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Les BaxterHouse Of Usher ... CD CD format
Intrada, 1960. New Copy ... $14.99
A surprisingly complex score from the great Les Baxter – written for Roger Corman's famous film version of The Fall Of The House Of Usher! The music is quite lush at times – more orchestral than some of the Baxter exotica from the same period, but still filled with lots of great little twists and turns – especially as the narrative moves on – that ear for odd sounds and unusual tunings that made Les one of the real standouts of his generation! There's lots of weird watery passages, moody reed tones, and offbeat string sounds – and this great reissue features remastered sound and a full booklet of notes. Titles include "Madeline Usher", "Roderick Usher", "Buried Alive", "Catalepsy", "Pallbearers", and "The Ancestors". CD

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Elmer BernsteinSee No Evil ... CD CD format
Intrada, 1971. New Copy ... $13.99
A striking 70s score from Elmer Bernstein – not one of his best-known soundtracks of the time, but a surprising standout nonetheless! There's a bold, dramatic feel to the music at first – almost like some of Bernstein's famous work of a decade before – but as things move on, he does an even better job of exploring darker corners and moodier moments – with a number of shorter tracks that burst out brilliantly, then step back quickly – almost with the variety of an Italian soundtrack of the time, especially given a few funky moments! These are a real surprise – as Bernstein breaks out with the funk and fuzz before moving back to more conventional instrumentation – and titles include "Mia's Theme", "First Record", "Pub", "Stables", "Memory", "Home Ground", and "Broken Glass". CD

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Jerry GoldsmithOur Man Flint/In Like Flint ... CD CD format
MGM/Intrada, 1966/1967. New Copy ... $19.99
A pair of spy spoof gems – back to back on a single CD! First up is Our Man Flint, which features excellent soundtrack work by Jerry Goldsmith – possibly his greatest ever! Jerry's usually a bit staid with some of his scores – but working here on the soundtrack to this James Coburn spy spoof film, he's truly fantastic! The approach mixes strings and bossa-inflected grooves with some spookier instrumental touches – either on electric guitar, sax, or a "tortured" Thomas organ and a Solovox – and the overall feel of the album is on a par with the best work of the sort by Lalo Schifrin or Hugo Montenegro! Titles include "Doing As The Romans Did", "All I Have To Do Is Take A Bite of Your Apple?", "Tell Me More About That Volcano", and "Our Man Flint". In Like Flint continues Jerry Goldsmith's great run of grooves for the Flint spy spoof films of the 60s – working in a style that's a lot more complex than Lalo Schifrin or John Barry, but still every bit as groovy! Goldsmith's got this excellent style of swirling together strings, instrumental solos, and lots of cool offbeat elements – all with a sound that's often jazzy, but pretty unusual too – maybe in the best territory of Piero Piccioni over on the Italian scene! Arrangements are by Marty Paich and Warren Barker – who bring their most playful modes to the album – and titles include the vocal numbers "Where The Bad Guys Are Gals" and "Your Zowie Face", plus "Ahh Yer Father's Bob-Lip", "Mince & Cook Until Tender", and "Lost In Space". CD

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Maurice JarreMandingo/Plaza Suite (plus bonus tracks) ... CD CD format
Intrada, 1971/1975. New Copy ... $19.99
An unusually-matched pair of soundtracks from Maurice Jarre – both of which still have the composer working in a very creative way! Mandingo is a film set during the slavery years of the US south, and Jarre blends together lush instrumentation and American themes with a few more pointed, scene setting numbers – as well as two vocal tracks by Muddy Waters! Overall, the score's got that feel of rising Americana that graced some of the bigger historical epics of the period – and the CD features 20 tracks from the score, plus three more bonus titles too. Plaza Suite is a completely different film – a Neal Simon comedy done with a warmly jazzy score – very much in the best 70s adult style of the time, with a core theme that wraps through the whole thing nicely as it shifts and turns – often with a piano or organ line in the lead, some of which were played by Clare Fischer. There's only a few tracks from Plaza Suite on the CD, but they're all mighty nice – almost with a Mancini-esque 70s vibe! CD

