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Lee HazlewoodThese Boots Are Made For Walkin' – The Complete MGM Recordings ... CD
Ace (UK), 1960s. New Copy 2 CDs ... $13.99 19.99
Genius, pure genius! (Have we said that about Lee too many times before?) The work of Lee Hazlewood is beyond description – a bit of vocals, a bit of country, a bit of lounge, and a bit of rock – all wrapped up with a sinister edge that has you believing that this was the man who used to refer to his frequent musical partner as "Nasty" Sinatra over the headphones during recording sessions! The set features 35 tracks from Lee's obscure years at MGM records – wonderful vocal tunes that rank with some of his best ever, plus a few weird instrumentals, recorded by Lee Hazlewood's Woodchucks. Insanely wonderful stuff – records that we come back to again and again and again over the years – finally presented in their entirety, with a great set of notes on the music! Tracks include "Hands", "Mannford Oklahoma", "This Town", "Sand", "Child", "Little War", "Fort Worth", "Summer Wine", "I Move Around", "After Six", "Batman", "Summer Nights", "Suzi Jane Is Back In Town", "In Our Time", "When A Fool Loves A Fool", and "So Long Babe". CD

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Sandy PoseySingle Girl – The Very Best Of The MGM Recordings ... CD
RPM (UK), Mid 60s. New Copy ... $14.99
A great set of tracks by this lost 60s female singer – a lovely-voiced southern US singer who recorded mostly at Chips Moman's Memphis-based American Studios during the late 60s! Sandy works in a style that's part 60s girl pop, part country – with strong production on the vocals, and lots of nice instrumental elements like floating piano and pillowy strings, both of which make Sandy's voice sound even sweeter and sadder. Titles include "Sunglasses", "Come Softly To Me", "The Boy I Love", "Just Out Of Reach", "Born A Woman", "Single Girl", "What A Woman In Love Won't Do", and "Shattered". 23 tracks – and some great notes! CD

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VariousBachelor In Paradise – Cocktail Classics From MGM Films ... CD
Rhino/Turner Classic, 1950s/1960s. Used ... $7.99
... CD
(Out of print.)

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VariousMGM Rockabilly Collection Vol 1 ... CD
MGM/Big Tone, 1956. Used ... $9.99
Includes tracks by Andy Starr, Buck Griffin, Bob Gallion, Carson Robison, Conway Twitty, Ron Hargrove, Marvin Rainwater, Jimmy Swan, Bernie Early, and Cecil Campbell. CD
(Out of print.)

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VariousThat'll Flat Git It! Vol 7 – Rockabilly From The Vaults Of MGM Records ... CD
Bear Family (Germany), Late 50s. Used ... $8.99
Includes tracks by Rusty Wellington, Bob Gallion, Conway Twitty, Cecil Campbell, Andy Starr, Ron Hargrave, Jimmy Swan, Paul Davis, The Berry Kids, and Marvin Rainwater. CD
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Elmer BernsteinGreat Escape – Deluxe Edition ... CD
MGM/Varese, 1963. Used 2 CDs ... $11.99
Nice tune! The groovy main theme to this one far outlived the film, and showed up all over the place in the 60s – on instrumental theme records, TV spoofs, and other oddball sources. The rest of the score's pretty great, too – and features some compelling orchestrations by Bernstein, who's working at his hardest here to top him work on the Bridge On The River Kwai. Some tracks reprise the theme, and others have more of a dramatic sound. Titles include "On The Road", "Cooler & Mole", "Blythe", "Discovery", "Premature Plans", and "The Chase". CD
(Out of print. Limited edition of 3000.)

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Elmer BernsteinScalphunters ... CD
MGM/Varese, 1968. Used ... $11.99
... CD
(Out of print.)

