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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousSalsoul Presents Crossover Flavas – When Northern Soul Met Disco ... CD
Suss'd/Salsoul (UK), Late 70s/Early 80s. Used ... Out Of Stock
A key chapter of the later years in the British Northern Soul scene – when the clubs picked up on some of the more current work of the 70s, and grooves headed into the sweet, warm territory of modern soul! The tracks on the set offer a great overview of the soulful cuts from the Salsoul label that burned big on the UK scene – hand-selected by Eddie Piller of Acid Jazz, and featuring a great mix of album cuts and more obscure singles! The set's a great one if you only ever thought of Salsoul as a strict disco label, and there's loads of cuts on the set that bubble with some of our favorite late 70s modern tracks of the period. Titles include "Time Will Tell" by Eddie Holman, "You're My Saving Grace" by John & Michael Hill, "Janice" by Skip Mahoney, "Catch Me On The Rebound" by Loleatta Holloway, "Gamble On Love" by First Choice, "So Much For Love" by Moment Of Truth, "You're So Much A Part Of Me" by Carol Williams, "I'm A Fool" by Bunny Sigler, "Continental Square Dance" by Joe Bataan, "I Just Can't Give You Up" by Floyd Smith, "Just As Long As You Love Me" by True Example, "Everyman" by Double Exposure, and "Put It To The Back Of Your Mind" by Love Committee. CD
(Out of print. Includes slipcase.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousBack To The Beat – The Legend Of Northern Soul – Rare Breed Rhythm & Soul 1956 to 1962 ... LP
Outta Sight (UK), New Copy ... About July 10, 2017
... LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousDore Northern Soul – LA Black Music Magic ... LP
Kent (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy ... $14.99
A treasure trove of soul from the legendary LA indie label Dore Records – home to some of the finest 60s sides on the west coast – a top-shelf lineup that's never been represented this well! Dore had a few key groups at the time – a young Whispers, and the excellent Superbs – but also cut work by some other great artists too – all with a level of care and class to match the best soul sides coming from New York or Detroit at the time! The Dore approach manages to have a sparkle without losing any sort of edge – careful production and instrumentation, but a real respect for the voices in the lead, too. This means that the label can come up with an upbeat groove that rivals the Detroit sound on the dancefloor – yet also really let the singers and groups do their thing, too. LP-only collection features 14 tracks in all – most rare singles from the label – and titles include "Gone With The Wind" by Rita & The Tiaras, "I'm Givin You Notice Baby" by The Fidels, "What Did You Gain By That" by Kenard, "Your Ship Of Fools" by Ray Marchand, "My Lonely Feeling" by Milton James, "I Only Cry Once A Day Now" by The Puffs, "Nitty Gritty City" by The Swans, "Why Does It Feel So Right" by Shades Of Jade, "Keep On Movin" by Little Johnny Hamilton, "Gettin Back Into Circulation" by The Entertainers IV, and "I Wanna Do It With You Baby" by The Superbs. LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousEssential 60s Northern Soul – Dancefloor Classics Vol 1 ... CD
Deep Beats (UK), Late 60s. Used ... $4.99
Loads of great rare soul cuts – 23 tracks, with work by Billy Harner, Barbara Acklin, The Javells, Stella Starr, Frankie Crocker, Van McCoy, Fred Hughes, Johnny Jones, Gene Chandler, Lou Courtney, Jason Knight, Father's Angels, PP Arnold, and Kenny Bernard! CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousHere Comes The Night Owl – Northern Soul Revue (2017 Record Store Day Release) ... LP
Outta Sight (UK), Mid 60s. New Copy ... $22.99
There's a huge amount of early Philly soul here – lots of tracks from the classic years of the Cameo/Parkway label, plus a few other choice bits too – all wrapped up in a Northern Soul collection that owes almost nothing to the style of Detroit! The package features great tracks by obscure artists, and obscure tracks by bigger singers – brought together with the kind of top-shelf track selection that makes us love releases on the Outta Sight label so much. There's plenty here that goes way past the obvious – and titles include "Heartaches Away My Boy" by Christine Cooper, "Night Owl" by Bobby Paris, "Country Girl" by Vickie Baines, "Envy" by The Orlons, "You Didn't Say A Word" by Yvonne Baker, "Girl Don't Make Me Wait" by Bunny Sigler, "Packing Up" by Damon Fox, "Deep Dark Secret" by Dee Dee Sharp, "My Heart Your Heart" by Janie Grant, "Picture Me Gone" by Evie Sands, "Comin Home Baby" by Dee Dee Sharp, and "It's Rough Out There" by Jerry Jackson. LP, Vinyl record album
(Limited edition!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousNorthern & Rare Soul Collector – Together For The First Time – Originally Unreleased ... LP
Outta Sight (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy ... $14.99
A stunning set of rare soul from the glory days of the Northern Soul years – and even more amazing because none of these tunes were ever issued at the time! Yet these aren't second-hand cuts that have lain in the vaults, nor the dregs of good recording sessions – and instead, these are killer tracks that finally saw the light of day on various reissues over the decades – years after their conception, but with enough space to have gotten them plenty of spins on later generations of Northern Soul dancefloors. The work is all wonderful – really top-shelf material that's right up there with Detroit or Philly classics – often recorded by artists you'll know from other great singles too. Titles include "Push A Little Harder" by The Metros, "Honey Please Stay" by United Four, "Turn Back The Hands Of Time" by Lonnie Youngblood, "I Wish You The World Of Happiness" by Shirley Turner, "I'm Not Afraid" by Sharon Scott, "You Only Live Twice" by Lorraine Chandler, "The Magic Touch" by Melba Moore, "It's Torture" by Maxine Brown, "Ooh It Hurts Me" by The Cavaliers, and "Hey Girl" by Porgy & The Monarchs. LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousNorthern Soul – The Collection – The Ultimate Northern Soul Anthems (3CD set) ... CD
