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MeijeringTwo Men & A Lady – Music By Chiel Meijering – Amsterdam Guitar Trio ... CD
RCA, 1989. Used ... $1.99
(Out of print. CD case has a cutout hole.)

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✨✧ Memphis HornsHigh On Music/Get On Up & Dance ... CD
RCA/FTG, 1976/1977. New Copy ... $12.99 13.98
A pair of killers from this legendary group! High On Music is one of the funkiest albums ever from The Memphis Horns – that super-tight instrumental combo headed by Andrew Love on tenor and Wayne Jackson on trumpet! Both players had years in the Memphis soul scene under their belt by the time of this set – and instead of just going for familiar modes, they wisely try to reach for a whole new groove – bringing in a bit of New York funk from the time, particularly the tighter ensemble sound of the Fatback generation. Booker T still handles production, which ensures a link to Memphis roots – and there's some great keyboards, which underscore the horns nicely. Titles include "Freedom Train", "Get It Up", "80 Proof Red", "Move Your Feet", "Keep On Doin' It", "Crystal Mellow", "Love's Mood", and "Beale Street Shuffle". On Get Up & Dance, The Memphis Horns expand their groove – still serving up their great blend of funky soul horns, but also adding in a bit of vocals too! The core focus of the album is still instrumental – based around that amazing sound led by Memphis soul legends Andrew Love and Wayne Jackson – but given the dancefloor orientation of some of the best tracks here, vocals are a perfect blend for the sound – lyrics that never dominate too much, but which have a great way of underscoring the groove! Singers include DJ Rogers, Lani Groves, Deniece Williams, and James Gilstrap all sing on the record – and titles include "Just For Your Love", a smooth mellow stepper that's pretty darn catchy – plus "Love Is Happiness", "Get Up And Dance", "Memphis Nights", "What The Funk", "Don't Abuse It", "Keep On Smilin", and "Waitin For The Flood". CD

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MergeMerge ... CD
RCA/PTG (Netherlands), 1982. New Copy ... $13.99
Funky grooves merge into sweet soulful moments – on this wonderful debut from an obscure Chicago group! The music is clubby at points, but also mellows out at others – mixing bassy grooves with spacier moments that have an especially nice vibe – and which really showcase a sophisticated modern soul side of the group! And the production work features plenty of old talents from Brunswick Records – including Chicago soul giants Carl Davis, Eugene Record, and Sonny Sanders – who really put the record together with a lot of care, at a level that should have made these guys huge. A great lost set, but well worth discovering – and tracks include "Volcanic Voodoo", "Take It To The Top", "What Makes You Wanna Lie To Me", "You're My Everything", "Show Him The Way To Go", and "Worry". CD

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MessiaenTurangalila Symphony – Yvonne Loriod/Jeanne Loriod/Seiji Ozawa/Toronto Symphony Orchestra ... CD
RCA, 1968. Used ... $6.99
(CD case has a cutout hole.)

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MetrosSweetest One ... CD
RCA/Dusty Groove, 1967. New Copy ... $7.99 12.99
One of the greatest Northern Soul albums ever – completely great all the way through, and filled with songs that have been burning up dancefloors for years! The vocals are incredible – soaring harmonies that hold together perfectly, even when the grooves are hard and heavy – and the instrumentation is great too – handled by the Pied Piper team, who were kind of a Motown offshoot that featured Jack Ashford on vibes and percussion, Dave Hamilton and Ray Monette on guitar, and Joe Hunter on piano. Hunter and Ashford handled the arrangements – with a pitch-perfect sound that's completely sublime – sweet and grooving at the same time, and put together with the same kind of care you'd find at Motown – but with all the harder-edge qualities that always made indie work from Detroit so great. Every cut is a winner, and the set is the only full album ever done by the group – with cuts that include "Egyptian Love", "Till The End Of Time", "Since I Found My Baby", "Sweetest One", "Unlucky Sun", "I'll Never Forget You", "Do The Pied Piper", and "I'm With You All The Way". Great reissue – fully remastered from the original tapes – with new liner notes too! CD
(On the Dusty Groove label.)

