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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Louis AndriessenWriting To Vermeer – Michel Ven Der Aa/Reinbert De Leeuw/Schonberg Ensemble/Asko Ensemble ... CD
Nonesuch, 2004. Used 2CD ... $9.99
(Out of print. Barcode has some marker. Includes original slipcase and book.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Michel CamiloTriangulo ... CD
Telarc, 2002. Used ... $3.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Michel Camilo & TomatitoSpain ... CD
Verve, 1999. Used ... $2.99
(Barcode has a cutout hole.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Michel Choquette, edSomeday Funnies (hardcover) ... Book
Abrams Comic Arts, 2011. New Copy ... $7.99 55.00
An amazing project, with amazing results – a set of separate comics all about the 60s – drawn by some of the hippest talents of both that generation, and the 70s as well! The project was begun many years ago by Michael Choquette – who contacted creators as diverse as William S Burroughs, Jack Kirby, Frank Zappa, Wally Wood, Pete Townshend, Walt Simonson, Denny O'Neil, Harvey Kurtzman, Tuli Kupferberg, Sergio Aragones, Kim Deitch, Will Eisner, Russ Heath, Archie Goodman, Harlan Ellison, and many others – all of whom combined in these really unique ways to create oversized comic strips that feel like they've fallen out of some weird hippie version of a Sunday comics section from the newspaper! The project features 169 different talents in all – with 129 different strips as a result – all presented here in full color, with the oversized feel of a newspaper – but in a lavish hardcover volume. Someday Funnies was unpublished in this full format for years, but finally gets its due – in this heavy book that runs for over 212 pages – complete with a great forward by Jeet Heer. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Michel ColombierLes Onze Mille Verges/Tarot ... CD
Music Box (France), 1973/1974. New Copy ... $14.99
A pair of wonderful soundtracks from the great Michel Colombier – and film music that's every bit as groovy as some of his backings for French singers at the time! First up is Les Onze Mille Verges – a great mix of the groovy and the romantic – and one of the best soundtracks ever from mad French arranger Michel Colombier! The album kicks off with Colombier's famous "Batucada Erotica" – a darkly jagged number that brings together percussion and voices into a really striking groove, one that's made the track a favorite for years in the jazz dance crowd. Other tracks move into a style that's either mellower or more orchestral – the mellower cuts dipping along with a style that's half French (ala Francis Lai's 70s work), and half like some of the best mellow Italian soundtrack work of the same period. A few tunes have weird chorus vocals – almost in a Carmina Burana mode – and titles include "Les 11,000 Verges", "Wanda E Nadege", "Batucada Erotica", "Natacha", "Port Arthur", and "Strip Tease Pour Un Japonais". Tarot is a soundtrack that has a slightly different style – some nice use of vocals by Nanette Workman on a few tunes – a singer who brings a bit more soul to the record than the usual throwaway disco lyrics you'd hear on other European film scores. Lots of other numbers make use of keyboards, but in a very different way – sometimes stark and cold, but still quite tuneful – sometimes bubbling with a more Rhodes-like vibe that creates a nice sense of balance. Titles include "Breakdown", "Blind Luck", "Tarot", "Incantation", "Reading The Cards", "Doggie Style", and "Hearing Aid". CD
(Limited edition of 500!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lol Coxhill & Michel DonedaSitting On Your Stairs ... CD
Emanem (UK), 2013. Used ... $9.99
Sublime soprano sax duets from the team of Lol Coxhill and Michel Doneda – both playing at a level that's almost more about sound overall than just notes and music – that great ear for textures and shapes that have made us love Coxhill's work since the 70s! The tracks are mostly long, and clearly improvised – very well-recorded live performances that really capture the subtle sounds and lower-end moments, then burst into bright colors when more tunefull passages appear. Doneda really echoes the inherent warmth of Coxhill's horn – and the set features four duets, plus a solo track each from Lol and Michel. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Georges Delerue/Michel ColombierL'Ain Des Ferchaux/Un Flic ... CD
Universal (France), 1963/1972. New Copy ... $13.99
A pair of soundtracks for films by Jean-Pierre Melville – back to back on a single CD! First up is L'Aine Des Ferchaux – scored by Georges Delerue with a strong sense of drama, maybe even more than you're used to expecting from a Melville film – although given the need for "American" tones in the music, the drama's perhaps well-placed! Delerue's already got that great ear for rich feeling with very subtle tones – and balances things out nicely with a more more restrained, more "adult" numbers. Titles include "Manhattan Deux Hommes", "A La Dimitri", "La Route", "Slow Du Desespoir", and "Maudet Et Ferchaux". Un Flic is more the Melville you might expect – an excellent crime film from the early 70s, scored by Michel Colombier with a great mix of jazz and moodier, mellower elements! The score begins with a sweet vocal track – "C'Est Ainsi Que Les Choses Arrivent", sung by Isabell Aubret – then moves through some beautifully blue tunes that are simply tremendous overall. Titles include "Un Monsieur Distingue", "Chez Luce", "Night Club Trois Heures Du Matin", "Chaussee D'Antin", and "Pre Hold-Up". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Michel DelpechPour Un Flirt/Le Ble En Herbe ... 7-inch
Barclay, 1971. Very Good- (pic cover)... $1.99
7-inch, Vinyl record
(German pressing. Sleeve has some wear.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Michel Graillier & Alain Jean MariePortrait In Black & White ... CD
Musidisc (France), 1991. Used ... $9.99
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Pierre Henry/Michel ColombierMesse Pour Le Temps Present ... CD
Philips (France), 1967. New Copy ... $16.99
Fantastic! This classic bit of funky electronic French stuff has been showing up in bits and pieces on various compilations over the past few years (most notably the cut "Psyche Rock", which has some sample history to it), but this is the full release of this amazing collaboration between electronic music pioneer Pierre Henry and Michel Colombier – a soundtrack for a full length ballet of groovy electronic pieces that sounds as fresh today as it did back in the late 60s! It's great all the way through, and many tracks have the same feel as the famous "Psyche Rock" – funky, chunky, and bristling with electric energy. Other tracks have a very spare electronic sound – there's odd bubbling sounds, cool funky beats, and some very groovy melodies. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Freddie Hubbard/James Newton/Michel PetruccianiBattlescar Galorica/Saint's Homecoming Song (edit)/Tenderly/Waltz New/Beautiful Love ... 12-inch
