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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
James BrownPopcorn ... CD
King/Universal (Japan), 1969. New Copy ... $13.99
A tremendous turning point in the career of James Brown – and an album that points the way strongly to the even deeper funk of the 70s! The album's a hard-wailing batch of instrumental tracks played by the legendary James Brown Band of the late 60s – the pre-JBs ensemble that's gone onto have possibly even more funky influence than the Godfather's combo in the 70s! James plays organ on the set – and supposedly a bit of guitar and drums (according to the notes) – but one of the main stars here is Pee Wee Ellis, whose alto lines really cook up some of the best tracks strongly. Yet possibly even more amazing is the overall rhythmic conception – tight, focused, and always on the money – snapping with a sharpness that's mindblowing even all these many years later – a whole new dimension in funky expression, hardly ever matched since! Titles include "Soul Pride (parts 1 & 2)", "The Chicken", "Sudsy", "The Popcorn", "In The Middle (parts 1 & 2)", "The Chase", and "A New Shift". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousPopcorn Exotica – R&B, Soul, & Exotica Rockers From The 50s & 60s ... CD
Croydon Municipal (UK), 1950s/1960s. New Copy ... $13.99
Exotica sounds, but with an especially soulful feel – which makes the tracks a perfect choice for this excellent collection! The work is in a special place between exotic instrumentals, teen pop, and deeper soul of the late 50s and early 60s – and most numbers here have that special balance you'll find in the popcorn soul underground – the kind of midtempo steppers that have really been getting a lot of play on dancefloors in recent years – especially when you want to cool off a bit from Northern Soul! As with other titles on the Croydon Municipal label, the track selection is divine – and titles include "The Riddle Of The Papawhos" by Danny Staton, "Call Of The Jungle" by Carl Stevens, "Cafe Bohemian" by The Enchanters, "The Web" by Abie Baker, "Tabou" by The Jokers, "On A Tropical Island" by Anna Valentino, "Little Indian Girl" by Billy & The Moonlighters, "Cat Walk" by Jack Costanzo, and "Arabia" by The Delcos. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousJay Strongman Presents Popcorn ... CD
BBE (UK), New Copy ... About June 24, 2016

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousJay Strongman Presents Popcorn ... LP
BBE (UK), New Copy ... About June 24, 2016
LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousPopcorn Heartbreak ... CD
BBE (UK), New Copy ... On June 24, 2016

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousPopcorn Heartbreak ... LP
BBE (UK), New Copy ... On June 24, 2016
LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ DJ BoogieEcstacy/Bounce (remix)/Beetle/Rock Wild/Popcorn ... 12-inch
Databass, 2002. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
12-inch, Vinyl record

