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✨✧ Love UnlimitedLove Unlimited – The Uni, MCA, & 20th Century Records Singles 1972 to 1975 ... CD
Universal, Early 70s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A fantastic selection of work from one of the hippest girl groups of the 70s – the mighty Love Unlimited trio, three singers who all worked under the genius of Barry White in his prime! Unlike other girl trios of the time, who often used an older soul mode refitted with disco grooves – sometimes acting more like a chorus than a lead act – Love Unlimited always brought their full vocal strengths to play, and do a fantastic job here working in modes that rival some of the best male harmony groups of the early 70s – especially the sweet soul groups from New Jersey, New York, and Philly. And yes, Barry does kick up the groove a bit at times, but even then things are usually more in a midtempo mode, not a disco one – which makes for tremendous sounds throughout. This is the first-ever proper collection of the girls' singles from the early 70s – and titles include "Oh Love Well We Finally Made It", "Fragile Handle With Care", "Are You Sure", "I Should Have Known", "Is It Really True Boy Is It Me", "Walkin In The Rain With The One I Love", "Under The Influence Of Love", "It May Be Winter Outside", "I Love You So Never Gonna Let You Go", "I Belong To You", "So Nice To Hear", "People Of Tomorrow Are The Children Of Today", and "Share A Little Love In Your Heart". CD
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CrusadersStreet Life (LP sleeve edition) ... CD
MCA/Culture Factory (France), 1979. New Copy ... $13.99 21.98
One of our favorite albums ever from The Crusaders – a set that really sums up all the tightness they'd forged in the 70s, while still showing a new sense of soul and funk as well – expertly balanced with flawless LA production! The album may well be the group's equivalent of a Steely Dan album – no surprise, given the work they'd done on sessions for that group – and the title cut is the massive extended version of "Street Life", with killer vocals from Randy Crawford – and other titles include "My Lady", "Night Faces", "The Hustler", and "Rodeo Drive". CD
(Limited edition.)

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One WayFancy Dancer (with bonus track) ... CD
MCA/FTG, 1981. New Copy ... $11.99 12.98
A great little set from One Way – post disco Detroit dancefloor soul of the first order! There a crisp, tight bubbling sound that's pretty wonderful – and warm in the spots where so many records of the period and cold and mechanical – that great mix of funk, modern soul, and tight instrumentation that Al Hudson and One Way could do so well! The tunes bounce along nicely with production from Al Perkins, and some nice bass work by Kevin McCord – and titles include the nicely snapping funky tune "Hold It" – plus "Pull Fancy Dance/Pull". "Burn It", "Your Love Is All I Need", "He Is My Friend", "Get Up", and "Show Me". CD features the bonus track "Let's Talk". CD

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Lalo SchifrinNunzio ... CD
MCA/Quartet (Spain), 1978. New Copy ... $24.99
A really unusual soundtrack from the mighty Lalo Schifrin – and one that seems to show off all of his best modes in its shifting range of styles! The film is a somewhat understated story set on the streets of New York – and the music often takes on the same sort of vibe – with some beautiful melodic passages that are quite different than Lalo's big hits of the 60s. But then there's also some beautiful orchestra moments too – with these arrangements that are complicated, yet sparkling – that sophisticated charm that always put Schifrin ahead of the pack! And then Lalo even opens up with a few funkier tracks that recall his electric jazz albums of the late 70s for the CTI label – fuller groovers that are showcased on the two longest tracks – "Hey Nunzio" and "Candy Store Frenzy". Other titles include "Sad Nunzio", "Superspeed", "To The Rescue", "Only A Memory", "Nunzio In Love", "Goodnights My Little One", and "Flying Love". CD
(Limited edition of 1000!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ben SidranDon't Let Go ... CD
MCA/Blue Thumb (Japan), 1974. New Copy ... $13.99
Tight funky jazz from vocalist Ben Sidran – still very much in his best early mode, and playing with a really raw sound overall! Ben's vocals are in that down-home Mose Allison mode, but the real charm is the music – which features funky drums by Clyde Stubblefield, the man responsible for the legendary break on James Brown's "Funky Drummer" – plus great playing by Chicago talents Sonny Seals on tenor, Bunky Green on alto, and Phil Upchurch on bass. Ben's piano is pretty great too – especially on the funky tracks – as it comes across with a hard left side sort of sound that really makes for a wonderful groove! Key titles include "Snatch", "The Funky Elephant", "The Foolkiller", "Fat Jam", and "Hey Hey Baby" – which has a great funky break! CD
(Part of the Free Soul 20th Anniversary series!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Silver ApplesSilver Apples/Contact ... CD
MCA (UK), Late 60s. New Copy ... $9.99
Both of the rare original albums by this legendary 60s electronic group – out now on one lovely 18 track CD! The Apples were one of the most unique groups of their era, and they mixed electronics with a throbbing rock groove in a way that not only predicted lots of the musical trends of the 70's, but which has also been taken up again in the 90's by a host of young bands. The group has reformed these days, but these two albums are still their best. Titles include "Velvet Cave", "Oscillations", "Whirly-Bird", "Dust", "Misty Mountain", "Water", "Pox On You", "Confusion", and "Fantasies". CD