Blue Note, 1987. Near Mint- ... $4.99
12-inch, Vinyl record

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jean Michel JarreOxygene ... LP
Polydor, 1976. Very Good+ ... $4.99
France's huge contribution to the classic catalog of 70s synth records – proof that Germans weren't the only ones who could make huge-selling spacey albums! The record's strength is Jarre's slightly romantic approach to scoring, which creates some dreamy melodies that really help hold the extended suite of tracks together. Some tunes are spare, and others have a nice Kraftwerk-type beat! LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jack JonesJack Jones Sings Michel Legrand ... LP
RCA, 1971. Near Mint- ... $1.99
Proof that Jack Jones is a much better singer than you might think! Forget hits like "Love Boat" or "Wives And Lovers", and check out a record like this – a wonderfully dark batch of tracks composed by French soundtrack genius Michel Legrand, recorded in Paris with arrangements and backings by Legrand himself! The record is one of the few English language albums to truly get the vocal interpretation of Legrand's work right – and it's got a depth of expression that you'd never expect to hear from Jones, a complicated approach to the tunes that's actually not that distant from a singer like Scott Walker (no surprise, as Walker always claimed that Jones was one of his biggest influences!) Titles include "One At A Time", "The Years Of My Youth", "Pieces Of Dreams", "What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life", and "Blue Green Grey & Gone". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Francis Lai & Michel LegrandLes Uns Et Les Autres ... LP
RCA (France), Late 70s. Near Mint- 2LP ... $14.99
Two of the greatest French soundtrack composers ever – working side by side in this epic soundtrack for a late 70s film by Claude Lelouch! The story spans decades of French histories, and the style of the music follows suit – starting with early 20th Century danceband work, and moving into some later styles that approach the more familiar soundtrack modes of Lai and Legrand – especially on the more lush, more fluidly flowing numbers that dominate as the work moves on. There's a few vocals in the mix, but most of the tracks are instrumental – with instrumentation that includes keyboards, piano, clarinet, and strings. Titles include "Body & Soul Inc", "Serenade For Sarah", "Les Allemands A Paris", "Dad & Co", "Les Uns Et Les Autres", "Ballade Pour Ma Memoire", and "Ballet Apocalypse". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Michel LarueSongs Of The American Negro Slaves ... LP
Folkways, 1960. Very Good ... $9.99
LP, Vinyl record album
(Missing booklet.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Michel LegrandAfter The Rain ... LP
Pablo, 1982. Near Mint- ... $4.99
LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has some fraying on the opening.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Michel LeGrandLeGrand Jazz ... CD
Polygram, 1959. Used ... $2.99
A classic album – one that pairs the arranging talents of the great French composer Michel Legrand, with a host of American jazz players – including Miles Davis, Ben Webster, Milt Hinton, Donald Byrd, Hank Jones, and John Coltrane. The tracks are a beautiful blend of Legrand's best arranging styles from his soundtrack work, and they show his keen talent for setting up complicated orchestrations, then letting the soloist step forth into the spotlight with individual brilliance. The titles are mostly jazz standards, but they're done in a great way, with lots of twists and turns that keep things fresh. Titles include "Round Midnight", "Night In Tunisia", "Nuages", "In A Mist", and "Django". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Michel LegrandLes Demoiselles De Rochefort (Young Girls of Rochefort) ... CD
Philips/Universal (Japan), 1966. New Copy ... $13.99
One of our favorite soundtracks ever – a jazzy swinging ode to love found and love lost – all penned by the legendary Michel Legrand! The work was composed in collaboration with director Jacques Demy for his 1966 film of the same name – and, like the previous Demy/Legrand collaboration, Umbrellas Of Cherbourg, the movie's a story in song – one that has much of the dialogue presented as sung lyrics to the tunes. The mode takes off from a Hollywood musical style, and pushes the genre into territory that's much hipper, very French, and with a soaring approach that's filled with plenty of mod 60s jazz grooves. Legrand's genius has never sparkled so brightly – and his ability to interweave different themes, stories, and grooves is simply amazing! Titles include "Chanson Des Jumelles", "Chanson De Delphine", "Nous Voyageons De Ville En Ville", "Chanson D'Andy", "La Femme Coupee En Morceaux", and "Marins Amis Amants Ou Maris". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Michel LegrandMichel Legrand Chante – Les Moulins De Mon Coeur ... LP
Philips (France), Late 60s. Near Mint- 2LP ... $19.99
A wonderful collection of vocal work from the great Michel Legrand – an artist we love as much as a singer as we do a composer and arranger! The set fetaures backings directed by Legrand himself, plus Vladimir Cosma, Christian Chevallier, and Ivan Jullien – and the set features a total of 24 great tracks from the 60s! LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Michel LegrandThomas Crown Affair (with bonus tracks) ... CD
United Artists/Quartet (Spain), 1968. New Copy ... $22.99
One of the greatest soundtracks of the 60s – and a crowning moment of international fame for French composer Michel Legrand! Legrand already had plenty of records under his belt by the time he scored this great film – a heist movie with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway – and he brings all that experience to bear in his music here – with sounds that run from jazzy groovers to bossa instrumentals to a few vocal numbers that are completely sublime, and which show his music works equally well in English as it does in French! Noel Harrison sings the landmark "Windmills Of Your Mind", and Legrand himself sings on the killer "His Eyes Her Eyes" – both of which get instrumental versions as well – and other instrumental tracks include "The Chess Game", "Playing The Field", "The Boston Wrangler", "Doubting Thomas", "The Crowning Touch", and "Room Service". Plus, this CD features loads of unheard bonus tracks – and includes not just the 13 track album, but also 19 more titles from the original film score! CD
(Limited edition of 1000 copies.)
