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PP ArnoldFirst Lady Of Immediate (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Immediate/JVC (Japan), 1967. Used ... $19.99
A really beautiful debut from PP Arnold – the American soul singer who first really made her mark in England, thanks to some key support from The Rolling Stones and other 60s rockers! Despite the British nature of this record – and despite the fact that production is by Mick Jagger, Andrew Loog Oldham, and others – the sound here is almost in the best US soul mode of the 60s, with full arrangements and sweeping strings that remind us of some of the strongest New York uptown soul of the mid 60s! Titles include "If You Think You're Groovy", "Born To Be Together", "The First Cut Is The Deepest", "Something Beautiful Happened", "Life Is But Nothing", "Speak To Me", and "Would You Believe". CD also features 3 bonus tracks – including a version of "Come Home Baby" sung as a duet with Rod Stewart! CD
(Out of print. Includes obi!)

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Basso Valdambrini SextetSestetto Basso Valdambrini – The Best Modern Jazz In Italy 1962 ... CD
RCA (Japan), 1962. Used ... $8.99
A really landmark album in European jazz – one of those records that always tops the lists of collectors, and for good reason too! The sextet of trumpeter Oscar Valdambrini and tenorist Gianni Basso was easily one of the greatest things going in jazz on that side of the Atlantic in the early 60s – a fresh, modern group who could still play with plenty of soul – avoiding some of the cool jazz traps of other European combos, and really hitting hard with solo work that matched the best American work of the time. The sound here is really incredible – tunes that bristle with electricity from the very first note, played with a cohesiveness that makes the record far more than just a happy accident in the studio! Titles include the originals "Coltrane Style" and "Monotonia", plus versions of Jackie McLean's "Dr Jackle", Junior Mance's "Jubilation", and Benny Golson's "Are You Real". CD
(Includes obi.)

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Paul BleyCloser ... CD
ESP (Germany), 1966. Used ... $5.99
Possibly the first true moment of genius from Paul Bley – a key indie standout after a few years working for bigger American labels! By the time of this early ESP album, Paul Bley was no stranger to the American scene – having recorded a few records for different labels in the 50s, and making some surprise appearances on other sessions in the early part of the 60s. But by the time of this mid 60s set, Bley was really coming into his own – working in a style that would have a huge influence on the style of jazz piano for the next few decades, and which was one of the first strong statements of modernism from the Canadian scene. Here, he's working with Steve Swallow on bass and Barry Altschul on percussion in a trio format, working through a great batch of tracks by then wife Carla – like "Ida", "Start", "Closer", "Batterie", and "Sideways In Mexico" – as well as versions of Ornette Coleman's "Crossroads", Annette Peacock's "Cartoon", and his own "Figfoot". CD
(Includes original slipcase. Out of print.)

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Mats GustafssonParrot Fish Eye ... CD
Okka Disk, 1995. Used ... $7.99
One of the best accomplishments of the brilliant young Okka Disk label has been to record and document the monsterous talents of the brilliant young Swedish reed player Mats Gustafsson. Gustafsson's poised to become one of the next century's most important reed players, and his style is a near-indescribable mix of hundreds of influences – from 30's "trick" sax players, to Ayler and other American 60's avant players, to Swedish free and bop players, to influences as disparate and haunting as scratchy old 78's or the wind howling through an empty dumpster. This, his first American recording, was done in 1994, with Chicago based musicians Jim O'Rourke, Gene Coleman, and Michael Zerang. Great stuff! CD
(Out of print.)

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✨✧ Kip HanrahanDesire Develops An Edge ... CD
American Clave, 1983. Used ... $6.99
A really unique blend of Jazz, Latin, and world music influences – and one of the first albums ever by Kip Hanrahan! Hanrahan's records are always better than we expect – and we really have to give him credit for mixing together so many diverse influences, especially in the early 80s, when not that many folks were doing things like this! The record features players that include like minded jazzers like Steve Swallow and Arto Lindsay, Latin percussionists like Jerry Gonzalez and Milton Cardona, and even the legendary Jack Bruce, who sings on a few tracks. The result is a captivating blend of all elements involved, served up with a nice warm production style that doesn't stifle, but which gels everything nicely. Titles include "Two", "Far From Freetown", "Trust Me Yet?", "Nancy", and "Sara Wade". CD

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David JohansenIn Style ... CD
Blue Sky/American Beat, 1979. Used ... $6.99
David Johansen's second post-New York Dolls solo record – and the first one where he really sheds the feral rock vibe – but with Mick Ronson on board as co-producer, it's still got plenty of pomp! David would go on to take many creative detours – but in this first real stretch, he's bringing in some Motown influences – with some R&B backing vocals here and there, along with ome sax, piano and other smoothed out touches. That said, it's not that huge of a jump – with some ruggedness and grit reminiscent of his earlier work –and it's got a bunch of really good songs. Titles include "Melody", "She", "Big City", "She Knew She Was Falling In Love", "Swaheto Woman", "Wreckless Crazy", "Flamingo Road" and more. CD
(Out of print.)

