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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Dave BrubeckTime Further Out ... LP
Columbia, 1961. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Like Dave Brubeck's legendary Time Out set? Try this one – a great record that takes off from the concept of the first, but which goes in some very fresh new directions – using the same great group with Paul Desmond on alto, Eugene Wright on bass, and Joe Morello on drums! Dave's still working out some nutty time signatures here – but apart from the science, the thing that really makes the record cook is Desmond's alto – icy, edgey, floating, and always a treat – almost even more amazing in the space of some of these offbeat numbers. Titles include "Maori Blues", "Far More Drums", "Bluetee", "Far More Blue", and "It's A Raggy Waltz". LP, Vinyl record album
(70s pressing.)
Also available Time Further Out (with bonus tracks) ... CD 5.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Lambert, Hendricks & RossWay Out Voices Of Lambert, Hendricks & Ross (aka High Flying With Lambert, Hendricks & Ross) ... LP
Columbia, Early 60s. Used ... Out Of Stock
A later repackaging of the excellent Flying High album – easily the group's best album by far, and unfortunately, too often the toughest one to find! The arrangements here are fantastic, and the material is waaaaaay more hip than the Ellington and Basie stuff that they wasted too much time working with. Annie Ross reprises her famous "Farmer's Market" solo, plus the group swings wildly on versions of "Mr. P.C.", and Horace Silver's "Home Cookin'" and "Come On Home". John Hendricks' voice is at his prime, and the whole thing grooves madly. LP, Vinyl record album
(Columbia Odyssey pressing.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Count BasieCount Basie & The Kansas City Three – For The Second Time (180 gram 2LP – 45rpm) ... LP
Pablo/Analogue Productions, 1975. Sealed 2LP ... $49.99
A Count Basie trio set – the second meeting of the Kansas City Three, a combo that features Ray Brown on bass an Louis Bellson on drums! Basie's really great here – out front, and moving with modes that are quite different than his fuller group sessions – surprisingly sensitive at points, even though still imbued with all of his trademark swing! Bellson's touch on the kit really helps – punctuating things, while never going too far at all – a nice punch, right when needed – and Ray Brown proves once again that he's just the right fit for just about any combo. Titles include "Racehorse", "Blues For Eric", "Draw", "Sandman", "If I Could Be With You For One Hour Tonight", and "I Surrender Dear". LP, Vinyl record album
(Limited edition #0158.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
George BensonIn Your Eyes ... LP
Warner, 1983. Very Good+ ... $3.99
Sweetly jazzy soul from George Benson – a key classic from his great run at Warner Brothers Records, and the kind of record that George did better than anyone else at the time! Back in the 60s, we'd never have guessed that Benson's sweetly crackling vocals would dominate popular jazz more than his great guitar work – but hearing George here, it's clear that his soul work could easily outshine his guitar, especially when set up in a package like this! Atlantic soul maestro Arif Mardin produced, and as with his Chaka Khan productions for Warner at the time, he gives Benson a clean, clear modern style that's certainly pop, but also a lot less cluttered and clunky than modes used with other artists at the time. George is mostly on the vocal tip for the set, and Kashif helps out on one track – no surprise, given that Kashif was soon to walk down the path that Benson had started with his first few vocal albums in the 70s. Titles include "Love Will Come Again", "Use Me", "Late At Night", "In Search Of A Dream", "Lady Love Me", "In Your Eyes", and "Never Too Far To Fall". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes the printed inner sleeve.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
John ByrdYour Thing & My Thing ... LP
20th Century, 1974. Very Good ... $9.99
