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Afro Blues Quintet Plus OneNew Directions In Sound ... CD
Mira/BGP (UK), Late 60s. New Copy ... $11.99 18.99
Smoking grooves from an incredible group – the amazing Afro Blues Quintet, a combo with a sound like no other! These guys were never one for stardom, but during the mid and late 60s, they burned up the west coast scene with an incredible blend of vibes, piano, and reeds – often kicked up nicely with some hard-rolling rhythm work that gave their tracks a similar mod groove to classics by Johnny Lytle, Ramsey Lewis, or Pucho & The Latin Soul Brothers! But the real difference with the ABQ (if we can call them that!) is that they had a really spacious approach to their sound – never putting too much into the mix, and instead using the space between the notes every bit as much as the notes themselves. The grooves are great, and since most of this work has never been reissued, the set's totally fresh to the ears of most listeners! As usual, the folks at BGP have done a great job with the notes – and the set features 22 tracks from the group's Mira, Surrey, and Crestview recordings – titles that include "Monkey Time", "Freaks", "La La La", "Southside Habit", "Mirror Image", "Afro Rock", "Evening Of The Beast", "Spartacus", "Candie Luv", and "Our Mambo". CD
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BlackbyrdsAction/Better Days ... CD
BGP (UK), Late 70s. New Copy ... $11.99 18.99
Two of the later Blackbyrds LPs on one CD! Action is a great little sleeper from the Blackbyrds – a record that never gets as much due as their earlier records that have a hard funky feel, but offer instead a tasty batch of smoother jazz funk numbers that show the group still continuing to grow. Donald Byrd's still at the production helm – and the band's got a nice spacey sound that almost reflects directions that other funk groups, like Kool & The Gang, were taking at the time. The best case of this is the massive cut "Mysterious Vibes", a slow jazzy stepper that was sampled to great fame a few years back – but you can also hear it on the cuts "Supernatural Feeling", "Soft & Easy", and "Dreaming About You". Better Days is filled with sweet warm grooves from the mighty Blackbyrds – a set that has George Duke working with the group, giving them some of the electric vibe of his own great work! The sound is less sharply funky than the early days of the group, but still mighty nice – and titles include "Do It Girl", "Love Don't Strike Twice", "What We Have Is Right", and "What's On Your Mind". CD

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Teddy CharlesEvolution ... CD
Prestige/OJC, 1953/1955. Used ... $22.99
A full 12" LP that combines two earlier sessions by Teddy Charles – some of his best early 50s modernist work, proof that he was one of the standout talents of the postwar years on vibes! The first session features two long tracks – "Evolution" and "Free" – played by a west coast quintet that includes Jimmy Giuffre on tenor, Shorty Rogers trumpet, Curtis Counce bass, and Shelly Manne drums. The other tracks on the set feature a group that's even better – the New Directions Quartet with JR Monterose, Charles Mingus, and Gerry Segal – in a sound that's airy, yet bracing – and like nothing else we can think of! Tracks on that set include "Relaxo Abstracto", "Violetta", "Speak Low", and "Jay Walkin". CD
(Out of print.)

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DirectionsDirections ... CD
Brunswick/Solid (Japan), 1975. New Copy ... $14.99
One of the rarest soul records on Brunswick! This one was cut during the mid 70s – when the label was really having some rough times financially, but also was cutting some of its most groundbreaking soul work. The Directions are a tight harmony quintet – equipped, it appears, with their own band (The Directions Band) who give the group a nice rough soul sound. The vocal cuts on the record have sort of a Philly harmony style – with many uptempo numbers that are sort of a rougher version of work by Blue Magic or The Spinners. The instrumental tracks are smooth funk – with lots of tight keyboard work over heavy riffing and vamping, mostly in an uptempo vein. Titles include "Too Many Secrets", "Soup Line", "I Want To Be Your Special Man", "If You Ever", "We Need Love", and "I Love You So". CD

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JJ JohnsonJ Is For Jazz ... CD
Columbia (Japan), 1956. New Copy ... $13.99
Nicely sharp sounds from the great JJ Johnson – a set that has the trombonist really honing his edge on a host of tight, short tracks – with a vibe that almost recalls his initial bop recordings on Blue Note and Prestige! The style here is a bit more sophisticated – definitely with an ear towards the modern directions that JJ was exploring in the 50s – but the sound is also nicely spontaneous, with more focus on improvisation between group members than larger arrangements – quite nice, given that the group features excellent tenor from Bobby Jaspar on tenor – and either Tommy Flanagan or Hank Jones on piano, Percy Heath or Wilbur Little on bass, and Elvin Jones on drums. Tracks are short, and titles include "Overdrive", "Cube Steak", "Chasin The Bird", and "Solar". CD

