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Bob Gluck/Billy Hart/Eddie Henderson/Christopher DInfinite Spirit – Revisiting Music Of The Mwandishi Band ... CD
FMR, 2016. Used ... $2.99
A tribute to Herbie Hancock's most freewheeling group – with Billy Hart on drums and Eddie Henderson on trumpet! CD
(Out of print.)

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Eddie HendersonInspiration ... CD
Milestone, 1994. Used ... $9.99
A wonderfully understated set from Eddie Henderson – one of those great little albums that really opens up the more we give it a listen – and a great reminder that Eddie's got so many gems nestled in his catalog, especially in later years like this! There's a mix of modes going on here – some ballad tracks that are almost Miles Davis-like, in that style that Henderson was moving towards during these years – but there's also some great numbers that get more modal and soulful, of the style of his Steeplechase recordings, with a warmly lyrical vibe. The group's a great part of the sound here – with Kevin Hays on piano, Joe Locke on vibes, Ed Howard on bass, and Lewis Nash on drums – and Grover Washington adds some great soprano sax on two numbers too. Titles include "Little B's Poem", "Peresina", "Jinriksha", "I Remember Clifford", "Phantoms", and "Oliloqui Valley". CD
(Out of print.)

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✨✧ Eddie Henderson & Laurent DeWildeColors Of Manhattan ... CD
IDA (France), 1990. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Really lovely work from trumpeter Eddie Henderson – an excellent album that showcases his more lyrical side on a host of ballads and midtempo numbers! The group features pianist Laurent DeWilde providing nicely sensitive accompaniment – often using just the same sort of space in his construction of a tune as Henderson uses in his trumpet and flugelhorn – aided by gentle rhythms from Ira Coleman on bass and Lewis Nash on drums – the latter of whom really makes things swing when the album hits its few harder-edged tracks, both Wayne Shorter number – "El Gaucho" and "Armageddon" – quite different than the rest, but worth the price of the album alone! Other tracks include "Fleurette Africaine", "Goodbye", "Every Time We Say Goodbye", and "For All We Know". CD
(Out of print.)

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✨✧ Eddie Henderson QuintetReemergence ... CD
Sharp, 1998. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
... CD
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Benny GoodmanPresents Arangements By Fletcher Henderson/Presents Arangements By Eddie Sauter ... CD
Columbia/Collectables, Early 40s. Used ... $3.99
... CD
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✨✧ Joe Henderson5 Original Albums (Our Thing/In N Out/Inner Urge/State Of The Tenor 1 & 2) (5CD set) ... CD
Blue Note (Germany), Mid 60s/Mid 80s. Used 5CD ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
The start of a great run of genius from Joe Henderson – plus a seminal 80s return to form – served up here on five different albums recorded for Blue Note! First up is Our Thing – a classic straight session by Joe Henderson – cut during his early years, when he was breaking out of the box with a heck of a lot of fire! Kenny Dorham's subdued lyricism complements Joe's impassioned playing over the angular, yet still-swinging rythm section of Andrew Hill, Eddie Kahn and Pete La Roca. The track "Pedro's Time" reflects Joe's fascination with Latin-flavored pieces (as evidenced by Joe's previous effort Page One, and his work on Dorham's Una Mas), while pieces like "Teeter Totter", "Our Thing" and "Back Road" play with time and structure in subtle ways. In N Out is a stone killer from the early Blue Note years of tenorist Joe Henderson – a key example of why the label had so much faith in him right from the start, and why Henderson's horn was quite different than so many other players of the 60s! Echoes of "new thing" modes lie in the background of the record, but upfront things have a sharp 60s Blue Note punch – thanks in part to a great lineup that also includes Kenny Dorham on trumpet, McCoy Tyner on piano, Richard Davis on bass, and Elvin Jones on drums. Henderson's tone is rough and young – but in a great way, one that's perfect for the exploratory nature of his original tunes on the set, and which matches the mood of Dorham's compositions as well. Tracks include "In N Out", "Short Story", "Brown's Town", and "Punjab". Inner Urge is a fantastic session of 60s "new thing" jazz – and one of our favorite early records by Joe Henderson! The album features some incredibly hard playing from Joe – with a very dark edge to his solos that's nicely offset by McCoy Tyner's lyrical piano, and the supple rhythms of Bob Cranshaw and Elvin Jones. It's hard to look at the lineup and not feel this group is approaching the tunes in a very post-Coltrane mode, but Henderson's voice on the tenor is completely singular, and puts that short-sighted theory to rest with his first bold note of the session. The album features 5 numbers in all – 3 originals showcasing Henderson's strong songwriting "Inner Urge", "Isotope" and "El Barrio" – plus the great Duke Pearson ballad "You Know I Care" and the standard "Night & Day". Last up are the two live Village Vanguard albums State Of The Tenor Vols 1 & 2 – a real moment of genius for Joe Henderson from the 80s – a spare trio session, recorded live at the Village Vanguard, in a mode that recalls Sonny Rollins classic sets there for Blue Note! And while Sonny often performed heavily in a trio setting, unfettered by chords in the rhythm section – this is a unique date for Joe, and he sounds brilliant throughout! Ron Carter and Al Foster provide a crisp but elastic foundation for Henderson's burnished melodies and solos in a very spacious setting. Titles include"The Bead Game", "Soulville", "Portrait", "Beatrice", "Friday The Thirteenth", "Happy Reunion", "Loose Change", "Ask Me Now" and "Isotope". CD

