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✨✧ VariousGreat Lost Elektra Singles Vol 1 ... CD
Elektra/Collectors Choice, 1960s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A very cool little compilation – one that features some gems that were only issued on Elektra Records as singles during the 60s – tracks that never saw any sort of LP release! There's some great goodies here – including rare Byrds material, issued under the name of The Beefeaters – on cuts "Please Let Me Love You" and "Don't Be Long". Phil Ochs turns in a weird electric rock version of "I Ain't Marching Anymore", Judy Collins sings Dylan's "I'll Keep It With Mine", David Ackles sings "La Route A Chicago", Eclection does "Mark Time", and the pre-Blue Oyster Cult Stalk/Forrest Group sings "Arthur Comics" and "What Is Quicksand". CD

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✨✧ Bob CreweComplete Elektra Recordings (Street Talk/Motivation/bonus tracks) ... CD
Elektra/Real Gone, Mid 70s. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
The complete mid 70s comeback years from the great Bob Crewe – the 60s pop powerhouse who found a whole new style in the disco generation! Street Talk has Bob Crewe stretching out in an album-length concept setting – one that draws heavily on the best disco styles of the time, and which tells the tale of a young boy from the Midwest, making the scene on the west coast during the post-Stonewall years. The sound is surprisingly great – not the cheesy throwaway pop disco you'd expect for such a set – and instead this really well-crafted larger orchestral approach to grooving, drawn hevily from Crewe's contemporaneous forays into soul with Kenny Nolan. Bob sings some of the lead vocals himself, and the album also features lyrics from Richard Mirayes, Jon Joyce, and Lu Ann Simms – on titles that include "Cherry Boy", "Back Alley Boogie", "Menage A Trois", "Ah Men", and "Time For You & Me". Next up is the album Motivation. Bob Crewe is a long way from his 60s Four Seasons and Barbarella territory here – but still has all of his best strengths of arranging very firmly in hand! The album is one of Crew's mid 70s disco reinventions – and has the maestro working in a surprisingly strong soul mode, with help from a large choir called the Voices Of Inspiration – who work alongside the lead vocals from John Arrias, singing in a flanged-out style that reminds us of Nick DeCaro's 70s vocal work, but more towards a soul style. Production is by Jerry Wexler and Barry Beckett – and some of the album was recorded in Muscle Shoals, with a deeper vibe than you might expect. Titles include "Motivation", "Lady Love Song", "Give It Hell", "In Another Life", and "Merci Beaucoup". 2CD set features 9 more bonus tracks – different single and promo versions of tracks on the albums! CD
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Aquarian DreamFantasy/Chance To Dance ... CD
Elektra/Expansion (UK), 1977/1978. New Copy ... $16.99
A pair of great albums from this Norman Connors side project! Fantasy is righteous soul, but with a wicked groove too – a killer set from Aquarian Dream, made even better by some great Norman Connors production! In a way, Aquarian Dream were to Norman Connors what Ramp were to Roy Ayers – in that the group wasn't really that dominated by Connors, but they did benefit a lot from his groundbreaking work in the jazz funk field – getting a level of sophistication in their sound that's really wonderful – and mixed with almost equal parts soul, funk, and jazz in the instrumentation! Vocals are often in a harmony mode – again in the manner of Ramp – and there's a classy yet cosmic sound to the record that we totally love. (And there's also one more Roy Ayers-like connection in the vocal department – since the group features Sylvia Striplin, who later recorded for Roy's Uno Melodic label!) The album's got a number of nice groovers with a strongly off-beat sound – and titles include "Friends", "It Ain't Whatcha Say", "You're A Star", "Play It For Me", and "Gentle Thoughts". On Chance To Dance, Aquarian Dream step out on their own – working for the first time without Norman Connors at the helm, but in a groove that's still plenty nice! The clubby aspects of the group's sound are played up by arranger/producer Jeff Lane – who'd worked often with BT Express and Brass Construction, and finds a similar groove here with Aquarian Dream – one in which all the best elements are focused strongly on the rhythms! A few mellower moments round things out nicely with a jazzy vibe – and titles include "Disco Juice", "Gettum Up And Dance", "Big Boy", "Why Can't We Do It Like We Used To", "Dirty Trick", and "Love Slave". CD

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BjorkLive Box (4CD & DVD) ... CD
Elektra, 2004. Used 4CD & DVD ... $14.99
Debut live, Post live, Homogenic live, Vespertine live & live DVD. CD
(DVD is All Region.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Billy BraggTalking With The Taxman About Poetry ... CD
Elektra, 1986. Used ... $1.99
(Out of print. Back tray card has a fold.)