Warner (UK), Late 60s. New Copy 3CD ... $11.99
Maybe not the ultimate Northern Soul collection – you'd need a room full of CDs for that – but a pretty wonderful collection of upbeat 60s soul groovers pulled from the vaults of Warner Brothers and Atlantic Records! The 3CD set features a whopping 85 tracks in all – and most of them are rare cuts, even the ones by some of the bigger names – so that the whole thing really goes way past the obvious, and delivers surprise after surprise over the course of the long listening if has to offer! There's plenty of soul nuggets here that we haven't seen elsewhere on CD – and titles include "A Last Minute Miracle" by Linda Jones, "Baby Help Me" by Percy Sledge, "Call On Me" by The Dynells, "Walkin Up A One Way Street" by Willie Tee, "After Closing Time" by Hal Frazier, "This Beautiful Day" by Levi Jackson, "If You Ask Me" by Jerry Williams, "Mr Creator" by The Apollas, "Seven Days Too Long" by Chuck Wood, "Dance Dance Dance" by The Casualeers, "Can't Help Lovin Dat Man" by Ila Vann, "Skiing In The Snow" by The Invitations, "Teardrops Are Falling" by Little Natalie & Henry, "Bar B Q" by Wendy Rene, "Yes To The Lord" by The Stovall Sisters, "Change My Darkness Into Light" by The Flirtations, "It Hurts Me" by David & Ruben, "Livin In Love" by Sheila Anthony, "Please Operator" by Tony & Tyrone, and "Tell Me Why" by Life". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousRare Soul Harmony Collection Vol 1 – A Collection Of The Finest Sweet & Northern Soul Group Recordings Of The 60s & 70s ... CD
Big Town, 1960s/1970s. Used ... $7.99
22 tracks from the Imaginations, the Hollywood Saxons, the Fourcourts, the Vows, the Satans, the Cashmeres, the Startones, the Magicians, the Soul Procedures, the Young Mods, the Servicemen & more. CD
(Out of print, CDr release.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousRoots of Northern Soul – 30 All-Nighter Classics From The Early Days ... CD
Goldmine (UK), Mid 60s. Used ... $7.99
30 tracks of early soul groovers that spurred the UK northern dance scene. Hard soul abounds, with great stuff like "Hard Nut To Crack" by Aaron Neville, "Hot Potato" by Dee Clark, "So Glad She's Mine" by Carter Brothers, "I Caught You In A Lie" by Robert Parker, "You Can't Take It Away" by Fred Hughes, "In Your Heart" by Dontells, "Fortune Teller" by Benny Spellman, "Trouble Over The Weekend" by Betty Everett, "You're The Dream" by Roscoe Shelton, "Mr. Bang Bang Man" by Little Hank, and "Nothing's Worse Than Being Alone" by The Ad Libs. Lots more, and solid all the way through! CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousThis Is Northern Soul – Legendary Northern Soul Classics ... CD
Goldmine (UK), 1960s. Used ... $5.99
Features music from Connie Clarke, the Silhouettes, Little Joe Cook, Lee Andrews, the Empires & more. CD
(Out of print. Cover image varies slightly.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousAndy Smith's Northern Soul ... LP
BGP (UK), 1960s/Early 70s. New Copy 2 LPs ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A wicked little collection of rare soul singles – all hand-picked by Andy "The Document" Smith, with an equal focus on Northern dancefloor numbers and harder funkier tracks! The set's a nice contrast to other collections on the market, because Andy's coming at the music from a different direction – one that's a bit less concerned with the tracks' presence (or non-presence) on the UK scene, and which is more focused on the overall sound and grooves of the tunes! The 2LP set features the unmixed versions of all the 25 tunes used in the CD mix version – and titles include "Baby Without You" by Danny Monday, "Talkin About My Baby" by Dottie & Millie, "The New Breed" by Jimmy Holiday, "He's Alright With Me" by The Mirettes, "That's Enough" by Roscoe Robinson, "On Top Of The World" by SOUL, "As Long As I've Got You" by The Charmels, "Shotgun & The Duck" by Jackie Lee, "My Little Girl" by Bob & Earl Band, "Cigarette Ashes" by Jimmy Conwell, "Mine Exclusively" by The Olympics, and "Reach Out I'll Be There" by Lee Moses. LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousNorthern Soul – 20 Original Classics (colored vinyl – with bonus download) (2017 Record Store Day Release) ... LP
Universal (Italy), Late 60s. New Copy 2LP ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
The title's no lie – as the set brings together 20 classic tracks from the UK Northern Soul scene – all singles that were born in America, but found a much bigger place overseas – where decades of British soul fans elevated these tracks to the stuff of legend! There's a no-nonsense approach that makes the set great – with an especially strong focus on sounds from Detroit – on titles that include "Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)" by Frank Wilson, "Live It Up" by Dusty Springfield, "There's A Ghost In My House" by R Dean Taylor, "Can't Satisfy" by The Impressions, "Why Why Why" by Mill Evans, "I Got The Fever" by The Prophets, "Stormy" by Diana Ross & The Supremes, "It's All Up To You" by The Dells, "Soul Self Satisfaction" by Earl Jackson, "Nothing But A Heartache" by The Flirtations, "Tainted Love" by Gloria Jones, "It Really Hurts Me Girl" by The Carstairs, "I Surrender" by Eddie Holman, "Love's Gone Bad" by Chris Clark, "Let's Wade In The Water" by Marlena Shaw, "Landslide" by Tony Clarke, "Suspicion" by The Originals, "Love Runs Out" by Willie Hutch, and "The Night" by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons. LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes download!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousSoulful Thangs Vol 3 – 23 Rare & Hard To Find Sweet & Northern Soul Classics ... CD
