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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lalo SchifrinBlack Widow ... LP LP format
CTI, 1976. Very Good+ ... $14.99
Funky 70s work from Lalo – with a bit of a disco twist, and plenty of the electric jazz funk elements that were showing up in his soundtracks at the time. Lalo's on keyboards, playing a cool host of electric ones that give the record a nice spacey sound over the top of the funky arrangements. There's plenty of nice guitar work – either by Eric Gale or John Tropea – which gives the cuts some nice choppy funky bits that drive them a bit harder than you might expect. Includes an amazing funk remake of "Quiet Village", plus "Dragonfly", "Black Widow", "Baia", "Turning Point", and a version of the "Jaws" theme! LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes the heavy inner sleeve. Cover has a cut corner.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lalo SchifrinBoulevard Nights ... LP LP format
Warner, 1979. Very Good+ ... $7.99
Titles include "Street Tattoo", "Take Another Chance", "Dolor", "Last Act", and "Chuco". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has some wear and a promo stamp.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lalo SchifrinFilm Classics – Lalo Schifrin Presents 100 Years Of Cinema ... CD CD format
Aleph, 1995. Used ... $6.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lalo SchifrinGillespiana ... CD CD format
Aleph, 1998. Used ... $6.99
A great tribute to Lalo's classic years with Dizzy Gillespie – performed by himself and the WDR Big Band, with players that include Jon Faddis, Paquito D'Rivera, Alex Acuna, and Markus Stockhausen. Faddis handles most of the trumpet parts, and with a style that's different enough from Diz to open the work up nicely – yet still hearken back to the sweet and Latinesque style of the early 60s Gillespie group that included Schifrin. Titles include "Blues", "Panamerica", "Africana", "Tocata", and "Bachianas Brasileiras No 5". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lalo SchifrinGolden Needles ... CD CD format
MGM/Music Box (France), 1974. New Copy ... $23.99
One of the most obscure Lalo Schifrin soundtracks of the 70s – a really weird, spooky little record that's filled with moody touches! Schifrin's not in all-out action mode here – and instead experiments with a range of styles – including some warm, jazzy elements that are especially nice – mixed with larger passages that are more powerful, and blend together tense orchestrations with some of the exotic touches you might guess from the story! Some of the best selections feature scene shifting passages that really illuminate Lalo's ability to tell a story with sound – and titles include "Heavies Approach/Harbor Sequence", "Chinese Street Source", "Finzie's Piano #1", "Felicity", "Mongolian Stripper", "Harbor Chase/Crowds/Conclusion", "Taxi", "Winters Mansion/Winters/It's Time", and "Airports/Street Fight". CD
(Limited edition of 1000.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lalo SchifrinGypsies (with bonus tracks) ... CD CD format
Tabu (UK), 1978. New Copy ... $16.99
An ambitious set of funky jazz tunes from Lalo Schifrin – cut in the clubby style of some of his later CTI work, but also done with some interesting instrumental flourishes from track to track – which gives the album some of the depth of his soundtrack work of the 70s! The album's got a "gypsy" spirit in the compositions – sometimes touched with a bit of acoustic guitar – but overall, the main groove is electric, laid down by lots of keyboard grooves from Lalo and Mike Melvoin, which are matched by these soaring horn lines that are nice and soulful, and really deepen the groove! Titles include "Fortune Tellers", "Ring Around The Moon", "Prophecy Of Love", and "Pampas". Great CD version features new mastering, new notes, and bonus tracks that include radio versions of "Moonlight Gypsies", "Fortune Tellers", and "Prophecy Of Love". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lalo SchifrinLalo Schifrin Presents Intersections – Jazz Meets At The Symphony #5 ... CD CD format
Aleph, 2001. Used ... $1.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lalo SchifrinLalo=Brilliance ... LP LP format
Roulette, 1962. Near Mint- ... $19.99
