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✨✧ Eric InekeDexterity/Meets The Tenor Players/Cruisin (3CD set) ... CD
Challenge/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 2014/2016. New Copy 3CDs ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Three albums from Dutch drummer Eric Ineke – served up in a single set! Dexternity is a tribute to the music of Dexter Gordon, one that's led by drummer Eric Ineke, and which features the reed talents of Sjoerd Dijkhuizen on Dexter's role – blowing both tenor and a bit of soprano sax! The rest of the group features Rik Mol on trumpet, Rob Van Bavel on piano, and Marius Beets on bass – and titles include "The Panther", "Body And Soul", "Soy Califa", "Cheese Cake", "Boston Bernie", and "Fried Bananas". Meets The Tenor Players is a selection of tracks from different sessions, all of which feature drummer Eric Ineke interacting with a range of famous tenorists – including some key American players recording overseas! The set features work from Dexter Gordon, Eddie Lockjaw Davis, Clifford Jordan, Johnny Griffin, Lucky Thompson, Goerge Coleman, and Grant Stewart – each of whom play on their own tracks – with piano work from players who include Rein De Graaff, Rob Agerbeek, and Rob Madna. Titles include "Let There Be Life Love & Laughter", "Prayer To The People", "Walkin", "Lady Bird", "Stablemates", and "Wee". Cruisin is a later date from Dutch drummer Eric Ineke, but one that maybe burns with even more fire than some of his earlier albums – thanks to the work of some great musicians in the quintet! At some points, the group takes off in strongly soulful hardbop formation – but at others, they can equally slide into a slightly modern mode, but all without losing their swing at all – a performance that's given plenty of focus from Ineke's drumming, and topped with these warmly lyrical piano lines from Rob Van Bavel, plus trumpet from Rik Mol, tenor and bass clarinet from Sjoerd Dijkhuizen, and bass from Marius Beets. Titles include "Oak City", "When We Were One", "Just A Tune For You", "What Is This", "Cruising", and "Seven On The Richter Scale". CD
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Rob AgerbeekMiss Dee/Second Opinion/Lock Stock & Barrel (3CD set) ... CD
Timeless/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1980/1992/2022. New Copy 3CDs ... $18.99 24.99
Three full albums from this great Dutch pianist! Miss Dee is a heck of a set from Dutch pianist Rob Agerbeek – easily one of the most soulful European pianists of the 70s, even in an acoustic setting like this! Rob's got a bite on the keys that reminds us a lot more of American players from the 60s – not a straight soul jazz groove, but a style that definitely draws from that mode – then opens up into some more lyrical elements that are more in keeping with overseas expression in the 70s. The trio matches his energy nicely – especially on the upbeat numbers that rule the set – with bass from Harry Emmery and drums from Eric Ineke – on titles that include "Little Miss Dee", "Cup Bearers", "Birk's Works", "Caravan", and "Out Of This World". Second Opinion is a trio set from the great Rob Agerbeek – one that lets him open up on familiar tunes, but with a sense of imagination that really packs a lot into a small space! The lineup features Paul Berner on bass and Ben Schroeder on drums – and titles include "Summertime", "East Of The Sun", "Lover Man", "Besame Mucho", "Mad About The Boy", "Girl Talk", "As Time Goes By", and "Things Ain't What They Used To Be". Lock Stock & Barrell is a relatively recent set from Dutch piano Rob Agerbeek – who locks it up nicely, in a trio with Erik Albjerg on bass and Tjeerd Klapwijk on drums! Titles include "Lock Stock & Barrel", "A Child Is Born", "Round Midnight", "O Morro Nao Tem Vez", "Thora's Dance", "Cubano Chant", "Nearest & Dearest", and "Footprints". CD

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Dexter GordonFried Bananas – Live 1972 ... CD
Gearbox (UK), 1972. New Copy ... $9.99 16.99 About April 15, 2024 (delayed)
A stunning slice of work from the mighty Dexter Gordon – material recorded in the Netherlands, at a time when Dex was really expanding his talents on that scene! The work here is unreleased, but follows the format of some of his killer albums on the Steeplechase label – a live performance, with Gordon really stretching out on some incredible solos that are filled with fire and imagination– with backing from a Dutch trio that features Rein DeGraaff on piano, Henk Haverhoek on bass, and Eric Ineke on drums. Rein is great – and has the full sense of soul that Kenny Drew brought to some of his recordings with Gordon on the scene – but the real star is the man himself, stretching out beautifully on long versions of "Fried Bananas", "The Panther", and "Body & Soul". CD