Latin Soul Recordings, Late 60s/Early 70s. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Another incredible volume in the Soulful Thangs series – easily one of the greatest for late nite soul and rare harmony vocals! The package has a beautifully drifting sound throughout – that mellow as mellow can be soul that was made most perfectly at the end of the 60s and into the 70s – recorded with a real focus on the voice, and just enough light instrumentation to allow the tracks to float along on a pillow of sound! 23 tracks in all – including "Hey You Don't Fight It" by The Montclairs, "Just Ask Me" by Soul Superbs, "How Do You Say Goodbye" by Together, "Con Me" by Paragons, "Why Is There No Trace Of You" by Fourth Creation, "This Time" by Family Connection, "Man From The Sky" by Carlos Wright, "Where Will I Go" by Brief Encounter, "I Do Love You" by Joe Bataan, "I'm In Love" by Len Woods, and "You Pay For Love" by The Crusaders. CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousNorthern Soul Floorfillers (180 gram pressing) ... LP
Demon (UK), Late 60s. New Copy 2LP Gatefold ... Out Of Stock
The call 'em floorfillers for a reason – as the tracks are so great, so groovy, you can't help running out to the dancefloor! This collection's a brilliant batch of the kind of cuts that first earned the term on the UK scene back in the day – obscure American soul cuts from the 60s, which got heavy spins at the important underground British clubs that really helped give soul music a wider global audience! These tracks go way past familiar Motown numbers and oldies – and titles include "Right Track" by Billy Butler, "Out On The Floor" by Dobie Gray, "Love Makes A Woman" by Barbara Acklin, "I Can't Help Lovin You" by Paul Anka, "Since I Found My Baby" by The Metros, "Love On a Mountain Top" by Robert Knight, "Soul Time" by Shirley Ellis, "Hold On To My Baby" by The Cavaliers, "He's Coming Home" by Beverly Ann, "Trying To Find My Woman" by Lou Courtney, "Sliced Tomatoes" by The Just Brothers, "The Snake" by Al Wilson, "Who Who Song" by Jackie Wilson, "The Chase Is On" by Johnny Howard, "Blowin Up My Mind" by The Exciters, "Love Factory" by Eloise Laws, and "Time Will Pass You By" by Tobi Legend. LP, Vinyl record album
(Super-heavy vinyl package!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousNorthern Soul – Keep The Faith – 61 Allniter Classics (3CD set) ... CD
Sony (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy 3CD ... Out Of Stock
A mighty nice collection of Northern Soul gems – all pulled from the vaults of Columbia, CBS, Epic, Okeh, RCA, and related labels – and stuffed together in a package that's a hell of a bargain for all these rare tracks! And when we say "stuffed", we don't mean that the tracks are crammed thoughtlessly together – because there's a really wonderful sense of timing to the whole thing – a groove that starts out strong, and keeps going long! There's also a nicely updated feel to the selections, too – lots of tracks you wouldn't have found on a 60s soul collection 20 years back – partly because the cuts have only been uncovered in recent years, or because they fit well into the ever-evolving understanding of Northern Soul. 61 tracks in all – and titles include "Paris Blues" by Tony Middleton, "Temptation Is Calling My Name" by Lee David, "Moonlight Music & You" by Laura Greene, "I'm Not Ready" by Ujima, "Everybody's Going To The Love-In" by Bob Brady & The Con-Chords, "I'll Always Need You" by Dean Courtney, "That's What I Want To Know" by James Carr, "I Don't Want To Talk About It" by Nancy Ames, "He's Coming Home" by Beverly Ann, "I Still Love You" by Seven Souls, and "Born A Loser" by Don Ray. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousNorthern Soul Weekender – The Original Sound Of Northern Soul ... CD
Charly (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Socking soul from the 60s and early 70s – brought together here in a mighty tribute to the lasting power of the Northern Soul scene in the UK! Other volumes of this collection have focused on sounds that played big in British clubs in the early days of the scene – but this set showcases cuts that have gotten a lot of play in more recent years – including some that weren't even discovered back in the day, and have taken years to finally get their due from soul fans! The groove is upbeat – with a vibe that begins in Motown, but soon takes off into all of the great new territory the scene has embraced over the years – including some strands of deep soul that are especially welcome here. Titles include "I Hurt On The Other Side" by Sidney Barnes, "You'll Always Be In Style" by The Adlibs, "Gone With The Wind Is My Love" by Rita & The Tiaras, "I Still Love You" by Ann Sexton, "Lonely For You Baby" by Sam Dees, "Just Loving You" by Ruby Andrews, "Baby" by Ellie Greenwich, "If You Ask Me" by Jerry Williams, "Just Another Heartache" by Little Richie, "Under Your Powerful Love" by Joe Tex, "I'm A Big Man" by Big Daddy Rogers, "Better" by Ruby Winters, and "Baby What Has Happened To Our Love" by The Ringleaders. Great CD package – a book-styled cover, with lots of notes and rare label shots! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousDJ Andy Smith's Jam Up Twist USA – R&B Rockers, Rockabilly, Northern Soul, & Sleazy Shakers ... CD
Cultures Of Soul, Late 50s/Early 60s. Used ... Out Of Stock
