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James IngramIt's Real ... CD
Warner (Japan), 1989. New Copy ... $9.99
Great vocals and modern production – a mix of James Ingram's older roots in soul music, and some of the more contemporary soul modes coming down at the end of the 80s! Ingram's got a power in his voice that just won't quit – soaring out wonderfully and warmly, even when the rhythms are stark and electric – never buried too far in the mix, like some of his contemporaries on the scene. The album's split into two sides – "It's Real Hard" and "It's Real Soft" – the former of which is mostly upbeat, pop-soul material, the latter more ballads and key quiet storm tracks. Titles include "Call On Me", "It's Real", "So Fine", "Love Come Down", "Baby Be Mine", "Love 1 Day At A Time", "Someday We'll All Be Free", and "A Natural Man". CD

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✨✧ Ingram KingdomFunk Is In Our Music (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Excello/KTI (Japan), 1976. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A beautiful little album from the earliest days of the Ingram empire in soul – recorded long before any of the individual members had gone onto bigger mainstream fame, and done in a way that has lots of righteous indie touches! Sister Barbara sings lead vocals on most of the tracks – bringing a slightly spiritual quality to the ensemble funk mode of the group – in a way that reminds us a bit of the few early Kool & The Gang tracks that sport female vocals. But there's also a great New Jersey soul kind of quality to the set too – a mode that sometimes slips into gentle harmonies, then rolls into harder funk at other points. Other members of the group include Butch, Billy, Timmy, Jimmy, and Johnny Ingram – and titles include "The Funk Is In Our Music", "He's Mine", "Music Is Our Message", "Tried It And Liked It", "Put Your Troubles Behind", and "What Else Can I Say". CD
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Jean CarneGive It Up ... CD
Essential/Society Hill, 2015. New Copy ... $8.99 16.98
The great Jean Carne, still very much at the top of her game – and going strong at a level that none of her contemporaries from the old days could ever hope to match! Carne's an artist that we've loved for decades, and one who's continued to keep the soul and sophistication in her music, no matter what the setting – evolving over the years, yet never selling out or going for any sort of easy roads ahead. Instead, she's stayed very much her own person – a marvelous talent that shines strongly here in the company of producer Butch Ingram – who brings just the right mix of old school and contemporary styles to bear on the record, at a level that's similar to some of his other excellent Society Hill productions in recent years. Carne's jazz roots are still strong – as you'll hear especially on the album's version of Wayne Shorter's "Infant Eyes" – and guests include Don Ward and David Simmons, on other titles that include "She's All Alone", "Give It Up", "Everybody Knows", "Life Keeps Going On", "Come Home To Me", and "One Night Stand". CD

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DecoFresh Idea ... CD
Qwest/Warner (Japan), 1983. New Copy ... $13.99
A definite fresh idea from Deco – a duo that features Philip Ingram on keyboards and vocals – with lots of help from Zen Giles on additional vocals and guitar! The pair harmonize together beautifully – with a sound that's as full as most of the groups of the time, but not nearly as clunky – a lean groove that's augmented by the sweet production from Ollie E Brown, who reminds us again that he was one of the few mainstream producers from the period who could keep his ears to the street, yet come across with a commercial tightness too! The record's a real overlooked gem – a major label set that's got all the charm of the best electro soul indies – but served up with a slight jazzy flourish at times that really makes things great. Titles include "Let's Pretend", "Delicious", "Fresh Idea", "Someone Special", "I'm So Glad I Met You", "Live My Fantasy", and "Burned By A Bad Match". CD

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Dr CheekoFire In D Hole ... CD
Society Hill, 2015. New Copy ... $13.99 16.98
One of the more unusual artists on the Philly-revival label Society Hill – a singer who's younger than most of their roster, and who also has roots in the Caribbean too! Production and arrangements are by Butch Ingram, who gives the set a similar modern soul update to other projects for the label – but there's a slight difference in the rhythms, which have a fair bit of tropical currents – although still more in a soul mode than dancehall or soca. Titles include "Rock Steady", "Cherish The Day", "Say I Love You", "Mama See Parade", "Fun Fun Fun", "A Nice Girl Like You", and a remake of "Right Place Wrong Time". CD

