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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Rob Mazurek & Black Cube SPReturn The Tides – Ascension Suite & Holy Ghost ... CD
Cuneiform, 2014. Used ... $13.99
Rob Mazurek just keeps stunning us more and more over the years – growing way way past his earlier straight jazz roots, and even his key work in the Chicago underground – to a level where he's easily encompassing many different styles and genres at once – then finding a way to make the sounds all his own! This project has Rob furthering the electronic sounds of recent records, while still holding onto a core element of jazz with his work on cornet – an instrument he uses here with wonderfully rich acoustic tones, and hardly at any sort of easy Miles electric modes, or anything like that. The players here are all part of his scene in Sao Paulo – including Mauricio Takara on drums, Guilherme Granado on keyboards, Thomas Rohrer on electronics and soprano sax, and Rogerio Martins on percussion – but all players also take on other instruments, add in bits of voice, and work with the production and processing to really create some amazing sonic energy throughout. All tracks are long – and titles include "Let The Rain Fall Upwards", "Return The Tides", "Oh Mother", and "Reverse The Lightning". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
John McCowenSolo Contra ... CD
International Anthem, 2017. New Copy ... $11.99
The "contra" here is a contrabass clarinet, not a stringed contrabass – yet John McCowen manages to play his instrument in a way that greatly resembles the larger wooden source of acoustic sound! The tones are very deep, and very slow-rising – used by McCowen in this wonderful way that makes us aware of textures we never would have expected from the instrument – none of the clearer reed elements you might normally hear, and instead these deep, rumbling elements that are as powerful as they are minimal! CD features three long tracks – "Fur Korv", "Chopper HD", and "Berths 1 to 3". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
MenomenaFriend & Foe ... LP
Film Guerrero, 2007. Near Mint- Gatefold ... $11.99
... LP, Vinyl record album
(Vinyl Me Please pressing.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ MomusCreate 1 – Procreate (The Poison Boyfriend/Tender Pervert/Don't Stop The Night/bonus tracks) (3CD set) ... CD
Creation/Cherry Red (UK), Late 80s. New Copy 3CD ... $19.99
A trio of wonderful albums from Momus – all from his initial years on Creation, presented with bonus tracks too! First up is Poison Boyfriend, the first album that Momus recorded for Creation Records – a label that provided him with a much stronger springboard than before – which was perfect for the way the singer blended very offbeat lyrics with compelling mainstream songcraft! Momus was always very different than most of the Brit 80s scene in which he worked – influenced strongly by the French work of singer/songwriters like George Brassens, Jacques Brel, and Serge Gainsbourg – but graced with a very British wit, which made for an especially biting style that worked well with the themes of his songs. Momus has a vocal style that's maybe somewhere in Donovan territory, but sharper – and he draws from a variety of European song modes, fitted to the situation of each individual songs – as you'll hear on classics like "Situation Comedy Blues", "Three Wars", "The Gatecrasher", "Flame Into Being", and the Serge Gainsbourg-like "Closer To You". Next is Tender Pervert – one of the most biting albums ever recorded by UK singer/songwriter Momus – a set of songs that comes off sounding like sweet pop tunes, but which deals with topics like closeted homosexuality, misguided Marxist politics, pedophilia, and general seediness overall! There's a really striking mismatch of styles here that makes the whole thing work – with elements of tighter mid 80s pop creeping into Momus' musical styles, as the lyrics themselves take an even darker turn than on any of his previous records. The titles alone should give a good picture of the work – and tunes include "In The Sanatorium", "A Complete History Of Sexual Jealousy Parts 17-24", "The Angels Are Voyeurs", "The Homosexual", and "I Was A Maoist Intellectual". Don't Stop The Night is a record that's maybe the most pop-oriented album that Momus ever recorded – at least in the catchiness of the tunes – but one that's also got some of the darkest subject matter too! Consider the songs – which include a posh Brit pimping out his sister to politicians, a love affair between a young girl and her guitar teacher, and a JG Ballard-like tie between an auto accident and sexuality – all stuff that hardly matches the beats, samples, and keyboards used by Momus – which make the songs as tuneful as they are sinister! Yet that approach is also very much in keeping with his mission – inspired by George Brassens and Serge Gainsbourg – which is to find a way to challenge the listener, but within a mainstream pop format – definitely the case with this late 80s classic. Titles include "How Do You Find My Sister", "Hairstyle Of The Devil", "Amongst Women Only", "The Guitar Lesson", "Shaftesbury Avenue", "Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous", and "Trust Me I'm A Doctor". 3CD set features 10 bonus tracks – including "Ballad Of The Barrel Organist", "Hotel Marquis De Sade", "Third Party Fire & Theft", "Morality Is Vanity", "Gilda", "Monsters Of Love", "Eleven Executioners", "What Will Death Be Like", "Murderers The Hope Of Women", and "Righthand Heart (acoustic)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Tete MontoliuEl Gran Senor From Catalonia ... CD