Fantastic lost material by Lalo Schifrin – recorded in a style that's very similar to the excellent work he was doing for Dizzy Gillespie's group in the early 60s! The record features Leo Wright, also from Diz's group, playing some excellent alto and flute – and Jimmy Raney plays guitar in a stretched-out modal way that works perfectly with Schifrin's Latin-tinged grooves. The whole thing's a very complex batch of Latin influenced jazz tracks – and the record is one of Schifrin's best from the time, and darn hard to find! Titles include "The Snake's Dance", "Kush", "Mount Olive", "Cubano Be", and "Sphayros". LP, Vinyl record album
(Original pressing, with multi-colored bars on logo.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lalo SchifrinLiquidator – Original Soundtrack ... LP LP format
MGM, 1966. Sealed ... $14.99
An obscure 60s spy soundtrack from Lalo Schifrin – done with a style that's a bit different than some of his other work at the time! There's still a fair bit of the trademark Schifrin elements – bits of jazz, bossa, and Latin touches on the tunes – but there's also a style here that's sometimes a bit more direct and dramatic, almost with a dark undercurrent that we're not use to hearing in Lalo's music. The film itself was something of a comedy, but a black one – and the music really fits that unsettling spirit. Shirley Bassey sings the main "Liquidator" theme – and other titles include "Boysies Bossa", "The Bird", "Riviera Chase", "Tilt", and "Bikini Waltz". LP, Vinyl record album
(Sealed 60s pressing! Cover has a cutout hole.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lalo SchifrinNo One Home (with bonus tracks) ... CD CD format
Tabu (UK), 1979. New Copy ... $16.99
A sweet set of fusiony soul from Lalo Schifrin – a great little record that's almost better than most of his other late 70s efforts, including some of his soundtrack work! The album's in the same territory that Quincy Jones was hitting at the time – at its core, a set of funky electric jazz – but done with an expansive approach that also brings in soulful vocals on most tracks, really hitting some nice R&B-styled fusion grooves! Sylvia Smith is the lead singer on most of the vocal tunes, and other players include west coast soul jazzers like Ndugu Chancler, Oscar Brashear, Paul Jackson, Ronnie Foster, and Patrice Rushen – a great lineup that really keeps things tight, and with a vibe that's different than Schfrin at CTI. Titles include "Memory Of Love", "Middle Of The Night", "No One Home", "Enchanted Flame", and "Oh Darlin Life Goes On". Great CD package – a hardcover book, with new notes and mastering – and bonus tracks "No One Home (edit)" and "No One Home (inst)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Lalo SchifrinTowering Toccata ... LP LP format
CTI, 1977. Near Mint- Gatefold ... $4.99
Electric 70s work from Lalo Schifrin – with a tight uptempo funky sound that's similar to his strong "cop show" soundtrack themes of the time! This album's a pretty great testament to Lalo's durability as one of the great composer arrangers – sublime stuff from the late 70s, and a record that really works nicely alongside Schifrin's music for films. Lalo's got a great crew for the set, too – including Joe Farrell and Jeremy Steig on flute, Eric Gale on guitar, Anthony Jackson on bass, Steve Gadd and Andrew Smith on drums, accompaniment on keys by Chuck Spangler and a host of others! Titles include "Eagles In Love", "Macumba", "Theme From Most Wanted", "Theme From King Kong", and "Roller Coaster". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lalo Schifrin & Bob BrookmeyerSamba Para Dos ... LP LP format
Verve, Early 60s. Very Good+ Gatefold ... $9.99
A great lost groover on Verve – recorded during the heyday of the label's bossa years with Stan Getz! The record features Bob Brookmeyer fronting a large group arranged and conducted by Lalo Schifrin – soloing over the top, while Lalo comes up with sparkling bossa-tinged grooves that are in the spirit of his best soundtrack work of the mid 60s. Brookmeyer's playing is great too – very different than his sparer, modernist work on other records – and very much in the tradition of Brazilian trombone players who were a key force in bossa jazz at the time. The set includes one long original, "Samba Para Dos", plus shorter standards like "My Funny Valentine", "What Kind Of Fool Am I", and "I Get A Kick Out Of You" – all taken in great jazzy bossa versions! LP, Vinyl record album
(Original pressing.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lalo Schifrin/Earl Hagen/Richard LaSallePlanet Of The Apes TV Series ... CD CD format
La La Land, 1974. New Copy 2 CDs ... $24.99