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Mighty SparrowSparromania! – Wit, Wisdom & Soul From The King Of Calypso 1960 to 1974 ... CD
Strut (UK), 1960s/Early 70s. Used 2CD ... $12.99
This is definitely not your father's calypso – no living room limbo or Harry Belafonte cliches – and instead, a smoking batch of Caribbean grooves from The Mighty Sparrow! Sparrow was very much on the edge of the best styles in the 60s and early 70s – and although his basic groove might be termed calypso, he also brought in plenty of Cuban, Haitian, and Jamaican rhythms to his music too – as well as an occasional does of American soul! Like some of the best early sounds from Kingston, the grooves here often echo a deeper R&B sensibility, turned towards island rhythms – and really hit home strongly by Sparrow's wonderful vocals – as catchy, compelling, and charming as some of the best US singers of the time – with touches of the wit of Oscar Brown Jr, the warmth of Lou Rawls, the swing of a young Marvin Gaye, and the spookiness of Screamin Jay Hawkins! This massive collection is the first to really dig through his older records to pull out the best tunes – just the kind of special focus we'd expect from the Strut label, with a wicked track selection and great notes too! Titles include "Bongo", "Calypso Boogaloo", "Zinah", "Fool Fool Fool", "Ah Diggin Horrors", "Jook For Jook", "Sparrow Come Back Home", "Slave", "She's Been Gone Too Long", "Congo Man", "Ten To One Is Murder", and "Kennedy & Kruschev". CD

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Oscar PetersonJazz In Paris – Oscar Peterson/Stephane Grappelli Quartet Vol 1 ... CD
Verve, 1973. Used ... $5.99
French violinist Stephane Grappelli joins up with one of Oscar Peterson's European trios for this 1973 recording – which features Kenny Clarke on drums and Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen on bass. The tracks are mostly standards in a swing-based mode – and the album was originally issued on the American label in France. Titles on this first volume include "Flamingo", "Them There Eyes", "Thou Swell", and "Looking At You". CD
(Barcode has a cutout hole.)

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✨✧ SybilSybil ... CD
Next Plateau, 1989. Used ... $5.99
A landmark soul album – and one of the first to break that acoustic-based Soul II Soul sound back into the American market. In a late 80s market of weak tinny soul albums, this one stood out as a deep rich wonderful gem, with a solid classic sound that's still pretty darn nice in any decade! Includes Sybil's great covers of "Walk On By" and "Don't Make Me Over", plus "In My Dreams", "Crazy For You", "Love's Calling", "I Wanna Be Where You Are", and Ced-Gee's "Bad Beats Suite", mixed out of the original Leon Ware version of "I Wanna Be Where You Are"! CD
(Out of print.)

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VariousEthiopiques Vol 6 – Mahmoud Ahmed: Almaz ... CD
Buda (France), 1973. Used ... $8.99
Volume 6 of the fantastic Ethiopiques series is an expanded re-issue of the first lp by Mahmoud Ahmed plus his first single from 1971. While not as clearly influenced by American soul and jazz, there are a few funky cuts that are pretty nice! Most of these songs flow with a groove unique to Ethiopian music – and although Ahmed's songs appear throughout the Ethiopiques series, only one of these songs appears on other volumes ("Kulun Mankwalesh"). With the groovy "Nafqot New Yegodagn" and "Yasdestal". CD