Steeplechase (Denmark), 1980. New Copy 2CD ... $21.99 26.99
A double-helping of trio material from the great Tete Montoliu – a pianist with plenty of power to really open up in a setting like this! The album features Tete in clear command of the keyboard – playing with that amazing sense of flow that made him one of the leading European pianists from the 60s onward – really matured here to a point where he's constantly creating, but without any overdone sense that calls attention to itself – the kind of piano work that's initially quite subtle, but then really breathtaking when you sit back and realize how much has happened in such a short space! And on this album, the spaces are surprisingly large – lots of really long tracks that not only give Montoliu room to stretch out plenty, but which also feature great work on bass from John Heard and drums from Albert Tootie Heath. Titles include "Jo Vull Que M'Arcariciis", "Blue Bossa", "El Neu Carrer", "A Child Is Born", "Tune Up", "Doxy", "D&E", "Ladybird", and "My Old Flame". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Morena Y ClaraNo Llores Mas ... CD
Pharaway Sounds (Spain), Mid 70s. New Copy ... About January 26, 2018
Funky gipsy grooves from 70s Spain – served up by a pair of sweet female singers, and plenty of fuzz guitar as well! The duo have a sound that's almost more sinister than you'd expect – singing together with this buzzing edge, and set to rhythms that are often pretty funky – in ways that are a bit different than American soul of the time, but which still borrows plenty in terms of basslines, drums, and production! The production is pretty cool, too – nicely compressed – so that all the elements come together in this really weird way, and pack even more punch in the process – which makes for an especially haunting vibe. Titles include "No Llores Mas", "Yo Se Que Tu Me Queiras", "Seras Mi Luz", "Son Las Cosas Del Amor", "Eres Fiel A Tus Caprichos", "Deje De Quererte", "Volvere A Sonar", "Todo Paso", and "Tu Mal Comportamiento". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ennio MorriconeC'Era Una Volta Il West (aka Once Upon A Time In The West) (expanded edition – with bonus tracks) ... CD
GDM (Italy), 1969. New Copy ... About January 1, 2018 (delayed)
One of Ennio Morricone's most famous film scores – and certainly the one that got him recognized as a genius on a global level! The whole thing's pretty damn eerie – about as eerie as the movie, which is a real stunner – and it shifts from dark orchestral themes to sparer numbers that use guitar, banjo, and some really creepy whistling to set the mood – that landmark Morricone sense of space that really transformed film music in the 60s. Some tracks feature vocal work by I Cantorni Moderni, directed by Alessandro Alessandroni – and titles include "C'Era Una Volta Il West", "Cheyenne", "Armonica", "L'Uomo Dell'Armonica" and "L'America Di Jill". Plus, this bonus version features loads more extra tracks – making for a total of 27 in all, the fullest version of the score we've ever seen! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Mozart/Byrd/Farnaby/Tomkins/Le Roux/Handel/CouperiMusic For Two Harpsichords – Igor Kipnis/Thurston Dart ... LP
Columbia, 1972. Near Mint- ... $4.99
... LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has some light staining from water on the top conrer.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Idris MuhammadBoogie To The Top ... CD
Kudu/King (Japan), 1977. New Copy ... $13.99
Classic middle period work from drummer Idris Muhammad – a set recorded after his initial run of lean funk recordings for the jazz scene – with a bit more soul in the mix, and definitely a bit of boogie in the groove! Arrangements are by David Matthews – the maestro of the soul-styled charts who first honed his craft with James Brown – and the approach here is tight jazz funk, with both a good ear for the clubs, and some of the more sophisticated styles that the CTI/Kudu crowd could appreciate! There's some vocals at times – sung by Frank Floyd, Ray Simpson, and others – but the instrumental component of the album definitely takes the lead - with percussion by Nicky Marrero alongside Muhammad's tight drums – plus Hiram Bullock on guitar, Cliff Carter on keyboards, David Friedman on vibes, and solos from Ray Davis on alto and Jeremy Steig on flute. Titles include "One With A Star", "Boogie To The Top", "Bread", and "Stick It In Your Face". CD
(Part of the CTI 50th Anniversary Special Collection!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Hugh Mundell/Augustus PabloAfrica Must Be Free By 1983 (with bonus dubs) ... CD
RAS/VP, 1978. New Copy ... Just Sold Out!
