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Philippe SardeBarocco/Les Soeurs Bronte ... CD
Quartet (Spain), Late 70s. New Copy ... $21.99 36.99
A pair of obscure 70s soundtracks from Philippe Sarde – back to back on a single CD! First up is Barocco – a great little dramatic score from Philippe Sarde – done for a film set in the lower reaches of the boxing world, and given this wonderfully moody music that's even a cut above some of Sarde's usual work! The orchestrations here are all nicely expressive – almost in Bernard Herrmann territory – unusual phrasings and standout combinations that give things a dark, tense feel, even when the action might not entirely call for it – and there's a beautiful main theme that has this slow turning feel of descent that repeats a few times, and really makes the record something special! Titles include "La Valise", "Romance", "S'En Sortier", "La Radicale", "Portrait Robot", "Nocturne", "Poursuite", and "On Se Voit Se Voir" – the last of which is sung by Marie-France. Sarde's music for Les Soeurs Bronte is mostly orchestral – served up here as a longer suite, with six separate movements – all beautiful orchestrations that have the richness you might expect from a film with the Bronte sisters in the lead – at a level that serves as a great reminder that in the late 20th Century, some of the best "classical" work was being done for films! CD

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Philippe SardeCesar Et Rosalie ... CD
CAM/Quartet (Spain), 1972. New Copy ... $20.99 36.99
One of the coolest Philippe Sarde soundtracks of the 70s – a set that balances his conventional modes with some much more offbeat moments – including some very cool use of electronics next to some bold woodwinds scored by Hubert Rostaing! The approach is very unusual for Sarde, and his ability to still make the odd sentimental moment amidst he more striking passages is what really makes the whole thing great – as he shows us that he's not only the master of the mature, adult film score – but also still has his ears open to all the underground changes going on around him! The set features moog from Guy Boyer and trumpet from Pierre Dutour – and titles include "Free Jazz", "Folie De Cesar", "David", "Le Cortez Et La Course", "David Et Rosalie", "Les Sentiments", "Repas De Noces", and "Cesar Court Chez Antoine". CD
(Limited edition of 500!)

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Philippe SardeLa Maison Assassinee/Allons Z'Enfants/L'Honneur D'Un Capitaine ... CD
Music Box (France), 1981/1982/1988. New Copy ... $24.99 34.99
Three different military soundtracks from Philippe Sarde – all brought together here in a single set! La Maison Assassinee is the latest of the three – and has this wonderful quality that resonates strongly with some of Sarde's best orchestral work of the 70s – almost sentimental at times, with this beautiful blend of strings and woodwinds – hardly what you'd guess from the title! Next is his work for Allons Z'Enfants – an orchestral score that has richer, more lush moments – really bringing out the more symphonic elements in Sarde's skills, as he works with orchestrations from Peter Knight, who really knows how to bring in some fuller brass passages, but in a way that's never too clunky or hamfisted, so that they slide right in with the strings. Knight also handled the orchestrations on L'Honneur D'Un Capitaine, but the music has a very different feel – more solitary at times, although still orchestral – with these currents of thoughtfulness, of the sort that made Sarde's work of the 70s so wonderfully striking. CD features 25 tracks in all – and notes in French and English. CD

