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✨✧ Peven EverettSpeed Of Light ... CD
Studio Confessions, 2002. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Excellent work from Peven Everett – another one of his home-made underground soul CDs, issued by Peven himself as a big "F#$% You" to the major labels that have screwed around with him in the past! The CD is a brilliant mix of soul, jazz, house, and touches of Afro-centric rhythms – crafted in a swirling mix that dips back 30 years into the history of soul, yet still points the way towards a richly positive future – sounding a heck of a lot more "real" than just about anyone else we can think of on the market today, and showing Everett as a burgeoning soul genius – on a par with D'Angelo, Norman Harris, Donnie Hathway, and, dare we say it, Marvin Gaye. Tracks include "Testin Me", "Stroll By The River", "Run Around", "One More Time", "Puerto Rico", and "Your Letter". 13 tracks in all! CD
(Out of print early pressing.)
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John CorbettI'm Sick About My Hat ... CD
Atavistic, 1999. Used ... $4.99
The first of a projected series of solo releases by Chicago improviser, teacher, and journalist John Corbett. Corbett has been a hugely influential force in the left end of the musical spectrum for past 15 years – and has had an influence as promoter, player, and writer that has spread well on both sides of the Atlantic. This set is billed as the "first panel in the heavy friends triptych", and features Corbett with "Heavy Friends" (ala Lord Sutch) like David Grubbs, Mats Gustafsson, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Lou Mallozzi, Teri Kabsalis, Jeb Bishop, and Jane Baxter Miller. In some cases, the work of the individual players is a bit oblique – as Corbett fronts the whole project from the mixing board, and incorporates much of the musical performance into a larger tapestry of shades and influences. At others, though, they are crystal clear – as on the two tracks in which Terri Kapsalis and Jane Baxter-Miller contribute haunting vocal renditions of "Cold Sweat" and "Wee Small Hours Of The Morning", both of which completely transform the songs. Other titles include "1 of 1", "Speed Hump", "The Silent Treatment", and "Ready Kilowatt". Very nice stuff overall, and there's a lot more going on that we can hope to mention! CD
(Out of print.)

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Peven EverettKissing Games ... CD
Mogul/Studio Confessions, 2002. Used ... $15.99
Another solo masterpiece from Peven Everett – underground soul at its finest, and a hand-made album by this unique artist who refuses to be held to the rules of the record companies! This set's much more uptempo than Peven's Speed Of Light album – jumping along in a lively groove with lots of house music influences and plenty of warm and soulful keyboards. Peven's vocals are more stripped down than before – spare, catchy, and really hitting the essence of his style. A few other tracks feature an unnamed female singer, and as with Peven's other work, the album's steeped in soulful instrumentation that reveals his rich heritage in jazz. Titles include "Sounds Like Paradise", "The Lillie Walk", "Puerto Rico", "Boy I Need", "For Sun Is Gold", and "Draining Pain". CD
(Out of print. Note that each of these is handmade by Peven – so that the items will have a self-produced, homemade look to them – although the music is great, and that production makes these one of a kind items!)

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✨✧ Junior ManceJunior Mance Trio At The Village Vanguard ... CD
Jazzland/OJC, 1961. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A firey little trio session from Junior Mance – one that features tracks taken at a pace that's even more uptempo than usual, and which really pushes his skills on the keys! The speed of the set is by no means a detriment to Mance's soulful playing – and if anything, the record stands as one of his most compelling from the period – not just a batch of soul jazz styles that were soon becoming cliches, but a vibrant example of the full range of Mance's talents, caught in a very spontaneous setting. Trio members include Larry Gales on bass and Ben Riley on drums – and titles include "Smokey Blues", "Bingo Domingo", "Looptown", "Letter From Home", and "Girl Of My Dreams". CD
Also available Junior Mance Trio At The Village Vanguard ... LP 18.99

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✨✧ Phineas NewbornWorld Of Piano ... CD
Contemporary/OJC, 1961. Used ... Out Of Stock
Maybe not a "world" of piano, but a real classic from Phineas Newborn – a record that marks a harder, more soulful sound than some of his 50s work – shaking free from some of his flowery touches on the keys, and digging much deeper into the groove of his Memphis roots! The sound here is really tremendous – boldly leaping forth from the keys with a strength that's really surprising – but still sensitive enough to slide in a few more contemplative notes when the moment calls – sometimes while Newborn is still racing down the keys at breakneck speed! Rhythm on both sides is great – with Paul Chambers & Philly Joe Jones on side one, and Sam Jones and Louis Hayes on side two – and titles include "Cheryl", "Manteca", "Oleo", "Daahoud", "Cabu", and "For Carl". CD
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JD AllenGraffiti ... CD
Savant, 2015. Used ... $9.99
Damn powerful work from tenorist JD Allen – working here in a trio format that really puts the reedman out front, and which gives him plenty of propulsion from the team of Gregg August on bass and Rudy Royston on drums! Royston's an especially present force on the record – snapping things into just the right sort of rhythm that allows Allen to take off boldly on his own – blowing in this trio format with the same sort of longspun creative intensity we love in Sonny Rollins' trio material at the end of the 50s! All tunes are originals by JD, too – fresh, crisp numbers that are very well-suited to the free-thinking qualities of the group – and titles include "Indigo", "Little Mack", "Naked", "Third Eye", "G-Dspeed B Morris", "Jawn Henry", and "Disambiguation". CD

