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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Tony Aiken & FutureLiberation ... CD
Boom Shot, 2016. New Copy ... $6.99
You might remember Tony Aiken for his classic funk album Unity, from the 70s – and here, he's back again – after nearly 40 years away from the studio! The album's got a style that's a lot more reggae-influenced than before – maybe not totally a reggae record, given the other influences that Tony brings to bear – but a style that's definitely Jamaican overall, especially in the rhythms! The project features a big number of guests – as you can probably guess from the images on the front cover – all given a soulful spirit by Tony's lead. Package lists no song titles at all – but there are 10 tracks total. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Tony Aiken & Future 2000Unity – Sing It Shout It ... CD
Kimsha/Boom Shot, 1976. New Copy ... $6.99 15.98
A mindblower – and the kind of record we only come across once in a blue moon! Tony Aiken & Future 2000 were an obscure mid 70s group from New York – all players skilled in the burgeoning club scene of the time, but who also had their roots in Caribbean music – coming together for this unique record in a festive blend of early disco and funky styles! The record's got a great home-grown feel – a warm ensemble effort that's got equal parts soul and groove – and which bubbles over with personal touches that really make the tracks stand out from the pack. Includes the side-long jammer "Unity Sing It Shout It", plus the funky disco classic "Better Days", and the soulful cuts "She Loves Me", "Good Things", and "Time Tunnel". CD also features lots of bonus tracks too – "Jah Music", "Jah Music (dub)", "Doing Fine", "Doing Fine (dub)", "Skanking On The A Train", and "Holy Father". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Leaders Of The New SchoolFuture Without A Past ... CD
Elektra/Traffic, 1991. New Copy ... $6.99 15.98
The amazing debut of those most hyperactive of the Native Tongues, the short-lived, ultra fresh Leaders Of The New School! Busta & Co. splintered apart after just two albums, but this will always be a shiny trophy in the mantle with the all time freshest East Coast hip hop. It sounds great to this day, particularly those Eric "Vietnam" Sadler cuts. Tracks include "Case Of The P.T.A.", "Too Much On My Mind", "What's The Pinocchio Theory?", "Sobb Story", "Sound Of The Zeekers @#^**?!", "Feminine Fatt", "Transformers", "Show Me A Hero", "Trains, Planes & Automobiles", "Teachers, Don't Teach Us Nonsense!", "My Ding-A-Ling", and "Where Do We Go From Here?". CD
Also available Future Without A Past ... CD 4.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Damon Locks & Black Monument EnsembleWhere Future Unfolds ... CD
International Anthem, 2019. New Copy ... $10.99 11.99
An amazing record from Chicago musician/artist Damon Locks – maybe the album he's been waiting his entire life to make – and the first to really bring together the mighty sum of his many talents! The material was recorded live in performance at Chicago's Garfield Park Conservatory – at an event that also included a group of singers and dancers to augment the musical performance – in a setting that gives Damon's majestic vision the proper setting it really deserves! Locks himself moves between electronics and vocal performances – in a core instrumental group that's heavy on drums and percussion from Dana Hall, clarinets from Angel Bat Dawid, and more percussion from Arif Smith – making music that's even more beautiful when the singers come into the mix, and take the energy to the sky with a very cosmic, righteous vibe. Locks has given us a glimpse of his vision in artwork, music, and writings over the years – but this time around, it feels like we're seeing the full scope at once – with more power and meaning than ever before. Titles include "Solar Power", "Rebuild A Nation", "Which I Believe It Will", "The Colors That You Bring", "The Future", "From A Spark To A Fire", "Black Monument Theme", and "Sounds Like Now". CD
Also available Where Future Unfolds ... LP 20.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
PolyrhythmicsMan From The Future ... CD
Color Red, 2020. New Copy ... $10.99 11.98
The Polyrhythmics always manage to give us something groovy – and this set's got their trademark style of shifting rhythms laced with lots of tight guitar – partly old school funk, but also graced with some contemporary elements too! The guitar of Ben Bloom is often the lead solo instrument, but also does plenty as part of the rhythmic pulse too – alongside sharp drums, bad-stepping basslines, and nice use of horns in a way that really just peppers the groove, different than more horn-based funk. There's also some sweet keyboards on most tracks – and titles include "Chelada", "In The Trees", "Man From The Future", "Yeti Set Go", and "The Cutdown". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Curtis CounceExploring The Future (remastered edition – with bonus tracks) ... CD
Dooto/Boplicity (UK), 1958. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A great little album that's every bit as wonderful as you might expect from its cover – one of the key late 50s sides as a leader from bassist Curtis Counce – cut with a killer lineup that includes Harold Land on tenor sax, Rolf Ericson on trumpet, and Elmo Hope on piano! The set's got the mix of modernism and soul bop leanings you might expect from the players – a really fresh approach that comes off especially well in the non-iconic production style of the Dootone label – a mode that really let the players do their own thing, and break out from some of the tighter restrictions of other LA labels on the scene. Frank Butler completes the quintet on drums – and titles include "The Countdown", "Into The Orbit", "Race For Space", "Move", "Angel Eyes", and "So Nice". CD also features 4 bonus tracks – "Foreplay", "Chasin The Bird", "Move (unedited version)", and "Head Gear (Countdown) (unedited version)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ PleasureFuture Now ... CD
Fantasy/BGP (UK), 1979. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A wonderful album from Pleasure – a group who were already great before, but who really seem to hit a great new level with this late 70s classic! Pleasure started out as a sweet jazz/funk combo with a great edge to their music – but by the time of this set, they'd actually gotten even tighter and better – but all without losing their depth at all! Most of the group's contemporaries just got slick and commercial – but instead, Pleasure found a way to hone their skills wonderfully – and take on some new spacey and electric touches in the process – definitely pointing towards the funky future promised in the title. The set's filled with some of the funkiest and most soulful moments of the group's career – including "Space is the Place", which has great funky drums on the intro; the mellow "Thoughts of Old Flames", a real stunner with a great moody feel; and the classic "Glide", a great dancefloor groover that still stands up well. Other tracks are all great too – and include "Universal", "Strong Love", "Nothin To It", and "Dedication To The Past". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousBamaLoveSoul Presents – On Deck Vol 2 – Future Soul Classics For The New B Boy Generation ... CD
BBE (UK), 2014. New Copy Gatefold ... Out Of Stock
A great selection of future soul tracks, all handpicked by radio DJ Radhu – an American talent with ears that may well rival those of Gilles Peterson for finding the sounds we'll all enjoy tomorrow! The work here is from a wide range of the soulful underground – not just Neo Soul, but work inspired by a number of different styles and modes – selected and spaced perfectly by Radhu, so that the freshness of one track really seems to infect another! We honestly hadn't heard of most of the artists here before – as they're true "bubblers", picked from the lesser-known corners of the underground. Titles include "Calm" by Gdna, "Silence (midnight mix)" by Jevon Reynolds, "Shangri La" by James Tillman, "Diligence" by Stephanie Nicole, "Intoxicated" by Joomanji, "Fallen" by Rippy Austin, "Where Did We Go Wrong" by Anu Sun, and "Ultraviolet" by Aisha Mars. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ FruuppWise As Wisdom – The Dawn Albums 1973 to 1975 (Future Legends/Seven Secrets/Prince Of Heaven's Eyes/Modern Masquerades/bonus tracks) (4CD set) ... CD
Dawn/Esoteric (UK), Early 70s. New Copy 4CD ... Out Of Stock
Very unusual music from Fruupp – a group who issued these four albums on the always-unusual Dawn label – one of the most-trusted UK prog imprints of the early 70s! The sound of Fruupp is a bit hard to peg – as they're very proggy on their debut, but also clearly have a strong ear for more tuneful moments – almost like they've secretly got a few pop songs they're waiting for expose at the right time – although maybe that's just the production, because as things move on, the group more strongly embrace this vaguely medieval aesthetic, although again always with shorter tunes that feel like they could easily become hits in the right hands. Part of that quality is from the strength of the instrumentation, which really focuses the energy of the songs – even when the group is moving off into oboe or flute territory next to their guitars and keyboards. The box set features all four albums with original cover art – Future Legends, Seven Secrets, Prince Of Heaven's Eyes, and Modern Masquerades – plus the bonus tracks "Prince Of Heaven", "Jaunting Car", and "On A Clear Day". CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Michael HurleyArmchair Boogie (LP style sleeve) ... CD
Raccoon/Future Days, 1969. New Copy Gatefold ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A great record from folk rock oddball Michael Hurley – with spare, ragged little solo guitar & vocal tunes that greatly showcase both Hurley's easygoing, slowly rolling along vocals, as well has his piercing, high emphatic howls– plus more fleshed out tunes with the band, full of groovy, eccentric instrumentation. He brings in some fiddle and mandolin for a rustic feel here and there, a coronet that lends a bit of a jazzy cognizance, and more streamlined, folk rock touches. The album includes a Hurley staple or two, including "Werewolf" – plus "Grand Canyon Line", "English Nobleman", "Be Kind To Me", "Troubled Waters", "Sweedeedee", "Open Up", "Jocko's Lament", "Light Green Fellow", "Get The Best Of Me", "Biscuut Roller", "When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano" and "Penguins". CD
(Deluxe gatefold tip-on CD sleeve. Includes reproduction of the original 36 page cartoon booklet.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Michael HurleyHi Fi Snock Uptown (LP style sleeve) ... CD
Raccoon/Future Days, 1972. New Copy Gatefold ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Raw & rambling folk sounds from Michael Hurly – recorded in early '72 – some of his better material of the era, living up to if not surpassing his Armchair Boogie of a couple years earlier! Michael's in seemingly amiable spirit here on some tunes, and standing on shakier ground or in scarier waters at other points, with some country rock tinged jams and weirdo troubadour numbers. Titles include "Blue Driver", "Water Train", "The Sun Is Slowly Sinking", "I'm Worried, I'm Worried", "In Florida", "Lilly Pads Upon The Pond", "Trinidad" and more. CD
(Deluxe gatefold tip-on CD sleeve.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Lee MosesTime & Place ... CD
Maple/Future Days, 1971. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A lost deep soul set from Lee Moses – a relatively obscure vocalist, but one who we'd rank right up there with James Carr, Wilson Pickett, or any of their contemporaries! Lee's music has a hard southern soul feel to it – sounding almost like a pile of 45s from a label like Sound Stage 7, or some more obscure imprint from below the Mason-Dixon line – even though the record was issued on the Maple label up north. And possibly it's Lee's odd northern placement with a deeply southern style that never got him his due back in the day – but that loss is our gain, as the record's an under-discovered treasure that's filled with really hard-wailing soul tunes! There's a slightly garagey feel to the production – quite gritty at times, with even more of an earthier undercurrent than you'd hear on work from Memphis or Muscle Shoals – and Lee matches this sound wonderfully with a really raspy approach to vocals. Titles include a great version of "California Dreaming", plus the tracks "Time & Place", "Got That Will", "Every Boy & Girl", "Hey Joe", "Free At Last", and "Adorable One". CD
Also available Time & Place (plus bonus tracks) ... CD 39.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Tim BuckleyLady Give Me Your Key – The Unissued 1967 Solo Acoustic Sessions ... CD
Future Days, 1967. New Copy Gatefold ... Out Of Stock
A lost treasure for any fan of Tim Buckley – material from two different sessions recorded in 1967, both of which include a few songs that never appeared elsewhere! As the title implies, the recordings here are acoustic – mostly with guitar and Buckley's vocals very much upfront in the mix, at a level that traces an even deeper line back to folk music – but which, throughout, is always graced by that amazing sense of phrasing that made Tim unlike any of his contemporaries! The stripped-down setting is a fantastic one for his vocals – which are possibly even more mindblowing without any sort of studio arrangement or fancy production. Material comes from one rare reel-to-reel tape, only recently discovered – and a rare acetate of another session – and the sound quality for both is great. The package comes with detailed notes on the material, and an in-depth interview with co-lyricism Larry Beckett – and titles include "Sixface", "Contact", "Pleasant Street", "Lady Give Me Your Key", "Once Upon A Time", "Marigold", "Carnival Song", "She's Back Again", and "I Can't Leave You Lovin Me". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Family Of ApostolicFamily Of Apostolic ... CD
Vanguard/Future Days, 1968. New Copy Gatefold ... Out Of Stock
A beautifully trippy record – recorded by a loose collective of musicians and singers brought together around the scene at Apostolic Studios, in a relaxed setting that makes for some of the most offbeat sounds you'll ever hear on the Vanguard label in the 60s! There's more of a Fugs/ESP vibe than Vanguard's usual folk or psych – and the whole thing almost comes across more like a "happening" than a record – with shifting styles, shifting participants, and a mix of modes that runs from folk, to acoustic psych, and embraces global elements too – as the instrumentation moves between guitars, piano, harmonium, oud, organ, chimes, mandolin, and many more instrumental elements. Singers shift nicely, too – and the credits even list some participants as playing water, and also coughing, sniffling, and yawning too. Lyrics are nicely hippy-dippy –optimistic, with almost child-like sense of innocence – and titles include "Devil's Yard", "Down The Road", "Zoo Song", "Spring Song", "I Won't Be Sad Again", "Saigon Girls", and "Personality". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Terry ReidOther Side Of The River ... CD
Warner/Future Days, 1973. New Copy Gatefold ... Out Of Stock
The title's a great one – as the set's kind of a companion to Terry Reid's legendary River album – pulled together from tapes recorded around the same time as that session – and featuring six completely new tunes, and five very different alternates of songs on the previous record! The material is wonderful – that genre-bending style that made Reid one of the real underground heroes of his time – a mode steeped in the British love of blues in the 60s, but set loose on a whole range of rootsier styles and more personal modes here – and even given a very special Brazilian influence on one unusual track done in collaboration with Gilberto Gil! Willie Bobo plays percussion on a few tracks, too – and these titles have never been issued at all – just rumored about for years, and finally discovered in the Warner Brothers vault. Titles include "Country Brazilian Funk", "Let's Go Down", "Avenue", "Things To Try", "Sabyla", "Anyway", "Celtic Melody", "Late Nite Idea", "Listen With Eyes", and "River". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Bo DiddleyBlack Gladiator ... CD
Checker/Future Days, 1970. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A wicked reinvention of the sound of Bo Diddley – a set that electrifies his groove even more than before – and takes him into the same mix of funk and blues that Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf were exploring at the time! This album's right up there with the two Cadet/Chess classics by both of those artists – and is possibly even more messed-up too – with lots of jagged edges that push past the usual Bo Diddley groove – even though that classic sense of rhythm is still at the core to drive things along! We don't know who's playing drums, but they've got a nice heavy handed approach that makes these tracks really boom – and the set's in a massively funky style that's taken far too many years to be acknowledged for in the mainstream! Lots of nice ones, including "Shut Up Woman", "Funky Fly", "Power House", "Black Soul", "Elephant Man", and "I've Got A Feeling". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Third PowerBelieve (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Vanguard/Future Days, 1970. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A hell of a heavy record from this obscure Detroit combo – a trio who only ever cut this one rare album for Vanguard, but who work with a fuzzy frenzy to rival the MC5 or Stooges at the time! The shaggy sounds of Detroit burst strongly from the grooves right from the start – and there's also a current of some of the deeper, darker work coming out of the UK at the time too – the kind of post-Cream material that was bubbling up in the years before heavier metal, given a nicely sinister spin by Third Power! The set was amazingly produced by Samuel Charters – a name more associated with folksy and bluesy projects – and Sam also plays a bit of piano and organ with the group, too. Titles include "Gettin Together", "Passed By", "Like Me Love Me", "Crystalline Chandelier", "Won't Beg Anymore", and "Lost In A Daydream". CD features 11 bonus tracks – two from a Baron Records 45, and 9 more unreleased numbers from their second album – with titles that include "It's So Hot Outside", "Streets Of Heaven", "Cartune", "Got A Hold", "We You I", and "Snow". CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Larry CarltonWith A Little Help From My Friends/Singing Playing ... CD
BGO (UK), 1968/1973. New Copy ... $13.99
Two early gems from guitarist Larry Carlton – back to back on a single CD! First up is the Uni album With A Little Help From My Friends – pre-fusion, and done at a time when a whole generation of guitarists were trying to find a way forward – and experimenting in a number of different formats! The vibe here is maybe like some of the Wes Montgomery or George Benson Verve or CTI records of the late 60s – really chromatic guitar lines that carve out a beautiful lead over some arrangements that are fuller than a combo, but never overdone – arranged by Foster Wakefield, who we don't know at all – but with the tasteful spaciousness of a Claus Ogerman or a Don Sebesky! Larry sounds great on the record – really working out some lines that are quite different than a jazz guitarist might have sounded a few years before – and strongly pointing the way to his future. Titles include "With A Little Help From My Friends", "Don't You Care", "Mac Arthur Park", "Odd Couple", "Eleanor Rigby", and "Monday Monday". Next is Singing/Playing, and the title's no lie – as Larry Carlton steps out in a warmly-produced session that's got a really sweet LA studio vibe – one that mixes together early fusion backings and compressed vocalizations – in a way that maybe makes the whole thing feel like an overlooked A&M Records gem from the Nick DeCaro years! Larry's got this easygoing vocal style that's very down to earth, and set up in these sweet arrangements directed by Stewart Levine – soulful, jazzy, and with occasional currents of funk – and with some great keyboard touches from MIchael Omartin next to Larry's guitar and vocals. Titles include the great "American Family", plus "Wavin & Smilin", "Easy Evil", "Free Way", "Captain Captain", and "With Respect To Coltrane". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ CoultrainAdventures Of Seymour Liberty (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Juju Dust/P-Vine (Japan), 2007. New Copy ... $22.99
Spacey soul from Coultrain – an up-and-coming singer from the St Louis scene, and one with a really unique sort of sound! The album's a wonderful debut effort – far more mature and complex than you might expect, with a really cosmic feel that's somewhere between 70s spacey soul and some of the more future-thinking work from the recent Detroit scene – yet all put together with a sense of timing and phrasing that's clearly Coultrain's own! Rhythms range from mellow and straightforward, to more complicated and angular – and Coultrain's voice is often great enough on its own, but sometimes sounds even better with a bit of flanged-out production. Titles include "Green", "Lilac Tree", "Screw", "Girl Of My Dreams", "Swimmin In The Stars", "Lost In Translation", "Playin Catch Up", "Self Pity", "Who R U", and "Endangered Species". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Michael DeaseNever More Here ... CD
Posi tone, 2019. New Copy ... $8.99 15.99
Michael Dease is as great a writer as he is a trombonist – which is to say a heck of a lot – but this time around, he opens the door to a wider range of jazz history – by offering up his own arrangements of tunes by Jimmy Heath, Jackie McClean, JJ Johnson, Eric Alexander, and others who've gone down the path before him! Dease always has a fantastic ear for color and rhythm – and that really comes through here, as he works with a fantastic lineup that features Steve Wilson on reeds, Renee Rosnes on piano, Gerald Cannon on bass, and Lewis Nash on drums – all players that have an equal mastery of color, which really comes through as the album moves on! The Dease approach to phrasing is fantastic – maybe in a space between JJ Johnson and Curtis Fuller during their classic years – and as you might imagine, Rosnes and Wilson are a delight, too. Titles include "Shortcake", "Frenzy", "Lament", "Milestones", "A Harmonic Future", "I Wish I Knew", and "For Hofsa". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Earth Wind & FireEarth Wind & Fire/Need Of Love ... CD
Warner/BGO (UK), 1971. New Copy ... $13.99
A pair of spiritual soul classics – the rare early Warner Brothers albums from Earth Wind & Fire – back to back on a single CD! Earth, Wind & Fire's first album was recorded at a time when the group recently had ties to the Chicago soul and jazz scenes, and a range of experience that ran the gamut from work with Sun Ra, the Artistic Heritage Ensemble, The Pharoahs, Ramsey Lewis, and countless other influential groups. Headed up by Maurice White on drums and percussion, the group forged an amazing blend of all these influences, creating a future soul sound that pushed black music to the next level – taking a wealth of previously underground modes of expression, and fusing them into a soaring sound that would soon put them at the top of the charts. This album's a lot looser and freer than their Columbia albums – with plenty of raw funk and some nice off-beat jazz soling. Includes the classic break track "C'Mon Children", plus "Fan The Fire", "Bad Tune", and "Moment Of Truth". Need Of Love is one of the two early Earth Wind & Fire LPs recorded for Warner – and the one that shows their amazing roots in the avant-garde jazz scene in Chicago! At the forefront, the record's a righteous soul album with an ensemble funk sound – but deeper in, there's a lot of jazz-based playing, and a number of moments that almost get "out" in the solos! Surely this one couldn't have been made without the spiritual advancements in jazz made by the AACM – and EWF couldn't have helped rubbing shoulders with those players, considering that they all often gigged together in the Chicago studio scene, and that they'd also shared some time together in groups like The Pharoahs and Phil Cohran's Artistic Heritage Ensemble. Titles include "Energy", "Beauty", and a nice remake of Donny Hathaway's "Everything is Everything". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Edison Electric BandBless You Dr Woodward ... CD
Atlantic/Water, 1970. New Copy ... $7.99 17.99
The only album ever issued by this very groovy group – a quartet who wandered from Philly to San Francisco in the late 60s – where they clearly picked up the right sort of energy to let their freak flag fly! Yet these guys aren't totally Bay Area, either – as they've got more of the east coast roots that echo their start in the Philly scene a few years before – almost that mix of tightness and hipness that graced some of the best Long Island groups who were finding their way into New York during the same generation. There's plenty going on here – especially some nice songwriting, and a way of appreciating influences from blues and soul music – yet never coming across as a blues rock band at all. Titles include "Baby Leroy", "Over The Hill", "Ship Of The Future", "West Wind", "Royal Fool", "Lebanese Packhorse", and "Smokehouse". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Electro Keyboard OrchestraElectro Keyboard Orchestra ... CD
Columbia/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1975. New Copy ... $14.99
Electric keyboards galore – and a sweet 70s album from Japan! The set features a large group of Japanese keyboard players – all playing Korg synthesizers, in styles that range from laidback and mellow to upbeat and funky! The group's got core backing by a tight rhythm combo – electric guitar, bass, and drums setting up the pace on some of the most driving numbers – but overall, most of the sound is from the electric keys – making for a really groovy little record that's got lots of cool 70s soundtrack touches, and plenty of tracks that sound like they were lifted off of American cop or crime scores of the time! Titles include "The Fire Dance", "Mother Of The Future", "Mayflower", "Ironsides", "Heated Point", "Soaring Seagull", and "The African Dawn". Great break on "The Heated Point" too! CD
(Part of the "Nippon Jazz Spirits 48" series!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Martha HighNothing's Going Wrong ... CD
Blind Faith (Italy), 2019. New Copy ... $6.99
Martha High has a hell of a legacy in soul music – one that includes early work with James Brown, and a surprisingly strong run of recent records that includes this well-crafted gem! Martha's singing here with a younger group from Italy, but the sound is very old school throughout – and maybe even better than some of the treatment that High ever received back in the day – a beautiful blend of funk and soul elements, with plenty of space for the lady to stretch out in the lead and really do her thing! And although many younger funk groups have singers of their own vintage up front, this set's a great reminder that sometimes the old school talents are still the best – as you'll hear on "Walked Away", "I Sing America", "Nothing's Gone Wrong", "Land Of Broken Promises", "I Still Have A Lot To Learn About Love", and "Face My New Future". CD
Also available Nothing's Going Wrong ... LP 18.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Deborah JordanSee In The Dark ... CD
Futuristica (UK), 2020. New Copy ... $12.99
It's been quite some time since we last heard from Deborah Jordan – and the singer has come a long way since her days in Silhouette Brown – really maturing a lot as a songwriter, and finding this way to really move forward in her music, while still hanging onto some of the future soul modes that made her such an important force on the London scene many years back! The album's a rock-solid album of cosmic soul – not just in Deborah's spacey presentation of her own lyrics, but also in the excellent keyboard work –e specially the Fender Rhodes that seems to grace most of the album – warming things up between the vocals and the crispy crackling rhythms – which themselves are mostly in a more mellow and midtempo mode. Titles include "Spirit Of The Earth", "Live In Love", "Horizon", "Machine", "See In The Dark", "Stay With You", "Fooling Yourself", "Be There", and "You Should Know". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
KeleketlaKeleketla ... CD
Ahead Of Our Time (UK), 2020. New Copy ... Just Sold Out!
A really fantastic collaboration between Coldcut and a host of South African musicians – and a set that also features a number of key contributions from the legendary Tony Allen! The record uses the older cutup style that Coldcut first forged on the London scene of the 80s – but has lots of live musicianship from an array of jazz and percussion players, plus a variety of singers too – stretching out in this really visionary blend that includes contributions from Dele Sosimi, Tenderlonious, Tony Allen, The Watts Prophets, Nono Nkoane, Lani Sigers, Gally Ngoveni, Miles James, Antibalas, and others! The project comes off way better than most of this type – very collaborative, and with a sound that's very unified, very together, and very fresh – definitely a whole that's even greater than the sum of its parts. Titles include "Freedom Groove", "Broken Light", "Crystallise", "Papua Merdeka", "Swift Gathering", "International Love Affair", and "Future Toyi Toyi". CD
Also available Keleketla ... LP 26.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Amirtha Kidambi Elder OnesFrom Untruth ... CD
Northern Spy, 2019. New Copy ... $12.99 13.99
Mindblowing music from Amirtha Kidami – an artist who's part of the forefront of contemporary spiritual jazz, but who has a sound that's unlike anyone else we've ever heard before! Kidami sings and plays both harmonium and synthesizer – using both instruments in these strange, offbeat ways that are both ancient and future at once – carving out slow-flowing waves of sound that merge the vocals and keys, while her group really expands out with imaginative energy – soprano sax and a bit of moog from Matt Nelson, bass from Nick Dunston, and drums and "electronic sensory percussion" from Max Jaffe. Titles include "Decolonize The Mind", "Eat The Rich", "From Untruth", and "Dance Of The Subaltern". CD
Also available From Untruth ... LP 18.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
MantronixMusic Madness (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Sleeping Bag/Octave (Japan), 1986. New Copy ... $14.99
The follow up to the classic first LP! Listening to Kurtis Mantronik productions all of these years later is a definite educational experience, given the huge influence the crisp synth sounds had on the future of hip hop – not only as a matter of necessity, given the cost of sample clearance, but also as an aesthetic choice. Archeological chin-scratching aside, it's a straight up good time, with a shiny electronic bounce – one that holds up well! Tracks include "Music Madness", "Who Is It?", "Ladies (UK rmx)", "Scream", "Listen To The Bass Part" – plus 5 bonus tracks including "Scream" original 12 inch club and dub versions, "Who It Is?" original 12 inch freestyle USA club and UK club mixes, and "Who's Dub Is It? (original 12 inch dub)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Daniel MaunickMacumba Quebrada ... CD
Far Out (UK), 2019. New Copy ... $9.99
The first-ever full length set we've seen from Daniel Maunick – an artist who you might know from his remix work as Venom, or for his ties to the Incognito universe – given that Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunick is his father! Yet the sound here is definitely Daniel's own – rootsier than some of his remix work, but with the feature future-sounding elements of those tracks too – almost a globe's worth of sonic elements, fused with more contemporary keyboards and beats – providing a great bridge between some of the 12" releases of the Far Out label, and directions they might take in the future. The percussion on some tracks is especially nice – and maybe ties Daniel's music to some of the global house currents at the start of this century – on titles that include "Sombra Do Dragao", "Until The End", "A Vicious Circle", "One Nite Stand", "Red Doves", "Orbitus", "As Light Fades", and "Amnesia Haze". CD
Also available Macumba Quebrada ... CD 6.99