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Albert AylerSlug's Saloon ... CD
ESP, 1966. Used 2CD ... $8.99
The complete recordings from Albert Ayler's 1966 ESP set at Slugs Nightclub – located in his home turf of the East Village, a very fervent setting for avant jazz at the time! The material has a feel that's a lot like Ayler's studio recordings for ESP, but the tracks are longer overall, and feature a bit more interplay between the group members at times – individual solo space that's occasionally a bit more pronounced, running back into some tighter energies from the rest of the group. Ayler's blowing with a lineup that includes his brother Donald Ayler on trumpet, Lewis Worrell on bass, Michel Sampson on violin, and a very young Ronald Shannon Jackson on drums and percussion. This expanded version features better sound and more tracks than previous versions – plus a great cover image too! Titles include "Truth Is Marching On", "Bells", "Ghosts", "Initiation", and "Our Prayer". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Albert AylerStockholm/Berlin 1966 ... CD
Hatology (Switzerland), 1966. Used ... $14.99
Stunning live recordings from Albert Ayler's European tour of late 1966 – during a peak creative period for Ayler – while working with an incredible group! This excellent CD captures them in Stockholm for Swedish radio on November 10, 1966 – followed by an equally well documented set in Berlin from one week prior. The performances themselves are energetic throughout, and in turns elegiac, playful and all-out intense! It's awe-inspiring material with emotional depth – that facet enhanced a bit by the presence of a violin – by Dutch player Michel Samson, who is great here. Donald Ayler's trumpet communicates brilliantly with the violin and William Folwell's double bass. Beaver Harris holds it down on drums, while Ayler blazes away in the leader, taking the group into unpredictable movements. Greatness! Includes "Truth Is Marching In", "Omega (Is The Alpha)", "Our Prayer – Bells" and "Infinite Spirit – Japan" from Stockholm, juxtaposed with differing performances of those titles in Berlin, plus the riveting closer "Ghosts – Bells", also from Berlin. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Chet BakerMr B ... LP
Timeless (Holland), 1984. Very Good+ ... $14.99
A great overlooked session – with excellent piano from Michel Grallier! LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has some light wear.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Brigitte BardotBrigitte Bardot Show ... CD
Universal/AZ (France), 1968. Used ... $8.99
One of the greatest Brigitte Bardot albums you could ever buy – some of the grooviest, sexiest work the famous French actress ever cut! The album's overflowing with excellent original material written by Bardot by Serge Gainsbourg and Francis Lai – two of our favorite French composers of the 60s, and both a very good choice to work with Brigitte! Bardot sings in a sexy, whispery style that's a bit like Jane Birkin, but somewhat different too – and the arrangements are by Michel Colombier, Paul Pio, and Christian Gaubert – three talents who definitely keep things groovy. There's a few instrumentals mixed in with the vocal tracks – but that's totally fine with us, because they're all pretty great – and there's plenty of moments with a nice groove and a bit of funk. Titles include "Harley Davidson", "Ay Que Viva La Sangria", "Gang Gang", "David B", "Mister Sun", "Paris", "On Demenage", and "Contact" – plus the excellent "Marseillaise Generique" instrumental – used to great effect in Austin Powers! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Gilbert BecaudGilbert Becaud (1976) ... LP
EMI (France), 1976. Very Good+ Gatefold ... $5.99
Features backings by Christian Chevallier, Herve Roy, Philippe Becaud, and Michel Bernhole. LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a small mark from a sticker in one corner.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Benjamin Biolay & OthersClara Et Moi ... CD
EMI (France), 2004. Used ... $4.99
A beautiful little CD that displays the full range of talents of Benjamin Biolay – one of our favorite new French singers and producers since the 70s! Biolay's got a classic sound that takes us back to the best of Serge Gainsbourg, Jane Birkin, and Michel Polnareff – and his music for this film includes a variety of modes – including mellow instrumental, slightly funky downtempo, and some stunning vocal work – sung by Biolay, and other artists that include Michel Aumont, Keren Ann, Julie Gayet, and Louise Alenius. Biolay produced the whole set, and titles include "Eden Luxembourg", "The Word", "Selfish Boy Rhapsody", "Moi Rien", "Clara", "Nuage Noir", "L'Odeon", "Toi Rien", and "L'Egoiste". CD
(This is a copy protected CD.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Miles DavisMiles Davis At Newport – 1955-1975 – The Bootleg Series Vol 4 (4CD box set) ... CD
Legacy, Mid 50s/1960s/Mid 70s. New Copy 4CD ... $43.99 49.98
Not just Miles Davis live at Newport – but Miles at Newport over the course of 20 years, in the space of eight different live performances – almost all of which are previously unreleased! Apart from the 1958 and 1969 Newport material here, most of the 4CD set features all-new, all-great vintage Miles material – with Newport performances from 1955, 1958, 1966, 1967, 1969, 1971, 1973, and 1975 – the last three of which are Newport festivals in Europe and New York. And these aren't just random tracks, but full sets, too – even with some announcements at the start or end – and players include Gerry Mulligan and Zoot Sims for the 1955 concert; John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley, and Bill Evans in 1958; Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Ron Carter, and Tony Williams for 1966 and 1967; Jack DeJohnette, Dave Holland, and Chick Corea in 1969; a big electric group with Keith Jarrett, Gary Bartz, Michel Henderson, and Mtume in 1971; and Pete Cosey, Davie Liebman, Reggie Lucas, and Mtume for the 1973 and 1975 shows. A huge amount of material – 4 CDs in a great package, with detailed notes, too! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Klaus DoldingerConstellation ... CD
