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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Les Joyaux De La Princesse & Regard ExtremeDie Weisse Rose ... CD
Les Joyaux De La Princesse (UK), 1995. Used ... Out Of Stock
(Out of print.)
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ WipersYouth Of America ... LP
Jackpot, 1981. New Copy (reissue)... Out Of Stock
The incredible second album by The Wipers – a record that cements Greg Sage's status as not only a pioneering figure in Pacific Northwest punk/post punk songcraft, but also as one of the more innovative guitarists in that scene. Youth Of America carries on the surprisingly melodic, yet blazing intensity of the debut, but with richer guitar atmosphere. The 10+ minute title track is the biggest step forward in that regard, but the whole record is a underappreciated gem! Other titles include "Taking Too Long", "Can This Be", "Pushing The Extreme", "When Its Over" and "No Fair". LP, Vinyl record album
(Remastered from the original tapes.)
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Alex BandEccentric (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Helicon/GAD (Poland), 1980. New Copy ... $10.99
A sublime set from this hip Polish ensemble – a group who got their start in funky fusion, but who really stretch out here in a more sophisticated space too – mixing some of their electric elements with these really beautiful horn passages – arranged at a level that's full of color and life! The approach is a bit like some of the best MPS big bands of the 70s – with some keyboards and electric guitar in the mix, driving the rhythms along – while the skilled lineup of trumpets, trombone, and tenor sax carve out these soulful lines over the top – all at a level that's extremely fresh, very thoughtful, and which almost beats most American jazz of this type from the time! The style is more mid 70s than you'd guess from the date – and the album's a great lost treasure from the overlooked Polish scene. Titles include "Wet Za Wet", "Sam Na Manhattanie", "Switaniec", "Hispanzkie Izy", and "Morskie Slonce". CD features three bonus tracks – "Gra Milosna", "Fikolek", and "Tanczaca Anaconda". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Lorez AlexandriaThis Is Lorez/Lorez Sings Pres ... CD
King/BGP (UK), 1957. Used ... $9.99
Incredible early work from Lorez Alexandria – the kind of albums that instantly set her apart from other singers of the 50s, reissued here properly for the first time in years! On This Is Lorez, the singer is working with sublime small combo backings from the group of pianist King Fleming – an unusual Chicago ensemble that includes Wilber Wynn on guitar, Ronald Wilson on flute and oboe, Vernel Fournier on drums, and Audrey Jones on bongos – a musical lineup that brings in a different sort of sophistication to the record, shading tunes with moody colors on flute and oboe that perfectly support Alexandria's soulful and sensitive interpretations of the tunes. The whole thing is pure genius, and a key look at the new levels of sophistication that were bubbling everywhere on the Chicago scene during the years of Jamal and Sun Ra. Lorez Sings Pres follows in a very similar mode – with backing by a Chicago group that again includes King Fleming piano, plus Charles Stepney on vibes, Paul Serrano on trumpet, and Vernel Fournier on drums – an extremely hip lineup that makes the record far more than just the Lester Young tribute promised in the title! But despite the instrumentalists, the real star on all sides is Alexandria – who sings with dark tones and deep colors that go far beyond conventional jazz vocals – all carried off with that slightly breathy mode that was one more unique aspect of her work! CD features all tracks from both albums – a total of 22 titles that include "Snowstorm", "I'm Glad There Is You", "The Sky Is Crying", "I'm Making Believe", "Necessity", "Penthouse Serenade", "DB Blues", "This Year's Kisses", "Easy Living", "No Eyes Blues", "Jumping With Symphony Sid", and a key early reading of "Baltimore Oriole". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Curtis AmyMustang! ... LP
Verve, Late 60s. Very Good ... $19.99
A fantastic LP of beautiful modal tracks, played by one of the most underrated reed players ever, during the most fruitful time of his career. At this point, Amy's moved away from his bluesy Texas roots, and has discovered a freer Coltrane-esque sound that works beautifully with his spiritual, strident compositions. Although the record was pushed by Verve with the funkier track "Mustang" (also recorded by Donald Byrd), the record really sounds more like a Nathan Davis record, with a mix of tenor and soprano sax that is extremely spiritual. Tracks include "Mustang" (2 versions), "Shaker Heights", "Enojo", and "Old Devil Moon". LP, Vinyl record album
(MGM pressing. Cover has light wear and some discoloration on the back, along the opening.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Anvil BandAnvil Band ... CD
Free Spirit/Octave (Japan), 1978. New Copy ... $21.99