Possible matches30
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Oneness Of JujuAfrican Rhythms – Oneness Of Juju 1970 to 1982 ... CD
Black Fire/Strut (UK), 1970s/Early 80s. New Copy 2CDs ... $16.99 17.99
An incredible collection of work by one of the greatest Afro Funk groups of the 70s! From their inception as the AACM-styled jazz group Juju in the early 70s, to their key days in the DC Black Fire scene of the mid 70s, to their early 80s fame as club groovers, Oneness of Juju were one of the most revolutionary acts of their generation, with an influence that spanned far more than just the few albums the group released under their own name. This wonderfully-compiled set is the first-ever to really document the full scope of the group's activities – and apart from tracks that were included on their classic albums, it's got a wealth of other material that you probably don't have in your record collection! The notes are great, the music is amazing, and there's more tunes on here than we could have ever hoped to hear! Titles include "No Name #3/Love Is/My N*gger & Me" by Roach Om, "West Wind (previously unissued)" by Oneness Of Juju, "Every Way But Loose" by Plunky & Oneness Of Juju, "African Rhythms (LP version)" by Oneness Of Juju, "Asante Sana" by Okyerema Asante, "Nairobi/Chants" by Juju, "Sabi (Black Fire mix)" by Okyerema Asante, "Got To Be Right On It (45 version)" by Juju & The Space Rangers, "Bootsie's Lament (unreleased version)" by Oneness Of Juju, "Plastic (45 version)" by Juju & The Space Rangers, "Be About The Future" by Oneness Of Juju, and "The End Of The Butterfly King" by Juju. CD has 24 tracks on 2CDs! CD

