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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
John StevensTouching On ... LP
Vinyl (Germany), 1977. Near Mint- ... $24.99
... LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has an import sticker.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
John Stevens & Evan ParkerLongest Night Vol 1 ... LP
Ogun (UK), 1976. Near Mint- ... $49.99
Very free duets between these two ex-partners in the Spontaneous Music Ensemble – a session with very little structure at all, and sounds that are almost more FMP than other Ogun albums of the time! Evan Parker plays soprano sax throughout – and Stevens alternates between percussion and cornet – using mostly the former, but sometimes a bit of the latter in ways that have a surprising sense of presence. Parker's notes are nicely shaped on the best numbers – bringing in occasional more human moments amidst more Lacy-like bleats and blonks on the soprano. Titles include "19.11", "19.44" and "20.23". LP, Vinyl record album
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
John Lennon/Yoko OnoUnfinished Music No 2 – Life With The Lions (limited edition white vinyl – with poster, download & bonus tracks) ... LP
Zapple/Secretly Canadian, 1968. New Copy (reissue)... $18.99 23.98
Fantastically wild work from the team of Yoko Ono and John Lennon – a set in which Yoko very firmly pulls John into the world of Fluxus, experimentation – on a record that's more of an art piece than most of the other later releases by the pair! Side one is a live piece called "Cambridge 1969" – which is performed by John and Yoko, with the help of avant jazzmen John Tchicai and John Stevens – with lots of noisy guitar and some pretty unbridled vocals from Yoko! Side 2 features a number of spare tracks recorded on a cassette at Queen Charlotte Hospital, in 1968 – some noisy, some a bit sweeter – and titles include "No Bed For Beatle John" (as pictured on the cover), "Baby's Heartbeat", and "Two Minutes Silence". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes download with bonus tracks!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Leith StevensJazz Themes For Cops & Robbers ... LP
Coral, Late 50s. Very Good- ... $13.99
Leith Stevens doing what he did best in the 50s – serving up a variety of jazz-based crime and action themes – including a number pulled from his great score to the film Private Hell 36, plus other work from The Thin Man, M-Squad, Peter Gunn, and Perry Mason! About half the set is from Private Hell – done in a style that shifts easily from driving and edgey, to laidback and moody – really making the best of a range of strong players that include Shorty Rogers, Pete Candoli, John Graas, Bob Enevoldsen, Jimmy Giuffre, Bob Cooper, Lennie Niehaus, and Bud Shank. Titles include "Private Hell 36", "Havana Interlude", "Easy Mood", "Peter Gunn", "Perry Mason", "Joshua", "Daddy Long Legs", and "Private Blues". LP, Vinyl record album
(Original pressing!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Leith Stevens/Shorty RogersJazz Themes From The Wild One ... CD
Decca/Bear Family (Germany), 1953. Used ... $12.99
Genius work from one the the most overlooked soundtrack composers of his generation! Although The Wild One was Marlon Brando's famous film of biker violence in rural California, Stevens gave the movie a wickedly jazzy score – one that might have been more at home in a crime or detective film at the time, but which also seems to pick up a real sense of "drive" from all the biking scenes as well! Music is both by a Shorty Rogers group with John Graas, Jimmy Knepper, Bob Shank, Bill Perkins, Jimmy Giuffre, and Herb Geller – and by the Leith Stevens All Stars, which features many of the same players under Stevens' leadership. The CD features a total of 16 numbers from the film – way more than we've seen on any other issue of the material – with titles that include "Chino", "Windswept", "Hot Blood", "Scramble", "Hotshoe", and "Beetle". Great package too – with loads and loads of pages of images from the film! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bobby BradfordLove's Dream (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Emanem (UK), 1973. New Copy ... $16.99 19.99
Seminal sounds from cornet player Bobby Bradford – a date recorded in the UK in the early 70s, but with all the free-thinking and imaginative energy as his best sessions in LA! The group pits Bobby's horn against three young modernists – Trevor Watts on alto and soprano sax, Kent Carter on bass, and John Stevens on drums – all working in these long-flowing, very rhythmic numbers that lie somewhere between Bradford's work with John Carter, and the early 60s sound of Ornette Coleman. The alto/cornet interplay is especially nice – very mesmerizing over the course of the album's very long tracks – and Watts turns out to be a great musical partner for Bobby. Titles include "Love's Dream", "Coming On", and "Roswita's Dance". CD features bonus tracks ""She", "HM Louis 1", and an alternate take of "Coming On". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jose FelicianoThat The Spirit Needs/Memphis Menu/Compartments ... CD