Atlantic/Wounded Bird, 1983. Used ... $2.99
A constellation of spacey sounds from Klaus Doldinger – who's working here without his famous Passport group, in a solo set of all-electronic music! The approach is a bit like that of Jean-Michel Jarre at the time – a refinement of earlier electronic modes from the 70s, pushing things into more tune-based territory, even when spacey – yet still quite far from the quieter sounds of the new age generation. Doldinger mixes rhythmic programming with freer synth lines – in ways that live up to the evocative titles like "Skyscape", "Dreamer's Tale", "Timesignature", and the 5-part "Constellation". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
El Michels AffairDetroit Twice/Too Late To Turn Back ... 7-inch
Truth & Soul, 2004. New Copy (reissue)... $5.99
Funky Daptone – back firmly in business! This sweet little single from the El Michel's Affair is a real cooker – grooving hard on "Detroit Twice", a sinister bit of funk with a syncopated groove, some great snapping drums, and a warm Latinized horn blast over the top! The tune is really super-dope – like some rough take on a blacksploitation groove – and it's backed here by the equally nice "Too Late To Turn Back", another slow funky number with great horns, and even better guitar! When's the album coming guys? 7-inch, Vinyl record
(Originally on Daptone – reissued by the mighty Truth & Soul!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
French ToastFrench Toast ... CD
Electric Bird/King (Japan), 1984. New Copy ... $12.99
A lesser-known fusion set recorded for the Japanese Electric Bird label – but one that features great contributions from a host of American players – including Lew Soloff on trumpet, Jerry Dodgion on alto, and Peter Gordon on French horn – as well as Michel Camilo on piano! Calmilo did the arrangements with Gordon and Dodgion, and the overall vibe is more acoustic than usual efforts of this type from the label – especially given that there's a fair bit of extra percussion used alongside the drums, which brings in some occasional Latin touches. Titles include "Joe Cool", "Why Not", "Ion You", "BA Express", "Calentando Man", and "Butter". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lee GagnonJazzzzz ... LP
Barclay (Canada), Late 60s. Very Good- ... $24.99
One of the hippest albums ever from this Canadian reedman – with compositions and trumpet from Ron Proby, and a quintet lineup that includes Sonny Greenwich on guitar and Michel Donato on bass! All tracks are nice and long – and titles include "Ode To The Ode", "Gene Structure Ramble", "Rybo-Nucleic Rhumba", and "Skin Dance". LP, Vinyl record album
(Mono pressing. Cover has taped seams, adhesive remnants on front, and some pen on back. Labels have pen and marker.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Serge Gainsbourg/Jean-Claude VannierCannabis/Ce Sacre Grand Pere ... CD
Universal (France), 1970. New Copy ... $13.99
2 incredible soundtracks from Serge Gainsbourg – both of them from his best period of work! Cannabis is a tremendously funky set of tunes – and some real standout soundtrack material from the legendary Serge Gainsbourg! Serge is working here with some great help from Jean-Claude Vannier – the guiding force behind Melody Nelson – and Vannier brings some great grooves to the record, really going for those sexy riffs and breaks that make us love Gainsbourg's music so much! There's a bit of vocals, but the main focus is on the instrumentation – which shifts nicely from track to track, taking the themes in some very nice directions – all of them definitely up to the sexy standard of Serge. The score to Ce Sacre Grand Pere is included here as bonus work – and features tracks written by both Serge and Michel Colombier. The overall feel is more orchestral and traditionally soundtrack-styled, but there are a few really sly funky tracks that offer up Serge at his sexy best! The set's got 21 tracks in all, and titles include "Cannabis", "Jane Dans La Nuit", "Danger", "Avant De Mourir", "Cannabis-bis", "Piege", "I Want To Feel Crazy", "Le Deuxieme Homme", "Champetre Et Pop 1", "Nous Les Jericho", and "L'Herbe Tendre". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lani HallSweet Bird ... LP
A&M, 1976. Very Good+ ... $1.99
Sweet grooving from Lani Hall – a record that's a long way from her roots in Brasil 66, but which has some surprisingly nice touches at times! Herb Alpert produced – and handled arrangements along with Lani and Michel Colombier – and it may well be Colombier's highly rhythmic approach to larger backings that makes the best parts of the album so nice – because some unexpected moments bounce along with a very slight funky undercurrent, offsetting Lani's sometimes overdone vocals with leaner modes that push things past the clutter. Titles include a nicely grooving version of "Send In The Clowns", plus "Early Mornin Strangers", "Mr Blue", "Too Many Mornings", "Sweet Bird", "Dolphins Lullaby", and "At The Ballet". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes the printed inner sleeve.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
HeldonAllez Teia (with download) ... LP
Superior Viaduct, 1975. New Copy Gatefold (reissue)... $19.99