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Ronnie DysonPhase 2/Brand New Day ... CD
Cotillion/Real Gone, 1982/1983. New Copy ... $10.99 15.98
A pair of later albums from the great Ronnie Dyson – both of which show him moving strongly well into the 80s! The first set is a self-stated Phase 2 in Ronnie Dyson's career – one that has him moving with a bit more confidence than before, and nicely maturing into a sweet 80s sort of sound! Bobby Eli's at the helm, both on production and rhythm arrangements – and the style here is almost a bit more sophisticated than Dyson's earlier work – kind of that Philly Modern that some of Eli's older contemporaries were hitting. There's no standout hits, but the album's got a nice sense of balance because of that – and overall, the instrumentation's more late 70s than some of the thinner 80s commercial modes. Titles include "Now", "Say You Will", "Heart To Heart", "One More Chance For The Fool", and "Even In The Darkest Night". On Brand New Day, Ronnie's a long way from his falsetto soul hits of the early 70s – but he's seriously back on track as a soul artist, thanks to some smooth help from the Ingram family! Butch Ingram produced the album, and the rest of the Ingrams helped out on instruments, vocals, and even some of the songwriting. In fact, this is more of an Ingram record – with a sound that's very much like their work from the same time – than it is a Ronnie Dyson album. Not that that's a problem, though, as the record's a pretty nice batch of 80s groovers that includes the tracks "You Better Be Fierce", "I Gave You All Of Me", "Tender Lovin Care", "Waiting For You", and "All Over Your Face". CD

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Heavy WeatherMovin Easy ... CD
Society Hill/Essential, 2014. New Copy ... $14.99
Killer funk from Heavy Weather – a contemporary combo, but one who groove like it's 1982! The group have a tight ensemble approach that rivals that of The Gap Band, Cameo, or Con Funk Shun at their best – all instrumentation right on the money, with a sharp focus that hardly belies the size of the group! The sound is sharp and tight, but never slick or smooth – and these guys use a fair bit of keyboards amidst their snapping grooves and basslines – but always with a touch that's more than warm enough to match the vocals. Butch Ingram produced – and the set shows all his great experience in funky soul over the years – and titles include "Movin Easy", "Let The Music Take You On A Ride", "Ain't No Thang", "Wonderlove", "Stick To It", and "I Came To Dance". CD

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IllusionsIllusions ... CD
Society Hill/Essential, 2014. New Copy ... $14.99
Warm harmony soul in the best Philly mode – work from the Illusions trio, who've got one of their city landmarks featured very prominently on the cover! The group have a style that's a nice throwback to older east coast harmony soul of the 70s – that great moment when groups like this were really able to focus on their sound, and come across with a mature, classy style that few acts from other cities could do this well! The Illusions continue that great tradition, and work here with strong Philly help from Butch Ingram and other Ingram members – who keep things in a perfectly laidback mode to fit the mellow spirit of the vocals. Titles include "Let's Make A Baby", "Darlin Darlin Baby", "I'll Never Love The Same Way Twice", "What's Come Over Me", "I Told You So", and "Think About Tomorrow". CD

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Wardell PiperSpell ... CD
Society Hill/Essential, 2015. New Copy ... $13.99 16.98
The first full album from Wardell Piper in many many years – but a set that feels like it came right on the heels of her late 70s disco classics! Wardell looks surprisingly youthful on the cover, and sounds the same on the set – working with a sweet groove that mixes mellow steppers with more upbeat club tracks – of the sort she recorded famously many years back! Butch Ingram arranged and produced, with lots of help from the larger Ingram Family – who keep the groove mighty cool – and titles include "Spell", "Locked In This Position", "Don't I Ever Cross Your Mind", "After All", "I'm In Love With You", "Make It Last", and "Look To The Children". CD

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Salsoul OrchestraUp The Yellow Brick Road (with bonus track) ... CD
Salsoul/Big Break (UK), 1978. New Copy ... $8.99
One of the stranger moments in the Salsoul catalog, but a great groover too – an album of tunes from films, interpreted by the Salsoul Orchestra in a soaring disco mode! The style was one that was certainly aimed at the more mainstream club-goers at the time – a way to reach out to the older crowds out on Long Island, and find the kind of tunes that would bring them back into the discos. But thanks to Vince Montana, the overall style is still pretty nice – soaring and complicated in true Salsoul fashion, and featuring vocals on most numbers from a trio that includes Barbara Ingram – who really helps give the music a new sort of sparkle. Titles include "Evergreen", "Ease On Down The Road", "West Side Story Medley", and "Fiddler On The Roof Medley". CD features a bonus track – "West Side Story (12" disco version)". CD

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Roy WilliamsReal Thing ... CD
Society Hill, 2015. New Copy ... $13.99 16.98
Great late solo work from Roy Williams – an east coast soul singer who's worked in both the Intruders and Executive Suite over the years – stepping out here on his own, with help from Butch Ingram and the whole Ingram Family! Williams has that nice crackle at times he brought to the Intruders – that way of keeping the group's unique lead style intact, while also moving into smoother, more adult modes – which Roy continues even more strongly here on the album's few jazz-styled numbers. Yet we'll be honest and say that the soul tracks work best – Williams is the kind of singer who can slide better into a groove, rather than carry a lead upfront on his own – and titles include "Foolish Heart", "Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing", "It's The Same Old Song", "Together", "Easy", "Give Give Give", and "Uptight". CD