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VariousBirth Of Soul Vol 1 ... CD
Kent (UK), Early 60s. New Copy ... $11.99 18.99
The first volume of a really special series of soul compilations – titles that are specially chosen to look at those key years when the genre was first getting started – coming together out of strands of postwar jazz, blues, R&B, and gospel – into the kind of music that really blossomed big in the 60s! The set pulls together tracks from a number of different directions – work from the east, the south, and Chicago – all of which represent the shift from R&B to the soul sound that dominated in the 60s, with a careful focus on formative tracks that really set a new standard that others took up and ran with in later years – including some of the artists who are also part of this set! Tracks include "You'll Lose A Good Thing" by Barbara Lynn, "Mockingbird" by Inez & Charlie Foxx, "Cry Baby" by Garnet Mimms & The Enchanters, "Hey Girl Don't Bother Me" by The Tams, "Merrry-Go-Round" by Marv Johnson, "Hey Girl" by Freddie Scott, "Part Time Love" by Little Johnny Taylor, "Gypsy Woman" by The Impressions, "You're Not The Guy For Me" by Ernestine Anderson, "Oh My Angel" by Bertha Tillman, "Daddy Rollin Stone" by Derek Martin, and "I Do" by The Marvelows. CD

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VariousPuissance 13 + 2 ... CD
Musea (France), 1971. New Copy ... $13.99
A wicked collection of French prog and fusion from the start of the 70s – all with a jazzy or folky vibe that shows just how wonderfully warm the French scene was at the time – and how it could be very different than similar music coming from Germany, England, or Italy during the same stretch! All tracks here were recorded live, and although the groups are varied, the sound is surprisingly unified – with loads of funky fusion moments that are kind of an offbeat, outside take on styles that American groups were just beginning to explore – with some especially strong keyboard moments that point the way towards directions that Herbie Hancock would take a few years later. There's a few other tunes that bring in acoustic elements, almost with an acid folk sound – and titles include "Charles" by Catharsis, "Arkham" by Spectre, "Mekanik Kommando" by Magma, "Informers Blues" by Zabu, "Jappy's Boogie" by Solitude, "All's So Comic" by Ergo Sum, "I'm On My Way" by Voyage, "Promenade"b y Claude Engel, "Aria Populaire" by Catherine Ribeiro & Alpes, and "Iguane" by Alain Markusfeld. CD

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✨✧ TavaresNew Directions ... CD
RCA (Japan), 1982. New Copy ... About August 17, 2016
Tavares chill things out nicely, definitely heading for the "new directions" in the title, and going for more of a mellow sound that was clearly going to help them reach new audiences in the post-disco years. The harmonies are as great as they always were in the early days, taking a nicely smoothed out approach in place of the somewhat gritter groove of some of the earlier work – moving fearlessly into the 80s groove with excellent results! Titles include "Mystery Lady", "Abra Ca Dabra Love You Too", "Maybe We'll Fall In Love Again", "The Skin You're In", "I Hope You'll Be Very Unhappy Without Me", "A Penny For Your Thoughts", "Got To Find My Way Back To You", and "Wanna Be Close to You". CD

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✨✧ Peven EverettTo Gold Coast Debutantes ... CD
Studio Confessions, 2005. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A really different little album from Peven Everett! We're not sure how many debutantes Peven's hanging around with these days – so we won't even begin to try to analyze the title – but the overall sound of this one certainly has him opening up in new directions, and all of them are pretty darn nice! The set starts with an approach that's almost got more of a jazzy keyboard feel, but then rolls into some harder-edge tunes that bring the beats up a bit more than usual, and go for a slightly funkier take on the Peven Everett sound – clicking the basslines around heavily, and stepping out with a proud kind of groove that's got less of the submerged soul of some of Peven's other albums. Billie Jewell guests on the tune "Convertible Car" – and other tracks on the set are often instrumental, sometimes with a nice space vibe as well! Titles include "Champagne Photo Shoot", "Diamonds", "Courtesy Call", "Love Seat", "Milk & Money", "Fishnet Night", and "Bubble Bath". CD
(Note that each of these is handmade by Peven – so that the items will have a self-produced, homemade look to them that differs from CD to CD – although the music is great, and that production makes these one of a kind items!)