Moody French prog from Heldon – the rare Allez Teila LP from 1975 – a trippy blend of guitars, mellotron, ARP and VCS 3 synth and tape effects – used to mind-altering effect! The synths are especially hypnotic, but the guitars are quite prominent, too. Very cool stuff, influenced by, and living up to material by giants such as Eno, Fripp & Wyatt. Titles include "In The Wake Of King Fripp", "Aphanisis", "Omar Diop Blondin", "Moebius", The 2 part "Fluence", "St Mikael Samstag Am Abends" and "Michel Ettori". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes download.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Thelma HoustonDevil In Me ... CD
Motown (Japan), 1977. New Copy ... $13.99
Thelma's one of those singers who must have been waiting years for disco to come around and help her find a reason to sing! Her career was slightly ill-timed in the beginning, coming along with a baroque soul beginning that was great, yet somewhat out of place in the early 70s. But enter a record like this – which takes Thelma's beautiful voice and fills it up with strings and disco rhythms – and you've got a well-done set that suddenly makes her whole sound make sense! Arrangements are surprisingly great, and relatively cliche-free on the best numbers – handled by Kim Richmond, James Carmichael, Greg Wright, and Michel Rubini. Titles include "I'm Here Again", "Triflin", "I've Got The Devil In Me", "Give Me Something To Believe In", "Memories", "Your Eyes", and "I Can't Go On Living Without Your Love". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Dick HymanFantomfingers ... LP
Project 3, 1971. Very Good+ Gatefold ... $18.99
Pretty darn groovy stuff from Dick Hyman, and a record that has him getting some great tones out of the Baldwin organ! In fact, he seems to use his experience with the moog to find new ways of playing the organ, so that some of the tones and sounds have more of a moogy feel than you'd expect. The set includes a nice funky version of Ray Charles' "Booty Butt", a jazzy taken on "Put Your Hand In the Hand", Michel Legrand's "The Summer Knows", Hyman's own extended "Fantomfingers", and the cut "A Mama & A Papa", which has a loping bassline that might make a nice sample! LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a few blemishes on the glossy finish.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Francois JeanneauTechniques Douces ... LP
Owl (France), 1976. Near Mint- ... $9.99
Free-flowing and angular reed work from Francois Jeanneau – a fair bit more soulful than you might guess from the "techniques" in the title! The setting is relaxed and almost informal, but moves along with that subtle sense of groove that often marked the best Owl Records sessions from years back – a rhythmic approach that comes from the flowing piano of Michel Graillier, the punctuated bass of JF Jenny-Clark, and the tight drum work of Aldo Romano. Jeanneau's out sometimes, but mostly just fluidly exploratory – a bit post-Coltrane, but with more space between the notes at times. Titles include "En Marge", "Autrefois Les Baleines", "Heliodanse", "Le Lynx", and "Techniques Douces". LP, Vinyl record album
(US pressing on Inner City.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Christiane LegrandElle Et Ils – La Belle Voix Comme Un Bijou ... CD
Barclay (Japan), Early 60s. Used ... $16.99
Very groovy stuff from the great Christiane Legrand – a fantastic French singer who's the sister of Michel Legrand, and a key part of the Les Double Six! This long-overdue set collects tracks from Christiane's rare early 60s eps for Barclay in France – 16 groovy tracks that have a hip jazz vocal sound, and a swinging groove that will send you straight to the left bank! Titles include "Cha Cha Du Coeur", "Elle Et Il", "Ca N'en Finit Pas", "La Joie D'Aimer", "Les Citrons De Tel-Aviv", "A La Colette", and "Bras Dessus, Bras Dessous". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Christiane LegrandOf Smiles And Tears ... CD
Philips/Universal (Japan), 1972. New Copy ... $13.99
Brazilian rhythms meet French pop – all in an incredible album from the lovely Christiane Legrand! Christiane's probably best known for her work in the Swingle Singers – or for being the sister of the famous Michel Legrand, who she helped on a few soundtracks – but she sounds especially wonderful here, in a set of early 70s tracks based around the compositions of Marcos Valle, Milton Nascimento, Baden Powell, and other Brazilian artists! The music here is really the best blend of all elements involved – some of the lighter jazziness you might expect from a score penned by brother Michel, a few of the more ambitious touches from baroque Brazilian pop, and the sweetly soaring vocals that you'll recognize from Christiane's work in her famous group. MPB interpreted by Parisians always has a special quality – and we'd rank this one right up there with similar Brazilian experiments of the 70s by Claude Nougaro or Pierre Barouh! Titles include "Rome (Children's Games)", "La Riziere (Cancao Do Sol)", "Catavento", "Vai (Canto De Ossanha)", "Cent Mille Poissons Dans Ton Filet (O Cafona)", "Avec Des Je Avec Des Ja (Voce E Eu)", and "Deux Camarades (Morro Velo)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Henry ManciniBig Screen Little Screen/A Concert Of Film Music ... CD
RCA/Vocalion (UK), 1972/1976. New Copy ... $16.99