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Philippe SardeLe Chat/Le Train ... CD
Quartet (Spain), Early 70s. New Copy ... $21.99 36.99
Two early 70s scores from Philippe Sarde – both from a time when he was really at the top of his game! Le Chat is a soundtrack that's done with the rich amount of feeling that can make some of the best Sarde scores so special – larger orchestrations, but peppered with solo piano by Philippe – who really knows how to set the mood for his music with a special sense of tone and timing! There's one unusual tune on the set – the vocal number "Le Temps Des Souvenir", sung by Jean Sablon, who's in the film – but all others are instrumental, and include "L'Escalier", "Solitude", "Les Petits Papiers", "Suspense 2", and "Grande Surface". Le Train is a really beautiful little soundtrack from Philippe Sarde – done partly in the mode of the more dramatic French scores of the 60s, but also with some of the lighter, more contemporary elements that made some of Sarde's music a nice step forward from other French composers like Francis Lai! As with Lai, Sarde has a wonderful sense of moment and mood – using familiar elements, but in a very special way – moving way past the obvious with his orchestrations on tunes that include "L'Attaque", "La Nuit", "La Guerre", "Julien", "La Traversee", and "Anna". CD
(Limited edition of 500!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Philippe SardeLe Choc/Les Siens De Glace ... CD
Music Box (France), 1974/1982. New Copy ... $26.99 33.99
Two different soundtracks for films with Alain Delon in the lead – an actor who always seems to work with great music on his movies! First up is Le Choc – a set that has fuller orchestrations penned by Philppe Sarde, but handled by UK maestro Peter Knight – who you might know from late 60s Fontana Records productions – all capped with these great saxophone solos from Wayne Shorter! Shorter's a surprise for the record – he wasn't doing much work like this at the time – and he really adds a lot to the tunes, which include "Coup De Foudre", "Tendresse", "Le Charme", "Le Danger", "La Joie", "L'Amour", and "Commando Schroeder". Next is Les Siens De Glace – a great Georges Lautner film from 1974, with a score that has Sarde exploring some of the darker sides of his talents! The score has a bit of wordless vocals that are nice and creepy, and some very strong violin solos from Hubert Rostaing – which break out in a variety of moody ways, over titles that include "Trauma", "Reverie", "Malaise", "Obsession", "Regrets", "Agression", "Cauchemar", and "Trouble". CD
(Limited edition of 500!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Philippe SardeLes Choses De La Vie (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Quartet/CAM (Spain), 1969. New Copy ... $20.99 29.99
Our favorite album ever from French soundtrack maestro Philippe Sarde – and maybe one of our favorite French soundtracks too! There's a really special quality to this music – as rich as some of Sarde's other scores, but maybe linked more towards the new wave of subtle expression that came about in French cinema after the nouvelle vague – that quality that you might hear in the music of Francis Lai at his most subtle moments, handled perfectly here. Tracks are relatively short – mostly spare variations on a sad, dreamy little melody that's played in the film as the car of the main character slowly crumbles in an accident – a death that begins the movie, which then tells the story backwards! The tune only features swells of strings and piano, but it's compelling enough to hear in a number of variations here – and mixed with a few other great melodies too, including one song sung by the film's stars Michel Piccoli and Romy Schneider. Titles include "L'Accident Ralenti", "Prelude A L'Accident", "La Chanson D'Helene", and "La Mort". Also features a bonus 12 minute suite of work from "Nelly Et Mr Arnaud" – as well as German and Italian versions of the "La Chanson D'Helene", and a 6 minute "La Choses De La Vie" suite. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Philippe SardeLiza/La Derniere Femme (with bonus track) ... CD
Epic/Quartet (Spain), Early 70s. New Copy ... $21.99 36.99
A pair of rare soundtracks from Philippe Sarde – both of them done for Italian director Marco Ferreri! First up is Liza – a sensual score that does a really great job of using older modes of instrumentation to convey some of the slinky 70s eroticism of the movie! Unlike other scores of this type from the time, which might lean more strongly on keyboards and guitar – Philippe Sarde instead makes great use of a lineup of key jazz musicians – served up here with strong solo work by Hubert Rostaing on clarinet, Stephane Grappelli on violin, Raymond Senechal on piano, Francois Rabbath on bass, and Didier Dupraz on guitar. The approach is wonderful, and the album has plenty of appeal to jazz fans too – on titles that include "Le Bunker", "Souvenirs", "La Nage", "Le Gramophone", "Liza", "Retour Dans L'Ile", and "L'Avion". La Derniere Femme has some nicely jazzy modes too – larger orchestrations from Hubert Rostaing, who also solos on clarinet in a few spots, next to solo flute from Michel Sanvoisin. Although the whole sore isn't entirely jazzy – there's some nice use of those larger Philippe Sarde charts, and two vocal numbers too – served up here on tunes that include "Theme De Valerie", "Si Me Quieres Aun", "Generique", "Tahiti Drink", and "Like A Bird In The Wind", with vocals from Bob Martin. CD features a bonus "outtakes medley" from Liza. CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Nico FidencoTranquille Donne Di Campagna ... CD
Digitmovies (Italy), 1980. New Copy ... $19.99
We can always trust Nico Fidenco to give us a sexy soundtrack – and this time around, he definitely does that, but also adds in a fair bit more too – nicely balancing some of the erotics of the film with some of the darker passages in the story! If you only know Fidenco from sexploitation scores, you'll find some surprises here – including lots of nice violin solos that give the music ties to more sensitive scoring, including some of the 70s French work of composers like Georges Delerue or Philippe Sarde! There's a bit of electric instrumentation on the set, but most of the moments are acoustic – a nice surprise for a 1980 vintage soundtrack from Italy – and the set features 25 titles in all. CD
(Limited to 300 copies!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousEasy Tempo Volume 10 – End Titles ... CD
Easy Tempo (Italy), Late 60s/1970s. New Copy ... Just Sold Out!
Genius! Pure mad genius – and one of the best volumes in this always-great series! After 10 volumes, the folks at Easy Tempo have become incredibly well skilled at picking groovy soundtrack tunes – and this beautiful 20 track package is as much a delight for the ears as it is for the musically-driven mind. The range of grooves is incredible – with elements that include swinging Hammond organ, breezy wordless vocals, spare sax and reeds, cool vibes, and just about anything else the Italian soundtrack composers of the 60s and 70s could get their hands on! Titles include "Swing E Sesso" by Carlo Rustichelli, "On Ce Voit Ce Soir" by Philippe Sarde, "Allora Il Treno" by Bruno Nicolai, "Tough Guys" by Carlo Pes, "Face To Face" by Stelvio Cipriani, "L'Isola Misteriosa" by Piero Piccioni, "Mary's Theme" by Stelvio Cipriani, "Qualcosa Piu Grande Di Noi" by Armando Trovajoli, and "La Pupa Del Gangster" by Piero Umiliani. CD
(Newly remastered edition!)

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