A pretty darn compelling album – one of the only sets we've ever seen from singer John Byrd – and a unique set of work for the time! The album was recorded at Muscle Shoals – with arrangements, production by Joe Wilson, who also wrote a good deal of the songs too – but the overall sound is almost more like that of some of the heavier soul coming out from points north at the time – far less southern soul at times than you'd guess from the record's pedigree. Most tunes are original to the set, and some of the best numbers even have a bit of a jazzy undercurrent. Titles include "Your Thing & My Thing", "I Can't Stop Loving You, Girl", "I've Got What You Need", "Sunshine", "Honey, I Don't Mind", and "Wait Til Tomorrow". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover a promo sticker, wear, and staining.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Juca ChavesAs Musicas Proibidas De Juca Chaves ... LP
Imperial (Brazil), 1968. Very Good- ... $23.99
Although the title and cover point to Chaves as a fairly controversial figure, especially as far as the censors were concerned, the music on this album's actually pretty simple stylistically, mostly to give a focus to the lyrics, which are sung in clear tone that we're guessing was supposed to read as sarcastic and ironic. The music has a sound that we'd almost tag as sort of an intellectual folksy one, a Brazilian answer to some of the hipper little groups coming out of Boston or Greenwhich village during the 60s, touched also with some of the similar trends in French songwriting, like the work of Georges Brassens. Titles include "Criticas Das Criticas", "Legalidade", "Lembrettes", "Atraso E Solucao", " LP, Vinyl record album
(Original pressing. Vinyl is clean, but has some light marks.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
CrusadersScratch ... LP
Blue Thumb/Chisa, 1974. Very Good ... $4.99
A great Crusaders album – and one that's a perfect bridge between their earlier soul jazz styles, and their tighter funkier electric one. The record was recorded live at the Roxy, and the group is augmented by Larry Carlton on guitar, who gives the tracks a nice razor edge at his best moments. All songs are pretty long – and the band is in extremely good form, jamming away with lots of funky vamping, and breaking out with some very soulful solos. Titles include "Scratch", "Hard Times", "So Far Away", and "Way Back Home". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
CyrkleNeon ... LP
Columbia, 1967. Very Good ... $7.99
Beautiful work from The Cyrkle – post-folk, partly-sunshine, and a treasure trove of really groovy tunes! The record features a fair number of covers, but they're really redone here by the group in a mode that mixes youthful harmonies with slight acoustic guitar touches and some occasional more ambitious arrangements – never too much, but just with the right colors to shade in the gentler spaces. There's a cohesion here that's tremendous – making the record a no-filler set that really stands out from the other lesser-knowns of The Cyrkle's generation. We might go so far as to rank this one next to the perfect middle period Simon & Garfunkel albums on Columbia from the same stretch, but the overall sound here is a bit more varied, and honestly even deeper. Titles include the sublime "The Visit", plus "Two Rooms", "I'm Not Sure What I Want To Do", "Our Love Affair's In Question", "Don't Cry, No Fears, No Tears, Comin Your Way", and "The Weight Of Your Words". LP, Vinyl record album
(360 Sound stereo pressing. Cover has waviness & some aging.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Eric DolphyEric Dolphy At The Five Spot Vol 2 ... LP
Prestige, 1961. Very Good ... $9.99
Searing live work from Eric Dolphy – part of a series of recordings that set a whole new standard for live jazz recording! The record features Dolphy going even farther out than on his studio sides from the time – as the record features very long tracks performed by a crack group that includes Booker Little on trumpet, Mal Waldron on piano, Richard Davis on bass, and Ed Blackwell on drums. Despite the length of the tracks, Dolphy isn't as far out as on later European live recordings – but the performance is a great example of his inventiveness within a mainstream structure, and the modernist tendencies of both Waldron and Little shine very brightly in the set. The concert was one of Little's last (and greatest) recordings – sometimes billed as a "memorial", even though he was still alive when it was done – and titles on this volume include "Aggression" and "Like Someone In Love". LP, Vinyl record album
(Green label pressing. Cover has a split spine & bottom seam with light pen & marker.)