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Michel LegrandOther Side Of Midnight ... CD CD format
20th Century/Intrada, 1977. New Copy ... $13.99
A fairly lush soundtrack from Michel Legrand – scored for a WWII period piece that starred Susan Sarandon, but done at a level that matches some of Legrand's more famous film music from the 70s! Orchestrations are rich, and filled with sentiment – and the album's got an especially strong standout theme – performed in a number of variations, and with haunting "Summer of 42"-styled piano tinkling over the larger string arrangements, in a very Legrand-like way! The 40s setting helps the soundtrack avoid any disco cliches – which were common at the time – and allows for a continued strong focus on Legrand's skills at the helm of the orchestra. Tracks include "Chanson Pour Noelle", "Paris Montage", "Late Dinner At Demeris", "Demeris' Party", and "Other Side Of Midnight". CD

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Michel LegrandSummer Of 42/Picasso Summer ... CD CD format
Intrada, 1969/1971. New Copy 2CD ... $21.99
A pair of great soundtracks from the legendary Michel Legrand – including a huge amount of never-heard work from The Picasso Summer! First up, though, is Summer Of 42 – one of Michel Legrand's greatest moments of the 70s – a sweetly romantic score that lasted a lot longer than the film it was written to accompany! The soundtrack features the haunting "Summer Of 42 Theme", also known as "The Summer Knows" – a drifting sad melody, done up here in a number of versions, and combined with some other orchestral themes written for various emotional passages in the film. Titles include "High IQ", "The Picasso Suite", "Summer Song", "Montage – But Not Full Picasso", "The Danger", and "Awakening Awareness". Picasso Summer is even more incredible – with a haunting main theme that's somewhere in the same territory as "42", but a really big range of music that extrapolates that theme with other warm melodies and the kind of perfectly balanced sensitive sounds we love so much from Legrand. The movie itself is quite obscure – an Albert Finney road trip in Europe that's almost Legrand's answer to Henry Mancini's Two For The Road – although Michel's music is often much more complex. 2CD package features the 11 track "Picasso Summer" suite, plus 23 more tracks from the soundtrack – including "Summer Song", "High IQ", "Chemin De Fer", "Pentaque", "To The Gates", "Lonely Two", "Apart", "The Cape & The Gore", "The Dancer", "Not Picasso", and "Head For Home". CD

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Henry ManciniDays Of Wine & Roses (with bonus tracks) ... CD CD format
Intrada, 1962. New Copy ... $19.99
One of the greatest Henry Mancini soundtracks of the 60s – and a record that showed the world that he could do a lot more than just crime jazz and groovy tunes! The title track is a well-known gem from the Mancini songbook – perfect for the bittersweet, melancholy of the film – and a great start for Mancini's music – which first shows some of the joy of the couple in the narrative, then moves into much bluer, deeper territory. There's an undercurrent of sadness that haunts even the more sprightly numbers – and some of the best instrumentation is handled by west coast jazzmen who include Pete Candoli and Don Fagerquist on trumpet, Harry Klee and Ted Nash on reeds, Bob Bain on guitar, and Larry Bunker on percussion. The music was never properly issued on record at the time – and this CD features very detailed notes, lots of images, and 27 tracks that include "Cocktail Hour", "No Guts", "A Sad Pop", "I Want To Go Home", "Man Meets Girl", and "Hi Fi". CD

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New Jerry GoldsmithShock Treatment/Fate Is The Hunter (with bonus tracks) ... CD CD format
Intrada, 1964. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A pair of great Jerry Goldsmith soundtracks – back to back on a single CD! Shock Treatment is a soundtrack that's as great as you might guess from the title – penned for a psycho-thriller, and done with a slight bit of "shock" in the music – not really electricity, but these odd tones that have a cool spacey feel at the best moments – similar to some of the ways that Goldsmith could work real magic with acoustic instrumentation on some of his sci fi scores. Even the more standard passages are pretty great – tense, and a real cut above the usual of the time. CD features bonus tracks added to the soundtrack – with titles that include "Broken Glass", "Home Work", "Night Scene", "Nelson's Seduction", "Another Treatment", "Hot Money", and "Nelson's Escape". Fate Is The Hunter has a decidedly different feel – kind of cool and gentle, almost watery at times – with an undercurrent of jazz that almost reminds us of some of Johnny Mandel's best soundtracks of the time! Titles include "Forest Scene", "Night Scene", "Moon Fish", "The Room", and "Fate Is The Hunter". CD

