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✨✧ Ohio PlayersPleasure (expanded & remastered) (UK pressing) ... CD
Westbound (UK), 1972. Used ... $9.99
A true pleasure indeed – easily one of the greatest records ever by the Ohio Players, and a perfect summation of all things great in their groove! The album's a landmark effort – even for the heady days of the early 70s – as the Players manage to bring together a fair bit of jazz with their famous guitar-driven funk – all in a blend that's a lot more sophisticated than most other funk combos of the time, from the rhythms at the bottom to the instrumentation on the top! There's a darkness here that's undeniable – but the album's also not just a head trip into the fuzziest reaches of the studio – as the jazzier inflections help illuminate the farthest corners, and really bring the whole album back to focus with a wonderfully redemptive groove! Psychedelic elements are still all over the place, but also used sparingly enough to be most effective – a brilliant balance that few groups of this type were ever able to muster. Titles include the classic "Funky Worm", with the wild moogy bit that's been sampled loads of times over the years by a gazillion hip hoppers – plus loads of other nice ones, like the slow bonking funker "Pride & Vanity", the wild "Walt's First Trip", and the groovy "Laid It" – as well as "Pleasure", "Paint Me", "Our Love Has Died", and "Walked Away From You". CD features amazing sound and a whopping 7 bonus tracks – including "Ruffell Foot", "What It Is", "Rooster Poot", "Gone Forever", "Dimensions In Time", and "Introducing The Players". CD
Also available Pleasure (expanded & remastered) (UK pressing) ... CD 12.99

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Ohio PlayersTrespassin' ... CD
Charly (UK), 1968/1969. Used ... $7.99
The best collection we've ever seen of the Ohio Players' earliest recordings – sides originally done in 1968 and 1969 for Capitol and a few other labels – all with a sound that's quite different than the group's work for Westbound and Mercury! The style here is rougher and rootsier than in later years – lots of southern soul at the bottom, but also kind of a rollicking party feel that puts the group firmly in the showband tradition of other local acts in the south – a very appealing groove that would be upbeat and grooving one minute, then heartfelt and mellow the next. The set's got a total of 22 tracks in all – and does a good job of bringing together material that's been scattered over a variety of cheapo packages from the 70s onward. Titles include "Stop Lying To Yourself", "Summertime", "You Don't Mean It", "Cold Cold World", "Find Someone To Love", "Trespassin", "I've Got To Hold On", "Love Slips Through My Fingers", "A Little Soul Party", and their tripped-out version of "Over The Rainbow" – which was the one supposedly played at Judy Garland's funeral! CD

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✨✧ Ohio PlayersAngel/Jass-Ay-Lay-Dee ... CD
Superbird (UK), 1977/1978. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A pair of late 70s gems from the great Ohio Players – Angel from 1977 and Jass-Ay-Lay-Dee from 1978 – back-to-back in a single set! We don't know about you, but we recall drooling over cover Angel in the store as young kids! By this point the Players had moved into a smooth, polished territory that never betrayed their roots in a funkier sound, yet hitting a more gliding groove overall. Includes "Angel", "Merry-Go-Round", "Don't Fight My Love", "Body Vibes" and "O-H-I-O". While there was no naked bald lady on the cover of Jass-Ay-Lay-Dee, it is actually a move back towards the sweatier funk sounds of their more classic LPs. There's some tight playing and solid songwriting going on here, too, with a bit less of the smooth, sultry grooves with funky touches that stood out on their work earlier in the 70s. Includes the title track, plus "Funk-O-Nots", "Sleepwalkin", "Nott Enuff", "Time Slips Away/Shoot Your Shot" and "Dance (If Ya Wanta)". CD

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✨✧ Ohio PlayersBack ... CD
Track Record/Cleopatra, 1988. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Ohio Players bounce back for this late 80s album – coming across with a leaner groove than before, and a style that's right up there with the best mainstream funk of the time! Most instrumentation is electric – plenty of beats and keyboards here – but the group still seem to hang onto the looser, freakier style they brought to their Mercury work of the 70s – a mode that's definitely updated here with more 80s aesthetics that run through the vocals and production, but still in a way that doesn't have the Players straying far from their roots! Titles include "Get 2 The Good Part", "Show Off", "I'm Madd", "Vibe Alive", "Just A Minute", and "Try". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Ohio PlayersEcstasy (expanded & remastered) (UK pressing) ... CD
Westbound (UK), 1973. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Fuzzy funk from some of the all-time greats – one of the key Westbound Records classics from the mighty Ohio Players! This album's got the Players working at their all-time best – a bit jazzy, with a more sophisticated undercurrent than some of their contemporaries – a righteous vibe that's light years ahead of the 45 crowd – with plenty of space on the album to try out a wide variety of ideas in their music! Junie Morrison did the arrangements for the record, and the album's a great blend of light and dark moments throughout – sometimes a sweet vocal, sometimes a heavy piano line – all wrapped up with a sense of focus, but still enough freedom to let the group do their thing! Features the incredible title cut "Ecstasy", the great instrumental "Not So Sad And Lonely", and the tracks "Do You Feel It", "Black Cat", "Sleep Talk", "Food Stamps Y'All", and "Short Change". CD features 5 bonus tracks too – "Rattlesnake", "Hollywood Hump", "Hustle Bird", "She Locked It", and "Trans-Maximus". CD