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ SupremesButtered Popcorn/Who's Loving You ... 7-inch
Tamla/Third Man, 1961. New Copy (reissue)... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A great one from the early days of The Supremes – much more gritty than the polished soul of the trio's famous years – with this excellent R&B vibe at the bottom, and a shouted vocal that's nice and raw, and which really fits the popcorn lyric of the tune! "Who's Loving You" is on the flip, and is much more of a girl soul tune than the main number – with wonderful interplay between the lead and harmonies, and this cool flute that goes fluttering through the mix too! 7-inch, Vinyl record
(Beautiful reissue pressing – in a tricycle logo paper sleeve just like the early Tamla pressing!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ James BrownPopcorn ... LP
Polydor, 1969. New Copy (reissue)... Out Of Stock
A tremendous turning point in the career of James Brown – and an album that points the way strongly to the even deeper funk of the 70s! The album's a hard-wailing batch of instrumental tracks played by the legendary James Brown Band of the late 60s – the pre-JBs ensemble that's gone onto have possibly even more funky influence than the Godfather's combo in the 70s! James plays organ on the set – and supposedly a bit of guitar and drums (according to the notes) – but one of the main stars here is Pee Wee Ellis, whose alto lines really cook up some of the best tracks strongly. Yet possibly even more amazing is the overall rhythmic conception – tight, focused, and always on the money – snapping with a sharpness that's mindblowing even all these many years later – a whole new dimension in funky expression, hardly ever matched since! Titles include "Soul Pride (parts 1 & 2)", "The Chicken", "Sudsy", "The Popcorn", "In The Middle (parts 1 & 2)", "The Chase", and "A New Shift". LP, Vinyl record album
Also available Popcorn ... CD 13.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousSlow Grind Fever Vol 5 – Still More Adventures In The Sleazy World Of Popcorn Noir ... LP
Stag O Lee (Germany), Late 50s/Early 60s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Those slow grinders are at it again – giving us a heady helping of their "popcorn noir" genre – a style they seem to have coined themselves! The groove here is every bit as great as previous volumes – bits of jazz, R&B, and more – all served up from a host of cool, catchy singles you'd never hope to find in the original – and which work here perfectly to create a great late nite sort of vibe! Make no mistake, most of these numbers are groovers – just the kind that are a bit more kicked back, for post-midnight listening – titles that include "Senor Blues" by Rose Hardaway, "Strange Is Love" by The Marquis, "Haunted Sax" by The Night Caps, "Tremblin" by Birdie Green, "Nature Boy" by The Shields, "My Baby" by Nappy Brown, "I Want A Lip" by April Stevens, "Comprende" by Hillard Street with Jack Marshall, and "Satan Is Her Name" by Steve King & The Echelons. LP, Vinyl record album
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Faye Adams/Roy BrownJohnny Lee/Slow Down Little Eva ... 7-inch
Popcorn (UK), Late 50s. New Copy ... $9.99
One of the rawest tracks we've ever heard from Faye Adams – thanks to this wicked distorted guitar line that snaps along with her vocals – almost bluesy in current, but set to a snapping groove that's totally great! Roy Brown continues the R&B vibe on "Slow Down Little Eva" – a cut that's almost got a jukebox mambo sort of vibe – with a cowbell clanking alongside a vamping piano groove – as Roy's vocals soar with the lyrics! 7-inch, Vinyl record

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Buddy LucasI Can't Go/Get Away Fly ... 7-inch
Popcorn (UK), Early 60s. New Copy ... $9.99
"I Can't Go" is a real killer from Buddy Lucas – a tune with this very cool, sinster organ that bubbles underneath his vocals – almost sounding electronic at points, then bursting out with a sonic vibe that really sends the lyrics over the top! "Get Away" is pretty cool, too – again with an electronic vibe in the way the track moves echoey guitar near the vocals, while the whole tune still hits a catchy groove! 7-inch, Vinyl record

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Wanderers/Ruth PriceShadrach Meshack & Abednego/Shadrach ... 7-inch
Popcorn (UK), Late 50s. Near Mint- ... $6.99
A great group soul version of this classic biblical theme – set to a sweet R&B-styled vamp, and served up in a wonderful blend of lead vocals and deep harmonies! Ruth Price is pretty great on the flipside – a jazzier take on the tune, with this wonderful drum passage underneath the vocals – lots of acoustic bass, toms, and snare under Price's lyrics! 7-inch, Vinyl record

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Al Brown & His Tune ToppersTake Me Back/Sweet Little Love ... 7-inch
Popcorn (UK), Early 60s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
One of the few singles issued by the great Al Brown – who some folks know for his famous calls on a version of "Madison Time"! This cut's got an upbeat, romping groove – fast piano lines with vamping horns – all topped by wonderful vocals from Al, who's got a hell of a lot of charm! "Sweet Little Love" is great too – an even heavier vamper, with a groove that's somewhere in the "Fever" side of the spectrum, which seems to bring out even more personality from Brown! 7-inch, Vinyl record

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Eugene Church/Titus TurnerSixteen Tons/Coralee ... 7-inch
Popcorn (UK), Late 50s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
One of the deepest versions of "Sixteen Tons" we've ever heard – cut with the great Eugene Church in the lead, and great vocals from a backing group that dip, turn, and take on most of the roles that the instruments held in the original! There's a wicked guitar in the mix, too – and the whole vibe of the tune is oddly echoed by Titus Turner on "Coralee" – both in the style of arrangement and the slinky vamp of the groove! 7-inch, Vinyl record