A pair of lesser-known 70s albums from maestro Henry Mancini – back to back on a single CD! On Big Screen Little Screen, Henry Mancini balances things out between the big screen of the cinema and the little screen of the TV – both showcases for his famous work over the years! Many of the numbers here aren't Mancini originals, but hits of the day, redone by Hank in a variety of modes – some a bit funky, others somewhat mellow and lush – making for a bit more of a range than usual for a Mancini record of this vintage. Solos include nice work on organ by both Larry Knechtel and Clare Fischer, plus trumpet by Jack Sheldon and tenor from Jerome Richardson – and titles include "Theme From Nicholas & Alexandra", "All His Children", "The Summer Knows", "Life Is What You Make It", "Theme From Shaft", "them From Cade's County", "Johnny's Theme", "Those Were The Days", "Mystery Movie Theme", and "The Ironside Theme". On A Concert Of Film Music, Mancini hits these more lush, more sophisticated charts with a larger orchestra – delivering really respectful variations on famous themes that come in a few different "suites". The album features a section of Nino Rota compositions, another French Collection with music by Michel Legrand and Francis Lai, and a Disaster Movie Suite, with tracks from Earthquake and The Towering Inferno! Titles include "A Man & A Woman", "Love Theme From Amarcord", "Drink More Milk", "Love Story", "Summer Of 42", "The Lovers", "Actic Whale Hunt", and "Jaws". CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Gato BarbieriIn Search Of The Mystery ... CD
ESP, 1967. Used ... $7.99
One of the first albums ever cut as a leader by reedman Gato Barbieri – and a very sharp-edged session that's quite different than his better-known work in the 70s! Barbieri's tenor here has an incredible tone – as deeply soulful as Pharoah Sanders or late John Coltrane, and blown with a great sense of freedom – really stretching out on the album's long tracks. Gato never lets himself get too unfocused, though – and the album's an illustration of a side of his talents that was perhaps only shown this well on his recordings with Don Cherry. Players include Calo Scott on cello, Sirone on bass, and Bobby Kapp on drums – and the album's got a vibe that easily matches other ESP sets from the time by Charles Tyler or Sonny Simmons. Titles include "In Search Of The Mystery", "Obsession No 2", "Michelle", and "Cinematheque". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
BerliozLes Troyens – Ben Heppner/Michelle DeYoung/Petra Lang/Sara Mingardo/Colin Davis/London Symphony Orchestra & Chorus (4CD set) ... CD
London Symphony Orchestra, 2000. Used 4CD ... $4.99
(BMG Direct pressing.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Edwin BirdsongSuper Natural ... LP
Polydor, 1973. Near Mint- ... $38.99
A fantastic record – one of Birdsong's rare early ones, with a messed-up approach to funk that he rarely matched again! The album was cut at the time Birdsong was working with Roy Ayers – but it was produced by Birdsong himself, and he also handled all the keyboards on the set. The group's a stripped-down combo, without the slicker sound of some of his later work – and there's a fuzzy funk approach to most of the best tracks, with lots of guitar and bass. Titles include "If I Ever", "Any Color", "Rising Sign (Funky)", "Flow Through My Heart", "Turn Around Hate (Communicate)", "I Love You Michelle", "Tune From Callicoon", and "Last Exit Before The Toll". LP, Vinyl record album
(Original pressing. Cover has a cut corner, a promo sticker, and another small sticker.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Boogie KingsBoogie Kings – Blue Eyed Soul ... LP
Montel Michelle, Mid 60s. Very Good- ... $11.99
A tight mix of rock and soul from The Boogie Kings – issued on a small Louisiana label! Includes their "Philly Walk" single too. LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has light wear and some tape on the edges.)

Partial matches69
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
BreakestraDusk Til Dawn ... CD
Strut, 2009. Used ... $7.99
Killer work from leading lights of the neo classic funk scene – the mighty Breakestra – their debut for Strut Records and some of the best work they've ever done! Music Man Miles & the crew knock us out each time, and the 4 years between the stellar Hit The Floor LP and this one was worth the wait. The funky undercurrent is the common connective tissue, with deep soul sounds in the mix, too, with multi instrumentalist Miles on lead vocals on a number of tunes, Mix Master Wolf doing his thing on others, plus guests Afrodyte, Chali 2na and the late DJ Dusk – and some tight instrumentals. They run the gamut from stripped down JBs style feverishness, to gritty jazz funk, Latin percussion, and beyond. Breakestra helped kick start the underground funk scene back in the late 90s, and they're as strong as ever a decade later! Titles include "Need A Little Love", "Dark Clouds Rain Soul", "Come On Over" feat Afrodyete, "Back At The Boathouse", "Get It Right", "Show You The Way", "Me & Michelle". "Posed To Be" feat Chali 2na, Mixmaster Wolf & DJ Dusk, "Joyful Noise", "Lowdown Stank", "Set The Sun" and more. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Clifford BrownClifford Brown Quartet In Paris ... CD
Prestige/OJC, 1953. Used ... $15.99
Hard to get work by Clifford Brown – 1953 recordings originally done in Europe for the Vogue label! Brown's working here in front of a Parisian trio that features Henri Renaud, Pierre Michelot, and Benny Bennett. There's 12 tracks in all, with multiple takes of "I Can Dream, Can't I?", "The Song Is You", "You're A Lucky Guy" and "Come Rain Or Come Shine" plus "It might As Well Be Spring" and "Blue & Brown". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Miles DavisAscenseur Pour L'Echafaud (expanded edition) ... CD
Fontana, 1958. Used ... $7.99
One of our favorite-ever Miles Davis albums – even if it is a soundtrack that he recorded in France! The CD issue of this material features a whopping 20 minutes of extra material, for a total of 26 moody jazz tracks that were originally recorded for the French film Ascenseur Pour L'Echafaud (Elevator To The Gallows). Miles recorded this material during late-night post-gig sessions with a great group that includes French players Barney Wilen, Rene Urtreger, and Pierre Michelot, plus American ex-patriot Kenny Clarke. Wilen's playing is fantastic, and it's great to hear him and Miles together on the score's spooky meandering passages. Titles include "Nuit Sur Les Champs-Elysees", "Assassinat", "Le Petit Bal", and "Au Bar Du Petit Bac". Great stuff, and one of the best jazz soundtracks ever! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Miles DavisEuropean Tour '56 With The Modern Jazz Quartet & Lester Young ... CD