Possible matches31
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
OnipaWe No Be Machine ... CD
Strut (UK), 2020. New Copy ... $7.99 12.99
That image on the cover is a fantastic visual representation of the sound of Onipa – a group who draw on older cultures with roots in Ghana, but who are clearly poised to shoot out into the cosmos with lots of future energy in their music! Percussion is a mix of acoustic and electric, and the tunes are very dense – peppered with keyboards, guitar bits, and a range of other sonic elements that are layered into the hard-burning blend of grooves – growing with energy as the set moves on, and opening the door for even more guest talent towards the end! Very much the best side of global cross-cultural fertilization – with titles that include "Fire", "Hey No I Say", "Yenimo", "We No Be Machine", "Free Up", "Onipa", "Kukuru", "Kon Kon", "Sohaa GB3K3", and "Gamashie Choice". CD
Also available We No Be Machine ... LP 19.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Marialy PachecoDestinos ... CD
Timeless/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 2008. New Copy ... $16.99
A really rhythmic set from pianist Marialy Pacheco – a player who has this great way of leaping across the keys, grabbing up clusters of notes, and throwing them out in strong synchronization with the work of bassist David Jehn and drummer Eddie Fillip! We really don't know much about Pacheco, but this album's a great little calling card – filled with tunes that should have us looking out for more of her work in the future – on titles that include "Guajira Para Tulio", "Espiritus De Mi Tierra", "My Blue", "Destinos", and "His/Her Future Lullaby". CD
(Part of the "Timeless Jazz Syndicate" series!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Sudan ArchivesAthena ... CD
Stones Throw, 2019. New Copy ... $9.99
A great full length album from Sudan Archives – an artist whose name is a bit misleading – as there's nothing Sudanese or archival in her sound! But the vibe of the record is maybe captured by the image on the cover – as the music all features violin, but in a contemporary soul setting that's also blended with her vocals – set to backings that are crispy and cosmic, and which maybe live up to the best sort of future soul music we were hearing from the Stones Throw label over a decade ago! Yet the violin really changes things up – almost making a 4AD take on soul music at times, although with an overall style that's a lot more contemporary Cali than vintage London – on titles that include "Did You Know", "Iceland Moss", "Coming Up", "House Of Open Tuning", "Limitless", "Stuck", Honey", "Ballet Of The Unhatched Twins", "Down On Me", and "Pelicans In The Summer". CD