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Barbara English/Earl GrantFever (2 versions) ... 7-inch
Popcorn (UK), Mid 60s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Two takes on the famous tune "Fever" – both mighty nice! Barbara English sings the cut in a 60s soul mode – still with the snapping groove of the original, but with more soul on her vocals – and from the backing trio who joins her for the track! Earl Grant brings that heavy left hand piano sound of his to play on the flipside – really great, with a dark moody vibe that's offset by his own vocals, a bit of Hammond, and a sweet tenor sax as well! 7-inch, Vinyl record

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Vernon Green & The MedallionsLover's Prayer/Shedding Tears For You ... 7-inch
Popcorn (UK), Late 50s. New Copy (reissue)... Out Of Stock
A sublime bit of vocal group work from Vernon Green & The Medallions – thanks to a vamping groove that sets the tune on fire right from the start, then provides this bad-stepping walk that keeps the vocals mighty sharp! "Shedding Tears" is a lot mellower, but has an even bolder, stronger lead from Vernon – who hits some nice deep soul modes in the process! 7-inch, Vinyl record

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Leslie Podkin/Lilyanne CarrollYou Won't Need No Money/Ooo Poppa Doo ... 7-inch
Popcorn (UK), Late 50s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A weird and wonderful little tune! Leslie Podkin's got a voice that may not win her a spot in the opera – very down-to-earth, especially given the lyrical setting – but the tune's set to a romping groove with a wicked R&B tenor in the mix, and a vamping piano line that sets the whole thing on fire! Lilyann Carol sings on the flip – getting male vocal backing with the cool lyrical chorus of "Ooo Poppa Doo", while she sings a great jazzy lyric in the lead! 7-inch, Vinyl record

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Bobby ScottI Gotta Run Now/Moanin ... 7-inch
Popcorn (UK), Early 60s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
One of the deepest tracks we've ever heard from Bobby Scott – done in his usual mix of jazz, soul, and mod styles – but with a vocal that's almost more Oscar Brown Jr than some of his other work – in a very cool way! That same style follows on his take on "Moanin" – which is given one of the hippest, most soulful readings we've ever heard! 7-inch, Vinyl record

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Carl Henry Hall/Jimmy RandolphSummertime (2 versions) ... 7-inch
Popcorn (UK), Late 50s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Two versions of the classic "Summertime" – both pretty darn groovy! Carl Henry Hall takes the tune with this sweet vamping vibe – almost funky overall, with a modal element that's great – and topped by his own searing, searching vocals! The pace is slower on Jimmy Randolph's version, but equally vamping – although in a way that's more jazzy than soul! 7-inch, Vinyl record

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Etta Jones/Lorez AlexandriaNature Boy (2 versions) ... 7-inch
Popcorn (UK), Early 60s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A classic tune, done here in two very groovy versions! Etta Jones' take on "Nature Boy" starts out with a soulful tenor solo, then moves into this exotic stepping rhythm on guitar, bass, and drums – very spare, but very compelling – especially as Etta holds the lead! Lorez Alexandria is equally exotic on her version, but jazzier too – as the tune has this wonderful piano that really opens up the colors and tones! 7-inch, Vinyl record

