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VariousSecao Ritmica – Instrumental Funk From 70s Brazil ... CD
Atemoya, 1970s. New Copy ... $11.99 15.98
Fierce funk from 70s Brazil – tracks that easily challenge the same heavy vibe you'd know from American work in the funky 45 underground of the time, or even some of the bigger jazz funk releases of the decade! The artists here aren't inspired by the sound of bossa nova – and instead take keen inspiration from the American world of jazz and soul – which they then mix with occasional instrumental touches of their own region, and often use some wonderfully trippy production to put a really unique spin on the music! So even though these tracks are filled with heavy drums, riffing guitars, and killer keyboards – they've got a special sound that really sets them apart from the American music that first gave them inspiration – all of which makes for an incredibly fresh approach to funky styles. Titles include "Sultana" by Aquarius Band, "Eu Quero Levar Voce Pra Casa" by Ed Lincoln, "The King's Bounce" by Free Sound Orchestra, "Tio Macro" by Dom Salvador, "Kool & The Gang" by Cry Babies, "Metropole" by Cesar Mariano & CIA, "Rush" by Free Sound Orchestra, "Assalto" by Ze Rodrix, "Mr Funky Samba" by Banda Black Rio, and "Tipo Africa" by Brazil Very Happy Band. Also includes "Big Splash" by Som Orlando Silveira, "Ju Ju Man" by Hot Stuff Band, "Batucada Tropical" by Jose Prates, "Bridge" by We, "The Name Of The Game" by Os Tremendoes, and "Papa Jimmy" by Guilherme Coutinho. CD

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Paul DesmondPure Desmond ... CD
CTI/King (Japan), 1974. New Copy ... $13.99
An album of sublime understatement from alto genius Paul Desmond! Desmond was one of the few players who resisted the lure of the 70s electric CTI sound – and stuck pretty much in his usual bag of easy-going grooves, blowing alto with effortless ease, working here with a quartet that includes Ed Bickert on guitar, Connie Kay on drums, and Ron Carter on bass. The tracks are short, but have that magical Desmond quality to them – no tricks, no electric work, just pure and simple coolly blown jazz. Titles include "Everything I Love", "Just Squeeze Me", "I'm Old Fashioned", "Nuages", and "Why Shouldn't I". CD
(Part of the CTI 50th Anniversary Special Collection!)
Also available Pure Desmond ... LP 9.99

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Oscar PetersonOscar Peterson – The Songbooks (5CD set) ... CD
Verve (Germany), 1959. New Copy 5CD ... $39.99
Oscar Peterson returns to a format that he used during his earliest days on Verve Records, but at a level that shows a great deal of change – even though only a few short years had passed! Oscar Peterson's "Plays" albums of the early 50s were a set of landmark records dedicated to the work of important American popular composers – and here, in a marathon set of sessions in 1959, Peterson returns to most of the same songwriters – but using a trio style that's very fresh and new! Before, Peterson was working in his trio format with guitar and bass alongside the piano – but here, he works with older partner Ray Brown on bass and the completely amazing Ed Thigpen on drums – a percussionist who was really bringing a quiet revolution to the sound of his instrument in jazz, in ways that were subtle, but a perfect match for Oscar's work on the keys. Peterson himself is completely amazing – even more mindblowingly dexterous than a few years before, and even more soulful too – and the whole thing's a non-stop testament to that really special level he was hitting at the end of the 50s. The 5CD package features 9 full albums in all, along with detailed notes – a total of 108 tracks. Includes the Oscar Peterson Plays The Songbook sets of Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, George Gershwin, Duke Ellington, Jerome Kern, Richard Rodgers, Harold Arlen, Jimmy McHugh, and both Harry Warren and Vincent Youmans, combined on one record. CD
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CultureTwo Sevens Clash (2CDs – 40th anniversary edition) ... CD
Joe Gibbs/17 North Parade, 1978. New Copy 2 CDs ... $18.99 19.98
Essential! The mighty debut album from African disciples Culture pairing up with the Mighty Two, Joe Gibbs and Errol Thompson is one of the landmark sets of roots reggae, a defining moment of the genre dropped during the year when two sevens clashed. And though the apocalypse didn't rain down from the skies in '77, this album was certainly a world-changing event, one of the finest moments in Kingston's rich musical history! Gibbs provides the trio with a set of uplifting rhythms over which to harmonize, and Culture comes correct on every track, combining a tightly harmonized approach with a rawer, rootsier sound. 10 tracks in all, including "I'm Alone In The Wilderness", "Pirate Days", "Two Sevens Clash", "Caling Rastafari", "I'm Not Ashamed", 'Get Ready To Ride The Lion To Zion", "Black Starliner Must Come", "Jah Pretty Face", "See Them A Come", and "Natty Dread Taking Over". Very special edition – with 11 bonus tracks that include ""Natty Dread Taking Over/Invasion" by Culture & Roy, "Natty Gone Clear" by Joe Gibbs & The Professionals, "Fulfillment" by The Mighty Two, "I'm Not Ashamed/Under Tight Wraps" by Culture & I Roy, "See Them A Come/Mask Mi Mask" by Culture & Prince Weedy, "Informer" by Culture, "Natty Pass His GCE" by Shorty The President, "State Of Emergency" by Joe Gibbs & The Professionals, and "Informer Version" by The Mighty Two. CD

