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Denis CharlesCaptain Of The Deep ... CD
Eremite, 1991. Used ... $9.99
Drummer Denis Charles is at the helm of this bold musical journey – a set of free-thinking work by a quartet that includes Nathan Breedlove on trumpet, Jemeel Moodoc on alto, and Wilbert DeJoode on bass! The alto work here is especially strong – captured at this great point in Moondoc's career, with long lines that spin out soulfully, filled with imagination. Breedlove's trumpet brings a sense of punctuation to the performance that we really appreciate too – and although the solos have a pretty feel free, there's a sense of structure to most tunes that really keeps the spirit level high. Titles include "Jamaj's", "We Don't", "Mota", and "Round About". CD

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Alan Silva & William ParkerHero's Welcome – Pieces For Rare Occasions – Vol 1 Of The Silva/Parker Duets ... CD
Eremite, 1998. Used ... Just Sold Out!
Alan Silva's usually best known as a bassist – but here he sets that instrument aside for a set of duets with William Parker – really rich music that has a much fuller feel than you'd expect from just a pair of players! The piece was entirely improvised – spontaneously composed by Parker on bass, and Silva on piano and keyboards – yet performed in a way that has this stunningly rich feel – thanks partly to lots of bowed passages on the bass, and possibly use of richer sound samples triggered via the keyboard – although it's a bit hard to tell at times. The performance lives up to the free jazz legacy of both players, but also carries some strong currents of 20th century avant work by composers like Cage or Lutoslowski – marking another rich chapter in Parker's always-great career! CD

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✨✧ Marshall Allen/William Parker/Drake/Jordan/SilvaAll Star Game ... CD
Eremite, 2000. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
The title definitely gets it right – as the quintet's an all-star lineup that features Marshall Allen on alto sax, Kidd Jordan on tenor, Hamid Drake on drums, and both Alan Silva and William Parker on bass! The twin basses are really wonderful – and have this deep texture that really shapes the performance – a sense of tone and timing that brings urgency to the record in a way that either player on their own wouldn't have been able to achieve – often with a sense of soul that really adds a lot to the reeds! CD features six long live tracks – all improvised by the group. CD

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✨✧ John BlumJohn Blum Astrogeny Quartet ... CD
Eremite, 1998. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
The only performance ever from this really special group – the Astrogeny Quartet, formed as a new project from pianist John Blum, with key participation from bassist William Parker, reedman Antonio Grippi, and drummer Dennis Charles – but a group that never continued after this date, due to Charles untimely early demise. The energy here is quite powerful, though – with some incredibly free, fast lines from Blum on piano – driven strongly by Charles' drums, and offset with a deeper sense of contemplation from Grippi, especially at the mellower moments. As often on other dates, Parker really holds the whole thing together – and titles include "Astrogeny", "Simultanium", "Dieci", and "Encomia". CD

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✨✧ Jemeel Moondoc/Denis CharlesWe Don't ... CD
Eremite, 1981. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Bold and brilliant duets from altoist Jemeel Moondoc and drummer Dennis Charles – the latter of whom is in tremendous form in this very free setting! There's a sense of soul and spirit that grabs us right from the start – these surprisingly deep notes from Moondoc, making us keep checking the notes to see if he's handling another horn besides alto sax – given a rumbling, brooding sensibility through Charles' work on drums – which never bombastically dominates, but always ruminates with a power that drives Jemeel on. Titles include "We Don't", "We Do", "Judy's Bounce", and "Home". CD

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✨✧ Joshua AbramsMagnetoception ... LP
Eremite, 2015. New Copy 2LP Gatefold ... Out Of Stock
A wonderful continuation of the spiritual sounds of bassist Josh Abrams – an artist who only seems to draw us in deeper and deeper as the years go by – and that's saying a lot, given that we've been listening to his music for almost 20 years! Josh has moved way beyond the bass at this point in his career – and the album also features the leader on guimbri, celeste, clarinet, bells, and even a small harp – played on these longform, spiritual progressions that also feature Jeff Parker on guitar, Hamid Drake on percussion, Ben Boye on chromatic electric autoharp, and Lisa Alvarado on harmonium – the last two of which bring an especially meditative feel to the record! Titles include "By Way Of Odessa", "Spiral Up", "The Ladder", "Traslucent", and "Magnetoception". LP, Vinyl record album
(Super-heavy vinyl and package, too!)
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Sabir Mateen/Sirone/Andrew BarkerInfinite Flowers (clear orange vinyl pressing) ... LP
Sagittarius (Italy), 2008. New Copy ... $18.99
A beautiful trio, and one with a vibe that takes us back to the loft jazz scene in New York during the 70s – with a loose, open quality that's really wonderful – as the trio builds up their sound through very sensitive interplay – never letting ego get in the way of their performance as a group, yet still allowing for plenty of space for individual improvisation as well! Sabir Mateen is wonderful throughout – blowing in this strongly spiritual mode in tenor, with a quality that rivals his performances on the Eremite label – and bassist Sirone has this commanding tone that's still incredible after all these years – alongside sensitive work on drums from Andrew Barker, who also recorded the session. Titles include "Infinite" and "Flowers" – each of which take up a side of the record! LP, Vinyl record album
(Limited edition pressing.)

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✨✧ Matthew Shipp Quartet Declared EnemyOur Lady Of The Flowers ... CD
Rogue Art (France), 2015. New Copy ... $14.99 16.99
Reedman Sabir Mateen makes some wonderful contributions here – blowing tenor and clarinet with the sort of soulful, searching tone we love on his work for the Eremite label – which makes for a great contribution to the music of Matthew Shipp on piano, William Parker on bass, and Gerald Cleaver on drums! The Shipp/Parker pairing are as wonderful as ever – and very much well suited to each other's very dynamic shifts here – which can even be striking on some of the more laidback, mellow moments – some of which feature Mateen really impressing us on clarinet! Cleaver can come full-on when needed, but then really lays back – almost allowing the group to be a trio, except when he's called upon to deliver the right dose of energy. Titles include "Atomic Note", "New Tension", "Irrational", "Gasp", "Cosmic Joke", "Our Lady Of The Flowers", and "Silence Blooms". CD

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