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Luciano MicheliniLa Conquista Di Luna ... CD
RCA/Schema (Italy), 1969. New Copy ... $16.99
A journey into space with a wonderful sound – served up here as a set of cosmic instrumentals from Luciano Michelini, most of which have a pretty groovy vibe! The mix of 60s instrumentation, spacey touches, and light electric moments reminds us of Peter Thomas or Johnny Harris at their best – and although Michelini's not as well-known as those giants from his generation, he works here with a vibe that perfectly matches everything we love in their music! Light funky rhythms trip along the bottom – peppered with cool keyboards or woodwinds, and occasional wordless vocals – all in this way that provides a wonderful 60s fantasy of the moon, and one that's actually a lot more exciting than any of the real moon landing records out there. Titles include "Tycho", "A Mrs Armstrong", "Il Volto Nascosto Di Luna", "Meteoriti", "Richiamo Di Terra", and "Odissea Nello Spazio". CD
Also available La Conquista Di Luna (with bonus CD) ... LP 22.99

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Charles MingusTijuana Moods (expanded edition) ... CD
RCA, 1957. Used 2CD ... $18.99
Oh how we love this album – and we think it may well be the best album ever from Charles Mingus! The set was recorded in that magical Mingus year of 1957, but oddly not released until 1962 – missing some of the initial frenzy of his discovery during the Atlantic and Columbia years. But the album's actually a treasure that predates the better-known latter sides – with a sharpness and intensity that Mingus hardly ever matched again! The group is one of his strongest ever – with Shafi Hadi on alto, Clarence Shaw on trumpet, Jimmy Knepper on trombone, and Bill Triglia on piano. There's a slight Latin vibe, as you might expect from the title – but it's very slight overall, and most of the tunes are in that sharply angular, fully expressive style that flowered most strongly for Mingus in the late 50s. There's not a wasted moment of music on the whole album – with tight solos and incredible rhythms that dominate every second of the extended tracks – and titles include "Dizzy Moods", "Flamingo", "Los Mariachis", "Ysabel's Tabel Dance", and "Tijuana Gift Shop". CD
(Out of print.)

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Miucha & Antonio Carlos JobimMiucha & Antonio Carlos Jobim ... CD
RCA/Sony (Japan), 1977. New Copy ... $14.99
A pretty darn sweet vocal session from the duo of Miucha and Antonio Carlos Jobim – recorded with lots of bossa overtones, very much the same spirit as the legendary Elis & Tom album of the mid 70s! Chico Buarque participates in the session, and Jobim even lends his vocal talents to a track or two – but his real talent, though, is his work on the arrangements – as he gives the whole thing a beautifully dreamy quality, in the manner of his best 70s work, with lots of strange off-kilter melodies floating around the mix of strings, piano, and flute! Miucha's vocals are lovely, and titles include "Sei La A Vida Tem Sempre Razao", "Vai Levando", "Comigo E Assim", "Samba Do Aviao", and "Saia Do Caminho". CD

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Hugo MontenegroHurry Sundown (with bonus tracks) ... CD
RCA/Intrada, 1967. New Copy 2 CDs ... $29.99
One of the richest 60s moments from composer Hugo Montenegro – a soundtrack that's penned with a mix of string styles that are a nice bridge between the differing instrumental styles that Hugo would use in the 50s and the 60s! Some of the numbers showcase Montenegro's strong ability to score a scene with subtle feeling – inflections of the instruments in these ways that are gently expressive, but never too sentimental while other numbers have a bit more of that color and tone that Hugo would really explode into bigger flourishes in some of his 60s action and comedy work. There's a few other interesting elements – a bit of field chorus singing, to fit the southern sharecropper narrative – and a few especially nice jazzy tracks that really stand out! Titles include "Breakfast In Bed", "Playing With Dynamite", "Charlie's Trip", "Love Me Vivian", and "Hurry Sundown Blues". 2CD version features a huge amount of material never heard before – 28 tracks from the film, and 12 more unused cues – including some great sax numbers – plus the 12 titles from the original LP release. 53 tracks in all! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ James Moody & Frank FosterJames Moody & Frank Foster In Paris ... CD
RCA, 1951/1954. Used ... $6.99
(Out of print, small cutout through booklet & traycard artwork.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Beny MoreVery Best Of Beny More Vol 3 ... CD
RCA, 1950s. Used ... $1.99
(Out of print. CRC pressing.)