A killer lost disco album – a way better club set than you might expect! The group looks extremely silly on the cover – ridiculously so, in fact – but the record's a stunning batch of jazzy club tracks with a mostly instrumental groove, and a very tight feel – not at all the schlock that the photo might make you guess. Joe Bataan wrote many of the tracks, and the record almost feels like an extension of his classic Afrofilipino groove – especially his own work for the Salsoul label. Titles include "Samba", "The Tunnel", "Let's Dance", "Sadie", "Continental Square Dance", "I'll Be True", and Vince Montana's Philly groover "Nice Vibes"! Also features a version of Isaac Hayes' "The Man". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Art Ensemble Of ChicagoLive In Berlin ... CD
West Wind (Germany), 1979. Used 2CD ... $29.99
One of our favorite recordings of the Art Ensemble from the end of the 70s – a beautiful live set recorded in Berlin from 1979, one that captures the group in an extremely lyrical mode! Tracks build slowly, with instrumentation added in bit by bit – stretching out the tunes in a style that's a bit more spiritual than usual for the group, and which makes for some wonderfully intimate moments. The double-length package is a 2CD set – and titles include the long tracks "As If It Were The Seasons", "Crushed", "Jackson In Your House", "Dreaming Of The Master", and "Odwalla". CD
(Out of print. Does not include slipcase.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Atlantic StarrBrilliance ... CD
A&M (Japan), 1982. New Copy ... $13.99
The title's certainly right on this one – because Atlantic Starr serve up a really brilliant blend of electro funk and mainstream soul – balanced with that near-perfect sound that made them one of the best groups of their generation! Despite the size of the combo, the sound is relatively lean – a very focused balance of basslines, keyboards, and some tightly snapping 80s groove rhythms – served up with vocals that warmly cascade over the tops of the tunes, but usually take a second seat to the extremely compelling instrumentation. The sound is polished, but never too slick – and the group are a great example of how well soul from this time could sound when done just the right way! Titles include "Love Me Down", "Sexy Dancer", "Circles", "Love Moves", "Your Love Finally Ran Out", and "You're The One". CD
Also available Brilliance ... LP 1.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Atlantic StarrBrilliance ... LP
A&M, 1982. Very Good ... $1.99
The title's certainly right on this one – because Atlantic Starr serve up a really brilliant blend of electro funk and mainstream soul – balanced with that near-perfect sound that made them one of the best groups of their generation! Despite the size of the combo, the sound is relatively lean – a very focused balance of basslines, keyboards, and some tightly snapping 80s groove rhythms – served up with vocals that warmly cascade over the tops of the tunes, but usually take a second seat to the extremely compelling instrumentation. The sound is polished, but never too slick – and the group are a great example of how well soul from this time could sound when done just the right way! Titles include "Love Me Down", "Sexy Dancer", "Circles", "Love Moves", "Your Love Finally Ran Out", and "You're The One". LP, Vinyl record album
Also available Brilliance ... CD 13.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Albert AylerImpulse Story ... CD
Impulse, Late 60s. Used ... $6.99
Our favorite work by Albert Ayler – material we love even more than his better-known sides for ESP! Although Ayler at ESP definitely set a new level in 60s jazz, we actually really treasure his later sides for Impulse – records that are sometimes not as focused, often a bit failed, but extremely compelling in their use of new modes to explore avant garde jazz! The Ayler heard here is one that's definitely searching – a player who starts out in the bold energy of free solos and limitless expression, but who reigns things in to try to reach new ears – blending influences from soul, rock, and early fusion with his horn – often hitting tones and notes that were never present on sessions for other labels. In a way, the searching quality here is even stronger than in the work of John Coltrane or Archie Shepp from the time – and the 10 track CD is a great introduction to this really compelling chapter of Ayler's career. Titles include "Love Cry", "Bells", "Truth Is Marching In", "Angels", "New Grass/Message From Albert", "Music Is The Healing Force Of The Universe", "Free At Last", and "Water Music". CD
(Out of print, BMG music club pressing.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Joe BataanLatin Funk Brother ... CD
Fania/Vampi Soul (Spain), 1967/1972. Used ... $22.99
Some of the most soulful Latin tunes ever recorded – brilliant work by Joe Bataan, the self-styled Latin Funk Brother who forever changed the course of the music! The tracks on the set date from Joe's late 60s and early 70s sides for Fania – pre-Salsoul work that had Joe working in a variety of styles that blended together Latin rhythms and influences from American soul – including doo wop harmonies, sock-soul lyrics, and some unbelievably touching ballad styles. This set's a great introduction to Joe's work – with more soul than the funk in the title might imply, but extremely great stuff nonetheless! Titles include "Cry", "Ordinary Guy", "It's A Good Feeling (Riot)", "Shaft", "Johnny's No Good", "Make Me Smile", "Chili Beans", "Special Girl", "Too Much Lovin", "Gypsy Woman", and "I'm Satisfied". CD