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✨✧ Herbie HancockPrisoner (RVG remaster edition) ... CD
Blue Note, 1969. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A nice late Blue Note change from Herbie Hancock – a very different album than his previous sets for the label – in that it features a slightly larger group, and a sound that really points the way towards his directions in the 70s! There's a slightly ambitious feel to some of these cuts – not in a way that's over-arranged, but just a new sort of thinking for Herbie's kind of groove – a mode that's partially informed by the seriousness of 60s jazz soundtracks, but which also has the beginnings of some more righteous modes of expression too. Players are all great – and include Joe Henderson on tenor and flute, Johnny Coles on flugelhorn, Garnett Brown on trombone, Hubert Laws on flute, Jerome Richardson on bass clarinet, Buster Williams on bass, and Tootie Heath on drums. Herbie plays both acoustic and electric piano – using the latter here in one of his first recordings on the instrument – and titles include "Firewater", "I Have A Dream", "The Prisoner", and "He Who Lives In Fear". CD includes bonus alternate takes of "The Prisoner" & "Firewater". CD
Also available Prisoner ... LP 12.99

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✨✧ Stan Getz5 Original Albums (West Coast Jazz/In Stockholm/Steamer/Cool Sounds/Stan Meets Chet) (5CD set) ... CD
Verve (Germany), Late 50s. New Copy 5 CDs ... Out Of Stock
Five classic Stan Getz albums for Verve – all in a special package, in little LP-styled covers! First up is West Coast Jazz – a classic pairing of the tenor of Stan Getz and the gentle rhythms of the LA scene of the 50s – and a record that stands up beautifully over the years! Tracks are all a bit longish, and the group features Lou Levy on piano, Leroy Vinnegar on bass, and Shelly Manne on drums – plus Conte Candoli on trumpet, somewhat in the frontline, but never in a way that overshadows Stan's tenor. The album's got a great David Stone Martin cover – and titles include "East Of The Sun (West Of The Moon)," "Four," "Night In Tunisia," and "Summertime." Stan Getz In Stockholm allows Stan to showcase his affection for a jazz scene that had been growing strongly in the postwar years – often in directions that were similar to Stan's own sound at the time! The session is one of the first to pair Stan's tenor with a Swedish group – in this case the bass of Gunnar Johnson, drums of Anders Burman, and piano of Bengt Hallberg – the last of which brings sharper, more angular style to the music than some of Stan's accompanists on earlier American dates – pointing the way towards new experiments to come in his music! Next is Steamer – not a word that we'd necessarily think to use with the gently flowing tenor tone of Stan Getz – but that doesn't stop the album from being a great one, and perhaps in Getz-like terms, it might well have a bit more steam than usual! The album features Getz in a quartet with a nicely flowing groove – nicely vamping piano from Lou Levy in the background on most numbers, and a definite edge in the lead tenor solos – still blown with the warmth of earlier Getz recordings, but perhaps showing some of the modern flourishes to come. Bass is by Leroy Vinnegar and drums are by Stan Levey – and titles include "Blues For Mary Jane", "There'll Never Be Another You", and "You're Blase". Cool Sounds features a range of unusual material recorded over a three year period with a variety of different players! Some of the dates here definitely fit the "cool sounds" title of the record – in that they feature Getz with the west coast lineup of Lou Levy on piano, Shelly Manne on drums, and Leroy Vinnegar on bass – heard more famously on Stan's West Coast album of the same time. But other sides feature a different grouping – with Jimmy Rowles on piano, Bobby Whitlock on bass, and Max Roach on drums – offering up a different side of the west coast altogether. And still others take things back to more of an east coast modern style – by featuring either Tony Fruscella on trumpet or Bob Brookmeyer on trombone, in groups with John Williams on piano. The mix of material makes for a nicely-rounded portrait of Getz's talents in the mid 50s years! Last up is Stan Meets Chet – Stan Getz meets Chet Baker – A classic meeting of these two talents – recorded in Chicago with a Chicago rhythm section of Jodie Christian, Victor Sproles, and Marshall Thompson. The album's an odd one, and is recorded with less of the impeccability of some of Verve's other sessions (which is probaby how the Chicago team got in the action) – but given Baker's harder-edged proclivities at the time, the set's a very interesting one to hear, and the relaxed nature of the tracks brings out some important solo moments from both players. 4 long tracks – including "I'll Remember April", "Jordu", and "Half-Breed Apache". CD