Also available Eric Dolphy At The Five Spot Vol 2 ... CD 3.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Eric DolphyOther Aspects – Newly Discovered Recordings From Eric Dolphy's Private Collection ... LP
Blue Note, Early 60s/1987. Sealed ... $34.99
A key part of the Dolphy puzzle, and a set of recordings that show a tremendously creative, yet largely-undocumented side of his work (hence the title Other Aspects). The tracks on the set were recorded in the few years shortly before his death in 1964, but they lay unissued until Blue Note shocked the world with this collection in the mid 80s. The Dolphy you hear on this LP is far different than the firey ensemble player of the Prestige recordings, or the angular modernist of his Out To Lunch sessions. Instead, these tracks show a more thoughtful, more spiritual side of the influential reed player – and clearly draw a link between his late work, and the avant soul jazz recordings of his 70's heirs on the Strata East label. Titles include "Jim Crow", "Inner Flight", and "Improvisations & Turkas". Darn Tough to find on vinyl, too! LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
George DukeMaster Of The Game ... LP
Epic, 1979. Very Good ... $5.99
A late 70s classic from jazzy funk master George Duke! Master Of The Game is an excellent mix of jazz, smooth soul, and Latin riffing – really a perfect blend of styles that shows not only how far George's sound had progressed throughout the 70s, it also charts the development of the California scene during the late 70s. George has musical help from Ray Obeido, Roland Bautista, and Sheila E – plus vocals by Lynn Davis, Josie James, and Napoleon Brock. The tracks have a smooth sound that works perfectly with Duke's best keyboard approaches – subduing his tenency to "rock out" a bit, but bringing forward his classic ability to hit a stone mellow groove. Titles include "I Want You For Myself", "Every Little Step I Take", "Look What You Find", "I Love You More", "Dog Man", and "Games". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes the printed inner sleeve. Cover has light wear.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
EternalsApproaching The Energy Field ... LP
Submarine/Addenda, 2011. Sealed ... $9.99
Madly energetic, unpredictable material from Chicago's ever-evolving Eternals – tripped up, fearlessly creative and flat out fun stuff from one of our city's best longstanding indie concerns! The Eternals bring myriad influences into their own unique vibe, and like the best far-reaching groups, it pretty much comes out sounding only like themselves. Spacey synths, aggro and moody electronics and Arkestra styled jazzy instrumentation in the same set and it all makes sense. Ya know, it's just tough to describe The Eternals, other than to simply say how much we dig 'em and appreciate their uncompromising evolution. Titles include"War's Blazing Disciple", "The Energy Field", "Shadow Radio", "Dangerous Weather", "Alarms!", "Cancao Do Silencio" and more. LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Gap BandGap Band III ... LP
Mercury, 1980. Very Good+ ... $5.99
A great one from the Gap Band – funky gems and sinister groovers – the best of both worlds for the group! Tunes like "Burn Rubber On Me (When You Want To Hurt Me)" and "Humpin" packed 80s dance floors for good reason, and put the band in steady rotation, while numbers like "Yearning For Your Love" showed the band could drop the tempo, stretch out a bit, and deliver the mighty mellow, too. This one's certainly at the top of the heap of 80s groovers, as far as we're concerned – a record that really took the Gap Band over the top! Other tracks include "Nothin' Comes To The Sleepers", "Are You Living", "The Way", "Gash Gash Gash" and more. LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes the lyric sleeve.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Marvin GayeIn Our Lifetime ... LP
Tamla, 1981. Very Good ... $8.99
Marvin Gaye's last album for Motown – and a wonderful cap to a great run of sexy soul for the 70s – filled with great mellow grooves that rival the genius of his earlier work in the decade! There's a glowing, slow-burning feel to some of the best numbers here – a vibe that's right out of the I Want You era, with touches of Let's Get It On too. But there's also a slightly more mature approach too – a bit more cautious, even when confident – no doubt informed by the struggles of his Here My Dear album, which also echoes somewhat in this set. The record's more proof that even when not coming across with a classic hit, Marvin's still very much at the top of his game – an artist that stands head and shoulders above his contemporaries – with none of the too-commercial or too-dated modes that held other folks back! Titles include "Life Is For Learning", "Praise", "Funk Me", "Far Cry", "Love Party", and "Love Me Now Or Love Me Later". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a bit of pen in one corner.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Stephane GrappelliYoung Django ... LP
MPS, 1979. Very Good+ ... $3.99