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WindjammerWindjammer 1 (with bonus track) ... CD
MCA/Finesse (UK), 1982. New Copy ... $11.99 12.98
Great work from an overlooked 80s group – one who mixes moogy keyboards with a warmer soul vibe – all in a style that's totally sweet! Windjammer have a lot more warmth than some of their contemporaries – a sound that's deep in older soul touches from the 70s – classy club one minute, softer soul the next – often with some jazzier currents on the keyboards, showing almost a Rodney Franklin-esque approach to the music, but with a lot more vocals overall. Keyboards are handled by Fred McCray, and lead vocals are by Carl Dennis – but all of the group joins in on the harmonies. Tom Tom 84 did most of the arrangements, and they definitely show his sweetly compressed sound – and titles include "You've Got Me Dancing", "Stay", "I've Had It", "I'll Always Love You", "Rockin", "Don't Change", "Time Will Tell", and "Winter Love". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ DeodatoWhirlwinds/Artistry ... CD
MCA/BGO (UK), 1974. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Two post-CTI gems from Deodato – back to back on a single CD! Whirlwinds is sweet keyboard soul from Deodato – a set that steps off nicely from the strengths of his big hits on CTI, hitting a similarly flowing groove that's really great! The instrumentation here is a bit more expanded than before, but never in a way that buries the keyboards – and Deodato's right out front on a range of electric keys that get some great support from John Tropea's finely-honed work on guitar! Titles include "Havana Strut", "Whirlwinds", "West 42nd Street", and a nice cover of Steely Dan's "Do It Again". And heck, even the album's version of Glen Miller's "Moonlight Serenade" manages to come off like a funk tune! Artistry is a live set from Deodato – but one that's very much in the mode of his best CTI studio sessions – with soaring, over the top keyboard work that's totally great – backed by some tightly compressed guitar, bass, and drums, with just enough funk in the mix to keep things interesting! As with other Deodato records from the time, there's a mix of moods here that comes together nicely – a range that goes past his easy hits, and shows Deodato to be one of the hippest, most soulful keyboard talents of his generation. Titles include a great version of "Super Strut" that grooves for over 8 minutes, and which has some firey guitar that really competes with Deodato's work on the keys – and other tracks include "Farewell To A Friend", "Pavane For A Dead Princess", "Rio Sangre", and "Jivin". CD

