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New Johnnie AllanSwamp Pop Legend – The Essential Collection ... CD
Jin, 1960s/1970s/Early 80s. Used ... $6.99
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OlatunjiDrums of Passion (with bonus track) ... CD
Columbia, 1960. Used ... $3.99
A classic session of pounding percussion – quite possibly the most successful entry into this earthy genre that hit the recording scene at the end of the 50s! Babatuned Olatunji is joined here by a great assemblage of players – including Montego Joe and Baba Hawthorne Bey on percussion, who further flesh out the rumbling, rhythmic groove at the bottom. There's also a group of vocalists on the record, soaring over the top of the percussion with a nicely righteous feel – and the record's a key crossover moment that heralds later African expressions in the American mainstream. Titles include "Odun De Odun De", "Oya", "Jin Go Lo Ba", "Baba Jinde", and "Shango". CD features a bonus track – "Menu Di Ye Jewe". CD
(BMG Direct pressing.)
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EminemMarshall Mathers LP ... CD
Interscope/Aftermath, 2000. Used ... $1.99
Eminem's 2nd LP, where the sh*it REALLY hits the fan. What's still striking and genuinely exciting about this record, which is hardly worth even describing considering the mountains of opinions, protests, and moral grand standing, is Em's willingness to keep instigating the people he offended. Throughout the years it seems that all of the hugely controversial pop artists backed off a little or explained themselves when things got out of hand. Rappers like Ice T and 2 Live Crew, and rockers like Marilyn Manson all made appearances on talk shows, to at least defend their artistic expression when they were accused by conservatives and/or liberal thought police. Eminem saw what was happening, and reacted by sinking bigger bait, which of course hooked meatier targets – the most amusing of which came from overrated VH1 celebrity gadfly/commercial jingle composer Moby, and Lynn freakin' Cheney of all people. Very impressive, Slim. Oh yeah, he raps, too. Includes the tracks "Kill You", the mega singles "The Real Slim Shady" & "Stan", "Remember Me", "I'm Back", "Drug Ballad", and more. CD

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New Ice CubePredator ... CD
Priority, 1992. Used ... $4.99
Cube's last truly great full length, from 1992, when he was leaving the gangsta stuff behind and had grown into an incredibly sharp social commentator and ghetto portrait painter. The rhymes, and even the liner note acknowledgements ("Ice Cube wishes to acknowledge white America's continued commitment to the silence and oppression of black men. . .") are wickedly incisive to this day. This could be his finest hour. Includes the singles "It Was A Good Day", "Check Yo Self" and "Wicked", "Gangsta's Fairytale 2", "Dirty Mack" and "Now I Gotta Wet'cha". Production by DJ Pooh, Muggs, Sir Jinx, and others. CD

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New Kid CapriTape ... CD
Cold Chillin/Warner, 1991. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
On this LP, Kid Capri tries to move from mix-tape fame to being an MC, and though his rhymes and lyrics are probably what sent him back to DJing, the production by Biz Markie keeps this sidebar piece from mid 90s Cold Chillin' from being forgettable. Includes "News Story", "Billy", "This Is What You Came Here For", "Get 'Em", "Apollo", "Hang 'Em High","Lord's Party", "You Know My Style", "Whisper", "Joke's On You jack", "Pay Attention", "Don't Sweat Me",'Step Off" and "Shouts". CD
(Out of print.)

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New Montego JoeArriba Con Montego Joe (Arriba Con Montego Joe/Wild & Warm) ... CD
Prestige, 1964/1965. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
2 rare Latin albums from the Prestige/Fantasy vaults – both of them great! The set compiles the records Wild & Warm and Arriba! Con Montego Joe – by congolero Montego Joe, a key figure in the underground New York scene of the 60s. Both albums have a good hard Latin jazz feel, with a little bit of Latin soul thrown in – in the same kind of mix of jazz and Latin that you'd find on the Pucho albums for Prestige at the same time. The bands on both sets include a number of great players, like Leonard Goines on trumpet, Al Gibbons on tenor, Eddie Gomez on bass – and the surprising addition of Milford Graves on percussion and Chick Corea on piano (although any fan of Chick's knows he got his start with Latin bands.) Lots of tasty Latin groovers, including "Fatman", "The Jinx", "Ewe", "Ouch", "Bata Blues", "Haitian Lady", and lots lots more! CD
(Out of print.)