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✨✧ Alan HavenHaven For Sale/St Elmo's Fire ... CD
Columbia/RPM (UK), 1969/1971. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Two amazing groovers from organist Alan Haven – rare Brit jazz groovers, of the sort we never find in the US! First up is Haven For Sale – a sublime organ jazz set that's quite different than anything coming out of the US scene at the end of the 60s – a wonderful little record that draws strongly from Haven's soundtrack work with John Barry, and his placement in the UK mod scene of the late 60s! Haven's organ has this fantastically clean tone – kind of like Jimmy Smith in the Verve years, but a bit different too – and backed here with some wonderful charts by Keith Mansfield, of Brit sound library fame. Titles are covers, and very groovy ones at that – and cuts include "Norwegian Wood", "Deep Purple", "Our Day Will Come", "Goin Outta My Head", "What The World Needs Now", and "Exodus" – all swung in very groovy ways. Next up is St Elmo's Fire – a completely wonderful set that has UK organist Alan Haven taking off in amazing new directions! The rhythms here are really set loose – no longer tied to conventional organ jazz modes, and filled with lots of new freedoms – yet still keeping things pretty groovy and swinging throughout! Haven plays organ, piano, and instrumental effects too – and percussion is by Robin Jones on drums and timbales, and Tony Uter on additional Latin Percussion – no other instrumentation at all, which makes for a very rhythmic set. Many tunes are originals by Haven – real standout numbers that sparkle beautifully – and titles include "Flying Free", "St Elmo's Fire", "Charade", "Green Iguana", "Last Of The Wild", "Ace One Johnson", and "Soliloquy". CD

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✨✧ Janko NilovicFunky Tramway ... CD
Vadim (France), Mid 70s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A rare one from Janko Nilovic – his Funky Tramway – a cosmic jazz funk grail from the early 70s recorded in Belgium with an incredible group of local musicians – a stunner in which Nilovic is blending organically funky grooves with synths and other astral touches as incredibly as ever! If you dug Janko's brilliant Psych Impressions, Soul Impressions and Rythmes Contemporains compilations, there's much to love here – a similar blend of jazz, funk, and spacey prog touches – but the stylistic range here is perhaps even more impressive! There's lots of angelic wordless vocals flowing in and out, primarily from Patricia Maessen, but the group members contribute backing vocals, too, giving this more of a working band feel than some of Janko's sound library recordings of the time. Funky drums, bass, percussion, lots of spacey keys, Moog and trumpet steer the sound in lots of groovy directions. Titles include "Funky Tramway", "Flemish Suite", "Sitting Bull", "Gipsy Funk", "Atomium 82", "Disconnected Song", "Little Butcher's Street", "Fish Market" and more. CD
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Cravo E CanelaPreco De Cada Um ... CD
Mr Bongo (UK), 1977. New Copy ... $10.99 11.98
A great little Brazilian group from the 70s – one who continues the harmony styles of Sergio Mendes in the 60s, but takes the music into some groovy new directions! The sounds here are more samba than bossa – with guitar and percussion dancing nicely together in the rhythms as group members sing sweetly over the top – and both piano and keyboards adding in some nicely jazzy inflections to the groove, often with the more sophisticated phrasings you might expect in some of the EMI/Odeon work from earlier in the decade. Sivuca joins the group on both accordion and moog (!) – and the whole thing's got a sweetly-grooving style that's totally great! Titles include "Estatutos De Gafiera", "Loteca", "Amor Em Jacuma", " Iboru Iboya", "Beijo Baiano", "O Trem Atrazou", "Asa Branca", and "Fogo Pago". CD

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Serge Gainsbourg/Jean-Claude VannierCannabis/Ce Sacre Grand Pere ... CD
Universal (France), 1970. New Copy ... $13.99
2 incredible soundtracks from Serge Gainsbourg – both of them from his best period of work! Cannabis is a tremendously funky set of tunes – and some real standout soundtrack material from the legendary Serge Gainsbourg! Serge is working here with some great help from Jean-Claude Vannier – the guiding force behind Melody Nelson – and Vannier brings some great grooves to the record, really going for those sexy riffs and breaks that make us love Gainsbourg's music so much! There's a bit of vocals, but the main focus is on the instrumentation – which shifts nicely from track to track, taking the themes in some very nice directions – all of them definitely up to the sexy standard of Serge. The score to Ce Sacre Grand Pere is included here as bonus work – and features tracks written by both Serge and Michel Colombier. The overall feel is more orchestral and traditionally soundtrack-styled, but there are a few really sly funky tracks that offer up Serge at his sexy best! The set's got 21 tracks in all, and titles include "Cannabis", "Jane Dans La Nuit", "Danger", "Avant De Mourir", "Cannabis-bis", "Piege", "I Want To Feel Crazy", "Le Deuxieme Homme", "Champetre Et Pop 1", "Nous Les Jericho", and "L'Herbe Tendre". CD