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✨✧ Mark MurphySong For The Geese ... CD
RCA/Victor, 1997. Used ... $5.99
Recent work by Mark Murphy – but as sublime as most of his best stuff from the 70s! The set was recorded in Europe, with the kind of respectful backing you'd expect from a scene that's loved Murphy's work for years – and which have done quite a bit to keep his unique style of jazz vocals alive over the past 30 years. Murphy's lost none of his magic – and the set swings with the best quality of any male jazz vocal set we've heard over the past decade. A few tracks have keyboards that are a bit tinny, but they're well offset by the warm quality of Murphy's vocals. Titles include "Sugar", "Lament", "Song For The Geese", "I Wish You Love", "We Two", "You Go To My Head", "Baltimore Oriole", and a nice little cover of Steely Dan's "Do It Again". CD
(Note: CD is missing back artwork in case – and is priced accordingly. Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
9.99.9 (with bonus track) ... CD
RCA/PTG (Netherlands), 1985. New Copy ... $18.99
9.9 are looking like some ladies of the eighties on the cover of this debut set – and while the album's definitely got the feel of its time, the group actually go back a lot further in soul music – and originally were the group who recorded under the name of Margo Thunder for Capitol Records in the 70s! That longer legacy really comes through in their vocals – as the girls have a rock-solid sound that's much better than some of the quickie soul sessions of the time – a quality that's further brought out by the production and songwriting talents of Richard Dimples Fields, who even sings a bit on the record too. Many of the cuts have that catchy vibe of Dimples' own material – and titles include "All Of Me For All Of You", "Hot Blood Pressure", "I'll Help You Forget About Him", "Little Bitty Woman", I Like The Way You Dance", "Hooked On You", and "Feel The Fire". CD features bonus track – "All Of Me For All Of You (remixed version)". CD

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Nite-LitersA-Nal-Y-Sis ... CD
RCA/Dusty Groove, 1973. New Copy ... $7.99 12.99
A masterpiece of hard and heavy funk – from one of the best bands of the early 70s! The Nite Liters were a legendary funky combo that provided the backing for some of New Birth's best albums – but on their own, they were even funkier, and had a sound that was part JBs, part Meters, and all funky! This album may well be the group's best – their last for RCA, and a set that really has them honing their edge incredibly. The drums are amazing, the keyboards great, and the horns have this quality that's both complex, yet right on the money – making for a richness in sound that really sets the group apart from their contemporaries. A few singers from The New Birth provide chorus vocals on a few tracks – but most of the set is instrumental, and the record's one we'd gladly stack next to our Meters albums on Josie or JBs classics on People. Every track's a gem – and titles include "Drumology", "Excuse Me While I Do My Thing", "Serenade for a Jive Turkey", "Happy Hooker", "Craaashing", "Damn", "Pee-Foul", and a sweet cover of "Valdez in the Country" that's been sampled at least once over the years! CD
(On the Dusty Groove label.)
Also available A-Nal-Y-Sis ... LP 9.99

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OdysseyOdyssey (with bonus tracks) ... CD
RCA/BBR (UK), 1977. New Copy ... $13.99
A crossover classic from the late 70s – a record that was born in the clubs, but bred in the mainstream – and the start of a very good relationship between Odyssey and RCA! The album will forever be known for its classic cut "Native New Yorker" – a seminal groover that balances disco rhythms with mainstream 70s soul – but overall, the record's got even more to offer than that gem – including some surprisingly well-done mellower cuts that really make great use of the vocals of Lillian and Louise Lopez. Production is by Sandy Linzer and Charles Calello – the latter of whom is clearly right at home with the groovers – and in addition to "Native New Yorker", other cuts include "Ever Lovin Sam", "You Keep Me Dancin", "Thank You God For One More Day", "Weekend Lover", "Easy Come Easy Go", and "Golden Hands". CD also features 2 bonus tracks – "Weekend Lover (single rmx)" and "Native New Yorker (12" disco version)". CD

