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Made Of OakPenumbra ... CD
Partisan, 2015. Used ... $1.99
(Barcode has some marker.)
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Herbert HunterNorthern Soul Legend – Original Recordings From The Spar/Poncello & Ref O Ree Labels & More ... CD
Superbird (UK), 1960s. New Copy ... $3.99
Great soul singles cut by Herbert Hunter in the 60s for the Spar, Poncello and Ref O Ree labels/imprints in the 60s – plus a handful of previously unissued number – excellent stuff recorded with legendary Nashville R&B guru Ted Jarrett as songwriter and producer! 15 of the 20 tracks were produced by Jarrett, who also wrote the majority of songs on here – giving the material a remarkably consistent (and consistently excellent) feel – but it's the gritty, charismatic and soulful vocals of Herbert Hunter that lead the way. Wonderful! Includes "Happy Go Lucky", "Diddlin' And Daddlin'", "La La La La", "I Was Born To Love You", "Don't Pity Me", "I Was Born To Love You", "I'm So Satisfied", "Big Oak Tree", "Oh Baby", "Don't Pity Me", "Somebody Somwhere" and more. CD

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✨✧ Tony OrlandoHalfway To Paradise – The Complete Epic Masters 1961 to 1964 ... CD
Epic/Ace (UK), Early 60s. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Way before Tony Orlando started tying a ribbon around that old oak tree, he cut some wonderful work for the Epic label – early 60s Brill Building pop at its finest, recorded with a host of top-shelf talents! Arrangements here are by Carole King, Alan Lorber, Garry Sherman, and other New York pop luminaries – all of whom cast Tony's vocals in a surprisingly soulful blend of strings with deeper drums and bass – a groove that's a bit like some of the uptown soul that was coming into play on the scene at the time, and which is a lot less than the simple pop you might expect. Orlando's presentation of the material is really great – never prone to easy gimmicks, and often with a slightly fragile style that's a far cry from his 70s fame. Titles include "Bless You", "My Baby's A Stranger", "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow", "Tell Me Where To Run To", "That Lovin Touch", "Shirley", "The Loneliest", "I'll Be There", "Accept It", "I'd Never Find Another You", "Talkin About You", and "Some Kinda Wonderful". 27 tracks in all – with great notes on this phase of Tony's career! CD

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✨✧ VariousRare Blues & Soul From Nashville – The 1960s Vol 2 ... CD
Superbird (UK), 1960s. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Excellent r&b & soul from the Nashville scene of the 60s – lesser known and smaller label singles issued at the time that deserve to be heard – and with a pretty tight and consistent focus with numbers by just a handful of great singers and combos! Includes rollicking, bluesy and soulful numbers by Cornell Blakely, JJ Barnes, Stone Martin, Larry Birdsong, Clentt Gant, Robert Garrett and others. 24 tracks in all: "Don't Do It", "I Want My Share", "Who Knows" and more by Cornell Blekely, "Try Your Luck On Me" and "You Win Again" by Stonie Martin, "Night Train" and "Stagger Lee" by John R, "Big Oak Tree", "I Gotta Sit Down" and more by Herbert Hunter, ""Somebody Help Me" by Larry Birdsong, "Mean Man" and "I Don't Want To Be Sober" by Robert Garrett and more. CD
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✨✧ Shola Adisa-Farrar & The Florian Pellissier QuintetLost Myself ... CD
Hot Casa (France), 2016. New Copy ... $12.99
We already love the music of Florian Pellisier from his excellent albums on the Heavenly Sweetness label – but we're really over the moon with the group here as they work alongside American singer Shola Adisa Farrar! Shola hails from Oakland, but has a globe-spanning sound to her music that really fits the release of the record on the Hot Casa label – a righteous take on jazz vocal modes that's very open to anything that Pellisier might want to bring to the table – which results in a beautiful record that we might put right up there with our favorite classics by singers like Carmen Lundy or Dee Dee Bridgewater! Like the best from both of those artists, there's a special, soulful sound going on here that's really transcendent – that rare kind of record that really unlocks the full power and potential of jazz vocals, especially when they're given just the right setting. Titles include "Evolution", "I Have A Dream", "Blue Chords", "Going Nowhere", "What A Night", and "Spirit" – plus great versions of "Feeling Good", and Fela's "Sorry Tears & Blood". CD
Also available Lost Myself (180 gram pressing) ... LP 19.99