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✨✧ Salsoul OrchestraHow High (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Salsoul/Big Break (UK), 1979. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
The Salsoul Orchestra in all of its glory – flying high away from Vince Montana on this later release – but still soaring to new heights with help from Bunny Sigler and other Philly talents! The groove is every bit as upbeat as before – Philly club at its best, with lots of help from a classic Sigma Sound lineup – plus some lead vocal work from Cognac, and backups by Barbara Ingram, Ron Tyson, and Bunny Sigler himself! Tunes often have this playful, sing-song sort of groove – similar to Sigler's own club work from the time – which maybe makes them even catchier and more tuneful than before. Titles include "How High", "My Number's Up", "I'll Keep You Warm", "Resorts International", and "Stop & Think". CD features bonus tracks – "How High (Larry Levan rmx)", "Nothing Can Change This Love", "Catch Me On The Rebound (12" inst)", and "How High (single)". CD

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✨✧ SwitchSwitch (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Gordy/Big Break (UK), 1978. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A seminal bit of seventies soul from Switch, and a record that really helped set the tone for countless others to come in the 80s – no surprise, given that the group's got members from both the DeBarge and Ingram families! There's a warmth here that few others can match – an earnest, honest quality that never gets lost, even amidst the well-crafted instrumentation and tight production of the record – almost an updated legacy of the early 70s east coast scene, but never polished up too much at all! There's some wonderful harmonies that work perfectly on both the upbeat and mellower numbers – warming things up beautifully on titles that include "It's So Real", "I Wanna Be With You", "I Wanna Be Closer", "You Pulled A Switch", and "There'll Never Be". CD features bonus tracks – single versions of "There'll Never Be" and "I Wanna Be Closer". CD

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✨✧ VariousTouch Of Northern Soul – 25 Dance Floor Classics To Touch Your Soul ... CD
Outta Sight (UK), Late 60s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Way more than just a "touch" of Northern Soul – as the set's overflowing with upbeat soul tracks from the 60s – including a fair bit we've not seen on other collections! The set list mixes big names with talents from the underground – and the grooves are often in the tightest modes that Detroit or Philly had to offer at the time – even though the artists included come from a much wider range of scenes! The package features some key tracks that have only been rediscovered by Northern Soul fans in recent years – mixed with more than really lets the whole set burn brightly all the way through. Title sinclude "I Still Love You" by Seven Souls, "When We Get There" by Paul Anka, "Night Owl" by Bobby Paris, "I'll Always Need You" by Dean Courtney, "What's It Gonna Be" by Susan Barrett, "Exus Trek" by Luther Ingram, "The Ice Man" by Billy Watkins, "Dance With Me" by The Blendells, "One More Hurt" by Marjorie Black, "Better Use Your Head" by Dennis D'Ell, "I've Got The Need" by Spooky & Sue, and "Miss Treatment" by The Incredibles. Also includes a few surprising 70s tracks – like "I Wanna Give You Tomorrow" by Benny Troy, "In The Bottle" by Brother To Brother, and "What A Difference A Day Makes" by Esther Phillips. CD

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✨✧ David SimmonsLove Tonight ... CD
Society Hill/Essential, 2015. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
David Simmons is a Philly soul singer from way way back – part of that second wave of Philly 70s talent that broke on the WMOT label at the end of the decade, and still going surprisingly strong after all these years away from the studio! Simmons is part of this great generation of Philly soul talents who seem to be reemerging in recent years – directed in the studio by producer/arranger Butch Ingram – who, like Simmons, has matured nicely with age – and finds the right kind of groove to match the smooth, sophisticated style of David's vocals. The approach is a bit like later solo material from Teddy Pendergrass – in the best adult Philly mode – and titles include "Love Tonight", "The World Belongs To Me", "Yesterday's Song", "I'm In Love Again", "Holding Back", and "Hooked On You". CD

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✨✧ David SimmonsSmother Me ... CD
Society Hill/Essential, 1986. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A never-heard record from Philly soul singer David Simmons – a set recorded in the middle of the 80s, but issued here for the very first time! David gets great help on the record from James Ingram – who helps with the arrangements, and helps Simmons hit the same sort of groove he was doing on his own work of the period – a mix of mature, masculine soul ballads, and a few more upbeat numbers that help round out the record nicely! Instrumentation is definitely in a mid 80s mode – lots of electric rhythms and keyboard lines – but Simmons' vocals are wonderfully warm, and seem to only get better and better with each new track – at a level that's got us wondering why he was stuck in the Philly underground for so many years, and never broke bigger as a national artist. Titles include "Going Through Changes", "I Can't Live Without You", "Heaven Knows", "Smother Me", "You Don't Know", and "Spend The Night". CD

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