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SearchSearch I ... CD
Philly World/Boogie Times (France), 1981. Used ... $7.99
Early 80s funky soul from Search – a tight little group with a wickedly sharp edge! The combo is led by Les Paul Roque, fresh from his stint with Kool & The Gang – and the vibe here is similar to that group, but with a smaller combo approach overall – lots of bass at the forefront, and some of those great jazzy licks over the top – the sort that really made Kool sparkle in the early 80s! This jazzy aspect really deepens the record nicely – giving it a more solid, sophisticated groove that's also got a touch of the energy that the best Capitol Records groups had at the time. Titles include the killer opener "Like The Way You Funk With Me", the P-Funk-ish "Peanut Butter & Jam", plus "Do You Love Me Still", "Missing You", "A Song For Carrie", and "Get Up Off Your Assets". CD
(Out of print.)

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✨✧ Harold Melvin & The Blue NotesTalk It Up (Tell Everybody) ... CD
Philly World/Essential, 1984. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Later work by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – but proof that the sound of a great group will never die! The record was cut for the small Philly World label, but it's got plenty of elements that really echo the best Philly elements of the glory years – snapping groovers that provide a solid midtempo style for the vocals to soar from – and some warm ballads that are filled with that beautiful glow that the group had from the Teddy P years onwards! Titles include "Time Be My Lover", "Don't Give Me Up", "I Can't Let You Go", "What We Both Need", "I Really Love You", and "Today's Your Lucky Day". CD
(This is an on-demand title printed in limited quantities.)
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✨✧ VariousConquer The World – The Lost Soul Of Philadelphia International Records ... CD
Philadelphia International, 1970s. Used ... Out Of Stock
Philly International, way past the hits – presented here on a special collection of key rarities from the legendary label! If you think you've heard Philly before, get ready to think again – because the tracks here are all non-iconic gems from the deeper reaches of the label – deeper soul, hipper club, and heavier funk than you might expect from the sweeter chart singles the imprint scored back in the 70s! The package is a masterpiece – way better than we might have expected, and featuring some key tracks that even we'd never heard before – more than enough to have you digging funky 45s for Philly International. Tracks include "Ghetto Woman (parts 1 & 2)" by Ruth McFadden, "Everybody Needs Good Lovin (parts 1 & 2)" by Bunny Sigler, "Days Go By" by Bobby Bennett, "It's So Wonderful" by Johnny Williams, "Makin Up Time (parts 1 & 2)" by Frankie & The Spindles, "Hard Workin Man" by Pat & The Blenders, "Theme From Five Fingers Of Death" by Bunny Sigler, "Good & Plenty" by Carolyn Crawford, "Yellow Sunshine" by Yellow Sunshine, "Darling Come Back Home" by Love Committee, and "Grasshopper" by The Soul Devalents. CD features 4 bonus tracks – "Ruby's Surprise Party" by Ruby & The Party Gang, "Stop Taking My Love" by The Mellow Moods, "Love Is Here" by The Futures, and "The Big Hurt" by People's Choice. CD
(Out of print, punch through barcode.)

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✨✧ Jimmy Briscoe & The BeaversFlame Still Burns ... CD
Soulscape (UK), 1970s. Used ... $19.99
Sublime sweet soul from Jimmy Briscoe & The Beavers – a group who started young, but really matured over the space of a few short years in the 70s! The Beavers were one of the best indie phenomena of the east coast sweet soul stretch of the early 70s – a group that instantly won folks over with their honest, earnest approach – fragile harmonies that really get to the heart of the tunes' subject matter, sung by Jimmy in the lead, with some great vocal support in the rear! This package is the first to really delve deeply into the group's great legacy – going way past early hits, into territory of some great late 70s numbers too – mixing in a bit of Philly grooving in the process, yet all without losing the vocal charm of the earlier recordings. A brilliant collection throughout – a real change for Soulscape, but in a nice way – one that has us hoping they'll hit more harmony sides like this! Titles include "Together Together", "The Flame Still Burns", "Try Me", "Why Do Fools Fall In Love", "Sugar Brown", "Ain't No Way", "Forever", "Invitation To The World", "You're My Love My Life My Soul", "More Than You Realize", "Living For Today", "Marching To Higher Ground", "True Love", "No One Can Love You Like I Do", and "Ain't Nothing New Under The Sun". CD

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VariousDe-Liteful & Soulful – Mellow Mover ... CD
De-Lite/Ultra Vybe (Japan), Early/Mid 70s. Used ... $18.99
A really rare side of the legendary De-Lite Records – served up here in a range of obscure 45s before the company exploded into bigger fame with the success of Kool & The Gang! The work here puts De-Lite right on the same level as important indies on the east coast at the turn of the 70s – and shows an especially strong ability to capture the best group styles of the period – from the sublime harmony styles being crafted in New Jersey and Philly, to some of the growing funky styles in the pre-disco years! The set's a much-needed look at this early part of the label – and also features titles on the related Red Coach label too – in a wonderful package of 25 tracks that includes "I'll Never Let You Get Away" by Universal Mind, "So Long Sweet Little Girl" by Reggie Saddler Revue, "I'm At The Breaking Point" by The Trumains, "Girl (part 1)" by Philadelphia Ambassadors, "Gotta Let Some Sunshine Into My Life" by The Exceptionals, "I'll Always Love You" by The New Cymbals, "So Fine" by The Fiestas, "The Story Of Our Love" by The Carstairs, "Love You Can't Shake It" by Reggie Saddler & The Jammers, "Nothing In The World" by The Electras, "Back On The Road Again" by Richmond International, and "Love Foundation" by Electrified Action. CD
(Includes obi.)