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Eric Burdon & The AnimalsEvery One Of Us ... CD
MGM/BGO (UK), 1968. New Copy ... $9.99
Another gem from The Animals' overlooked late 60s years on MGM – a time when the group were easily making some of the most inventive music on the label! The styles here are even wider than before – definitely an attempt to showcase "every one of us" that made up the group – in a blend of spacey sounds, gentle folksy moments, and some of the rougher tones of previous MGM records. Many titles were written only by Burdon – a bit of a change from before – and showcase an increased use of acoustic guitar alongside his bleak vocals. Titles include "The Immigrant Lad", "Year Of The Guru", "Serenade To A Sweet Lady", "White Houses", "New York 1963/America 1968", and "Uppers & Downers". CD

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ElfTrying To Burn The Sun ... CD
MGM/Purple (UK), 1975. New Copy ... $11.99
One of the best in the early 70s run of Ronnie James Dio's pre-Rainbow rockers Elf! Trying To Burn The Sun is certainly a formative effort, not only for Dio as a roaring vocalist, but for the evolving sound of 70s hard rock in general – part of the bedrock bridging the gap from hard charging boogie rock to the heavier sounds to come – but it's a really fun rock record at face value, too. Dio is just now hitting full sail as a signature vocal stylist, belting it out in a way that's pretty close in sound and style to his metal years to come, but the music behind him has more of a southern boogie-inspired swagger, thanks in large part to Mickey Lee Soule's piano. Titles include "Black Swampy Water", "Prentice Wood", "When She Smiles", "Good Time Music", "Wonderworld", "Streetwalker" and more. CD

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Bill EvansFrom Left To Right (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Verve/MGM, 1970. Used ... $6.99
One of our favorite albums ever from Bill Evans – an amazing session of Fender Rhodes material that's quite different than most of his other work! The sound here is incredibly gentle – Bill barely hitting the keys of the Rhodes to send out spare, shimmering notes amidst larger arrangements from Michael Leonard – a talent we hardly know at all, but who fits Evans' piano with a great deal of sensitivity for the set. There's some wonderful tones and colors on each number here – and Eddie Gomez also helps to flesh out the sound a little bit with his basswork, providing those slow pulses of low tones that have a very subtle approach to rhythm. Titles include an amazing version of Luiz Eca's classic "The Dolphin" – plus "Soiree", "What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?", "Children's Play Song", "I'm All Smiles", and "Lullaby For Helene". CD features 4 bonus tracks too – alternate takes on titles in the album. CD

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Jerry FieldingChato's Land – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ... CD
MGM/Intrada, 1972. Used ... $24.99
... CD
(Out of print.)

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✨✧ Dominic FrontiereHang Em High/The Aviator ... CD
MGM/La La Land, 1968/1970/1985. Used ... $14.99
A Dominic Frontiere spectacular – two full soundtracks, and some bonus bits as well! First up is Hang Em High – one of the more famous western soundtracks of the late 60s – a set with a great theme that's well known by many – blended here with some other great spaghetti western elements and a bit more Hollywood drama! The "Hang Em High" theme has some nice twangy guitar touches backed with horns – and it's featured a few times on the album – and other tracks have a sparer, starker sort of dramatic feel, with strings emphasizing the mood in sweeps and swelling passages that are mighty nice. Titles include "Rachel", "Tumbleweed Wagon", "Bordello", and "They Took Me". The Aviator is a mid 80s film that's scored by Frontiere in a mix of modes – some lofty orchestral pieces that are positively airborne in their sound and structure, with a great sense of American pride and drama – and a few more period pieces to set the scene for the 1920s narrative. Titles include "Rabbit Hunt", "The Wolf Pack", "Saw The Fire", "Real Prize", "The Crash", and "The Forest". CD also features two bonus tracks from the film Barquero, too! CD
(Limited edition of 3000 copies.)