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GoblinSuspiria (40th anniversary edition – with DVD & bonus tracks) ... CD
Cinevox (Italy), 1977. New Copy CD & DVD ... $19.99
One of the wildest 70s soundtracks by the Italian horror genius group Goblin – filled with a lot of weird distorted electronics, strangely recorded percussion, and oddly-tuned guitar parts and basslines! The overall feel still has the band's electric slightly funky sound firmly in place, but the presence of strange techniques makes the soundtrack one of their most interesting records – a really compelling chapter that also links their groundbreaking style to later genius from an 80s generation of composers! Claudio Simonetti plays lots of cool keyboards – from organ to moog to mellotron, mini moog, and more – and titles include "Suspiria", "Sighs", "Witch", "Black Forest", "Blind Concert", and "Death Valzer". Plus, this CD features 5 bonus tracks that were not issued at the time of the original release, for a total of 12 cuts that includes "Suspiria", "Witch", "Black Forest/Blind Concert", "Death Valzer", "Markos", and "Opening To The Sighs". Special edition features 9 bonus tracks – and also comes with a DVD film – Suspiria Behind The Soundtrack – which includes interviews with Dario Argento and Goblin. CD

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Eddie ChambleeDefinitive Black & Blue Sessions – Blowing In Paris ... CD
Black & Blue (France), 1976. New Copy ... $13.99 16.99
One of the few later recordings we've seen from tenorist Eddie Chamblee – a player who first rose to prominence on the Chicago scene of the 50s, and one who's got a well-bitten style that creates a deeply soulful tone! Eddie's roots are more in swing than bop, but there's also a quality here that recalls some of the earliest soul jazz sides on Prestige – especially as Eddie's working in a combo that includes organ and vibes from Milt Buckner. Other players on the session include Earl Warren on alto sax, Arnett Cobb on tenor, and Buster Cooper on trombone – and titles include "New Green Onions", "Gone", "Jacques That's The Blues", "Pour Chamblee", "Soul Food Boogie", "A Pretty Song", and "Twenty Years After". CD features a number of bonus tracks! CD