An incredible moment of righteous energy from the Kingston scene of the 70s – sublime production by Augustus Pablo, and very powerful lyrics from the great Hugh Mundell! Despite the laidback groove of the record, the tunes themselves have as much political energy as American work of the spiritual jazz generation, steeped in Rastafarian inspiration, but delivered by Hugh Mundell with this beautifully fragile vocal style – which somehow almost makes the message in the music even more compelling than if it came across from a more heavy-handed force! Chinna Smith plays lead guitar, and Pablo handles a lot of the piano and melodica lines – and titles include "Let's All Unite", "My Mind", "Africa Must Be Free By 1983", "Why Do Black Men Fuss & Fight", "Book Of Life", "Run Revolution A Come", "Day Of Judgement", and "Jah Will Provide". CD also features the full Africa Dub album, too – but with each dub track right after the regular song on the record – with titles that include "Unity Dub", "My Mind Dub", "Ital Sip", "Revolution Dub", "Africa Dub", "Sufferer Dub", and "Western Kingston Style". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Larry Ochs Sax & Drumming CoreWild Red Yellow ... CD
Rogue Art (France), 2017. New Copy ... $14.99 16.99
Mighty wild sounds from reedman Larry Ochs – who plays some of his boldest sounds in years on both tenor and sopranino saxophones – really driven onwards by the burning energy of the group! The combo features this fierce mix of percussion and electronics, plus trumpet from Natsuki Tamura – who's got this way of shaping notes that's right up there with Ochs' decades of creativity on reeds – as the pair almost duel at times with their expressions, while also finding a special space in which to connect. Other players include William Winant on timpani and roto-toms, Satoko Fujii on piano and electronics, Scott Amendola on drums, and Matthias Bossi on thunder drum and other percussion. Titles include "Wild Red Yellow", "Omenicity", and "A Sorcerer's Fate". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jonah Parzen-JohnsonI Try To Remember Where I Came From ... CD
Clean Feed (Portugal), 2017. New Copy ... $13.99
A totally cool combination of musical elements – baritone sax and analog electronics – both played here by Jonah Parzen-Johnson with a style that's unlike anything else we can think of! Sure, saxes and electronics have come together before – ever since Richard Tietelbaum and Anthony Braxton first recorded together back in the 70s. But there's also a very different vibe here that comes both from the baritone, and its deeper sonic range – and the way that Jonah uses his electronics, sometimes with flutteringly rhythmic elements that really make the music shimmer, but without overwhelming it at all. He's also not afraid to blow straight and soulfully at times too – which is especially great when the electronics are more abstract – and throughout, the album's full of these revelatory moments that make the whole thing a delight. Titles include "These Shoulders Those Shoulders", "Cabin Pressure", "I Have Questions", "What Do I Do With Sorry", "Guns Make Us Murderers", and "Too Many Dreams". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Johnny PateBucktown – Original Soundtrack ... LP
American International, 1975. New Copy (reissue)... $9.99 15.98
A funky treasure – finally unleashed! Bucktown was one of the best of the mid 70s indie blacksploitation films – thanks to some great starring work from Fred Williamson and Pam Grier – but for years, the soundtrack's never been available as an individual release. Now, this tasty heavy-vinyl set makes all the film's wonderful grooves finally available – presented in a great style that includes all the shorter moodier bits, the fuller longer funky tracks, and even a bit of sound effects and dialogue! The music was penned and conducted by Johnny Pate – of Shaft In Africa and Brother On The Run fame – and the tunes are a great blend of funky soundtrack styles that include full on big band, sparer snapping instrumentals, and even a few nice tunes with great use of moog! Titles include "Chase", "Stepping", "Bar Fly", "Check In", "Freeze", "Love Theme", "Call It In", "Sneaking It In", and "Spin". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
People's ChoiceAny Way You Wanna – The People's Choice Anthology 1971 to 1981 ... CD
Big Break (UK), 1970s/Early 80s. New Copy 2CD ... $15.99
Funky Philly soul at its finest! This is the first-ever People's Choice compilation we've seen – all the more impressive for pulling together essential recordings made for the Philadelphia International, Casablanca, TSOP, West End and Phil-LA Of Soul labels – recordings that cover an incredible decade-long run! People's Choice burst out of the gate in the early 70s with a wave of funky, electric piano flavored singles – soon catching the attention of Gamble & Huff, which helped open doors both commercially and creatively in the years that followed. We'd be hard pressed to pick a finer batch of tracks from early 70s to early 80s than you'll find here – including standout early singles and album tracks, rarer B-sides and single mixes – when considered all together really showing the group in all its multi-faceted glory! 33 tracks on 2CDs: "Do It Anyway You Wanna", "I Likes To Do It", "Cold Blooded & Down-Right-Funky", "Nursery Rhymes", "My Feet Won't Move, But My Shoes Did The Boogie", "Turn Me Loose", "Grunt", "Love Shop", "Asking For Trouble", "Don't Send Me Away", "A Mellow Mood", "You Ought TO Be Dancing", "If You Gonna Do It (Put Your Mind To It)" (Parts 1 & 2), "Boogie Down USA", "Soft And Tender", "A Great Truth", Tom Moulton mixes of "Opus-De-Funk" & "Do It Any Way You Wanna" and "Jam Jam Jam (All Night Long)" and more! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Astor Piazzolla/Leo Brouwer/Marc Grauwels/Guy LukoTango ... CD