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Gene Stridel/Hal WatersLet Her Go/St James Infirmary ... 7-inch
Popcorn (UK), Early 60s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
There's a nice echo and a sweet groove to "Let Her Go" – a vibe that really lives up to the "popcorn" sound promised in the label – especially when this cool snapping bongo line comes in alongside Gene's vocals! Hal Waters sends it nicely on the flipside – a very cool take on this familiar tune – one that draws a lot from Hal's unique and sinister vocals, and some sweet bubbling Hammond on the bottom! 7-inch, Vinyl record
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ronnie AldrichCome To Where The Love Is ... LP
Phase 4/Decca/London, 1972. Sealed Gatefold ... $1.99
Ronnie Aldrich and his "two pianos" show you where the love is, all the while running through lush, easy arrangements of breezy pop numbers with the London Festival Orchestra and Chorus. Nothing but mellow goodness here to keep the mood flowing all night long, with a dozen tracks in all, including "Love Theme From The Godfather", "Alone Again (Naturally", "Song Sung Blue", "Popcorn", "Where Is The Love", "Theme From Lost Horizon", "Without You", "Come To Where The Love Is", "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" and "Jenny's Theme". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a cutout hole.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Hank Ballard & The MidnightersDancin' & Twistin' ... CD
King/Ace (UK), Late 50s/Early 60s. New Copy ... $11.99 18.99
Hank Ballard may have recorded "The Twist", but don't hold that against him – as the King Records giant was one of the key R&B stars of the 50s, and that big title hit is only part of a long legacy of raw, romping tunes that are perfect for any sort of soulful dancefloor! This excellent collection is right up there with Ace's other explorations of the King/Federal catalog – and like the others, it features superb sound, detailed notes, and a great ear for the kind of tunes that go way past the obvious – further illuminating some overlooked corners of Ballard's rich career! The collection features material recorded with The Midnighters, and with Hank solo – and even goes up to include some of his less-remembered work for King in the mid 60s. Titles include "Let's Go Again", "The Float", "Henry's Got Flat Feet", "E Basta Cosi", "Dance Till It Hurtcha", "Sloop & Slide", "Poppin The Whip", "Funky Soul Train", "Butter Your Popcorn", "The House On The Hill", "That Low Down Move", and "Good Twisting Tonight". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Pattie BrooksLove Shook/Our Ms Brooks ... CD
Casablanca/FTG, 1977/1978. New Copy ... $8.99 14.98
A disco double-header! First up is Love Shook – classic disco from Pattie Brooks, and a soaring 70s set that's right up there with the best Casablanca Records grooves of the time! The rhythms here are upbeat and lively – strings mixed in with quick-stepping rhythms, all set to the vocals of Pattie, which have just the right sort of flow to take off nicely in the setting! Titles include "Love Shook", "Let's Make Love To The Music", "Girl Don't Make Me Wait", and a totally cool "Pop Collage Medley", which features bits of "Popcorn" and "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye". Next is Our Ms Brooks – a record that has Pattie reunited with the Soul Galore production team – working with backdrops that are full, but never too overblown – right in that perfect Casablanca mode! Titles include "Heartbreak In Disguise", "After Dark", "This Is The House Where Love Died", and "The Back-up Singer". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
James BrownIt's A Mother ... LP
King, 1969. Very Good ... $16.99
A definite mother from James Brown – the kind of all-funky album that few of his contemporaries could ever hope to match! If you've ever doubted the sheer raw power of James at the end of the 60s, the first few notes of this one will definitely make you a convert – and the stretched-out grooves as the album rolls on will pull you even further into the fold. Most tracks roll on with that improvised studio jamming style that James was hitting at the time – a pre-JBs mode that's not as long as later years, but which still makes you feel that there probably was plenty more recorded on the dates that didn't make it into the two-part versions of the tracks! And although James is singing on most numbers, the real focus is more on the band – hitting hard, vamping sharp, and grooving massively under shouted calls and directions from Brown. Titles include two great instrumentals – "Popcorn With a Feeling" and "Top of the Stack" – plus "Little Groove Maker Me (parts 1 & 2)", "Mother Popcorn (parts 1 & 2)", "Mashed Potato Popcorn (parts 1 & 2)", "Any Day Now", "You're Still Out Of Sight", and "I'm Shook" – as well as the great mellower number "If I Ruled The World" – redone here as an African-American anthem of pride and power! LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