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June ChristySomething Cool (Mono & Stereo) ... CD
Capitol, 1953. Used ... $2.99
From its booze-soaked title cut, to its haunting selection of lonely ballads like "Midnight Sun" and "Stranger Called The Blues", this is one of the most fantastic vocal jazz albums of all time – and a record that we'd recommend instantly to anyone! June Christy has an incredibly icy tone on the record, filled with sorrow, regret, and loneliness – all of which are amplified even more deeply by Pete Rugolo's eerie, off-kilter arrangements. Titles include "Something Cool", "It Could Happen To You", "Lonely House", "I'm Thrilled", and "The Night We Called It A Day". Plus, this special CD reissue features the mono and stereo recordings of the album – completely different ones, as the album was originally recorded in mono in 1954, and completely re-recorded again with the same arrangements in 1960! CD
Also available Something Cool (double 7 inch version) ... 7-inch 6.99

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Lizzy Mercier DesclouxPress Color ... CD
Ze (France), 1979. Used ... $9.99
A brilliant and overlooked gem from the glorious post-disco years of the New York scene – the first album recorded by Lizzy Mercier Descloux, a French native who'd relocated to America in the late 70s, and soaked up a huge array of influences from the scene at the time! The album's a really unique blend of funk, punk, reggae, and disco – done in the playful, genre-crossing spirit of the best Ze Records projects of the period – moving full steam ahead in a blend of infectious rhythms and dancefloor grooves, with nary a care for genre or classification! The original album's been expanded here by some titles from the album Rosa Yemen, plus extra singles – including one recorded with her (then) roommate Patti Smith! Titles include great versions of "Fire" and "Mission Impossible", plus "No Golden Throat", "Torso Corso", "Rosa Vertov", "Tso Xin Yu Xin", "Birdy Num Num", "Hard Boiled Babe", and "Morning High". CD
(Out of print. Digipack has some wear.)
Also available Press Color (with bonus tracks) ... CD 13.99

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Lizzy Mercier DesclouxPress Color (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Ze/Light In The Attic, 1979. New Copy ... $13.99 15.98
A brilliant and overlooked gem from the glorious post-disco years of the New York scene – the first album recorded by Lizzy Mercier Descloux, a French native who'd relocated to America in the late 70s, and soaked up a huge array of influences from the scene at the time! The album's a really unique blend of funk, punk, reggae, and disco – done in the playful, genre-crossing spirit of the best Ze Records projects of the period – moving full steam ahead in a blend of infectious rhythms and dancefloor grooves, with nary a care for genre or classification! Titles include great versions of "Fire" and "Mission Impossible", plus "No Golden Throat", "Torso Corso", "Jim On The Move", and "Wawa". Special package also comes with loads of bonus tracks – including "Decrypted", "Herpes Simplex", "Larousse Baron Big", "Birdy Num Num", "Hard Boiled Babe", and "Morning High". CD
Also available Press Color ... CD 9.99

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Shaun EscofferyIn The Red Room ... CD
Dome (UK), 2014. New Copy ... $16.99
We haven't heard from Shaun Escoffery in years – but damn, it's really been worth the wait! This album really knocks it out of the park from the very first note – and pushes Shaun way way farther than his previous work, which we really loved a lot – into some kind of sublime classic soul territory that may hopefully get him the international fame he deserves! Escoffery's got this great back to basics approach on the record – still schooled by his more cosmic years on the London scene, but also soaking up plenty of older, deeper soul elements too – yet fusing them in a way that's completely modern, completely fresh, and very individual. There's nothing retro soul about the record – despite some burning Hammond and guitar at points – and the whole thing was done in close collaboration with producer Gil Cang, who also played most of the instruments and helped on backing vocals too. Titles include "Nature's Call", "Perfect Love Affair", "People", "Do U Remember", "Crazy", "Nobody Knows", "By Your Side", "Get Over", and "Day After Day". CD

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✨✧ Philip Jeck & Jacob KirkegaardSoaked ... CD
Touch (UK), 2002. Used ... $4.99
(Out of print.)