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New David AmramYoung Savages – Original Soundtrack ... CD CD format
Columbia/Intrada, 1961. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
An overlooked jazz soundtrack from early 60s Hollywood – and some amazing early work from composer David Amram! Amram's always had an ear for higher-concept versions of jazz – but his approach here is a wonderful blend of modernity and spontaneity – just right for the sort of energy of the film, and it's JD "young savages" theme – and played by a very hip group of musicians that include Harold Land or George Barrow on tenor, Teo Macero on alto, Toots Thielemans on harmonica, and Amram himself on piano – playing in this very cool Monk-like style. Some cuts are more jazz combo modes – like the long jazz numbers, including "Harold's Way Out", "True Blue", and "Las Muchacas Delicadas". Other cuts have more of a soundtrack approach, but still with great jazz elements – and these include "Rooftops", "Help", "Subway Sounds", and "Theme From The Young Savages". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Henry ManciniOnce Is Not Enough ... CD CD format
Intrada, 1975. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Well, we can never get enough Henry Mancini – and here he delivers a lush, lovely soundtrack for the Hollywood adaptation of Jacqueline Susann's Once Is Not Enough! It's a mid 70s work, but the feel is nicely in line with some his more elegant 60s soundtracks – with lightly soaring strings and a fairly intimate feel, lightened nicely by mellow keys and chimes. Titles include "Something For Alexis", "One More Jolt", "Mad Mike", "No Coming Back", "Nowhere To Go", "The Woman I Love", "No Coming Back", "The Soap Trick", "Holly", "Only In Movies" and many more. This Intrada version is loaded up with bonus material, too – with some additional edits that ultimately didn't make it into the film – and nearly 80 minutes of music in all! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Elmer BernsteinAva Collection (Walk On The Wild Side/Carpetbaggers/Caretakers/Baby The Rain Must Fall/To Kill A Mockingbird/Movie & TV Themes) ... CD CD format
AVA/Intrada, 1962/1963/1964/1965. New Copy 3 CDs ... Out Of Stock
A great collection of 60s soundtracks from Elmer Bernstein – all originally issued by the indie Ava label, where Bernstein was one of the biggest stars! Elmer had already had a number of years experience working in Hollywood – including some classic late 50s scores that perfectly mixed jazz with larger orchestrations, in a style he explored even more fully on some of the best material here. Yet some of the other soundtracks show Bernstein's increasingly good ear for a dramatic moment – the kind of under-done passages that really had a way of doing a lot with just a little – lessons learned from jazz, then recast back onto larger arrangements, but without any of the Hollywood bombast of decades before. These moments really make the soundtracks sparkle – bits of illumination that resonate strongly throughout the 3CD passage, and draw some surprising links between all the different film scores presented within. The set features five full soundtrack albums – Walk On The Wild Side, The Carpetbaggers, The Caretakers, Baby The Rain Must Fall, and To Kill A Mockingbird – plus the additional Movie & TV Themes record by Bernstein. CD