Pretty great work for the short-lived Planet Of The Apes TV show in the 70s – a brief spinoff of the films, done with a surprisingly similar style – and with some excellent soundtrack music that's really a cut above the usual for the time! The bulk of the music here is by Lalo Schifrin – although some episodes are scored by Richard LaSalle, Earl Hagen, and Lionel Newman – the the vibe is similar to the film, with an orchestral approach at the core, mixed with exotic touches, spooky elements, and some darker dramatic passages! The 2CD set features a huge amount of music from the show – over 2 hours of listening, with very detailed notes – and the set features music from the episodes "Escape From Tomorrow", "The Good Seeds", "The Gladiators", "The Trap", "The Legacy", "The Deception", "The Surgeon", "The Interrogation", and "Tomorrow's Tide" – plus extra songs from the credits. CD
(Limited edition of 200 copies.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Lalo SchifrinSol Madrid ... LP LP format
MGM, Late 60s. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A pretty darn rare Lalo Schifrin soundtrack – to a lost crime thriller that starred David McCallum, Stella Stevens, and Telly Savalas – all of whom are pictured in a nice collage-type movie painting on the front cover! The tracks run from mellow bossa to fast and jazzy, and the album also includes a few mellower Latin-tinged numbers to set the scene of the action. There's not as much funk as in Schifrin's other scores from the time – but it makes up for it with groovy passages and many great moments that make the album worth seeking out! Titles include "Charanga", "The Golden Trip", "Sol Madrid", "Fiesta", "Adagietto", and "Villanova's Chase". LP, Vinyl record album
(Original pressing! Cover is a bit shopworn. Shrink has a few holes.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Lalo SchifrinTalkin Verve ... CD CD format
Verve, Mid 60s. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
An excellent little set that compiles some of Lalo's groovier sides for the Verve and MGM labels! The set focuses more on Lalo's jazz than soundtrack work, which makes it a nice companion to the Mission Impossible "best of" set on Motor Music. Some tracks are from albums under Lalo's own name as a leader, and other are from albums by Dizzy Gillespie, Cal Tjader, and Bob Brookmeyer. Whatever the source, though, the music's all pretty darn groovy – and the CD's a swirling mass of bossa, Latin, and jazzy jazz grooves! Titles include "Chorale", "The Wave", "Old Laces", "Samba Para Dos", "En Salon Mexico", and "The Chains". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Lalo SchifrinThere's A Whole Lalo Schifrin Goin' On (with bonus tracks) ... CD CD format
Dot/Universal (France), 1968. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A crazy album of funky tracks from Lalo Schifrin – very different than most of his other jazz and bossa work! This set's got some very tripped out styles that mix together funky backings, jazzy riffing, and even some nice electronics – a sweet little groove that's even more wild and hip than even the best of Schifrin's soundtrack work from the 60s! Some tunes certainly show the deft talent for arranging woodwinds and rhythms that first caught the ears of so many listeners on famous soundtracks – but in the setting of this record, away from any directorial needs, Lalo's also free to explore some groovier music ideas – and he really lets loose tremendously as the set rolls on! The titles alone should tell you the feel of the record – with names like "Secret Code", "Dissolving", "Vaccinated Mushrooms", "Wheat Germ Landscapes", and "How To Open at Will The Most Beautiful Window". CD also features four groovy bonus tracks by Schifrin – "Another Side Of Harry", "Blues A Go Go", "Lucille", and "Self Destruct". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Bob Brookmeyer/Lalo SchifrinTrombone Jazz Samba/Samba Para Dos ... CD CD format