East Of UndergroundHell Below (East Of Underground/Soap/Black Seeds/Sound Trek) (3CD set) ... CD
US Army/Now Again, 1971/1972. Used 3CDs ... $9.99
Proof that the US Army had plenty going on during the 70s – as you'll hear from this killer set of military-produced grooves from East Of Underground! The set goes way past the previous East Of Underground reissue – to feature work by the groups Soap, Black Seeds, and Sound Trek – all wrapped up in a beautiful package that's as visually pleasing as the music is funky! The cuts here were all recorded by US Army servicemen during the height of the Vietnam war – as Army-issued albums designed to encourage recruitment (as if a few funky grooves could help offset the bad press the war was getting on TV!) But despite that odd origin, the music here is all pretty great – mostly covers of familiar tunes from the time, but recorded with a nicely gritty quality that's mighty nice – and which makes the overall feel of the records like digging into some lost small studio tapes – ala Numero! Now Again have done a great job of putting together the whole package, too – contributing a wealth of notes and photos, and really digging deep into the scene in which these unique records were created. Not only that, but the packaging also replicates the style of the original odd releases too! The set features a CD each of music by East Of Underground and Soap – plus another CD that brings together an unusual double LP by the groups Black Seeds and Sound Trek. Titles include "I Just Want To Celebrate", "Kool & The Gang", "Walking In The Rain", "Backstabbers", "I Love Everything About You", "Ain't No Sunshine", "Go Outside In The Rain", "Black Magic Woman", "Hell Below", "Higher", "Popcorn/Santana", "Walk On By", "Java Girl", and "Get Together". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jack McDuffDown Home Style ... CD
Blue Note, 1969. Used ... $11.99
A really unusual album for Jack McDuff – one that was recorded in Memphis, with a lineup and a feel that's quite different from other Blue Note sessions of the time! There's a lot of electricity bubbling in the record – and although McDuff normally never worked with a bassist on earlier sessions, this one features a unnamed player who really lays out a nice bottom for the whole session – bubbling the tunes with lots of work on the electric, and letting McDuff concentrate on funking things up with the keys of the Hammond! The set features a key recording of Jack's classic "Theme From the Electric Surfboard", plus the funky numbers "Butter (For Yo Popcorn)", "The Vibrator", and "Down Home Style". CD
(Out of print Blue Note Rare Groove Series pressing.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Mighty ImperialsThunder Chicken ... CD
Desco/Daptone, 2000. Used ... $9.99
Super-heavy funk from late great Desco Records scene! The Mighty Imperials were one of the best funky 45 groups to record for mighty deep funk Desco label – and their first album never properly saw the light of day, thanks to some pressing and distribution messups before the demise of the company. Now, the whole thing's finally out officially – a funky treasure that sounds like a lost 70s gem, and which has almost as much mystique, given the status of the original record! The core combo features organ, drums, bass, and super-heavy guitar – and the album also features them recording with some additional vocal help from Joseph Henry! Henry sings in a mode that's very similar to Lee Fields' work with the deep funk scene – and his vocals are on a number of tracks on the album – leaving the rest as groovy funky instrumentals with a nice heavy late 60s sock-boogaloo sound! Includes covers of "Never Found A Girl" and "Cold Sweat" – plus originals "Soul Buster pt 1", "Chico's Barnyard", "Kick The Blanket", "Thunder Chicken", and "Joseph's Popcorn". CD
(Out of print. Barcode has a cutout mark.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ RootsOrganix ... LP
Remedy, 1993. New Copy 2LP ... $15.99
The first, independent, Roots LP with so many classics that never made it to their later import and major label releases. What more can we say... Tracks include "The Roots Is Comin", "Pass The Popcorn", "The Anti-Circle", "Writers Block", "Good Music", "Grits", "Leonard I-V", "I'm Out Deah", "Essawhamah? (Live At The Soulshack)", "Popcorn Revisited", "Common Dust", "The Session (Longest Posse Cut In History)", "Carryin' On", "Peace", and more. LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Timmy Wilson/Ansler MontellLong Ways To Go/Chained Am I ... 7-inch
Kent (UK), Late 60s. New Copy ... $7.99
An unissued tune from the 60s, but a great one too – a cut that has this romping groove right from the start – a bluesy but upbeat approach to soul that's completely infectious, and which gets this cool, echoey vocal from Timmy Wilson! The flipside's another rare, unissued track too – and has almost a popcorn soul sort of vibe – as the lead singer Ansler Montell's vocals move over vamping rhythm, with some nice support from a backing group on the chorus! 7-inch, Vinyl record