(Out of print. Digipack tray has some broken teeth.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Tony BennettHometown, My Town ... LP
Columbia, Early 60s. Very Good- ... $1.99
One of Tony's greatest full LPs, an extremely coherent effort that's tied together with a single theme – very unique for his career at the time! The "Hometown" element is a tribute to New York – and the album's a sophisticated suite of tracks set to jazz backings by Ralph Burns, filled with washes of color and emotion that go far beyond what you'd hear on a regular Tony Bennett album. Titles include "The Skyscraper Blues", "Penthouse Serenade", "All By Myself", "Love Is Here To Stay", and "The Party's Over". LP, Vinyl record album
(White label 6 eye promo pressing, with deep groove. Cover has some wear, a split spine, some splitting on the other seams, some yellowed tape, a sticker, a rip along the spine, some pen, and an ink stamp on the back. Label has a sticker and some pen.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Gary BiasEast 101 ... CD
Nimbus, 1981. New Copy ... $9.99
A dream of a record from the LA spiritual underground of the 70s – and one of the only records we've ever seen from reedman Gary Bias! The date's got a soulful depth that makes it one of the most compelling albums on the legendary Nimbus label – a rhythmic pulse that's often modal, and a sense of spiritualism in the solos that often has Gary stretching out strongly on alto, soprano sax, or flute – yet always with an inherent focus, and strong sense of direction! Other players are equally great too – David Tillman on piano, Rickey Kelly on vibes, Roberto Miranda and John Heard on bass, and Fritz Wise on drums – and the tunes are wonderful original numbers that mark Bias as an extremely strong voice in jazz – one that should have gotten better exposure over the years. The album's got a great Strata East sort of vibe – and titles include "As Children Play", "East 101", "Asiki", "Arthur's Vamp", and "Dear Violet". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jaap Blonk, Mats Gustafsson & Michael ZerangImprovisors – Blonk, Gustafsson & Zerang ... CD
Kontrans (Netherlands), 1996. Used ... $4.99
Extremely spare work from Jaap Blonk, Mats Gustafsson, and Michael Zerang – and a record that really gets at the subtlest talents of all three artists! Blonk's vocals are much more restrained than on some of his other albums from the period, and Gustafsson's work on reeds is varied, but always in a very intimate, and close-mouthed sort of style. In a way, it's almost the percussion of Zerang that seems to set the tone for the whole album – as he's using his assorted instruments in a very sparing way – that space-before-sound playing that was his real trademark a decade ago, and which clearly directs the energy here. Titles include "Aav", "Rorr", "Cecis", "Dan Skroich", "Nuta", "Ohodaani", and "En Hoi". CD
(Out of print. Booklet has a sticker.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Peter Brotzmann/Keiji Haino/Jim O'RourkeTwo City Blues 1 ... LP
Trost (Austria), 2010. New Copy ... $22.99
Three legendary improvisers, working here at the height of their powers – in a set that really shows that when greats like this come together, the overall sound is way more than the sum of its parts! Keiji Haino sounds especially great here – still raw and bold, both on guitar and vocals (plus a bit of shamisen as well) – but finding this deeper, more rooted quality next to the saxophone work of Peter Brotzmann, which oddly acts as this core anchor to the performance – while still finding space to reach freedoms of his own. Jim O'Rourke reminds us that his command of guitar sounds is still incredible after all these years – trained in the avant underground for years, given a bit of focus in some more mainstream lights – but still extremely inventive and completely mindblowing. LP features different material than the CD – a shorter "Two City Blues 1", and "Eyes Stay The Same". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Dave BrubeckAnything Goes – The Dave Brubeck Quartet Plays Cole Porter ... CD
Columbia (Japan), Early 60s. New Copy ... $13.99
Dave and the quartet pay tribute to the songwriting genius of Cole Porter – working with familiar older tunes, but nicely unlocking them with a strong sense of Brubeck modernism! Things start out slow, but get extremely playful as the set goes on – with fresh timings and phrasings that move the chestnuts past their usual territory – and allow some great space for crisp alto solos by Paul Desmond, always a treat in any Brubeck set! Dave himself sounds slightly heavier in his left hand on the keys – hitting things with a harder tone than one might expect for a Cole Porter session, and again making for an unusual twist for the material. Titles include "Night & Day", "Anything Goes", "Love For Sale", "What Is This Thing Called Love", "All Through The Night", and "You're The Top". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Gary BurtonDuster/Country Roads & Other Places ... CD
RCA/BGO (UK), 1967/1969. New Copy ... $16.99