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Herbie Hancock5 Original Albums (Takin Off/My Point Of View/Inventions & Dimensions/Speak Like A Child/The Prisoner) (5CD set) ... CD
Blue Note (Germany), Mid 60s. New Copy 5CD ... $19.99
The early genius of Herbie Hancock – perfectly summed up here in five classic albums for Blue Note – each presented in a tiny LP-styled sleeve! Takin Off has Herbie Hancock stepping into the limelight with an excellent batch of soul jazz tunes, including the first recording of his classic "Watermelon Man", the one track that probably put all his kids through school! Although that one went on to become a standard within a few short years in 60s jazz, it still sounds great here in the original – a very fresh take on the sound of soul jazz in the 60s – offered up here in a 7 minute version that has more sharp soloing than most other takes on the tune! The group here is great too – with Dexter Gordon on tenor, Freddie Hubbard on trumpet, Butch Warren on bass, and Billy Higgins on drums – and the tracks are all also originals by a young Herbie – including "Watermelon Man", "The Maze", "Driftin", "Three Bags Full", "Alone & I", and "Empty Pockets". My Point Of View is a great mix of soul jazz and modernism! The record include a nice groovy "hit", Herbie's "Blind Man, Blind Man" – an obvious follow-up to "Watermelon Man", but still a standout track with a lot of imagination, and a fierce soul jazz hook that just won't quit! The rest of the record, while still groovy, also shows much more signs of Herbie's far-reaching conception – especially shared with players like Tony Williams, Grachan Moncur, Chuck Israels, and Grant Green – all of whom work with Herbie, Donald Byrd, and Hank Mobley – in a larger than usual group that makes for a really great sound! Titles include "A Tribute To Someone", "King Cobra", and "The Pleasure Is Mine". Inventions & Dimensions is really unique little record from Herbie Hancock – one that's almost completely improvised over Latin percussion! The setup is quite spare – and quite different than Herbie's other Blue Note work – and the group features improvised backgrounds by bassist Paul Chambers and 2 Latin percussionists, Willie Bobo and Osvaldo "Chihuahau" Martinez. Herbie only wrote simple sketches for the songs on the album, and most of the work on the tracks was done live, spontaneously, in the studio – creating a very free groove that never goes too far out, but which is far more adventurous than usual. All tracks are long, and titles include "Succotash", "Triangle", and "Mimosa". Speak Like A Child is an oft-overlooked session that has Herbie mixing a nice dose of lyricism into his usual soul jazz approach from the 60s! The sound's a bit farther-reaching than on some of Herbie's smaller group sessions – and the record features a sextet that includes Ron Carter, Mickey Roker, Jerry Dodgion, Thad Jones, and Peter Phillips – all soaring with the warmth and introspection that was showing up in some of the best Blue Notes from the time. The harder-hitting soul jazz riffs and hooks are nicely replaced by more thoughtful lines that get a bit deeper, soufully – and nearly all tracks on the set are originals by Hancock! The album's filled with great moments – and tracks include "The Sorcerer", "Riot", and "Goodbye To Childhood". Last up is The Prisoner – a nice late Blue Note change from Herbie Hancock – a very different album than his previous sets for the label – in that it features a slightly larger group, and a sound that really points the way towards his directions in the 70s! There's a slightly ambitious feel to some of these cuts – not in a way that's over-arranged, but just a new sort of thinking for Herbie's kind of groove – a mode that's partially informed by the seriousness of 60s jazz soundtracks, but which also has the beginnings of some more righteous modes of expression too. Players are all great – and include Joe Henderson on tenor and flute, Johnny Coles on flugelhorn, Garnett Brown on trombone, Hubert Laws on flute, Jerome Richardson on bass clarinet, Buster Williams on bass, and Tootie Heath on drums. Herbie plays both acoustic and electric piano – using the latter here in one of his first recordings on the instrument – and titles include "Firewater", "I Have A Dream", "The Prisoner", and "He Who Lives In Fear". CD

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✨✧ VariousSoundsystem Dubplate Specials 1975 to 1979 ... CD
Jamaican Recordings (UK), Late 70s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A great collection of underground dub tracks from late 70s Jamaica – the kind of limited-run dub plates that would circulate between some of the bigger sound systems on the scene, and offer up radically trippy versions of better-known tunes! The set is heavy on echo and slow-stepping rhythms – and the track selection is great – with a wonderful overview of rare cuts you might not encounter anywhere else! Titles include "Exalted Dub" by Leroy Smart, "How Long Dub" by Pat Kelly, "Everybody Needs Dub" by Slim Smith, "Peace & Love In Dub" by Johnny Clarke, "Heavy Dub" by Delroy Wilson, "Thunder Rock" by Cornell Campbell, "Bag A Wire Dub" by Johnny Clarke, and "Chapter Of Money" by Horace Andy. CD features 4 bonus tracks. CD