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Jackson BrowneNext Voice You Hear – The Best Of Jackson Browne ... CD
Elektra, 1970s. Used ... $2.99

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Peabo BrysonPositive ... CD
Elektra/Wounded Bird, 1988. Used ... $2.99
Peabo Bryson in prime pop soul years – a time when he was really crossing over big, thanks to a strong ear for the mainstream market! Bryson's as positive and confident here as you might guess from the title – a master balladeer in the smoother soul mode – still with that incredible range in his voice, but also a bit more concerned with the softer, more intimate side of his vocal powers. Regina Belle duets with Peabo on the track "Without You" – which was penned by Lamont Dozier – and other titles include "Positive", "Come On Over Tonight", "I Want To Know", "Tonight", "When We Need It Bad", "Hurt", and "This Time Around". CD

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Busta RhymesExtinction Level Event ... CD
Elektra, 1998. Used ... $2.99
Tracks include "Everybody Rise", "Against All Odds" featuring Flipmode Squad, "Extinction Level Event (The Song Of Salvation)", "Tear Da Roof Off', "Just Give It To Me Raw", "Do It To Death", "Hot Sh** Makin Ya Bounce", "What The F*** You Want!!", and more. CD
(Booklet has a gold promo stamp.)

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Donald ByrdThank You For FUML (Funkin Up My Life) ... CD
Elektra/Wounded Bird, 1978. New Copy ... $10.99 11.98
A post-Blue Note effort, and Donald's changing things up a bit with his 125th Street Orchestra and Uptown Singers – funking along in a way you'd expect from the longwinded title! Byrd loostens up the smoother backgrounds of his recent Larry Mizell helmed work, and in their place are grooves that have more of a heavy slap bass sound, punchier horns and guitars! There are lotes nice moments that are a bit more restrained than the comparably full-on funk approach – and these have a spacey fusiony soul quality that reminds us of similar work that Byrd was doing with The Blackbyrds at the time. One of the best cuts is "Your Life Is My Ecstasy", which has some great bubbling Moog behind it, which creates a sound that you've heard sampled famously by Tribe Called Quest. Other nice ones are "Loving You", which features vocals by Jim Gilstrap, and a remake of Duke Pearson's "Cristo Redentor", a big hit for Don in the 60s, which is redone here in an excellent slow funk mode that feels like Bob James' work on CTI. Others include "Have You Heard The News", "In Love With Love" and "Close Your Eyes And Look Within". CD

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Cee-LoLady Killer ... CD
Elektra, 2010. Used ... $0.99
Cee-Lo the Lady Killer and hip hop soul phenomenon – continuing his unpredictable win streak! Celebrating spontaneity, funk and soul and with his signature raspy vocals – and blending classic soul and funk influences with straight up modern hip hop production seamlessly! Features arrangements and production by Salaam Remi, Jack Splash and others. Includes the viral instant classic "F**k You", "Bright Lights, Bigger City", "Old Fashioned", "Cry Baby", "I Want You", "No One's Gonna Love You" and more. CD

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CureShow ... CD
Elektra, 1993. Used ... $3.99

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Del The Funky HomosapienNo Need For Alarm ... CD
Elektra, 1993. Used ... $4.99
Tracks include "You're In Shambles", "Catch A Bad One", "Wack M.C.'s", "No Need For Alarm", "Boo Boo Heads", "Treats For The Kiddies", "Worldwide", "No More Worries", "Wrong Place", "In And Out", "Don't Forget", "Miles To Go", "Check It Ooout", and "Thank Youse". CD
Also available No Need For Alarm ... LP 18.99