RCA/BGO (UK), 1971/1973. New Copy 2 CDs ... $14.99
A trio of wonderful albums from Jose Feliciano – all brought together here in a single set! First up is That The Spirit Needs – a sublime one from Jose! The record pushes past the easy Latin pop style of the late 60s, and features Jose working through hip rock tunes – both of his own creation, and by writers like Elton John and Cat Stevens. The real highlight of the album is an incredible reading of "Wild World" – done with a mix of fast guitar, strings, and even a bit of Brazilian-tinged scatting that breaks down in the middle and always makes us stop cold! The rest of the record's almost as good, and titles include "Daytime Dreams", "Mellow Feeling", "Come Down Jesus", "Pay Day", and "Only Once". Memphis Menue is an excellent album from Jose Feliciano – recorded with a lot of Memphis soul influences, as the title indicates, but still with that beautifullly jazzy style that he was using in his earlier LA recordings. Steve Cropper helped produced and arrange with Jose, and the Memphis Horns back up the group on a number of tracks. The real charm, though, is Jose – whose breezy vocals and sweet guitar work is right up there with his best work of the time, a sublime mix of soul, strings, jazz, and Chicano grooves. Titles include "River Song", "Magnolia", "One More Mile", "Never Leave You", "It Doesn't Matter", "Where Is My Woman", and "Movin". Compartments is sparklingly soulful work from Jose Feliciano – a key early 70s effort, and one that shows the growing sensitivity in his music – the move way past simple covers of other people's songs, even though those were pretty great too! Jose's voice has gotten even more compelling in the process, and he's also developing a bit as a songwriter too – most notably on the album's title track, which was co-written with Bill Withers. Steve Cropper helped produce, but the album's way more in Jose's bag than Cropper's – and titles include a great version of "Yes We Can Can", plus "Simple Song", "Compartments", "Sea Cruise", "I'm Leavin", "Things Are Changin", "Peace Of Mind", "Hey Look At The Sun", and "Don't Fail". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Spontaneous Music EnsembleKaryobin – Are The Imaginary Birds Said To Live In Paradise (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Island/Universal (Japan), 1968. New Copy ... $26.99
One of the first albums ever from this legendary British creative force in jazz – heard here at a time when the group was a quintet – with the mighty drummer John Stevens at the lead – alongside mindblowingly fresh performances from Evan Parker on soprano sax, Kenny Wheeler on trumpet, Derek Bailey on guitar, and Dave Holland on bass! The players are so new to the scene that Bailey is actually billed as "Dennis" on the back of the original album cover, and Kenny is listed as "Wheel" – but they all play here with the confidence and vision that would soon make them giants – and key players who'd show the world that the UK scene was every bit as free-thinking as those in the US and Europe. The album features one long improvisation – and Bailey is especially wonderful in the setting – making these ringing notes that scatter and skitter alongside Parker's beautiful soprano work – egged on by Steven's to move freely over the drum kit. CD
(SHM-CD pressing! Beautiful package – a tiny LP sleeve replica of the original Island cover and label!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Spontaneous Music EnsembleOliv & Familie ... CD
Emanem (UK), 1968/1969. New Copy ... $16.99 19.99
Early work by the Spontaneous Music Ensemble as a large ensemble – and a set that's especially noteworthy for its use of the human voice! Maggie Nicols and Norma Winstone both appear on the record as singers – and the music really echoes their own vocal experiments at the time, but in a slightly different way – especially as the singing is often wordless, and moves at this slow-building pace that's really compelling – almost a precursor to 70s work by Meredith Monk, but more jazz-based in the construction of the material. Half the titles feature a group with Winstone and Pepi Lemer on voice – plus Trevor Watts on piccolo, Derek Bailey on guitar, Dave Holland on bass, and Evan Parker on soprano sax – on two different versions of "Familie". "Oliv 1" features Maggie Nicols with Lemer and Carolann Nicholls – plus Peter Lemer on piano, Johnny Dyani on bass, Kenny Wheeler on flugelhorn, and Derek Bailey on guitar – and "Oliv 2" features just Nicols with Trevor Watts on alto, Dyani on bass, and John Stevens on drums. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Spontaneous Music EnsembleWithdrawl ... CD