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✨✧ WindjammerWindjammer III ... CD
MCA/Finesse (UK), 1985. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Windjammer were one of the few 80s soul groups to ever sport a nautical theme – but their music is every big as great on dry land, and served up with a tight, bouncy groove that really stands out from most of the mainstream pack at the time! The group have roots in New Orleans, but work here in a sharp electric style that's plenty LA as well – and the record's filled with great midtempo tracks that change up some of the core elements in a nice way, even if some of those elements are relatively familiar for the generation. Carl Dennis handles lead and background vocals – and titles include "When You're In Love", "You're The One", "I Thought It Was You", "It's Too Late", "Highway Lover", "Work Your Body", "So Hard", and "Honey I". CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
One Way featuring Al Hudson#New Old School ... CD
Expansion (UK), 2019. New Copy ... $16.99
The title definitely gets it right – because the album's a new one from the legendary One Way, but definitely holds on to the sound of their old school classics! As you can guess from the cover, Al Hudson's still at the helm – working with an evolved version of the group that includes some younger musicians and a few contemporary touches – but all shaped towards that great blend of groovers and midtempo numbers that One Way brought to their wonderful albums on MCA at the start of the 80s! And yes, the costumes may look a bit dated on the front cover, but the production and sound aren't at all – thanks in part to a shifting lineup of singers that includes Hudson, Jeanette Jackson, Dave Roberson Jr, and Candyce Grey. Titles include "Heat It Up", "Let's Dance", "Don't Kno What Cha Missin", "Hard To Walk Away", "Doin It Like This", "We Won't Stop", "I Wonder If She Knows", "I Want Your Luv", "U Liked To My Mama", "Hold On To U", and "Old School Funk Tonite". CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
TomcatsRunning At Shadows – The Spanish Recordings 1965/1966 ... CD
RPM (UK), 1965/1966. New Copy ... $6.99 13.99
Killer work from The Tomcats – a Brit group of the mid 60s, but one who had a lot more success recording in Spain for Philips Records than they did back home! The group later morphed into the psych outfit July – but here, they have a tight, raw sound – maybe more garagey than some of their contemporaries from the UK – filled with lots of rough-edged inspiration from the American scene of a few years before, and delivered in the stripped-down, lean and mean style that some of the other Spanish groups were using at the time. The collection also adds in one unissued track, plus a few more by the related Second Thoughts – all for a heady package of 60s garage guitar numbers that include "Macarenas", "Seventh Son", "Looking For My Baby", "For Your Love", "You Gotta Help Me", "Cocaine", "It Ain't Right", "Running At Shadows", "La Neurastenia", "Don't Ask For Me", and "Two Minds In Tune". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
DublinersDubliners/In Concert/Finnegan Wakes/In Person/Mainly Blarney/More Of The Dubliners (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Transatlantic/BGO (UK), 1964/1965/1966. New Copy 2 CDs ... $14.99
Really fantastic work from The Dubliners– a flurry of mid 60s albums and EP recordings for the Transatlantic label – all of it some of the best Irish-styled folk of its time! In a period where so many folkies were cleaning things up for the masses, The Dubliners brought forth the real side of traditional Irish music – always with a kind of grit that makes their music sound a lot more like the sound of a backroom in a tavern in the wee hours of the night – instead of some groovy hootenanny sing-a-long at Carnegie Hall! The Pogues always cited these guys as an important influence, and after hearing just a few songs, you can hear why – and the sound of the music just gets better and better the more you dig into the set. 53 tracks on 2CDs – with titles that include "McAlpine's Fusiliers", "Willie Gannon", "The Sea Around Us", "Finnegan's Wake", "Nelson's Farewell", "Jar Of Porter", "I'll Tell My Ma", "The Leaving Of Liverpool", "The Patriot Game", "The Woman From Wexford", "Boulavogue", "The Cook In The Kitchen", "Master McGrath", and lots lots more. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
PearlfishersLove & Other Hopeless Things ... CD
Marina (Germany), 2019. New Copy ... $15.99
Genius work from The Pearlfishers – a group who've always worked a bit in the shadows, but who we'd instantly compare to the best classics from bigger names like High Llamas or Prefab Sprout! Like those groups, The Pearlfishers have their main man at the helm – singer/songwriter/producer David Scott – whose touch in the studio is always perfect, and who mixes together classic and contemporary elements with the skills of Sean O'Hagan or Paddy McAloon – subtle, but mesmerizing, and perfect for the wit in the words of his tunes. We've been loving these guys for almost 20 years, and they never fail to give us their best – and we hope you'll agree, after hearing tunes that include "Once I Lived In London", "Could A Street Be A Saint", "You'll Miss Her When She's Gone", "You Can Take Me There", and "A Woman On The Verge Of Becoming A Cyclist". CD
Also available Love & Other Hopeless Things ... LP 22.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousSlight Disturbance In My Mind – The British Proto-Psychedelic Sounds Of 1966 (3CD set) ... CD
Grapefruit (UK), 1966. New Copy 3 CDs ... $24.99
Fantastic sounds from a real turning point in British music – a moment when the mod groups and singers of the year before were letting in a bit more freak and fuzz – yet all in ways that still kept the songs as short, tight, and tuneful as before! You might consider this work the big bang that set up a whole second generation of genius in the UK – the catchy sort of 45s that paved the way for longer jams on albums, progressive rock experimentation, mindbending psych, and even the hard rock modes that were just around the corner. You'll recognize a few of the names here as mid 60s mod heroes, but they're also mixed with some great lesser-knowns, all with the kind of deep dig that we love from these box sets on the Grapefruit label – right down to the massive booklet of notes that offers up track by track information on all the music. 84 tracks in all – with work by The Rockin Vickers, Yardbirds, Wimple Winch, John's Children, The Action, The Koobas, Fleur De Lys, The Favourite Sons, Keith Relf, The People, David Bowie, The Smoke, The Creation, Graham Bond Organization, Downliners Sect, The 5am Event, The Tomcats, The Majority, The In Crowd, Just Five, The Times, The Uglys, Outrage, and lots lots more! CD

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