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Freddy KingBlues Guitar Hero Vol 2 – More Influential Federal Recordings ... CD
King/Ace (UK), Early 60s. New Copy ... $11.99 18.99
We love Freddy King during these early years of his career – when the blend of his heavy electric guitar was a perfect match for the soulful style of recording used by the King/Federal Records label! There's a raw power to these tracks that's undeniable – but also a sense of clarity and vision, too – qualities that maybe make these tracks even more moving to our ears than some of the electric blues of the time that were coming from Chess Records! Freddy spent plenty of time in Chicago during the 50s, soaking up all the new electric modes – and merging them with his Texas roots – but it also seems like the King Records blend of soul and funk elements also comes through strongly in this music too – making for stunning instrumentals, and some wonderfully heartfelt vocal tracks that are way more than just the usual blues. This work has so much going on – maybe more so than Freddy's later work – and there's strands here to please fans of funk and soul as much as of the electric blues at the core. CD features 24 very well-chosen tracks from the vaults – titles that include "Wash Out", "Over Drive", "Full Time Love", "Onion Rings", "You Mean Mean Woman", "Heads Up", "High Rise", "Double Eyed Whammy", "Bossa Nova Blues", "Girl From Kookamunga", "Remington Ride", "She's The One", and "Look Ma I'm Cryin". CD

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✨✧ Louvin Brothers & OthersMy Baby's Gone – Plus 12 Similarly Tear Soaked Gems ... CD
Righteous (UK), Late 50s/Early 60s. Used ... $3.99

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Steve Miller BandFly Like An Eagle (CD/DVD – with bonus tracks) ... CD
Capitol/Edsel (UK), 1976. New Copy CD & DVD ... $18.99
A masterpiece from the legendary SF rocker Steve Miller – and a perfect summation of the years of blues, soul, funk, and rock he'd been soaking up in the Bay Area scene – served up here with an edge that's still very firmly in place! Miller was already plenty great before this set, but somehow the record really pushes Steve into perfection territory he'd never hit before – able to cross over big with a few key tracks, but still have this sharpness in his guitar work and sense of charm that never seem to die! The album crossed over instantly with the massive cut "Fly Like An Eagle" – already great on its own, but supported here with the massive "Space Intro", which adds an extra minute of cool electronics to the tune – and other great cuts include the amazing funky rocker "Take The Money & Run", which has a break that never gets old – plus the hit "Rock N Me", and the cuts "The Window", "Wild Mountain Honey", "Sweet Maree", "Blue Odyssey", "Mercury Blues", and "Dance Dance Dance". CD also features three killer bonus tracks – a stunning early 1973 version of "Fly Like An Eagle", a great demo titled "Take The Joker & Run", and "Rock N Me 76 Slow", which is a nicely fresh version of the tune. Plys, the package also features a DVD with 22 tracks from a 2005 Shoreline Amphitheater concert by Steve Miller – and a bonus documentary on the making of the album, and bonus 5.1 surround sound mix of the album! CD

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MMM Quartet (Leandre/Frith/Curran/Leimgruber)Oakland/Lisboa ... CD
Rogue Art (France), 2015. New Copy ... $14.99 16.99
Powerful sounds here from MMM – the Mills Music Mafia – a quartet of heavyweight improvising musicians with a legacy that goes way past avant jazz! The group features Fred Frith on guitar, Joelle Leandre on bass, Alvin Curran on piano and electronics, and Urs Liemgruber on tenor and soprano saxophones – four musicians who all have the amazing ability to make unearthly sounds with their instruments – sonic textures and tunes that often go quite far from their familiar origins, but which are occasionally brought back to earth via surprising conventional outbursts on the piano. The set features a live performance recorded in Portugal – hence the name of the set – and titles include "Bario Alto", "Belem", "Millsmont", and "Maxwell Park". CD