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Arts & SciencesNew You ... CD
Singlespeed, 2012. Used ... $8.99

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Paul McCartney & WingsRed Rose Speedway (plus bonus tracks) ... CD
EMI/MPL (UK), 1973. Used ... $11.99
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lennie TristanoLennie Tristano/New Tristano ... CD
Atlantic, 1955/1961. Used ... $4.99
A double-length set of work from one of the greatest pianists of the 50s – both of his Atlantic albums together on a single CD! First up is the self-titled Lennie Tristano, from 1955 – darkly imaginative work from the great Tristano – and one of the few full albums he ever cut as a leader! The record features the incredible track "Turkish Mambo" – which has Tristano overdubbed 3 times in this dark modal way that's totally amazing, and which will hook you into his playing immediately! A number of other tracks feature a quartet with Lee Konitz – always a good match for Tristano – and a few others have a great trio that's completed by Peter Ind and Jeff Morton. Tracks include "Requiem", "East 32nd", "You Go To My Head", and "Line Up". New Tristano is an incredible record by Lenny – one that features him playing solo piano, but in a way that's so inventive, so creative, so pyrotechnic, that Atlantic Records had to include text on the back cover saying "No use is made of multi-tracking, over-dubbing, or tape-speeding." The album's also one of the last (the last?) that Lennie ever cut – and although many other players are kind of faltering in last sessions like this, Lennie's sounding better than ever – ready to take on a realm of new challenges in the 60s. Titles include "Love Lines", "G Minor Complex", "Becoming", and "Deliberation". CD
(Out of print.)

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Vandermark 5Beat Reader ... CD
Atavistic, 2008. Used ... $4.99
Searing work from the Vandermark 5 – just the kind of set that shows why these guys are have been one of the greatest things going on the US jazz scene for many years! In addition to Ken Vandermark's always-great work on reeds – baritone sax and clarinets this time around – the group's got a rock-solid rhythm section in drummer Tim Daisy and bassist Kent Kessler, both of whom play with a tremendous sense of power and timing, yet never in ways that are too-jamming or too over the top. The cello and light electronics of Fred Lonberg-Holm rounds out a slightly gentler side of the group's sound, and provides some great tonal colors too – and Dave Rempis joins Vandermark as the second reedman, blowing tremendous tenor and alto lines with a great sense of shape. Titles include "Friction", "Speedplay", "Signposts", "New Acrylic", "Any Given Number", and "Desireless". CD

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✨✧ Mariachi Brass with Chet BakerTaste Of Tequila/Hats Off ... CD
World Pacific/BGP (UK), 1966. Used ... Out Of Stock
A strange 60s chapter in the career of trumpeter Chet Baker – but one that we sure like a heck of a lot! These sides were recorded as an answer to the big success of Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass over at A&M Records – and for the sessions, Chet's trumpet was backed by jaunty, brassy arrangements penned by Jack Nitzsche, and to a lesser extent, George Tipton. And while it might be easy to dismiss the tunes as copycat sound-a-likes, they're really not – as Nitszche brings in a much fuller groove to most of the numbers than Herb Alpert ever did – more of a sunny LA pop feel that has the whole group really gliding along on bold waves of sound all topped off by Baker's horn – sounding stronger and more confident here than on most of his other recordings of the 60s! There's a definite Latin undercurrent to most of the numbers, but also a fair bit of mainstream pop instrumentation as well – a style that's bolder and not nearly as compressed as the A&M approach to Tijuana – and one that explodes with some youthful LA energies! CD features 23 tracks in all – all the titles from both albums, plus one bonus track from a single – tunes that include "Flowers On The Wall", "Mexico", "Love Me With All Your Heart", "Hot Toddy", "El Paso", "Come A Little Bit Closer", "Speedy Gonzales", "Happiness Is", "Armen's Theme", "You Baby", "Chiquita Banana", "When The Day Is All Done", "Colonel Bogye March", "It's Too Late", and "The Phoenix Love Theme". CD

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