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✨✧ Ohio PlayersEverybody Up (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Arista/FTG, 1979. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
The Ohio Players may have skimped a bit on the budget for a sexy model this time around, but the album's still very much in the best mode as the rest of their 70s classics for Mercury Records – a sweet mix of ensemble funk with some upbeat styles that were perfect for the clubs! The group's shifted a bit by the time of this one and only album for Arista, but they've still got most of their best strengths right out front – including that subtle sense of wit that always made the group one of the most charming mainstream funk acts, as well as the sharp instrumentation that ensures that most of the tracks are still tight and funky at the core. Titles include "Don't Say Goodbye", "Everybody Up", "Take Da Funk Off Fly", "Something Special", "Say It", and "Make Me Feel". CD features two bonus tracks – "Everybody Up (12" promo mix)" and "Take Da Funk Off Fly (7" mix)". CD
(Out of print.)

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✨✧ Ohio PlayersGraduation ... CD
Century Vista, 1984. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Titles include "Fast Track", "Follow Me", "School Girl", "All Night", and "Now Is The Time". CD
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✨✧ Ohio PlayersHoney/Contradiction ... CD
Mercury/BGO (UK), 1975/1976. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Two albums from The Ohio Players – on a single CD! First up is Honey, one of the best albums the Ohio Players cut during the years at Mercury! Most folks go for their big hit "Love Rollercoaster", but we've always been partial to the smooth, mellow funky track "Sweet Sticky Thing", served up here in the cool long version, which has a groove that builds and builds. Also includes "Honey", "Fopp", "Let's Love", "Ain't Givin' Up No Ground" and "Alone". Contradiction is an overlooked gem from the group – but cut right at their height! The album's got a smooth and slinky finish that has the band tightening up a lot– going for a compressed spacey soul sound on some of the album's mellower numbers, in a style that's equally as mindblowing as their heavier funk. This approach makes for some really nicely tripped-out tunes that have some nice jazzy touches – expanding the group's sound way past the hits, into some complicated grooves that are plenty darn nice! Titles include "Contradiction", "Who'd She Coo?", "Far East Mississippi", "Tell The Truth", "My Life", "Bi-Centennial", and "My Ladies Run Me Crazy". CD
(Includes original slipcase.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Ohio PlayersOrgasm – The Very Best Of The Westbound Years ... CD
Westbound (UK), Early 70s. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A massive batch of stoned-out funk from the Ohio Players – recorded here during their legendary years at Detroit soul powerhouse Westbound Records! At this point, the band have a style that's a mix of psychedelia, funk, and harmony soul – similar to labelmates Funkadelic, but perhaps not as crazy. The set includes most of their best cuts from the time – including gems like "Funky Worm", "Varee Is Love", "Walt's First Trip", "Food Stamps", "Laid It", "Singing In The Morning", "Ecstasy", "Climax", "Pain", "Sleep Talk", and "Player's Balling". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Ohio PlayersPain (expanded & remastered) (UK pressing) ... CD
Westbound (UK), 1972. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Mindblowing funk from The Ohio Players – the group's debut album for Westbound Records, and a landmark batch of tracks that never gets old! The sound here really has the group stretching out a lot – working on tunes that are extended, but never as overindulgent as their labelmates Funkadelic – always keeping to a groove that's focused, yet also free to explore its bad self in the new freedoms of the 70s. There's a strong undercurrent of funky jazz running through the set – mixing great riffing alongside the tight rhythms and tripped-out vocals – all brought together with that deep deep deep production sound that Westbound gave the world as its own legacy in the wake of Norman Whitfield's experiments at Motown. Titles include the wonderfully jamming "Players Balling", and the funky numbers "Reds" and "Singing In The Morning" – plus more soulful tracks "I Wanna Hear From You" and "Never Had A Dream". CD features a whopping 7 bonus tracks – some previously unissued – including "Climax", "What's Going On", "Time & Space", "Ain't That Loving You", "If You Were My Woman", and "Feelin Alright". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Ohio PlayersSkin Tight/Fire ... CD
Mercury/BGO (UK), 1974/1975. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
2 Ohio Players classics – back to back on one CD! Skin Tight is the band's first album for Mercury – and although one might have the temptation to say that the label cut down the radical funk sound of the trippy Westbound years, the move also taught the band to sharpen up their act, and get out of the repetitive sloppy groove into which they'd been lapsing during the past few years. The record's a lot smoother than earlier work – with a polished funky sound that would soon push the band right up there with Earth Wind & Fire at the top of the soul charts. And although there's familiar funky numbers like "Skin Tight", "Jive Turkey", and "Streakin Cheek To Cheek" – the best moment on the entire album is the wonderful spacey soul number "Heaven Must be Like This", a seven minute mellow groover that's got a sophisticated jazzy soul style, with voices and piano soaring into the heavens, in a way that always still sends chills down our spine! That cut shows the band's tremendous growth – and it's one of their best-ever! Fire is one of the biggest albums ever for Ohio Players – a set that took their earlier funk sound and targeted firmly at the mainstream with a lean, mean groove that a million other groups copied at the time! There's still plenty of the soul of the early years in the group's approach here – and sometimes, the mellower tracks show a wonderful talent for harmonies coming even more fully to the top. But the real appeal of the record has always been the bold, bassy grooves that hit strongly just as ensemble funk was exploding in the mainstream during the early years of disco – making plenty of space for the Players and their contemporaries to grab up new audiences who never would have touched a record like this five years before! There's plenty of grit in the grooves on the best numbers – a style that's maybe not as dirty as on Westbound, but still more than enough to make any real funk fan proud. Titles include "Fire", "Together", "Together/Feelings", "It's All Over", "Runnin' From the Devil", "Smoke", "What The Hell", and "I Want To Be Free". CD
(Includes original slipcase.)
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✨✧ Bar-KaysToo Hot To Stop ... CD
Rebound/Polygram, 1976. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A pivotal album from The Bar-Kays – a key post-Stax set, but one that's still very firmly grounded in Memphis funk! The groove definitely shows a bit more polish than before – the same sort of shift the Ohio Players made after moving to Mercury Records – but as with the Players at their best, there's still plenty of sharp edges and deeply funky moments on the record – and if anything, the shift has really given The Bar-Kays a way to evolve their sound past some of the heavier modes of the early days, without losing any of the appeal of their groove! Some cuts have some great keyboards – almost producing a spacey funk feel at points – and titles include "Too Hot To Stop (part 1)", "You're So Sexy", "Cozy", "Spellbound", "Whitehouseorgy", and the nice mellow track "Summer Of Our Love". CD
Also available Too Hot To Stop ... CD 8.99