Classic work from the great Gary Burton – two sessions that forever established his place at the forefront of jazz! Duster is a really incredible record from the great Gary Burton – a key 60s set that definitely has him finding a musical voice that's all his own – a way of using the vibes that nobody else had ever attempted before! The instrument is a flurry of chromatic beauty – tones and light exploding at each new twist and turn – mixed here with superb work from a quartet that includes Larry Coryell on guitar, Steve Swallow on bass, and Roy Haynes on drums! The names of the players alone might be enough to give you a picture of the sound – but let us go onto say that the overall approach is amazing – angular, jagged, and more rhythmic than melodic – but equally swinging, in sort of a modal way. Tracks include "Ballet", "One Two 1234", "Liturgy", "Response", "General Mojo's Well Laid Plan", and "Sweet Rain". Country Roads & Other Places has a title that might be a reference to Burton's Nashville roots, and the music does have a slightly pastoral vibe – but the overall execution is extremely modern, and filled with the kind of bold tones and sharp turns that always made Burton so wonderful at the start! The group includes Jerry Hahn on guitar, Steve Swallow on bass, and Roy Haynes on drums – all very freewheeling, open players – with an equal balance between rhythm and melody. Burton, Swallow, and Hahn composed a good many of the tracks – and titles include "A Singing Song", "Wichita Breakdown", "Country Roads", "The Green Mountains", "True Or False", and "Gone But Forgotten". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Al Cohn & Zoot SimsYou N Me ... CD
Mercury/Verve, 1960. Used ... $9.99
One of the best albums that Al Cohn and Zoot Sims ever cut together – and that's saying a lot, given the strength of their collaborations during the 50s and 60s! The set's got a nice small group feeling, and is a bit more open and relaxed than some of their RCA material – still in the sharp, thoughtful mode that marked both Cohn and Sims' sessions – but also a bit more earthy, too – possibly because they've got Mose Allison in the combo on piano. The album includes the incredible spare sax-only track "Improvisation For Unaccompanied Saxophones", which is an extremely haunting track that sounds unlike anything the pair had ever done together – and other titles have the full quintet playing, tunes that include "The Opener", "The Note" and "You N Me". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Ornette ColemanShape Of Jazz To Come (180 gram pressing) ... LP
Atlantic, 1959. New Copy (reissue)... $22.99 24.98
An album that certainly lives up to the promise of its title – as it's filled with amazing instrumentation, groundbreaking compositions, and a sound in jazz that few ears could imagine at the time! The groove here is extremely modal – all instruments rolling along on the same rhythmic pulse, with drums, bass, trumpet, and alto sax incredibly intertwined! Ornette's really got an edge on his instrument – cutting even more deeply here than the clipped, punctuated cornet work of Don Cherry – and the rhythm team of Charlie Haden and Billy Higgins are simply amazing – not just keeping up with the energy of Ornette, but also really helping facilitate it as well! Titles include the haunting "Lonely Woman", plus "Peace", "Chronology", and "Focus on Sanity". LP, Vinyl record album
(Incredible reissue! This one's got a Japanese-style heavy cover, beautifully-cut vinyl, and a level of packaging that's amazing!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
John ColtraneParis Concert ... LP
Pablo/OJC, Early 60s. New Copy (reissue)... $15.99 17.98
A great addition to the live material the John Coltrane Quartet recorded for Impulse Records in the early 60s – long, live tracks from a Parisian concert, with performances that are extremely long and open-ended! The group isn't totally free – as free as they'd be on some of their overseas live performances a few years later – but they already stretch out magnificently on long takes of "Mr PC", "The Inch Worm" and "Every Time We Say Goodbye" – all with extremely expressive solos from Coltrane, plus piano from McCoy Tyner, bass from Jimmy Garrison, and drums from Elvin Jones! LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ John Coltrane & Johnny HartmanJohn Coltrane & Johnny Hartman ... CD
Impulse, 1963. Used ... $2.99
A landmark album of vocal jazz – and one of the few sessions that John Coltrane ever cut with a singer! In a way, the album's more Hartman's than it is Coltrane's – given that Johnny's warm, mellow style of singing isn't as free and open as Trane at his most adventurous – but at another level, the album's got a great approach to Coltrane's gentler side, one that wasn't showing up on a lot of his Impulse albums of the time. Overall, the album's got an extremely haunting quality, and McCoy Tyner's piano adds as much to Hartman's hip voice as Coltrane's mellow tenor. Titles include some well-chosen moody standards – including "Lush Life", "Dedicated To You", and "Autumn Serenade". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Common Ailments Of MaturityMoe You're Blind ... LP
Extremely High Quality, 1990. Very Good ... $1.99
LP, Vinyl record album

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