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Timi YuroSomething Bad On My Mind/Unreleased & Rare Liberty Recordings ... CD
Liberty/Morello (UK), Early 60s/1968. New Copy ... $14.99
A wealth of music from Timi Yuro – the CD debut of a great late 60s album, plus lots of never-issued material as well! First up is the 1968 record Something Bad On My Mind – a set that's done in a style that's more mature and sophisticated than some of her earlier singles, but equally soulful too! The album was partly recorded in the UK – with arrangements from Les Reed and Ian Green, who almost give Yuro this British take on American soul – a vibe that's a bit like that you'd hear from Dusty Springfield, but more spacious and with more emotive lines from Timi – and the rest of the record was cut back in the states, with charts from Belford Hendricks. Titles include the killer popcorn groover "It'll Never Be Over For Me" – plus "Hey Girl", "Something Bad On My Mind", "When You Were Mine", "When He Wants A Woman", "I Can't Believe I'm Losing You", "I Must Have Been Out Of My Mind", and "Wrong". CD then includes 12 more rare bonus tracks from the Liberty Records vaults – spanning years of Timi's time at the label, and including "Just When It Looked like Forever", "Wishing It Was You", "It's Just A Matter Of Time", "Afraid Of Tomorrow", "Yesterday's Memories", "I Get Ideas", and "There's A Way". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousAmazing Funk Masters Vol 10 ... LP
Soul Patrol (France), Late 60s. New Copy ... $13.99
Amazing is right! This very groovy comp on Soul Patrol brings together the label's usual high-quality batch of rare funky tracks – with a sound that's in keeping with the Keb Darge or Sound of Funk series. Titles include "Can You Dig It" by Shades of Time, "Popcorn '69" by Billy Ball & The Upsetters, "Never Give Him Up" by James Polk & The Brothers, "Funky Movement No. 2" by Timothy McNealy, and "Monkey In A Sack" by Lil Buck & The Top Cats. Very funky, with a non-stop groove! LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousNorthern Soul's Classiest Rarities Vol 5 – A Spicy Mix Of Unissuded, Collector's Items, Super Rarities & Hard To Find Favourites ... CD
Kent (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy ... $14.99
Rare soul, with a really great approach – cuts that aren't the usual hits or Northern Soul rarities – and which instead lie in a special space of their own! The title's a reference to the care with which these cuts were put together – not just in the vocals, but also the arrangements – which are usually a cut above, and manage to groove while still adding in larger charts and fuller backings – often at a level that reflects the California origin of many of these tracks, but also echoed by artists from other scenes as well! All of the tracks are super-rare – and a good number are issued here for the first time – handled with that perfect Ace/Kent style, right down to the detailed liner notes too. Titles include "Just Another Smile" by Mel Davis, "When The Boy That You Love" by The Avons, "Hang Around" by Marva Holiday, "They Didn't Know" by Terri Goodnight, "Losing Control" by Mary Saxton, "If You Don't Know" by The Dialtones, "Do The Popcorn" by Little Johnny Hamilton, "Break Someone Else's Heart" by Jeanette Jones, "This Man Wants You" by Jesse Cowan, "It Ain't No Achievement" by The Millionaires, "Butterfly" by The Ballads, and "I'm Sending Vibrations" by The Webb People. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousOne Track Mind – More Motown Guys ... CD
Kent (UK), Mid 60s. New Copy ... $15.99
Never-heard songs from the Motown empire of the 60s – all new discoveries from the label's mighty deep vaults – all of them totally great tracks that make for a superb new look at the Detroit powerhouse of soul! Many of these cuts are in a Northern Soul mode – the kind of upbeat groovers that made Motown a huge favorite on the British scene right from the start, and which make the UK Kent label a perfect spot to showcase work this great – with detailed notes on all the tracks, excellent sound quality, and an impeccable ear for choosing just the right sort of tracks to pop a groove like the bigger singles from the label. Some of the cuts here are early recordings by artists who'd later break big, others are more obscure Motown acts – and the package features 24 titles that include "Goose Wobbling Time" by Popcorn Wylie, "I'll Be Satisfied" by Frank Wilson, "Where Are You" by Ivy Jo, "One Track Mind" by Marv Johnson, "Heart To Heart" by Earl Van Dyke, "Head Over Heels In Love With You Baby" by Edwin Starr, "I'm Here Now That You Need Me" by The Fantastic Four, "Imagination Is Running Wild" by The Spinners, "The In Crowd" by Jimmy Ruffin, "Wish I Didn't Love You So" by The Monitors, "The Touch Of Venus" by Marvin Gaye, "I'd Rather Forget" by The Temptations, and "Kissing In The Shadows" by Johnny Bristol. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousPopsters – They Tried To Rock Vol 4 ... CD
Bear Family (Germany), Mid 50s. New Copy ... $14.99 27.98
A very cool collection from the early years of rock and roll – featuring work by an assortment of mainstream pop artists who were very quick to jump on the bandwagon of the new music! The styles here aren't just boring pop attempts to rehash rock, but also show a strong current of R&B at play as well – the kind of sounds that jump blues and other postwar styles had already brought to the mainstream – served up almost in a post-swing mode, with a cool mix of jazzy inflections and electrified instrumentation that's almost a precursor for the sound of popcorn soul! Most tracks are in an upbeat, swinging mode – one that's equally pleasing if you like crossover country from the time, or some of the more playful modes from pop singers too – all with a much wider range than you'd expect from the title and cover. As with other volumes, the notes are great, as is the track selection – and this fourth volume features 33 tracks that include "See Saw" by Don Cornell, "Band Of Gold" by Don Cherry, "Rock Love" by The Fontaine Sisters, "Fujiyama Mama" by Eileen Barton, "Teardrops From My Eyes" by The Hilltoppers, "Lovey Dovey" by Ella Mae Morse, "Bo Diddley" by Jean Dinning, "Susie Q" by The Crewcuts, "Rockabilly Party" by Hugo & Luigi, and "Flip Flop & Fly" by Johnny Ray. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
BulljunSho Nuff EP ... LP
P-Vine (Japan), 2006. Very Good+ ... Just Sold Out!
A pretty sweet mix of beats, funky samples, and Latin elements – all mixed together with almost a Tru Thoughts or Melting Pot Music sort of approach! The groove here is extremely upbeat and joyous – and most tracks step around in hard funky midtempo rhythms – assembled in the studio, but coming off with a nice sense of liveness in the way the tunes unfold! Bits of mixing further the more organic nature of the set – and despite the programming of the rhythms, the overall grooves are plenty pleasing – thanks to a good amount of acoustic source material. EP features 8 tracks in all – some of which are on the Bulljun CD, some of which aren't – with titles that include "BJ's Comin", "Sho Nuff", "El Barrio Blues", "Smoke Jazz & Freedom", "Popcorn Cellar", "Eternal Reflection", and "After The Summer Breaks 2016". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousKing Funk ... CD
King/BGP (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy ... Just Sold Out!
Rare funk from one of the greatest labels in the business! King Records is known to many for its classic work with singers like James Brown, Hank Ballard, and Wynonie Harris – but during the later years of the label, they also pressed up a great amount of excellent funky 45s, including many that are some of the rarest you'll ever try to find. This 24 track set is the first to really try to document King's rich funk legacy – and it's got some amazing tracks that blend together raw southern soul, hard northern rhythms, and sweet James Brown-produced grooves. Any one of these tunes would set you back at least $50 on a single – not just because they're rare, but because they're some of the best funk cuts ever recorded. Titles include "Mr Tuff Stuff" by Toby King, "Gold Walk" by The Presidents, "Butter Your Popcorn" by Hank Ballard, "Your Thing Ain't No Good Without My Thing" by Marie Queenie Lyons, "Down Home Girl" by The Coasters, "Don't Get Funky" by Gloria Walker, "Funky Lady (parts 1 & 2)" by Soul East, "From The Back Side (parts 1 & 2)" by The Sons Of Funk, "Camelot Time" by J Hines & The Fellows, and "Papa's Got The Wagon" by Gloria Walker. CD