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Dicky OliverDicky Oliver ... CD
RCA/Schema (Italy), 1969. New Copy ... $13.99
A 60s album recorded in Italy – but with a groove that's midway between Memphis and the mod sounds of the London scene – thanks to a heavy dose of Hammond and horns! The tunes are all instrumental, and leap right into the fray with these romping rhythms that often snap along in the best Euro jerk mode of the mod years – funky, but not all the way – which leaves the organ lines to carry a lot of the groove as well – all with a lean, clean sound that would make Booker T proud! Horns are tight, but nicely restrained – usually just used to punctuate the groove, until a tenor comes in and blows a mighty mean solo – and the set mixes original tunes with some great American covers – in a set list that includes "South West", "The Chicken", "Let Yourself Go", "The Funky Drummer", "Blues For Dicky", "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag", and "High & Low". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Orquesta AragonCuban Originals ... CD
RCA, 1999. Used ... $6.99
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Os CobrasO LP ... CD
RCA (France), 1964. Used ... $7.99
A landmark session of bossa jazz – about as great as you can get for the genre! This little beauty was recorded in 1964 – and it features work by some of Brazil's greatest bossa musicians of the time: Milton Banana on drums, Tenorio Jr on piano, Raulzinho on trombone, and Paulo Moura on saxes. The group's incredibly tight – and despite the individual fame of the players, they come together as a seamless unit, one in which the egos of each is put aside for the sake of the bossa grooves! Brilliant stuff throughout – and essential for any collection. Titles include "The Blues Walk", "Mar Amar", "Chao", "40 Graus", "Uganda", "Praia", "Moca Da Praia", and "Nana". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Piero PiccioniI Tre Volti (with bonus tracks) ... CD
RCA/Legend (Italy), Mid 60s. New Copy ... $16.99
An unusual soundtrack for a very unusual film – one that features the lovely Soraya in three different stories, each of which seem to get a different musical treatment in the hands of Piero Piccioni! Some numbers are moody and mellow – maybe more conventionally romantic, and handled by Piccioni with these beautifully swirling strings – but some of the others are nicely playful, and evoke qualities that would show up even more strongly in some of his later 60s work, with some nicely groovy touches. The whole thing's got the sense of class you'd expect from the image on the title – and tracks include the lovely "Bossa Nova On The Sand", plus "Amanti Celebri", "Nebulosa", "Gondola", "Latin Lover", "Lost Life", and "Waltz A La Ravel". CD features 11 bonus tracks too – including a nice bossa number, a jazzy track, and even one with some cool harpsichord! CD