Possible matches34
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Tommie YoungDo You Still Feel The Same Way (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Soul Power/P-Vine (Japan), Early 70s. New Copy ... $19.99
Excellent work from this oft-overlooked southern soul singer – the beautiful Tommie Young! Tommie's a lady (in case you didn't know it), and she's got deep deep style that'll knock you flat out – with a soaring female southern soul sound on many of the tracks here – including a few that presage some of the soul sounds to come later in the 70s! Bobby Patterson wrote most of the tracks on this debut, and the set was recorded in Shreveport with a deep burning Louisiana sound that was the best of that city's scene at the time. The whole thing's great, and titles include "Do We Have a Future", "Everybody's Got a Little Devil In Their Soul", "Hit & Run Lover", "Do You Still Feel The Same Way", "You Came Just In Time", "You Brought It All On Yourself", and "That's How Strong My Love Is". CD features 5 bonus tracks: "Take Time To Know Him", "Get Out Of My Life", "I'm Not Going To Cry Anymore", "One Sided Affair", and "Midsummer Dream". CD

Possible matches35
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Various90s House & Garage Vol 2 – Compiled By Joey Negro & Neil Pierce ... CD
Z Records (UK), 1990s. New Copy 2CD ... $16.99
Joey Negro's given us some great collections of club music from the 70s and 80s – and he's equally well-skilled at picking the best underground tracks from the 90s – a decade in which some of Joey's own music was staring to get some heavy play too! This set's not your usual dance music from the time – as these cuts are all nice and deep, with a very soulful vibe – almost a return to classic club styles, with warmer production and instrumentation – but given a bit more of a house music kick in the rhythms underneath! Music is from a range of global sources, but also resonates with the most soulful currents on the New York scene in the early 90s – in a list of tracks that includes "I'll Make U Happy Baby (x-tended club mix)" by Ele Ferrer, "100% Power" by Slam Mode, "Anthem (Kerri Chandler distant run mix)" by N-Joi, "Makin Love (Mentalinstrum rmx)" by Cassio Ware, "Blow (Restless Soul poetic peak time mix)" by Fini Dolo, "Music On My Mind (Smack Productions mix)" by Mental Instrum, "All Night Long" by Alexis P Suter, "Moonbeamz" by Abacus, "Let Us All Be Friends (Colonel Abrams orig mix)" by Mama's Children with Lee Truesdale, "Flying Saucer (Kings Of Tomorrow rmx)" by United Future Organization, "A Naked Theme (source mix 1)" by Sound Source, and "Rock Me (Marshall Jefferson deep underground dub)" by Screamin Rachel. 2CD version features 23 tracks in all! CD

Possible matches36
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousDetroit Funk Vaults – Funk & Soul From Dave Hamilton 1968 to 1979 ... CD
BGP (UK), Late 60s/1970s. New Copy ... $10.99 18.99
Funky soul from Detroit – the second foray into the uber-rare and unreleased funk treasures recorded at Dave Hamilton's Motor City studio – and an even deeper look at what's turning out to be one of the greatest long-buried funk catalogs to come to light in recent years! The collection includes some singles released on Hamilton's own TCB and other imprints, some that were licensed to other labels, plus a wealth of unreleased material. There's straight ahead funk vocals and instrumentals, and numbers that have more of a freewheeling, adventurous vibe – albeit with a raw funk backdrop! Includes numbers by The Deacons, Prophet & His Disciples, Chico & Buddy, Billy Garner, OC Tolbert, Little Ann, Dave Hamilton himself, The Webb People, The Pepper and more. 22 tracks in all: "A Drop In The Bucket" by The Deacons, "You Fool, You Fool Pt 1" by Prophet & His Disciples, "A Thing Called The Jones" by Chico & Buddy, "The Bad Things (You Said To Me)" by The Barrino Brothers, "Ghetto Stride" by Dave Hamilton, "Who" by Jackie Dee, "Love Bandit" by OC Tolbert, "Simon Says' by The Future Kind, "Clap Your Hands" by The Tokays, "I'm Sending Vibrations" by The Webb People and more. CD

Possible matches37
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Rodrigo Amado & Chris CorsanoNo Place To Fall ... CD
Astral Spirits, 2019. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Searing sounds from this excellent duo – Rodrigo Amado on tenor and Chris Corsano on drums – both musicians that have such a clear, tight understanding of each other that they're able to improvised freely in fantastic ways – whether moving at top speed as a duo, or stepping carefully around empty sonic space as they fill things in together! The record is one that really elevates our appreciation of both musicians, and which will have us certainly keeping an ear out for lots more in the future – and Amado especially is really emerging as a bold-toned tenorist with a strong current of soul. Titles include "Don't Take It Too Bad", "Announcement", "We'll Be Here In The Morning", "No Place To Fall", and "Into The Valley". CD
(Limited edition.)

Possible matches38
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Madlib & Guilty SimpsonMadlib's Medicine Show No 1 – Before The Verdict With Guilty Simpson (limited edition) ... CD
Madlib Invazion, 2010. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
The first release in the Madlib Medicine Show series of releases from the prolific genius that is Madlib – this one a full scale collaboration with no nonsense rapper Guilty Simpson – sort of a prelude to Guilty's OJ Simpson LP with Madlib in the production booth! The set is a pretty sharp confluence of Guilty's heavy-toned street knowledge and Madlib's hazy funk atmospherics – kind of a strange bedfellows situation, but it works fully well! Many tracks are billed as OJ Simpson remixes, possibly tripped out and funked up versions as a taste of what's to come – with appearances by MED & J Dilla. Titles include "Ode To The Ghetto" (OJ Simpson rmx), "Yikes" (OJ Simpson rmx), "Further", "Lucky Guy", "Pigs" (OJ Simpson rmx), "Life Goes By", "The Paper", "Looking For Trouble", "Young Guns" feat J Dilla, "American Dream & Future" (OJ Simpson rmx) and more. CD
(Limited edition. Please note image shown is from LP.)