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VariousSuper Funk Vol 3 – Still Rarer & Funkier Funk ... CD
BGP (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy ... Just Sold Out!
A killer batch of rare funky tunes – pulled from a host of tiny labels, and put together with a quality level that would blow away a crate full of of funky 45s! This third volume in the Super Funk series seems to dig even deeper than the first two – and it also includes few incredible little nuggets that were never officially released in any format – which makes the whole thing essential, even if you've got a mountain of rare 45s back at your crib! Includes "The Tramp (From Funky Broadway)" by The Showmen Inc, "Put It In" by Johnny King And The Fatback Band, "Cissy Popcorn" and "Funky Chicken" by Preston Love, "Soul Livin" by Everyday People Unlimited, "Brother Brown" by Camille Bob, "At The Soul In" by Count Yates And The Rhythm Crusaders, "Cat Scream" by Li'l Buck, "Bending Soul" by the Soul Blenders", "Ain't It A Groove" by Chico & Buddy, "Soul Brothers Testify" by Soul Senders, "Fat Man" by TKOs, "Sweet Potato Gravy" by Maurice Simon And The Pie Men, and lots more! 20 tracks in all. CD

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✨✧ James Brown20 All Time Greatest Hits! ... LP
Polydor/Universal, 1960s/1970s. New Copy 2LP ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Not a classic from the early years of James Brown – but a later greatest hits package that's gone onto have legendary status – given all the key cuts it includes! Most numbers here are the shorter single versions – and together, they pack a hell of a punch – showing an especially strong focus on the best soul and funk years of the legendary Godfather Of Soul! Titles include "I Got You", "Sex Machine (part 1)", "I Got The Feelin", "Mother Popcorn (part 1)", "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (part 1)", "Think", "Get Up Offa That Thing", "Hot Pants (part 1)", "Superbad (parts 1 & 2)", "Papa Don't Take No Mess (part 1)", "Payback", "Get On The Good Foot", and more! LP, Vinyl record album
(First-ever vinyl release!)