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Erroll GarnerCampus Concert/Feeling Is Believing ... CD
MGM/Telarc, 1966/1970. Used ... $2.99
... CD

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Jerry GoldsmithStuds Lonigan ... CD
MGM/Varese, 1960. Used ... $14.99
A great early score from soundtrack titan Jerry Goldsmith – his work for the 1960 film adapation of Studs Lonigan – a mix of string-laden sweep and more ominous, moody movements! An army of violinists kind of define the sound on one level, but there's some great piano solos by John Williams and uncommon touches here and there, like some banjo and some really adventurous percussion. Cool stuff! Includes "Main Title", "A New Year", "A Game Of Pool", "Out Of Work 1", "The Job", "The Sing", "No Hate", "The Depression", "Destitute Man" and more. CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bobby HatfieldMessin In Muscle Shoals ... CD
MGM/Universal (Japan), Early 70s. New Copy ... $14.99
Bobby Hatfield is doing way more than messing around – as he cut this killer session down at the legendary Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, with a heavy soul vibe that really knocks the album out of the park! The set's one of the best in that rare early 70s blend of soul, funk, and rock – the kind of groove that few cats could handle as well as Bobby – with a vibe that maybe reminds us of Eddie Hinton at his best, but even more stripped-down and rootsy! The lineup features great work from Muscle Shoals stalwarts – like Harrison Calloway on baritone sax, Clayton Ivey on organ, and Travis Wammack on guitar – and titles include "You Left The Water Runnign", "The Promised Land", "Shuckin & Jivin", "I Saw A Lark", and "Messin In Muscle Shoals". CD
(SHM-CD pressing!)

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Lee HazlewoodSomething Special (with bonus tracks) ... CD
MGM/Light In The Attic, Late 60s. New Copy ... $8.99 14.98
Pure genius from Lee Hazlewood – one of his gems cut for MGM in the 60s, and a session that features some great small combo backings! The feel here is almost a jazz-inflected take on the slight country tinge of Lee's other work – a style that's as sophisticated and unique as Hazlewood's well-penned lyrics and amazing vocals. Lee's completely at home here – working with the great engineer Eddie Brackett, who's sound for his vocals is just about as great as could be hoped – the matchless blend of ice and embers that perfectly defines the Hazlewood sound. All tunes are originals by Lee – and tracks include "Shades", "This Town", "Stone Cold Blues", "Child", "Little War", "Hands", "Fort Worth", "Them Girls", and "Mannford Oklahoma". Features two bonus tracks – "Moochie Ladeux" and "The Lone Ranger". CD
Also available Something Special (with bonus tracks) ... LP 19.99

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James Newton HowardPackage ... CD
Prometheus/MGM, 1989. Used ... $17.99
... CD
(Limited, numbered edition.)

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Mamie LeeOnce In A Lifetime (plus bonus tracks) ... CD
MGM/Poker (UK), 1966. New Copy ... $3.99 13.99
An overlooked gem from singer Mamie Lee – a vocalist who inhabits the same space between jazz and soul as Nancy Wilson! The album's got a very groovy feel overall – thanks to small combo backing from The Swingmen, a piano trio who backed up Mamie in live appearances, and who really fit in great for this studio session. Lee's got a great repoire with the group, and they work together to make the album way more than the usual vocal session from the time – a nicely swinging, hip, and lean little set that's totally great! Titles include "Charade", "Come Back To Me", "Once Upon A Time", "Poor Everybody Else", and "Try To Remember". CD also features 2 bonus tracks – "The Show Is Over" and "I Can Feel Him Slipping Away". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Henry ManciniPink Panther Strikes Again (expanded edition) ... CD
MGM/Quartet (Italy), 1976. Used ... $13.99
Mancini's fourth soundtrack for the Pink Panther series – done in the mid 70s, with a mixture of the styles he used for the older 60s films, with slight touches that resemble his groovier work on 70s cop and crime soundtracks. The main title for the film features snippets of the original theme, plus other soundtrack themes from the late 60s – and other tracks include "Come To Me", in both instrumental and vocal versions, the latter by Tom Jones – plus "Along Came Over", "Until You Love Me", "The Evil Theme", and "Exodus From The Castle". Plus, this CD version is expanded – with 6 bonus tracks and a great deluxe booklet! CD
(Out of print.)
Also available Pink Panther Strikes Again ... CD 4.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Alex NorthMisfits ... CD
MGM/Varese, 1961. Used ... $9.99
... CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Andre PrevinBad Day At Black Rock (with bonus tracks) ... CD
MGM/Turner Classic, 1949/1951/1955. Used ... $18.99
With music from the films Tension, Scene Of The Crime & Cause For Alarm. CD
(Out of print.)