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Hannibal Marvin Peterson & The Sunrise OrchestraLight (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Baystate (Japan), 1978. Used ... $28.99
Not the orchestral session you might guess from the group's name, but a really righteous batch of work from Hannibal Marvin Peterson – one that really blows away most of his American and European recordings of the 70s! The set's got a really spiritual feel – definitely soaking in the Light promised in its title, with a quality that has the music building up as the album goes on – starting with dawn-like energy, which then really burns in the full light of the sun – and continues to blossom strongly over the course of the tremendous album. Other players include Michael Cochrane on piano, Deidre Murray on cello, Cecil McBee on bass, and David Lee on drums and percussion – and other tracks feature a bit of additional percussion, a touch of voice from Marcella Allen, and bass clarinet from Frank Wright. Titles include "To Find The Path", "From Blindness Traveling", "For Strength & Wisdom Enough", and "To Search The Inner World". CD
(Out of print.)

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Ishmael Reed & OthersConjure – Music For The Texts Of Ishmael Reed ... CD
American Clave, 1987. Used ... $6.99
A pretty interesting album – one in which a host of jazz and rock players pay set music to texts written by consciousness-raiser/sci-fi author Ishmael Reed. There's a few goofy moments on the set, but if you've read Reed's work, you'll also know that goofiness and oddity are part of the package – elements that are handled nicely here by musicians like David Murray, Allen Toussaint, Arto Lindsay, Milton Cardona, and Kip Hanrahan, who put the whole thing together. Reed himself is also on the record – and titles include "Jes' Grew", "Oakland Blues", "Dualism", and "Dualism (2)". CD

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✨✧ VariousBay Area Funk 2 – Funk & Soul Essentials From San Francisco, Oakland, & The Bay Area ... CD
Luv N' Haight, Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy ... $12.99 16.98
A way way deeper set than the first volume of Bay Area Funk – and a collection that shows that things got pretty heavy on the San Francisco and Oakland scenes of the 70s! A good number of the tracks here are instrumental, and show some wonderful interplay between the trippier sides of funky jazz and the harder sides of soul going on in the Bay Area back in the day – killer music from the fringes that often got lost in the shuffle of all the better-known music coming out on the bigger labels! The work here is all from very tiny labels – expertly selected and all officially cleared by the Luv N Haight team with keen respect for the artists involved – and in a way, the package has set a new high standard for the label! A tremendous discovery, and filled with tracks we'd never heard before – titles that include "Stop Look Listen" by Primevil, "Poor Sad Child (part 1)" by The Windjammers, "Born To Live With Heartache" by Mary Love, "Move In The Room" by Dawn & Sunset, "Ebony" by Project Soul, "Acid Lady" by San Francisco TKOs, "Hip Breakin" by Little Denise Stevenson, "Devil's On The Run" by Uptights Band, "Brute Strength" by Mile Selesia, and "Lenient With My Love" by The Relatives. CD

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VariousSoul Lounge Vol 12 – 40 Soulful Grooves (3CD box set) ... CD
Dome/Soul Lounge (UK), 2015. New Copy 3CD ... $19.99
One of the greatest values in contemporary soul music – and a series we can still highly recommend even after the course of eleven previous volumes! The 3CD package is overflowing with great tracks far from the mainstream of soul – the kind of current, underground tracks that you'll hear from only a select few on both sides of the Atlantic – with an especially strong focus on UK soul artists here, given that the Dome Records label puts out some of the best of the London scene! There's plenty here to love – including a number of tracks that haven't been on CD before – and titles include "Sleepwalkers (Opolopo rmx)" by Jarrod Lawson, "Lowdown (Ski Oakenfull rmx)" by Incognito with Mario Biondi & Chaka Khan, "People (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgkins rmx)" by Shaun Escoffery, "Just For One Day" by Imaani, "Music & Its Magical Way" by Jarrod Lawson, "Soul Town (Nigel Lowis rmx)" by Ola Onabule, "Deja Vu" by Angela Johnson, "Bridge Over Troubled Water (acoustic)" by Shaun Escoffery, "Believe Me" by Anthony David, "Ever After (Jiva rmx)" by Seek, "Touch My Body" by Cooly's Hot Box, "Brighter Tomorrow" by Diplomats Of Soul, "Major Bossa" by Khari Cabral Simmons with Sabrina Malheiros, "Change" by Full Flava with Joy Rose, and "Every Time I Turn Around" by Makeda. 40 tracks in all! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Hieroglyphics3rd Eye Vision ... CD
Hiero Imperium, 1998. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Compilation of tracks with rhymes by the various members of Hieroglyphics in a variety of groupings, with Pep Love, Casual, Del, Tajai, Opio, A Plus and Domino on the mic. Production is also by Hiero crew: Casual, Domino, A+, Toure, J-Biz, etc. S0me of the tracks hew closer to the older Hiero sound introduced by Del and the Souls of Mischief on their now classic first couple of LPs, and some of the tracks have a harder feel to them, in a late 90s indie/underground kind of vein. 22 cuts in all, including "The Who", "After Dark", "Mics Of The Roundtable", "Off The Record", "You Never Knew", "All Things", "Oakland Blackouts" and more. CD
(Out of print.)