A great US take on the Jam Up Twist sound of DJ Andy Smith – the groove he explored on a previous compilation in the UK – now served up here in a different lineup for the states! The music is a mad mix of R&B, jump blues, rockabilly, and other raw sounds from the tail end of the 50s – very much like the sort of territory that Keb Darge has explored on his excellent sets with Little Edith – and the kind of sounds that go way way beyond well-known hits from the period! Smith digs very deep in the crates, and gets some help with selections from Deano Sounds as well – on this smoking set that includes "Honey Child" by Johnny Williams, "What's My Chances" by Chuck Flamingo, "Thanks Mr Postman" by Bobby King, "Lonesome Shack" by Ernie Washington, "Doing All Right" by Eddie Cash, "Swingin & Surfin" by Les Brown Jr, "Ever Again" by Gene Woodbury, "High School Caesar" by Reggie Perkins, "Monkey's Uncle" by Ray Sharpe, and "Pack Shack & Stack" by Billy Nelson. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousKing Northern Soul ... CD
King/Kent (UK), Late 60s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Excellent rare soul from King Records – and almost none of it reissued since it was originally on 45s! King is more famously known as the home of James Brown during the 60s – but this set shows what a wealth of great work was going on at the label at the same time, and even though we've been digging for records for years, we have to admit that we've really never seen most of these singles. Some of the tracks are funky, some are smoother and more uptown, and the bulk of the material is appealing to any fan of 60s northern soul. Titles include "Try Me For Your New Love" by Junior McCants, "Why Am I Crying" by Shirley Wahls, "Baby You've Got Me" by The Emeralds, "I Won't Have It" by The King Pins, "Prove It" by Pat Lundy, "Never Find A Love Like Mine" by The Brownettes, "You Got Me Diggin You" by Roosevelt Matthews & The Upsetters, "Bing Bong Goes My Heart" by The Determinations, "I Enjoy Being Loved By You" by The Fabulous Denos, "These Tears" by Mary Johnson, "Why, Why, Why" by Mill Evans, "I'm Slowly Molding" by Cody Black, and "Saving My Love For My Baby" by Marva Whitney. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousNorthern Monsters – 24 Of The Biggest Sounds Ever on The Northern Soul Scene From Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow ... CD
Kent (UK), Late 60s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
They're not kidding about the "monsters" in the title here – as the CD is easily one of the best Northern Soul collections we've heard in years – filled with all-great tracks that really live up to the promise on the cover! The music is excellent, the sound quality great, and most of the tracks here are under-compiled gems that sparkle together beautifully in the company of this top-shelf collection – an great batch of all-winners that is one of the best illustrations of the Northern sound at its best we could ever hope to find! Ace provides full notes on each track – as well as label scans too – and the whole thing's a very welcome antidote to some of the shabbier Northern Soul collections on the market. Titles include "Too Darn Soulful" by Morris Chestnut, "Lighten Up Baby" by Ty Karim, "Nobody But You" by The Wooden Nickels, "You Hit Me" by Alice Clark, "If The Shoe Fits" by Lou Courtney, "I'm Gonna Love You A Long Long Time" by Patti & The Emblems, "Time's A Wasting" by The Fuller Brothers, "The Joker" by Milestones & Littler Leroy, "I'll Be There" by The Gems, "Just Ask Me" by Lenis Guess, "Stronger Than Her Love" by The Flirtations, "Don't Pretend" by The Belles, "We Must Be Doin Something Right" by Joan Moody, and "Wash & Wear Love" by Lynn Varnado. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousNorthern Soul's Classiest Rarities ... CD
Kent (UK), 1960s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
The "classiest" tag in the title might be a bit misleading – as these tunes are down and dirty Northern soul, not some toneyed-up work for the country club set – but they're all united by a strong approach to their work, and a sense of professionalism that really makes the tracks sparkle, even though most of them are quite obscure! In fact, a number of tunes on the set were only recently unearthed by the folks at Ace while going through tapes to prepare other reissues – collected here together as a rich representation of the untapped genius that lies in the vaults of many 60s soul labels. There's a total of 24 tunes on the CD – and titles include "Yes I'm In Love" by Unique Blend, "Why Would You Blow It" by Claude Huey, "I've Got To Keep Movin" by Charles Lamonte & The Extremes, "Strange Neighbors" by The Imaginations, "I Wouldn't Change A Thing About You" by Johnny Wyatt, "Raining Teardrops" by The Rockmasters, "Cards On The Table" by The Diplomats, "Tell Me Baby" by Karmello Brooks, "Ain't No Danger" by Clifford Curry, and "This Love That I'm Giving You" by The Joytones. CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Leon HaywoodSoul Cargo (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Fat Fish/Essential, 1966. New Copy ... $11.99 14.99
Excellent early work by Leon Haywood – recorded way back in the mid 60s, when he was knocking around the LA indie scene with a very soulful groove! Back in those years, Leon wasn't singing as much, just playing piano and organ in a mixture of soul and jazz instrumental modes – all hard-stepping with a very strong northern soul groove, and some of the heaviest production ever to come out of the west coast in the 60s! The whole album's a killer – extremely grooving, and with a blend of styles that keeps things fresh all the way through. Titles include "Ray's Theme", "Soul Cargo", "Fat Fish", "The Sidewinder", "Spice Of The Blues", "River's Invitation", and "The Preacher". CD features bonus tracks – including "Baby Reconsider", "Hey Hey Hey", "Skate A While", and "Ever Since You Were Sweet Sixteen". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousBirth Of Soul – Special Detroit Edition 1961 to 1964 ... CD
Kent (UK), Early 60s. New Copy ... $11.99 18.99