A wonderfully surprising later album from Stephane Grappelli – one that stretches out with a sound that's far more than just the Django tribute you might guess from the title! Grapelli's working here with two guitarists – Philip Catherine and Larry Coryell – in the twin-guitar grooving mode that was used often with the Hot Club. However, the real difference here is the overall sound – as Catherine and Coryell can't help but explore the tunes in a more interesting and contemporary manner – and really bring in some amazing colors and tones to the sessions. Each guitarist is featured in a different channel – and Grappelli and bassist Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen handle the rest of the work on the set. Titles include "Blues For Django & Stephane", "Gallerie St Hubert", "Tears", "Swing Guitars", "Oriental Shuffle", "Sweet Chorus", and "Are You In The Mood". LP, Vinyl record album
(PA/USA pressing. Cover has a cutout hole.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Herbie Hancock & Willie BoboSuccotash (aka Dimensions & Extensions) ... LP
Blue Note, Mid 60s/1973. Near Mint- ... $16.99
Very cool session recorded in the 60's, and also issued under the title Dimensions & Extensions. Herbie Hancock and Paul Chambers team up with Latin percussionists Willie Bobo and Osvaldo "Chihuahau" Martinez for a set of long improvised tracks in which Herbie states a basic line, and the other players join in spontaneously. The record's got a sound that's unlike most other Blue Notes from the time, with a very free groove that never goes too far out, but which is far more adventurous than usual. All tracks are long, and titles include "Succotash", "Triangle", and "Mimosa". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a cut corner and light wear.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Kuumba-Toudie HeathKawaida ... LP
Obe, 1969. Very Good+ Gatefold ... $59.99
A super-hip batch of soul jazz tracks by Albert Toodie Heath of the Heath Brothers – working here on a rare session as a leader, with a sound that's right up there with the Heath Brothers' early work for Strata East!! The lineup is incredible – as Heath is joined by players that include Don Cherry, Buster Williams, Mtume, Herbie Hancock, Jimmy Heath, and Ed Blackwell – all coming together for a session that's nearly lost to the history books, but which is one of the strongest spiritual jazz sessions of the late 60s! Herbie plays all acoustic piano throughout, and the tracks are long, leaping, and loping – with stretched-out spiritual solos from Jimmy Heath and Don Cherry – and a proud and righteous sound that's extremely free-spirited without going too far out! Titles include "Baraka", "Maulana", "Dunia", and "Kamili". LP, Vinyl record album
(Original gatefold pressing! Vinyl has a mark that causes clicks for a few spins at the start of side one, but is then fine. Cover has some light wear.)
Also available Kawaida ... LP 11.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Phyllis HymanPhyllis Hyman ... LP
Buddah, 1977. Very Good ... Just Sold Out!
Far and away our favorite album by Phyllis Hyman – her first, and with lots of the same smooth jazzy soul touches you'd find in her work with Norman Connors! Phyllis is still as sophisticated as she is on later albums, but there's a bit freer style to the record – and Phyllis breaks a bit from her normally restrained classy sound, into one that opens up a bit more emotionally – really soaring out here in a way that's quite different than later hits, with a vibrancy that still makes this album our favorite Hyman effort after all these years. Arrangements are by Onaje Allen Gumbs and Jerry Peters – and the album features the sublime jazzy groover "Children Of The World", which would sound great next to any Roy Ayers cut of the time! Other tracks include "Loving You Losing You", "One Thing On My Mind", "No One Can Love You More" and "Beautiful Man Of Mine". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes insert. Cover has light wear & a promo stamp.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bob JamesExplosions ... LP
ESP, 1965. Very Good+ ... $49.99
Early work by Bob James – recorded way before he became one of the funky talents of the 70s, when he was a budding young modernist on the New York scene, with clear influences from the work of Paul Bley. This set is a trio recording – and it features James playing with Barre Phillips on bass and Robert Pozar on drums. Phillips' work is especially amazing, as he gets sounds out of the bass that are just incredible – working the whole instrument into wild tones and sounds that far surpass conventional work on the strings. The whole session's amazingly dark – and it makes us love James' funky work even more to know that he started out this way! Titles include "Explosions", "An On", "Wolfman", and "Peasant Boy". LP, Vinyl record album
(Orange label stereo pressing. Cover has small seam splits.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Henry ManciniThief Who Came To Dinner ... LP
Warner, 1973. Very Good ... $16.99
A keyboard classic from Henry Mancini – and one of his greatest soundtracks ever! The album's far far different than most of Mancini's other work – a stripped-down, slow-funk batch of tracks that mix together keyboards and organ, riffing out over rhythm and strings, in a mode that would make Quincy Jones weep! The main theme is a stunner – and it rolls out again and again in different versions with a nice moogy bit behind it, sounding almost like an Italian soundtrack tune – but with a lot more spacey soul! The rest of the soundtrack follows suit – sliding forward in a brilliantly slinky way – all without any common cliches of the time, and an amazingly balanced groove. Titles include "Tail Gate", "Jackie's Theme", "Dog Eat Dog", "Theme From Thief Who Came To Dinner", "Getaway", and "First Job". LP, Vinyl record album
(White label promo. Cover has a split spine & top seam, and promo sticker, and some wear.)