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✨✧ Edwin Astley/Tony CrombieInternational Detective/Man From Interpol ... CD
El (UK), Late 50s/Early 60s. New Copy ... $6.99 13.99
A pair of cool British TV soundtracks – both of which feature an action jazz style to rival the best early work of Henry Mancini for the television screen! First up is lost spy soundtrack work from the British composer Edwin Astley – best known for his work on The Saint and Danger Man, but also sounding pretty darn great on the earlier program International Detective! The feel here is similar to some of Astley's better-known work – a more dramatic take on the crime jazz used on American TV in the late 50s – one that retains much of the instrumental elements of the sound, especially the well-placed use of saxes – but which also uses larger orchestrations to flesh out the music nicely, creating a stronger, more cinematic feel. The set features a total of 21 tracks from this short-lived show – and titles include "International Detective", "Murder Strip", "Theme For Larceny", "Night Patrol", "The Badge", "Manhunt", "Shock Tactics", "Murder Chase", and "Concerto In Law". Next is Man From Interpol – one of the best spy soundtracks we've ever heard – and one of the only scores we've ever seen from Brit jazz drummer Tony Crombie! The work was done a few years before Barry's famous Bond scores – but it's got a very similar feel, with lots of driving themes that make the best use of brazen horns, fast jazz, and beat-styled rhythms that crackle throughout the set. Most titles are pretty short, but really great – and nearly all of them feature some extremely strong jazz musicianship, in the manner of that used on the best American soundtracks by Mancini at the time! Titles include "Panic Station", "Interpol Cha Cha Cha", "Interpol Chase", "Samba De Janeiro", and "Blues Macabre". CD

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BeatlesSgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (2CD deluxe edition – with bonus tracks) ... CD
Capitol/Apple, 1967. New Copy 2CD ... $23.99 24.98
Hard to deny the lasting power of this crucial album from The Beatles – a set that unleashed some of their trippiest sounds and most tender moments too! The mix of wit and honesty is wonderful – and the sonic range is dynamic as the archetypal cover image – a package that's had an undeniable impact on modern music for the past few decades! Titles include "With A Little Help From My Friends", "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds", "She's Leaving Home", "Lovely Rita", "When I'm Sixty Four", "A Day In The Life", and "Fixing A Hole". Plus, this very special anniversary edition features a whole new stereo mix from the original tapes – as well as never-heard session material! The package features 18 bonus tracks that include unusual takes of songs, a few instrumentals, and even one track from the album done with Indian instrumentation! CD

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David BowieCracked Actor – Live Los Angeles 74 ... CD
Parlophone, 1974. New Copy 2CD ... $18.99 19.98
A fantastic live set from David Bowie – recorded on tour in 1974 for the Diamond Dogs album – and a very much at the height of his mid 70s powers! The album's very well-recorded, and the performances are great – not muddy mixes of hits, but razor-sharp readings that crackle with the excitement of the live arena – with some moments that stretch out nicely, and fantastic response from the audience – who are clearly thrilled to be part of this amazing moment. Bowie brings back a few moments from the Ziggy period, but he's also looking ahead with Thin White Duke energy too – as the group is tight and soulful, and features David Sanborn on alto, Mike Garson on keyboards, Earl Slick and Carlos Alomar on guitars, Pablo Rosario on congas, and backing vocals from Luther Vandross and Ava Cherry! Titles include an especially great version of "Aladdin Sane" – plus "1984", "Moonage Daydream", "Sweet Thing/Candidate", "Cracked Actor", "All The Young Dudes", "Jean Genie", "Time", "Diamond Dogs", "It's Gonna Be Me", "John I'm Only Dancing", "Changes", "Knock On Woood", and "Space Oddity". CD