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Herbie Hancock, Michael Brecker, & Roy HargroveDirections In Music – Live At Massey Hall ... CD
Verve, 2002. Used ... $3.99
We have to admit, we had a lot of misgivings about this project before we gave it a chance and listened to it all the way through – but after all was said and done, we were quite impressed! While Herbie Hancock, Roy Hargrove and Michael Brecker all have the chops, recognition and reputations to make as many new recordings as they'd like, without resorting to pandering tributes, this project actually works beautifully and makes great sense. The group is rounded out by the elastic rhythms provided by John Patitucci (who seems to have graduated well beyond the sort of 6 string noodling he usually purveys) and Brian Blade. In most cases, we'd rather hear Miles doing Miles and Trane doing Trane, but this group manages to capture both the dark, brooding beauty of Miles' music and the deeper, soulful vein that Coltrane mined. Herbie sounds the best we've heard in ages and the highlight of this live set is a medley of Miles' "So What" and Coltrane's "Impressions", while the rest of the set is made up mostly of originals (2 more Coltrane pieces, "Naima" and "Tansition" are included) composed by members of the group like Hancock's "The Sorcerer" and Hargrove's "The Poet". CD
(Barcode has a cutout hole.)

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Masabumi Kikuchi/Masahiko Togashi/Gary PeacockPoesy – The Man Who Keeps Washing His Hands ... CD
Philips/Universal (Japan), 1971. New Copy ... $14.99
A set that definitely lives up to the poetry promised in its title – with none of the too-clean sounds you might guess from its hand-washing reference either! The album's one of the freest, most organic sessions we've heard from pianist Masabumi Kikuchi – almost improvised at points, but with a poetic cohesion in the piano lines that's really great – kind of an offbeat sense of lyricism that points in the same directions that Steve Kuhn or Keith Jarrett were heading in the late 60s. Drummer Masahiko Togashi plays lots of cool percussion and even a bit of gong – and Gary Peacock's bass here is as great as on any of his other excellent Japanese recordings. Titles include "Dreams", "The Trap", "The Milky Way", "Apple", "Get Magic Again", and "End". CD

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Wayne ShorterMoto Grosso Feio ... CD
Blue Note/One Way, 1974. Used ... $13.99
A perfect illustration of the rich new directions Wayne Shorter was taking at the start of the 70s – an amazing flurry of sounds and styles that's light years ahead of where he began in the 60s! Shorter's one of those players who was already great at the start – an amazing tenorist, both on his own and with the groups of Art Blakey and Miles Davis – yet by the time of this record, he'd absorbed a huge amount of influences from Brazilian music, modal jazz, the spiritual underground, and even the free European scene – all of which come to play on the long, complex tunes on the set! The record has Shorter working with some other key contemporaries of this new moment in jazz – John McLaughlin on 12 string guitar, Chick Corea on marimba and percussion, Dave Holland and Miroslav Vitous on bass, and Ron Carter on cello – all players who have the same open, exploratory vibe as Wayne's own lines on tenor and soprano sax. Titles include an excellent cover of Milton Nascimento's "Vera Cruz", plus the tracks "Antiqua", "Iska", and "Montezuma". CD
(Out of print)

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VariousDeutsches Jazz Festival 1954 to 1955 (8CD set) ... CD
Bear Family (Germany), 1954/1955. New Copy 8CD ... $139.99 189.98
A wonderful snapshot of the German jazz scene in the 50s – a massive set that brings together all the recordings from the German Jazz Festival of 1955, plus a fair bit from 1954 as well – all in a lavish box set that includes a giant booklet of notes! German jazz was really held back in the 40s – partly because of Nazi opinions about jazz and swing – but it really took off in the 50s, as a huge range of American influences inspired German musicians, who took their own sounds in some great new directions! Most notable here are the budding modernists who performed at the festivals – including Jutta Hipp, Hans Koller, Erwin Lehn, Paul Kuhn, Wolfgang Lauth, and Harald Banter – all of whom get a fair number of tracks, in work that really augments our understanding of their too-few recordings from this time. There's also some larger groups with a tight swing vibe – including lots of work by Kurt Edelhagen, including tracks with vocals from Caterina Valente, who sings on some other selections too – and there's even a smaller amount of trad groups, who represented a surprisingly strong slice of the scene at the time. The package has approximately 725 minutes of music – a hell of a lot of listening for a time machine like this! CD