Emanem (UK), Mid 60s. New Copy ... $16.99 19.99
The cover image almost reminds us of The Beatles playing at The Cavern in Liverpool during their early years – and the music here is from roughly the same period, and represents some seminal early music from the Spontaneous Music Ensemble! The set features unreleased recordings from that amazing moment when British jazz was really coming into its own – exploring the farther reaches of the avant garde, but in ways that were quite different than American sounds at the time! The lineup here features some of the most inventive London players of the generation– Kenny Wheeler on trumpet and flugelhorn, Paul Rutherford on trombone, Trevor Watts on alto and flute, Evan Parker on soprano and tenor, Barry Guy on bass and piano, and John Stevens on drums and percussion – plus some especially mesmerizing guitar from Derek Bailey on two thirds of the album's tracks. Given the 1966 and 1967 dates, the music is years ahead of its time – and titles include unused tracks for a film soundtrack – "Withdrawal" – plus other Withdrawal tracks, and the longer "Seeing Sounds & Hearing Colours". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Spontaneous Music OrchestraSearch & Reflect ... CD
Emanem (UK), 1973/1975/1981. New Copy 2CD ... $22.99 29.99
A massive collection of work from the Spontaneous Music Orchestra – that larger ensemble formed around the core Spontaneous Music duo of drummer John Stevens and saxophonist Trevor Watts – heard here on material from three different performances! CD1 features long tracks recorded in 1973, by a version of the group that includes players Larry Stabbins on sax, John Russell on guitar, Brian Eley on voice, Nigel Coombes on violin, and Simon Mortimer on piano – working in ways that really move past more conventional improvisation of the period – not nearly as free, and more concerned with the overall sonic structural possibilities of the larger ensemble – in ways that are still quite revolutionary all these many years later! Titles include "Sustained Piece", "In Relationship To Silence", "One Two", and "Mouthpiece". CD2 then begins with a forty minute piece titled "Plus Equals" – recorded live, and featuring Stevens on cornet and percussion, both Watts and Evan Parker on soprano sax, Ian Brighton and Roger Smith on guitars, Nigel Coombes on violin, Marcio Mattos on bass, and a trio of cellos. The work is a bit more angular than the material on the first disc – and followed by "Triangle" and a passage of "Static", which feature Howard Riley on piano, Lol Coxhill and Watts on soprano sax, Paul Rutherford on trombone, Jon Corbett on trumpet, and Maggi Nicols on voice. All of the material was presented at some point in the past by Emanem, but constitute more of a definitive package in this release. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Spontaneous Music EnsembleKaryobin – Are The Imaginary Birds Said To Live In Paradise ... CD
Island/Emanem (UK), 1968. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
One of the first albums ever from this legendary British creative force in jazz – heard here at a time when the group was a quintet – with the mighty drummer John Stevens at the lead – alongside mindblowingly fresh performances from Evan Parker on soprano sax, Kenny Wheeler on trumpet, Derek Bailey on guitar, and Dave Holland on bass! The players are so new to the scene that Bailey is actually billed as "Dennis" on the back of the original album cover, and Kenny is listed as "Wheel" – but they all play here with the confidence and vision that would soon make them giants – and key players who'd show the world that the UK scene was every bit as free-thinking as those in the US and Europe. The album features one long improvisation – and Bailey is especially wonderful in the setting – making these ringing notes that scatter and skitter alongside Parker's beautiful soprano work – egged on by Steven's to move freely over the drum kit. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Barry GuyEndgame ... LP
Japo (Germany), 1979. Used ... Out Of Stock
A darkly brooding session from the British avant quartet of Barry Guy on bass, Howard Riley on piano, John Stevens on drums and cornet, and Trevor Watts on saxes – all coming together here with quiet solemnity, in a mutual exploration of sonic space! The tunes are often quite spare, and build in the manner of some of Guy's earlier work – and Riley's piano is especially nice as a bold sound in the darkness, pushing out to increase the voice of the record at the best moments. Titles include "The Y", "Du Doo", "Maze", "Remember To Remember", and "In Relationship To The Circumstance". LP, Vinyl record album