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Brother AhhDivine Music (Sea/Meditation/Searching) (3CD set) ... CD
Manufactured, 1978/1981/1985. New Copy 3CD ... $26.99
Three never-issued albums from Brother Ah – the enigmatic musician who may be known best for his work with Sun Ra, and his rare album on Strata East! Both of those moments date from earlier years, though – and past that time, Brother Ah was still working strongly on some amazing musical ideas of his own – work that includes the three albums presented in this package, which together really mark a shift for both Ah and some of his spiritual jazz contemporaries as the 70s moved on! The set begins with the beautiful set The Sea – recorded in 1978, with a long-flowing sound that's quite hypnotic, and very much in the spiritual territory of post-Coltrane material – including work by Trane's wife Alice. Brother Ah plays flute, in these fantastic lines that spin out slowly and echo strongly – amidst a mix of percussion, violin, mbira, bass, and drums – often used in ways that build beautifully, and which provide a great introduction to both the sung and spoken passages – presented by Abena Walker, Jeanean Gibbs, and Nataska Hassan Youssef. Titles include "Nuba", "Far Away", "The Village Drum", "Visoins", and "Africa We Are Your Children". Meditation is from a few years later, and has a different makeup – a sound that's much more spare overall, and which just features Brother Ah on flute, zither, and "nature sounds" – with help from Cleo Jomo Faulks on mbira and gong! The tunes have an earthier feel than you might guess from the album's title – still somewhat meditative, but also more open to the vibes of nature than the space of the studio – with moments that feel more more like the organic sounds of the young Moondog, or maybe some of Alice Coltrane's more home-made moments. Titles include "Stillness", "Spirit World", "Close Your Eyes & See", and "Song Of The Unseen". Last up is Searching – a record from 1985 that maybe moves the spiritual agenda from the political to the personal – that shift towards more interior solutions that some musicians took in the 80s, especially as funding for some kinds of spiritual jazz albums fell by the wayside, and some artists had to adapt to the new age underground. Yet although that shift might be in place here, Brother Ah is still as righteous as ever – just equipped with a slightly different voice – as he works alongside some electronics and percussion from Richard Ashman, and blows trumpet and a variety of flutes, while also handling percussion and harmonica in very spacious ways. The record is more about extended sound textures than individual instrumentation – and titles include "I Am", "Going Within", "Inner Voice", and "Know Thyself". First time release for all three records – presented in a really great package! CD

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Ted ColemanTaking Care Of Business (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Colthe Music/P-Vine (Japan), 1980. New Copy ... $24.99
A jazzy combo with plenty of soul – working here with plenty of fusion undercurrents, but in a way that's tied together with some really great vocals on the top! The style's a bit like that of James Mason on his legendary Rhythm Of Life LP – soaring, righteous, and with some slightly cosmic elements – especially in the way the guitar, keyboards, and vibes come together with an upbeat sort of groove! Ted sings, plays piano and vibes, and wrote all the tunes for the set – and the album's a beautiful lost treasure that has plenty of greatness to offer – echoes of Bobby Hutcherson, Roy Ayers, and others – in addition to James Mason – but also a richly personal vibe that's all its own. Titles include "Sweet Bird", "Samba De", "Can You Feel It", "Due Consideration", "If We Took The Time", and "What A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening". CD

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Crazy Ken BandMuro Diggin Crazy Ken Band – Mixed By Muro ... CD
Universal (Japan), Late 90s/Early 2000s. New Copy ... $29.99
A sweet collection of funk from this ultra-cool Japanese combo – all hand-picked, and served up in a special mix by DJ Muro! Crazy Ken Band have an odd name, but a warmly soulful take on funk that began in the pre-Daptone years, and which maybe shares more with the funk revival modes on the London scene at the start of the 90s – especially as the group have some of the warmer currents of Incognito or Brand New Heavies! But there's also a harder funk approach on some numbers – really sharp instrumentation that works equally well with blasting horns or warmer modern soul grooves – almost always topped with lead lyrics in Japanese. Most of their work was only issued overseas, so this collection's a great place to start with their music, especially with Muro in the lead! CD features 25 titles, most listed in Japanese – but with tracks that include "Brand New Honda", "El Diablo", "Midnight Cruiser", "Lady Mustang", and "Punch Punch Punch". CD