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Joe FarrellOutback ... LP
CTI, 1971. Very Good- Gatefold ... $6.99
A killer set from Joe Farrell – one of the 70s greatest reed players, and an always-exciting talent who was one of the first artists to really use the extended CTI format to break into a whole new level! The set's a drawn-out quintet side, with Chick Corea on electric piano, Buster Williams on bass, Elvin Jones on drums, and Airto on percussion. Farrell was playing with Jones at the time, and the album's got some of their strong choppy reed/percussion interplay – but with a sharpness and focus that you don't always hear on Elvin's records! Tracks are all long – and titles include "Outback", "Sound Down", and "Bleeding Orchid". LP, Vinyl record album
(Original pressing. Cover has a promo stamp.)
Also available Outback (Japanese pressing) ... CD 11.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lalo SchifrinChe! ... LP
Tetragrammaton, 1968. Sealed ... $11.99
A pretty cool score by Lalo Schifrin – one that's Latin, but not in the same bossa style as his other 60s albums. The film – as you can imagine – is about Che Guevara, and it stars poor Omar Sharif, who was forever pegged to play the "ethnic" star in films like this. For the music, Lalo shows his huge command of a number of different South American rhythms – and blends together driving Afro Cuban rhythms with other styles that sound like they're from a bit farther south in the Latin geography. Very nice stuff, and with many good tracks. Titles include "Charangos", "Fiesta Numero Dos", "La Columna", "La Barraca", "Recuerdos", and "Che". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Art FarmerArt ... LP
Argo, 1960. Very Good ... $5.99
A beautiful album of understated brilliance – one of Art Farmer's early shifts into the sublime, and an easily-blown batch of trumpet tracks that always takes our breath away! There's a sense of relaxed freedom here that's really tremendous – a difference from some of Farmer's more arranged, or more hard-blown moments of the 50s – and a real move into notes that are airier and more open – almost effortless at times, and played like nobody else! The group's a quartet – with Tommy Flanagan on piano, Tommy Williams on bass, and Albert Heath on drums – and the tracks are all in the four to five minute range, with Art crafting lyrically soulful lines over the top. Titles include "Who Cares", "Out Of The Past", "Younger Than Springtime", "That Ole Devil Called Love", and "Goodbye Old Girl". LP, Vinyl record album
(Orange label Cadet pressing, in a black and white cover.)
Also available Art (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD 29.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Art FarmerEarly Art ... LP
Prestige, Early 50s. Good+ ... $9.99
Art Farmer's always a delight – but he sounds especially great on this batch of early tracks, ones that have him grooving a bit harder than in later years, with a firey tone that really steps out at times. There's still plenty of Art's sweetness in the tunes, but the material is a bit more upbeat and forward, with less lyrical meandering than later, and more of an early 50s bop approach. Players include Sonny Rollins, Horace Silver, Kenny Clarke, and Wynton Kelly (the album features 2 different groups) – and titles include "Pre Amp", "Wisteria", "I'll Take Romance", "Confab In Tempo", "Soft Shoe", and "I'll Walk Alone". LP, Vinyl record album
(Orange label Status pressing. Label has tape over the spindle hole.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Art Farmer/Benny GolsonMeet The Jazztet ... LP
Argo, 1960. Very Good ... $4.99
Landmark work by one of the greatest jazz outfits of the early 60s! Art Farmer and Benny Golson were both known as well-composed players during the 50s – strongly soulful, but often with a fine sense of arrangement that usually tended towards the lyrical side of things. With this group, though, they turned that approach towards a heavier sounding style of jazz – tightly stepping soul jazz, in the manner that was being explored at the time by Cannonball Adderley, Art Blakey, and others – presented by Farmer and Golson with a bit more groove and a wonderful kick at the bottom! This album's the first the group cut together – and apart from trumpet by Farmer and tenor by Golson, it also features Curtis Fuller on trombone, McCoy Tyner on piano, Addison Farmer (brother of Art) on bass, and Lex Humphries on drums. Includes the massive original recording of "Killer Joe", which went onto become one of the most recorded jazz standards ever, plus the tracks "Blues March", "Mox Nix", "Park Avenue Petite", and "I Remember Clifford". Perfect tone, perfect groove, and a perfect sound all the way through! LP, Vinyl record album
(70s pressing. Cover has cut corner.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Joe FarrellSonic Text ... LP