Possible matches39
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Horace Tapscott w/ Pan Afrikan People's ArkestraLive At IUCC (2CD set) ... CD
Nimbus, 1979. New Copy 2CDs ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
An excellent double-length set from Horace Tapscott's Pan-Afrikan Peoples Arkestra – an extremely righteous ensemble that was one of the hippest things going on the LA jazz scene of the 70s! The vibe is free and spiritual, but it also has a wonderful groove pulsating underneath many of the tracks – that heir to the Impulse Records style that Tapscott and other Nimbus Records artists carried on well into the early 80s. The group here features some of Tapscott's Nimbus labelmates – including Sabir Matteen and Billy Harris on tenor saxes, Linda Hill on piano, Adele Sebastian on flute, Roberto Miranda on bass, and Jesse Sharps on soprano sax – and in a way, the album's almost a live summation of all the mighty talents brewing on the Nimbus label at the time! Tracks are all quite long, and titles include a great version of Sebastian's "Desert Fairy Princess", plus "Macrame", "Future Sally's Time", "Noissessprahs", "Village Dance", "LTT", and "Lift Every Voice". CD

Possible matches40
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousBridge Into The New Age – Funky Afro-Centric Spiritual Sounds From Jazz's Forgotten Decade ... CD
BGP (UK), Early 70s. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Beautifully spiritual jazz from the post-Coltrane generation – a wealth of righteous grooves from the early 70s – brought together in one mighty collection! If you dig the work of Pharoah Sanders, Alice Coltrane, and other giants on Impulse Records, this is a great way to dig even deeper – and hear the way their late 60s legacy inspired other musicians to new heights in their own music – sounds that hit a new level of freedom in jazz, yet which are still filled with enough swing and soul to avoid some of the more avant modes of the free jazz scene! If that description sounds a bit obtuse, then just plug into the collection, and let the music do its thing – as it's got a very powerful vibe throughout – the kind of inspirational, socially conscious work that flourished best during the 70s – and which is finally getting its due all these many years later. The package is new territory for Ace/BGP, but they've done a great job as usual – picking key tracks from the era, and coming up with detailed notes on each of the long tracks. Titles include "Free Angela" by Bayete, "Bridge Into The New Age" by Azar Lawrence, "Tress Cun De O La" by Joe Henderson, "Ebony Queen" by McCoy Tyner, "Peace" by Idris Muhammad, "Mother Of The Future" by Norman Connors, "Brown Warm & Wintry" by Jack DeJohnette, "I've Known Rivers" by Gary Bartz, and "Fire" by Joe Henderson & Alice Coltrane. CD

Possible matches41
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Brian EnoMusic For Installations (6CD set with booklet) ... CD
Opal/Universal, Mid 80s/1990s/2000s/2010s. New Copy 6CD ... Out Of Stock
A really cool collection of spare sounds created by Brian Eno for a variety of different art installations over the decades – music used for different spaces between 1986 to 2017, all of which become, in a way, a kind of work in practice for some of the ideas that Eno first explored with his Ambient records series in the 70s! The most legendary of those, Music For Airports, first expressed the idea of creating a new sonic space in certain well-traveled public areas – and while the art installations here weren't always that public as an airport, they really did give Eno a great chance to explore the balance of sound and space. The box set features 6CDs, and a 64 page booklet with images and artwork, plus a new essay by Eno – to accompany works that include Music From Installations, 77 Million Paintings, I Dormienti, Kite Stories, Lightness, Making Space, and Music For Future Installations. CD

Possible matches42
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Alphonso JohnsonMoonshadows/Yesterday's Dreams/Spellbound ... CD
Epic/BGO (UK), 1976/1977. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
A great run of records from Alphonso Johnson – the best of his career, wrapped up here in one sweet set! First up is Moonshadows – one of the earliest of bassist Alphonso Johnson's funky fusion albums for Epic! Moonshadows is a nice little set of choppy grooves that recalls the best Herbie Hancock moments of the early 70s, plus some of the side projects of the Headhunters. Warmly funky, but with a nice edge – with a more jazz funk rooted sound than the later, slightly heavier Spellbound! The great group of players includes Patrice Rushen is on keyboards, Benny Maupin on reeds, Lee Ritenour on guitars, Airto Moriera on percussion, Gary Bartz on sax, plus Narada Michael Walden and Ndugu Chancler on drums. Tracks include "Stump", "Cosmoba Place", "Involuntary Bliss", "On The Case", "Amarteifio", "Pandora's Box" and the breezy "Up From The Cellar", which features vocals by Flora Purim! Yesterday's Dreams is a killer all-star session of funky fusion tracks – with a nice tight sound produced by Skip Drinkwater! Yesterday's Dreams differs a little from Alphonso's other strong mid 70s efforts in that it's not as spacey as a whole – but the rubbery, cleanly funky grooves are just as strong – and the record as a whole makes for more of a showcase for his excellent group of players! Bassist Johnson leads the session, but there's a huge amount of guests, such as Grover Washington, Patrice Rushen, Mike Clark, and Sheila Escovedo. Plus, Jon Lucien, Diane Reeves, Flora Purim, and Phillip Bailey all sing on the record! Titles include "One To One", "As Little As You", "Scapegoat", "Show Us The Way", "Tales Of Barcelona", and the future soul classic "Love's The Way I Feel 'Bout Cha". Spellbound is a soulfully spacey fusion set from Alphonso Johnson – with a really catchy sound! The maestro is working in an eclectic mode that's part Earth, Wind, & Fire, part Return To Forever, and part Alphonze Mouzon/Tommy Bolin jamming. The best moments on the record are the more straight ahead ones – which really flirt with chunky rock sounds on the other side of the rubbery fusion funkiness! Mouzon's working on all kinds of electric sounds on this one – a bunch of custom bass effects, steel drums and more – with Clyde Criner working with a long list of keys and synthesizers, Kevin Shireve on guitar and David Igelfeld on drums and percussion. Titles include "Face Blaster", "Summer Solstice", "Bahama Mama", "Nomads", and Moonlight Conversation" "Feelings Are. . .The Hardest Words To Say" and "Earthtales Suite". CD

Possible matches43
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Riz OrtolaniI Guerrieri Dell'Anno 2072/La Casa Sperduta Nel Parco (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Beat (Italy), 1981/1983. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
Riz Ortolani is best known for his big scores of the 60s – but here, the maestro turns in two early 80s soundtracks – one sci-fi, one horror – both with a very distinct vibe! First up is I Guerrieri Dell'Anno 2072, a soundtrack that has some "future" elements in its use of 80s keyboards, but which also balances things with warmer currents – with a result that's almost like the way that the sound library scene was changing right at the start of the 80s – particularly in the way that KPM or DeWolfe were introducing electric elements amidst more familiar instrumentation. In other words, the set's not a straight keyboard/guitar score, as in the Goblin generation – but certainly nods to that shift. La Casa Sperduta Nel Parco is much more varied – a short score, but with tunes that move between disco groovers, to creepy lullabies, to some very dark-toned moments – all in a relatively short space! 2CD set features 23 tracks in all – including two bonus tracks from the 45rpm single for I Guerrieri Dell'Anno 2072. CD
(Limited to 500 copies.)

Possible matches44
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Jean CarneCollaborations ... CD
Expansion (UK), 1970s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Smooth modern duets from one of our favorite ladies in soul music! Jean Carne's a heck of a singer – with a career that stretches back to early soul jazz recordings with (then) husband Doug Carn, to solo recordings on Philly International in the late 70s, to appearances on records by other artists – sessions from the 70s, 80s, and 90s in which Jean lent her vocals to a wealth of great recordings! This great collection focuses on work in that category – uncollected sides from a three decade period, brought together in one album that shows just how great Jean can sound when she's singing with other artists. Many of these titles are quite hard to find otherwise, and haven't even shown up on other collections of Jean's work – and tracks include "Good Thng Goin On" with Billy Paul, "Holdin On" and "Dreams Of Tomorrow" with Dexter Wansel, "Keep In Touch" and "The Look Of Love" with Grover Washington Jr, "Lean On Me" with Nathan Heathman, "If You Don't Know Me By Now" with The Temptations, "Love Is Beautiful" with Universe, "Star Flower" with Lonnie Liston Smith, "Let's Stay Together" with Bobby M, "I'm Back For More" with Al Johnson, "You Might Be Surprised" with Roy Ayers, "Mother Of The Future" with Norman Connors, and "Valentine Love" with Michael Henderson. Also features the bonus solo track "Trust Me" – never on CD before! CD

Possible matches45
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Common PeopleOf The People, By The People, For The People ... CD
Capitol/Acid Symposium (Greece), 1969. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
One of the best psyche albums we've ever heard on Capitol from the 60s – an introspective session with lots of space, sounds, and plenty of dark corners! The album reminds us a lot of work by Gandalf, who also recorded for Capitol at the time – very laid back at times, with a gentle approach to the music that also lapsed into some jazzy phrasing at certain points. Quite nice overall, with a really great little sound – and titles that include "This Life She Is Mine", "Girl Said", "Land Of A Day", "Hudson Hill Feeling", "They Didn't Even Go To The Future", "Soon There'll Be Thunder", "Those Who Love", and "Why Must I Be". CD