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Lalo SchifrinPiano Strings & Bossa Nova (aka Insensatez) ... CD
MGM/Verve, 1963. Used ... $3.99
A wonderful album from Lalo Schfrin! This one mixes together bossa piano and sweeping string arrangements – in a style that's incredibly dark-edged and driving, with a sound that's at once spooky and lovely – a dancing groove that makes the best tracks really sparkle! The album's light years away from other "piano with strings" albums of the time – proof that Schifrin was easily one of the most imaginative forces of his generation, and an arranger who really helped reshape music in the 60s. Titles include the incredible version of "Maria" that's played quite often by Gilles Peterson – plus loads of other nice ones, like "The Wave", "Insensatez", "You And Me", "Murmurio", "Rapaz De Bem", "Rio After Dark", and "Time For Love". CD
(Out of print.)

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Johnny TillotsonJohnny Tillotson Sings/Here I Am ... CD
MGM/Ace (UK), 1965/1967. New Copy ... $10.99 18.98
Sweet country-styled pop from southern singer Johnny Tillotson – a near-perfect example of the genre, served up here on two different albums for MGM! The set begins with Johnny Tillotson Sings, from 1965 – a well-done set that has a gently stepping groove handled by producer Paul Tanner – a style that's nicely syncopated on most numbers, with light strings on top of tighter rhythms – all moving around with a near-perfect pop approach. Johnny's vocals have a slightly echoey quality at times – almost a legacy from late 50s pop, but cleaner and leaner here – and titles include "One's Yours One's Mine", "Just As Long", "One Red Rose", "I'll Be Seeing You", "How High The Moon", "You Forgot To Say I Love You", and "My Gidget". Here I Am is from 1967, and sounds slightly hipper – filled with lesser-known tracks that mix sweeter themes with some of the headier topics of the times – almost showing that great way that country pop was coming into play with some of the issues and pressures of the late 60s. As before, the album's got some great production by Paul Tannen – and titles include "Tommy Jones", "Long Hair Committee", "Make This Train", "Deafening Roar Of Silence", "Round In Circles", and "Come Back When You Grow Up". CD

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Alex NorthWonderful Country/King & Four Queens ... CD
MGM/Masters Film Music, 1956/1959. Used 2 CDs ... $24.99
... CD
(Out of print.)