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✨✧ Jerry ButlerNothing Says I Love You Like I Love You (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Philadelphia International/Sony (Japan), 1978. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
After working with Gamble & Huff on his big hits for Mercury in the late 60s, Jerry returned to work with the pair in the late 70s on their own Philly International label – stepping out with the same sweet groove that the Philly sound had brought to Lou Rawls, in a way that helped Butler really revive his sound at the time! The full rich approach really works magic with Butler's great vocals – in a way that showed that Jerry had never faltered during the 70s, but had just lost some of his steam through a bit of mis-handling by Motown on earlier albums. There's a proud, warm, all-adult sound to the album that we really love – heard to best effect on the anthemic "(I'm Just Thinking About) Cooling Out" and the great mellow groover "Let's Make Love" – but still pretty darn great on other tracks too! Titles include "Mighty Good People", "I'm Glad To Be Back", "Dream World", and "Are You Lonely Tonight". CD

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✨✧ ManhattansManhattans/After Midnight (plus bonus tracks) ... CD
Columbia/Superbird (UK), 1976/1980. Used 2 CDs ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Philly soul classics from The Manhattans – the mid 70s self-titled gem and After Midnight from the dawn of the 80s! The Manhattans album is one of their best of the 70s, and a record that showed that they were firmly out of the indie ghetto, and totally on top of their game! The record features arrangements and production by Bobby Martin and Bert DeCoteaux – bubbling along in that soaring style that you'd recognize best from Philly International albums of the time, but which also has some nice traces of the mellower ballad work that first put the group on the map. Every tune is perfect – the kind of sublime soul that easily explains why a record like this could be found in every single record collection of every single soul listener of the time – and titles include "La La La Wish Upon A Star", "We'll Have Forever To Love", "Take It Or Leave It", "Reasons", "Wonderful World Of Love", "Searching For Love", and the incredible "Kiss & Say Goodbye". Several bonus tracks, too! After Midnight is stellar Manhattans from the start of the 80s – and proof that the group could still hold strong, even at a point when soul music was really changing up around them! The sound is somewhat smoother than before, but never in a throwaway style – and as you might guess from the title, the record's a mostly-mellow affair that really hones in on the great ballad style that the group had perfected during their time at Columbia! The vocals are superb – not nearly as fragile as in the early days, but really still filled with a great sense of warmth and humanity – the group really maturing into a special space of their own. Arrangements are by James Mack, Benjamin Wright, Bert DeCoteux, and others – and titles include the hit "Shining Star", plus "It's Not The Same", "Just As Long As I Have You", "If My Heart Could Speak", "One Life To Life", "The Closer You Are", and "Girl Of My Dream". CD

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✨✧ MFSB/Three Degrees/Billy Paul/O'JaysGolden Gate Groove – The Sound Of Philadelphia Live 1973 ... CD
Philadelphia International, 1973. Used ... Out Of Stock
The setting is the Golden Gate, but the sound is pure Philly International – a rare early live performance from the label, featuring some of its key vocal heavyweights working here with live accompaniment from MFSB! Although the instrumental group backed Philly artists often in the studio, this 1973 concert marks the only time they worked live with the singers – in a stunning showcase for the young label, performed as part of a Columbia Records convention in San Francisco! Given the setting, and the uniqueness of the whole event, the CD release of this rare material is a treasure for soul fans of many generations – a rare addition to the amazing run of music the label first started giving us at the time. The set begins with MFSB doing a version of "Freddie's Dead" – then runs into Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes singing "I Miss You", "The Love I Lost", and "If You Don't Know Me By Now" – followed by Three Degrees on "I Didn't Know" and "Dirty Ol Man". MFSB then follow with "TSOP", then Billy Paul sings "East" and "Me & Mrs Jones", and the set ends with The O'Jays on "Love Train", "Sunshine", "Back Stabbers", and "When The World's At Peace". CD

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✨✧ VariousHave A Good Time Vol 1 – Northern Soul Ingenuity & Determination ... CD
Goldmine (UK), Late 60s. Used ... Out Of Stock
The gang at Goldmine Records are getting better and better at putting these things together – this time using Tim Brown to select a very tasty batch of rare Northern Soul tunes – all hitting hard with an upbeat 60s soul style, and grooving at a level that definitely raises the bar! Don't understand the title that much, but there's more than enough good tunes to make up for that – with titles that include "Determination" by Fabulous Apollos, "All Because Of You" by The Dramatics, "She's Got You Now" by The Witches, "You've Got The Loving Touch" by Buddy Lamp, "The Lonely Boy Song" by Kell Osborne, "You'd Be Crying Too" by The Matadors, "You Said" by The Moments, "I Can't Take No More" by Ted Wilson, "Philly Dog Around The World" by Jimmy Raye, "Baby Baby Take A Chance On Me" by Jack Montgomery, and "Turn Me Loose" by Lois Lane. CD
(Out of print.)

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