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✨✧ Baby Dodds/Laneville-Union Brass Band/Lapsey BandTalking And Drum Solos/Country Brass Bands ... CD
Unheard Music Series/Atavistic, 1946/1954. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Amazing lost work from Warren "Baby" Dodds (and others) – a pioneering jazz drummer born and bred in New Orleans before moving to Chicago and influencing countless trap clappers! Talking And Drum Solos was originally released as a 10-inch on Folkways, and as the title suggests it's a loose batch of sometimes spare, sometimes rolling crack drum solos by Baby mixed with some tight Big Easy brass jazz and easy going monologues by the drummer. The album is credited as being one of the first full albums dedicated to drum solos, but it's appeal stretches far beyond the concept. Tracks include "Spooky Drums No. 1", "Drums In The Twenties", "Careless Love Blues", "Rudiments" and more. The second half is the real treasure, though – 20 short deep south flavored brass jazz tunes by the Laneville-Union Brass & Lapsey Band, originally released as an LP in the Folkways "Music From The South" series. This isn't the cliched N'awl-ins brass band jazz the band monikers probably bring to mind – the mood throughout is solidly rooted in very spare, very loose marches. It's laid down with the instrumentation of New Orleans brass bands, but the dark, rural feel puts this much more in line with what you'd hear in Harry Smith's archives than silly brass band compilations. Really spooky stuff – and a wonderful sample of the sounds of a very specific aspect of the American south in the middle of the previous century. Tracks include "Precious Lord Hold My Hand", "Take Rocks And Gravel To Build A Solid Road", "Sing On", "I Shall Not Be Moved", "When I Lay My Burden Down" and lots more. Great notes by the fine Chicago jazz writer Kevin Whitehead, too! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Pharoah SandersThembi/Black Unity ... CD
Impulse (Germany), 1971/1972. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Spiritual jazz genius – two Pharoah Sanders albums back to back on a single CD! First up is Thembi – recorded with an all star lineup that includes Lonnie Liston Smith, Cecil McBee, Roy Haynes, and Michael White. The album's got a strong influence from the members on the set – particularly Lonnie Liston Smith, who seems to bring in a very nicely soulful approach to a few of the numbers, and Michael White, whose spiritual consciousness is still a bit rough-hewn and personal at this point. The record oddly shifts mood from track to track – going from the mellow soul of "Astral Traveling", into the loud free jazz of "Red Black & Green", to the modal grooving of "Thembi", and into the spiritual joy of "Love" and "Bailophone Dance" – all of which makes for a really wonderful album, one of Pharoah's strongest statements of the time! Black Unity is a record with a righteous cover, a righteous title, and a righteous little session that features one long song that spans the entire length of the album! "Black Unity" may well be Pharoah Sanders' freest expression on record to date – but it's also still got all the hallmarks of his best moments on Impulse – especially the tighter rhythmic focus that always makes his work so compelling – and which has kept his legacy fresh for generations and generations of new jazz listeners! The group here is wonderfully put together – with Joe Bonner on piano, Carlos Carnett on tenor, Marvin Hannibal Peterson on trumpet, Cecil McBee and Stanley Clarke on basses, and Norman Connors and Billy Hart on drums – all with plenty of space to stretch out, open up, and really do their thing! In contrast to some of the totally free work coming out of the European scene during the same stretch – especially that by American players overseas – the album's a great reminder that rhythm in jazz is always a key component – as Pharoah finds a way to make things swing, even at unexpected moments! CD

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✨✧ HeatwaveCentral Heating ... CD
Epic, 1978. Used ... Out Of Stock
The second album by Heatwave – and a great effort that's almost as perfectly sublime as the first! Despite their UK origin, these guys really give American late 70s soul a run for its money – hitting in a sweetly compressed sound that fuses the vocals, keyboards, and grooves together wonderfully! The album hits equally well on all burners – with some key mellow cuts, and a few funkier upbeat numbers. Titles include loads of classics – like "Mind Blowing Decisions", "Star Of A Story", "Groove Line", "Send Out For Sunshine", and "Leavin For A Dream". CD
Also available Central Heating (with bonus tracks) ... CD 14.99

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✨✧ Enrico PieranunziComplete Enrico Pieranunzi On Black Saint & Soul Note (Isis/Deep Down/No Man's Land/Flux & Change/Seaward/Ma L'Amore No) (6CD set) ... CD
Black Saint (Italy), 1980s/1990s. Used 6CD ... Out Of Stock
The Black Saint/Soul Note label is perhaps best remembered for its work with American avant players, but it also gave plenty of Italian players some great exposure, too – as you'll hear in this excellent collection of work from pianist Enrico Pieranunzi! The set features 6 albums for the label by Pieranunzi – all beautifully remastered, and packaged in tiny record-type sleeves. First up is the lovely Isis (1981), a date that features excellent flugelhorn from Art Farmer, and alto from Massimo Urbani. Next are two trio dates, Deep Down (1987), with Joey Baron on drums and Marc Johnson on bass – and No Man's Land (1990), with Johnson on bass and Steve Houghton on drums. Flux & Change (1995) features some great duets between Pieranunzi's piano and the drums of Paul Motian – stretched out over short tracks wrapped up into three different "suites" of music. Pieranunzi returns to the trio on Seaward (1996), with Hein Van DeGeyn on bass and Andre Ceccarelli on drums – and Ma L'Amore No (1997) features the horns of Lee Konitz and Enrico Rava added to various tracks with a trio. 6 albums in all! CD
(All albums come in paper sleeve replicas of the original album covers!)