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VariousDust On The Nettles – A Journey Through The British Underground Folk Scene 1967 to 1972 (3CD set) ... CD
Grapefruit (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy 3 CDs ... $28.99
British folk music got really weird and wonderful at the end of the 60s – light years from the crew cut versions of The Kingston Trio, or the twangy modes of Bob Dylan wannabees – but also very different from the more rockish directions that American folk acts were taking at the time! If anything, the British artists showed an even deeper commitment to acoustic modes – and far more ancient ones than American groups had access too – a thousand year legacy of British Isles music, but reworked into an often-trippy style would find more famous iterations in groups from Fairport Convention through Current 93, and even in the Wicker Man soundtrack as well! Most of the music here is much more obscure than those references – groups that were big in the UK, but maybe didn't have as much of an impact over here during the period – which makes this 63 track box set a real treasure trove of discovery – filled with many tunes we'd never heard before, and put together in a very special way. Titles include "Black Girl" by Mary Anne, "Till The Morning Comes" by Dando Shaft, "Roses For Columbus" by Mark Frhy, "Love Is A Funny Thing" by Spyrogyra, "Come All You Travellers" by Wight, "Willow's Song" by Nagnet, "Cruious Crystals Of Unusual Purity" by Bridget St John, "Prisoners Victims Strangers Friends" by Paper Bubble, "Gabilan" by Duncan Browne, "Meeting By The Moonlight Mill" by Dry Heart, "Silence Returns" by Beau, "Me & My Kite" by Fuschia, "The Colour Is Blue" by Country Sun, "Welcome To The Citadel" by Marc Brierley, "Garden Song (demo)" by Bill Fay, and "Upon Reflection" by Heron. CD

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✨✧ Serge Gainsbourg/Jean-Claude VannierCannabis/Ce Sacre Grand Pere ... CD
Rambling (Japan), 1967/1970. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
2 incredible soundtracks from Serge Gainsbourg – both of them from his best period of work! Cannabis is a tremendously funky set of tunes – and some real standout soundtrack material from the legendary Serge Gainsbourg! Serge is working here with some great help from Jean-Claude Vannier – the guiding force behind Melody Nelson – and Vannier brings some great grooves to the record, really going for those sexy riffs and breaks that make us love Gainsbourg's music so much! There's a bit of vocals, but the main focus is on the instrumentation – which shifts nicely from track to track, taking the themes in some very nice directions – all of them definitely up to the sexy standard of Serge. The score to Ce Sacre Grand Pere is included here as bonus work – and features tracks written by both Serge and Michel Colombier. The overall feel is more orchestral and traditionally soundtrack-styled, but there are a few really sly funky tracks that offer up Serge at his sexy best! The set's got 21 tracks in all, and titles include "Cannabis", "Jane Dans La Nuit", "Danger", "Avant De Mourir", "Cannabis-bis", "Piege", "I Want To Feel Crazy", "Le Deuxieme Homme", "Champetre Et Pop 1", "Nous Les Jericho", and "L'Herbe Tendre". CD

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✨✧ Bjorn FongaardElektrofoni – Works For Micro Intervallic Guitar 1965 to 1978 (3CD & DVD) ... CD
Prisma (Norway), 1960s/1970s/1980s. New Copy 3CD & DVD ... Out Of Stock
Weird and wonderful work from Bjorn Fongaard – a Norwegian guitarist who created some groundbreaking sounds in the 60s and 70s! In some ways, Fongaard might well be dubbed the Derek Bailey of Scandinavia – as, like Bailey, he was an accomplished guitarist in a "straight" mode first – then really took off into unexpected new directions as time went on – including mictronal music, which led him to create the "micro intervallic" guitar! The recordings here were done from the mid 60s to the late 70s – and most feature Bjorn playing some pretty out-there sounds that begin in the free styles of Bailey's guitar, and move into lots of weird sonic textures too – especially on some pieces that feature tape manipulation. The package is beautifully done – a detailed booklet, 3CDs of music, and even a DVD that features some TV and Radio work, too! CD

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