old to be good? Think again – as Keb Darge takes you on a tour of some of the best funk you'll ever find on one CD, and it's all by current groups! Nobody knows more about old funk than Keb – as his work as a DJ, collector, and compiler have been keeping the music alive for years. But Keb's also open minded enough to realize that there's a heck of a lot of new groups that have been inspired by the classic grooves of the late 60s and early 70s – and who share his love for totally authentic funky tracks that are perfect in every way, top to bottom with dirty, heavy, messed-up funk! The set brings together 14 recent tracks from the deep funk underground – killer cuts that were issued as rare 7" singles, plus a few previously unissued numbers, all with the sock-hard finish of classic work by James Brown or The Meters – and with the added bonus that these are groups that you could actually get up, go out, and see in a club! Tracks include the previously unissued tracks "Wait Up" by Speedometer and "The Badger" by Connie Price & The Keystones – plus "Texas Rumble" by The Imaginary Visions, "Forty First Street Breakdown" by Naomi Davis, "One Note Brown" by The New Mastersounds, "Got To Be The Way It Is" by Sharon Jones, "Who's The King" by Joseph Henry, "The Matador" by The Mighty Imperials, "GT" by The New Mastersounds, "Funky So & So" by The Sugarman Three, and "Blow Your Top (part 1)" by The Soul Destroyers. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Godspeed You Black EmperorSlow Riot For New Zero Kanada ... CD
Kranky, 1999. Used Gatefold ... Out Of Stock

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Linda OhSun Pictures ... CD
Greenleaf, 2013. Used ... Out Of Stock
Beautiful sounds from bassist Linda Oh – a very vivid set that definitely lives up to the pictures promised in the title! Oh's got this way of painting in sound that we really love – sometimes in a straighter jazz formation, sometimes with a more lyrical, open brush that really makes for magic in the music – an approach that few others could handle this way without falling into older cliches or overly-sentimental passages – but which Linda makes come across with the same sort of edge as her music with others. The group maintains the right sort of feel to realize Oh's vision – with Ben Wendel on trumpet, James Muller on guitar, and Ted Poor on drums – all very versatile players, especially Muller – whose tones really do a lot for the record. Titles include "Blue Over Gold", "Footfall", "Polyphonic HMI", "Shutterspeed Dreams", and "10 Minutes Till Closing". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Thirstin Howl IIISkilligan's Island ... CD
Landspeed, 2002. Used ... Out Of Stock
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousSonda – Muzyka Z Programu Telewizyjnego – Library Music From Sonoton Vaults ... CD
GAD (Poland), 1971/Early 80s. Used ... Out Of Stock
Classic cuts from a famous Polish TV show – mostly pulled from the rich catalog of the German Sonoton sound library! The music here is very heavy on keyboards and tight, dramatic grooves – music that's often in the best modes that so few sound libraries could manage at the time – a style that still hangs on to the higher quality inspirations from 70s funk or soundtrack material, without as much of the clunk that more commercial libraries ran into. Things are also usually full and focused, too – still quite electric and electronic, but without any too-dreamy soundscapes or new-agey bits. The book features full notes on the show and the music in both English and Polish – and titles include "Sound Tide" and "Speedy" by The Milan Pilar Group, "That's Fancy 1" and "Threat To Research" by Sammy Burdson, "Biopulse 2" and "Genesis 1" by Claude Larson, "Back From Wonderland" and "Alexandria" by Mladen Franko, "Star Drops" and "Foreground" by Jeff Newmann, "International Scoop" by Ted Atking & Alain French, and "Touch Tone Keyboard" by Sam Sklar & Gus Galbraith. Also includes one older British cut – "Visitation" by Mike Vickers – used as the main theme of the show! CD

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