Possible matches46
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Earth Wind & FireThat's The Way Of The World (expanded edition) ... CD
CBS, 1975. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Amazing! Earth Wind & Fire's ultimate moment of the 70s – and a perfect blending of all their influences that stands as a lasting tribute to their super-huge effect on soul music! The record features all aspects of the band coming into perfect cohesion – bassy funk, mellow soul, and afrocentric jazz – all expertly handled by the great Charles Stepney, who still has the same rich talent for blending styles that he had while working at Chess/Cadet during the glory days of the late 60s. Some of these songs have been played to death (and covered so much) over the years that it's often easy to forget what a crowning moment this was for former underground soul heroes Earth Wind & Fire – but we'll never cease to be amazed at the power of their mid 70s work, and this album's the best of the best. Titles include "Shining Star", "That's The Way Of The World", "Reasons", "Africano", "See The Light", and "Happy Feelin". CD also features 5 bonus tracks – "Shining Star (future star)", "All About Love (first impressions)", "Happy Feelin (anatomy of a groove)", "Caribou Chaser (jazzy jam)", and "That's The Way Of The World (Latin expedition)". CD

Possible matches47
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Lionel HamptonSwiss Radio Days Vol 18 – Mustermesse Basel 1953 Part 2 ... CD
TCB (Switzerland), 1953. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
The Lionel Hampton orchestra in all of its glory – a group that's not only one of the most top-shelf large ensembles of its time, but also a key incubator for jazz talent in years to come! The presentation here is amazing – at one level the group can romp with all the R&B-styled touches that Hamp helped forge in the 40s – but at another, they sparkle with fantastic elements of new trends in modern jazz – yet while staying wonderfully soulful. The lineup here will give you a great flavor of these qualities – filled with future giants that include Art Farmer and Clifford Brown on trumpets, Jimmy Cleveland and Benny Powell on trombones, Quincy Jones on piano, Monk Montgomery on bass, and a sax lineup that includes Gigi Gryce, Clifford Scott, and Anthony Ortega. Sonny Parker sings just a bit – and titles on this second volume include "Gryce Suite", "Kingfish/Drinking Wine", "Setting The Pace/Flying Home", "Curley", and "Jazz Group". CD

Possible matches48
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Honey ConeSweet Replies (plus bonus tracks) ... CD
Hot Wax/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1971. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
The second album by Honey Cone – and the one that really broke them out of the box! The record's got a groove that gets going right from the start – a sense of upbeat, soulful energy that really shows why the Honey Cone approach was so different than most of the girl groups who came before them – a groovier, more righteous style that shows that the ladies are very much in charge – and able to send things over the top with their unified energy! Production is great – very rumbling and bold, which further helps the groove – and titles include the huge hit "Want Ads" – a pre-disco cut that pointed the way towards future female soul groups of the mid 70s – plus "Deaf Blind Paralyzed", "Sunday Morning People", "My Mind's On Leaving", "We Belong Together", and "Blessed Be Our Love". CD features two bonus tracks – "Want Ads (unedited version)", and "The Day I Found Myself (single version)". CD

Possible matches49
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Casimir LiberskiCosmic Liberty ... CD
Ropeadope, 2019. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A very cool little record, and one that maybe shows the better directions that fusion has taken in the 21st Century – still as electric and vibrant as before, but really exploding with new ideas and an especially strong ear for the rhythmic side of the music! By that, we don't mean that the record is funky – but maybe more chunky and cosmic – driving forward with these great blocky keyboard lines from Casimir Liberski, which seem to be heavy on Rhodes – then pushed forward even more with electric bass from Louis De Mieulle and drums from Matt Garstka! This is cosmic electric jazz that's clearly aware of all that came before, but which also soars forward with great energy of its own – the kind of record we hope to be hearing more from Casimir in the future, with titles that include "Strident Laser Shard", "White Lighter", "Violent Absinthe", "Stasis", "Azuwi", and "Cosmic Liberty". CD

Possible matches50
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Curtis MayfieldKeep On Keepin' On – The Curtis Mayfield Studio Albums 1970 to 1974 (Curtis/Roots/Back To The World/Sweet Exorcist) (4CD box set) ... CD
Curtom/Rhino, Early 70s. New Copy 4CD ... Out Of Stock
A massive package of greatness – the first four solo albums from Chicago soul genius Curtis Mayfield! First up is Curtis – a record that not only foregrounds all the subtle politics he'd been forging in the Impressions during the 60s – but one that also really has Mayfield exploding as a force to be reckoned with in the studio! The album's a personal masterpiece – to the career of Curtis what the early solo albums of Issac Hayes were to his own genius – a bold, unfettered statement of pride and power – of the sort that would both make Mayfield and the Curtom Records label forces to be reckoned with in the 70s. Every cut is a classic – and titles include "Move On Up", "If There's a Hell Below We're All Gonna Go", "Miss Black America", "Wild & Free", "Give It Up", "The Makings Of You", "The Other Side Of Town", and "We the People Who Are Darker Than Blue". Roots is one of our favorite Curtis Mayfield albums ever – a massive early 70s effort that's filled with wonderful songs all the way through, and quite possibly one of the most perfect realization of the righteous vibe of the early 70s Curtom years! Curtis is in fine form throughout – as a singer, composer, and producer – but he's also got some excellent Chicago soul help from arrangers Riley Hampton and Johnny Pate – both key talents on the 60s Windy City scene, still able to come up with a deeply soulful groove here – and both able to blend together strings and funk in the way that Curtis was going for at the time. Titles include the massive "We Got to Have Peace" – a tune that never gets old – plus "Underground", "Keep On Keepin On", "Now You're Gone", "Get Down", "Love To Keep You In Mind", and "Beautiful Brother of Mine". Back To The World is pure genius from Curtis Mayfield – and a record that's got all the righteousness and political power you might guess from the cover! The album burns with a sense of empowerment that's every bit the best strength of Curtom in the 70s – a sublime blend of heavy soul, funky undercurrents, and far-reaching arrangements that still always manage to groove! And Curtis' vocals are great too – echoing out with a newfound presence that far surpasses the raspy quality of his early work with The Impressions. Arrangements are by Rich Tufo, production is by Mayfield, and titles include "Future Song" (aka "Future Shock"), "Keep on Trippin", "Can't Say Nothin", "Back To The The World", and "Right On For The Darkness". Sweet Exorcist is a wonderfully wicked album from Curtis Mayfield – one that's not nearly as famous as his Superfly set, but which is every bit as great! The groove here is lean, mean, and totally righteous – a bit more stripped-down than some of the rumbling funk of other Curtom efforts, and served up with a fluid groove that makes the album a killer from start to finish! As with Superfly, there's a nice blend here between uptight funky tracks and some more laidback soul – showcasing both sides of the Curtis Mayfield sound of the 70s – the brash society-changing soul, and the mellower, more fragile voice that first came to prominence in The Impressions. Titles alone tell you the vibe of the record – and they include "Ain't Got Time", "To Be Invisible", "Kung Fu", "Suffer", "Power to the People", and "Make Me Believe In You". All albums newly remastered – in sleeves with the original artwork too! CD

Possible matches51
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Shintaro Nakamura with Shunzo OhonoEvolution ... CD
Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1985. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Soaring piano lines, burning trumpet solos, and soulful tenor sax – all wrapped together beautifully in this obscure Japanese session from the 80s – a date that has all the free-thinking power and unbounded energy of some of our favorite American soul jazz sessions from a decade before! The group's led by bassist Shintaro Nakamura, but features wonderful contributions from trumpeter Shunzo Ohno, tenorist Robert Kenmotsu, and pianist Jeff Jenkins – all of whom get plenty of space to state their case on the album's long and stretched-out tracks. The bass of Nakamura and piano of Jenkins sets up a good modal groove on most numbers – and titles include "Future On You", "Don't Forget Me", "Sweet & Sour Sound", "Evolution", and "A Blind Man". CD
(Part of the "Nippon Jazz Spirits 48" series!)