Verve (Germany), 1962. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Pure genius throughout – two great albums on a single CD! Trombone Jazz Samba is an overlooked gem from Bob Brookmeyer – and a set that fits in strongly with the other Verve Records bossa nova albums of the 60s! Bob's the center star on valve trombone, but the record's awash in work from other great Verve talents too – a tight small group that features Gary McFarland on vibes, Jim Hall and Jimmy Raney on guitars, and Willie Bobo on drums – alongside some added percussion that really helps keep the bossa spirit strong! Tunes have that spare, soulful crackle that you'd find in the Stan Getz bossa sessions for Verve – except that trombone is the lead solo instrument here – and titles include "A Felicidade", "Col Bogey Bossa Nova", "Blues Bossa Nova", "Qual E O Po", "Chara Tu Tristeza", and "Samba De Orfeu". Samba Para Dos is a great lost groover on Verve – recorded during the heyday of the label's bossa years with Stan Getz! The record features Bob Brookmeyer fronting a large group arranged and conducted by Lalo Schifrin – soloing over the top, while Lalo comes up with sparkling bossa-tinged grooves that are in the spirit of his best soundtrack work of the mid 60s. Brookmeyer's playing is great too – very different than his sparer, modernist work on other records – and very much in the tradition of Brazilian trombone players who were a key force in bossa jazz at the time. The set includes one long original, "Samba Para Dos", plus shorter standards like "My Funny Valentine", "What Kind Of Fool Am I", and "I Get A Kick Out Of You" – all taken in great jazzy bossa versions! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Lalo SchifrinEnter The Dragon – Extended Edition ... CD CD format
Warner/Aleph, 1973. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A classic to end all classics – and the record that showed the world that the kung fu genre could be every bit as funky as American crime and action films! Lalo Schifrin's at the height of his powers on this set – working in a blend of raw guitars, rolling bass, and choppy rhythms that groove about as fast as Bruce Lee's hands move on the screen in the film – and the album's a real standout in the 70s soundtrack scene, well worth all the hype and attention that's been given to it over the years! The record's one you'll dig if you're a fan of funk, or a student of Schifrin – and even after the passage of decades, it's still a tough soundtrack to beat. Titles include the classic "Theme From Enter The Dragon", plus "Bamboo Bird Cage", "The Monk", "Han's Island", "The Big Battle", and "The Human Fly". CD features 18 tracks in all – including an alternate version of the main theme! CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
BongolianBongolian ... CD CD format
Blow Up (UK), 2002. Used ... $8.99
A feast of funky mod instrumentals from the great Bongolian! This grooooooovy London combo takes the best bits of the 60s and 70s, rolls them into a tight retro approach that includes organ, clavinet, flute, guitar, timbales, vibes, and of course, plenty of bongo work – with a sound that's lean, stripped down, stepping out like some of the best instrumental tunes from Quincy Jones or Lalo Schifrin soundtracks, mixed with the headiness of the UK Go-Go Blow Up scene. The album's a killer – way better than we even expected – and it feels like the best bits from 25 60s instrumental albums all rolled into one 10 track gem! Titles include "Dirt Sweat & Bones", "Bonghead", "Merve Plays Vibes", "Rollin With You", "Flight Through The Five Galaxies", "The Shackles Of Ramm", "Champagne & Pizza", "Madman In Africa", and "The Fatback Showdown". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Roy BuddGet Carter ... CD CD format
Cinephile (UK), 1971. Used ... $9.99
Maybe the greatest moment ever from Brit soundtrack genius Roy Budd – an artist who started with his roots in jazz piano, but who really explods here in a range of groovy styles! The main title is an incredible blend of Eastern percussion and moody jazz – and other cuts bring in some trippier elements, mixed with funkier bits and warmer moments – all at a level that have Budd even outdoing the best late 60s work by Lalo Schifrin! The keyboards are often at the forefront – either acoustic or electric – and the album's got so many groovy grooves, with such variety, it's got a feel that's much richer than the usual soundtrack set. Titles include "Love Is A Four Letter Word", "Carter Takes A Train", "Looking For Someone", "The Girl In The Car", "Livin Should Be This Way", "Manhunt", "Goodbye Carter", and "Hallucinations". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bullet/Alan TewHanged Man – Original Television Soundtrack ... LP LP format
Contour, 1975. New Copy (reissue)... $9.99