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New Konrad ElfersFuneral In Berlin (plus bonus tracks) ... CD CD format
RCA/Intrada, 1967. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
One of the grooviest Michael Caine spy films of the 60s – given an equally groovy soundtrack by Konrad Elfers! We don't know Elfers from other work of the time, but this album's a real standout – not the usual spy sort of work, although still with some great jazzy touches at times – including some wonderful reed passages – which are then mixed with some of the more tense, thriller-style elements that are served up with larger orchestrations – but always given this odd, offbeat style that reflects the unusual feel of Caine's films as Harry Palmer in the 60s. Titles include "The Funeral", "Fate Of Two Pawns", "Skating Rendezvous At Europa Centre", "Palmer Meets Samantha", and "Checkpoint Charlie". New version features better mastering than the previous CD, new notes, and four bonus tracks too! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Jerry GoldsmithPoltergeist II – The Other Side (with bonus tracks) ... CD CD format
Intrada/Kritzerland, 1986. New Copy 2 CDs ... Out Of Stock
Jerry Goldsmith's wonderful music for the second Poltergeist film – as equally great as the first film's score, but with some nice differences too! There's a great balance between moody electric moments and some starker, more dramatic ones – the kind of elements that Goldsmith could already craft so well in the 60s and 70s – served up here in one of his best overall soundtracks from the 80s. Slight moments of warmth keep things from ever being too unsettling – yet in the film, that's also one of the more unsettling qualities, too – and Jerry's not above some slight sentimental moments, just when the time is right. Tracks include "The Power", "The Mall", "The Dream", "Late Call", "Wild Braces", and "Leave Us Alone". 2CD version features 8 more bonus tracks – making this the biggest version of the score ever! CD
(Limited to 1500 copies.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Sol KaplanSpy Who Came In From The Cold ... CD CD format
RCA/Intrada, 1965. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A top notch soundtrack to this classic spy film by Sol Kaplan – and with a mix of jazz and orchestral themes that's similar to some of of our favorite Henry Mancini soundtracks from the same period! The main theme is nice and jazzy, with some good guitar, and a great crime theme vibe to it. Some other nice tracks are "The Pussy Willow Club" and "Pussy Willow Girl" – both with a loungey groove that's again nicely Mancini-ish – and other titles include "Waltz For A Spy", "The Compound", and "Piano Prelude". This excellent Intrada CD version includes the original 1965 soundtrack album material – which runs more than 30 minutes – followed by an addition half hour + of original soundtrack material! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Henry ManciniBreakfast At Tiffany's – Original Film Score ... CD CD format
RCA/Intrada, 1961. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
If you think you know the soundtrack to Breakfast At Tiffany's, then guess again – because this massive expanded version features the full film score – with way more music than was ever on the original album, or later CD releases! The 38 track set features all the great Mancini melodies – like "Moon River", "Sally's Tomato", and "Latin Golightly" – but also has lots of other wonderful incidental music, often underscored with jazz – plus some excellent elements from the soundtrack too, including a few variations on the "Moon River" theme, one with Audrey Hepburn and guitar! A lost treasure, finally out in a great package – with titles that include "A Lovely Place", "After The Heist", "Meet The Doc", "Exceptional Person", "Where's The Cat", "Just Like Holly", "Paul Meets Cat", and "Piano Practice No 1". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Elmer BernsteinThemes From General Electric Theater ... CD CD format
Columbia/Intrada, 1959. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Really wonderful work from the great Elmer Bernstein – from a relatively unlikely source as well! The music here was all composed for the General Electric Theater TV show – a regular anthology program hosted by Ronald Reagan, with a shifting dramatic cast – but one that's scored by Bernstein with all the richness of his best film work of the time – orchestrations that are even more amazing when you consider they were only meant to be heard from the small speaker of a television, and usually just for one time only! The album brings together some of the best Bernstein compositions from a variety of different programs – but there's a surprisingly unified feel throughout, and titles include "Enchante", "Passionelle", "Lavender Waltz", "The Highland Lovers", "David's Love Song", "Progress", "Mariachi", and "L'Amour Tristesse". CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Charles FoxFoul Play ... LP LP format
Arista, 1978. Very Good+ ... $1.99
A movie that's so familiar, we sometimes forget the greatness of its soundtrack! True, the film did give the world a few big hits from Barry Manilow, but the instrumental score by Charles Fox is mighty nice – a great blend of 70s cop/crime modes with a few tenser moments – orchestrated wonderfully with this approach that's still very classic in its instrumentation, while sparkling with just a few slight contemporary elements. And away from the performances on the screen, the music almost sounds even classier – elevated past PG comedy realm, into the range of classic film score! As usual, Intrada's done a great job with the notes – and titles include "Beware Of The Dwarf", "Help", "Love Theme", "Gloria Falls For Trap", "Foul Play Disco", "Scarface", and "Houseboat". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a cut corner and promo sticker.)