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✨✧ Idris MuhammadBlack Rhythm Revolution/Peace & Rhythm ... CD
Prestige/BGP (UK), 1971. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
2 classics from the legendary Idris Muhammad! Black Rhythm Revolution is one of the first records ever as a leader from funky drummer Idris Muhammad – a set that was cut right at the same time Idris was burning up the kit on his classic jazz funk sessions with other Prestige label players! The groove here is tight, funky, and very much in the mode that Muhammad laid down for other bigger soloists – a solid, socking sound that was the early 70s inheritance of the "Popcorn" funk groove of the late 60s. Players here are all great – and include Melvin Sparks on guitar, Harold Mabern on electric piano, and Virgil Jones on trumpet – and tracks include great covers of "Express Yourself" and "Super Bad", plus "Wander" and "Soulful Drums". Peace & Rhythms is a wonderful departure from Muhammad – and proof that he could do a lot more than just provide heavy breaks for Lou Donaldson and Melvin Sparks! This set is surprisingly spiritual and righteous at points – with a groove that's almost more like Strata East than some of Muhammad's previous work as a sideman on Blue Note and Prestige. Side one features the extended "Peace and Rhythm Suite" – a beautiful cut that's filled with searching, soaring energy – and side two includes two vocal cuts "Brother You Know You're Doing Wrong" and "I'm a Believer", both sung by Sakinah Muhammad – plus "Don't Knock My Love". Players are all great – and a nicely different lineup than the usual Prestige jazz funk gang. CD

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✨✧ PlattersMusicor Years ... CD
Musicor/Kent (UK), Late 60s. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
The Platters reached their greatest fame at the end of the 50s – but we've always been much bigger fans of their mid 60s work for Musicor, sides that took the group into much stronger soul territory – and featured some tremendous tunes in both sweet and Northern soul styles! By the time of these tracks, lead singer Tony Williams – the group's "voice" in their classic years – had long since departed, and in his place was the rougher, more soul-styled vocalist Sonny Turner – a great singer who really transformed the group's sound, along with producers Luther Dixon, Popcorn Wylie, and others, who cooked up The Platters' groove with plenty of Detroit and New York soul touches of the time! Given the initial sophistication of The Platters sound, the group were a perfect choice to take on some of the classier modes of 60s soul – and as you'll hear on this set, they had an incredible way with a tune that really pulled out the hooks and set a personal edge on their tunes, even when they were working with tracks done by other artists. And despite a few standout hits from this stretch, most of the group's work is far lesser-known – making this overstuffed CD a great discovery in 60s soul – a much-needed look at some excellent tunes that really slipped through the cracks over the years, most likely because of a focus on the group's bigger early hits. 28 tracks in all, with great notes on the music – and a set list that includes "Sweet Sweet Lovin", "Goin Back To Detroit", "Devri", "Doesn't It Ring A Bell", "With This Ring", "I Love You 1000 Times", "Baby Baby", "Singalingaloo", "Get A Hold Of Yourself", "Washed Ashore", "Sonata", "Why", "What Name Shall I Give You My Love", and "Think Before You Walk Away". CD

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