Contemporary, 1979. Very Good+ ... $3.99
Beautiful post-CTI work from Joe Farrell – a record that has him stretching out in the kind of long, flowing, and open tunes that have always been the strongest side of his work! The setting is mostly acoustic – save for a bit of electric piano on a few tracks – and players include Freddie Hubbard on trumpet, George Cables on piano, Tony Dumas on bass, and Peter Erskine on drums – hitting some nice chunky rhythms on some of the album's best tracks, and keeping up the funky undercurrent that we always love in Farrell's work. Farrell himself plays tenor, soprano, and flute – and titles include "Sonic Text", "If I Knew Where You're At", "Sweet Rita Suite", "When You're Awake", and "The Jazz Crunch". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Gary McFarlandAmerica The Beautiful ... LP
Skye, 1968. Very Good+ Gatefold ... $3.99
An incredible document of late 60s America – composed and conducted by Gary McFarland, in a style that's much more ambitious than any of his other work! The album's fully titled "America The Beautiful: An Account Of Its Disappearance" – and features "movements" with very telling subtitles that include "On This Site Shall Be Erected", "80 Miles An Hour Through Beer Can Country", "Suburbia: Two Poodles And A Plastic Jesus", and our personal favorite, "Due To A Lack Of Interest, Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled". Gary's really wearing his politics on his sleeve here – picturing a late 60s America that's without hope, without revolution, and clearly in danger of falling prey to its own plasticization. The whole thing's a wonderful antidote to the "revolution is coming" side of the 60s that is more popularly pushed – and Gary was one of the few musicians at the time with an eye that was clear enough to see that in the 60s, you could sing "The Times Are A-Changing" – but in reality, the corporations were a-growing! Musically, the album features a larger group of jazz players working in a full, rich style that has lots of soundtrack touches. There's a real Axelrod-like feel to the set – with string passages one minute, funky rhythms the next – and some breakout jazz soloing that really colors the tunes nicely! Players include Jerome Richardson, Eric Gale, Bernard Purdie, and Chuck Rainey – and Gary's mostly doing the conducting on the set. LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a mark from sticker removal.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Gato BarbieriTropico ... LP
A&M, 1978. Near Mint- ... $2.99
A far reaching late 70s set from Gato Barbieri – a record that blends fusiony jazz funk, lush stings, and Latin rhythms and fluid solos on a varied batch of tunes! One of the more interesting things about the production is that those varied approaches often come into play within the same tunes – with clean, lean fusiony bass and percussion underneath swelling string accents, showing Barbieri was unafraid to intermingle myriad influences at the time. Titles include a take on Caetano Veloso's "Odara", plus "Poinciana (Song Of The Tree)", "Latin Lady" (which guest Carlos Santana trading solos with Gato over tropical jazz funk backing), "She Is Michelle", "Where Is The Love", "Evil Eyes" and "Bolero". LP, Vinyl record album
(White label promo, including the lyric sleeve. Label has an ink stamp.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Count Basie & His OrchestraBasie's Beatle Bag ... LP
Verve, 1966. Very Good+ ... $7.99
An amazing little record – with results that are even greater than the sum of its parts! As you'd guess from the title, Count Basie takes on the 60s sounds of The Beatles – but he's doing so with arrangements from the great Chico O'Farrill – who really keeps things interesting throughout – throwing in those hip rhythms and odd twists and turns he first forged with his Latin recordings – in ways that definitely live up to the groovy pedigree of the tunes. And the Basie group's got a groovier sound than usual – probably due to the arrangements – and Basie plays some nice organ riffs on a number of the album's tracks – one of the Count's rare outings on the instrument, always a treat. Titles include "Help!", "Can't Buy Me Love", "I Wanna Be Your Man", "All My Loving", and "And I Love Her". Proof that The Beatles' influence was way farther reaching than you'd ever expect! LP, Vinyl record album
(MGM mono pressing. Cover has light wear & a cutout hole.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
George BensonGood King Bad ... LP
CTI, 1975. Near Mint- Gatefold ... $3.99