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✨✧ Velvet UndergroundVelvet Underground & Nico ... CD
MGM/Polydor, Late 60s. New Copy ... $4.99 9.98
Delicate dissonance, bruised beauty, and hazy noise pop – all in one of the best rock albums ever made – the amazing first album from the Velvet Underground and Nico! The album's the stuff of legend – and for good reason, too – a surprising slab of vinyl that barely set the world on its ear when first issued back in the mid 60s – yet a record that's gone onto have an influence felt for decades to come – arguably one of the most important rock records of all time. There's a really sinister edge to the record, even when things are sweet – and the range of subject matter and handling here is brilliant – from the dream pop slice of heaven "Sunday Morning", the melodic bitterness of "Femme Fatale", the massive White Light-esque freakout "European Son", and the sublime "Heroin" – quite possibly the inspiration for generations of drug use to come. The whole thing's a classic – with wonderful vocals from both Nico and Lou Reed – and titles include "Venus In Furs", "Run Run Run", "Black Angel's Death Song", "I'll Be Your Mirror", and "All Tomorrow's Parties". CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Barbara & The BrownsCan't Find Happiness – The Sounds Of Memphis Recordings ... CD
Kent (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy ... $10.99 18.99
The first-ever full length collection of work by Memphis singer Barbara Brown – a vocalist who appeared both as a solo act, and with her sisters – on a variety of singles for labels like Cadet, Atlantic, Tower, and MGM in the late 60s and early 70s! Barbara's got a deep, rich voice that's clearly schooled in gospel, but pointed towards more secular ends – an approach that's very much in keeping with the best late 60s wave of soul from Atlantic Records, and which is carried off here with a sharpness and precision that's simply mindblowing! Why Brown never scored bigger is a real mystery to us, because these tunes come off like the cream of the crop of southern soul at the end of the 60s – not just obscurities for obscurity sake, but some of the highest level of soul a female soul singer could hope for at the time! The 20 track package features great notes on Brown's career, and on the tunes – a decent portion of which are previously unissued, too. Titles include "Man Around The House", "Can't Find No Happiness", "Pity A Fool", "Big Party", "Watch Dog", "You Don't Love Me", "Plenty Of Room", "I'm Gonna Start A War", "Things Have Gone To Pieces", "Great Big Thing", "Play Thing", and "If I Can't Run To You I'll Crawl". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Johnny BristolBristol's Creme ... CD
Atlantic/Collectors Choice, 1976. Used ... $18.99
An excellent smooth soul groover from Johnny Bristol! The album has Johnny stepping into a more sophisticated groove than he used on his early 70s albums for MGM – mixing together styles that sound a lot like those used by artists like Leroy Hutson or Leon Ware at the time, a mix of well-produced backings with just the right touch of strings, keyboards, and tight rhythms. Johnny's voice has a bit rootsier quality than you might be used to for this sort of album – which makes for an even more unique sound, especially on the mellower cuts. Tracks include "Do It To My Mind", "Have Yourself A Good Time Thinkin' Bout The Good Times", "You Turned Me On To Love", "I Sho Like Groovin' With Ya", and "She Came Into My Life". Nice one! CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bill EvansBill Evans Album (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Columbia (France), 1971. New Copy ... About March 3, 2017
A pretty sublime album from Bill Evans – one that has him playing both Fender Rhodes and Steinway, overdubbed together, for an effect that's laidback and completely wonderful! The Fender Rhodes was a natural choice for Evans – given his fluid lyrical style, and on this set (and on his equally great record for MGM) Bill opens up with an approach that really suits him well. Each track features him shifting back and forth between electric and acoustic modes, dancing from one to the other in a way that makes the instruments come together beautifully – supported by some incredibly soulful bass work by Eddie Gomez, and drums by Marty Morrell. Titles include "Sugar Plum", "Funkallero", "Waltz for Debby", "TTT", "Re: Person I Knew", and "Comrade Conrad". CD features 3 bonus alternate tracks, too! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Millie JacksonMillie Jackson (1972) (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Spring/Southbound (UK), 1972. New Copy ... $8.99 14.99
Ahhh . . . Great stuff! This Millie Jackson's tremendous debut album – and the work here is completely different from later records that have her more in a bitchy mode! Here, Millie's a heartbroken southern diva – right in the vein of Ann Sexton, Doris Duke, or Shirley Brown – and even though the arrangements are done north of the Mason/Dixon line (in New York by Bert DeCoteaux, and in DC by Tony Camillo), the record feels like it was lifted off the pressing plant in Muscle Shoals or Jackson! Titles include "I Ain't Giving Up", "I Miss You Baby", "Ask Me What You Want", "My Man, A Sweet Man", "I Just Can't Stand It", and "Strange Things". CD version features a whopping 11 bonus tracks – many of which were never issued before – and titles include the MGM numbers "My Heart Took A Licking" and "A Little Bit Of Something", plus "Ask Me What You Want (unedited master)", "Untrue Men", "I Don't Wanna Talk About It", "Strange Things (alt mix)", "My Man A Sweet Man (unedited master)", and "You're The Joy Of My Life (alt take)". CD
Also available Millie Jackson (1972) ... LP 9.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousLet's All Go Down & Blow Our Minds – The British Psychedelic Sounds Of 1967 (3CD set) ... CD
Grapefruit (UK), 1967. New Copy 3CD ... $21.99