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New VariousDjinji Brown Presents Uncle Junior's Friday Fish Fry – The Market ... CD
Uncle Junior Recordings, 1970s/2003. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Funky grooves, old and new – and a really great set that manages to effortlessly trip through time and place in search of a hot little tune! There's an earthy rhythm to most of these numbers, and the set's awash in some classic 70s funk and Latin tunes, set next to newer tracks that were clearly inspired by the older ones – and which manage to borrow their influence without sanding things down too much. The sound's got a righteous trans-global sort of feel – similar to recent work in the Spiritual Life mode – and titles include "O Mi Shango" by Mongo Santamaria, "Black Belt Jones" by Dennis Coffey, "Rock Wit You (Osunlade's Yoruba soul mix)" by Jazzy Jeff and Erro, "Transcend Me" by Afronaught, "Noche Cubana" by Totico, "Crofs (slum dub)" by Gregory Isaacs, "Don't Take Your Love From Me" by Marion Brown, "Isto E Samba (No Comment mix)" by Grupo Batuque, "Blue Hunny (roots in the jungle mix)" by Djinji Brown, "African Battle" by Manu Dibango, and "Sands Of Time" by Vinia Mojica. CD
(Out of print.)

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New VariousAfrican Pearls Vol 3 – Mali/One Day On Radio Mali 1965 to 1985 ... CD
Syllart (UK), Mid 60s/1970s/Mid 80s. Used 2CD ... Out Of Stock
More than just one day on Radio Mali – given that the 2CD set features two full decades of recordings – but a great overview of the styles that flowed freely in Mali during the initial years of independence – in modes both rootsy and more contemporary! Some of the work here was recorded by Radio Mali as part of its efforts to reach out into the nation, and document under-recorded musical talents – and other tracks are by better-known groups who rose to become superstars in the new opportunities afforded by independence. Even the bigger acts, though, still have a nicely rough-edged quality that's different from that of other African work of the 70s and 80s – often a slightly bluesy undercurrent that's led to huge discovery of Malian music by northern audiences in recent years – heard here without all of the cliches that have come with that recent movement. 2CD set features notes in both English and French – and a total of 22 tracks that include "Baara Law" by Troupe Folklorique Kassonke, "Malisajo" by Ensemble Instrumental Du Mali, "Assumukan" by Les Ambassadeurs Du Motel, "Saakoba" by Orchestre National A, "Sanjina" by Orchestre Regional De Kayes, "Madi Guindo" by Rail Band, "Bakari Dian" by Super Biton De Segou, and "Kenu Dugu Fanga" by Kenestar. CD

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New VariousAfro Rock Vol 1 (with bonus track) ... CD
Kona/Strut, 1970s. Used ... Out Of Stock
One of the best compilations of Afro Funk titles we've ever stocked – one that goes way past the obvious titles and minor hits of the 70s! Every tune on here is a gem – and the package even includes a few tunes that were either previously unreleased, or which were only ever issued on cassette, a popular form in 70s Africa. The "rock" in the title should be taken lightly – because the groove here is more funky, with drums, guitar, and horns coming together in glorious rhythmic cacophony! The whole set's got a great raw sound – and titles include "Heavy Heavy Heavy" by Geraldo Pino & The Heartbeats, "Mabala" by Yahoos, "Onukpa Shawarpo" by Bokoor Band, "Sweeper Soul" by Super Mambo 69, "Yuda" by Dackin Dackino, "Envy No Good" by Mercury Dance Band, and "Fever" by Jingo. New version also features the previously unreleased bonus track "Keep On Holding On (Part 1)" by Jingo. CD