Possible matches52
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ John RenbournUnpentangled – The Sixties Albums (There You Go/John Renbourn/Bert & John/Another Monday/Watch The Stars/Sir John A Lot Of/bonus tracks) (6CD set) ... CD
Transatlantic/Cherry Tree (UK), Late 60s. New Copy 6CD ... Out Of Stock
A treasure trove of greatness from British folk rock legend John Renbourn – all of his late 60s solo work, done before moving on to greater fame in Pentangle! First up is There You Go – a rare one from singer Dorris Henderson and future Pentangle founder John Rensbourn! Florida born, LA raised singer Dorris Henderson moved to London in 1965 and was soon singing London's folk clubs, where she met Rensbourn. A solid mix of traditionals and then contemporary folk songs – stripped down and honest takes on "Saly Free And Easy", "Cotton Eyed Joe", "Mr Tamborine Man", "Going To Memphis", Something Lonesome", "Mist On The Mountain" and more. This edition includes bonus tracks from a rare 45 – "Hangman" and "Leaves That Are Green". Next is the self-titled John Renbourn from 1965 – a set that would not only establish John's legacy for years to come, but also have a very strong impact upon the role of the guitar on the British scene too! The album's definitely in a mode that owes something to an American folk legacy – but it also really breaks from the past with unusual phrasings and colorings in Renbourn's guitar – certainly with an ear towards ancient English modes, but also at once very fresh and contemporary – a strong precursor to the waves of new acoustic talents that would flow from the UK a few years later, but maybe even more revolutionary – given that John's mostly just working here with his guitar and voice. Bert Jansch adds guitar to a few tracks – and titles include "Song", "Down On The Barge", "Plainsong", "Judy", "Beth's Blues", "Blue Bones", "Train Tune", "Winter Is Gone", and "Noah & Rabbit". Bert & John is a hell of a collaboration between British legends Bert Jansch and John Renbourn – both working here together to completely redefine the sound of their music for the generation to come! This one album may well hold all the sense of subtle power and possibility that was about to flower in the Brit movement often known as "acid folk" – that reworking of older aesthetics with modern conceptions, and doing so mostly with their work on acoustic guitar – quite a feat, given the stripped-down instrumentation of the set! Bert sings a bit – in that incredible style of his – but the real attraction here is the guitar interplay, which is always fresh, never hokey, neither familiar American folk nor forced singer-songwriter backup material. Titles include a wonderful reworking of Charles Mingus' "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat" – plus "Red's Favourite", "Orlando", "Soho", "Piano Tune", "East Wind", "After The Dance", and "The Time Has Come". Another Monday is maybe the most obscure album in the collection – a set that is mostly instrumental, with some completely fantastic work by Renbourn on guitar – but which also features a bit of guest vocals from singer Jacqui McShee – whose warmer presence next to John really makes for a nice pairing. The album's as powerful as it is subtle, really beautiful in its sense of variety – with titles that include "Buffalo", "One For William", "Lost Lover Blues", "Another Monday", "Day At The Seaside", "Nobody's Fault But Mine", and "Waltz". Watch The Stars is another great collaboration with Dorris Henderson – an American singer, but one who moved to London in the 60s – where she cut this rare gem with guitarist John Renbourn! The album's got a righteous vibe that's hipper than the usual folk set – with some traditional tunes and some contemporary material – recorded with that amazing phrasing that made Renbourn's guitar so distinct right from the start, with lots of those jazzy currents we love so much – and which really fit the creative vocal approach of Henderson! Dorris also plays some autoharp, and there's a bit of bass in the backings – although overall the main focus here is on Renbourn's guitar and Henderson's vocals. Titles include "Come Up Horsey", "God Bless The Child", "Watch The Stars", "30 Days In Jail", "Mosaic Patterns", "Tomorrow Is A Long Time", and "There's Anger In This Land". Sir John A Lot Of is perhaps one of the best-known albums from British guitar legend John Renbourn – as it was issued widely in the US, and kept in print for a surprisingly long time over the years! The approach here is slightly different than Renbourn's previous records – a bit in the image presented by the cover, although with maybe not as slavish a sound – as John just uses the whole thing to go a bit more ancient than before, in ways that echo the time travel that the whole British folk scene was taking as the 70s approached. The tunes are done in ways that are really beautiful – still lots of the incredible guitar work that made Renbourn such a standout on the scene – plus flute from jazzman Ray Warleigh, who's very different here than usual – and spare use of finger cymbals, African drums, and glockenspiel by Terry Cox. Titles include "Morgana", "Transfusion", "The Trees They Do Grow High", "Sweet Potato", "Seven Up", and "White Fishes". 6CD box features all records in original artwork sleeves, with a booklet of notes – and bonus tracks that include "Message To Pretty", "The Waggoner's Lad", "Lucky Thirteen", "Blues Run The Game", "The Wildest Pig In Captivity (alt)", "Can't Keep From Crying", "Transfusion (alt)", and "The Leaves Are Green". CD

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✨✧ Joel RossKing Maker ... CD
Blue Note, 2019. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
An incredible debut from vibist Joel Ross – an artist who's already given us great moments on records with Makaya McCraven, Marquis Hill, and others – but who's completely his own man here right from the start! Ross instantly emerges as a major creative force – leading the combo, composing the music, and co-producing the set – with a rich vision for the future of vibes in jazz, but one that also carries the depths of previous generations – especially in the way that Joel approaches a tune, with a subtle sense of gravity that makes each new selection a very powerful statement. The group features Immanuel Wilkins on alto, Jeremy Corren on piano, Benjamin Tiberio on bass, and Jeremy Dutton on drums – a tight quintet who work with a great sense of sympathy – and singer Gretchen Parlato also joins the group at one point. Titles include "Prince Lynn's Twin", "The Grand Struggle Against Fear", "Freda's Disposition", "Yana", "With Who Do You Learn Trust", and "Ill Relations". CD
Also available King Maker ... LP 24.99

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✨✧ Royal Krunk OrchestraPyramids – Opus 4 No 2 ... CD
Ropeadope, 2019. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Really great work from the Royal Krunk Jazz Orchestra – an album that's much more ambitious and far-reaching than their previous album – with a sense of majesty we never would have expected the last time around! As before, there's no real "krunk" here at all – and instead, the group soar to the skies with a contemporary take on spiritual jazz inspirations – using the pyramids for inspiration in a way that hearkens back at the ancient/future spirit of Earth Wind & Fire – rediscovering a lost sense of legacy and spirit, then moving forward to reclaim a throne of greatness! Maybe that sounds a bit high-handed, but the music is anything but – and instead weaves together trumpets, trombones, and saxes with effortless ease and a real sense of organic energy – flowing with keyboards and percussion that keep things grounded on the planet, while Dionne Farris provides some occasional vocals. Titles include "The Regyptian Blues", "Kabla Khufu", "The Question Of Time", "Black Indian Rain Dance", "Olmec", and "Voyage Of The Pyramid Builders". CD
Also available Pyramids – Opus 4 No 2 ... CD 7.99

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✨✧ Waajeed & OthersDetroit Love Vol 3 ... CD
Planet E, 2019. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
We don't hear nearly enough from Waajeed as we'd like to – but he really returns to glory here on a stunning mix of underground tracks from the Detroit scene – all contemporaries of Waajeed, and part of that rich electronic legacy that he's given us from his early days on the city's musical landscape! The work here definitely reflects the Planet E placement of the mixtape – music that's heavy on the future electric elements that always made Carl Craig and crew such standouts – even amidst a larger global scene – but it's the special work of Waajeed that has us loving this volume of Detroit Love most of all. CD is a continuous mix of 20 tracks – with titles that include "Overbite" by Roddy Rod, "We Out Chea" by 14kt, "Celestrial (club mix)" by D-Love Muzic, "Gonna Tell Me" by Teflon Dons, "WhoRU" by Ladymonix, "I'm In Trouble" by DJ Rimarkable, "Minimariddim" by Matthew Law, and "Mermaid Blues" by DAmon Bell featuring CAmille Safiya. CD
Also available Detroit Love Vol 3 ... LP 14.99

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✨✧ VariousDjoon Experience – Compiled & Mixed By Black Coffee & Joe Claussell ... CD
BBE (UK), 2013. New Copy 2 CDs ... Out Of Stock
A pair of sweet mix CDs from Joe Claussell and Black Coffee – each done in support of Djoon, the multi-cultural nightspot in Paris! Joe Claussell brings out all his best tones here – those cosmic elements mixed with earthier elements that have always kept his music grounded so firmly in tradition – a future vision, but one with a keen ear for the past as well – spun out over a mix that includes "Cross Roads" by Ron Trent, "Elektric Afrika (Joe Claussell rmx)" by The Bayara Citizens, "1960 What (Opolopo kick and bass rerub)" by Gregory Porter, "With More Love" by Joaquin Joe Claussell, "Once Again (morning factory edit)" by Reggie Dokes, and "Old Landmark (Joe Claussell's mission for today voc)" by The Djoon Experience with Kenny Bobien. CD 2 features Black Coffee working in slightly similar territory, but with a bit more of an edge, too – some harder beats and faster rhythms, but tracks that are still graced with plenty of warm touches too. Titles include "You & Me" by Keys Snow, "Surroundings" by Natz Efx, "Love Song 28" by Jullian Gomes, "All Alone" by Tumelo with Vikter Duplaix, "People With Bullets" by G Family, "We Are One" by Black Coffee with Hugh Masekela, "Avenue Of Dreams" by Sai & Ribatone, and "Get Over It (Sun-el Sithole rmx)" by Bucie. CD

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✨✧ VariousJ Jazz 2 – Deep Modern Jazz From Japan 1969 to 1983 (with bonus track) ... CD
BBE (UK), Late 60s/1970s/Early 80s. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
An incredible trip through the 70s Japanese jazz scene – a second volume of J Jazz that's even bigger and better than the first – with unknown gems from private presses, indie labels, and rarities from the Japanese branches of the major labels, too! Compilers Tony Higgins & Mike Peden (who are both also responsible for the nicely done notes) follow through on all of the things we loved about the first J Jazz compilation, but improve on it by going bigger and digging deeper. The majority of the tracks were recorded from 1969 through the late 70s – with a few recorded in later years – and all have a wonderful way of being open to the stylistic inventions of the time without getting hung up on trends. So while there's some fusiony funk and electric piano, there's plenty of acoustic instrumentation and timelessly inventive material. BBE has outdone themselves on this excellent collection – and titles include "Dragon Dance" by Makoto Terashita & Harold Land, "Daguri" by Kohsuke Mine Quintet, "Distant Thunder" by Mabumi Yamguchi Quartet, "Animal Garden" by Miyasaka + 5, "Mother Of The Future" by Electro Keyboard Orchestra, "Serenade To A Dimly Lit Street" by Hiroshi Matsumoto/Hideo Ichikawa Quartet, "Teru-Teru Bozu" (Black Keys) by Teru Sakamoto Trio, "Little Giant" by Nobuo & Sharps & Flats, "Brown Trout" by Akira Miyazawa and more – plus the CD bonus track "Original Bill" by Koichi Matsukaze Trio. 15 tracks on 2CDs. CD