Nice funky 70s instrumentals, composed by Alan Tew, and performed by the group Bullet – a hip electric combo with a tight sound library feel. The overall style reminds us of Lalo Schifrin or Quincy Jones cop show work from the early 70s – with some tasty keyboards, plenty of riffing, and tight fast rhythmic tunes. The original's rare as hen's teeth, and the record is some of Tew's finest Brit easy work from the time. Titles include "Contract Man", "Killer HIll", "The Heist", "GBH", "Blue Panther", "The Spic", "Funky Bear", and "The Peterman". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Eric DolphyVintage Dolphy ... CD CD format
GM, 1962/1963. Used ... $10.99
Some of the most striking Eric Dolphy work we've ever heard – a set of live performances from the years 1962 and 1963 that feature Dolphy in a free-thinking mode that surpasses even the modernism of his classic studio sides! The recordings feature Dolphy amidst a variety of players – including a number of unlikely suspects like Barry Galbraith, Eddie Costa, and Jim Hall – and although some of the tracks have a moody and introspective third stream quality (3 of the numbers are written by Gunther Schuller), others are quite open, and almost have an ESP-like intensity. One longer title is a jam session take on Charlie Parker's "Donna Lee" – recorded with a lineup that includes Phil Woods, Nick Travis, Benny Golson, Don Ellis, and Lalo Schifrin! Other titles include "Iron Man", "Half Note Triplets", "Densities", and "Night Music". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Dizzy GillespieDizzy Gillespie & The Double Six Of Paris ... LP LP format
Philips, 1963. Near Mint- ... $6.99
A rare 60s meeting of groovy talents from both sides of the Atlantic – and a record that matches the trumpet of Dizzy Gillespie with the hiply swinging vocals of The Double Six Of Paris! The group were a wonderfully groovy precursor to the Swingle Singers – and sung in a scatting approach to jazz vocals that was very much in the tradition of Lambert, Hendricks, & Ross – but also drew inspiration from the earlier work of Eddie Jefferson, King Pleasure, and others. Their sound is great – much more 60s groovy than some other vocal groups – and pairing them with Dizzy gives this record an added punch that some of their other sessions are missing! Backing is small combo throughout – with either Bud Powell or Kenny Barron on piano, Kenny Clarke on drums, and James Moody on tenor – and with the presence of Diz, most of the material here is of bop orientation – taken at a fast and lively clip! Lalo Schifrin arranged the whole session too – and titles include "One Bass Hit", "Blue N Boogie", "Emanon", "Groovin High", "Ow", "The Champ", "Tin Tin Deo", "Hot House", and "Con Alma". LP, Vinyl record album
(Mono pressing with deep groove.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Dizzy GillespieHave Trumpet Will Excite ... LP LP format
Verve, 1959. Very Good+ ... $7.99
Diz breaks past his bop playing, takes a bit of a turn towards swing-based material, and also hits this nice rolling groove that gives a bit of a peek at the way he'd sound in the 60's, when he had Lalo Schifrin on piano, and more of a Latin sound. He's backed here by Junior Mance on piano, Les Spann on flute and guitar, Sam Jones on bass, and Lex Humphries on drums. Given the soul jazz leanings of the group, the set's a lot hipper than you'd expect from Verve at the time, and is certainly worthy of the use of the word "excite" in the title. The tracks are all standards, but the group grooves openly, and makes a heck of a lot out of the material. Titles include "My Man", "St. Louis Blues", and "Woody'n You". LP, Vinyl record album
(Verve Inc Stereophonic pressing with deep groove. Cover has some wear.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Dizzy GillespieNew Wave ... LP LP format
Philips, 1962. Very Good+ ... $14.99
A lost bossa jazz classic from Dizzy Gillespie – recorded at a time when Lalo Schifrin was working in his combo! The record's got a cool, laidback kind of groove – one that's miles away from Gillespie's earlier bop work, and which shows him opening up his rhythmic conception strongly in the 60s. Rhythms are percolated by the piano of Schifrin, guitar of Bola Sete, bass of Chris White, and some well-chosen added percussion work – and the overall groove is one of the best American takes on the bossa jazz sound of the time, delivered with wonderful horn work from Dizzy on trumpet, Leo Wright on flute and alto, and Charlie Ventura on tenor! Even familiar tunes are transformed by the sound – and titles include "In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town", "Careless Love", "Taboo", "One Note Samba", "Pergunte Ao Joao", and "Chega de Saudade". LP, Vinyl record album