Sweet 70s funk from George Benson – an album that's a bit smoother than some of his earlier work, but still free from the commercial polish of his later hits! Maestro David Matthews is at the helm for this session – and most numbers have a full backing from players who include some of the best of the CTI/Kudu generation – including Ronnie Foster and Bobby Lyle on keyboards, Joe Farrell on flute, Fred Wesley on trombone, Eric Gale on rhythm guitar, Dave Friedman on vibes, and Steve Gadd on drums – who manages to kick in a nicely funky undercurrent, even on some of the mellower numbers. George's guitar is filled with warmly chromatic hues – gliding away nicely on titles that include the slow funky "Em", plus "Siberian Workout", "Shell Of A Man", "Hold On I'm Coming", "One Rock Don't Make No Boulder", and "Theme From Good King Bad". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
BlondieAutoamerican ... LP
Chrysalis, 1980. Very Good ... $6.99
The biggest sounding Blondie album by far – and a radical leap from New York new wave scene band to a wildly ambitious pop pastiche machine! The band always had a fearless way of filtering far-reaching pop sounds into their material, even when they were still on the CBGBs scene, and while their stylistic reach grew with each successive album, Autoamerican really takes it to extremes. It's somewhat notorious for favoring session players over the core band, but given how crazy the stylistic breadth is – no disrespect to that incredible core band – it's a creative win, as much BECAUSE they bit off more than they could chew production wise, as it is despite that. It's most famous (or infamous, depending on who's talking about it) for "Rapture", and other tracks include "Europa", "Live It Up", their classic, breezy cover of "The Tide Is High", "Here's Looking At You", "Faces", "Follow Me" and more. LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes the printed inner sleeve.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Crazy World Of Arthur BrownCrazy World Of Arthur Brown ... LP
Track, 1968. Very Good+ ... $19.99
A wild, far reaching psychedelic rock kaleidoscope from Arthur Brown and his Crazy World! The sounds range from wailing organs and heavy drum backed bigness, to more of a tightly grooving r&b garage influenced trip as the core backdrop – with vocals ranging from falsetto freakouts to rambling speak singing craziness and bursts of brass. Nothing's predictable from one passage to the next, but the group sets a heady groove before it all gets freaky, and they find it again before insanity sets in. Titles include "Prelude-Nightmare", "Fire", "Come & Buy", "Spontaneous Apple Creation", "Child Of My Kingdom", "I Put A Spell On You" and more. LP, Vinyl record album
(Green & blue label pressing. Cover has some wear.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
James BrownPure Dynamite! ... LP
King, 1964. Very Good- Gatefold ... $14.99
Raw live energy from the great James Brown – and a record that comes hot on the heels of Live At The Apollo! Like that one, this set was supposedly "recorded on the spot" – and it's even harder, faster, and noisier than that classic – with a loud-bursting sound that definitely lives up to the "dynamite" title, and which is far more unbridled than James on his King studio albums. The crowds seem to get equal time in front of the microphones as James – further enforcing the liveness of the record – and titles include "I'll Never Let You Go", "Good Good Lovin", "Shout & Shimmy", "Like A Baby", and "I'm Tired But I'm Clean". Album cover is great too – with a cool gatefold cover that's filled with photos of James, fans, and some lovely ladies! LP, Vinyl record album
(Black label pressing. Cover has some wear and a mostly split bottom seam.)
Also available Pure Dynamite! (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD 18.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Gary BurtonSomething's Coming! ... LP
RCA, 1964. Very Good+ ... $9.99
The excitement on the cover here is very well-placed – and RCA clearly knows they've got something special on their hands – the launch of vibist Gary Burton as a leader – a force in jazz that would continue strongly for decades to come! At the time of the record, Burton had already been making waves as a session player on the Nashville scene – where RCA had some especially strong ears – but he's launched here in a mode that's quite far from those roots, and already filled with those modern, chromatic modes that would have Burton pushing the sound of the vibes forward strongly throughout his career – even on an early record like this! The group is very like-minded, and well-chosen – players who are spacious and modern, but never too much so – a quartet with Jim Hall on guitar, Chuck Israels on bass, and Larry Bunker on drums. Titles include "Melanie", "Careful", "Six Improvisatory Sketches", "Something's Coming", and "Little Girl Blue". LP, Vinyl record album
(Black label stereo Dynagroove pressing. Cover has light wear & a small sticker in one corner.)