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Ted DanielTed Daniel Solo – At Abbazia San Zeno Pisa, Italy ... CD
Ujamaa, 1981. New Copy ... $13.99
Ted Daniel may be one of the most compelling sound-shapers we've ever heard on the trumpet – a very under-acknowledged musician whose playing of the 70s and 80s continues to really grab us over the years! This unissued live set is from 1981, and it features Ted on a variety of horns – blowing in a special way that both links to more conventional trumpet modes, yet also shows a knowledge of the more open phrasing that some of his generation were using – like Lester Bowie or Leo Smith. Yet unlike some of those artists, Ted's performance, although free, is never that far from the more familiar roots of trumpet expression – a fantastic balance that really comes through beautifully in the music. There's a few unusual approaches here – one track features a trumpet played into a grand piano, another a flugelhorn through a phase shifter – but even these never go too far out. Titles include "Sunny Side Up", "Closer & Closer", "Vicissitudes Of A Lover", "Al Fine", "Ciao Bene", and "Deac's Ceremonial Testimonial". CD

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Eddie Daniels & Roger KellawayJust Friends – Live At The Village Vanguard ... CD
Resonance, 1988. New Copy ... $16.99 18.99
A great performance from reedman Eddie Daniels and pianist Roger Kellaway – both musicians who maybe made some softer sounds over the years, but who have plenty of bite in the live setting on this date! If you only know those other modes of either artist, especially Daniels, the set will come as quite a surprise – as it features very long tracks, with nicely extended solos – all driven on strongly by the hip rhythm duo of Buster Williams and Al Foster, whose talents here really make the whole thing hit home! Two tracks stretch past the 15 minute mark – and all numbers are nice and long, with titles that include "Wolfie's Samba", "The Spice Man", "Just Friends", "Some O This & Some O That", and "Reverie For A Rainy Day". Issued here for the first time ever – in the best spirit of the other Resonance live albums! CD

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Diddys featuring Paige DouglasAgony & Extasy (Japanese paper sleeve edition – with bonus tracks) ... CD
Bam-Boo/Shout (Japan), 1977. New Copy ... $22.99
A very cool, really rare soul album from the Philly scene – one that was written, produced, and arranged by Hammond organist Charles Earland – but which is a sweet soul album with a really great feel! There's definitely a touch of Earland's keyboard work on the set – especially some of those non-organ lines he brought to his records for Mercury – and there's a jazzy groove that really sets The Diddys apart from other east coast groups of the time – a more complex approach to rhythm and instrumentation that almost makes some of the tunes feel as if they came from the James Mason side of the spectrum! The whole thing's wonderful – as unique as it is rare – and titles include "Intergalactic Love Song", "Strange Love", "Your Love Is Like A See Saw Baby", "How Long Have You Loved Him", and "My Special Love". CD features lots of bonus tracks – alternate takes of nearly every number on the record! CD

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Dori EdsonDori Edson ... CD
RGE/Discobertas (Brazil), 1968. New Copy ... $16.99
A heartfelt singer from 60s Brazil – one who crafts his vocals with some of the soulful sensitivity that you might have found in the early work of Roberto Carlos before his trippier years – working here with arrangements that have some nice dark corners in the background! The lyrics are relatively straightforward, but the production and presentation have that depth that marked Brazilian records from the bossa years onwards – very unusual inflections to common instruments – which in this case seems to be especially true with the organ and flute that are used on the record, in ways that really pull out some of the bluer elements of their sound. Portinho handled the backings, and most tracks are originals by Dori – with titles that include "Seu Adeus", "O Amor Que Nos Fara Voltar", "Boa Noite", "Encantamento", "Fingimento", and "Perto Dos Olhos Longe Do Coracao". CD

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Bill EvansBill Evans In Yugoslavia – The 1972 Ljubljana Concert (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
SSJ (Japan), 1972. New Copy ... $22.99
Quite an unusual trio date from the legendary pianist Bill Evans – a set that has him working in a trio with frequent (and wonderful) partner Eddie Gomez on bass – but one that also includes the very surprising inclusion of Tony Oxley on drums! Oxley's a name you'll know best for his avant work on the British scene – but here, he really showcases a completely different side of his talents – working with Evans and Gomez in those round, flowing lines they could spin out with effortless ease! Yet Oxley's also got a presence here that's a bit different than some of Evans' usual drummers – especially on the cymbal, which can often have this crisp crackle that's a nice contrast to the warmth of the other two instruments – never too incessant, but used with these complex rhythm elements, yet in a subtle way. Titles include "Nardis", "Waltz For Debby", "Re Person I Knew", "How My Heart Sings", "TTT", "What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life", and "Gloria's Step". CD