(Original Phillips stereo pressing. Cover has a spot where a sticker was removed.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Dizzy GillespieSwing Low, Sweet Cadillac ... LP LP format
Impulse, 1967. Good+ Gatefold ... $11.99
A brilliant album of Latiny grooves from Diz! The record takes off from the soulful/modal mood of the early 60s groups with Lalo Schifrin and Kenny Barron – and features a young Mike Longo crafting some fantastic lines on piano, stretched out over tight rhythms on electric bass and drums, with Dizzy soloing on trumpet, and James Moody adding in washes of color and emotion on alto, tenor, and flute. The best tracks are long groovers that really show the group stretching out – especially on the album's 16 minute reading of Dizzy's classic "Kush", the title track "Swing Low Sweet Chariot", and a great version of "Mas Que Nada"! LP, Vinyl record album
(Orange & black label stereo pressing. Cover has some wear. Vinyl plays with some clicks and crackles.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jerry GoldsmithOur Man Flint/In Like Flint ... CD CD format
MGM/Intrada, 1966/1967. New Copy ... $19.99
A pair of spy spoof gems – back to back on a single CD! First up is Our Man Flint, which features excellent soundtrack work by Jerry Goldsmith – possibly his greatest ever! Jerry's usually a bit staid with some of his scores – but working here on the soundtrack to this James Coburn spy spoof film, he's truly fantastic! The approach mixes strings and bossa-inflected grooves with some spookier instrumental touches – either on electric guitar, sax, or a "tortured" Thomas organ and a Solovox – and the overall feel of the album is on a par with the best work of the sort by Lalo Schifrin or Hugo Montenegro! Titles include "Doing As The Romans Did", "All I Have To Do Is Take A Bite of Your Apple?", "Tell Me More About That Volcano", and "Our Man Flint". In Like Flint continues Jerry Goldsmith's great run of grooves for the Flint spy spoof films of the 60s – working in a style that's a lot more complex than Lalo Schifrin or John Barry, but still every bit as groovy! Goldsmith's got this excellent style of swirling together strings, instrumental solos, and lots of cool offbeat elements – all with a sound that's often jazzy, but pretty unusual too – maybe in the best territory of Piero Piccioni over on the Italian scene! Arrangements are by Marty Paich and Warren Barker – who bring their most playful modes to the album – and titles include the vocal numbers "Where The Bad Guys Are Gals" and "Your Zowie Face", plus "Ahh Yer Father's Bob-Lip", "Mince & Cook Until Tender", and "Lost In Space". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Quincy JonesQuincy Jones Plays Hip Hits ... LP LP format
Mercury, 1963. Very Good+ ... $6.99
One of Quincy Jones' best for Mercury Records in the 60s – a very groovy record that was done with a feel that's somewhere in between his Big Band Bossa album and his best 60s soundtrack work! The format is simple – Quincy picks a sweet batch of jazz semi-hits from the early 60s, plays them with a nice mix of soul jazz arrangements, and works with a great ensemble filled with wonderful players – including Roland Kirk, Budd Johnson, Seldon Powell, James Moody, and Jerome Richardson on reeds; Lalo Schifrin and Patti Brown on piano, Jim Hall on guitar, Clark Terry on trumpet, and Melba Liston on trombone – plus lots of great percussion at the bottom, helping bring some Latin energy to the grooves at points. Tunes are familiar, but all given a great Quincy Jones twist – and titles include "Gravy Waltz", "Jive Samba", "Walk On The Wild Side", "Bossa Nova USA", and "Watermelon Man". LP, Vinyl record album
(Black label mono pressing with deep groove.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Michel MagneSerie OSS 117 ... CD CD format
Universal (France), Mid 60s. New Copy ... $15.99
Groovy 60s spy soundtrack work – with a mod French twist! The CD documents a series of excellent scores by French composer Michel Magne – written for a run of mid 60s films based around the character of OSS 117 – a James Bond-like secret agent known to the French public through a series of 242 successful novels! The scope of OSS 117's adventures was large – as globe-spanning as that of James Bond, a fact that gave Magne plenty of room to throw in cool exotic, groovy, and jazzy elements to the soundtracks – in a style that was ultimately a heck of a lot more lively than that of John Barry, and which easily matches the best 60s soundtrack work of Lalo Schifrin, Jerry Goldsmith, or Hugo Montenegro! We'd honestly never heard any of these tracks before – but our love of Magne led us to the set, and we were certainly rewarded – as the 23 track package is overflowing with incredibly groovy tunes, and has the feel of some of the best Crippled Dick collections from years past! The four films on the set include OSS 117 Se Dechaine, Banco A Bangkok Pour OSS 117, Furia A Bahia Pour OSS 117, and Atout Coeur A Tokyo Pour OSS 117 – and titles include "OSS 117 Hully Gully", "Banco A Bangkok", "Poursuite Thailandaise", "Hubert Rit Jaune", "Samba Furiosa", and "Slow Du Soleil Levant" – as well as a bonus remix track by Roudoudou! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jimmy SmithBest Of Jimmy Smith (Verve) ... LP LP format
Verve, 1960s. Near Mint- Gatefold ... $6.99
A great little collection of Jimmy's tight tight tight Hammond sides cut for Verve during the 60s – with backings by Oliver Nelson and Lalo Schifrin, plus a few other sides in smaller combo format. Tracks include "Walk On The Wild Side", "Ol Man River", "The Cat", "Got My Mojo Workin", "High Heel Sneakers", "Hobo Flats", and "Organ Grinder's Swing". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Cal TjaderSeveral Shades Of Jade ... LP LP format
Verve, 1963. Very Good+ Gatefold ... $13.99
Unlike the mellower Breeze from the East LP (another Tjader "eastern" session), this one's got some very lively Latiny stuff – despite the orientalist theme of the LP. There's a monster version of Horace Silver's "Tokyo Blues", plus takes of Lalo Schifrin's "The Fakir", "Borneo", "Song of the Yellow River", and "Almond Tree". Schifrin conducts and plays piano, and the group also runs through a very tight version of Quincy Jones' "Hot Sake". In a cool Verve gatefold, with Japanese-y jade statues on the front. LP, Vinyl record album
(Original pressing. Cover has a couple names in marker.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Leo WrightBlues Shout ... LP LP format
Atlantic, 1960. Very Good ... $34.99
A beautiful record, and one of the few albums ever cut as a leader by alto player Leo Wright! At the time of the set, Wright was really making some excellent records with Lalo Schifrin and in Dizzy Gillespie's group (where they both were working at the time) – and this set is a perfect example of the lyricism and Latin influences he'd picked up from Lalo, mixed with the soulful expression that was common for Dizzy's combos in the 60s. Leo plays flute on about half the record, and he's working with soulful modern players that include Richard Williams, Charlie Persip, Art Davis, and Junior Mance. Titles include "Two Moods", "Blues Shout", "Sigi", "Indian Summer", "Autumn Leaves", and "The Wind". LP, Vinyl record album
(Red and purple label pressing – very nice overall, and cover is in good shape.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New VariousBossa Nova – Exciting Jazz-Samba Rhythms Vol 1 ... CD CD format
Rare Groove (Italy), 1960s/1970s. Used ... $12.99
Stupid title, but a nice little set of grooves that takes material from both Brazilian and American bossa sources – in a manner that's similar to the wonderful Trip To Brazil compilation we've stocked for years! A few of these are sure to be ones you have, but there's also a huge amount of obscurities that are nicely selected and mixed together in a warm wonderful easy groove. Titles include "Lamento" by Nelson Riddle, "Canto De Ossanha" by Bossa Jazz Trio, "Samba De Uma Nota So" by Lalo Schifrin, "Exotique Bossa Nova" by Martin Denny, "Mas Que Nada" by Odell Brown, "Samba Pro Pedrinho" by Pedrinho Mattar Trio, "Berimbau" by Os Cincos Pados, "Chora Tua Tristeza" by Geraldo Trio, and "Cheiro De Saudade" by Os Cobras. 20 cuts in all! CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New VariousBossa Nova – Exciting Jazz-Samba Rhythms Vol 3 ... CD CD format
Rare Groove (Italy), 1960s. Used ... $9.99
A very cool batch of tracks that mixes together a wide range of bossa groovers from the 60s! The set features Brazilian-based classics, plus other groovy tunes from American albums that fit in just as well with the dreamy mix of tunes. Titles include "Baia" by Bill Perkins, "Jive Samba" by Jon Hendricks, "Amazonas" by Som Tres, "E Bom Assim" by Os Cobras, "The Man From THRUSH" by Lalo Schifrin, "Mestico" by Wilson Simonal, "Vou Te Contar" by Quarteto 004, "O Pato" by Lennie Dale, "Sambo Do Carioca" by Silvio Cezar et Meirelles, "Boranda" by Edu Lobo, and "Samba De Verao" by Sergio Mendes & Wanda De Sah. CD
(Out of print.)