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✨✧ VariousMad Mats Presents Digging Beyond The Crates ... CD
BBE (UK), 2017. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Mad Mats is not only digging beyond the crates here, he's also digging beyond any conventional expectations you might have – as the set's got a unique vibe that may well make it one of the most compelling BBE compilations in years! The music is from the late 60s through the present – but it all comes together in a very future-sounding way – with rhythms that are often offbeat, electric elements that seem to crackle with independent energy, and vocals that can fall down in the mix one minute and burst forth the next! This isn't a dance music compilation, and it's also not a set of rare funk tracks either – and instead, Mats creates his own very personal journey in sound – heedless of time periods, genres, and often national boundaries. Titles include "Take A Stand" by Psalms, "Big Big Boss" by Johnny Moore, "Badly" by Cuthead, "Sherriff (Murlo rmx)" by Gappy Ranks, "Keep The Music Alive" by Yvonne Gray, "Evil Woman" by Bobby Hebb, "Jazz In Outer Space" by BSTC, "The Traveller" by Deft, "Space Based" by Mode M, "Don't Hold Back The Feeling (key trip dub)" by U N I, "Animations" by Intimate Disco, and "Jah I See You" by Ensemble Entendu. CD

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✨✧ RogerMany Facets Of Roger/Saga Continues/Unlimited (plus bonus tracks) ... CD
Warner/Robinsongs (UK), Mid 80s. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
A trio of albums from Roger – with bonus tracks too! On the first album, there's Many Facets Of Roger – and they're all pretty darn funky! From this vantage point, all we can think of is that Roger Troutman must have had some sort of crystal ball to see into the hip hop sampling future – either that, or he was busy cooking up west coast gangster funk drones in some secret So Cal laboratory! Whatever the case, though, the record's a classic in the Troutman/Zapp catalog – and features a sparkling west coast take on electro – offered up with lots of popping basslines, snapping electric kickdrums, and a truckfull of vocoder! There's also some pretty nice guitar in the mix – especially on the good jazzy groover "Chunk Of Sugar", which sounds like it's from a completely different record. Other tracks include "Maxx Axe", "Do It Roger", "So Ruff, So Tuff", and "Blue". The Saga Continues finds Roger still rocking his trademark effects laden vocals and vamping guitar work into the middle of the decade – with even tighter syncopated percussion, funky keys, and sharp synth bursts – sailing in a killer groove throughout! Roger produced the record along with Larry Troutman – and they bring in Maceo Parker for a horn solo and Ohio Player Billy Beck for keyboards as well! Tracks include a vocoder funk reading of Wilson Pickett's "Midnight Hour", plus "In The Mix", "Play Your Guitar Brother Roger", "The Break Song", "I Keep Trying", "Bucket Of Blood", "T C Song", and "Girl Cut It Out". Unlimited has Roger going for a sound that's maybe even more electro than some of his earlier solo work, at a level that really seems to be pushing the Zapp sound further for the 80s! The style is funky, but touched with lots of elements that have wended their way from indie hip hop up to mainstream soul – all at a level that later acts might fuse together with a bit more warmth, but which still has the starker feel of electro soul in Troutman's hands. Titles include "Thrill Seekers", "I Want To Be You Man", "I Really Want to Be You Man", "Night & Day", and "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag". Bonus tracks include "Please Come Home For Christmas", "Bedisguitarist-A-Rown", and 7" mixes of "Heard It Through The Grapevine (part 1)", "Do It Roger", "In The Mix", "I Want To Be Your Man", and "Midnight Hour (part 1)". CD

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✨✧ StereolabMargerine Eclipse (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Elektra/Duophonic (UK), 2004. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
A fantastic little album that answers that key musical question – "Yes, you do need another Stereolab record in your collection!" The set is amazing through and through – a sublime evolution of the group way past their roots, with all the more sonic subtle touches that Sean O'Hagan was able to add to the mix – those special qualities that he was developing in his own as High Llamas, then folded into records like this to expand the palette beautifully! All the older elements that made Stereolab great are still here – dreamy vocals, spacey keyboard lines, and this fantastic trans-historic quality that wraps up the 60s and heads for the future in space. Titles include "Vocal Declosion", "Need To Be", "Margerine Rock", "La Demeure", "The Man With 100 Cells", "Bop Scotch", and "Dear Marge". Limited version – comes with a bonus disc of rare tracks! CD
(2019 remastered edition with bonus CD.)

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✨✧ That's WhyBest Of That's Why ... CD
Jazzman (UK), Late 60s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Vocal jazz, but with plenty of tripped-out touches – hardly what you'd expect from a Norwegian group with plenty of Christian leanings! That's Why were one of the key groups to reform the sound of church music in Norway at the end of the 60s – and work here with a unique hybrid of jazz fusion, folk, and these wonderful scatting harmonies that really make the music sparkle – almost a Free Design sort of energy, but even more complicated overall! Given that the lyrics are Norwegian, you'll miss most of the spiritual messages in the tunes – but that gives you an even greater chance to focus on the cool interplay between electric piano, acoustic guitar, soaring vocals, and core modal rhythms – a wonderful blend that's unlike anything else we can think of. Titles include "Noe Annet", "Dyp Av Nade", "Udoyeleg", "Mattheus 25", "Tiden", "Children Of The Future Age", and "Den Oppstadne". CD

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✨✧ WinnersWinners (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Roadshow/Octave (Japan), 1978. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Upbeat dancefloor soul from Winners – an ensemble funk combo who resonate with some of the same styles as other groups on the Roadshow label at the time – bumping basslines and compressed instrumentation that slide in alongside the vocals in a smooth approach to club. There's no standout winners here, but the album's relatively strong overall – with lots of longer tracks that feature chanted chorus vocals based around the titles – and a few slightly better numbers that showcase rhythm arrangements from Mark Radice. Titles include "Get On Up & Do It", "Love Is Free", "Get Ready For The Future", "Hey You", and "Eternal Revenue". CD features two bonus tracks – original single versions of "Get Ready For The Future" and "Get On Up & Do It". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousHeavenly Sweetness 2007 to 2017 – 10 Years Of Transcendent Music ... CD
Heavenly Sweetness (France), 2018. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
A beautiful celebration of the first ten years of Heavenly Sweetness – a fantastic French record label that's not only given us spiritual jazz from giants of the 70s, but also opened our ears to both new sounds from contemporary artists, and a wide array of rhythms from around the globe! All those elements are perfectly balanced here – showing Heavenly Sweetness as an imprint that can live up to the legacy of earlier European giants – with a similar culture-crossing vibe as MPS or Saravah, but a much more contemporary approach too! Titles include "We People" by Doug Hammond, "Blue Train" by Byard Lancaster, "Mother Of The Future" by Anne Wirz, "Don't Stress Me Out" by Monette Sudler, "Valse Pour Helene" by Florian Pellissier Quintet, "Flow Like A River" by Robert Aaron, "Rip With John Coltrane" by Patchworks, "Journey To The Shore" by Dopegems, "September Sun" by Jacaranda Muse, "Sam's Intro" by Rongetz Foundation, "Where's My Soul" by Baron Retif & Conception Perez, "Our History" by Anthony Joseph, "Voices" by Blundetto, "Don't You Know" by Leron Thomas, "Want It Back" by Guts, "Womanarium" by Sly Johnson, "Untitled/Inspiration From Home" by Don Cherry, "Dead Sea Scrolls" by Raphael, "Ode To Ethiopia" by John Betsch Society, and "NT" by Tagi with Georgia Anne Muldrow. 40 tracks in all! CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousElectrical Language – Independent British Synth Pop 1978 to 1984 (4CD set) ... CD
Cherry Red (UK), Late 70s/Early 80s. New Copy 4CD ... $36.99
A massive look at a key moment in British music – that post-punk era when keyboards and electronics came into the mix, but weren't yet used in polished or commercial ways! The groups here really run the gamut – from some who'd later move into more noisy territory, to others who might change things up and go for the charts – almost all captured at their earliest, working for the wealth of tiny indie labels that sprang up in England once the forces of punk knocked down the walls of the major labels! The scope of sounds here is totally great – from moody, moogy analogue numbers – to other tighter electronic songs that burst and crackle with energy – sometimes instrumental, often vocal – and always a cut above. The package is a hardcover book-style one – with page after page of notes and images on the artists in the set – plus 4CDs that feature a total of 80 tracks – with music by The Passage, Thomas Leer, Box Of Toys, Poeme Electronique, Dalek I, Colourbox, The Normal, Alex Fergusson, Eyeless In Gaza, Bodhi Beat Poets, Two, The Fast Set, Play, Goat, Futurerhythm, David Harrow, Fiat Lux, Blue Zoo, Lori & the Chameleons, Tim Blake, Charlie's Brother, The Quarks, Hybrid Kids, Beasts In Cages, Naked Lunch, Edward Ka-Spel, The Mobile, Fad Gadget, Local Boy Makes Good, Chris & Cosey, Pink Industry, Music For Pleasure, and many more! CD

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