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✨✧ Digable PlanetsReachin' (A New Refutation Of Time & Space) ... CD
Pendulum/Elektra, 1993. Used ... $1.99
While it's pretty fair to say that the Digables would never have existed if not for the whole Native Tongue posse, they managed to take the aesthetic to a new level. This first LP's an early 90s classic that set a new standard for post-Daisy Age jazzy hip hop, with breezy jazzy production, and a mellow laid back rhyme style that dug into the abstract lyrical realm more than any of their predecessors. Still sounds fresh today, too. Includes "Where I'm From", "It's Good To Be Here", "What Cool Breezes Do", "Time & Space (A New Refutation Of)", "Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat)", "Escapism (Gettin Free)", "Pacifics", "Appointment At The Fat Clinic", "Swoon Units", "Last Of The Spiddyocks", "Examination Of What", "Nickel Bags", and "Jimmi Diggin Cats". CD
Also available Reachin' (A New Refutation Of Time & Space) ... CD 2.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Five SpecialTrak'n ... CD
Elektra/Wounded Bird, 1981. Used ... $6.99
A groovy little move for Five Special – a set that still has the best funkier touches of their previous album, but which also brings in some more electro elements as well! There's a wicked groove on the guitar here – at least on the more upbeat tracks – kind of a riffing edge that sets the tunes moving nicely, and which is underscored by some heavy basslines and keyboard bits too. Mellower cuts have a warmer feel, but one that's mighty nice too – that sweet balance that only a few groups of the era could pull off well – which makes for a nicely rounded album overall. Titles include "Your Body Heat", "You Can Do It", "Spread Love", "Just A Feeling", "Sexy Lady", "Now & Then", and "Love A Thon". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jimmie Dale GilmoreSpinning Around The Sun ... CD
Elektra, 1993. Used ... $1.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
HavalinasHavalinas ... CD
Elektra, 1990. Used ... $0.99
(Out of print.)

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Howard HewettI Commit To Love ... CD
Elektra (Japan), 1986. New Copy ... $13.99
An 80s classic from Howard Hewett – just the kind of set that made the singer one of the freshest voices in soul at the time! Hewett's vocals are lean and right on the money – perfectly suited to fit the 80s groove mode of the backings – especially the bubbly, bouncy kind of cuts that were always Howard's catchiest numbers – and which, honestly, should have had him crossing over much bigger at the time! Beats and keyboards glide along nicely throughout – and titles include "Stay", "Say Amen", "I Got 2 Go", "Last Forever", "I Commit To Love", "Love Don't Wanna Wait", and "Let's Try It All Over Again". Also includes the bonus mix – "Stay (before midnight mix)". CD

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Johnnie JohnsonJohnnie B Bad ... CD
Elektra/Nonesuch, 1991. Used ... $1.99
(Out of print.)

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Vernard JohnsonI'm Alive ... CD
Elektra/Nonesuch, 1991. Used ... $0.99

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Chaka Khan & Jazz All-StarsEchoes Of An Era ... CD
Elektra (Japan), 1982. Used ... $9.99
A really unique album for Chaka Khan – one in which she teams up with a host of jazz artists to craft a classic-styled set of vocals! Given that Chaka was at the height of her 80s groove solo career at the time of this one, the move is a surprising one – but also a great chance for Chaka to show that she has a lot more to offer than just pop chops, as she sounds pretty darn great scatting on these classic jazz numbers. And as proof that the set was definitely a serious jazz effort, Chaka's got a great lineup on the album – a group that includes Freddie Hubbard on trumpet, Joe Henderson on tenor, Chick Corea on piano, and Lenny White on drums. Titles include "Them There Eyes", "All Of Me", "Take The A Train", "Hire Wire", "The Aerialist", and "I Hear Music". CD

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John KlemmerMagnificent Madness ... CD
Elektra (Japan), 1980. New Copy ... $13.99
Nothing too mad from reedman John Klemmer – but a set that nicely continues that spacey sound that Klemmer first created at Impulse Records, then moved into some warmer, more soulful territory on records like this! Klemmer's still got an incredibly strong sound on tenor – rich and full, and never held back at all – nor prone to some of the more gimmicky flourishes of some of his mainstream contemporaries – and the setting is never too slick or overdone, which seems to suit John just right! Keyboards work nicely in a mellow, spaced-out groove – and Klemmer crackles these effortless lines out in space – of the soulful style we first fell in love with on his earliest work for Chess. The set features guitar from John Tropea, keyboards from Don Grusin, and drums from Harvey Mason – and Klemmer even vocalizes a bit – in a surprisingly strong style for the music. Titles include "Magnificent Madness", "Deja Vu", "Lifesong", "Adventures In Paradise", "I Can't Help It", and "Don't Take Your Love Away". CD