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✨✧ Platinum HookWatching You ... CD
RCA/FTG, 1983. New Copy ... $12.99 13.98
Great work from Platinum Hook – a group who got their start in late 70s Motown, but who sound even better on this sweet 80s date for RCA! The album's got a vibe that grabs us right from the start – 80s soul with plenty of boogie at the bottom – fused together in a tight blend of keyboards, bass, and drums – bubbling and percolating nicely on the groovers, while laying back a bit more on a few of the album's ballads. The album's a bit shorter than usual – one of those cool RCA experiments in the mini-LP format – but the overall sound is rich enough to match most full albums of chart soul from the time. Titles include "Woo", "I Don't Wanna Live Without You", "Girl I'm Watching You", "Wonderful World", and "What You Want". CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Arcade FireSuburbs ... CD
Merge, 2011. Used Gatefold ... $3.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Arcado (Mark Dresser/Mark Feldman/Hank Roberts)For Three Strings & Orchestra ... CD
Winter & Winter (Germany), 1992. Used ... $9.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ran BlakeFilm Noir ... CD
Novus/International Phonograph, 1980. New Copy Gatefold ... $18.99 21.98
One of the most evocative albums we've ever heard from pianist Ran Blake – a set that's got all the sharp edges of some of his most adventurous solo work, but one that also has Ran working in a few different settings, often with a very poetic feel! The set's not a hokey retro-crime record – as you might fear from the title (and countless later jazz albums that evoke that aesthetic) – and although Blake's working through melodies from older films, plus a few original numbers in the same spirit, his presentation is completely unique – and explosively personal throughout! His own piano is tremendous – blocks of sound and runs of notes that are extremely imaginative, and which flow forward from the same dark spirit we love on Blake's other recordings. And they're often balanced with shifting contributions from other musicians – players who include John Heiss on flute, Paul Meyers on bass, Ted Curson on trumpet, and Daryl Lowrey on alto and soprano sax – all of whom make some great additions to the set. Titles include a nice take on "The Pawnbroker" – plus other film titles that include "Eve", "Touch Of Evil", "Le Boucher", "Pinky", and "Doktor Mabuse" – as well as Blake originals "Spiral Staircase" and "Garden Of Delight". CD
(Great gatefold LP-styled sleeve!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Art Blakey & The Jazz MessengersRitual ... CD
Pacific Jazz, 1957. Used ... $7.99
A hard-swinging cooker from Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers – recorded during the landmark year of 1957 – when Blakey's group was open to recording for a number of different labels, in a number of different settings! The set was originally done for the west coast stalwart Pacific Jazz, but it's got a sound that's much more in the hardbop mode of the New York scene – all the fire and intensity that Blakey first cooked up for Blue Note, cast out with a slight sense of openness here in the less iconic setting. Players include Jackie McLean on alto, Bill Hardman on trumpet, and Sam Dockery on piano – and the album's right up there with Vik/RCA, Savoy, and Chess material they cut at the time. Tracks include "Touche", "Sam's Tune", "Once Upon A Groove", and "Wake Up". CD
(Note: CD is missing back artwork in case – and is priced accordingly.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Joanna BroukHearing Music ... CD
Numero, Early 80s. New Copy 2CD ... $13.99 17.98
Beautiful sounds from Joanna Brouk – an artist who was sometimes lost amidst the new age scene of the 80s, but one who's got a much deeper, more intellectual approach overall! True, Brouk's music does have a certain meditative spirit – but she also was a student of Terry Riley and Robert Ashley, and drank deep of the new compositional spirit of the time – especially in the work of Riley, which is often reflected here, but in a more contemplative way than his own recordings. Music sometimes features a core line on flute, opening up and unfolding slowly – and there's also some nice piano, and even a bit of conch shell and Orca sounds too. Double-length set features the usual strong Numero Group level of notes and history – and contains 22 tracks in all, some of which were only ever issued on cassette! CD
Also available Hearing Music ... LP 18.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Joe ChambersLandscapes ... CD
Savant, 2016. New Copy ... $14.99 16.98
Joe Chambers has always been one hell of a compelling artist – first famously as a drummer on important 60s modern sessions, but over the years also a tremendous leader, and a multi-instrumentalist whose work in a variety of settings never sounds gimmicky or forced at all! That quality really comes through here – as the record's only a trio date, with Rick Germanson on piano and Ira Coleman on bass – yet Chambers runs through a huge range of moods on instruments that include drums, congas, bongos, vibes, marimba, and piano – sometimes played with overdubs that allow Joe to expand the sound in especially nice ways on some of the more Latin-styled tracks. Joe plays solo piano on the title "Landscapes", and other trio tracks include "Samba De Marcatu", "pas De Trois", "Ecaroh", "The Outlaw", and "Havana". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Stelvio CiprianiMark Il Poliziotto ... CD
Cinevox (Italy), 1975. New Copy ... $15.99
Funky Cipriani – and one of the best 70s soundtracks by the amazing Italian composer! The score is for a mid 70s cop film, and it's got a sound that blows away even most American funky cop soundtracks – using wah wah guitar to the Nth degree, in order to super-charge the massively funky rhythms on the set – and somehow managing to produce the other instruments in the set with this weird echo that sort of makes them jump between the speakers! There's incredible off-kilter piano, lots of spacey horns, and even a bit of electric harpsichord, which really sounds amazing. As funky as it is brilliant, and filled with amazing tracks that really blow us away – titles that include "Mark Il Poliziotto", "La Fine Di Cobb", "Lei E La Madre", "Bambole Di Droga", "Mercato", "Kruber Il Tedesco", "Tenerezza", and "Porte Chiuse". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Gerson ConradRosto Marcado – Arquivo ... CD
Warner (Brazil), 1981. Used ... $14.99
A solo album by this former member of Secos & Molhados – not nearly as avant and wild as work by that group, but a great record nonetheless! Gerson's emerging here as a sensitive singer/songwriter – almost hitting Lo Borges/Milton Nascimento territory in his style, working with larger arrangements that have an ambitious feel, yet still going for more of a rock sound on other tracks. Production is great – with lots of cool compressed moments, and a few jazzy flourishes – and titles include "Precipico", "Sementes", "Amor Amor", "A Sede E A Fonte", and "O Tempo". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Arthur CrudupMusic Man Like Nobody Every Saw (5CD set) ... CD