Definitive (Spain), 1955/1956/1957. Used ... $8.99
An assortment of great live work from Miles Davis mid-50s years – some of it with especially noteworthy guest stars and unusual lineups! The first 2 long tracks on the set have Davis working with Lester Young on tenor and rhythm by the Modern Jazz Quartet – in a style that really lets Young stretch out on the openings of both tracks, sounding as beautiful here as on any of his best studio sides from the time! Another 5 tracks feature Davis with European rhythm by Rene Utreger piano, Pierre Michelot bass, and Christian Garros drums – with a bit of tenor again from Young, but mostly in a format that's dominated by Davis' trumpet. 4 more tracks are pulled from a 1955 performance at the Newport Jazz Festival – and feature a group with Davis on trumpet, Zoot Sims on tenor, Gerry Mulligan on baritone, and Thelonious Monk on piano. Last up are 2 more tracks from a 1957 date at Birdland with Bobby Jaspar and Tommy Flanagan – making for a total of 14 tracks that include "How High The Moon", "What's New", "Tune Up", "Four", "Walkin", "Lady Be Good", "Hackensack", "Now's The Time", "All Of You", and "Round Midnight". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Miles Davis with Barney WilenAmsterdam Concert ... CD
In Crowd (Spain), 1957. Used ... $9.99
A lost Miles Davis concert – recorded in 1957, with many of the same players he used for his classic soundtrack to the French film Ascenseur Pour L'Echafaud! The group's a quintet with French players Barney Wilen on tenor, Rene Utreger on piano, and Pierre Michelot on bass – grooving with help from Kenny Clarke on drums – and tracks are longish and include many late 50s jazz standards – like "Bag's Groove", "Four", "Walkin", "Round Midnight", and "Lady Bird". Barney Wilen's young tone is razor sharp at this point – and makes for a great counterpoint to the sweeter horn of Miles, coming together with the same magic they shared in their wonderful soundtrack work together. There's a bit of crackle in the recording quality, but the concert's well worth seeking out! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
DeliusFennimore & Gerda – Cameron/Michelow/Worthley/Sinclair/Robinson/BBC Symphony (2LP box) ... LP
1962. Sealed ... $7.99
LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Dokkerman & The Turkeying FellazIllegal Move ... CD
Tramp (Germany), 2015. New Copy ... $12.99
A modern funk melting pot from Hungary! Group leader Tamas "Dokkerman" Michelberger is on keyboards, leading a great 9 piece group strongly rooted in gritty 70s funk – heavy drums and fierce bass grooves, and horns that show some love to JBs style funky soul as well as strains of African styled funk, and that extends to the guitars, too – but they're not all dismissive of their richly diverse European heritage. That all makes it sound like there might be too many ingredients, but that's not the case all – the gritty funk at the core holds it together nicely! Strong modern funk on Tramp, which continues to be strong source for both rare vintage and contemporary grooves! Includes "Vigyazz, Kesz, Ot", "Illegal Move", "Plan B", "Beast Chase", "Antilope", "Mango Season", "La Casa En Llamas", "Once", "Snake Bite" and "Tinigondok". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
El Michels AffairSounding Out The City ... CD
Truth & Soul, 2005. Used ... $4.99
Easily one of the greatest new funk records of the 21st Century – and a set that goes way beyond some of the cliches that are currently gripping others in the deep funk underground! El Michels Affair have a cool, easygoing style to their music – one that's as much 70s jazz as it is 60s funk – and which makes for tunes that have a looser structure overall, which allows much more room for instrumental interplay, and the kind of sweet surprises that make the album so great! These guys have a real penchant for an unusual rhythm and interesting instrumental flair – and they borrow as much from 70s soundtracks and Latin albums as they do from the funky 45 era that clearly gave them their start. Totally fresh all the way through, and a record that delights us a lot more than we might have expected! Titles include "Detroit Twice", "El Pueblo Unido", "Behind The Blue Curtains", "Ocho Rios", "Hung Up On My Baby", "This Song's For You", and "Slide Show". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Roy EldridgeMany Faces Of Jazz Vol 9 ... LP
Vogue (France), 1950. Near Mint- ... $13.99
There's nothing little about the talents of Roy Eldridge on the trumpet – as you'll hear in this hip set of tracks from the start of the 50s – material recorded in Paris with help from some great American sidemen! Half the tracks feature Roy's trumpet in a quintet with Zoot Sims on tenor, Dick Hyman on piano, Pierre Michelot on bass, and Ed Shaughnessy on drums – grooving in the relaxed, swing-based style that you'd expect from Eldridge's 50s work on Verve. Roy sings just a bit on the set – scatting alongside the lead vocals from Anita Love on a version of "It Don't Mean A Thing" – and singing a duet with Anita on the R&B-ish "There Ain't No Flies On Me". Other tracks include "Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams", "The Man I Love", "Wild Driver", "Easter Parade", and "Just Fooling". LP, Vinyl record album
(Japanese pressing – even nicer vinyl and cover than the original French version!)