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Norman ConnorsDance Of Magic/Dark Of Light ... CD
Sequel (UK), Early 70s. Used ... $11.99
Spiritual soul jazz madness! This CD brings together Norman Connors first two LPs for the Cobblestone/Buddah label, and they're both soulful jazzy albums with a far-reaching sound that's quite different than his later albums. The players on the recrds are virtually a who's who of early 70s soul jazz – including Herbie Hancock, Airto, Eddie Henderson, Carlos Garnett, Cecil McBee, and Gary Bartz. There's a total of 10 tracks in all – and titles include "Black Lightnin", "Song For Rosa", "Twilight Zone", "Dark Of Light", and "Dance Of Magic". Great stuff, with a real Strata East vibe! CD
(Out of print.)

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Billy HarperLive On Tour In The Far East Vol 1 ... CD
Steeplechase (Denmark), 1991. Used ... $9.99
Some of the best Billy Harper work of the past decade or two – a 3 volume series of live performances, all recorded in the Far East in 1991! This first volume features Billy recorded in Korea, with a group that includes Eddie Henderson on trumpet, Francesca Tanksley on piano, Louis Spears on bass, and Newman Baker on drums – stretching out on long tunes that recall the brilliance of Harper's incredible Japanese recordings of the 70s – a masterful blend of searching and soulfulness! Titles include "I Do Believe", "If One Could Only See", "Croquet Ballet", and "Insight". CD
Also available Live On Tour In The Far East Vol 1 ... CD 15.99

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✨✧ Billy HarperLive On Tour In The Far East Vol 2 ... CD
Steeplechase (Denmark), 1991. Used ... $9.99
Volume 2 in this great series of live work recorded by Harper in 1991 – a set of tracks performed in Taiwan, with a quintet that includes Eddie Henderson on trumpet! The feel here is similar to Harper's best late 70s work – with long tracks that open up in modal fashion, setting the stage for exploratory passages on the tenor – yet never going too far or too freakish to lose their soul. The blowing's in a perfect post-Coltrane mode, and the set features original Harper tunes that include "Destiny Is Yours", "Priestess", and "Trying To Make Heaven My Home". CD
Also available Live On Tour In The Far East Vol 2 ... CD 15.99

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✨✧ Joe ChambersMirrors ... CD
Blue Note, 1999. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Featuring Vincent Herring, Eddie Henderson, Mulgrew Miller and Ira Coleman. 9 numbers in all, including "Tu-Way-Pock-E-Way", "Mirrors", "Caravanserai", "Ruth", "Mariposa", "Lady In My Life", "Circles", "Come Back to Me" and "Ruthless". CD
(Out of print original CD pressing, not a CDr.)

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✨✧ Charles EarlandLeaving This Planet ... CD
Prestige, 1974. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
One of the greatest albums ever from organist Charles Earland – a double-length set that's filled with spiritual, soaring grooves! The style here is a perfect blend of the rougher soul jazz of Earland's roots with some of the spacier styles of his later recordings – served up in a sound that's majestic and powerful, almost with an indie soul jazz sort of vibe overall! There's an immediate urgency to most numbers that's totally undeniable – a lesson learned from the electric experiments of Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis, but fused down into a core essence – then let loose on a soaring journey to the heavens. Earland plays Hammond, moog, clavinet, and Arp on the set – and other players include Joe Henderson on tenor, Dave Hubbard on alto and soprano sax, Eddie Henderson and Freddie Hubbard on trumpets, Marc Elf on guitar, Harvey Mason on drums, and the incredible Patrick Gleeson on synthesizers – bringing in a spacey edge to the record that's really amazing! Rudy Copeland sings a wonderful vocal on the title cut, "Leaving This Planet" – and all other instrumental cuts include "Red Clay", "Warp Factor 9", "Tyner", "Van Jay", "Never Ending Melody", "Mason's Galaxy", and "Asteroid". CD