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Kronos QuartetBlack Angels ... CD
Elektra, 1990. Used ... $3.99
(Out of print, punch through barcode & booklet.)
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bobbi HumphreyGood Life (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Epic/FTG, 1979. New Copy ... $12.99 13.98
Excellent later work from Bobbie Humphrey – working here in a style that's different than her early albums for Blue Note – but still equally great! Bobbi's a bit more of a singer here, but the record still features loads of great work on flute as well – in these tight, full arrangements put together by Ralph MacDonald and William Eaton, both of whom really know their way around a groove! At some level, the shift is similar to that made by Patrice Rushen on her first few Elektra albums – a style that's more compressed than before, yet still every bit as soulful – and a great evolution for Bobbi Humphrey as an artist. The whole thing's great – and titles include "Say The Word", "Sweet N Low", "Living For The Music", "Love When I'm In Your Arms", "Year From Now", and "The Good Life". CD features bonus 7" mixes of "Love When I'm In Your Arms" and "Sweet N Low". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Sergio MendesSergio Mendes & The New Brasil '77 ... CD
Elektra (Japan), 1977. New Copy ... About September 9, 2015
One of the funkiest albums Sergio Mendes ever recorded – a monster of a record that's filled with enough dancefloor groovers to have had a big impact on the soul market in the US! There's still elements of the older Mendes modes – especially in the way the vocals float nicely through the mix – but the overall groove is polished 70s soul, with plenty of jazzy touches – similar to the modern soul generation coming up on labels like Capitol or Elektra at the time. The group delivers a landmark version of Stevie Wonder's "The Real Thing" – a killer stepper that's kept the album alive for years – and other tracks include "Why", "Love City", "Mozambique", "Love Me Tomorrow", "P-Ka-Boo", and "Peninsula". CD

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Voices Of East HarlemRight On Be Free ... CD
Elektra (Japan), 1970. New Copy ... About September 9, 2015
The landmark first album by this legendary 70s soul group – and one with a feel that's much different than their later work! The style here is much more strongly righteous than their sweeter soul of the mid 70s – with a pronounced gospel influence that focuses most strongly on the chorus vocals of the ensemble – soaring out with a tremendously soulful feel, and really updating an older sound for a more contemporary 70s vibe! Backing is relatively stripped-down, with piano by Patti Brown, organ by Richard Tee, guitar by Cornell Dupree, bass by Chuck Rainey, and congas from Montego Joe and Ralph MacDonald – all of whom keep things moving nicely throughout! The album's easily one of the most righteous efforts issued by Elektra at the time – and titles include "Oh Yeah", "Let It Be Me", "Right On Be Free", "Simple Song Of Freedom", and a nice version of "For What It's Worth". CD

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✨✧ Pete Rock/INI/DedaCenter Of Attention/Original Baby Pa – Hip Hop Underground Soul Classics (Limited Edition 2CD Set) ... CD
BBE/Lost & Found (UK), Mid 90s. Used 2 CDs ... Just Sold Out!
A truck load of lost greatness from Pete Rock, featuring the mic skills of INI (Rob O and Grap Luva) and Deda – two previously unreleased full lengths together in one limited edition 2CD package! Ya probably guessed as much before you even started to read this, but for our money these two albums, recorded in the 90s but only now seeing the light of day, are both just about as strong as many of the best hip hop long players of 2003! The Center Of Attention LP with INI, and Original Baby Pa with Deda, were both recorded during the period Pete& CL were beginning to part ways, and escaping the contractual grasp of Elektra. Pete stayed busy the whole time, building a healthy archive of top notch productions featuring young & hungry MCs, some of which were booted while others remained under wraps for years. Of course it's all built on the staple Pete Rock sound, rich and heavy with dense bass, propulsive beats, minimal, yet incredibly strong jazzy samples, and a tight over all sound. On Center Of Attention, INI – Rob O and Grap Luva – handle the rhymes, with guest appearances by Q-Tip and Large Professor on "To Each His Own". 16 tracks on this part of the set, including the intro: "No More Words", "Step Up", "Think Twice", "Square One", "The Life I Live", "Krossroads", "Fakin' Jax", "What You Say", "Mind Over Matter", "Don't You Love It", "Microphone Wanderlust" and more. Original Baby Pa is another lost classic – with all the chubby basslines, head-nodding beats, cascading jazzy samples floating around and Pete's soulful "ahh"s, "mmm"s and "ooh"s interjected every now and then. 13 tracks from this set, including "Baby Pa", "How Im Livin", "Blah Uno", "I Originate", "Nasty Scene", "Press Rewind", "Rhyme Writer" and "Understand?". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ U-NamBack From The 80s ... CD
Soulvibe/Trippin' N' Rhythm, 2007. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
U-Nam's back from the 80s, and he's brought a whole bunch of soul and jazz legends along for the ride! The smooth guitarist first caught our ear with his Past Builds The Future album from a few years back – but he sounds even better here, and really lives up to the classic sound promised in the title! The set feels a bit like an R&B fusion album on Columbia or Elektra from a few decades back – smooth, but still quite soulful – and recorded with a nice sense of sound and space that never lets things get too commercial. The mode is probably that last vestige of soul fusion before things got too smooth for our tastes – and U-Nam's right in locating his groove in this classic era, and in choosing artists like Jeff Lorber, Paulinho DaCosta, Michael White, Steve Harvey, and Andy Narrell to help him out on the set. Maysa Leak sings on one track, but the album's mostly instrumental – and titles include "Street Life", "Breezin Ma", "Keep The Faith", "Slowdown", "I Can't Help It", "Just Like Real Lovers Do", "From Overseas", "Love Will Find A Way", and "Where Is The Love". CD