Partial matches78
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lee FieldsEmma Jean – Instrumentals ... LP
Truth & Soul, 2014. New Copy ... $13.99
Instrumental versions of all the tracks from Lee Fields' Emma Jean album – served up at a level that really lets us hear how great the music is! Leon Michels is at the helm on keyboards, guitar, and even some sax and flute – and the overall vibe has a mix of deep soul and richer ideas that's similar to his tribute to Isaac Hayes a few years back, but maybe a bit rootsier overall! There's kind of a warm glow to the whole thing that recalls 70s Hi Records at its best – almost a Willie Mitchell sort of feel – and titles include "Stone Angel", "Magnolia", "Paralyzed", "Eye To Eye", "In The Woods", "All I Need", "It Still Gets Me Down", and "Talk To Somebody". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Dexter Gordon & Herbie HancockRound Midnight – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ... LP
Columbia, 1986. Very Good+ ... $4.99
Lots of small combo work with Herbie on piano, Dex on tenor, Pierre Michelot or Ron Carter on bass, and Tony Williams or Billy Higgins on drums. Titles include "Still Time", "Minuit Aux Champs Elysees", "Chan's Song", "Fair Weather", "The Peacocks", and "Body & Soul". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has light wear.)

Partial matches80
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Stephane GrappelliJazz In Paris – Improvisations ... CD
Universal (France), 1956. Used ... $2.99
Not as freely improvised as you might think – but a nice set from the mid 50s, issued here with bonus unreleased tracks, and one that features Grappelli as the lead soloist in a quartet with Maurice Vander on piano and harpsichord, Pierre Michelot on bass, and Baptiste Reilles on drums. Tracks include "Dans La Vie", "If I Had You", "Body & Soul", "Fascinatin Rhythm", "Time After Time", "Slow En Re Majeur", and "Someone To Watch Over Me". CD
(Out of print. Booklet is missing.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Corky HaleCorky Hale ... CD
Croydon Municipal/Cherry Red (UK), 1957. Used ... $7.99
An enigmatic set from Corky Hale – a west coast lass who plays flute, piano, and harp – and works here in the company of a small combo with Buddy Collette on flute and tenor, Larry Bunker on vibes, Howard Roberts on guitar, Red Michell on bass, and Chico Hamilton on drums! Tracks include – "What Is There To Say", "But Not For Me", "I Can't Get Started", "Somebody Loves Me", "Soon", and "Taking A Chance On Love". CD

Partial matches82
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Ikebe ShakedownStone By Stone ... CD
Ubiquity, 2014. New Copy ... $12.99 16.98
A really great second album from Ikebe Shakedown – easily the group's best work so far, and a real cut above the usual Afro-styled groove! These guys have a great way of laying back in their rhythms – still keeping things funky, but nicely paced too – so that there's a fresh feel to the way they layer together their horns and percussion, and let the keyboards nicely simmer away in the groove! The style's a bit like what El Michels did to more conventional funk groups – with the same sort of super-dope results – and the whole thing was recorded perfectly at the Daptone Studios, with a massively old school sort of vibe. The whole thing's instrumental, and titles include "The Beast", "Rio Grande", "The Offering", "Stone By Stone", "Last Stand", "Dram", "Chosen Path", and "Cover Your Tracks". CD

Partial matches83
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Inner Space (Can)Agilok & Blubbo (red vinyl) ... LP
Wah Wah (Spain), 1968. New Copy Gatefold ... $28.99
A madly trippy soundtrack, played by a pre-Can lineup that includes Irmin Schmidt on vocals and guitar, Holger Czukay on bass, and Jacki Liebezeit on drums! The tunes here are hardly what you might expect from a conventional 60s film score – and really rock out with the same sort of quality you'd find in the best early work from Can – very sonically sensitive, filled with unusual textures and tones that go far from conventional rockish instrumentation – even on some of the album's shorter tracks! There's a psyche aspect to the recording, but one that's never overindulgent at all – possibly because of the length of the tunes – and the material's getting its first-ever appearance here. Titles include "Mama Mama", "Michele Ist Da", "Agilok & Blubbo", "Dialog Zwischen Birken", "Der Letzte Brief", "Probleme", "Flop Pop", and "Apolkalypse". LP, Vinyl record album

Partial matches84
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
LadyLady – Instrumentals ... LP
Truth & Soul, 2013. New Copy ... $9.99
Sweet instrumentals pulled from the excellent Lady vocal debut – a set that doesn't feature the female singers at all, and instead just has this great El Michels kind of groove! The sound is no surprise, given that Leon Michels produced and also plays heavily on the record – with a group who seem to hit this perfect vibe that makes the tunes work well even without the lyrics – almost like some slow-burning Memphis instrumentals from the Hi Records vaults, but a bit funkier overall too! There seem to be some new instrumental passages taking the place of the vocals – which is great – and titles include "Tell The Truth", "Get Ready", "Karma", "Hold On", "Money", "If You Wanna Be My Man", and "Waiting On You". LP, Vinyl record album

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