The Detroit soul scene at the start of the 60s – music from a time before Motown was dominating the city's reputation, and a whole host of other great labels brought the motor city sound to the masses! The work here is quite a surprise if you're only thinking in terms of Northern Soul and some of the more uptempo Detroit groovers – as the work here burns on so many different levels – often with a style that reflects some of the nascent soul coming out of Chicago on labels like Chess and Vee Jay, the latter of whom is featured here amidst a range of other imprints that include Wand, Atlantic, Scepter, Time, Old Town, and Brent – all of whom released some of these early Detroit soul tracks as singles back in the day. In true Ace/Kent fashion, the set also features a few unreleased gems, plus a wonderful set of notes on the city's soul scene – alongside tracks that include "Nosey Folk" by The Del-Phis, "Answer Me" by Vivian Collins, "Can't We Get Together" by Harry Reid, "Here I Am" by Betty Lavette, "Shakin Fit" by The Pyramids, "That's No Way To Spend My Time" by The Pen Ettes, "Wedding Bells" by Melvin Davis, "You Lied" by Marva Josie, "Think A Little Sugar" by Barbara Lewis, "Just One More Time" by JJ Barnes, "My Letter" by Priscilla Page, "I Know How It Feels" by Laura Johnson, "I'm A Lonely Guy" by Timmy Shaw & The Sternphones, "Come Back To Me" by La Wanda William, "I Cried For My Last Time" by The Sonnettes, and "Tears Running & Falling From My Eyes" by James Lately. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousFunk Soul Sisters Presented by SuperFunk – Classic & Rare Female Funk ... LP
BGP (UK), 1960s/1970s. New Copy 2 LPs ... $16.99 22.99
Funky female soul galore – a killer set of rare tunes that's one of the best sets of this type we've ever stocked! The SuperFunk crew at BGP have gone through the rich array of labels handled by the company – pulling out some massive tunes that really push our understanding of female soul – taking things way past the obvious hits and girl group numbers, into hard and heavy-stepping territory that we really love! Most of the tunes on the set are completely new to our ears, and there's a great mix of northern and southern funk styles that keeps things super-fresh. Drums crackle, basslines pound, and the gals belt it out loud, clear, and funky on a set of 20 tracks that includes "Tell Me What's Wrong" by Lynn Varnado, "Listen Here" by Valorie Keys, "Know What To Do When You Get It" by The Genies, "Heavy Heavy Hangs My Heart" by Vera Hamilton, "Better Get A Move On" by Louise McCord, "Pounds Of Soul" by Betty Bibbs, "Ooh Wee Baby" by Delilah Moore, "Sunshine Of Your Love" by Spanky Wilson, "Staying At Home Like A Woman" by Lynn Varnado, "Hold On This Time" by Fontella Bass, "Mr Fix It" by Thelma Jones, "I'm Glad I Got Over You" by Jeanette Jones, "One Way Street" by Little Ann, and "It's Too Late For Tears" by Rene Bailey. LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousKent's Cellar Of Soul ... CD
Kent (UK), 1960s. New Copy ... $10.99 18.99
A really socking collection of 60s soul – reissued with great notes, excellent sound, and a stunning selection of tunes that includes many many rare numbers! The package is made up nearly entirely of tracks from rare singles – and the groove runs from Northern Soul, to sock boogaloo soul, to hard-stepping female numbers, and even a bit of funk! The groove is very strong all the way through, and titles include "Chain Reaction" by The Spellbinders, "A Lot Of Love" by Homer Banks, "She's Looking Good" by Rodger Collins, "My Elusive Dreams" by Moses & Joshua Dillard, "You Gave Me Somebody To Love" by The Dreamlovers, "Get It From The Bottom" by The Steelers, "I Must Love You" by The Falcons, "Shine It On" by Vernon Garrett, "Keep My Woman Home" by Danny White, "She Shot A Hole In My Soul" by Clifford Curry, "Save Your Money" by Lonnie Mack, "You Left The Water Running" by Barbara Lynn, "That's How Strong My Love Is" by OV Wright & The Keys, "Soul Serenade" by Beau Dollar & The Coins, "The Real Thing" by Tina Britt, "Hole In The Wall" by The Packers, and "Karate Boo Ga Loo" by Jerry O. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousKris Records – Los Angeles Showcase Of Soul ... CD
Kris/Kent (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. Used ... $4.99
The sound of soulful LA in the 60s – 24 tracks pulled from the Kris Records label catalog, home to some very tasty groovers with a solid Northern feel! The package includes tracks from the start of the label up to the early 70s – and features a variety of strong solo acts that we'd never heard of, but which rank with the best of the indie scene in LA at the time. Titles include "You" by Jimmy Preacher Ellis, "My Lover" and "Cool It Baby" by BB Carter, "Prove It" and "Only True Love" by Lee Harvey, "Money Man" and "My Assurance" by The LA Untouchables, "I'm Gonna Make It" by Lee Jones, "Live & Let Live" by Pure Ice, "Need Of Love" by Cookie Jackson, "Walk Proud" by The Del Reys, "Oh My Love Sweet Love" by The Hill Sisters, and "Don't Hang Yourself" by Fay Cooper. CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousLost Soul Treasures Vol 1 ... CD
Sounds Of Soul, 1960s. Used ... $6.99
A killer selection of rare soul singles – with a mixture of Northern Soul gems and some of the harder groovers that US collectors have gone for for years! Finding this one's like finding a box full of rare singles that somebody left behind at a DJ gig or an oldies radio show – so snatch it up, because it's filled with great cuts like "Michael" by The CODs, "Gonna Send You Back To Georgia" by Timmy Shaw, "Sad Girl" by Jay Wiggins, "Hungry For Love" by San Remo Golden Strings, "Here's A Heart" by The Diplomats, "Steal Away" by Jimmy Hughes, "The Real Thing" by Tina Britt, "No Time For You" by The Commands, "Love-it-is" by Harvey Scales, "The Love Of My Man" by Theola Kilgore, "Poor Unfortunate Me" by JJ Barnes, "Do The 45" by The Sharpees, "Let's Get A Thing Goin" by Don Gardner, "Any Other Way" by Little Jackie Shane, and "Ain't Nothing But A House Party" by The Showstoppers. 27 tracks in all! CD