Bear Family (Germany), 1940s/1950s/Early 60s. New Copy 5CD ... $149.99 174.99
One of the founding fathers of rock and roll – finally given his due in this massive box set! Arthur Crudup was a famous influence on Elvis Presley, but even without that fame, he was a hell of a bluesman on his own – a key part in the shift of styles that took place during the 40s – a mode that took Crudup's rural roots into more focus, with some of the tighter modes of the urban scene! This set shows that shift – and plenty more too – over the space of 124 tracks in all, which include Crudup's complete recordings for RCA and associated labels, as well as material for Trumpet, Checker, Ace, and Fire Records too – all packaged with a heavy, hardcover book that's almost worth the price of admission alone! The book features all-new notes, loads of photos and images, and a discography too – and the box finally takes Crudup's music from the scattered array of public domain and greatest hits CDs, and gives it the showcase it deserves. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Day & TaxiAll ... CD
Percaso (Switzerland), 1992. Used ... $7.99
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Day & TaxiMaterial ... CD
Percaso (Switzerland), 2003. Used ... $5.99
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Francesco De MasiQuella Sporca Storia Nel West ... CD
Beat (Italy), 1968. Used ... $14.99
A really beautiful little soundtrack from Francesco De Masi – scored with a depth of feeling that's really surprising, and which goes way past the obvious! There's some beautiful woodwind passages that arc and turn with a quality that's almost fragile – yet bold enough to paint a vivid picture of the western setting of the film – mixed with some more dramatic numbers that still have a relatively unusual feel – almost as if De Masi was working as hard as he could to create a soundtrack that was different from other westerns of the period – while still staying within a familiar instrumental structure. Maurizio Graf sings the driving title tune "Find A Man" – and the CD features a whopping 27 titles that include "Emily E Johnny", "La Medaglia", "Addio Orace", "Santana E Johnny", "L'Assalto Di Santana", "Paura Notturna", "Non C'E Scampo", "Passi Nel Tempo", and "Johnny Sulla Croce". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Matt DennisWelcome Matt Dennis ... CD
Jubilee/Warner (Japan), 1958. New Copy ... $14.99
A lesser-known set from vocalist Matt Dennis – not as well-remembered as his 50s dates for RCA and Kapp, but still pretty darn great nonetheless! Matt's working here with full backings from Sy Oliver – in a set that showcases his talents more as a singer than a songwriter – but which still manages to include a few great Dennis originals. And despite a cover that looks a bit lurid – with Dennis cornering a model inside a hotel room – the overall feel of the record is quite homey and domestic, with tunes that echo images of hearth and family, but often with the kind of nod and a wink which you might expect from Matt's usual approach to a tune. Titles include "Home", "Welcome Mat", "Back In Your Own Back Yard", "By The Fireside", "A Cup Of Coffe A Sandwich & You", "Let's Put Out The Lights", and "Your Family". CD
(SHM-CD pressing!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Paul Desmond with Jim HallEasy Living ... CD
Bluebird/BMG, 1966. Used ... $7.99
Paul Desmond doesn't get any better than this – blowing his icy cool alto next to warm guitar lines from the mighty Jim Hall – a classic RCA Records pairing in jazz, heard to great effect on this classic album! There's a slight bossa groove to some of the rhythms, which is great for Desmond's sound – and the backing is also free of piano, so the guitar and alto hang together wonderfully by themselves – suspended in space, dipping and turning around each other beautifully! The pair get some very light rhythmic accompaniment from Connie Kay on drums, and either Percy Heath or Gene Wright on bass – on titles that include "That Old Feeling", "Easy Living", "Blues For Fun", "Polka Dots & Moonbeams", and "When Joanna Loved Me". CD also features 2 bonus tracks – "All Through The Night" and "Rude Old Man". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Nick Didkowvsky/Bunita Marcus/Mary Wright/OrlandoBang On A Can Vol 3 – Live – I Kick My Hand/Adam & Eve/Lizard Belly Moon/Colores Ultraviolandos/Carcass/Lung Ta ... CD
CRI, 1994. Used ... $4.99
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jack DowningForce That Cannot Be Named – The Jack Downing Anthology ... CD
RPM (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy 2 CDs ... $3.99
American sounds, but forged in Sweden – a surprisingly great batch of work from expatriate Jack Downing – including some rare singles, previously unreleased tunes, and even some live material too! Downing clearly picks up some of the folk rock styles of the post-Dylan generation – but he's also got this rough, raspy style of singing that's much more garagey at points than any folkies in the US – a weird sort of hybrid that only gets more interesting as the music here moves into the early 70s! The package brings together a full album recorded for RCA in Sweden, singles for Karusell, RCA, and CBS, and some live material recorded for Swedish radio too – 37 tracks that include "No Man's Land", "Out My Light", "Muddy Water", "Queen Jane Approximately", "Branded Man", "Only Dadd That'll Walk The Line", "The Kind Of Words", "Greenback Dollar", and "Going To California". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Mark Dresser, Mark Feldman & Hank RobertsArcado String Trio – #28/81 ... CD
Winter & Winter (Germany), 1989. Used ... $9.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
FatbackIs This The Future? ... CD
Spring/Southbound (UK), 1983. New Copy ... $8.99 14.99
The sound of the future, circa 1983 – a time when Fatback were continuing their great run of grooves from the 70s – but also picking up a fresh element from the old school scene of the time! Case in point is the great title cut here – which has almost an early hip hop sort of beat, and a cool recitation over the top – musing over the question posed by the title, before sliding into some other great grooves! The rest of the cuts follow suit in a wonderful way – proving once again that although there might have been other large funk groups on the market, few folks could cut a groove as well as Fatback. Titles include "Funky Aerobics", "Is This The Future", "Double Love Affair", "Spread Love", "Finger Lickin Good", "Sunshine Lady", and "The Girl Is Fine". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
FugaziRepeater + 3 ... CD
Dischord, 1990. Used ... $6.99
The second great Fugazi album, or first, depending on how ya want to define define "album" and how self-righteous you are in that opinion (don't know about you, but it's difficult for us to think of 13 Songs as a compilation) – but it's great all the same! Loud, angry and punchy in both tone and sound, it's pure beginning-to-end catharsis. Still, the songs resonate so much deeper than most of their peers, circa 1990. Titles include "Turnover", "Repeater", "Breandan #1", "Merchandise", "Blueprint", "Two Beats Off", "Shut The Door", "Reprovisional" and more. CD