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✨✧ Billy HarperDestiny Is Yours ... CD
Steeplechase (Denmark), 1989. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
An incredible return to form for Billy Harper – and a landmark album recorded at the end of the 80s, when we'd all but given up on him! The session returns Billy to the majesty of his 70s work – placing him in the setting of long tracks, modal rhythms, and spiritual motivation – the uniquely Harper territory first forged with Lee Morgan and Max Roach, sounding better than ever here, with all the confidence of his youth. The group's a quintet – with Eddie Henderson on trumpet, Francesca Tanksley on piano, Clarence Seay on bass, and Newman Baker on drums – working perfectly as a unit, with a power level that's simply amazing. Harper's the main star, reaching towards the heavens with some incredible solos – but he also clearly knows that he wouldn't be able to do what he does without the great level of support he's getting from the rest of the group. Tracks include "Destiny Is Yours", "If One Could Only See", "Groove From Heaven", and "East West Exodus". CD also features 2 bonus tracks – "Dance In The Question" and "My Funny Valentine". CD
Also available Destiny Is Yours ... CD 15.99

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✨✧ Billy HarperIf Our Hearts Could Only See ... CD
DIW (Japan), 1997. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A recent recording by tenorist Billy Harper – but one that follows strongly in the tradition of his 70s classics recorded in Japan! Like those records, this one was done for the Japanese label DIW – and features Harper in a free sort of setting that really lets him unfold with spiritual majesty! Tracks are a bit shorter than some of the side-long classics from the 70s – but no less great – and feature that tremendous Harper tone and hard-burning, soul-searching energy that always grabs us within the first few notes of any track. The group's a well-honed lineup that features pulsing rhythms from Francesca Tanksley on piano, Clarence Seay on bass, and Newman Baker on drums – and Eddie Henderson also joins the group on 3 tracks. Billy sings a bit on the record – in a beautifully spiritual way that's very much in keeping with his tenor work, and which is a whole new dimension of his talents – and titles include "Egypt", "Speak To Me Of Love Speak To Me Of Truth", "The Seventh Day", "World Without End", and "The One Who Makes The Rain Stop". CD
(Out of print.)

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✨✧ Billy HarperSoul Of An Angel ... CD
Metropolitan, 1999. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A fantastic recent album by Billy Harper – with a sense of greatness, majesty, and spirituality to rival his best 70s work! The album's got Harper working in a very classic mode – with a soulful quartet that features his yearning searching tenor blowing out over backing by piano, bass, and drums. Eddie Henderson adds some trumpet on a few tracks – but the main action is up to Billy, who never falters in his creativity, and is as nimble as ever when it comes to working out his unique spiritual jazz vision. Titles include the sublime "Soul of An Angel", plus "Thine Is The Glory", "Credence", and "Was It Here . . . Is It There?". CD

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✨✧ Manhattan BlazeVenus Eyes (with bonus track) ... CD
Sony (Japan), 1979. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A rare fusion set from 70s Japan – but one that's cut by an American group of ultra-hip musicians! The set's a unique outing for an ensemble that features John Stubblefield on saxes, Hilton Ruiz on piano and keyboards, Eddie Henderson on trumpet, and Idris Muhammad on drums – a lineup that makes music here that's every bit as great as you'd expect – especially if you already dig their 70s recordings from the US! Bits of Latin sneak in and really create a complex set of rhythms underneath tighter fusion charts – and the set also features some added horns and strings, which give some of the grooves a nicely sophisticated vibe. Arrangements are by Stubblefield, Cecil Bridgewater, Ron Bridgewater, and Joe Chambers – and titles include "Venus Eyes", "Moon", "Demon Upstairs", "Wefe", and "Louisiana Strut". CD features the bonus track "Criss Cross". CD
(Out of print. Includes obi.)

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✨✧ Freddie RoachBrown Sugar ... CD
Blue Note/Water, 1966. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Smoking work on Hammond from Freddie Roach – a key player in the Blue Note lineup of the 60s, and a strong link between the label's soul jazz and modern sides! The sound here is a really beautiful one – partly in the organ/tenor mode forged by Baby Face Willette and John Patton in their early recordings for Blue Note, but also stretching out in that way that started to show up in Patton's later work, and in the seminal work from the time by Larry Young. Freddie's touch on the keys is really opening up here – clearly driven by some more original ideas that help push the album past the more R&B influenced sound of some of his earlier work. Players on the set include Joe Henderson on tenor, Eddie Wright on guitar, and Clarence Johnston on drums – and title cuts include "Brown Sugar", plus "All Night Long", "Have You Ever Had The Blues", and "The Right Time". CD
(Out of print.)