A stunner of a set – one that goes way way past familiar psych classics of the late 60s – and explosively shows the huge wave of new sounds and ideas that were going down on the UK scene in 1967! The package brings together 80 tracks from a huge number of labels – Pye, Polydor, MGM, Regal Zonophone, Track, CBS, and so many others – plus material licensed from the artists themselves – all in a mindblowing array of rare singles that capture that perfect moment when things started to get tripped-out, but never too self-indulgent – when artists were able to pack a universe of freak and fuzz into the space of a three minute single! Think of key early 45s by Pink Floyd or The Move, and you'll get the vibe here – on titles that include "Busker Bill" by The Truth, "Cept Me" by Focal Point, "Toyland" by Alan Bown, "Subway" by The Tickle, "Time To Start Loving You" by The Mickey Finn, "The Squire Blew His Horn" by The Uglys, "Your Servant Stephen" by The Peep Show, "Toy Soldier" by The Riot Squad with David Bowie, "Eiderdown Clown" by The Scots Of St James, "Cos It's Over" by The Summer Set, "Evil Woman" by Guy Darnell, "Look At The Sun" by Louise, "Flames" by Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera, "Smokeytime Springtime" by The Doves, "Keep It Out Of Sight" by Paul & Barry Ryan, "Listen To The Sky" by The Sands, "Laughing Man" by The Marmalade, "Ginger" by TJ Assembly, and "Pink Purple Yellow & Red" by The Sorrows. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousThat's Swift – Instrumentals From The Norman Petty Vaults ... CD
Ace (UK), Mid 60s. New Copy ... $10.99 18.99
Searing instrumentals from the vaults of Norman Petty – the producer whose Clovis, New Mexico studio helped really transform the sound of rock music in the early 60s – creating a raw guitar sound that had a huge influence for years to come! Petty's music might be somewhere in the mode of surf rock, but it's got the harder edges that the Northwest scene was cooking up by the mid 60s – a raspier sound on the guitar, and a lot of cool studio effects to expand the most wild aspects of the music! These artists were all miles from the ocean – and their music hardly has the teenybopper qualities of surf, and might be seen as more proto-punk overall – with an especially strong tie to the fuzzier sounds that would soon come from the Texas scene. The set brings together tracks from a variety of labels – Dot, Swan, United Artists, MGM, and many others – plus a few unissued tracks, too. Titles include "Door Banger" (aka Ninety Four Second Surf) by The King Pins, "El Gato", by the Chandelles, "Riptide" by The Impact 5, "Wild Jam" by The Gliders, "Dream Theme" by The Techniques, "Boy Blue" by The Keymen, "Termites" by The Cords, "Wild Kitten" by The Rhythm Masters, "Skokiaan" by The Fayros and more. 24 tracks in all – a number of which were unreleased until now! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Tom JonesSomethin Bout You Baby I Like/Memories Don't Leave Like People Do ... CD
Decca/Vocalion (UK), 1974/1975. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Two mid 70s albums from Tom Jones – back to back on a single CD! Somethin Bout You Baby is a set that has Jones changing things up from previous albums – moving a bit back towards some of the country-inspired pop he was singing in the late 60s – with a bit more emphasis on ballads and laidback tracks, usually done with an undercurrent of sadness. Johnnie Spence is still on deck to arrange – and titles include "Rainin In My Heart", "You Make Me Smile", "Which Way Home", "Sing For The Good Times", and a sweet funky take on "Right Place Wrong Time", with some great keyboards in the mix! Memories Don't Leave is a great American date from Jones – one recorded after his move to the US in the mid 70s, with very hip backings arranged by HB Barnum and Wade Marcus! There's a subtle, soulful groove on many cuts – which is no surprise, given that Johnny Bristol penned about half the cuts on the record, usually with that same mix of funk and strings that he was using on his own great MGM albums of the time. In fact, the record almost feels like a Bristol date, but with Jones' vocals instead – and titles include the killer funk cut "Lusty Lady", plus "Us", "Son Of A Fisherman", "We Got Love", "The Pain Of Love", "I Got Your Number", and "City Life". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Pepper Adams & Jimmy KnepperPepper-Knepper Quintet ... CD
Metrojazz/Fresh Sound (Spain), 1958. Used ... Out Of Stock
A gem of a session from both players – and one of the long-lost sides on the short-lived Metrojazz label from MGM! Adams and Knepper head up a soulful group that features Wynton Kelly on piano (and a bit of organ!), Doug Watkins on bass, and Elvin Jones on drums. The real charm, though, is from Adams' solos, which are in that perfect gutbuckety mode that he could hit when he wanted to – a deep, dark drink the best tone the bari could offer, never getting clumsy at all, thanks to some lively rhythm playing. It's another one of those amazing sets recorded on a single date in NYC! Titles include "Minor Catastrophe", "Riverside Drive", All Too Soon", "Beaubien, "Primrose Path", and "Adams In The Apple". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Milt Jackson & Ray BrownThat's The Way It Is ... CD
Impulse/Victor (Japan), 1969. Used ... Out Of Stock
At the end of the 60s, Milt Jackson and Ray Brown cut some very groovy records together – teamed up in a great pairing of styles that pushed both of them way past the more standard sounds of earlier years! This album's one of the best of the bunch – as it features pianist Monty Alexander joining the pair, bringing in some warmly soulful elements on piano – in ways that are a great bridge between his work for MGM and MPS! The set also features great tenor from Teddy Edwards – blowing with a deep tone and a sharp edge – and in addition to vibes by Jackson and bass by Brown, the group also features Dick Berk on drums. The set was recorded live at Shelly's Manne-Hole – and titles include Alexander's "That's The Way It Is", plus "Blues In The Basement", "Wheelin & Dealin", and "Tenderly". CD
(Includes obi. Out of print. 20 bit mastering.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Bob BrownWilloughby's Lament ... CD
Stormy Forest/Tompkins Square, 1971. New Copy Gatefold ... Out Of Stock
The second of 2 incredible albums by Bob Brown in the early 70s – both produced by Richie Havens and released on Haven's own Stormy Forest imprint at MGM – and both are among the finer folk rock records of the period, making it all the more stunning they've remained so obscure! The lightly soaring feel of his first album carries over into this one, but with just a bit fuller in the string arrangements – but it's airy and intimate all the same. Such wonderful stuff, and never to late to discover. Includes "If I'd Live Alone", "Baby Child", "Willoughby's Lament" (Parts I & II)", "Death In Dreams", "For Pamela", "Light Of Children Come" and more. CD