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✨✧ Hermeto PascoalHermeto Ao Vivo Em Montreux Jazz Festival ... CD
Warner/Bomba (Japan), 1979. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Hermeto and group take the Montreux Jazz Festival by storm – and deliver one of the strongest performances the event must have seen in a long time! In keeping with the spirit of the event, the work here is strongly jazzy – done in a flurry of complicated reed passages with earthier percussion on the bottom, and some warm keyboards enforcing a strong sense of soul – very much in the style of Pascoal's work with Elis Regina at the festival on her Elektra record, but much more strongly in an inventive Hermeto mode here! The sound quality is excellent, and titles include "Pintando O Sete", "Forro Em Santo Andre", "Remelexo", the lovely "Fatima", "Terra Verde", "Quebrando Tudo", "Voltando Ao Palco", "Forro Brasil", and "Montreux". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousGreenwich Village In The 60s – Beginnings & Branches Of The New York Folk Revival ... CD
Warner (Australia), Mid 60s. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
A really well-done collection that gets at the full range of folk sounds in the Village scene of the 60s – and one that also traces some of its influence in farther reaches too! The package was put together by Warner, and features some real gems from the Elektra catalog – mixed with other great bits from Vanguard, Prestige, Tradition, and even Columbia Records too – all very important forces in folk music that really had a strong presence in New York, and were often working hard to grab the freshest young talents to make the scene. The 2CD package features over 40 tracks – some classics mixed with lesser-known treasures – and Richie Unterberger's notes really do a great job of situating the music and illuminating the Village a the time. Titles include "He Was A Friend" by Dian & The Greenbriar Boys, "Close The Door Lightly When You Go" by Eric Anderson, "Hang Me Oh Hang Me" by Dave Van Ronk, "I Can't Slow Down" by Tim Hardin, "Patriot Game" by Liam Clancy, "House Un-American Blues Activity Dream" by Richard Farina, "The Cuckoo" by Jean Ritchie, "Urge For Going" by Tom Rush, "Fare Thee Well" by Bob Gibson, "500 Miles" by Hedy West, "The Street" by David Blue, "The Death Of Queen Jane" by Joan Baez, and "Deportees" by Cisco Houston. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Jerry WilliamsGone ... CD
Warner/Real Gone, 1979. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
One of the only albums ever cut by Jerry Williams – a Texas-bred songwriter whose work was covered by many, but who hardly ever got a spot in the limelight on his own! The set's from the late 70s, but has more of a mid-decade appeal overall – that point when country-styled rock was getting some tighter studio production, but never in a way that was commercial or trying for a hit – just that kind of Warner or Elektra focus that really helped a singer/songwriter find their own space. In other words, had the set come out in 1974, it may well have hit a lot greater fame over the years – as its certainly got the staying power of a lot of other Texas/LA hybrids from the time – especially with songwriting this strong. Titles include "Gone", "Easy On Yourself", "Call To Arms", "Getting Stronger", "Philosophizer", "Talk To Me", and a very unusual remake of Horace Silver's "Song To My Father". CD

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