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✨✧ Jimmy SmithSoftly As A Summer Breeze ... CD
Blue Note, 1958. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Material recorded early in the Blue Note career of Jimmy Smith – but not issued until the mid 60s, and often overlooked at the time! The record's still in the spare trio mode of the early Jimmy Smith years – but is a bit lighter and more lyrical than before – a nice change from the harder tones of Jimmy's early trio records, and a hint and the expansive lines he'd take on later recordings! The lineup features mostly Kenny Burrell on guitar and Philly Joe Jones on drums – plus a few additional tracks that use Eddie McFadden on guitar and Donald Bailey on drums – and titles include "These Foolish Things", "Sometimes I'm Happy", "Someone To Watch Over Me", "One For Philly Joe", and a nice version of Monk's "Hackensack". CD features 4 bonus tracks – "Willow Weep For Me", "Ain't No Use", "Angel Eyes", and "Ain't That Love" – all with vocals by Bill Henderson! CD
(Out of print.)

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✨✧ Norman ConnorsDance Of Magic/Dark Of Light ... CD
Buddah/FTG, 1973. Used ... Out Of Stock
Righteous early jazz work from Norman Connors – a pair of albums back to back on a single CD! Dance Of Magic is a landmark first album from drummer Norman Connors – a spiritual jazz masterpiece that builds wonderfully on the post-Coltrane tradition! Norman is years away from his smoother soul recordings at this point, and coming out of a righteous jazz background that included work with Marion Brown and Archie Shepp. For this initial set, Norman's in incredible company – working with players that include Herbie Hancock on both electric and acoustic keys, plus Eddie Henderson on trumpet, Gary Bartz and Carlos Garnett on saxes, Stanley Clarke on bass, and Billy Hart and Airto on percussion – plus a chorus of vocalists on the album's mighty title cut! Tracks are all long, spiritual, and freely exploratory – but never in a style that goes too far outside, or that forgets the joy and love that can spring forth in a forward-thinking session like this one! Titles include "Dance Of Magic", "Give The Drummer Some", "Morning Change", and "Blue". Dark Of Light is a sensational bit of righteous soul jazz – right up there with the best work on Strata East and Black Jazz from the time! The sound here is full, soulful, and spiritual – as Connors heads up a large ensemble that includes luminaries like Herbie Hancock, Eddie Henderson, Gary Bartz, Carlos Garnett, Buster Williams, and Dee Dee Bridgewater – all working together in a formation that's free spirited, yet tightly unified – often at a level that's even stronger than their own recordings! The album mixes a few longer tracks with shorter numbers – in a mode that reminds us a lot of Garnett's classic Black Love album – and titles include "Song For Rosa", "Black Lightnin", "Dark Of Light", "Butterfly Dreams", and "Laughter". CD
(Out of print. Punch through barcode.)

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Pete YellinMellow Soul ... CD
Metropolitan, 1998. Used ... Just Sold Out!
Mellow soul is right – because this set swings like some great lost 70s session on Muse or Mainstream! Pete Yellin was playing way back in the day, and his work on alto and soprano is joined here by Eddie Henderson on trumpet, Chick Corea on piano, Carl Allen on drums, and Vincent Herring on additional saxes. The best cuts on the record have a post-Coltrane searching mode that's augmented with a tighter hardbop approach – and Pete Yellin produced the set with a no-nonsense approach that gets the best out of the group's sound. Titles include "Shaw Thing", "Mellow Soul", "Song For Lynn", "Dr J", and "Warm Valley". CD
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✨✧ Freddie HubbardSuper Blue ... CD
Columbia/Mosaic, 1978. Used ... Out Of Stock
A sweet late 70s set from Freddie Hubbard – a slight move away from some of his highly-electric sides of the CTI years, yet one that still has some of the most soulful qualities of that work! Freddie's trumpet has a nicely spacious quality throughout – one that's flowing, and almost glowing at time – cascading along with qualities you might be more likely to hear from Art Farmer on some of the gentler numbers, yet really bursting out with that old Hubbard dynamism on the rest. Other players include Joe Henderson on tenor, Hubert Laws on flute, Kenny Barron on piano and keyboards, Ron Carter on bass, and Jack DeJohnette on drums – and George Benson also guests on guitar on one number too. A good number of the titles are originals, and tracks include "Super Blue", "To Her Ladyship", "Take It To The Ozone", "The Gospel Truth", and "Theme For Kareem". CD also features 3 bonus alternate takes! CD
(Out of print.)

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