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✨✧ VariousBayou Rockabilly Cats ... CD
Ace (UK), Mid 50s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
There were plenty of things brewing down in the swampy scene in Louisiana during the 50s – where many musical crossroads met, and created some of the hottest sounds of the time! Case in point is the mighty Goldband label – located in Lake Charles, where currents from Texas, Memphis, and other point south all swirled together – to create a wonderful hybrid of hillbilly roots, bluesy inflections, and raw styles from the early years of rock and roll – presented beautifully in this overstuffed package of rare singles from the label! Production is nicely raw, but right on the money – not nearly as polished as rockers on labels like Capitol, Mercury, or MGM – and often with some touches that reflect the Louisiana roots of the artists – either a bit of cajun phrasing here, or a deep south twang there – expanded upon in the vivid stories told in the collection's detailed notes. CD features 26 titles in all – including "Twitterpated" by Buck Wheat, "No No Baby" by Al Ferrier, "The Girl In The Red Blue Jeans" by Hopeless Homer, "Plant You Now Dig You Later" by Bee Arnold, "I Love That Woman" by Red Le Blance & His Crescent Boys, "Wanna Go Steady" by Bill Hutto & His Playboys, "Mabel's Done Gone" by Jerry Noble, and "Honest To Goodness Baby" by Bill& Carroll with the Neches Valley Boys. CD

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