Carrere (Brazil), 1986. Used ... $9.99
... CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
PixinguinhaSerie 2 Por 1 (Gente De Antiga/Som Pixinguinha) ... CD
EMI/Odeon (Brazil), 1968/1971. Used ... $14.99
Rootsy brilliance from Pixinguinha – 2 later gems packed together in one sweet set! Gente Da Antiga is a classic set of Brazilian choro numbers – recorded in the late 60s, but done with a really classic feel overall! In a way, the set's a great precursor to some of the bigger returns to tradition Brazilian music would make a few years later – and it's carried off beautifully with reed work from the great Pixinquinha, whose sound here is much cleaner and clearer than on vintage recordings. Most tracks have a lot of lively percussion, and vocals are by Clementina De Jesus and Joao Da Baiana. Titles include "Os Oito Batutas", "A Tua Sina", "Estacio Mangueira", "Fala Baixinho", "Cabide De Molambo", and "Elizete No Chorinho". Som Pixinguinha is a great later album from Pixinquinha – a set recorded in the early 70s, but just as essential to his catalog as any titles from the classic years! The style here is great – with arrangements from Lyrio Panicali that still preserve some sense of tradition, yet also update the sound somewhat – never too much, but in ways that take good advantage of the better sound available for the session. Instrumentation includes a bit of organ, used very slightly amidst flute, percussion, and guitar – and a few tracks also feature some slightly fuller instrumentation, but never too much. The record features work by Geraldo Vespar and Orlando Silveira – and tracks include "1 X 0", "O Gato E O Canario", "Samba Funebre", "Urubatan", "Carinhoso", "Pula Sapo", and "Samba Do Urubu". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Daniel PonceNew York Now! ... LP
Celluloid, 1983. Near Mint- ... $9.99
A stripped-down rootsy session – similar to some of the sparer Afro-Cuban traditionalist sides that were coming out of New York in the early 80s. Ponce put the set together, and other players include Paquito D'Rivera, Jose Trapaga, Joe De Jesus, Nelson Rodriguez, and Bill Laswell. Most tracks feature spare conga and percussion jams – and titles include "Basta De Cuentos", "Invacion De 80", "Cojelo Suave", "Africa Contemporanea", and "Solo Para Ti". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has light wear and a bumped corner.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Popol VuhDie Nacht Der Seele – Tantric Songs ... LP
Brain/Wah Wah (Spain), 1979. New Copy (reissue)... $29.99
One of the moodiest Popul Vuh projects we've ever heard – an unusual set that's heavy on organic, acoustic elements – and which uses multi-tracking to recreate a Tibetan style of vocal chant! Yet despite the obvious influence of styles from global sources, the music is also still very much in the best Popol Vuh vein – meditative, but never sleepily so – really that mode of prog rock settling down, and moving from the cosmos to the planet – where it finds a way to resonate with so many different spheres of being! Florian Fricke leads the proceedings on piano – alongside just sitar, oboe, percussion, and guitars – on titles that include "Mantram Der Erdber Hrung", "Wo Bist Du Der Du", "Wanderer Durch Die Nacht", "In Der Halle Des Lernens", and "Auf Dem Weg". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Omara PortuondoSingles ... CD
Egrem/Malanga (Spain), Late 60s/1970s/1980s/1990s. New Copy ... $8.99 14.98
Four decades' worth of singles recorded by Cuban vocalist Omara Portuondo – plus an assortment of even rarer tunes from various artists compilations! The presentation here is really wonderful – and most tracks are beautifully remastered, and accompanied by great notes in both English and Spanish, plus a wealth of photos too! Backings range from small combo to larger orchestrations – and although the work was recorded over a number of years, there's a really unified feel to the music – thanks to the timeless approach of Omara's vocals. 20 tracks in all – including "Tres Palabras", "Por Nuestra Cobardia", "Quien Antes Fue", "Te Dije Quedate", "Ay Caramba", "No Te Importe Saber", "Tiempo Mejor", "Lo Que Yo Sueno", "Danza De Los Nanigos", "Rumba Columbia", and "Me Faltabas Tu". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Public EnemyFight The Power (extended, radio, Flavor Flav Meets Spike Lee, powersax mix) ... 12-inch
Motown, 1989. Near Mint- ... $7.99
This is the rarer of the two 12"s that were issued for this track, with the promo only "Powersax" mix. Also includes the promo-only 4-minute skit where Flavor Flav meets Spike Lee in Brooklyn on his way to the studio. 12-inch, Vinyl record
(Promo in a Motown sleeve. Labels have a name in marker.)

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