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✨✧ VariousWestbound Funk – Masterful Funk From The Detroit Powerhouse Labels Of Eastbound & Westbound ... CD
BGP (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. Used ... Out Of Stock
The title's almost redundant – as the words "Westbound" and "Funk" mean virtually the same thing! From the late 60s through the mid 70s, Westbound was one of the key record labels in the sound of raw heavy funk – working with hit groups like Funkadelic and the Ohio Players to craft a sound that laid the blueprint for countless other groups of the time, and also featuring a wealth of obscurer artists with an even harder-hitting sound! The key styles of Westbound and related jazz label Eastbound were heavy and fuzzy ones – picking up off the heady and trippy styles of the late 60s Detroit scene, mixing things up with MC5 guitars, Norman Whitfield bass, and deep underground Tribe-styled jazz touches. This 20 track masterpiece is a brilliant summation of the important Westbound sound – and includes a few hits, some funky 45 classics, and an even bigger number of tracks we might not have heard otherwise! The notes are great, the tunes are super-funky, and the whole thing's one of the best funky collections you could ever hope to purchase. Titles include "You're Messing Up My Mind" by Albert Washington, "Back To Funk" by Robert Lowe, "You Caught Me Smilin" by The 19th Whole, "Conga Man" by King Errison, "Shake Your Head" by Spanky Wilson, "I Love You" by The Motivations, "I Don't Know What It Is But It Sure Is Funky" by Mighty Elegant, "Crazy Legs" by Donald Austin, "Stone Thing (part 1)" by Alvin Cash, "RPM" by Boots, "Funky World (part 1)" by Silky Vincent, "Get Funky Sweet A Little Bit" by Jackie Harris & The Exciters, "I'll Bet You" by Funkadelic, and "Why Not Start All Over Again" by The Counts. CD
Also available Westbound Funk – Masterful Funk From The Detroit Powerhouse Labels Of Eastbound & Westbound ... LP 16.99

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