(Nice German pressing!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Spontaneous Music EnsembleChallenge 1966 to 1967 ... CD
Eyemark/Emanem (UK), 1966/1967. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Amazing free jazz from the British scene of the mid 60s – some of the earliest rumblings of genius from the Spontaneous Music Ensemble – already working here at a level that matches the avant energy happening both in the US and on the larger European scene! Core interplay here comes from Paul Rutherford on trombone, John Stevens on drums, and Trevor Watts on alto sax – three well-matched and familiar players who are able to improvise at a level that's quite mature, especially for the time – let loose, but never without a sense of direction – and given great help on most tracks by Kenny Wheeler on flugelhorn, plus a bit of bass from either Jeff Clyne or Bruce Cale. The whole thing's amazing – really bridging a modern world of Ornette Coleman and Joe Harriott with some of the later FMP-styled sounds that would come from the continent – and titles include "ED's Message", "2B Ornette", "Day Of Reckoning", "Travelling Together", "Club 66", and "After Listening". CD features the unissued "End To A Beginning" – plus the bonus 15 minute "Distant Little Soil", by a group that has Evan Parker on soprano sax and Chris Cambridge on bass, working with Watts and Stevens. CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Johnny Hammond SmithOpus De Funk ... LP
Prestige, 1965. Very Good- ... $6.99
Not funk, as the title might imply – but a set that's still plenty darn soulful overall – thanks to great Hammond from Johnny Smith, and some wicked vibes from the legendary Freddie McCoy! The set's one of the first Prestige sessions for McCoy – an artist who's never fully gotten his due – and his vibes work here is nicely hard, almost strikingly harsh at times – with a chromatic, metallic sound that's almost more present than the organ at points. Other players include Eddie McFadden on guitar, Wendell Marshall on bass, and Leo Stevens on drums – and titles include "Sad Eyes", "Opus De Funk", "Shirley's Theme", and "If Someone Had Told Me". LP, Vinyl record album
(Original blue label pressing. Cover has some wear with a name in marker on the back.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Johnny Hammond SmithBlack Coffee/Mr Wonderful ... CD
Riverside/Milestone, 1962/1963. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Sublime Hammond from Johnny Smith – a pair of early albums for Riverside, back to back on a single CD! Black Coffee is one of Johnny Hammond's first albums – and a cooking little live set that really has the organist working with some early raw power! The group's a trio, but they seem to burn differently than some of the other organ combos of the time – maybe with that fluid sensibility that Johnny brought to his keys, and which would later open up in even more famous ways. The core group features Eddie McFadden on guitar and Leo Stevens on drums – but they're joined by Seldon Powell on tenor for more than half the album, who really opens things up with his tremendous playing – and shows at an early state that Johnny Hammond always knows the right way to use a horn player. Titles include "Monterey Theme", "Far Away Places", "I Remember Clifford", "He's A Real Gone Guy", and "Rufus Toofus". Mr Wonderful is a record that definitely lives up to its title – reminding us not only that Johnny Hammond Smith is one hell of an organist, but also a great leader with a really unique feel for a groove! The set's noteworthy not just for Johnny's own work on Hammond, but also for the presence of a young Houston Person – blowing tenor here in a way that's breathtaking right from the start – a bold, soulful tone that's a perfect fit for the group – which also includes trumpet from Johnny Williams and guitar from Eddie McFadden. The set includes a lot of tasty originals by Johnny – like "Cyra", "Lambert's Lounge", "Departure", and "Opus 2" – and already shows the way that Hammond was complicating his groove from that of other players of the time! CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Johnny Hammond SmithLook Out! ... LP
Prestige, 1963. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A solid early 60s side by Johnny Hammond Smith and one that's unlike a lot of his other records from the time. This set was recorded with the great tenor player Seldon Powell, one of the few sessions where he actually gets a lot of room to solo, which we welcome whole-heartedly. Clement Wells is featured on vibes, and Wally Richardson and Leo Stevens round out the group on guitar and drums. The set rocks nicely with the classic East coast Jersey sound you'd look for in one of these hard to get Prestige sides, and includes numbers like "Let Everybody Say Amen", "Upset", "Que Sera Baby" and "Soul Grits". LP, Vinyl record album