(Out of print. Note: CD appears to have been mastered from vinyl sources – and although printed professionally, it's a bit low-budget in terms of the packaging. CD may not play well on all players.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousManhattan Soul Vol 3 ... CD
Kent (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy ... $11.99 18.98
A really special set of soul tracks – and one that's got a vibe that's maybe even different from the previous two Manhattan Soul collections! This package is filled with the kind of overlooked gems that sometimes get lost because people are a bit too focused in their record-collecting tastes – mellow cuts that are still a bit funky, deep soul from up-north sources, and even some group numbers that are neither upbeat and Northern, nor slow enough to be mellow harmonies. Instead, these cuts together really defy the rules – showing that in the deeper corners of the New York underground, there were always great new ideas going on – not work that was trying to challenge the stars at Atlantic, or the Brill Building best – but instead very happy to just do their own thing, in some very groovy ways. The work comes from the Wand, Scepter, and Musicor family of labels – better-known for big hits, but also very dedicated to cool indie singles that only seem to be getting their due in more recent years. CD features 24 tracks in all – and titles include "Giving Up" by Junior Lewis, "Now That You're Gone" by Sonny Turner & Sound Limited, "Open Up Your Heart" by Dan & The Cleancuts, "Every Little Bit Helps" by Helen Henry, "Two Stupid Feet" by The Shirelles, "The Same Old Song" by The Dinos, "Nobody Made You Love Me" by The Charts, "Fun City Woman" by Ann Bailey, "The Landlord" by The Tabs, "Does Love Believe In Me" by Melba Moore, "Mr Schemer" by Brenton Wood, "You Picked Me" by The Soldier Boys, and "Never In My Life" by Lee Moses. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousMirwood Soul Story ... CD
Mirwood/Kent (UK), Mid 60s. New Copy ... $10.99 18.99
Killer work from one of the smokinest soul labels of the west coast scene of the 60s – mighty Mirwood Records, a company that's kept the Northern Soul scene humming for decades! Mirwood wasn't one of the biggest, or most chart-topping labels – but the company came up with some incredible work in the uptempo mode that's really held strongly over the years. The label boasted some great singers with a straightforward, no-nonsense approach – often working with tight rhythms and rolling piano lines to send the tunes home with a solid sort of punch! This set features 24 classics from the glory days of Mirwood – all lovingly presented with great notes in the usual high Kent/Ace standard. Titles include "Your Kind Ain't No Good" by The Mirettes, "Stubborn Heart" by The Sheppards, "Baby Your Time Is My Time" by Bob & Earl, "Oh My Darlin" by Jackie Lee, "Set Me Free" by The Performers, "Words Can't Explain" by The Belles, "Where There's A Will" by Jimmy Thomas, "The Same Old Thing" by The Olympics, "Keep It Coming" by Bobby Garrett, "Just Tryin To Please You" by Jimmy Thomas, "Is She In Your Town" by Curtis Lee, and "Lost" by The Darlettes. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousPopcorn Exotica – R&B, Soul, & Exotica Rockers From The 50s & 60s ... CD
Croydon Municipal (UK), 1950s/1960s. New Copy ... $9.99
Exotica sounds, but with an especially soulful feel – which makes the tracks a perfect choice for this excellent collection! The work is in a special place between exotic instrumentals, teen pop, and deeper soul of the late 50s and early 60s – and most numbers here have that special balance you'll find in the popcorn soul underground – the kind of midtempo steppers that have really been getting a lot of play on dancefloors in recent years – especially when you want to cool off a bit from Northern Soul! As with other titles on the Croydon Municipal label, the track selection is divine – and titles include "The Riddle Of The Papawhos" by Danny Staton, "Call Of The Jungle" by Carl Stevens, "Cafe Bohemian" by The Enchanters, "The Web" by Abie Baker, "Tabou" by The Jokers, "On A Tropical Island" by Anna Valentino, "Little Indian Girl" by Billy & The Moonlighters, "Cat Walk" by Jack Costanzo, and "Arabia" by The Delcos. CD

Possible matches34
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousRare Soul Harmony Of The 60's – The Sweeter Side ... CD
Goldmine (UK), 1960s/1998. Used ... $9.99
Great stuff! The folks at Goldmine always do a great job with their comps when they move away from the northern soul genre, and this one is no exception. The set compiles a stunning batch of 25 rare soul harmony tracks from the 60's, and they're all by obscure groups who only recorded 45s for independent labels. The quality of material is excellent, and if you like group soul sounds, this compilation is a must! All tracks are mellow, soulful, and beautiful – and titles include "I Need Your Love" by The Chandlers, "Did I Make A Mistake" by The Revlons, "How Was Your Weekend" by Bobby Mac, "You've Been Gone So Long" by The Tomangoes, "You Should Have Told Me" by The New Yorkers, "You Are" by The Executive Four, "I Want You To Be My Baby" by The Sound Masters, and lots lots more! Nice package, with dates for all the tracks, too. CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousSouvenirs Of The Soul Clap Vol 1 – Jonathan Toubin's New York Night Train ... LP
Norton, Late 50s/1960s. New Copy ... $13.99