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New VariousMood Mosaic Vol 9 – The Sound Bullet ... CD CD format
Partners In Crime (Italy), 2000. New Copy ... $14.99
The grooviness continues! This set's a wonderful mix of obscure soundtrack grooves – plus a few other choice Latin bits – with an out-of-this world groove that's totaly excellent! The Mood Mosaic series is one of our favorite-ever – as they really go out of their way to pull together excellent little bits from rare sources, blending each volume with a thematic intensity that makes each individual track sparkle in the mix! Titles include "Jungle Fever" by Sheba, "Ape Shuffle" by Lalo Schifrin, "Willie Escapes" by JJ Johnson, "Crack Shot" by Max Harris, "Moneyrunner" by John Schroeder, "Free Tarrant" by Roy Budd, "Man With The Golden Gun" by London Royal Orchestra, "Galaxy A Go Go" by Jerry Goldsmith, "Dope Bust" by Flora Purim & Buddy De Franco, and "Mini Manhunt" by David Shire. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Luiz BonfaComposer Of Black Orpheus Plays & Sings Bossa Nova ... LP LP format
Verve, 1962. Used Gatefold ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
One of the earliest of the classic Verve bossa nova sessions of the 60s – and a wonderful showcase for the talents of guitarist Luiz Bonfa! Most of Bonfa's previous recordings were done in a very spare or solo mode – and this set makes a nice change by adding in some larger orchestrations – yet still handled with great bossa sensitivity by Oscar Castro Neves and Lalo Schifrin – themselves very big up-and-coming talents at the time! The sound is bright and breezy, as you'd expect from Verve at this time – and Bonfa's a lot livelier than usual, and even sings on a number of cuts – with a charming quality that's a bit like Joao Gilberto. Titles include "Bossa Nova Cha Cha", "Sambalamento", "Vem So", "Samba De Duas Notas", "Domingo A Noite", "Quebra Mar", and "Adeus". LP, Vinyl record album

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New Roy BuddDiamonds ... LP LP format
Cinephile/Castle (UK), 1975. New Copy Gatefold (reissue)... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Heist films always provided some of the best soundtracks of the 70's, and this one (starring Robert Shaw and Richard Roundtree, and issued in the US as Diamond Shaft) is no exception! Roy Budd rises to the groovy occasion and scores some excellent moments that match a light orchestral sound with a throbbing electric bass and percussion underground – in a style that's like Lalo Schifrin's best work from the time. The LP's overflowing with tracks, including a few bonus mixes, and there's even 2 vocal numbers that feature The Three Degrees. Titles include "The Thief", "Beauty & The Bass", "Diamonds", "Party Piece", "Thief On the Prowl", and more! Nice notes, and some nicely funky crime themes, too! Nice gatefold cover, too! LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Dizzy GillespieDizzy On the French Riviera ... CD CD format
Philips/Verve, 1962. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
It may have been recorded on the French Riviera – but the session's actually a killer batch of Latiny tinged tracks from Dizzy & Co – with with great arrangements by Lalo Schifrin! There's a wonderful 10 minute version of "Chega De Saudade", done as "No More Blues" to start it out, and it's got a great loping Latin vibe, in the manner of Dizzy's best sides from the 60s. Lalo's on piano, and the great Leo Wright is on flute and alto, with Tzigane Elek Bacsik on guitar, Chris White on bass, Ruby Collins on drums and Pepitoo Riestria on percussion. Other nice ones include "Long Long Summer", "Desafinado", and "Pau De Arara". A great album, and one not to pass up! CD
(Barcode has a cutout mark.)