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✨✧ VariousStudio One Soul ... CD
Soul Jazz/Studio One (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. Used ... Out Of Stock
Fantastic! This set features reggae and rocksteady versions of American soul and funk tracks from the late 60s and early 70s – quite fitting, considering how much of Jamaican reggae began as an attempt to copy American hits for the local market. The set may well be the best-ever in the essential series of compilations by Soul Jazz Records – and like the others, it features some of the best cuts ever recorded for the Studio One catalog. There's a total of 18 cuts in all – and tracks include "Soulful Strut" by Sound Dimension, "Still Water" by Jerry Jones, "Express Yourself" by Leroy Sibbles, "Message From A Black Man" by The Heptones, "The First Cut Is The Deepest" by Norma Fraser, "Deeper & Deeper" by Jackie Mitoo, "I Don't Want To Be Right" by Alton Ellis, "No One Can Stop Us" by Willie Williams, "Queen Of The Minstrals" by The Eternals, "Don't Break Your Promise" by The Chosen Few, and "Is It Because I'm Black" by Senior Soul. CD
(Includes original slipcase.)

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✨✧ Anthony BraxtonTrio & Duet (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Sackville/Delmark, Mid 70s. Used ... Out Of Stock
Really creative work from Anthony Braxton – a 70s gem that has the reedman working in two different settings – both of them great! The first half of the record reunites Braxton with the electronics of Richard Teitelbaum – working here on some very cool moog, mixed with percussion – all in the best dark sounds of the Time Zones recording from the pair. Leo Smith is also in the group on trumpet – adding in a sense of space that's really wonderful – and Braxton himself works a variety of clarinets with really rich sounds – as the trio takes off on "Composition 36". The rest of the record shows that great old school side of Braxton – that crucial knowledge of the American jazz songbook that he only showed the world this strongly in the mid 70s – and which sparkles here as one of the best examples of that love! The remaining tracks feature Anthony on alto and Dave Holland on bass – working out some really special magic on "The Song Is You", "You Go To My Head", and "Embraceable You". CD features two bonus tracks too – both previously unissued – "On Green Dolphin Street" and "I Remember You". CD
(Out of print.)

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✨✧ Edison MachadoObras 2 – O Pulo Do Gato ... CD
Whatmusic (UK), 1971. Used ... Out Of Stock
Deeply soulful modern jazz from 70s Brazil – a beautiful set of post-Coltrane blowing, from a group led by drummer Edison Machado! The sound here is even more free-spirited than Machado's first Obras session – in a fuller and farther-reaching style that brings in plenty of influences from early 70s American soul jazz, yet still retains a bit of the Brazilian groove underneath. Most notable is the extremely powerful frontline – which features Ion Muinz on tenor sax and the legendary Ed Maciel on trombone – all propelled by Machado's crack drumming, the bass of Ricardo Pereira Dos Santos, and some great modal piano lines from Haroldo Mauro Jr. Titles include "Mr Maciel", "O Pulo Do Gato", "Liu", "Endyra", and "Asa Branca". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Louis Van Dyke with Mark Murphy, Dave Pike, et alMetro's Midnight Music – Rare Jazz Tracks From The Dutch NOS Radio Show 1970 to 1975 ... CD
Sonorama (Germany), Early 70s. Used 2CD ... Out Of Stock
A rare jazz treasure from the European scene of the early 70s – killer material from a wealth of American artists and local talents – all done as special sessions for Dutch radio, and never issued to the public on record! Despite the radio origins of the music, the sound here is tremendous – easily on a par with the best MPS sessions of the time – which is no surprise, given that many of the artists here worked in similar circles! The first half of the set features the trio of pianist Louis Van Dyke augmented with guests who include Mark Murphy, Helen Merrill, Eddie Jefferson, Toots Thielemans, Herb Geller, and Dave Pike – all stepping out into the spotlight while Van Dyke's combo backs them up with lively grooves that are often heavy on bossa influences! The second half features larger orchestrations from The Metropole Orchestra – a soaring big band who groove wonderfully, often in support of vocals from Murphy or Greetje Kauffeld, but also featuring instrumental solos from European players Ack Van Rooyen, Piet Nordijk, Ferdinand Povel, and others. The whole set is worth it alone for the vocals of Murphy – because the record easily stands as some of his best work ever from this decade – and given how great Mark was at the time, that's really saying a lot! Small group titles include "Children Of The Sun", "So What", "Love Sick", "Sao Paulo", "Con Alma", "Seventh Day", and "Falling In Love With Love" – and bigger group numbers include "Out Of This World", "My Shining Hour", "Let's Fall In Love", "Get Happy", "I'll Wind", "This Time The Dream's On Me", "Paper Moon", "One For My Baby", "Come Rain Or Come Shine", and "That Old Black Magic". 37 tracks in all! CD

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