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Ferdinand PovelBeboppin/Some Other Blues/Good Bait (3CD set) ... CD
Timeless/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1983/1988/2011. New Copy ... $18.99 24.99
A trio of albums from this great tenorist! First up is Beboppin, from Ferdinand Povel – a tenorist who may not be one of the bigger stars on the European scene, but one who always finds a way to serve up something special! Povel's got a nice edge in his horn at times – a mode that's always inside, but often sharply spoken – even when he's going for some mellower moments too – a bit of old school bite in the way he approaches the reed, maybe – and a definite sense of attack that really comes on when he's in a more swinging mode! The group here has some great guitar from Wim Overgaauw, whose ringing tones bring a bright balance between Povel's horn and the piano of Frans Elsen – and the rest of the group features Victor Kaihatu on bass and Ruud Pronk on drums. Titles include "Off Minor", "I'm Old Fashioned", "Beboppin", "Deception", "Nobody Else But Me", and "I Fall In Love Too Easily". Some Other Blues features great work as a leader from reedman Ferdinand Povel – a player who's sparked up some great moments on albums by other players over the years, but who hardly ever records as a boss on his own! This set's a "forgotten tape" – recorded in the late 80s, but only issued recently – and it features Povel both on tenor and soprano sax, playing with an angularly expressive tone that even makes familiar standards sound fresh – working with players who include Wim Overgaauw on guitar, Rob Langereis on bass, and John Engels on drums. The mix of guitar and saxophone is pretty lively on the upbeat numbers – especially in the way that Wim uses these sustained notes that almost ring out like an organ – and titles on the set include "Workout", "Some Other blues", "Mr Syms", "Old Folks", "UMMG", and "Waltz New". Good Bait is a live album, and one that features the twin-tenor leadership of Ferdinand Povel and Pete Christlieb – both excellent soloists who get plenty of room here to really stretch out and soar! Other players include Rein DeGraaf on piano, Marius Beets on bass, and Eric Ineke on drums – and titles include long takes on "Milestones #1", "Good Bait", "All The Things You Are", and "Parker 51". CD

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Toots Thielemans with Rob FrankenToots Thielemans Meets Rob Franken – The Studio Sessions 1973 to 1983 (3CD set) ... CD
Dutch Jazz Archive (Netherlands), 1970s/Early 80s. New Copy 3CD ... $30.99 34.99
A treasure trove of barely-heard music from two of the most unique players on the European scene of the 70s – Fender Rhodes giant Rob Franken, and harmonica jazz maestro Toots Thielemans – two players who sound better here in the company of each other than they do on their own! Thielemans had been making music for many years before these sessions – but as the 70s hit, the electric piano really opened up new colors and tones in his instrument – heard most famously on his performances with Quincy Jones, and some of his soundtrack material – but actually even more amazing here alongside Franken – as the combination of chromatic harmonica and Fender Rhodes is completely sublime! The tracks were recorded as part of a series of sound library sessions that Rob organized – titled Functional Music – and the huge set features material from a number of different sessions done under that aegis. CD1 features 20 tracks under the heading of Nature Boy from 1981 and 1982 – with Franken on Rhodes, Toots on harmonica, Theo De Jong on bass, and Bruno Castellucci on drums. CD2 is titled Absorbed Love – and features six tracks from 1978 with Toots and Franken – and James Leary on bass, Eddie Marshall on drums, and tenor and flute on a few cuts from the great Ferdinand Povel – followed by fifteen more titles from 1974 with a different Thielemans/Franken lineup that features Joop Scholten on guitar, Wim Essed on bass, and Peter Ypma on drums. CD3 is titled Together, from 1973 – and mostly features Thielemans on guitar and harmonica, Franken on Fender Rhodes, Rob Langereis on bass, and Eric Ineke on drums. 59 tracks in all – and a detailed book of notes! CD

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✨✧ Chet BakerBlue Room – The 1979 VARA Studio Sessions In Holland ... CD
Jazz Detective/Elemental, 1979. New Copy 2CDs ... Out Of Stock
If you read these pages at all, you'll know we're huge fans of late work by the great Chet Baker – as each different session seems to show a different side of his talents, and incredible evolution in sound, structure, and timing from his better-known material of the 50s! Chet spent many years on the European scene, recording material that was sometimes so scattered, it never fully represented him in the way his early American records did – but that's the wonderful thing about a set like this, as it shows that you can still find a hell of a lot of surprise in a player you already think you know! The package features two unreleased sessions from 1979 – done months apart, in Hilversum – and beautifully preserved, with a sound that really lets you rapturize over the extended solos on most of the tracks – handled by Chet with an amazingly mature style. The first session features Phil Markowitz on piano, Jean Louis Rassinfosse on bass, and Charles Rice on drums – and the second features Frans Elsen on piano, Victor Kaihatu on bass, and Eric Ineke on drums. Titles include "Nardis", "Blue Gilles", "Beautiful Black Eyes", "Down", "Blue Room", "Luscious Lou", "Old Devil Moon", and "The Best Thing For You". CD
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