Upbeat soul and plenty of grooves – all hand-picked tracks that bring the spirit of the legendary Soul Clap nights to the home listener! The series is done by Norton records in support of DJ Jonathan Toubin – who's created a unique groove on the New York scene by starting with Northern Soul, then working his way backwards into a range of grittier styles from the early years of soul and rock as well! The Soul Clap specialty is the rare 45 from the years before funk – and tracks on the collection really live up to the fire and spirit of their legendary nights. Titles on this first volume include "Monkey Man" by Gene Burkes, "Tough" by Lord Luther & The Counts, "Detroit Michigan" by Ronnie Love, "Do The Duck" by The Autographs, "I Got Loaded" by Little Bob, "Down In The Basement" by King Coleman, "The Bird Train" by The Chessmen, "What Goes Up Must Come Down" by Ruby Johnson, "Hot Buttered Buns" by What's Happening, and "The Break" by Marlynns. LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousTotally Solid Hitbound – Archive Northern Rarities From Detroit ... CD
Goldmine (UK), Late 60s. Used ... $4.99
Some of the bigger hits and better known tracks from the Detroit independent soul scene of the 60's, including "I Need My Baby" by Jackie Beavers, "I Lost You" by The Holidays, "Call On Me" by Barbara Mercer, "Never Alone" by The Holidays, "Our Love Is In The Pocket" by J.J. Barnes, "Did My Baby Call" by Steve Mancha, "Hit & Run" by The Debonairs, and lots more from the massive Groovesville archive. 24 cuts in all, and a great introduction to the stellar sound of rare Detroit! CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Carol AndersonSad Girl – The Legacy Of Detroit's Lost Soul Sister ... CD
Grapevine (UK), 1970s. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
The complete recordings of a wonderful soul singer who never fully got her due – Detroit diva Carol Anderson, best known for a few tracks that broke big on the UK Northern scene – but finally presented here with the full scope of her work in one set! Carol had a great approach that was very much in keeping with changes in the Detroit sound of the 70s – vocals that often shared a sense of personal, heartfelt delivery with southern soul of the period – but a tighter, more swinging approach to instrumentation that was still keeping up the Detroit groove of earlier years. The tunes here nicely skirt a distance between Memphis and Motortown – delivered with a rich, expansive heart that should have made Carol a bigger singer than she was a the time. A few of the tracks on the set are nice dancefloor groovers – both in an older style of Northern soul, and in a late 70s/early 80s boogie-styled groove – and as usual, the folks at Grapevine have done a tremendous job with the notes! CD features every single track ever recorded by Carol – 17 titles that include "Sad Girl", "You Boy", "We've Got Enough", "You've Got It Coming", "Party People", "Holding On", "Taking My Mind Off Love", "You Want It", "Ain't Giving Up", "Tomorrow Is Not A Promise", "Come On Over Tonight", and "Master Plan". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Dave Moore & Jason ThorntonThere's That Beat Guide To The Philly Sound – Philadelphia Soul Music & Its R&B Roots –From Gospel & Bandstand to TSOP (Hardcover) ... Book
There's That Beat/Premium (UK), 2016. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
An incredible book on the sound of soul in Philadelphia – one that's every bit as visually vivid as the music itself – with page after page of full color label scans, vintage photos, and other rare images! The book was put together by the team who gave us the great Northern Soul magazine There's That Beat a number of years ago – and although the book is heavy, with hundreds of pages, the look and feel here is as wonderful as that previous publication – with really thoughtful layout alongside the text, which keeps things visually popping while you read the history of all the great music within! The book is a record collector's dream – and might well be worth it alone for the hundreds and hundreds of record scans – but the writing is equally great, and traces the history of Philly soul up through gospel, blues, and doo wop – to the huge explosion of sounds in the 60s and 70s. Almost 700 pages, with very heavy paper throughout – and well worth the hefty price tag if you're a fan of Philly soul! Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousSwan's Soul Sides – Dance The Philly ... CD
Swan/Kent (UK), Mid 60s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Swan Records was a real powerhouse of Philly Soul back in the 60s – a label whose efforts really set the scene for countless more Philly achievements to come! Swan was primarily a pop label – with some big hits (including early US release of Beatles singles) to its name – but the company was also on the scene to cut some of the best soul in Philadelphia as the 60s got going – a great deal of which is brought together on this set! Swan's sides often have a Northern Soul vibe that rivals the best of Detroit, especially labels away from Motown – and the pop experience gave the label a quality of production and professionalism that few other labels could match! Yet there's also no pop commercialism here, either – as these sides often step back and really let the artist do their thing – as you'll hear on 26 tracks that include "Everybody Crossfire" by Sammy Stevens, "Gotta Draw The Line" by The Three Degrees, "Have Faith In Me" by Sugar & Spice, "Put Yourself In My Place" by Azie Mortimer, "In Love" by Tony Galla & The Rising Sons, "Misery" by Eddie Carlton, "Run Run" by The Persianettes, "You're Everything" by The Showmen, "Put That Woman Down" by John Leach, "Who Do You Love" by The Sapphires, "Handsome Boy" by The Ladybirds, "Trying To Find My Baby" by Troy Dodds, and "Two Steps Ahead" by Herb Johnson. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousDave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures Vol 3 ... CD
Kent/Ace (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