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Serge Gainsbourg/Michel ColombierLe Pacha/Vidocq/Comment Trouvez Vous Ma Soeur? ... CD
Rambling (Japan), Mid 60s. New Copy ... $23.99
Stunning sounds from the team of Serge Gainsbourg and Michel Colombier – and maybe the most perfect example of why Gainsbourg soundtracks can be so great! First up is the duo's fab music for the film Le Pacha – a wonderful blend of trippy touches and more subtle jazzy moments, plus bits of electric sitar and bassy funk – shifting effortlessly from track to track to create a mad melange of musical grooves! Cuts include the classic "Requiem Pour Un Con", which is a funky gem – plus "Psychastenie", "Joss A La Calvados", "Un Noel 67", "Cadavres En Serie", "Batucada Meurtriere", and Brigitte Bardot singing "Harley Davidson"! Next is Vidoq – a handful of songs originally penned for a TV series in the 60s, and very unusual work from Serge! The tunes include two very offbeat vocal numbers, sung in this deep-voiced style – plus a few more serious instrumentals, but with a weird twist. Titles include "Le Mariage De Vidocq", "A Vous De Jouer", "L'Evasion", and "Chanson Du Forcat". Comment Trouvez-Vous Ma Soeur – or "how do you find my sister?" – seems like a perfect title for a film to feature music from Serge – and the music definitely follows suit! The movie's from 1964, so captures that pivotal time when Gainsbourg was shifting from classier French styles to groovy ones – both modes featured here in the instrumentals directed by Colombier, and on Serge's vocal reading of the title tune. Tracks include "Erotico Tico", "No Love For Daddy", "La Course Au Mariage", "Rendez Vous A L'Eglise", "Surboum Chez Ma Soeur", and "Quart D'Heure Americain". CD

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