Partial matches81
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
CandidoDrum Fever ... LP
Polydor, 1973. Near Mint- ... $33.99
One of Candido's funkiest albums! The record's got a similar sound to Candido's great albums for Blue Note and Solid State – with short, hard funky tunes that have a really great 70s edge! Chico O'Farrill did the arrangements, and the record chops along nicely with some very funky tracks that feel like they were lifted from a blacksploitation soundtrack – conga mixed with great keyboards, wah wah guitar, and tight blasts of horns in just the right bits! The whole thing's a killer – filled with heavy funky 45-type numbers – and tracks include "Soulwanco", "Succulent", "Yolanda", "Candido's Funk", "Kushy", "Sultry", and "Mighty Mouth". Very nice! LP, Vinyl record album
(Great Japanese pressing – heavy cover and vinyl!)
Also available Drum Fever ... LP 9.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
CrusadersCrusaders (promo LP) ... LP
Chisa/Blue Thumb, Early 70s. Very Good ... $7.99
Special promo LP, with cuts from the first 2 Crusaders albums – titles that include "Mosadi", "That's How I Feel", "So Far Away", "Put It Where You Want It", "Don't Let It Get You Down", "Do You Remember When", and "Tough Talk". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a cutout hole & some wear.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Brian EnoBefore & After Science ... LP
Polydor (UK), 1977. Very Good+ ... $39.99
The four rock LPs Eno cut in the mid to late 70s stand as the perfect of example of art rock that didn't succumb to the excesses of the prog movement, and have thus stood the test of time far better than anything of that generation. This is the last of those 4 lps, recorded before eno dove headlong into "ambience" and laid the template for chillout room music to follow many years later. . . Includes the tracks "No One Receiving", "Kurt's Rejoinder", "King Lead Hat", and "Here He Comes". LP, Vinyl record album
(Early US pressing on Island.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Victor FeldmanArrival Of Victor Feldman ... LP
Contemporary, 1958. Very Good+ ... $14.99
The title and cover image are a bit misleading – as Victor had already been in the US for about 4 years by the time of this set – but as far as west coast jazz was concerned, he'd definitely "arrived" through a series of great contributions to classic albums! The outing's a trio date – with Feldman on both vibes and piano – drums by Stan Levey, and bass by a young Scott LaFaro, who really helps keep things interesting throughout! Feldman often changes moods with his change of instruments – and the album's almost an effort to show the full range of his talents in a smallish space – but the overall presentation is never too split-minded. Titles include "Serpent's Tooth", "Waltz", "Chasing Shadows", "Flamingo", "Sposin", "Satin Doll", "Bebop", and "Minor Lament". LP, Vinyl record album
(OJC pressing.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
First Cosins Jazz EnsembleFor The Cos Of Jazz ... LP
Capitol, 1977. Very Good- ... $1.99
A nice batch of smooth funky instrumentals – played by a group that's headed by Stu Gardner, working here under the supervision of his old friend and collaborator, Bill Cosby (the "Cos" in the album's title.) Rudolph Johnson (of Black Jazz fame) plays some great solos on the album – and Stu and Larry Farrow contribute some keyboards that groove along nicely and give the record a slick finish without sounding too smooth overall. Titles include "Beans & Sauce", "Please The Pleasers", "Fit It To The Rhythm", "Funky Johnson", "A Flush Moment", and "Banana Peel". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a cutout hole.)

Partial matches86
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Curtis FullerAll Star Sextets ... LP
Savoy, 1959. Near Mint- 2LP Gatefold ... $9.99
Outstanding early work from Curtis Fuller, leading a smoking small group through bop and hard bop numbers in a modernist mode like some of the best Jazztet sides Art Farmer and Benny Golson would go on to cut a few years later. Golson's featured here alongside Fuller in the front line, with either Lee Morgan or Thad Jones on trumpet, and the group filled out with a batch of top notch sidemen in the rhythm section as the title implies: Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers, Charlie Persip, Mcoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison and Dave Bailey. Some of the best bop sides issued on Savoy, and among the hardest to find, too! Includes "It's All Right With Me", "Arabia", "I'll Walk Alone", "Judy's Dilemma", "Wheatleigh Hall", "Kachin", "Bang Bang", "Imagination", "Blues De Funk" and "Lido Road". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a cut corner.)

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