The third volume in one of the most popular soul series we've ever stocked! The CD features 25 rare soul tunes – from a variety of northern and southern sources, all of them hard-to-find gems with a deep soul sound that's dripping with sincere emotion and raw songsmithery. Brit soul DJ/collector/writer Dave Godin put the set together – and it would be hard to find a more loving collection of tunes with such a no-nonsense approach to the material. Titles include "Thanks For Yesterday" by Eddie & Ernie, "I'm Undecided" by Toussaint McCall, "Who Are You Gonna Love" by Rozetta Johnson, "I Paid For The Party" by The Enchanters, "Too Far Gone To Turn Around" by JR Bailey, "My Deceiving Heart" by The Impressions, "I'm Missing You" by Loretta Williams, "Let Me Down Easy" by Betty Lavette, "Don't Leave Me Baby" by Ray Gant & The Arabian Knights, "Like It Stands" by Robert Ramsey, and "Look At The Boy" by Jean Plum. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousDave Hamilton's Detroit Dancers Vol 3 – The Soul Providers ... CD
Kent (UK), Mid 60s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
An incredible collection of rare Detroit soul – a good portion of which has never been issued before! As with other volumes in this series, the tunes here come from the vaults of Motor City producer Dave Hamilton – and they represent some tremendous work done in the shadow of Motown during the mid 60s! Like some of the best Detroit indie work of the time, the tracks here have a great mix of the rough and the smooth – vocals that are often earthy, set to backings that are tight, upbeat, and great for the dancefloor – especially if you've got an ear for Northern Soul! Hamilton's life, talents, and music are well explored in the notes – as are the lesser-known artists on the set – and the package features 24 tracks that include "Sweet It Out In The Shed" and "The Smile On Your Face" by Little Anne, "Until The End Of Time" by The Additions, "True True Love" by Tobi Lark, "It Takes A Lot Of Living" by The Future Kind, "I Love The Way You Do" by JT Rhythm, "Honest I Do" by The Tokays, "I Mean You Girl" by Richard Coombs, "Goodness" by OC Tolbert, "Side By Side" by The Ebonettes, and "The Bad Things You Said To Me" by The Barrino Brothers. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousFunk Soul Sisters Presented by SuperFunk – Classic & Rare Female Funk ... CD
BGP (UK), 1960s/1970s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Funky female soul galore – a killer set of rare tunes that's one of the best sets of this type we've ever stocked! The SuperFunk crew at BGP have gone through the rich array of labels handled by the company – pulling out some massive tunes that really push our understanding of female soul – taking things way past the obvious hits and girl group numbers, into hard and heavy-stepping territory that we really love! Most of the tunes on the set are completely new to our ears, and there's a great mix of northern and southern funk styles that keeps things super-fresh. Drums crackle, basslines pound, and the gals belt it out loud, clear, and funky on a set of 20 tracks that includes "Tell Me What's Wrong" by Lynn Varnado, "Listen Here" by Valorie Keys, "Know What To Do When You Get It" by The Genies, "Heavy Heavy Hangs My Heart" by Vera Hamilton, "Better Get A Move On" by Louise McCord, "Pounds Of Soul" by Betty Bibbs, "Ooh Wee Baby" by Delilah Moore, "Sunshine Of Your Love" by Spanky Wilson, "Staying At Home Like A Woman" by Lynn Varnado, "Hold On This Time" by Fontella Bass, "Mr Fix It" by Thelma Jones, "I'm Glad I Got Over You" by Jeanette Jones, "One Way Street" by Little Ann, and "It's Too Late For Tears" by Rene Bailey. CD
Also available Funk Soul Sisters Presented by SuperFunk – Classic & Rare Female Funk ... LP 16.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousKing Serious Soul – Too Much Pain ... CD
King/Kent (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
24 rare soul singles – pulled from the long out of print catalog of the legendary King Records (home to James Brown & others), as well as related labels like Federal, Hollywood, and DeLuxe! The tracks here have a fantastically deep soul sound – mixing southern heartbreakers with heavy northern tracks, all handled with a rawness that brings out the best of the artists in the set. Titles include "We'll Cry Together" by Marie Queenie Lyons, "Wish I Was Back" by Thomas Bailey, "Too Much Pain" by Eugene Evans, "Am I Wasting Your Time" by Robert Moore, "Back In Love Again" by The Patterson Twins, "Letter Full Of Tears" by Nancy Butts, "Lonely Man" by Eugene Evans, "Keep On Keepin On" by Cody Black, "My Darling Honey Baby" by Billy Soul, "Why Does A Woman Treat A Man So Bad" by Sam Baker, "Your Love Is Out Of Reach" by Jimmy Braswell, "All I Want Is You" by Lori & Lance, "Just Try A Little Harder" by Lord Thunder, and "Just Won't Move" by Thomas Bailey. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousLA's Silver Soul – Lee Silver's Symphonic Productions ... CD
Kent (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Dig harmony soul? Here's a treasure trove – great work from the LA scene of the late 60s and early 70s, remarkable in that the city's not nearly as well known for work in that genre as points on the east coast – often thought of as the real home of harmony soul! The set features 24 tracks all produced by Lee Silver – all from small label releases, and brought together for the first time in such rich quality. Male groups dominate the set, and most tunes are taken at a slightly swinging midtempo pace that sits somewhere between ballad soul and uptempo northern. Titles include "That's All Over Baby" and "Your Good Lovin" by The Jones Brothers, "Do Youself A Favor" and "Bent Out Of Shape" by The Themes, "Got No Reason" and "Coming Right Back" by 21st Century, "Forever Yours" and "Gonna Wait For You" by The Pentagons, "Reaching Higher" and "What Price" by Nathan Williams, "Save Your Love" by Soul Patrol, and "You Walked Away" by The Chesterfields. CD

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