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Lee Fields & The ExpressionsSpecial Night ... CD
Big Crown, 2016. New Copy ... $9.99 17.98
A really fantastic album from the legendary Lee Fields – a set that blows us away every bit as much as his stellar My World album! Like that set, this one's got kind of a moody early 70s vibe – almost a New Jersey soul approach at times, but tinged with more southern modes – mixed with bits of Lee's more familiar funk at others – but often with this moody, almost mellow vibe that's such a fresh take on the territory that Fields has been exploring for years! Lee's lost none of the deep soul elements in his vocals, but there's a shift in arranging styles that's really great – and superbly delivered by the Expressions – a subtle darkness that shows why Fields is really one of the true greats out there in the contemporary funk underground – a true soul singer who's never content to just rest on the laurels of previous success. Titles include "Let Him In", "Lover Man", "Make This World", "How I Like It", "Special Night", "I'm Coming Home", and "Where Is The Love". CD

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Fifth Avenue BandFifth Avenue Band (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Reprise (Japan), 1969. New Copy ... About May 25, 2018
A lost late 60s gem from Reprise Records – the only album ever recorded by this young band from the Greenwich Village scene! There's a great post-folk feel to the set – warm harmonies and a bit of acoustic instrumentation to show the influence of the earlier generation – but a bit more focus on the tunes overall, and a subtle dose of soul that's really nice. Jon Lind is the lead vocalist, and he's totally great – with almost a Rascals-like approach to his music, especially when harmonizing with Peter Gallway, the other vocalist in the group. Instrumentation includes acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards, and even a bit of flute – and the tracks include the incredible "Eden Rock" – a sweetly tripping number that easily rivals Kenny Rankin's best work! Other tracks include "Good Lady Of Toronto", "Fast Freight", "Country Time Rhymes", "Calamity Jane", "Faithful Be Fair", "Angel", "In Hollywood", and "Cockeyed Shame". CD

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Fleetwood MacFleetwood Mac (1975) (2CD expanded & remastered) ... CD
Reprise, 1975. New Copy 2CD ... $22.99
The album that brought the excellent, but heretofore underappreciated duo of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks into the band – and pretty much changed the fabric of 70s rock! Older fans of the Peter Green and Bob Welch Brit blues eras of Fleetwood Mac may have been in for a shock initially, but this really is one of the best unpretentious pop rock albums of the 70s – they didn't get as hugely popular as they did by luck – the songs, energy and chemistry are really perfect. We may even love this one more than Rumours, especially the deeper cuts that haven't been overplayed over the years. Includes "Monday Morning", "Blue Letter, "Rhiannon", "Say You Love Me", "Warm Ways", "Over My Head", "I'm So Afraid" and more. 2018 expanded edition also includes the single versions of "Over My Head", "Rhiannon", "Say You Love Me" and "Blue Letter" and a full bonus CD of early versions of album tracks and live recordings from the Warner Bros. sound stage – 32 tracks on 2CDs! CD
Also available Fleetwood Mac (1975) ... LP 19.99

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Richard Hell & The VoidoidsBlank Generation (2CD 40th anniversary edition) (2017 Black Friday Release) ... CD
Sire, 1977. New Copy 2CD (reissue)... $19.99
Sublime sneering work from the great Richard Hell – a key album in the evolution of punk on the US scene! The record marks a huge shift after Hell left Television – harder, nastier sounds – almost on a par with the Dead Boys on Sire, but a bit more artistic too – especially given Hell's penchant for creative wordplay. The mighty Robert Quine is on guitar – and tracks include the seminal "Blank Generation" and "Love Comes In Spurts", plus "Liars Beware", "The Plan", Walking On The Water", and "Another World". 2CD 40th Anniversary edition is loaded with a full disc of 12 bonus tracks, including alternate versions recorded at Electric Lady Studios, tracks live at CBGBs, an Ork Records single version and more. CD
(Limited edition!)

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