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✨✧ Mighty Clouds Of Joy20th Century Masters – The Millennium Collection Vol 2 ... CD
MCA, 2000s. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Glorious gospel soul from Mighty Clouds Of Joy – with some great live material and studio recordings from later years – truly joyous and soulful in the truest sense! The live material is especially wonderful, as the group really works best with an audience of believers to soak it all in. That said, the the couple of later studio recordings are strong too,, including the Raphael Saadiq-produced "Jesus Kind Of Man", which quite reminiscent of classic southern soul. Other tracks include "Jesus Will Turn It Around", "House Of The Lord", "If Jesus Can't Fix It", "God Can", "Mighty High", "Order My Steps", "I Made A Step", "Walk Around Heaven" and "Movin'". CD

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✨✧ 9th CreationBubble Gum ... CD
Rite Track/Solaris, 1975. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A classic album of jazzed-up funk – the one lasting legacy by this oft-sampled group! 9th Creation originally hailed from west of the Bay Area scene of the 70s – and this album was recorded in Oakland with the same sweet jazzy finish as work by some of the other big Northern California funk acts of the time – especially Pleasure, who with their sharp sense of a groove are probably the closest comparison to the group's sound. The album is best known for the cut "Bubble Gum" – a great number with lots of jazzy changes, and a modern funky groove that still sounds pretty darn fresh – but the whole album is totally great, and filled with plenty of other songs that have the same feel as the title cut! Tracks include "Sexy Girl", "Quit It", "Falling In Love", "We Need Love", and "Rule Of Mind". CD

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✨✧ VariousBay Area Funk – Funk & Soul Essentials From San Francisco, Oakland, & The Bay Area 1967-1976 ... CD
Luv N' Haight, Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A killer! As revolutionary as the music and political climate was in the Bay Area in the late 60s and early 70s, it's damn near criminal that there haven't been more representative collections of the music – enter Luv N Haight Records, who are here with the first ever comprehensive compilation of Bay Area funk and hard soul! The kind of funky music that came out of the Bay in the period differs a bit from a lot of mirror sounds from the other coast, the midwest and the south –artists and groups like Sugar Pie Desanto, P-I-R Square, Marvin Holmes and the Uptights, San Francisco T.K.O and others work with short, tight, hard-clapping blasts of 45 funk. Where the funk of other scenes was designed to bounce you along an elastic groove, the Cali school for the most part specialized in short, sweaty, scratchy numbers that were designed to get you on your feet, than knock you straight on your arse! Truly amazing stuff – all funky 45 numbers, many of which are available for the first time on CD! 16 treasures: "Git Back" by Sugar Pie Desanto, "Foxy Girls In Oakland" by Rodger Collins, "Pickin' Cotton" by Johnny Talbot, "Find Yourself" by Marvin Holmes, "Check Me Out" by Kittie Denise, "Trippin' On The Sound" by Jeannie Tracie, "The Trip" by Eugene Blacknell, "Fantasy" by P-I-R Square, "Oomph" by Marvin Holmes, "Herm" by San Francisco T.K.O.'s and lots more – plus great foldout notes with details on each track. A great sounding, long overdue document of a great scene! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Sonny ClarkOakland, 1955 ... CD
Uptown, 1955. Used ... Out Of Stock

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