(Purple label New Jazz pressing with Van Gelder stamp. Cover has some water staining in one upper corner, with a bit of light peeling. Record is nice!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousHenry Stone's Miami Sound – The Record Man's Finest 45s ... LP
Athens Of The North (UK), 1970s. New Copy 2LP ... $22.99
One of the coolest collections of music we've ever heard from the legendary TK Records in Miami – a company that was a powerhouse of 70s hits and disco classics – but which also cut some wonderful underground soul at the time! This sublime set looks at that great lesser-known legacy of TK – the hipper, more sophisticated music they cut in between the chart numbers and boogie singles – often by soul artists who had some involvement with bigger acts, but who really got a chance here to shine on their own! There's a surprising amount of funk in the mix – that deeper current that made Miami a key heir to 60s funky styles from Memphis and New Orleans – and there's some equally great modern soul, but served up with a complexity that goes way past the usual – both in the songwriting and arrangements. If you've only heard TK hit collections, you'll find plenty to love here – and even for deeper diggers like us, there's still plenty of new bits to be discovered! Titles include "Confusion" by Leno Phillips, "You Knock Me Out" by Wildflower, "Hey There Jim" by Jimmy Bo Horne, "Tears Of The World" by Robert Moore, "I Got Bills To Pay" by Johnny K, "I Want To Be Loved" by Stevens & Foster, "Sleep On Dream On" by Raphael Munnings, "Life Is A Beautiful Feeling" by Formula 1, "Bahama Soul Stew" by Funky Nassau, "Lay It On Me" by Willie Johnson, "The Silence That You Keep (version 1)" by Milton Wright, and "There Must Be Something" by Friday Saturday & Sunday. LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Nancy WilsonAll In Love Is Fair/Come Get To This ... CD
Capitol/ (UK), 1974/1975. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A pair of great Nancy Wilson albums from the mid 70s in a single set! All In Love Is Far is a sophisticated album of soul tracks arranged and produced by Gene Page, in a string-heavy, slightly-funky style that reminds us of Gene's work with Barry White at the time. The tracks are all pretty hip – and include titles written by Stevie Wonder, Johnny Guitar Watson, Thom Bell & Linda Creed, Billy Page, and Tennyson Stevens. No standout singles, but plenty of nice moments, and a good side of Nancy's career that isn't always given that much exposure. Titles include "Tell The Truth", "Try It, You'll Like It", "All In Love Is Fair", "There'll Always Be Forever", and "You're As Right As Rain". Come Get To This is a real sweet soul gem from '75. It also has arrangements and production by Gene and Billy Page – who give the record a great smooth 70s soul finish, and a feel that's a lot more unified than some of her other efforts from the decade. Nancy sings some great versions of "If I Ever Lose This Heaven" and "Come Get To This", plus the original tracks "Houdini Of The Midnight Hour", "Like A Circle Never Stops", "Boogeyin All The Way", and "Happy Tears". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousComo Now –The Voices of Panola County, Mississippi ... CD
Daptone, 2008. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
The most directly soul shaking album yet from Daptone Records – acapella gospel soul recorded live at Mt Mariah Church in Como, Mississippi – rootsy beauty sung by Mary Moore, The John Edwards Singers, Brother And Sister Walker, Como Mamas, Irene Stevenson and others! In a way, Como Now is the first foray into field recording by funk & soul saviors Daptone – but honest, truthful heart and soul has always been the order of the day for Daptone's house superstar Sharon Jones – it may be the first gospel album on the label, but the project is not really as huge a leap as you might think. In any case, it's perfectly free of the academic conceits that bog down so many stuffy collections of the ilk – and the presentation is simply beautiful – glorious harmonies, stirringly emotional and celebratory lead vocals, unadorned and in no need of accompaniment! Titles include "When The Gates Swing Open" "Somebody Needs You Lord" and more by Mary Moore, "It's Alright" and "New Burial Ground" by The John Edwards Singers", "God's Unchanging Hand" by Como Mamas feat Mary Moore, "Talk With Jesus" by The Jones Sisters and much more. CD

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